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The people who are following me for a while might remember the Baseball AU I started a couple years ago and that one drawinG OF 2013 (I JUST CHECKED AND GOSH DAMN THAT’S A LONG TIME AGO) THAT I DID with Soul and Maka going to a baseball NY Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game that both were very excited about. And well, they end up in front of the stadium with fanshirts for the opposite teams LOL. This is me continuing their date in some way? 

I was so inspired when I watched snippets of a LIVE (!!!) baseball game in a restaurant when I was in Vermont with @fabulousanima, @makapedia, @sojustifiable and Caleb. Thank you guys for having me! And thank you for @chaoticlivi for having Fab and me with some great cinnamon rolls (I miss them!) and big thanks to @skadventuretime and @bbbutterfingers for having us stay in Boston and giving me a great tour! This sappy romance is for you all! =D ♥

Like I know Henry was absent from much of the press tour but like based on when he was there, his energy seemed down. He was polite and joked a little, but seriously, compare him to the BvS press tour. Someone is digging through all my old posts from then, and so when I saw my activity page I was struck by just how much happier he seemed then. Very carefree, always making jokes, and here, he’s not shut off but it’s obvious that level of excitement just isn’t there.

You can just tell, he knows. He knows he essentially shot two different JL movies because the studio rejected the first one. He knows his part was singled out the most for reshoots, he knows this isn’t the character he’s been playing the last 5 years. And he knows he’s being sidelined, they’ve given up on his character and now his career is hanging on by a thread.

It’s honestly heartbreaking watching this man who in the past has shown such a keen understanding of Superman forced to regurgitate Geoff Johns’ “Hope and Optimism” shtick, and beg the studio to let him keep playing Superman. He’s been nothing but generous about what was supposed to be his star making franchise turned over to other actors and this is how they repaid him. It’s so disgusting how they treat him after all the work he put in to being the best Superman we’ve ever had.

On Henry and Zack

So some more Justice League spoilers ahead:

I’ve had the night to sleep and think and I finally figured out the part that bothered me the most about this movie. I know several other bloggers have talked about this and can probably articulate far better than I can, but I need to start at the very beginning.

When Man of Steel came out, I was just excited as anyone. Mainly, it was because I was a teenager who had a crush on Henry Cavill. I had watched the monstrosity that was the Brandon Routh Superman and couldn’t wait to see what MOS was going to do.

Henry captured Superman in that movie. I know people see a lot of flaws in it, but I think that boils down to them expecting him to be like Reeves. What made Henry’s Superman so perfect was that it felt like this was really the awakening of an alien, of a man who was trying to help people but was unable to reason with his powers. We got to see Henry blossom into a character that so many people seemed to expect to be different. We saw this wonderful creation Zack had given us.

Zack embraced the idea that the Superman we’ve seen in previous films isn’t the Superman of the real comics. He embraced the concept of an origin story. Zack gave us a man who was confused, a man who was learning about himself, and a man who relied on the women around him. That was the Superman I had come to know and love. It was a Superman I could relate to because his story mirrored so many others (not in the direct sense, but in the immigrant/alien sense).

And then the interviews rolled around and I saw that Henry knew his character. I saw that Henry loved and cherished that character. He read the comics, he knew what Superman was about, and he provided well-thought out answers. This was his big break. Henry was a man focused on Superman, a man who knew what that character meant and had turned himself into Superman.

Even when the critics came back and called MOS trash and Synder a hack, both men pushed forward. In the coming years, you could tell how much they both loved Superman. Henry spent hours reading the comics and working on his physique. He wanted people to know him as their Superman, and it worked.

Synder understood what it meant to start the DCEU with Superman. Every other DC movie we’ve essentially had has been a cheap version of Reeves’ Superman or the Batman trilogy. Now as good as Bale’s movies were, I grew very tired of the dark, dark knight. But Synder, he started this new universe with Superman, the symbol of hope.

And then we got Batman vs. Superman. People were so excited for the mash-up of these heroes. (And we must remember that it is Zack who brought the League together). And again we saw this deep character that is Superman. We weren’t seeing surface level. We were seeing a hero, a man struggling with what he needed and what he had to do. We saw the Superman that had learned more control, that had realized his mistakes, that knew what needed to be done, but was still struggling with the reality that was his world vs the other world.

Henry brought such care to his character in this film, and we once again saw it in his interviews. We saw how much he loved Superman again and again. He was still excited to be this Superman, he was still excited to be this character. And even when the critics gave out and shat on the film, he and Zack still moved forward. 

And then Justice League and the man we knew was gone. He was quips and no depth. He gave one-liners about his return, instead of delving into his scare as what we would have expected from Zack. This Superman was the same Superman everyone had wanted, not the Superman of depth. This was the “hope” everyone fucking wanted. And to me, he wasn’t fucking hopeful.

He was the opposite of what Henry and Zack had spent two films creating. And the movie, the universe, no longer felt like it was about Superman. The reason Zack started the universe with Superman was because he knew that Superman is and will always be the center of the Justice League and the DC universe.

And it was clear that Henry knew this too. He was the one that had to go back for the most reshoots. He’s more subdued in interviews than he was previously. And there’s a huge fucking chance that he may not be playing the same Superman anymore. There’s a huge chance that he will never get another solo, that he and Zack cannot return from this. 

It’s Henry and Zack that started the DCEU and in this movie, both those men were pushed out. That’s how we’re gonna treat those two Warner Brothers? That’s not fair to either one.

Henry and Zack are both loved, and I know that when/if Zack is ready, he will help revive the Superman we’ve all come to know and love.

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Ally I'm going to NZ in Feb! Any recommendations on where to travel and vegan places to eat? x

Ah so exciting! That’s when I did a road trip of the South Island and it was the perfect time of year.

Basically all of the places we listed in the description, but most of all I’d say Queenstown and Mt Cook were my favourites!

We cooked most meals ourselves other than one very rainy day where we sought refuge in a cafe and managed to get vegan soup, but there was one cafe in Queenstown called Bespoke Kitchen which we LOVED and went to two days in a row. Also 10/10 recommend getting pizza and sitting in front of the water as the sun sets. V beautiful.

So I️ just finished watching Justice League and as I️ expected, I️ really liked it. I️t had it’s problems, but overall I️ think it was a success.

It definitely had a lighter tone to it than previous films, save Wonder Woman, and it really need that. The dark, broodiness worked for the Batman Begins trilogy because, well, that’s batman. But the superman/justice league comics overall are more lighthearted than that, so it was good to see that more in this film.

But some of the attempted humor was a little much. Henry Cavill is an amazing superman and is my dream man 😍. But he doesn’t pull off superman’s humorous side very well. But whatever, he can spout all the ridiculously corny one liners he wants, he’s so fucking gorgeous and I️ can watch him all day lol.

I️ wasn’t crazy excited about Steppenwolf being the villain. I️ know they are leading up to Darkseid for the second movie, but him and the parademons would have made more sense. Then they could have done another big villain, like Brainiac or something, to be the villain in the second film.

There were areas they could have improved on and I understand what some of the critics were talking about, but I️ really enjoyed it overall and can’t wait to see it again. I’m looking forward to see what the DCEU has in store for the future.

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I’m so glad you’re back ❤️ I’m absolutely obsessed with you and Volly, I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch with him but I have no doubt you’ll work through it and I genuinely am so excited to continue to watch you two progress. I also just love the photos of you and Ace tackles, he reminds me of Till and you two are so pure together. Idk it just made me so happy seeing all of those photos, thank you for sharing them with us ❤️

You are too kind!! I am very happy to be back and to share these photos with y’all! I did miss the community.

And we think we have the issue with Volly mostly sorted! The saddle fitter is coming out on Wednesday, but he’s back into conditioning work as the thought is that he grew a bit and his hocks are weaker…. Thank you again though!

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Hey Cat. Just curious, do you have any thoughts on BTS at the AMAs?

Yeah I’m watching gang!!! I’ve got the live stream going. But my bf is over and he’s watching a WWE pay per view and I’m trying to watch it at the same time and be interested in it for him because I know he loves it lol. But yeah anyway I AM watching and very excited!!! This is huge!

a very, very incomplete list of things i love, inspired by the wonderful @ofgeography

  • the weird liminal-space energy of airports at night
  • people-watching at airports & hearing snippets of people’s excitement about their vacation plans, or seeing family, or going home
  • city-evening-in-fall-or-winter smell, that mix of pavement and cigarette smoke and cold 
  • the boston skyline at night
  • noticing a word in one language sounding similar to one in another language, and when i look it up one of them actually does come from the other
  • evenings after dinner during study abroad when my host mom boiled water for tea and i always chose citron & gingembre even though she had like 500 to choose from
  • singing in the shower
  • running “boring” errands but with friends so they’re not boring
  • bookstores that also have cafes in them
  • antique postcards
  • mint tea
  • my friends
  • did i mention my friends
  • bread that’s crusty on the outside and soft on the inside
  • the prayer when we return the torah to the ark & how i always get chills during it
  • the quiet collective excitement & wonder & picture-taking of being on a plane at sunset or sunrise
  • the show age of youth
  • salted caramel ice cream
  • the moment right after taking a breath after laughing so hard it hurts
  • when i take apart a pomegranate and the juice stains my fingers
  • when a friend validates my feeling upset/sad/angry about something even if i’m trying to downplay it in a conversation, and then being able to acknowlege it more fully myself
  • my mom’s butternut squash soup
  • talking to someone who asks you interesting questions & actually listens to your responses instead of just waiting for their turn to talk
  • being that person for someone else
  • feeling like, +200 extra productivity points if i’m working in a library or coffee shop instead of just at home
  • shwarma with sauce samouraï at le falafel in caen
  • museums
  • staff meetings at my internship because everyone in the office is just like, really nice & smart & genuine, and we do meditation before them sometimes and that’s also wonderful
  • when i’m nervous about doing something and then i remind myself of all the stuff i’ve done before even though i was nervous and how i did it anyway and then i feel less nervous 
  • the smell of oranges and clementines
  • red-painted shutters
  • golden girls reruns on the weekends
  • when a song or a book or a movie or a poem intersects with your life at the perfect moment and it feels like a balm & a blessing
  • reminiscing about shared pop culture things with strangers around the same age as you
  • turkish coffee
  • how making this list reminded me of how many wonderful things exist in the world and how this is only a tiny fraction of them ♡
How to win the sign’s heart

Aries:  Be persistent, calls and texts and conversations about everything and anything catches their interest.  Also be willing to go with their plan.  An Aries will be most attracted to someone with ambition and a dream, just as long as it fits with theirs.

Taurus:  A Taurus will be attracted to an uplifting friend, someone who wants to pick everyone’s spirits up.  Validation and attention is very important.  A Taurus will be attracted to someone with an appreciation for the things important to them, someone who will listen to their opinion and respect it.

Gemini:  Gemini is incredibly different from most people.  They want to talk, but they don’ t want to be around people.  Show them that you understand their swings, or at least are trying to.  Let them play their music when you hang out, let them show you the places they find exciting.  A gemini will be attracted to someone who is weird and unlike the rest, accept your strangeness and be proud for it.

Cancer:  Be loving, sensitive, and treat them kindly.  Also be conscious of the fact that some cancers like to do things their own way, even the little things like using the vacuum, they do their way because it is best.  Cancers love the cheesy rom-com type.  Plan cute little outings and show them you can be the sweetest person alive.  Cancers are attracted to people who live for fairy lights, Christmas, and cuddles.

Leo:  They like people who dress and look well, you don’t have to be the prettiest person in the world, but act like you are.  Don’t be confused though, they do not like cocky people, just confidence.  Take care of yourself and spend time on your look.  Leos are not attention seeking in the way that they want the world to revolve around them, but more in the way of they want you to check in or respond quickly to their texts.  Leos are attracted to the happy, secure, and fashionable.

Virgo:  Virgos will look at how you treat others and what your mind is like.  They like people who show they have depth and the willingness to learn.  Reading books and having a large vocabulary will make you look extremely desirable.  Be their partner in learning a new language, or trying a new exercise program.  Virgos also like the luxurious things in life, keeping your living space clean and keeping up with the times will win you a place on their list.  Virgos are attracted to the kind, respectful, and intellectual.

Libra:  Treat a Libra like they are you world, and know that they will be understanding when you cannot always be talking.  Be cute with them and show you have an interest in dorky things, they find this interesting.  Movie marathons, reading books, and having a poetic nature is attractive to them.  Libras often have a diverse population in personality.  They either want the popular to be on the homecoming court with their girlfriend or boyfriend.  If not that, they want a partner in singing a duet or dancing.  Libras are attracted to those who are naturals in being companions.

Scorpio.  A scorpio will be very analytical about the person they date, the person will often be a reflection of them.  Scorpios see what you wear, how you do your makeup, how you show your personality by external appearances.  If this scorpio is the stoner, skater, let’s watch the regular show until 3 AM type, they will be attracted to those who showcase they are similar throw fashion and expression.  A scorpio is attracted to an interesting and exciting personality, someone to decode.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius doesn’t want to sit around all day when it comes to dating.  They want to talk about travel and they want to go somewhere.  Express your interest of going on daytrips to unusual places, like uncharted ghost towns and a ski town hours away from your local suburbia.  A Sagittarius is often attracted to someone who’s first language isn’t theirs, who belongs to a different religion, or someone who comes from a separate culture all together (being from a different part of the country or the world).  Sagittarius is attracted to people from far away, or who have the dream to go far away.

Capricorn:  Give Capricorn your full attention, for whatever they might be talking about.  A Capricorn will fill the house with conversation, it is their first instinct for expression.  Don’t be condescending to yourself, them, or other people.  Show that you are confident in yourself to the point that you do not need to drag others down.  Capricorn do not get along well with the overly emotional, as they are sometimes a lot more busy thinking about themselves than anyone else.  Be able to understand sarcasm and deliver it back.  Capricorn are attracted to the intelligent, independent, and reliable.

Aquarius:  An Aquarius will be drawn to those who make themselves know, not always in the way of being outgoing though.  They like those who express themselves in creativity, whether this be drawing, painting, dancing, film, etc. they will appreciate it beyond measure.  Aquarius likes the people that understand space, that it is okay to be alone for a while and to need to not be with people all the time.   Give them time to make the first move.  An Aquarius will be attracted to those that go with the flow and want to make their dreams work.

Pisces:  Pisces are interesting people.  They are emotional, and in these emotional times they might want a hand to hold, or they want you to leave them the fuck alone.  Pisces want someone who can keep up with their ever-changing wants and needs.  Like gemini, they want to surround themselves with the weird who are proud to be different.  Pisces is attracted to easygoing commitment. 


“Hey Lin Magic School Bus is coming back do you want to sing th- YEEEEEEEEEEEEEES” -Lin Manuel Miranda


Also me: *watches the Infinity Wars trailer and sees the part where Loki holds up the tessaract* And here we see my husband, the man whom I love very dearly, being a Fucking Moron and summoning Actual Satan from the depths of hell, good job honey.

One of the interviews from Red Carpet at MTV EMAs:

I’m super excited now, the atmosphere is making me so nervous I don’t know what to say. It’s also my first time coming to such a big overseas awards. i hope I can see some very famous artistes live stage & learn a lot of things. I think it’ll be a very good memory to keep and hope that i can make a few friends today.

Q: Whose performance are u looking forward to? 

A: I heard that eminem will be coming.I really want to watch their performance. Travis scott & French Montana. I’m a fan & I really want to see him. Say hi to him & let him know Wang Jia Er. I also hope that I can tell more artistes about China’s music, not only that, but also it’s culture. I also want more people to know about the group that I’m in right now, GOT7. 

Q: Do u have any music related plans in London this time? 

A: Mainly the EMAs, I have no time for other plans.

Q: What’s ur impression of London? actually I was preparing for the London olympics during my fencing days. Now coming to London for the first time as a singer, I’m also very happy. Thank you. Hurry go to sleep you guys! (those on the live stream)~


Time to float - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Time to float

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompts: If you’re taking requests for Bill Skarsgård can you write one where the reader is a famous actress and also little Jackson Scott’s big sister (the kid who plays Georgie) so she attends the premiere with him wearing a stunning dress as usual, she meets Bill who is awestruck bc hes a huge fan with a massive crush on her, the kids who played in the movie myb tease him a little bit, and she’s flattered and thinks hes adorable idk i like this idea 
YN is Jackson older sister and Bill is her fan!so when he finds out he tries his best to get Jackson to introduce them,and when he does,Jackson can’t help and teels big sis that Bill has a crush on her and he’s just super adorkable to admit! later they all say that on an interview,and the kids love to make fun of them

“Jackson please don’t run! Be careful, sweetie, you’re gonna-” you stopped yourself when you heard you little brother giggle and you realized what you’d just said “Oh gosh I am turning into mom!” you breathed out, eyes wide.

Your little brother ran back to you, wrapping his small arms around your legs and you looked down to be met with his adorable smile “Yes you are! But I am always going to love you the most! More than mom and dad, and more than anyone else in the world!” he said and you giggled.

“And you will always be the number one man in my heart, JR!” you leaned down to pick him up and kiss his cheek as he wrapped his arms around your neck with a big smile.

“Even before dad?” he asked and you grinned, nodding your head.

“But we’re not gonna tell him that, because it’s gonna break his heart.” you pouted, and he giggled.

“You bet it will!” your father piped in, saying with a serious nod and you laughed with Jackson as he kissed your cheek before going to help your mother.

“And… even more than him?” he said with what was supposed to be a smirk on his face and you chuckled, tickling his belly.

“You sly little tease!” you grinned as he squirmed in your arms “Alright, maybe I really do like him a little bit but-”

He rolled his eyes so dramatically at you and shook his head “A lot!”

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