this was used for tacos

Oh, I want some beef on my taco
I want some cheese on my taco
And sour cream on my taco
I want some lettuce on my taco
Lettuce - let us have some tacos
Lettuce and beef and cheese
Burrito, burrito, burrito
Yo Quiero Taco Bell
Soft shell, hard shell, I don’t care, tell me
Hard shell, soft shell, Taco Bell, uh
And when you drop it on the floor
Please pick it up and give it to me

  • Me: You love Taco Bueno!
  • Room mate: Ew no
  • Me: I used to get it for you all the time!
  • Room mate: You mean Taco Bell?
  • Me: No, the one right by CVS.
  • Room mate: Taco CASA
  • Me: Yes! Taco Casa!
  • Room mate: Taco Casa is good, Taco Bueno is...
  • Me: Taco Ghetto.
  • Room mate: But not the good ghetto, like Taco Bell, it's like the Mexican ghetto with that authentic ASS
  • Me: ...
  • Room mate: ...
  • Voice over: and then they both died from laughing too hard.

i love comforting nihilism. who cares, we’re all gonna die. eat that cake. buy that eyeshadow. be nice to people. you dont owe the world shit. the stars dont care about what we do. give anyway because why spend your eighty years on this rock miserable and making other people miserable. the sun is going to blow up and we’re all gonna die someday. make the most of what time you do have. use the fine china for taco night and microwave lunch. smell the flowers. tell a stranger they are beautiful. 


Okay, well I’ve seen some upsetting stuff lately about Hunk not getting any character development and how he was dumb downed to nothing but food jokes and fart jokes and all that other stuff and I’m like…really. …what show were you watching?

Hunk had a lot of development.

Those Blue Space Cookies he was making, he had to translate Altean Recipes, to English and he had to find the ingredients in a language not of his own. (Pidge had to learn by simulation) Yes, his timing of the cookies were off, but he was making it by the Altean book.

The Conversation with Hunk and the Space Taco. He was talking about some major freaking Black Hole Physics there, using a taco as an example.

Let’s say you want to make it from Point A to Point B on a flat surface (tortilla ). If you travel in the straight line, it will take you longer to get to where you want to go.

Now if you fold the flat surface into a taco shape, Points A and B are closer and there for faster.

His thought process is food and it may work with him better then numbers and formulas. I mean, cooking is an art.

Look how in the Space Mall episode. Hunk was able to get people enjoying the food and cooking it the right way. People do not understand how much work goes into cooking. It’s chemistry, it’s math. It works for Hunk and it’s freaking amazing.

And if you think I’m gonna stop there.

When Keith and Shiro was with the Blades Galra, Hunk offered how to hack into Red using Frequency Waves. (A shout out to Episode 1 fraunhofer lines).

Then we had the famous Keith and Hunk Episode. Hunk was awkward at first, but he didn’t treat Keith like he was a problem. He saw that Keith was having issues and needed help, so Hunk made light of the situation.

Keith talked to Hunk, because Keith was afraid Allura would hate him and Hunk tired to help.

Hunk made Keith feel better enough to joke with him, that was wow. They worked well as a team, because of it, their interactions and teamwork was amazing. Hunk even teases Keith about being a Galra, making it more normal.

When Hunk and Keith got back, Allura thanked Hunk and ONLY Hunk. Hunk in that moment, didn’t take Allura’s shit and told her Keith was there too. No one else said a damn thing.

Hunk was the only one to call Allura out on it….There is so, so much more I can add, but if people are intrested, I’ll work more on it.


Hunk is more than food…but that is his thought process.

For wonderful chat about Hunk.

Things we can do with Trump's wall (aka coping mechanism for Mexicans)

- Paint it white and project movies on it
- Make a climbing wall
- Build houses besides it so we only have to build three walls
- Paint street art on it
- Make a fronton court
- Make an oriel
- Parkour
- Put shreds of glass on top ( just to give the Mexican vibe)
- Make a DIY board like the one in stranger things to pass messages between family and friends
- Have a massive ‘put on Trump’s wig’
- A taco stand

Cosas que podemos hacer con el muro de Trump
- Pintarlo de blanco y proyectar películas en él.
- Hacer una pared de escalar.
- Hacer casas junto a éste para solo construir tres paredes.
- Pintar arte urbano.
- Hacer una cancha de frontón.
- Hacer un mirador.
- Parkour.
- Poner pedazos de cristal hasta arriba (solo para dar la vibra mexicana).
- Hacer el alfabeto de Stranger Things para pasar mensajes entre amigos y familia (con todo y lucecitas).
- Hacer un juego masivo de “Ponle la peluca a Trump”.
-Un puesto de tacos.
~Give more ideas in the tag #things we can do with trump’s wall~ Den más ideas en #cosas que podemos hacer con el muro de trump

My grandma took us out to eat to a frog tacos place and she was very angry when we didn’t like it. The frog taco consisted of a tortilla and a full dead frog wrapped in it

I was not a worker in this story, as I was maybe 15 at the time, but this story has stuck with me for 5 years now. It’s moderately short so, no need to worry!

So my mom and I were having dinner at the Boxes of Jacks, and we had gotten our food and we’re actually almost finished. We were sitting near a booth near the register, so we heard the whole thing happen. This woman, who apparently went through the drive thru, comes in and starts yelling at the cashier inside that the lettuce that they put on her taco wasn’t fresh enough to her liking. The girl insisted that this was the lettuce that they use for all the tacos, and that she could go get the supply of lettuce and show the lady. So she goes and gets the barrel of lettuce that they used, and the woman said “yes! That’s the lettuce I want used!” The girl offers to make the taco in front of the woman, for her to see that that’s the lettuce they use, and the woman was fine with it. So the girl gets to the lettuce and grabs from the same jar and puts it on the taco, and the woman goes off again how the lettuce wasn’t fresh enough, even though she stated it was just 2 minutes earlier. She calls for a manager, and the manager apologizes, as the woman is still angry, and gives her new tacos and a partial refund (I think). You could see clear as day that the manager and cashier were scared of this woman. After she leaves though, and my mom and I finish, my mom goes up to the cashier and asks for the manager, who still has fear written on his face, “hey, you handled that really well, and I think you did an excellent job.” He cheered up after that, he was a really nice dude. I hope he and that cashier are doing well today.