this was unexpectedly nice

*that moment when Bill Nye includes asexuality in his Bill Nye Saves the World sexuality episode and is even wearing an outfit made up of the asexual colors*

Like, this isn’t one of those funny posts with a gif at the end. I mean it sincerely. I got unexpectedly emotional when this happened. It’s nice to be acknowledged as existing for once.   

Android Companion AU

Lucis is an advanced civilization, the crown city of Insomnia is self sustaining and generally safe, but the limited land with which to build on can barely fit the growing population. You are an independent adult who had landed a dream job in the heart of the city, your parents bid you farewell from their farmhouse just east of Lestallum, and now you are living alone in a very crowded, claustrophobic, and constantly noisy business district.

One day, you find an offer of comfort in your solitary life:

Model: NOCT-1.5 (limited number of units produced):

  • This model is the cutting-edge technology of all companions available in the market, the be-all end-all royalty of the trade. it is never advertised because very few people can afford it, but you’re a tech nerd and you’ve heard of the legends
  • It’s usually ridiculously expensive and waaaay out of your range, for some reason, this one is on sharp discount in your local computer shop
  • the clerk tells you it’s on a discount because it has been taken out of the box by a previous owner and returned, but is in top shape otherwise
  • it’s a small investment even after the price cut and you’re seriously trying to talk yourself out of it, but the more you look at the android behind the sheer plastic, the more you are entranced by the sharp features and slim design.
  • a part of you hungers to see what the eyes look like once turned on, and what kinds of apps and functions you can install on such a rare product
  • you take it home, and the moment you plug it- him in, bright piercing eyes glow red for three seconds, and then mellow out to a soft crystal blue

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Be careful who you call ugly in middle school… 👀

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The baby waved his fat hands in Alec’s direction, the gestures loose and uncoordinated but unmistakable. Alec looked startled but smiled, a sudden, unexpectedly nice smile, and reached out to take the baby in his arms. As soon as he did, the baby stopped grizzling.
Magnus waved his finger in the baby’s face. ‘I find your attitude insulting,’ he informed him. He kissed briefly.
—  Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy - Born to Endless Night

okay but simon geeking out over bill nye’s new show and screeching happily when pansexuality being valid is mentioned-

he calls clary but she doesn’t answer and then raphael bc it’s just second nature to want to share exciting things w/him even if raphael still looks at him like he wants to snap his neck

surprisingly raphael responds kindly and says he’s happy for him but ‘who is this Bill? I told you to stay away from mundanes. have you learned nothing?’

it’s an unexpectedly amusing conversation on simon’s end as it’s nice to Not be the confused one for once

Based on a conversation I had with @sixelamarr

Lotor, looks like space legolas bc he has limited shapeshifting abilities and can only change from galra to semi-altean. And maybe Lotor likes looking like a purple altean because he figured out early on that his galra form strikes fear into the hearts of anyone that sees him bc he’s a splitting image of Zarkon and while that definitely commands respect, it gets a bit… tiring after a while. 

He figures his altean form is more comely and he likes the way everyone seems to preen and swoon at him when he looks like that, also they dont cower in fear all the time and thats?? unexpectedly?? nice?? he loves the attention. 

So Lotor only looks Galra for official functions and hot space prince for absolutely everything else.

And what if the paladins stop at some faraway planet to rest or whatever and while they’re all off exploring, maybe there’s an attack or they just run off and get lost, either way Lance gets separated from them and ends up meeting this stuck up but strangely attractive purple being, and maybe Lance tries to flirt at first but backs off once he realizes Lotor is a dude, and Lotor in the meanwhile is like what is up with this beautiful infuriating creature, he was flirting a while ago but now he doesn’t like me?? and he just has to get Lance to like him. 

Its a bit of a challenge.A fun little thing to divert his attention because Haggar is calling again, holy quiznaks can she not?? he’s not interested in running his dad’s stupid empire when he could be out partying instead. lol tell her I’ll call back. 

And maybe in his quest to get Lance’s attention they end up having a nice fun day and getting into all sorts of messes, and Lance is like ‘holy shit?? this is nice?? this guy actually likes me??’ and Lotor is like ‘wait this is different, this doesn’t feel like all the other fun little games’ and then SHIT HAPPENS

Maybe an accident happens and Lance is going to get hurt and Lotor is all my galra form is stronger and i can help him but also what hAPPeNS iF hE fiNDs OuT Lance was just starting to like him, that could all go away if he finds out Lotor is Zarkon Jr. but the power of friendship wins out in the end and he transforms into his galra form to help Lance.

And at first Lance is like wait no you’re galra?? and Lotor is so ready for this to become a Problem but its Lance and he’s apparently never seen Zarkon before (I think Keith and Shiro are the only ones that ever fight him face to face so it makes sense that Lance… doesn’t actually know what he looks like?) so anyway Lance thinks this through and is like you know what. You saved my life and you’re a cool dude so you’re not half bad for a galra, im cool with this I mean it’s not like you’re Zarkon or anything right?

And Lotor is at the same time over the moon that Lance is cool with him being Galra and also confused because how does he not realize?? what rock have you been living under Lance?? and they exchange secret communicators and part ways as pretty good friends.

So Lance goes back to the paladins and Lotor goes back to the Galra Empire and they call each other a lot. LIKE A LOT. and sometimes they happen to be in the same star system (bc they’re fighting EACH OTHER but sshhh they dont know that) so they meet up and are like ‘whoa you will not believe the shit i had to go through today’ and basically they’re both oblivious dorks that maybe sort of stumble their way into falling in love.

And then of course just when things are going good, they finally figure out they’re fighting each other, and angst and drama and maybe a screaming-fighting match happens where they yell at each other a lot about dishonesty but finally sit down and make up in the end, and then makeouts happen and just when things are starting to get a bit steamy- the other paladins barge in to rescue Lance from the evil Galra.

I’ve gotten a few asks and messages asking where the Heronchild scenes are in Nothing But Shadows (a novella in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy).

There’s a lot of them

  • As for Matthew Fairchild, James looked over at him only once or twice. After James had left him standing in the middle of the dining hall, Matthew had tossed his stupid blond head and chosen a very large table to sit at.

  • James looked over at Matthew, who was sitting on his bed telling a story to eight people who were sitting on the floor and gazing up at him worshipfully. He met Matthew’s eyes, trained in his and Thomas’s direction, and looked away.

  • “Maybe your fathers don’t tell you stories like mine does,” James said.
    “Maybe not everyone listens to stories like you do,” Matthew said from across the room. “Not everyone learns.”
     James glanced at him. It was an unexpectedly nice thing for Matthew, of all people, to say.

  • Matthew scythed him off at the knees again and James wound up flat on his back in the grass. Again. Matthew’s face came into view. He was laughing, as usual. “Why stop at three?” he asked. “I can stand around and beat you all day.”
    James hooked his staff behind Matthew’s ankles and tripped him up. He knew it was wrong, but in the moment he did not care. Matthew landed on the grass with a surprised “Oof!” which James found briefly satisfying. Once there, he seemed happy enough to lie in the grass. James found himself being regarded by one brown eye amid the greenery. “You know,” Matthew said slowly, “most people like me.”

  • Matthew glanced at him and smiled: it was The Smile, gradual and illuminating as sunrise, and James had the sinking feeling that he might not be immune after all.

  • “You could, um, be an actor,” James suggested. “When you talk everyone listens. Especially when you tell stories.” Also there was Matthew’s face, which would probably—go over well onstage or something.

  • […]I was jealous of you first. I was jealous of everything about you, and I still am.”
     “Wait,” said Matthew. “Wait, wait, wait. You don’t like me because I am so very charming?”
     He threw his head back and laughed. He kept laughing. He laughed so much that he had to come and sit beside James on the step, and then he laughed some more.
     “Stop it, Matthew,” James grumbled. “Stop laughing. I am sharing my innermost feelings with you. This is very hurtful.”
    “I’ve been in a bad mood this whole time,” said Matthew. “You think I’m charming now? You have no idea.”
    James punched him in the arm. He could not help smiling. He saw Matthew noticing, and looking very pleased with himself.

  • “Oh, have you decided not to detest Matthew any longer?” Christopher asked. “I’m so glad. You were really hurting his feelings. Though we are not supposed to talk about that to you.” He gazed dreamily at the bread basket, as if it were a wonderful painting. “I forgot that.”

  • “Well,” said Matthew, and paused, “it’s possible,” he said, and paused again, “I may have been … slightly showing off? ‘Look, if you don’t want to be friends with me, everybody else does, and you are making a big mistake.’ I may have been doing that. Possibly.”
    “Is that over?” Thomas asked. “Thank the Angel.

  • Of all his new friends, though, he liked Matthew the best. Matthew always wanted to talk about the books James had read, or tell James a story as good as a book. He made obvious efforts to find James when James was not there, and obvious efforts to protect James when he was there. James did not have many nice things to write letters home about: he ended up writing letters that were full of Matthew.

  • (THIS ONE) “James looks like his father,” said Matthew unexpectedly, then narrowed his laughing dark eyes in James’s direction in a musing fashion. “Or he will, when he grows into his face and it stops being angles pointing in all different directions.”
    James slowly raised his open book to hide his face, but he was secretly pleased.
  • “Excellent, I will be partners with James,” said Matthew. “He reminds me of the nobility of the Shadowhunter way of life. He keeps me right. If I am parted from him I will become distracted by truth and beauty. I know I will.” 

  • Matthew had come to say good-bye, after all. It did feel worthwhile to have stayed, after all, to have made a friend like this.

  • Matthew turned to James’s father and dramatically clasped his hand. “Oh, Mr. Herondale!” he said. “Please take me with you!”

    “It’s Matthew, isn’t it?”
    Father asked. He tried to disengage his hand. Matthew clung to it with extreme determination. James smiled. He could have told Father about Matthew’s determination.

  • “Father, please,” James said in a quiet voice.
    “Mr. Herondale, please!” said Matthew. “We cannot be parted.”
    James braced himself for the explanation about truth and beauty, but instead Matthew said, with devastating simplicity: “We are going to be parabatai.”

  • “We don’t … have to be parabatai,” Matthew said, his voice quiet under the sound of the blast. “I said it to make your father take me with you, so I could execute my new plan, but we don’t … have to. I mean, unless you … maybe want to be.”
    James had thought he wanted a friend like himself, a parabatai who was shy and quiet and would enter in on James’s feelings about the terror of parties. Instead here was Matthew, who was the life and soul of every party, who made dreadful hairbrush decisions, who was unexpectedly and terribly kind. Who had tried to be his friend and kept trying, even though James did not know what trying to be a friend looked like. Who could see James, even when he was a shadow.
     “Yes,” James said simply.
     “What?” said Matthew, who always knew what to say.
    “I’d like that,” said James.
     He curled his hands, one around his father’s coat sleeve, and one around Matthew’s. He held on to them, all the way home.

bonus: Matthew, being my favourite little shit.

“Would you like me to magically strip you and put you in gear?” Mr. Fell asked. “In front of everybody?”
 “That would be a thrill for everybody, I’m sure,” said Matthew. Ragnor Fell wiggled his fingers, and green sparks spat from his fingertips. James was pleased to see Matthew actually take a step back. “Might be too thrilling for a Wednesday,” Matthew said. “I’ll go put on my gear then, shall I?”

Ladrien concept

I know one of the most famous tropes of the fandom is for Chat to barge into Mari’s civilian life by visiting her every now and then

But has anyone ever considered the opposite happening?

Consider not Chat Noir getting used to visiting Mari but Ladybug getting used to visit Adrien

  • It would start with an accidental visit, and a flustered Ladybug
  • But Adrien is actually really glad to have her over, and they unexpectedly end up spending a really nice afternoon playing videogames and actually experimenting LB’s superpowers on his skating slope
  • Because Ladybug is fundamentally playful, as shown by her dynamics with Chat. Ladybug loves to play.
  • And when the time comes to leave, Adrien asks Ladybug to come back whenever she can. And she smiles, and says “Okay”
  • And this is how Ladybug frequently visiting Adrien for funsies start, and she becomes the Chat Noir to his Marinette.

herskirtsarentthatshort  asked:

Prompt!: Oliver frequents his fav sports bar because of a certain young lady. He tried to ask her out a few times but bailed at the last second. This time, Tommy plays wingman! Maybe Oliver and Felicity end up on a date to a ball game or something?!

(Changed this up a bit, but I loved the sports bar idea so much!)

With a rag in his hand, Oliver rubbed down the bar, looking around.  The Home Plate was crowded for the opening day of the baseball season, but thanks to an unexpectedly nice day for April in Star City, a lot of their customers were taking advantage of the outdoor area.  That meant the bar itself wasn’t too full.  It should be easy for him to spot who he was looking for.  

Felicity.  A little blonde dynamo of brains and beauty, although the woman herself would disagree on the beauty party.  

“I’m a genius in a male-dominated field,” she had told him one night, after a guy had been laying it on pretty thick with her.  “Calling me ‘beautiful’ or ‘hot’ or anything like that?  I never believe it.  Especially not coming from a guy in a bar.”

It had been all Oliver could do to bite his tongue when she said that.  Because while he wasn’t a genius, he could tell that Felicity had no idea how appealing she was.  How her eyes lit up when she was interested, how her blonde ponytail made a man want to stroke her curls, how her pink-painted lips inspired very sexy thoughts.  

At least that was how it was for Oliver, since the first time Felicity had come into the Home Plate.  And the more he had gotten to know her over the last year, the more he had fallen for her.  

If it wasn’t for his boss’s rule about no dating the customers, Oliver would have asked Felicity out already.  But Oliver respected John Diggle too much to break his rules.  

But today was different, because it was his last day at the Home Plate.  He had taken the leap and enrolled in college full-time, after attending part-time the last year–a decision also inspired by Felicity.  

Since he wouldn’t be working at the bar any longer, he could ask Felicity out.  He just needed her to show up.  Which had to be any minute now–it was Opening Day and Felicity loved baseball even more than he did.

“Awful long face there, barkeep.”

Smiling a little, Oliver nodded to his best friend.  “Hey, Tommy.  Usual?”

“Yep,” Tommy Merlyn said, folding his arms on the spotless bartop.  “What’s got you looking so glum?  Could it be the absence of your favorite blonde?”

Oliver sighed a little as he filled a glass for Tommy.  “I’m not that bad.”

“Oh, you are,” Tommy retorted.  “How many kids do you think the two of you are going to have, and have you figured out their names yet?”

Glaring at his friend as he slid the beer to him, Oliver said, “If you say any of that kind of thing when Felicity gets here–”

“Would I do that to you?” Tommy asked, picking up his beer and taking a healthy gulp.

“Yes.  You would.”

Tommy rolled his eyes.  “I’m going to be everything you could want in a wingman.”

“I don’t need a wingman,” Oliver said, knowing he sounded like a stubborn kid.  But damn it, he didn’t.  “I just need Felicity to show up.”

“Well, you’re in luck, then.”  Tommy nodded and Oliver spun around, looking towards the door of the bar.  The door that Felicity had just walked through.  

Oliver tried to smooth out his shirt and his hair without looking like he was as Felicity walked around the bar, smiling and waving to a few other regulars.  In her jeans and Mariners t-shirt, she looked more casual than he was used to seeing her.  And he liked it.  

“Felicity, hey,” he said after clearing his throat.  “I was getting worried.”  

Worried, you idiot?  Why don’t you just ask her to marry you right now? a voice in his head said–a voice that sounded like Tommy at his most mocking.

“That you would miss the pre-game festivities,” he continued quickly.  “What can I get you?”

“You’re so sweet.  Thanks, Oliver,” she said, hoisting herself on a bar stool two down from Tommy’s.  “I’ll take a beer.  And a thing of popcorn all for myself?” she asked in a wheedling tone, smiling at him.  

Ducking his head and smiling, Oliver took a small basket from under the bar and filled it with popcorn from the large machine at one end of the bar.  He placed it in front of Felicity with a flourish, smiling at how she clapped her hands and bounced on her stool.  

“You know John’s got a standing rule that his favorite customer gets whatever she wants,” Oliver told her as he pulled her beer.  

“I don’t want to take anything for granted,” Felicity said, popping a few kernels into her mouth.  

“A great attitude,” Tommy said, butting into the conversation.  “Don’t live with regrets, that’s always been my motto.”

Oliver leaned back, his arms folded over his chest.  “Really, Tommy?”

Tommy shot him a look, then leaned over towards Felicity.  “So you were cutting it close, Felicity.  What gives?”

Her face screwed up in an expression of adorable disgust.  “A friend of mine kept me on the phone, trying to persuade me to let her set me up with this guy.” 

His heart felt like it was going to beat out of his chest.  His arms fell to his side as Oliver considered that maybe he was too late.

“Oh, yeah?  You weren’t interested, though?”

Seriously, he was going to kill Tommy.

Felicity shook her head.  “No … I mean, he sounds like a great guy, he’s just … he’s not …”  

Tommy nodded sympathetically.  “He’s not Oliver, right?”  

Her cheeks went red and after a startled glance towards Oliver, Felicity looked down.  

“You know that even though he’s my best friend, I’ll throw him out if he’s bothering you, Felicity, right?” Oliver asked, glaring at Tommy.

“No, no, you don’t have to show off your muscles by throwing Tommy out,” Felicity said quickly.  She blushed deeper and picked up her beer.  Just before she sipped, she muttered, “And it’s not like he’s wrong.”

Oliver thought she hadn’t meant to be so loud.  He didn’t think he was meant to hear that.  But he had, and now that he heard it … he was trying to make sense of it.  Could Felicity–did she actually–would she actually go out with him if he asked?

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Tommy get up and move away, leaving Oliver alone with Felicity.  Giving him the opening he needed.  

Taking a deep breath, Oliver took a step closer to Felicity and rested his hands on the bar.  “So … you turned your friend down?”

She nodded, her eyes looking anywhere but him–her beer, the bar, the TV showing the sportscasters talking about the Mariners’ chances this year.  “Yeah … I just … I knew I wasn’t interested.”  

“So … if I asked you out …?” 

Her eyes snapped to his face, big and blue and round as saucers.  “What?” she whispered.

“I’ve wanted to ask you out for months, but you know John’s rule,” Oliver said, deciding to put all his cards on the table.  “But this is my last day here, since thanks to you, I’m now a full-time college student.  And the only good thing about leaving the Home Plate is I get to ask you out now.”  

Felicity blinked slowly, her lips parted as she stared at him.  Oliver leaned in a bit, a smile starting to grow on his face as his confidence rose.  “Felicity,” he said softly, “would you go out with me?”

Her head jerked, then she nodded eagerly.  “Yes.  Yes!”  

Oliver beamed at her, then looked around for John.  When he caught his boss’s attention, Oliver gave him the thumbs up and got a head nod in return.  Turning back to Felicity, he gave her a wink and pulled himself a beer, then walked around the bar with it.  

She was smiling, too, by the time he reached her.  “Hi,” he said, sliding into the stool next to hers.  “I’m Oliver.  How do you feel about the Mariners this year?”

“They’re gonna go all the way,” she said confidently, before holding her hand out to him.  “Hi.  I’m Felicity.” 

And while the Mariners didn’t go all the way–they lost in the wild card game–Oliver and Felicity did.  They went all the way.


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Hey Kaz! I'm not sure if you've already answered this already, but would you consider doing snippets of that Hogwarts teacher AU like you did for the historical/actors/merman AUs? I love all the tidbits you've mentioned so far! It seems really good :)

I am actually planning to write the Hogwarts AU as an extended oneshot after obs&bh hopefully :D So far all I know is that it will be based on my original post of charms teacher Viktor and transfiguration teacher Yuuri and the school shenanigans trying to get them together plus half veela Viktor. Although that post has become unexpectedly popular which is nice but I’ve seen a lot of people commenting that they want to write it without checking back with me first and so if someone writes the exact same concept based on my post I wont write it because that just kills motivation 

Love isn’t blind

When Will was younger, it wasn’t unusual for him to come across whispers, people saying, one way or another, that love was blind. Needless to say that, on that time, the small freckled blond didn’t understood what others meant by that, what the message hidden behind said words was supposed to mean. Love was a feeling, wasn’t it? An impulse, an emotion born out of proximity and nice gestures, one that bloomed inside other’s hearts sometimes unexpectedly, without a warning or permission; how come that an abstract and untouchable concept could be able to have senses on his own?

Questions like those were the ones that the beings who spoke those words heard almost right after pronouncing them, the blue eyed finding himself unable to stop his mouth from opening to inquire about the topic, from trying whatever he could to try and obtain the answers his curiosity demanded inside his brain. The others never seemed certain of their own answers, their eyes roaming around rather nervously in some occasions as if it was a deity with immense power the one interrogating them and not a kid that could barely reach the stack of cookies his mother had hidden on a considerably high section of their cupboard at home. Perhaps, he considered years later, it was because they didn’t feel like dumping somewhat heavy information to a small child…or maybe it was due to the fact that the phrase had been tattooed into society’s brain as a default feature without someone knowing what it meant for sure.

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Maybe can you do preference how they say 'I love you' first time?

this has been on my inbox for awhile now and I’m so sorry for that. :(

but here it goes:

Klaus Mikaelson

He is one hell of an impulsive man, so, the first time he confesses his feelings towards you, it will come out unexpectedly. Probably during a nice warm shower, after a long day. He is rubbing your back and you two are talking, suddenly, he blurts out the three words and you are kind of shocked by it. Then Klaus would just hug you and repeat it, reassuring you that everything he felt was real.

Elijah Mikaelson 

In this family, he is the sweet and caring one, so, the first time he tells you he loves you, Elijah would pull off a gigantic romantic move. Perhaps a dinner under the starts, sipping on champagne and just enjoying each other’s presence. Then, later, he would whisper in your ear those three words, stroking your back and making you shudder underneath his touch. Definitely a night you would never forget.

Kol Mikaelson

He is sassy and provocative, which means it would take awhile before he even realises he has feelings towards you. But, once he does, the boy turns out to be a true gentleman. Yet, the first time he would tell you he loves you, it has to be after a long and great sex session. Both of you are drained out and Kol mutters how much he is lucky to have you. Then, he admits to himself, saying out loud those three words.

Rebekah Mikaelson 

She is sentive and cares to much about other people, so it would not take long before she develops a crush on you. Then, Rebekah will try anything for you to notice her and for the two of you to get together. When that finally happens, she will not hesitate to let you know how much she loves and cherishes you. 
hope you liked it! 😊



 A/N: This might not be my best work ever, but I wrote it on adrenaline in two hours and I think it’s alright!! Pretty proud of this :) Dedicated to @slightlystalesushirolls who puts up with my shit. Also Blood Sweat & Tears is a BTS song for y'all who don’t know. Happy Seungchuchu Week!!!  @seungchuchuweek


He’s tearing up and the walls are closing in, and his makeup starts running (should’ve worn waterproof), then something breaks in him and he’s sobbing and wailing and he doesn’t really care about anything anymore. 


The sound is soothing, the last thing he would expect from Seung Gil. Especially because now there are tear stains and makeup all over his nice jacket and Phichit himself is an ugly, crying mess who’s had too much to drink.
It’s the party for the GPF, and he should be happy. After all, Yuri is engaged, Michele and Emil are dancing (how’d that happen?) and even Yakov is actually smiling (until a drunk Viktor begs him to officiate his wedding to Yuri). But all he can think about how he is such a disappointment. How his family will be ashamed to tell their neighbours that he lost, how he let down his entire country.

As happy as he is for Yuri and Yuri, and, he supposes, JJ, seeing them all so happy is a bit… much. Like rubbing salt into a wound. Even though Phichit is eternally happy for his friends, who deserve all the medals they get, some small, selfish part of him whispers, ‘it could’ve been you’. After all, he had worked as hard as anyone to train for the GPF. He’s sacrificed, poured out his own share of blood, sweat, and tears. Thinking of the song in such a situation brings the barest hint of a smile to his face, but Seung Gil notices. 

“Are you feeling better?”

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