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It just isn’t Viktor Nikiforov’s day, it seems. Who knew his bandmates were such traitors, abandoning him to the cruel wastes of Yakov’s summer camp for wannabe singers? What did he ever do to deserve such heartless treatment? Just because he completely forgot his favour to Yakov…

He calls Yurio again. The blond picks up on the third ring. “We’re not coming back,” he snaps. 

“Oh, come on!” groans Viktor. Out on his left, the lake sparkles in the midday sun. Viktor barely spares the scenery a glance as his feet automatically take him along the dirt path behind one of the practice cabins. “Surely the joke’s gone on for long enough? I’ve learnt my lesson, Yurio. I showered in cold water and looked at a tree. It’s been three hours since you abandoned me, so can I please have my hair products back?”

He can hear Yurio’s smugness over the line. “Maybe it’s time to embrace the natural look,” the blond drawls. “Not like it’s going to make you look any uglier than you already are.”

You should appreciate the beauty of nature more!” chips in Georgi. “Go and have fun!”

Fun?” demands Viktor. He really shouldn’t show his anger. But it’s so very tempting to. “Guys –”

They hang up.

Viktor rounds the corner and is greeted with screaming. 

Fans. The History Makers have many fans, obviously, and he really should’ve expected that some attendees of Yakov’s summer camp for wannabe singers would be fans of his. And yet facing down an entire horde of screaming fans without the protection of his body guards sends a chill down Viktor’s spine.

So he bolts.

He rushes around the practice building, diving into the first set of bushes he can. Heart racing and breath gasping, he waits within the prickly branches and leaves (which are all, of course, getting into his hair) for the frantic footsteps of his fans to fade away. After the screaming dies down, all he hears is the sound of some bird flying overhead, and – 

I used to find my path alone, and never dreamt of reaching home, until I met you…”

Viktor pauses, craning his ear up towards the open window of the practice cabin. Someone is inside, playing the piano. A light, gentle voice – male? Tenor, probably, or a contralto. Their fingers fly over the keys in a lovely accompaniment to their voice. 

But suddenly the way is clear, and I can see my way from here, because I love you…”

Viktor’s heart beats faster in his chest. This mysterious singer’s voice is so sweet, so heartfelt. He has to know who they are. Maybe having to record the followup to hit single “Stay Close to Me” with the winner of the Final Jam won’t be so painful, now that he knows there’s at least one talented vocalist in this bunch. 

You’re the first one to the gold, the first I’ve wanted to hold. So please just stay by me…. and never go.” 

Viktor cranes to listen for the sound of his fans. There are none; only the sounds of the piano and this mystery person’s voice fill the air. Viktor’s heart almost feels like it’s going to burst. Gritting his teeth, he decides to try and see who the singer is.

But when he does get into the practice cabin, it’s empty. Viktor scowls, but then he suddenly gets an idea.

After all, if he finds and coaches this person to victory in the Final Jam, then he won’t have to worry about recording the next “Stay Close to Me” with that obnoxious Canadian singer.

My Grandmother's Doll Just Licked Me

My grandmother died a few weeks back at the ripe old age of 85, passing away peacefully in her sleep. By all accounts, she lived a damn good life, and I tried my very best to make it so. Lord knows she did the same for me.

This has been a difficult post for me to write. You see, when a treasured loved one dies, especially one that you grew up with, the little solar system of your life is thrown completely out of orbit. Not that mine was ever all that stable in the first place.

My parents died in a car accident when I was two years old, and I was a little too young at the time to fully absorb the emotional impact of being orphaned. When the prospect of being put into the foster system was brought up by the family lawyer, grandma took me in without a second thought. Her home was our home; it’s where I built my childhood.

Honestly, you’d never meet a more charitable woman than my grandma. From the second I came into her life, all the way up to her death (and even beyond) she’s provided for me without fail.

Another interesting thing about grandma is the fact she was mute. I’m not talking about selective mutism here, I’m talking full-blown, constant silence. I’ve known that woman for my entire 32 years of life, and while I got used to it within a few months, to some it seems crazy that I never heard a word from her.

Of course, we had our own ways of communicating back then. I picked up sign language pretty quickly, as kids tend to, and she always used to write on this little chalk board for me. I thought it was awfully cute at the time.

I got a call from her lawyer a few days after she passed, telling me she’d left her entire estate to me in her will. It doesn’t matter how well you know a person, that kind of thing always hits you deep: everything that wasn’t covered by her donor card now belonged to me.

A week or two passed, some papers were signed, and money changed hands.  The wheels of bureaucracy turned slowly as ever, as my grandma’s possessions became my possessions, and some eager patients became happy recipients of grandma’s remarkably healthy liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Like I said, she was the giving type.

The home was an old Georgian place: two storeys, three bedrooms, and a well-maintained garden. I felt like a kid who just got a pony for Christmas. The problem was, I’m not a rich enough guy to pay the rent on an apartment and a house, and I’m not such a heartless bastard that I’d immediately sell my childhood home either – especially on this bipolar property market.

I was speaking to a good friend of mine about it over a few drinks, and it was his idea to convert it into a rental property. I mulled it over when I was sober, of course, but my office job wasn’t going anywhere, so I decided that being a landlord might be a welcome change of pace.

That was when things started to go downhill.

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Real- Bucky Barnes

Hey guys! I’m finally back from my vacations! I’m doing all the request, I’ll post them during this week! Also, expect a Little preview for Touch It part 4! Requests are open!


Word count: 1.6K

Warnings: fluff, low self steem and cursing

“C’mon, (Y/N)! You’ve been here for a whole year! Everyone would be perfectly fine with your true aspect!” Sam sighs, banging at your bathroom door.

“Shut up, Sam! I’m not going to show anyone the way I look, at least not the real one!”

“You showed me, (Y/N)!” You open the bathroom door looking at his eyes.

“That’s because you are uglier than me.” Sam puts his hand on his chest, his mouth open, looking offended at your words.

You laugh at him and roll your eyes. Entering your bedroom, you look at yourself in the mirror. Sam sits on the bed behind you. “You need to show them.”

You sigh at his words. As usual, your hair is blonde and wavy. You have really nice cheekbones and green breathtaking eyes. Your lips are plump and pink and your nose is small. You have some freckles on your face that go down to your long neck. You are not really tall and you have curves, although your stomach is flat. In your head, the way you look now is just perfect, too bad it’s not who you really are. Mutating into your real aspect, your face becomes sad. Your whole body is blue and you have scales. Your eyes are green with some yellow highlights and your hair is red, almost orange. You cover your face and turn back into your usual appearance.

“(Y/N)! How many times do I need to tell you? You are beautiful just the way you are! You know, the people in this tower, we don’t love you for how you look, we love because for who you are. And that is not going to change, no matter what changes you do.”

“You are the one saying that, not them.-” You sigh and turn to him. “-Not him…” It comes out as a little whisper, but you know Sam heard it when he rolls his eyes at you.

“Please tell me this isn’t about the annoying super soldier.”

“He’s not annoying! He’s actually really sweet… But of course, he would never date someone who looks like a fucking smurf.”

“Hey, if Bucky doesn’t want to date you just because of the way you look, then he is a fucking asshole. Just saying.”

“Sam, would you date someone who looks blue? Just saying.” He rolls his eyes again, standing from your bed and going towards the door.

“(Y/N), we’ve talked about this a hundred times. Just get your ass to the gym, okay? How can you be so fucking stubborn, Jesus…” You giggle at his words and follow him into the training room.

Bucky is already there lifting weights and you can’t avoid your eyes going over his body. Of course, he notices you staring and just smiles, leaving the weights on their place. He walks to where you are while you punch the punching bag. “Easy there, tiger.” Bucky laughs while you keep throwing punches.

“I’m a little busy right now, Bucky.”

“You didn’t seem busy when you where checking me out just a few seconds ago, doll.” You stop punching and look at him, your hands in your hips.

“I wasn’t checking you out, don’t be so cocky! The world does not revolve around you, soldier.”

“Well, for the way you were looking at me I would say that at least your world does revolve around me.” You punch his shoulder, making him chuckle.

“Get over yourself, Barnes. You are not that important!”

“Don’t be so mean, (Y/N)! I’m leaving this afternoon to go on a mission, what if something happens to me and I don’t come back? Do you really want that my last memory of us is you being a little asshole to me?” You chuckle and roll your eyes.

“But we both know you’ll come back, you love me too much to leave me, accept it.”

“Actually, I think I love too much annoying you and that’s why I always come back, I can’t get enough of you getting mad.” Bucky taps your nose with his fingers and walks away.

“You know I could mutate into someone like Dwayne Johnson and beat the hell out of you, Barnes! Don’t tease me!” He turns around smiling.

“You won’t do it, doll! You love me too much!” He exits the gym laughing while you just roll your eyes.

Biting your lip, you try to stop a stupid smile forming on your face. Since the first moment you arrived here, Bucky caught your eye. At first he was distant, but he saw how lost and out of place you felt, so he offered to saw a movie with you. Accepting it with some doubt, you ended up not regretting your decision at all. It was a nice afternoon and after that, you just started to grew closer. Of course, you knew that Bucky would never date you, but it was nice to dream. It still is.

“You are so whipped, it’s awful.” Sam has a disapproving look on his face and you roll your eyes at him.

“Shut up, Wilson.”

A loud sound wakes you up. Looking alarmingly at the clock, you realize it’s two in the morning. You rub your eyes and get up of bed. As soon as you open the door, another sound scares you. It sounds like a gun and it comes from the living room. You grab a gun on your way there, but when you arrive everything seems really quiet. An arm grabs your waist, throwing you behind the couch. Steve looks at you and motions for you to shut up. Sam is also with you two, looking ready to fight. You want to ask what’s going on, but you hear another sound. The quiet hum of metal. Your eyes grow wide open, knowing that it’s Bucky. “The Winter Soldier is here.” Sam mumbles quietly and you sigh worriedly.

“He has orders to kill the Avengers.” Steve looks at you, he seems extremely tired. “Can you do something with your powers?”

“Maybe what Bucky needs to see is a new face, someone he has never seen before. Someone real.” Sam locks his eyes with you and you know what he means.

You take a deep breath. Mutating into your real body would maybe be a solution to this mess, but that means that everyone would see. Not knowing what to do you look back at Steve, his eyes seem glossy than usual. You can perceive the worry on them and you can even hear his silent cries for help. And you realize, this is not about you, this is about saving your friends’ life and most important, this is about Bucky. The man you love is walking through this living room, waiting for the opportunity to shoot a bullet in your brains. Closing your eyes and taking a deep breath, you change your appearance.

“What the…” Steve doesn’t finish his sentences, his eyes scanning you.

You get up and come face to face with the man that wants to kill you. He looks at you, his eyes fill with doubt. He has no idea who you are. “Bucky.” He opens more his eyes and you know he recognizes your voice.

That’s the only thing you didn’t change about your natural body, the voice. You still wanted to feel your body like home, so not changing your voice was the best idea you could come up with at the moment. Bucky grabs his gun tighter, his face full of hesitation. You put your arms up.

“I’m not going to hurt you, please, Bucky. Just drop the gun.” He stays in his positions a few more moments.

Walking slowly, you approach him. You extend your arm, waiting for him to move. Finally, he gives in, putting his hand in your blue one. A red light crosses the room and hits Bucky, making him fall to the floor unconsciously. Wanda is on the other side of the room looking at you. “He is fine, just sleeping. Don’t worry.”

After the accident, you ran back to your room. You knew what was coming now, all the questions, all the weird looks and the whispers. You wanted to avoid all of this, just avoid the world for a little bit before coming back and have to explain to everybody what was that. There’s a knock on your door and before you can answer, the door opens. Bucky appears and you try to change into your usual appearance, hoping he is not going to remember what happened.

“No, please, I want to see the real you.” You stop the mutation, your blue body glowing with the moonlight. “I don’t know why you kept this hidden from us.”

“You don’t? Well, just look at me.”

“I’m looking at you right now, and I still can’t understand why do you think that we won’t like you.”

“Bucky I’m fucking blue! I look like an animal, I’m not normal, I’m not as pretty as all the other girls! I am a freaking monster.” You look down at your hands, but Bucky’s fingers grab your chin making you look up to him.

“You’re right, you are not as pretty as all the other girl. You are more pretty, (Y/N). This thing, this mutation, it makes you unique. I thought you were pretty when I first saw you, but now that I get to know the real you, I think you are a goddess.” You bit your lip, his blue eyes lock with yours.

Bucky approaches your face and his lips brush yours. Finally, he kisses you deeply and you grab his neck, bringing him closer. You feel comfortable in your real body and you bit his bottom lip, not being ashamed of the way you look.

“I love you, (Y/N). The real (Y/N).”

“I love you, Bucky. Thank you.”

He kisses you one more time, his hands exploring your body. You smile into the kiss, feeling as happy as ever thanks to The Winter Soldier.

From now on everytime Celene appears in my comic I will write “This episode of the Gr8 Adventure of Loliana is brought to you by Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons” …

BUT SRSLY…Guys, I hope you realise that everything on this blog is either a joke, or just a bad attempt at joking. I don’t hate Solas, nor Celene, nor Briala, nor Gaspard… well, ok, maybe I hate Gaspard… just a little ! So everytime I trigger your inner fangirl just remember that I’m just an idiot  on the internet who tries to be funny and is probably uglier than Solus ever was (espacially pre-trespasser Solus) … sry I had 2 .

+ I always thought that egg’s fangirls will get triggered first. I never expected it to be Celene’s fans ( considering that I am Celene’s fan myself)


SPN 9x22: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN (Canon or not canon… that’s the question).

Just when some Destiel shippers thought that all faith for season 9 was lost, this episode happened. Andrew Dabb has become my second favorite writer of this season (along with Robbie Thompson) because his episodes have been exquisite. He gave us 9x10: Road Trip, an episode where he made it quite obvious that Castiel cares about Dean very much (he rushed to Dean, was understanding even after he learned about what happened with Kevin, Sam and Gadreel, and tried to comfort Dean despite everything). However, the audience (maybe) still was not crystal clear about the extent of Cas’ love for Dean. Now the question is… do people still have doubts? Impossible! Not even Dean has doubts anymore!

Do you guys still remember the song playing at the Laundromat in the season premiere in the scene where Cas is taking his clothes off? I still remember it very well (maybe because my native language is Spanish). I’ll just leave this here to help you a bit:

“Tell me if you love me, if you adore me, as I think you do. Tell me there are no secrets, there are no mysteries when I call your name. How many sweet words, beautiful words through your eyes. That just looking at them, so bright, drives me crazy. If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most; I give you, my dear, all that I feel.”

In this episode, Cas made it clear that he wants to destroy Metatron, that his biggest mission is to get his people back home. That’s his purpose, his dream. Now what’s the thing he loves the most? Heaven? His family? His people? (As he called them once or twice). Everything that Cas might love the most is precisely what he gave up. And he did it FOR ONE MAN. FOR ONE GUY. “If you give me your love, I give you, my darling, all my dreams; I give you my darling, all I love [the] most…”

When I wrote my meta about that song, some people said it would be about the love that Cas was going to experience with the woman that was supposed to be his love interest. Nothing of the sort happened. And this episode (9x22) told us what we already knew but some people still didn’t quite get: Castiel loves his brothers and sisters, he loves humanity even more, he loves Sam Winchester very much (“nothing is worth losing you”), but Castiel’s weakness is not only that he has “too much heart” (as Samandriel said)… his weakness is THAT HE’S IN LOVE… with humanity? You didn’t get that one right, Metatron, did you? But it doesn’t matter that he doesn’t get it because the audience does (unless they are in eternal denial).

Let’s not forget that when Hannah demanded Castiel punish Dean, she told him not to lose their trust over ONE MAN. And once the boys were in the bunker, Dean acknowledged that Cas “gave up an entire army for ONE GUY”. I think Andrew Dabb couldn’t emphasize more what he really meant when he had Metatron say “HE’S IN LOVE”. Choosing Dean is not going to benefit humanity. Choosing Dean meant that Cas lost the army that was his only chance to bring Metatron down. Choosing Dean was not for the greater good and it most certainly was not for the love of humanity. We all know it. The angels know it. Sam knows it. Even Dean with all his self-hatred knows it. DOES THE AUDIENCE FINALLY KNOW IT, TOO?

Does this mean that Destiel is canon? Well, I guess that depends on what you understand as canon. If you want a kiss, a huge love declaration, and something very official, then it’s not. But if you really expect that, then maybe it will never be canon! On the other hand, if your expectations are realistic, you know that we’re getting closer to the acknowledgement we want. My way to see canon is that suddenly the audience (that means casual viewers, not haters) sees what we have been able to see for a very long time: That Dean and Castiel share a more profound bond, which is definitely not brotherly. The day the audience starts to consider the possibility that Castiel and Dean may or may not be IN LOVE (as in a romantic relationship), that’s the day when Destiel will be canon (whether there’s a kiss or not). Are we there yet? Maybe not 100%, but WE’VE NEVER BEEN CLOSER!

Some people say that even if Cas is truly in love with Dean, that doesn’t mean Dean is in love with Cas. However, I’ve got to say this: Remember the song that opened this season? “WHO DO YOU LOVE?” That song is Dean’s and only Dean’s. I’ve talked about this before, so I’m just going to quote:

“We’re heading to a moment when Dean will lose control due to the MoC, and who is going to be the one to open a window for him? In Cain’s case, only Colette, a person he loved, could stop his dark side. In Dean’s case, only a person he loves will be able to stop his dark side? The question is WHO DO YOU LOVE, DEAN WINCHESTER, WHO THE HELL DO YOU LOVE?”

At the end of Stairway to Heaven, we can even see a kind of dark!Dean talking to Sam about a dictatorship, but when he goes talk to Cas, he’s the Dean we all love and miss. How’s it possible that he can’t be mean to Cas? How’s it possible that Cas is the one that can bring cute little smiles out of Dean in his darkest moments? Maybe the answer to the “who do you love” question has been there all along but some people need something bigger to reach such an epiphany. Are we going to see that “something bigger” in the season finale? “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Maybe we do, but we can’t be sure. Of course we cannot expect something good from the season finale because this is the part of the story where everything turns uglier, messier and scarier than it already is. However, even if we don’t get the “something bigger” now, we know that it’s still on the table. SOMEONE HAS BEEN LISTENING. And that just reminded me of this conversation from 9x03:

Castiel: What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God had pretty much left, that Heaven had gone out of business? What would you do?

Woman (at church): But that’s not possible.

Castiel: I think it’s completely possible.

Woman: You’re missing the point. It’s not possible because I have my faith.

Castiel: But when I tell you the truth-

Woman: Your truth, not mine. Your lack of faith doesn’t cancel what I believe. That’s not how it works. You know… I think you might feel better if you tried it my way.Someone is listening.

I have my faith. I will go down with this ship no matter what. I trust the writers and I think they’re listening. I don’t expect Dean to come out as bi, I don’t expect Dean and Cas to kiss or do the do, but I do believe the writers have finally made up their mind.The love Dean and Cas have for each other is romantic; they are in love. Now we just have to buckle up and wait for the worse to happen because… we’re watching Supernatural. Tears are guaranteed! 


Stranger Things  Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street 

He’s trying to force you to like normal things. And you shouldn’t like things because people tell you you’re supposed to. Especially, not him. 

Destiel: What happens with the non-shippers?

Hello!! :)

I like your question, you know. I don’t usually sit and try to see things the way non-shippers do it, but I have mentioned casual viewers a couple of times (and whenever I say “casual viewers”, I’m thinking about “non-shippers”). The only time I tried to give my opinion about it was in the mid-season finale. In this post, I analyzed the montage and pointed out the four things the show wanted the casual viewers, the normal audience (the non-shippers) to see. Three things were definitely related to information provided in previous episodes that was followed-up in the mid-season finale. But the fourth thing was Dean’s prayer to Cas and his “please, man, I need you here.” Shippers don’t need reminders. Non-shippers do. This is what I wrote in my post:

“Objectively, can you tell me why point number 4 is relevant to this season? Does it have anything to do with the angels or with the Sam/Ezekiel situation? Does the audience need to be reminded of Cas’ character? Because I think that Cas’ character was pretty much covered in point 2 along with Metatron’s. The only reasonable explanation is that the audience needs to be reminded of how important Cas is… to the story? NOPE. TO DEAN.”

And that’s it.

Non-shippers at this point know that Dean cares about Cas, and they saw in Road Trip and in First Born how much Cas cares about Dean too. Non-shippers probably thought this was still No Homo because Cas slept with April and Dean slept with Suzy. Non-shippers probably didn’t see anything of what we’ve seen. Non-shippers don’t take the time to analyze the narrative. Non-shippers probably don’t see the parallels we see (Cas/Colette, Cas/Robin for example). Non-shippers probably don’t even see the love tropes. OR MAYBE THEY DO! The fact that they don’t ship Destiel doesn’t mean they can’t do it in the future or that they have lived under a rock with no television whatsoever. But let’s be honest, when people see two guys, they don’t automatically ship them together. I didn’t. I was NEVER a shipper. No TV show had ever made me ship a female/male couple (let alone a male/male one). I began to ship Destiel when I started to identify romantic love tropes used for the relationship between Dean and Cas. Romantic love tropes that I’d seen used in other shows and in movies. I was not part of the fandom at all. I had no Twitter and no Tumblr. I didn’t even know what “shipping” was and I freaked out when I started to think these two men might have feelings for each other, so that’s how I started to go online to see if out there somewhere saw what I was seeing or if I was being delusional. Guess what? I found a HUGE community of Destiel shippers and that’s how I joined the fandom and my online experience began. I started to ship Destiel in season 5, but I never hoped for canon because the show was very far from it. I saw the beginnings of what I considered Eros love, but not the possibility of a relationship.

Then season 8 happened. The subtext somehow got heavier and many casual viewers started to SEE what we had identified a long time before. But of course, there were (and are) still A LOT of people who thought (and still think) that Dean and Cas love each other like family. I don’t think the non-shippers question the love Dean and Cas have for each other anymore. But I’m sure they see it as “brothers”, “best friends”, etc. A big NO HOMO. Even with the “what broke the connection” question. I bet casual viewers answered “YOU”, but many of them still thought that it was because Dean and Cas represent pure familial love, the best friendship ever. Therefore, they DIDN’T/DON’T SEE ANY OF THE OTHER THINGS WE SHIPPERS HAVE SEEN.


Season 9 happened. And though both Dean and Cas have slept with women, though both have spent most of the time apart, the subtext has gotten heavier. The scene in 9x06 when Dean was looking at Cas from afar? That was romantic! (But I admit the audience might have just decided to ignore that or thought that Dean simply felt guilty for kicking Cas out of the bunker). The little reminders that Dean and Cas have something special have been there throughout the whole season. (But I admit the audience might have just thought “Dean and Cas are bestest friends, that’s normal). But what has been IMO the turning point? Metatron’s line in 9x22!! “His weakness has been revealed. HE’S IN LOVE… (pause)…. With humanity.” The non-shippers are NOT stupid. Maybe they NEVER considered the possibility of Dean and Cas loving each other THAT WAY. But… that line must have caused some people to start thinking. Most of them will remember that twice in that episode it was made clear that Cas gave up everything FOR ONE GUY. Not exactly for humanity. So they will replace humanity with “DEAN” and they will have “He’s in love with Dean.” Why didn’t Metatron just say, “His weakness has been revealed. HE LOVES HUMANITY”? BECAUSE THE PURPOSE WAS TO TELL CASUAL VIEWERS, “HEY… ROMANTIC LOVE IS A POSSIBILITY, YOU KNOW?”

 I’m gonna quote something I wrote for my 9x09 review:

“When Ezekiel took over Sam and asked Dean what he was going to do about Cas (at this point we don’t know he’s not really Ezekiel), Dean tried to stand up for Cas. That entire scene may not mean much for us (shippers) because we are expecting so much more, but it means something to casual viewers. Remember point 4 in the montage? Cas is important to Dean! Some casual viewers need to have that clear. This feels like that math class where you have understood how to solve the problems and you feel the class is tedious because you are having more of the same. But the rest of the class is still lost. The teacher explains and explains and explains and you’re just sick of hearing the same explanations but you don’t really stop to think that not everybody learns as fast as you. The teacher cannot move on if you’re the only one who understands. What about the others? If the teacher goes too fast, the others in the class will blame him for the stress he’s causing them and will say that he’s mediocre for not taking the time to develop the contents the way he’s supposed to. It’s hard to be a fast learner but it’s necessary to be patient. It’s not your class anyway, and you still need the teacher to explain the rest of the contents. You’ll just have to wait.”

I think season 9 has been precisely like this. It’s not been for shippers because we expect a lot more (we have been expecting canon, for instance). It’s been for the non-shippers who are way behind us. It’s been for them to open their eyes to the “romantic love” possibility. Canon Destiel can’t happen if the whole class isn’t on the same page. Of course, for Destiel to be canon we need “something bigger”. We need something more explicit, but as I said in my post for 9x22:

“Are we going to see that “something bigger” in the season finale? “DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?” Maybe we do, but we can’t be sure. Of course we cannot expect something good from the season finale because this is the part of the story where everything turns uglier, messier and scarier than it already is. However, even if we don’t get the “something bigger” now, we know that it’s still on the table. SOMEONE HAS BEEN LISTENING.”

This just makes me excited for what’s in store for season 10 (no matter how painful the season finale turns out to be). Did my answer to your question turn out OK? I hope so! :)

Oh my god WHAT HAS HAPPENED?! I mean, I was expecting his feet to change at some point, but what the shit?! They look horrible D: I was sort of joking before when I said he was becoming uglier every day but… Really, those feet are horrible. I don’t feel as bad about the tail, but I do hope something interesting will happen to it as well. The only other change I’m seeing is the fact that he looks grumpy now because of his eyes. I don’t know if I’m as excited anymore for the option of a new breed.. :x

Ah well, anyone else see more changes than those mentioned?

So, Legacy...

So…that was something. Not gonna lie, i liked it more than i thought i would. I had really low expectations for this episode, like gmny kind of low. Like, i knew it was gonna be ugly and at some extent it kinda was but i actually expected it to be uglier. I still felt like the episode was a little all over the place but that’s probably because they just have 22 minutes.

But anyway, the Lucaya was precious and the looks were so important, soooo important. That first bay window scene killed me, i was dying on the floor laughing. The part when Lucas went “The season of Loveeee” was the stupidest and funniest thing tho.

“Oh, i’ll get to it” The look Maya gave him, this Lucaya makes me very happy. Lowkey marry couple. What i love about these two is the fact that somehow they manage to remind me why i love them, every episode.

”‘You both mean the world to me and i would never do anything to hurt neither one of you”

I’ve seen quite a few people hating on Lucas and granted, he stresses me out sometimes but this guy is very good one, an amazing one even. He’s genuinely confused and cares for both girls so much. Which btw, this episode better kill the whole ‘Lucas doesn’t care about Maya/Riley’ nonsense. His feelings for both are different. Yes. But he cares for both of them, so please let this stupidity die.

One thing i will point out is Farkle’s somewhat absence. I felt like he was here and there but idk he just seemed to be so out of the picture. However, i believe that’s a good thing. Because, let’s remember “it’s not a triangle” and there’s someone who’s being taken for granted but still always there. Although that conversation he had with the science teacher (Mr. Norton i believe, can’t remember right now) is quite important. But hey, season 3 right?…..

The classroom scenes were too much, Maya laying in the desk, Lucas backwards, Riley pulling a sneak attack/Eric. And the jealously scene had me dying. I see some people being mad about it and i don’t really get why. It was hilarious and Maya’s face was both sad and adorable.

“You smelled her hair?” Bless Maya, that was precious and Lucas face tho, he was so scared, i loved it.

Props to Rowan on that “HEY”, i died laughing.

“Oh, a girl always wants to be looked at to be even up” *sarcasm*
Correct me if i’m wrong but doesn’t Riley say something like “Now look at me the same way and amount” to Lucas in GMHS? Cs if she does, interesting contrast. Maya is done with the 'even’ thing.

Although, fun fact: If Lucas was trying to even out the looks….well he had a big problem there, like huge. Lucas doesn’t control his eyes when it comes to Maya, he freaking had to turn his desk around cs goner boy can’t keep his eyes off the back of Maya’s head and he knows it, he just can’t and it shows on this episode, so yeah. Just look at that first classroom scene and Lucas reaction to Maya being her adorable self, he even leans in the desk to have a better look at her and just smiling like an idiot. But oh well.

Maya: “I thought we stopped”

Riley: “I thought we were just friends”

I found interesting the choice of words for each girl. And it looks like the “I choose to stop” and the “stop” overall, parallels the “Can we just stop?. I just want everything to stop” from Texas.

“I thought we were just friends”
*looks at Maya*
“We’re not”

That was very significant, i would pay to see the script for this episode, because i really would love to see the direction that Peyton was given. I believe Lucas came to the conclusion that him and Maya weren’t just friends a while ago, but we can argue on that one all day. But at latest he figured that one out in that Campfire. But the fact that he looks at her to come to the -for the lack of a better word- conclusion that they’re not friends, is interesting. The whole thing reminded me to the “We can still be friends, not really” from Maya on the pilot.

“I don’t need any note cards to know that we have different feelings now”
Every bit of this dialogue was Lucas looking at Maya and then her reaction to it. Very important, like highkey important.

That classroom scene in particular was very interesting and Cory’s lesson as well. Also, there was this moment where Lucas goes “I have an idea” and Maya says something like “What’s our plan?” (Not sure on the last one, it might of been 'prank’ idk) and Lucaya just shared this cute little moment, that i thought was so couple-ish. I’ll try to gif it, although i’m not the best at that so if anyone wants to step in, please do.

Worth mention tho, i need more Zay in my life, i think we all do. I wanna see more of his friendship with Lucas and i do wanna see them talking about the girls.

It was kinda obvious that Cory was gonna be their teacher in high school too but i actually loved how they did it, pulling the prank. “We stole you”, that was just adorable and Cory’s face, i think i shed a tear.

And on a side note, i cannot wait to meet Lucas parents, it’s just so unbelievable to me that they wouldn’t be on his son graduation from middle school, same with Zay’s but we know pretty much zero of Lucas life outside of Riley’s POV, so hopefully we’ll get some inside in season 3, once she lets go of the idea of him.

That last Bay Window scene tho.

“Any change?”
Riley: “I’ve felt the same way about you ever since i fell (or was it 'bump’) into your lap on the subway”

The first thing i said when she said this was “pushed”. I corrected Riley on the “fell” part so fast. Did she genuinely forgot Maya’s involvement? Also, it’s been what? 2 years maybe? Since that event took place and her feelings haven’t evolved from “I love it”?? That is very interesting.

Maya: “Well, there was this Campfire thing, ya know?. YOU AND ME. It was a far away place. There was a billion stars in the sky. What do you think?

Okay, after having a lowkey sobbing session from Maya painting a picture for us about the campfire, i was blown away by the contrast to Riley’s words. Maya did not gave a timeline, like at all. She mentioned their most passionate moment, the moment where those feelings they were trying to repress, came to life. A beautiful moment that took two seasons to built. Which can completly drag every stupid "She likes him since Texas” comment. This doesn’t say that Maya didn’t like Lucas before Texas because, people please. Maya’s feelings evolved, that’s the huge difference here.

I loved this for so many reasons, Maya being playful, pretending she’s thinking twice about it, checking Lucas lips/eyes (*Riley’s voice* LOVEEEE ITTT) And Lucas smiling at her like the goner he is, not taking her eyes off her and once she confirms it, that gulp tho, you’ll saw that gulp? Because i saw it and again LOVEEEE ITTT.

“You still like…”

I mean, the guy won’t even let her finish the sentence, precious cinnamon roll. Once again, verbal confirmation of the obvious from Lucas. He delivers that “yeah” to Maya directly, so please stop with the “He doesn’t like Maya, because he hasn’t said so” You wanted words, there you go. Good thing, his actions showed that a long time ago and keep doing so.

How long do we have to wait for season 3 again? It’s time to watch season 2 in production order, because:
- The way they aired the episodes was a freaking mess (they better aired season 3 in order or i swear i’m gonna lose it)
- The Lucaya build up. Actually i’m gonna have to rewatch both seasons because that built up in season 1, tho more subtle, is equally important.

The Lucaya angst is gonna get real, that’s for sure but i’ll be here waiting for my babies to finally be able to be together and in love. Cue to Riarkle agnst. When Riley realizes her feelings for Canada (Farkle) is going to get real angst real quick and i’m so here for it.

I have hope for this writers, i had it since season 1 and i still do, they have let me down here and there *cough* SHAWNGELA* cough* but they have seriously made me fall in love with this show and their characters, so hoping season 3 will get better. And by better i mean 'end this awful love triangle -not really- once and for all’. Oh and while you’re at it give me Lucaya and Riarkle, thanks.

So, this got long, but if you’ll wanna talk about Lucaya and Riarkle or just Legacy, please message me, I love me some otp chats. Also Zaley, I lowkey ship them, so them too.


Wipeout 2048 (PlayStation Vita)

Developed/Published by: Studio Liverpool / Sony Computer Entertainment
Released: February 22nd, 2012
Completed: 15th April, 2014
Completion: Finished the single-player campaign with all elite passes, played one section of the online campaign, and played a few chunks of the Wipeout HD/Fury campaigns.
Trophies / Achievements: 34%

With Kurt Cobain’s suicide on April 5th twenty years ago generally considered to line up with the birth of Britpop—as if his head exploded into a bloom of English roses—it’s fairly fitting that I found myself digging into the last outing of the Wipeout franchise while the British press felt the timing was right to masturbate itself silly with retrospectives of a romanticised past.

Wipeout was a PlayStation UK launch title on the 29th of September, 1995, so right at the height of Britpop-mania; Wonderwall was released just two weeks earlier. It’s hard not to feel pangs of horror that a series that once felt so futuristic (by way of The Designer’s Republic) is now nineteen years old, but as with Britpop, Wipeout’s place is to line up as an example of what was once British exceptionalism. When I think of this period of post-Cobain US, I layer a sickly, orange television-transmission filter over a country spinning its wheels culturally while it waited for nu metal to be invented. Twisted Metal defined the “extreme” angle of the PlayStation’s marketing in the US, still locked into the “Genesis does what Nintendon’t” mindset; ugly, nihilistic car combat with evil clown iconography. Like nu metal, the only thing that could make it seem cool is that your parents might confiscate it.

Wipeout, however, was something different. For whatever reason, Sony managed something in the nineties that it didn’t manage to quite keep up as the world got smaller—PlayStation in the UK was “cool.” Lara Croft on the cover of The Face, Wipeout demo pods at legendary club Cream. Wipeout wasn’t about chugging Mountain Dew and yelling at your mom to stay out of your room, Wipeout was about running a few laps while you waited for your mates to come round after TFI Friday finished so you could go down the pub and “have it large.”

Honestly, if you asked me to visualise a copy of Wipeout for PlayStation, it’s actually impossible to do it without seeing it lying on a pile of copies of Select magazine next to a packet of Rizlas, probably dusted with left-over cannabis resin.

(And if that doesn’t make any sense at all, well, you weren’t in the UK in the nineties.)

But, of course, I have a complicated relationship with Britpop. I said English roses for a reason; for after all, on the world stage, Britain is England, and Britpop was an English movement that, fair or foul, the rest of the UK was tugged along with. It was never really my movement, and when it came down to it, my key memories aren’t playing Wipeout and listening to Suede, it’s playing Wave Race 64 and listening to Arab Strap. 

So when I return to these things, there’s a familiarity, yet a distance. An understanding of what the promise was—Britpop is gonna save us from the indignity of either America’s miserabilism or its manufactured pop / games are finally going to be cool—but too much knowledge that it was never going to come true.

And yet, I have a fondness for Britpop—and Wipeout—because it did try. It might not have been fighting my battle, but there was an inherent optimism I respect. And like the reunion of a Britpop band from twenty years ago, with Wipeout 2048 you can definitely tell what it was they were trying for originally… except it doesn’t look quite the same.

Wipeout 2048 was sadly the last game Studio Liverpool (née Psygnosis) would ship, and one does have to wonder if the changing face of what PlayStation is and was led to a game like Wipeout 2048, which lost all the swagger and self-belief of the Designers Republic and European dance as the years passed, ending up here, with generic futurism and bland EDM.

Underneath that, however, it’s still Wipeout. I remember playing Wipeout 2097 at its height and being utterly frustrated by just how difficult it was, because when you’re dealing with floating racers all the things that you expect about vehicles (how they turn, what happens when they hit walls, what braking means) are all out of the window. I never learned how to play it, and I could never  find anyone to explain how you play it either. So let me inform you if you don’t know: Wipeout is a proper racing sim that just happens to have, uh, weapon-equipped floating vehicles. You’re trying to get around the tracks by maintaining a proper racing line, braking early and accelerating properly. You can use air brakes to slow on turns, but they don’t help you drift or anything (well, there’s this “side-shift” thing, but I never got much use out of it). You don’t want to hit walls, but they don’t slow you down as much as you might think (you know, like Gran Tusimo).  It’s actually weird to realise years later that the Wipeout series is as serious as Gran Turismo despite its trappings. It’s a series you have to dedicate yourself to—for at least a while—and I was surprised that I dedicated myself to Wipeout 2048 enough to get the “elite pass” in every part of the campaign (definitely helped by the fact they were all single races—no tedious tournaments—although I really hate the “Zone” mode introduced with Wipeout Fusion.)

One you learn it, the game does feel good, even if the level design and campaign never really seems to live up to it (combat events are a nadir.) You can see what people liked about it. It’s just that, like Britpop, it had its time, you know? You can’t play the same songs, just older and uglier, and still expect to stand above.

Will I ever play it again? No. There are loads of levels left in the Wipeout HD/Fury campaigns but I actually found them much less inspiring than Wipeout 2048’s main campaign so I won’t bother.

Final Thought: According to BBC 6 Music, the best Britpop song was voted to be Common People by Pulp. A band who I don’t think ever deserved to be called it, there’s something insidious about marketing a movement such that a song as clear-eyed and angry as Common People was seen at the time and still is seen as a shouty sort of pub sing-a-long, ripe for jokey karaoke covers by William Shatner. I heard it recently and it made me think about Cart Life again. When I think of what Cart Life is lacking, it’s that conviction in Jarvis Cocker’s voice when he screams about exactly how it feels to be a “common person”—simultaneously derided and romanticised for what they are thought to be, never considered truly as who they are.

“You will never understand / how it feels to live your life / with no meaning or control / and with nowhere left to go / you are amazed that they exist / and they burn so bright / whilst you can only wonder why.”

They cut that bit from the single.