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Im having a bad day

Ah anon I’m so sorry to hear that! Bad days suck )=

I’m probably too late with replying to let you see my answer but I’m going to try and give some tips anyway. Maybe you will see them or someone else can use it

  1. Try to put whatever it is that makes you feel bad into words. Write it down, talk about it to a friend (I am a friend), tell someone on tumblr, hell, you could even just talk to your pet about it. Talking can make you realise that you might not need to stress so much, it puts things in perspective.
  2. Cry. Personally, I am not much of a crier (I’m dead inside) but sometimes I wish I was because nothing reliefs you more than a good solid cry. If fact, tears release stress hormones so crying will actually lower your stress levels and calm you down. Do try to keep it within a resonable amount though, hyperventilating isn’t going to get you anywhere
  3. Do something fun. By which I mean eat something nice, watch a fun movie (FUN movie, not sad), listen to cheery music, look up “lesbian weddings” on google pictures (that’s what I do when I’m sad)
  4. Sleep. Either go to be early or take a 20 minute cat nap. Just lying in your bed resting counts too. Sleeping is a good way to restart the day 
  5. Drink tea. Curl up with a nice book/film/fanfic/pet and wrap your hands around that nice warm mug of savety. Don’t drink coffee, that will only keep you up at night, which interferres with point 4
  6. Hug a friend. Okay, I’ll admit this is super shit advice if you don’t have friends to hug (though in that case I can always give you a firtual hug. I love hugs), but if you do it really helps. You don’t have to explain everything to them, just tell them that you need a hug. Most people will understand, we all feel like we need a hug sometimes
  7. Lie down on the floor and relax. Note that I did not say lie down on the floor and have an existential crisis, I said relax. The hardness of the floor can help ground you and put things in perspective. When you lie down you could try to empty your mind,or try point 8
  8. List everything that you did well that week. Things you’ve acomplished. If you feel like this more often you could try keeping a list of things you’re proud of/that made you feel good so you can save that positivity for later. Your brain is wired to focus on the bad, but it shouldn’t be because you did so much good stuff! You should be proud of yourself.
  9. Things will get better. Just say that to yourself. Keep in mind that you might feel bad today but you’ll feel good again tomorrow.
  10. Get away from toxic people. If there are certain people who keep saying things you don’t like (Using the word gay as an insult for example) then don’t go near them, especially not on a bad day. You don’t need people like that, you deserve better
  11. Go for a walk. Get some fresh air, let the sun warm your skin. And in case of bad weather/living in a polluted city, you could watch a nature documentary. Might sound stupid, but the voice of david attenborough can cheer up almost everyone. Plus animals are cute

I hope this helped! And if you have bad days often, or if you think you might have a depression, seek help! If you have a broken leg you go see the doctor, so if you have a problem with your mental health you should do the same. 

In fact about half of the world’s depression are caused by a hormonal disbalance, which means it doesn’t have to be triggered by a bad event. Don’t think that just because your life is pretty okay you can’t be depressed. Leading a healthy life sometimes doesn’t stop you from getting cancer either. Sometimes you just have bad genes. And there is no shame in asking for help, only courage!

Stay save my friends! And feel free to send me a message or ask when you feel down. I’m not an expert on this area (pretty neurotypical) but I can always try and help, and I can always listen if you need someone to talk to

And if you want to read a nice fictional book about teenage depression (that originated in stress and bad luck, aka the bad genes I talked about) the you might like It’s kind of a funny story. Brilliantly written. 

idk how long ive had this url but the last follow forever i made was when i hit 600 and i just looked at it and oof ive lost some ppl but ive gained a lot of new friends too!!!! i love all of u guys so much even if were not mutuals, this is mostly for mutuals that ive intereacted in some form with or see alot on my dash!!!! if i know u from discord im sorry that i didnt add u im bad at remembering ppls urls

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hello!! :) i was wondering if I can make a scenario request?? For jinyoung. please if you can write a soulmate au fic for him. it could be any kind that you're comfortable with but can I request with this prompt?- "You can call me whenever you want... Even if you don't have a reason to." 😊 i hope you have a nice day :) its okay if you can't do the request but thank you!!!

heyoo!!! so since i was already writing a jinyoung scenario i tried to incorporate your request into it! :)) i have no idea if i did it justice and im sorry if it took such a long time to get it done but i have finally finished it and i have it posted here!! - its titled kaleidoscope -  ahhh im so glad that you requested from me and i hope you have a nice day too anon!! it was very fun during ur request and i hope you enjoy it!! stay healthy my dude!!

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If you're not going to update this fucking blog then just give it away or something to somebody who will, rather than just hoarding followers and abandoning when it gets too much you fucking lazy dick

yeah totally lemme just give this blog away to some random follower i have on this blog, sorry for not being active even though i’ve just started college and am struggling with my own personal issues alongside my depression, anxiety and all that shit, im so fucking lazy even though i’ve been writing 3 things to apologise for the long and empty disappearance i’ve been on but sure let me just give this blog away and stop hoarding the followers and being a lazy fucking dick

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D


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