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Mars is the planet of passion, aggression, impulse, as well as sexual desires. Your Mars sign relates to what you are attracted to in a lover, whereas the Sun and the Moon relate to the husband/wife in a natal chart.  Mars is a planet of action and can reveal how a person reacts in conflict, whether it be rash and violent, or calmly and patiently. However, aspects to Mars play a role in action too. For example, a person with a Virgo Mars may react more calmly than someone with an Aries Mars in conflict.  If this Virgo Mars person has their Mars squaring Pluto in the natal chart, the Virgo Mars person may act more impulsively or angrily in conflict.

When it comes to attraction, Mars can exemplify your actions in relationships, whereas Venus is the planet that symbolizes how you love.

If you have an Aries Mars, you are very passionate and affectionate with your partner, or like to take risks in a relationship. You may also be restless. You could be quick tempered but your anger goes away as quick as it comes. You are likely to go after what you want and make sure you get it.

If you have a Taurus Mars, you may take your time with things, no matter how long it takes. Slow and steady wins the race, right? You may also be straightforward in a relationship. You don’t half-ass anything, and you are patient and sensual. On the negative side, you may be very jealous or possessive if another person has interest in your partner. Overall you are very giving and like to satisfy your partner.

If you have a Gemini Mars, you may tend to shift gears and you tend to be experimental in relationships.  You are usually very sociable within relationships. There is never a dull moment between you and your partner and you always want to do something fun or stimulating. However, since you have a love for flirting and like a Gemini Venus, you can get bored easy. Your words can be weapons if you are not careful when angry.

If you have a Cancer Mars, actions are based on emotions for you. You may be very sensual and you want to find a partner that you truly love.  You need a lot of romance and attention to keep you grounded.  You usually feel the need to feel emotionally protected. You are nurturing and giving towards your partner and you never want to see them sad. You may be passive-aggressive in relationships or manipulative.

If you have a Leo Mars, you are affectionate when it comes to love. You are also passionate to your lover; however, you can be very dramatic or be the bragging type  You like to be the center of attention in the bedroom. You pay attention to your partner, but your main concern is your own fulfillment. You are giving and enjoy taking your partner on fancy dates.

If you have a Virgo Mars, you feel the need to fix problems in relationships if there are any.  You may be a bit picky and you look for cleanliness and classiness in a partner. However, you may be a bit insecure.  On the bright side, you do little things for your partner to make them feel very loved by you.  You are devoted when in love and are experimental in the bedroom. You are a person who likes to please. You are likely a perfectionist even though you may tend to deny this about yourself.

If you have a Libra Mars, you need motivation and you do not like conflict within your relationships.  You can also be affectionate and very romantic with your partner. You may be very skilled at pleasing your partner and you will do what you can to create harmony between you and your loved one. Sometimes these natives have a hard time making decisions in relationships.

If you have a Scorpio Mars, you have a high sex appeal and you are generally faithful to your partner. You may also show jealousy and perhaps be possessive with your partner.  You need someone who is into the relationship and sexual needs as much as you are. You are serious about your relationship and may want a constant reminder that your partner loves you and won’t leave you. You are very passionate and affectionate and want nothing but the best for your sweetheart. You are usually up for anything in the bedroom.

If you have a Sagittarius Mars, you are a fun person and are always up for new things to do with your partner, and that includes in the bedroom. You like the idea of cat-and-mouse, or else you get bored and uninterested.  You like to feel new sexual experiences and you like to play hard to get. You don’t like to be bored so it is likely you will want to find something new to do with your partner often. You are usually optimistic and are willing to get through tough times with your partner. You make sure your partner feels loved.

If you have a Capricorn Mars, you like to take your time in relationships, enjoy the moment, and you work towards plans in your relationships. You may come across as cold or distant.  You also want security that your relationship will be long-lasting. You like to have control in your relationships and make sure things are steady. You also have a reputation of being really good in bed. You are hard-working and you can be very selfless in relationships.

If you have an Aquarius Mars, you may act unexpectedly in love. You may be into trying new things in relationships and you may be hard to figure out.  You may be in a relationship for the fun and maybe not the passion of it all. Similar to Sagittarius Mars, you want to find new and fun things to do with your loved one to create new and cherished memories with your lover. You are very open-minded and clever and once you are settled, you can be warm and caring towards your partner.

If you have a Pisces Mars, physical touch is essential for you and you may have a lot of romantic fantasies before you are in love.  You can send mixed signals to lovers, but you are compassionate. You have much to offer and are have a forgiving nature. You are generally quite gentle and are can be selfless with your partner. On the negative side, you may play games in order to get what you want. You are creative and have a wonderful imagination.

Rebooting myself as an artist / Thx for feedback

I’ve read all of your feedback and taken a few notes. Much appreciated, thank you for both the feedback and the kind words.

I feel like I’ve strayed too far from my principles, and gone too far from the artists that i admire most, so it’s time to rethink this direction. It has been a while since I last felt “okay” (in the big, life-encompassing sense, but the everyday mundane sense), and maybe that is related. it’s been a while since I last felt good about my work, felt motivated, and felt proud and excited to share something that I had made. Mostly when I post it I’m just nervous about how many people will like it and share it, if there’s something that is (or can be interpreted as) problematic, whether it’s “marketable” or the “fits the theme” of my comics. It’s exhausting, and most of the time, I would rather not post it at all – more bad feelings than good.

My whole goal was to quit my day job, and I did, but frankly this is less fun than my day job was. At least at my day job I got to see and talk to other people instead of just sitting hunched over alone in a room.

Younger artists, take this as a counter-example of how you should do art, and perhaps how you should live life in general.

So, anyway I’m doing a big swerve. I’ll take the motivation and “science” that I used to become a popular artist, and direct it instead to becoming a very high quality and experimental artist. Not as many people will see or like my work, but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make in order to become the type of content creator that I’d wanna follow. Like, I wanna look at my own work and go “Damn, that’s super good, who made that. I’m horny for that, and I’m horny for whoever made it. Yes please, more of that, thank you,” that’s what I wanna say. And at the same time, I will climb, tooth and nail, out of this emotional hole that I’ve been in.

Also, as a side note, the “internet leftists” that I riffed on a little while ago stopped bothering me pretty much as soon as I made it clear that I wanted to be left (haha) alone. I was kinda trying to provoke them anyway, by rolling with the “Enlightened Centrist” shtick (’I"LL SHEOW YUO’). Point being, they are decent people, and my apologies if I implied otherwise.

Edit: I’m still gonna be using this blog and making comics, just to be clear.

Romantic Poet movies that haven’t happened yet but should.
  • A trippy Coleridge visual album scored completely in acid rock, in the style of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
  • A beautiful Wordsworth movie in the style of a Rogers and Hammerstein musical + the 1994 version of The Secret Garden.
  • A weird Blake movie that’s half animated in a very experimental but disquieting style and has a good message but makes little kids cry.
  • An indie, anachronistic Shelley movie that’s got a lot of interesting visual effects and shaggy hair and is scored in 1960s protest songs.
  • A ridiculous, huge-budget Lord Byron movie directed by Baz Luhrmann and featuring an almost exclusively hip hop soundtrack. (It’s the only way to do it.)
  • A Keats musical with lots of Amelie-style reality-bending effects and an entire soundtrack by Hozier and/or Sufjan Stevens.

Introducing force fields, click for higher resolution.

When every character has a sob story, no one does.

One of the main faux pas that I see young writers make is this idea that that they need to give every character a tragic backstory. There can be no happiness in the past for our main characters. Their childhoods must be steeped in sorrow to make them deep and tragic because being deep and tragic makes them interesting and no. That is just not true. A character can be interesting even if they had a perfectly normal and happy childhood.

That’s not the reason why I’m talking about this issue, though. I’m bringing it up because of a very real problem that comes with giving everyone a sob story: when every character has one, then no one does.

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Lilith: Your dark femininity
  • Lilith in Aries: sexual competitiveness and immodesty
  • Lilith in Taurus: gold digging and lust
  • Lilith in Gemini: promiscuity and lying
  • Lilith in Cancer: faux innocence and emotional manipulation
  • Lilith in Leo: overly dramatic and animalistic sexuality
  • Lilith in Virgo: ultra serving and degrading
  • Lilith in Libra: deadly charming and controlling
  • Lilith in Scorpio: seductive and obsessive
  • Lilith in Sagittarius: no inhibitions and self-righteous
  • Lilith in Capricorn: uses sex to gain success and distant
  • Lilith in Aquarius: sexually experimental and detached
  • Lilith in Pisces: very secretive and sexually submissive