this was two days ago i was adorable

There will always be a Hiccup and Astrid.Always.

Well I did it a few days ago,I just can’t hold back my feelings anymore hehe.It didn’t come out quite as planned ,but I’ve given it my best shot.These two adorable lil things Awwwwwwwwww

A few days ago I reached 2K and I’m so so happy because when I made this blog I didn’t think anyone would follow me, let alone two very cute thousand!!!!! So I decided to make an appreciation post for my mutuals!!!!

Thank you so much for being all so lovely and nice to me. If there’s one thing that makes me happy during the day is that I know later I’ll come home and I’ll be able to ignore all my responsibilities on tumblr, hehe. You’re all super important and I adore each and every one of you. You can all be dead ass sure whenever one of you do as much as like something I reblog I sigh in complete happiness because I look up to all of you and even if I barely ever interacted with you, I admire you more than you know.

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I just love the Last Guardian! It is such a beautiful game! I watched as Jacksepticeye played this wonderful experience. I don’t have a PS4 myself but as soon as we finished this game I tried to buy the first two, got it for Christmas, and finished them two days ago. If I could, I would get Jack a pet he could have! Trico is such an adorable creature and freaking powerful! Hope you all enjoy this piece!


Two days ago, I didn’t believe in the existence of talking animals… of dwarves or… or centaurs. Yet here you are, in strengths and numbers that we Telmarines could never have imagined. Whether this horn is magic or not, it brought us together… and together, we have a chance to take back what is ours! — The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)


haven appreciation week | day seven - free choice

together we could be the true story of how all good things come in threes… (x)

Paradise// Chandler Riggs Imagine

C H A N D L E R // E D I T E D // 7 4 1

Short n sweet :) REQUEST HERE

“Chan stop hogging the Goddamn blanket!” I complain as I tried yet again to pry the blanket we were ‘sharing’ from my boyfriend.

“But it’s so warm!” Chandler huffs from somewhere inside the massive blanket cocoon he’s created around himself. I could imagine him jutting his bottom lip out in that adorable way he always did. I rolled my eyes, but grabbed a blanket of my own from the opposite couch. he’s such a child.

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This was a request for the adorable @candicindy. She wanted an older version of Tails and Cream. So TA DA!

Confession time. I actually thought of this comic a couple days ago because of something @kaotickanine said. Thank you for that. I would not have known what to draw if it hadn’t been for you. 

Also…Thanks a lot girls. I actually ship these two now. I cannot deny their unbearable cuteness any longer. 

20 day challenge
DAY 11: Draw a person/character with gloves

So i drew Reverse Mabel taking off her gloves with an evil look, she is so mysterious doing that!! I just discovered Reverse Falls two days ago and immediately fell in love!          
Mabel is so cool, Dipper is so sexy, Pacifica is so adorable~!!

Thick-Calved Knee High Boot Lovin’ Babes, Listen Up

I’ve got a secret for you, but first comes a story. 

So I ordered these adorable boots that just arrived a few days ago, two pair of the exact same knee high boots, one brown & one black. I open the box, super psyched to put them on and *GASP* they won’t zip half way up my thigh. This is only a slight surprise to me as I’ve had problems with knee high boots in the past. But I took my pinterest mind and started searching. And I have found the ultimate solution to my thick-calved problem. 


I saw it on several different websites, spray the boots with alcohol and voila! You now fit into those sexy knee-high boots that you’re oh so depressed don’t fit. So, without further adieu let us do some learnin’ about this shit, okay?

Step One: cry about your boots because you paid a boat load for them, or you were thrifty and you’re still sad they don’t fit. 

Step Two: head to your nearest drug store and buy yourself a big ole bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol. I paid 3.49, with tax for mine and I got a huge bottle. The smaller one is around 2 something! Stretching spray, which is 50% isopropo (which i will call it from now one) & water, goes for around $5-10

Step Three: Come home, marvel at your boots from across the room looking oh so lonely and not warn at all, because you’re about to put those babies on!

Step Four: Get a spray bottle, fill it half way with water and the other half with isopropo. Screw that lid on and, 

SPRAY SPRAY SPRAY THE INSIDE OF THOSE BOOTS. Spray it like a salt shaker. Spray it like you’re trying to make it rain on them bitches. There’s no need to get those toesies wet okay, just spray the inside calf part!

Then, slip those babies on and streeeetch the sides to get those suckers on. Boots got a zipper and you’re just so scared they won’t fit? Oh babe, they will. Trust me. These boots now fit like a glove, and not the kind that let’s your fat hang over the sides either. Sexy, glove-like knee high boots that have you feeling so hot and confident you’re ready to do anything. Leave the boots on for a few hours if you can so they form to your legs. 

Going to wear skinny jeans with those boots and you only spray them to fit those sexy naked legs? No problem!!!! Spray your boots before every wear and they’ll fit like a glove every time. 

That’s it. That’s the secret. Isopropyl Alcohol the shit out of your boots and never cry because they don’t fit over your calves again. Don’t spend money to ship them back. Don’t send them to some shoe repair shop who is going to charge you $50 to do the same thing you could’ve done for $4. Don’t spend money for wide-calved boots, unless you want to of course but I’m a college student and I’m not rolling in the dough. Also, have no fear this does NOT ruin the leather. 

Rock those knee-high boots, babes and be confident as ever!

part 1 of: i love this fandom and you guys make me emotional

Everyone is being so sweet and adorable and emotional today and I just felt like I should add my valentine’s sugar to it too. 

I got this blog almost two years ago, not coincidentally when I moved to Texas with just my boyfriend, from Florida from where I had spent my entire life in. I was very alone and since I’m not the coolest of cats, making friends has been…extremely difficult lol.

But getting this blog, and joining this fandom, I’ve really found myself looking forward to come home and see who’s posting on the dash, see who’s chosen to grace me with their follow, or who’s left me a tumblr message (remember, before the IM system haha).

@sinuyasha and @inukag were the first people to welcome me and reblog my writing and just became my overall points of contact for anything fandom related. I felt accepted and wanted and this was the only corner of the entire internet I could really call home. I can’t thank them enough for always being genuine and kind and beautifully forgiving ladies. On top of the fact they’re funny and gorgeous so I really lucked out befriending them. I owe my entire blog to them, and my activity, and my heart.

Later on I’d come to meet my squad, @kristicles @thequeenwillruletheboard @narkik @mirsan and @ohstarfire, and grow an overwhelmingly wonderful bond. I mean dudes, we went to Disney AND Universal Studios together. I’m pretty much married to them. (Which does mean you guys have to give me half your shit in case of divorce). I’m keeping it short for ya’ll cause I don’t care about you at all (I would set fire to myself if you thought for one second that was true). You are my people. You are my shots of whiskey in the dark. 

To the fandom:

I really would have never expected to feel love radiating from some of you towards me. I feel in my heart I don’t even deserve it. I have done nothing (or everything wrong). And you guys posting your fics and your art, and your edits, and all you’re LOVE and you’re FRIENDSHIP, it holds no value because it is PRICELESS. But I feel it towards all of you. I get it. It’s weird it’s unheard of maybe for a small anime fandom, but I FEEL IT. I love you guys. I would never want a single one of you to leave, or if you do have to leave, just please stay in touch. Please keep updating your fanfiction.nets, please keep updating your artwork online when finished, I just…

If you’ve been in this fandom for the past year, you get it. And it almost feels like we’ve all collectively been through some drama here and there together. I’ve made mistakes, I regret getting involved in things all the time, but I appreciate every single one of you who hasn’t deleted me from their life. I appreciate how I can still turn around and count on you guys to be there for me. And I will always be there for you. I love that after a giant cloud of darkness shrouded us, freaking @inuyashapositivity pops up like a ray of sunshine. We are an amazing incredible wonderful fandom and we are loud and vibrant and beautiful. 

@onikik, @little-known-artist @wreathoflaurels, @arnavsinghraizada, @gobodosama, @artistefish @meselfandwhy, @inuijiness @starzki@scribefigaro @smilebomber @kaze-ranna @412rebelled @hanmajoerin @ashcanvas (SHHHH…ASHLEY I DIDN’T JUST ADD YOU THIS MORNING BECAUSE I HAD A BRAIN FART LAST NIGHT…ILY) you guys have seen me at my worst and for some inexpiable reason you’re still my friends and I respect and admire you so so much. I really can’t put into words properly, but my respect for you is something that can and will never vanish. I consider you guys a huge reason why I enjoy the Inuyasha fandom as much as I do. I’m comfortable around you guys and I hope you feel the same way around me. I love you guys, and I would do anything for you. I’d end someone’s life for you. I’d jump into battle for you. I’d throw all my money at your face if I knew it would make you happy. Thank you for being my friends. Really. You are my inner-circle, and without you, I am just a square. 

I’ve met some new people in the past year, who maybe I don’t talk to but I feel like I’ve gotten to know more simply through the small interactions we have, and whom I’m so so so happy joined tumblr to grace us with their content, their presence, and their overall humor and love and joy. 

@grapefruitwannabe, I remember I was in a stream with you and someone was urging you to post your sketches and you were reluctant about it, and god now look at you. Your art is incredible. It’s unique, it has a style, it has movement. You give a tremendous amount to the fandom and you never ask for anything in return. You are so nice too? You know how rare it is to find kind people who are just the sweetest creatures ever? You are a precious cupcake too good for this earth, and we so blessed to have you. 

@sess-kik I knew from the moment you made the taylor swift/kanye west meme, that I regretted not being considered one of your friends. You are fucking oustanding. You are hilarious. You make my ribs hurt. You are like a baby beyonce. I mean that. Picture yourself as beyonce’s’ child because that’s how I view you. 

@justafewsmallsteps you know what’s crazy is that I followed and admired you from afar for so so so long. I am a huge fan. I mean. HUGE. I mean, ridiculously huge. I mean I may have printed out your art and have it stored in my cabinet so I can look at sometimes because I was that (maybe i still am idk) obsessed with your work, and to find out you are a shining ball of sunlight and positivity and love and friendliness. You know…what that feels like ? It’s like meeting a Disney Princess in real life. 

@coquinespike HAHA LOOK SOMEONE TAGGED YOU AGAIN. I’M SORRY. Listen I actually always see you in my notes. I always read your tags cause they’re fucking hilarious. Your comments on things are A+. I don’t know why I didn’t start following you sooner. I am an idiot, what else is new. Cheers to the future.

@keichanz what took you so long to join tumblr, i keep asking myself this question. EVERYONE KNOWS THE KEIZ FROM FF.NET. You are always supporting InuKag and the fandom and there’s a lot of bloggers that I know would not be the same without your presence. I see names all the time that were just quiet little daisies, and you watered those plants and now look at them. You’ve inspired so many people, and you are always just so generous and so loving. Thank you for writing, thank you for participating in events, thank you for being the oil in the inukag gears. Quite literally. 

@lovely-taijiya GABY. DID YOU KNOW THAT I THINK ABOUT YOU ALMOST EVERY DAY. Okay well. Now you do. I get so happy when I see your art on my dash. I get full of butterflies and good feelings. If you were around I would hug you constantly and hold you close to my heart, because you deserve unnerving amounts of love. 

@kag-san you are a gift granted to us by the gods. you are an angel. you are a walking living breathing version of the virgin mary and I would weep at your feet if i could because I think you deserve everything in life and more. Trust me when I say the people who ship things, make me ship things harder. And this candle for KagSan is now a torch and it’s setting my house on fire but I couldn’t be happier. 

@piggy-in-pink you are like Sesshomaru. And by that I mean you are silent and we may cross paths and look at each other and I would be totally fine with you killing me because I admire you just that much. But no honestly, you are wise and clever and I love your work and your existence a lot. Thanks for never changing your url also, it makes life so much easier. (TAKE NOTES PEOPLE)

@mmhinman I remember the first time I went to your blog. You submitted a bunch of wonderful art for InuKag week late, and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe someone would submit SO LATE but also have it be SO QUALITY. Haha. Your art brings me life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that fate pushed you my way and onto my dash. Thank you thank you thank you. 

@macabre-and-cheese you know that really cool girl in the lunch room who sits with her posse, and is immensely more awesome than you and dates all the attractive people, and knows all the cool songs and she could say “frosty” once and it becomes a meme catchphrase, okay yeah, you know that person? that’s you. on my dash. that’s you. I’m always like “if i reblog this onto my personal, my personal blog gets that much cooler” and I think I have 80 followers on my personal blog now and I owe that all to your and your coolness i swear to god I do. 

@kago-make-dean-some-pie YOUR URL IS SO LONG. EXPLAIN IT TO ME. I love that I’ve gotten to know you better and your AMVs are the bomb dot com. You are so willing to make others feel amazing and wonderful and I hope you feel that way every single day of your life. You are so down to earth and I love you very much.

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Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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Locker Room Boys (Isaac Lahey)

So I saw this a while ago over on @vividimagines and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. Please go check her out, if you like me, you’ll adore her!

Imagine going to talk to your best friend, Danny, in the locker room and getting distracted by Isaac who’s changing behind him and is very aware of your watching eyes.


You’re day had been stressful and you absolutely needed to talk to your best friend. You’d been with Danny your whole life. You couldn’t remember a time when the two of you weren’t friends. You knocked, more a warning than anything else. At this point, the team was used to you barging into the locker room and nobody dared saying anything because Danny would stand up for you with everything he had.“Hey, Danny.” You call, walking over and taking a seat on the bench. Danny looked back at you, a towel hugging his hips as he dug for a clean shirt. “How was practice?” You questioned, turning so you were facing him, but your eyes were drawn towards someone else. Behind Danny, was a tall boy with sandy hair and pretty nice abs. A boy by the name of Isaac Lahey.“Bad day?” Danny questioned, avoiding your question completely. You nodded and he frowned, pulling a shirt on. You turned your back long enough for him to put the rest of his clothes. You turn back to look at him, but most of the time while you were talking to him, your gaze was going straight past him to land on Isaac. Realistically, he should have been done with whatever it was he was doing. You flicked your eyes up to his face to see a slight smirk playing at his lips.“Would it make it better if I told Lahey to stop eavesdropping?” Danny questioned with a small laugh. At the sentence, both you and Isaac stiffened a little. “Or would you rather I tell you about your huge crush on him?” Your eyes widened. Isaac pulled his shirt over his head so he was completely dressed and slung his bag over his shoulder. With a slam of his locker, he walked out but not without tossing you a cheesy wink.“Danny! What was that for?” You hissed, only half angry. Danny just laughed, standing up and offering you his arm. You looped yours through it and the two f you left the locker room.“It gets tiring watching you two pretend you aren’t ogling each other all the time. I figured it was time I did something.” What would you do without your locker room boys?


Hey! So this isn’t very good but I really enjoyed writing it. Isaac is, thus far, my favorite teen wolf character, though Stiles Stilinski is a close second. I hope you liked it and if you’d like to read more, go ahead and ask and requests are always open. -Cass


‘Hey Stil-’
Her voice falters, scanning his outfit before glancing at hers.

They’re matching.

He is wearing a dark blue flannel buttoned up, just like her, only Lydia has the ends tied up to accentuate her curves. He is wearing cappuccino coloured trousers and she is wearing high waisted jeans in the same colour. He is sporting his signature Nikes and for once Lydia is rocking the tennis shoes. If a stranger passed by, he would be sure they were one of those disgusting couples that match.

'What the hell…?’ He murmurs, tugging at the shirt.

'I can’t believe we now also match…’, a frustrated Lydia thinks back about a few days ago, when they answered in class at the exact same time with the exact same words. They were horrified whilst the class and teacher found it quite funny and, sadly, adorable. It’s bad enough the rumour goes around they hook up, now the two teenagers are twinning!

'Wait.’ Stiles squints his eyes, picking on the sleeve of Lydia.
'Isn’t that one of mine?’

The girl’s eyes widen, 'That’s why I didn’t recognise it. I thought I was sleep shopping!’
He gives her a dead look. 'What?’ She mocks, 'You might never know what other powers I have.’
'Yeah, as if moving things with frequencies isn’t enough.’ He closes his locker, 'How did you even get that?’
She scoffs, crossing her arms, 'You always say my room is too heated so you pull of your flannel and then you forget about it when you go home. Eventually it disappears in my closet, Stiles.’

He rolls his eyes aggressively, mirroring her position. 'I want all of them back.’
'But,’ she tries, her mouth still open looking for arguments.
'Nope. You’re giving them back. I don’t want to keep buying more so you can wear them.’
'Fine,’ she gives in, 'but can I keep like three? They’re really soft.’
He gives her a stunned look, 'How many are there at your place?’
Lydia laughs, 'You don’t even want to know.’

Paying the bills

Request: a smutty john imagine pls! I don’t have a specific request just that their is an age difference between john and the reader

A/N: I’m so sorry it took months to do this! Thing’s have been busy but I’m no longer night shift in four days so things will be coming!

Word Count: 1294

Pairing: John x Reader

Warnings: Smut, fluff, adorable Adam, Adam is two in this and Sam is thirteen, Cursing

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

You’ve been a babysitter for John Winchester for a while now. Him and his youngest Sam had moved here over a year ago. Dean would occasionally stop by, but he owns a shop about three hours away. You couldn’t hide your attraction from the older Winchester if you wanted too. Although the age difference could play a factor that didn’t bother you. But you didn’t know from his end, so you kept your mouth shut about it.

The sound of something falling brings you out of your thoughts. Quickly getting up you see Adam standing with flour all over him, following that is Sam’s footsteps down the stairs. A light chuckle passes his lips, as you quickly step over the mess with a huff.

“What do you get yourself into?” The two year old simply looks up at you with a confused look, then a toothy grin plays across his face.

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Ragnar and Torstein wish to thank you!

It has barely been two months as a part of this community, and mun wants to thank absolutely everyone who’s followed and interacted with her both on Ragnar and later Torstein. Ragnar is hitting 300 soon, and Torstein reached 100 just a day ago - remarkable! Thanks to one and all for it.

Since I have nothing to really offer other than my mediocre writing and odd sense of humor, I would instead like to namedrop a bunch of people who me and the boys highly enjoy interacting with and/or seeing on our dash for inspiration and great threads - so you could give them all a follow, if you don’t already. You all make it entertaining to be a Vikings fan, and to be a person diving deeper into the Viking era and Norse Mythology. Thank you.

My Kattegat Family: 

@theboatbuilderswife@allthosemuseiisms / @princeubbe / @earlsingstad  ✦ @kristnirpresti  ✦ @snakeeyewarrior  ✦ @hviitserk / @kingecbertt​  ✦ @strangestviking  ✦ @flokithetrickster  ✦ @margrethethegrateful / @haakenragnarson​  ✦ @shewhobringssorrow / @aprincessoftheblood  ✦ @folkvangrxborn  ✦ @ingeborgeysteinnsdottir  ✦ @thorhella  ✦ @tcrvi / @siiggy  ✦ @bellexmort​  ✦ @ofodinn​  ✦ @irandalina​  ✦  @ironsidess​  ✦ @yourprincessjudith​  ✦ @theaethelwulf​  ✦ @gentledottir​  

The Gods to whom we pray:

@alfodir​  ✦ @almodir​  ✦ @asgardianhammer​  ✦ @helvitisbrokentoy​  ✦ @iidunn​  ✦ @maegtig​ 

If you follow me and want to interact with either of the boys - or both - please do! I’m terribly slow and odd as fuck but I promise you I don’t bite, and I’m always open for new connections, threads, headcanons, memes - whatever. Although I’m a bit selective, in general I’ll let the boys play with whoever. So come on down, get some ale and have a chat with the King and the Skutilsvein

Thank you again everyone for following the boys and to all that I’ve listed: You brighten up my dash every day. Big kissies from mun and loud cheers from the boys.


Real Life Opt Martin & Amanda

“I was at home one day when a package from Martin arrived. He sent me a beautiful bracelet and ring with a note saying he hoped it would cheer me up. How wonderful is that? I’m lucky to be with someone as romantic now as he was when we met 12 years ago.”