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I didn’t talk about the Country of Fog here but apparently that was a mistake because GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 

Sadly this isn’t actually a surprise, because a couple of people accidentally spoiled me on this months and months ago, but I think we can all agree that on the grand scale of things this is a very small and inconsequential spoiler and it could have been much worse. 



@thelittlemermage informed me of this Harem Meme that exists so here’s a chart of my husbands



Zen/Hyun Ryu – Mystic Messenger: #Lemme take a selfie, promos you on every social media account, Primmadonna Girl, calls you at 4 in the fucking morning but you pick up anyway because that dick too bomb

Yuuri Katsuki –Yuri!!! On ice: Once said he wanted to fuck a bowl of pork katsudon, achieved his dreams by becoming a world famous skater and marrying his gay awakening crush, #goals, #get a man who can do both, when he cries I cry

Link – Skyward Sword: He just wants 2 sleep, let him rest, tfw no gf (because she got sucked into a tornado), moe moe

Max Rockatansky –Mad Mad Fury Road: Actual real life puppy, Road Trip Dad, #no shave 5ever, communicates in a series of angry grunting sounds, same

Rytlock Brimstone –Guild Wars 2: Him big

Kazuma – Noragmi: #The Type, look at his face, once had a manbun and didn’t look like a tool, just wants to be a good boy™

Link – Breath of the Wild: I woke up like this #flawed, forest gremlin, can only scream, runs from his problems by climbing trees, horse whisperer

Seven/Luciel/Saeyoung – Mystic Messenger: Has consumed nothing but chips and soda in the past 48 hours, sounds like when I was in college, covers up childhood trauma with humor and memes, only love in this world is cats, the most relatable character

The Jersey Devil: Has strong arms to hold me, would treat me right, I would walk into a forest covered in barbecue sauce in order to see a glimpse of this majestic specimen

Subaru Sumeragi –Tokyo Babylon/X/1999: The Ultimate Tragic Backstory, probably trans, the physical embodiment of tears, I want 2 kiss him and give him tea, my Birthday Buddy

Ukyo – Amnesia Memories: Stab me in the heart more like stab me with that dick amirite, tfw u die 1000 times so you go nuts, needs some therapy and probably a hug, just wants to hang with his gramps and take pictures

Mothman: Have you seen the statue, those abs, that ass, who wouldn’t put him on their husband chart

Syaoran –Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (shush he’s like 30 in this picture im allowed to think the literal father with a seven year old child is hot): *opens mouth* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, my gay awakening when I was 13, ride or die

BSD rarepair week day 7: free
theme: akutagawa ryuunosuke has eyebrows high school AU

I would love to see more of ryuunosuke and gin’s interactions in the manga tbh

Also thanks to all the mods at @bsd-rarepairweek for hosting this event! It’s been tonnes of fun and I got to draw themes and relationships I never thought of drawing before. I didn’t expect to finish all the prompts but somehow I did; here are all the other submissions 

  1. Light dance (atsukyou)
  2. Basils & Roses (ranpoe)
  3. Fool-proof plan (kunikidazai)
  4. Beauty and the Beast (atsulucy)
  5. Love Poems (kouyouchuuya)
  6. Hopeless future (odazai)
  7. New semester (akugin)


the 5&1 thing i did may be pushed back to chapter 11 as it turns out because chp10 was pushing out of 18k and like

no that’s too much


red spoils blue in his own way

does this count as spoiling?? idk he indulges his bf sometimes

My favorite things in a fanfiction

• When one sits on the others lap for any non-sexual reason.
• One of them is cooking and the other wraps their arms around their waist.
• Comfort cuddles
• When one of them is insecure and the other refuses to let them think of themselves that way.
When one of them is an angry ball of rage and will only be calm and happy when their s/o is around.
• Band AUs.
Kissing and then being picked up so their legs are wrapped around the others waist.
One of them is a jock and will always give their team jacket to the other.
• 5 + 1 (these depend on the topic).
• Comfort during an anxiety/panic attack.
• Coffee AUs.
• Morning cuddling.
College AUs
Small one wearing tall one’s clothes.
When one of them is asexual and the other one hundred percent respects that and will do anything to make them feel comfortable.
• Sick fics.
• Saying “I love you” without directly saying it.
High school AUs.
• Friends playing matchmaker.
• Falling for the best friends brother/sister
• Youtuber AUs.
• One is a cinnamon roll that needs protection and the other is a brutal rebel and if anyone hurts their cinnamon roll they will destroy them (if you’re familar with my posts, you know how much I love this one).
• Meeting the parents and the parents are so accepting of the relationship.
• Friends noticing hickies and embarrassment ensues.
• Saying their first “I love you”.
• Height difference cuteness where one of them is super short and their s/o will always pick them up to make them eye level.
• When they get locked in and that forces them to confess.
• Sloppy make outs.
When the relationship is already established.
When one of them is scared to fall in love but ends up loving the other too much and so when they kiss for the first time they just say “fuck it” and freaking go for it.

• (since I keep seeing people add it and I enjoy it on occasion as well) Fake dating. 

And that’s it so far. I’ll most likely add more to this list later. Feel free to add your own. : )