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Lil Emily is a kid who learned the art of deception and covering her emotion for the sake of maintaining a perfectly calm facade way too early. She escaped the place of her 6 month-long imprisonment and reunited with her father figure she believed was dead all this time, only for him to go on a mission again and leave her in an unknown place filled with unknown people, glued to a window in her little tower and unwilling to go to bed before he returns, until the exhaustion and the stress of the day take her over, only to wake up early the next day and make sure to be the first one to say good morning to him, be cheerful and be normal

Misguided Ghosts

It’s 9:02 on my clock. My mind is traveling far away again. Outside it is dark, the moon is obscured by dark patches of clouds. The sky is devoid of any star. The world is silent.

Inside of my mind, though, is a steady clamor of ideas and wishful thinking and memories. They all fall into one story–twisting reality to fantasy, defying truth and telling lies.

And then everything starts. My mind hovers around the atmosphere, watching me sitting and typing, watching my parents and my younger brothers sleeping, watching the whole world moving. It’s then I realize how we are merely misguided ghosts. We are unaware of the true battle in the shadows. We are oblivious of the cruelty destroying the peace. We are too absorbed in our own little worlds, trying to fit perfectly into place with everybody else.

Are we really supposed to blend in? Weren’t we supposed to stand out?

My mind, satisfied of the night’s sojourn, travels back to my body and returns.

It’s 9:11 on my clock.


hannibal | one gifset per episode
↳2.06 futamono

There’s a common emotion we all recognize and have not yet named. The happy anticipation of being able to feel contempt.

Time to play: Find your blog name! bwahaha

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Honestly, this means so much to me. So much. When I made this blog, I wasn’t expecting to get this far – especially not in such little time. I think it’s been less than a year tbh. However, despite the relatively short amount of time I’ve been here, I’ve met some rather amazing and wonderful people. People that have helped me change and recognize myself, people that have given me beautiful words of advice and compliments, people that I can genuinely call my best friends. This seems pretty over-the-top, considering this is just a silly anime blog, but it’s true hahaha! I’ve bonded with a ton of you and I can’t wait for the many more to come (hopefully!). Love you guys, and of course, thank you so so so so so much for stickin’ around and for joining me. 

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Daredevil Meme: Four Quotes [#2]
↳ “ My experience…There are no heroes, no villains. Just people with different agendas.

GOD katrina is literally like a weight, an anchor that just drags sh to the depths of hell. she ruins everything she touches; the writers haven’t given her a single redeeming quality since the start of this show.

and fucking hawley. like honestly HONESTLY W H Y is he such a massive part of the story now?? he’s not interesting, and he literally has no relevance to the plot other than aiding with random (and far too perfectly placed) baddie-of-the-week relics.

sigh. i miss the storytelling and successes that made the first season of this show magical. im still watching, but w o w i can’t not comment on the horrible-ness that the showrunners have wrought.