this was too funny how she tried to stop him

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I dare companions to motorboat f!sole's soft busty boobies☺️😆😁

Companions are dared to motorboat F!Sole

Cait: She loved the dare! She went all out on Sole’s chest; she wanted to Motorboat her for a good while!

Codsworth: He couldn’t quite do that; so he just stuck one of his eyes in her cleavage…neither of them enjoyed that

Curie: She didn’t know what that was at first. After a poor explanation from Sole, she didn’t have a choice but to try it. She nuzzled against Sole’s cleavage and made a sound that seemed like a purr. It was just too cute!

Danse: He was shy about it; he tried his hardest to be respectful; but Sole was the exact opposite. She pushed his head on her boobs and made it hard to breathe for Danse. He tried to quickly do the dare so he could finally breathe; and he did. Sole laughed and let him go; Danse had to cover his face, and his crotch…

Deacon: He grabbed her tits and dived in her cleavage. The sound he made was really loud, on purpose. He was aiming to embarrass her, and he did

Dogmeat: Even if he understood the command, he couldn’t possibly be able to do anything about it.

Hancock: He doesn’t really have lips to make a sound like that; but he does bury himself in her chest and rub his face on it. He didn’t hesitate to lick her as well; Sole couldn’t complain.

Macready: He hesitated before pressing her chest. It was way bigger than Lucy’s. He felt weird about the motorboat part, but he just had to do it. He made a low awkward sound and quickly stopped. “Let’s never do that again…ok?”

Nick: He shook his head and hesitantly approached Sole. He tried the dare for a second and then quickly stopped. He held back a chuckle and shook his head once again. It was too much for him!

Piper: “This is soooo weird!” She hesitated, but tried her hardest to do the dare as held back as possible. She ended up quitting the dare because it was too weird to be touching Sole like that.

Preston: He found it funny “Sure, why not?” He couldn’t stop giggling which made the dare all sloppy. It got weird! They both laughed it off though and went on with the game.

Strong: “MO-TOR-BOT? Human say funny words”

X6-88: It seemed really weird to him; and seeing how Sole was okay with it made it even weirder. He only went as far as pressing Sole’s boobs together; when he leaned close to her chest, her erotic scent was enough for him to back off and refuse to do it. He needs to stay on point, doesn’t he?

Maxson: He thought it was childish, but hot. He hesitated but finally did the dare; only because it was Sole he was doing it to. He got carried away in between her boobs and started licking, kissing and sucking on her chest. It made most people in the room jealous!

Gage: He didn’t hold back. His hand strong on her chest; he motorboated her intensely. He didn’t even bother hiding his boner. He gave Sole a smirk and asked her to continue the dare in private.

Ada: She apologized as she couldn’t do the dare. She was quite relieved that she didn’t have to go through with that “embarrassing” dare.

this is too hetero

-I want Kamukura to just gently kiss the tears that slowly stream down Tsumiki’s face, just soft gentle kisses from Kamukura.
-I hc that Kamukura has never been kissed before and Tsumiki has, (many times) doesn’t truly enjoy them and rather be kissed on the cheek, (even though she’ll totally just become a tomato then screech) which Kamukura comes to accept and just cheek kisses all day everyday baby.
-I want Kamukura to just tell Tsumiki she is doing a good job at whatever she happens to be doing at that moment, she’s not too great with cooking and carrying things without tripping and dropping them and he tells her she’s doing fine, she’ll get the hang of this.
-Kamukura is just TSUMIKI’S therapist and maybe a few cuddly comfort sessions cause therapy and talking about trauma at all is just sad and makes you sad and cry out your eyes.
-Kamukura protects Tsumiki from fan-service, just throwing that out there.-Kamukura will punch TeruTeru or anyone for any type of harassment towards Tsumiki.-both Tsumiki and Kamukura try helping each socialize and know what to say and what not to say.
-I like to imagine when Tsumiki is panicing and suggest taking off her clothes, he just screams “NO” or probably takes off his back blazer and uses the sleeves to tie her and make sure she doesn’t due such a thing, or maybe both of those things no and tying her up with his blazer.
-I like to think Kamukura calls her Miki or Mia. (cause you know, Mikan, but without the “k” and “n”) 
-Kamukura gives Tsumiki self-esteem or just enough to make Hiyoko back the fuck off or just teach her how to make Hiyoko fuck off.
-Kamukura helps Tsumiki grow out her hair a bit more and fix her uneven cut bangs and just teaches her how to take care of hair.
-I mentioned hair so, like just they just braiding each other’s hair in different braiding styles and Kamukura’s messy somewhat, but still good enough to walk outside/inside with.
-they have at least danced in the rain once.
-Kamukura doesn’t enjoy Enoshima’s possible influence on Tsumiki, but Tsumiki thinks she’s fine and nothing bad will happen.
-Enoshima third-wheels on every date Tsumiki invites her to and it’s on propose cause Kamukura is like “fuck no. you’re not apart of this" 
-Kamukura has cut himself while cooking, such as just cutting fruits,meat,vegetables or anything he needs to cut to finish the dinner/lunch/breakfast he’s making, she just takes action quickly and freaks the fuck out and repeats "DON’T DIE ON ME” or just “DON’T DIE” sometimes it’s both or maybe “DON’T YOU FUCKING DIE ON ME” just add fucking to these things.
-OKAY AT LEAST ONCE (ORFEWTIMES) THEY’VE WALKED/SLEPT IN THEIR UNDERGARMENTS TOGETHER and Kamukura doesn’t care, but Tsumiki is having a straight up panic attack undressing, he’s just trying to calm her down and tell her she doesn’t have to if she doesn’t want to and it becomes a thing she’s use to cause she knows he isn’t trying to harm her in any form.
-Kamukura loves  cold ass weather, yeah it sucks sometimes, but hey? he has another just for being able to be super duper close to Tsumiki and just hold her in his arms only to never let go of her, she has never figured out why he’s super affectionate during cold weather and cuddly.
-Kamukura dislikes coffee and Tsumiki kind of does too, she enjoys iced coffee, but all coffee no matter how it’s made Kamukura thinks it’s bitter and it taste bitter, but gets Tsumiki all the iced coffee she wants or just hot coffee and she tries buying him different kinds of tea, like iced tea or hot tea or just flavored tea.
-Tsumiki has an experience with dogs, especially puppies and it’s not bad dogs, happen to like her a lot and just attack her in public and it’s just so funny yet soft, but Kamukura has to step in and try to stop it, the last time he did that he got bit and Tsumiki felt bad.

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Howdy, I was wondering if you could write about how the RFA react to MC just randomly popping up and saying ISNT IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??? (Funny thing is I though of that when I was 200% sober) but they would pop up to say it at the worst times. Oh! And Happy holidays!

A/N: (HAPPY LATE HOLIDAYS IM SO SORRY MY BEAUTIFUL ANON ;A;) you sound like you have a sense of humour similar to mine, i like you ~Admin 404


           -He was in the middle of an EXTREMELY hard boss battle

           -His whole guild has been trying to beat this boss!!! For!!! DAYS

           -Every time they get close!!! They all lose their health!!


           -He was the only one left with health!! The boss had less than 10 points of health!


           -So! Focused!

           -You popped up from behind his chair, and yelled into his ear, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA???”

           -He practically jumps out of his chair, and screeched! He was startled, and confused!! WHAT ARE YOU YELLING ABOUT, MC

           -HE WAS KILLED BY THE BOSS WHEN HE JUMPED!!! He was DEVASTATED!! He saw the apologetic look on your face and decided he could forgive you, after all, it’s just a game!!! He didn’t want to admit that he had no idea what you said, so he just…pretended he knew what you were talking about? -oh yeah, totally get it, mc, uh huh-


           -He was practicing his lines for so long!!

           -He just!! Couldn’t!! Wrap his head around it?

           -No matter how much he practices, no matter how many times he’s read it


           -After weeks of this torture, he’s finally had enough!

           -Sits there for hours repeating nothing but that ONE LINE


           -But he was thrown off guard when you burst through the front door, yelling some sort of nonsense

           -“DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??” “MC, what in the world are you talking about??”

           -He stopped in his tracks and dramatically fell to his knees. He forgot the line in his confusion!! MC!!!! How could you do this to him!!! Now you have to help him learn this line!! He’s too stressed on learning this line to really think about what you said


           -She’s been swamped with work!

           - -okay but when isnt she??? poor baby-

           -Which means she’s sleep deprived! And running on coffee!

           -You tried to stay up with her the whole time, so she isn’t alone!

           -But!! She wasn’t new to this, so she was fine if you needed to sleep! It’s okay!

           -She was writing up a report about Jumin’s new stupid cat hotel project

           -Took a break to get some coffee, and came back to find you asleep in the chair, so she covered you up

           -Just as she sat down, and began to take a sip of coffee, you spring out of the chair and yell, “DON’T YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?”

           -YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF HER! She jumped and spilt her coffee all over her report!! MC!!! What did you even say??? Were you sleep talking???

           -You felt so bad!!! You re-wrote the whole report that you ruined!! She kind of sat there in shock, trying to figure out what in the world you were talking about. Completely convinced it was a dream of yours, that’s what you were saying in your dream so that’s what you said outloud.


           -He was in a business meeting and his phone just kept ringing

           -Tried not to look at it because?? Meeting. He has to be professional

           -But it!!! Kept!!! Ringing!!

           -He saw that he had 7 missed calls from you! ARE YOU DYING?? ARE YOU OKAY????

           -Calls you back immediately! He sort of ducks down a little bit to try and hide the fact he’s on the phone

           -The moment you pick up, he’s questioning you in a hushed tone

           -“MC??? Are you okay??? What is so important that you needed to call so much?? Are you hurt?? Do I need to come home???”

           -“ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA?” You yelled so loud into the phone that he had to pull it away from his ear, everyone in the room could hear you

           -CONFUSION. WHY WERE YOU YELLING?? What did you even say??? He told you that he’d see you at home, and spent the rest of the meeting trying to analyze what you had said

           -The moment he walks through the door, he’s asking you about it, still trying to figure out what you had meant. ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT LET IT GO. You have to tell him what you meant and he has to accept it or you’ll never hear the end of it


           -He works from home so it’s never really a bother for him if you come in and are random

           -But he isn’t used to you being so quiet?

           -Lately, you’ve been sneaking up and scaring him from behind


           -Although, he does the same thing to you

           - -stop tryna get mad at me saeyoung, you’re just as bad-

           -The other day, he snuck up behind you and just screamed. That’s it, just screaming. Scared the hell out of you

           -So, you decided you were going to get revenge. You waited until he was in the kitchen, mid-sip in a PhD. Pepper. You pop up behind him and yell at the top of your lungs, “ISN’T IT FUNNY WHEN THE CARPET STARTS TALKING TO YA??”

           -He spit out his drink!! The soda went up his nose and everything! What the fuck did you just say???? He’s random as well but sometimes he thinks you’re worse

           -The two of you now have ANOTHER competition between the two of you: Who Can Be More Random, The Game


           -He was trying to take a photo of this beautiful bird that was sitting on a low branch

           -He’s been walking very slowly towards it for the past 10 minutes

           -So quiet!! So peaceful!! He was gonna get this damn shot!

           -Lifts his camera up to his eye, he’s about ready to click the shutter-release button…

           -Although you didn’t know that. You had no idea he was getting ready to take a picture

           -You open the door and call out to him


           -YOUR SHOUTING SCARED THE BIRD AWAY ;A; He was disappointed but, not mad at you!!! You didn’t know he was out there to take a picture, he didn’t tell you!

           -He did wonder what in the world you were talking about?

           -Were you okay?? Were you feeling well? Was it just something random? MC plEASE TELL HIM, HE WILL MOTHER YOU UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN


           -You can’t startle this poor little baby

           -Please don’t do it to him

           -He’s accepted that you, as well as his brother, are both extremely random

           -And not to mention, the two of you hardly make sense at all, like, ever

           -So he’s actually really used to it

           -Very little actually makes him stop and question you

           -But one day, as he’s sitting on the couch reading a book, you walk in and stand in the doorway

           -“Isn’t it funny when the carpet starts talking to ya?”

           -“…… MC, what the fuck are you talking about???”

           -He actually had to pause and look up at you because??? What does that even mean?? Don’T WALK OUT OF THE ROOM?? GET BACK IN HERE AND EXPLAIN WHAT YOU SAID, MC

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Companions reaction to Sole getting the hiccups and struggling to get rid of them.

Cait - She laughs but grows slowly irritated after a while, placing a hard slap against their back and earning a surprised and pained yelp. They want to scold her, but noticed that she literally beat the hiccups out of them.

Codsworth - “That is quite a bugger, isn’t it?” he asks, his voice filled with slight amusement. Luckily, he always carries a bottle of water for them. As they drink, his leg reaches out for them, giving them a slight electric shock, scaring them to death, making them choke a little, but curing their hiccups.

Curie - “Oh, those are the hiccups, yes? I have encountred several solutions for this problem!” She starts explaining several ‘cures’ to them, like swallowing three times while squeezing nose. 

Danse - It is distracting to say, at least, for both sides. After a while, he offers them to take a while, the last thing he needs is making some freaks acknowledge their presence thanks to Sole’s hiccups. Though, if he had to be honest, everytime they did hiccup, a corner of his mouth twitched a little.

Deacon - Everytime they flinch and make the noise, he copies them, sometimes even adding a choking sound, both annoying and entertaining them. They almost suffocated, as due to their laughter and hiccups, oxygen couldn’t quite reach their lungs.

Dogmeat - He barks every time they produce the funny sound and tries to jumps at them. After a while they openly play with him, forgetting the hiccups.

Hancock - Lets out a soft giggle after a while of their struggling. He would never leave them hanging, of course and holds his hands out for them, water in one, jet in the other. Even though they only accept the water, they do give him a grateful smile, which he reciprocates.

MacCready - Actually snorts everytime they try to hold their breath, or take a drink and fail, the hiccup making their whol body flinch. He hates hiccups, but as soon as someone else has them, he feels the sweet shadenfreude. Although, he makes them sit down and relax, trying to forget about ti.

Nick - Tries to hold back a chuckle everytime they swear after another hiccup figths through their mouth. After a few minutes he just can’t hold back anymore and lets out a warm laugh, offering them some water.

Piper - Muffled giggles everytime they flinch and try to choke the bizare sound. When she receives a dead glare, she calls them out by their nickname and tries to apologise, but they’re serious expression is once again ruined by the hiccups and she can’t help but laugh out loud.

Preston - “Do you.. do you want some water, general? Maybe stop for a bit?” He asks, the amusement in his voice significant, even though he tried to hide it. He doesn’t feel any shadenfreude, though, he knows well himself how annoying such thing can be.

Strong - He flinches too, when he hears the sound. “Why human move funny? And make funny noises?!” he asks and Sole has to explain hiccups to him (explain as well as they can, anyway) and he ends up growling of how strange people are.

X6-88 - No specific reaction, but he does offer them a bottle of the Institute water. He does carry a few on himself, just in case.

Things Change

Link: (if posted elsewhere) AO3
Square filled: Friends to Lovers
Ship: Dean/Donna
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, nsfw, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex
Summary: Dean Winchester and Donna Hanscum have been friends for a long time. After Dean quits hunting, he thinks maybe it’s time for a change.
Word Count: 3139
Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret  
Author’s Notes:  Written/Created for @spnkinkbingo 

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Dirty dancing for Exo

This blog is hella, omg. I check every day for updates– Can I get Exo reacting to their girlfriend doing dirty dancing, please? (Maybe with gifs if that’s okay with you–) 

Hello , first I love their reactions, they are incredible. Second, could make a reaction of exo to get home and see you dancing and singing sensually “ sexy, naughty, bitchy ” <3 (sorry my english) 

Aww shucks thank you ^V^

I did this with the thought that they catch you :)



Suho: Whoa there baby! Where did you learn those moves!

Baekhyun: *watches you from doorway* Oh god this is going to be good

Chaneyol: AHHHH the things this girl does to me!

D.O: *caught by surprise* Uh… jagi? *just watches you in awe*

Kai: *notices what you’re doing… joins you*

Sehun: *stands there for a really long time with perve face on* She is so hot~

Xiumin: *notices you* If I knew you could move your hips like that I would make you dance for me every night. *pause* Go on then baby… Dance for daddy ;)

Lay: Oh… My heart. *breathe heavily* how is she doing that?

Chen: *tries to watch for as long as possible* Jagi stop. *you turn around* That was way too sexy. Now get out and march that cute ass to the bedroom!

Tao: *almost chokes from how much you turn him on* 

Or you could stay (Part Two)

Nagi’s POV

For Fandom Bingo, square 4-3: Harry x Chrome

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn x Harry Potter

Click to read Part One first.

The cat is going to die.

Nagi lunges forward. Cradles it in her arms and closes her eyes in preparation for the pain.

The impact with the car never comes. Instead she’s yanked back by something and ends up under a boy with messy black hair and spring green eyes in his hotel room.

How that happened, she doesn’t know. But what she does know is that he saved her. Her. Useless and unwanted little Nagi who can’t do anything right, who can barely speak to people with her quiet voice. Even now she can’t get her vocal chords to work to thank the boy who saved her life.

She’d almost died just now. Shouldn’t she have a new outlook on life or something? Maybe regretted her timidness in the moment of impending death so much that she’d resolve to do away with it? But no, no such thing. She’s still Nagi, the gloomy girl that hides in corners and shadows.

The boy meanwhile has jumped off of her like she’s on fire and started stuttering apologies in both English and Japanese. Nagi tries to stop him, but again the words won’t come, so she resolves to wait until he stops on his own.

His panicked squawking and tomato-red face is kind of funny, and she surprises herself by laughing. She tries to stop because how rude is that, to laugh at the one who saved her, but then he starts laughing too and she finds she likes that even more than his panicked flailing.

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ok but hold the fuck up I’ve been v into modern au clexa with their cute lil baby bean Aden recently and just had a thought the most amazing thought for the cutest thing ever

the entire kru/delinquent squad is gathered in the clexa home to see little baby Aden and he’s kinda unnerved by so many people in one space and he just starts bawling. Like. Uncontrollably. Not even his moms can calm him down so everyone’s kinda lowkey freaking out because



and Lincoln tried singing and Octavia and Jasper are pulling funny faces and Murphy and Bellamy tried tickling and Anya just noped bc crying babies aren’t her cup of tea and at this point Lexa is almost on the verge of tears too bc she can’t stand her small little bean crying it’s breaking her heart.

And then enter Monty, the purest bean of the friendgroup, the cinnamon roll of all cinnamon rolls. He’s arrived fashionably late because he had an exam (and totally wasn’t making out with his bf) and when he enters he sees the chaos and Jasper almost flings Aden at him (which earns him a proper scolding from Clarke and Lexa who are quite frankly /terrifying/ )and everyone observes with nothing less than absolute awe and astonishment when, as soon as Aden is in Monty’s arms, he /stops crying/

And Monty’s cooing at him and lil bb Aden gives him a big gummy smile and reaches up and touches his face and it’s honestly the cutest fucking thing /ever/ and so many pictures are taken and Clarke & Lexa know they did a good job picking him as godfather

Two Idiots

I needed some Modern AU ravick and also saw at obellamyblake​’s post about needing ravick drabbles but you know I can’t do short things so thus this was born. I really like how it turned out. 

“A toddler broke your nose and I may or may not have snapped my thumb during a very intense game of Mario Kart and now we’re both sitting next to each other in the hospital waiting room” AU


Glancing around the stark hospital waiting room Raven sighs before leaning back in the cold plastic seat her hand cradled in her lap. She had been waiting for the past hour or so and still no one had called her to look at her hand. When she had first arrived at the hospital the nurse at the desk had taken one look at her hand before saying, “Sit down and wait. It’s going to be awhile for you honey.”

And so Raven was stuck here for god knows how long. Shifting slightly in her seat she lets out a small hiss as her injured hand gets jostled in the process.

“You okay there?”

Glancing over next to her Raven is met with the sight of a man holding a bloody tissue to his nose. Raising an eyebrow perfectly Raven just smirks before saying, “I’m alright but you’re one to speak. What happened?”

The guy gets the most adorable embarrassed smile Raven has ever seen and she has to stop herself from reaching over and pinching her cheeks. (Because that’s totally not a cool thing to do.)

“I may or may not have had my nose broken by a toddler.”

That was definitely not the response Raven had been hoping to hear. She tries to keep the laughter in but it proves to be too hard and before she knows it her giggles are echoing around the room. The guy is looking at her with mock anger but there was a smile on his lips. For some reason he wasn’t really that upset over her laughing at him. It probably had to do with the fact that her smile was just so damn pretty.

“Yeah yeah I know it’s funny. You can stop laughing.”

“Sorry but I just can’t imagine it. How exactly did a toddler break your nose?”

“Well you see that’s classified information. So until I get maybe your name you won’t be getting that story.”

A smirk stretches across the guy’s face and Raven has to admit that she’s seriously thinking about giving him her name and number. Instead though she says, “How about I tell you what happened to me instead? A story for a story.”

“Okay but I still think by the end of this you’ll be giving me both your name and number.”

Raven just laughs, shaking her head as she realizes that he was in fact correct. She definitely had plans to give the handsome stranger her contact information. Shifting so that she could face the guy better Raven starts her story.

“I was over at my friend Monty’s house and we were having a grand old time playing Mario Kart. At first I was winning but then the little sucker started to get ahead of me so I had to pull out all the stops. Well long story short I snapped my thumb playing Mario Kart.”

Finishing her tale Raven smiles at the guy in front of her. She could tell he was also trying to hold in his laugher. So with a roll of her eyes she says, “You can laugh. It’s only fair since I laughed at you.”

At her permission the guy bursts out into loud chuckles and it sounds like music to Raven’s ears. As she looks at him she realizes that she really did want to know how his nose was broken.

“Now that I’ve told you what happened to me, it’s your turn.”

His chuckles quiet down and the guy takes a second to calm himself down before starting.

“I was babysitting my friends’ kids and while I was trying to give the little tyke a bath he decided to be the devil and punch me square in the face. I didn’t realize that toddlers were so strong but the brat really did pack a punch.”

Giggles erupt from Raven’s mouth again and this time she has no control over the. The guy just stares at her amused. He really did hope that she gave him her name at least.

“Since that turned out to be a better story than I thought, I’ve decided to give you my name but you’re going to have to work for my number.” Sticking her uninjured hand out Raven introduces herself. “Hi I’m Raven, the idiot who will never lose at Mario Kart. You’ve been warned.”

Slipping his hand into hers the guy shakes once before saying, “I’m Wick the idiot whose nose got broken by a toddler.”

“Wick? Is that a first name or a last name?”

With a wink Wick just smiles saying, “I guess you’re going to have to work for that answer Raven.”

Raven’s lips just quirk up in a smile as she accepts the challenge and so that’s how the two spend their time in the hospital waiting room, trying to get to know one another better. They were so wrapped up in one another, they almost missed their names being called out by the nurse. They only parted with smiles full of promises.

(Wick did get her number eventually and Raven did find out his full name.)

“Heartbreak Girl” - Luke One Shot

“Luke..?” Her voice was quiet, shaking when she took an uneven breath.
“Y/N? What’s wrong? What’s happened?” He asked, his own voice cracking with concern as he pressed the phone desperately to his ear. He listened as there was another sharp intake of air coming through the receiving end of the phone.
“C–can you come pick me up? I’m at the dance, an–and my date never showed…” She let her words trail off, the threat of tears resurfacing.
“Be there in ten,” he murmured, trying to keep the anger he felt from surfacing to the forefront of his voice, “just stay where you are, ok.” He ended the call, and immediately grabbed his keys and made a quick pit stop to his bedroom before heading to his car. The drive was quiet, the streets calm for late on a Saturday night. A Green Day song played on the radio, flooding the front seat with its familiar tune. Luke’s knuckles were white as he angrily clutched the steering wheel, the normal tapping of his musician fingers stilled while deep in thought. His memory roamed to all the days spent together. He couldn’t pin point when exactly, but he knew know that he was in love with his best friend. Maybe it had happened the first time they went out on a Starbucks run. Her hair had been tossed into a loose bun on top of her head, like she’d thrown it up while rushing to the car to meet him. She was never the most punctual person around, often showing up ten or fifteen minutes later than planned, but somehow that was part of her charm. He could still remember the smile she gave him when she finally walked through the coffee shop doors. Her eyes had sparkled in the light pouring in through the expansive picture windows, a sheer gloss swiped across her smooth lips. The smile she wore was sweet, and apologetic as she crossed the room to where he sat.
“Sorry, sorry,” she muttered, shaking her head at no one in particular while sliding into the seat across from him, and soon finding that he’d already ordered her favorite drink for her.
“You’re such a good friend, Luke. How did I ever get so lucky?” She’d asked, taking a generous sip of the cooling latte. Little did either of them realize, the word friend was like a knife to his heart.
Signaling now to turn at the stoplight, he waited impatiently for the color to change from red to green. Strange as it was, the simple wave of frustration he felt made him think back to one
time the two of them had gone shopping on a Friday afternoon. She’d wanted to buy a new pair of jeans, but asked Luke to tag along to give a second opinion. He’d gladly accepted, following her around as she traipsed from store to store, perusing each rack of clothing with care. He’d sat with her bags while she entered the rows of dressing rooms, waiting patiently outside while she tugged on several pairs of jeans.
“I don’t know Luke, these fit kinda funny,” she groaned from behind the thin wooden door. He shook his head, fully aware of how self critical she could be.
“Can I see?” He asked politely, shifting on the hard wooden bench while he waited for her reply. After a few moments of strained silence, the door swung open and she slowly shuffled out. Stopping in front of him, she twisted her hips, craning her neck to look at her own butt in the full length mirrors hung on the wall. Luke tried not to stare too blatantly at his best friends ass, but such a task was nearly impossible when the stretchy jean material flawlessly hugged each and every curve she possessed. He tore his eyes away quickly when she finally spoke up.
“I don’t know,” she repeated her earlier sentiment, slapping her hands down frustratedly against her clothed thighs, “they just seem, off to me.” He watched as she frowned at her reflection, eyebrows stitched together in a harsh line.
“Can I– could I just say one thing?” He asked hesitantly, pulling his lip ring between his teeth. Turning her attention on him, she raised her eyebrows as if to say, “go on.”
“I think,” he began slowly, tiptoeing around his words, “truthfully, they make your ass look amazing.” Her cheeks grew pink, flush creeping onto her porcelain skin, but she gave him her signature shy smile. The one she reserved for any instance someone paid her a compliment.
“Maybe they’re not so bad,” she shrugged after taking another long, concentrated look in the mirror.
He pulled onto the street that housed the local high school, the sight of the building bringing back a whole slew of bitter sweet memories. His mind immediately raced to the thought of her sitting alone outside of the dingy old gymnasium, her fancy party dress matted beneath her body as she anxiously waited for him to show up.
Pulling his semi-dirty car into an empty parking space, he rummaged in the back seat for the white button down, and black tie he’d grabbed on the way out of the house. Shoving each of his arms into the sleeves, he haphazardly began knotting the tie around his neck, covering the faded band t-shirt he wore. His mind was so flooded with thoughts, each one bringing him back to the tears he could hear clogging his friend’s voice when she’d called him tonight. He’d seen her cry on far too many occasions, each occurrence seemingly more painful to witness than the last. One night in particular stood out in his mind.
She’d been home alone for the weekend, her family gone out of town for a few days. Luke knew she’d be spending the alone time with her boyfriend, and as much as he hated to admit it, he’d been jealous. Jealous of the guy who got to kiss her baby pink lips, and hold her silky smooth hand between his own. He was jealous of another guy cuddling close to his best friend while watching some pointless comedy movie, and eating too much popcorn. Then unexpectedly, late that Saturday night his phone rang, her name, and contact photo lighting up the glossy screen of his iPhone.
“Y/N?” He chirped, a nervousness settling into the pit of his stomach.
“Can you come over?” she managed meekly, trying, and failing to hide the tears seeping into her every word. She didn’t have to say much else, he knew why the tears were there. He knew why she was calling. So, Luke showed up not a half hour later, a stack of CDs under one arm, and a pint of rocky road ice cream in the other. He sat with her all night, her tears soaking into his favorite band tee, the music playing softly while they lay curled up on her small double bed.
“Y/N… What happened?” He’d finally asked the question he feared he already knew the answer to.
“He broke up with me. I wouldn’t have have sex with him so, he broke up with me,” she whispered, voice catching on a fresh set of tears. He tipped her chin up, looking directly into the beautiful irises he so adored. Just like all the other times he watched as she cried, he spoke gently.
“I know it hurts now, and I’m so sorry that it does, and I’m sorry that I can’t take the hurt away, but this pain won’t last forever. But while it’s here, so am I,” he murmured honestly while quickly pulling her into a tight hug.
“Thank you, Luke,” she muttered, pulling her head from where it rested against his chest, “you’re an amazing friend.” A tight lipped smile graced her face, still showing signs of hurt, but also holding a glimpse of gratefulness.
He stopped walking now, his worried gaze landing upon the girl he’d come to love. From across the spacious room, he watched as she sat with her hands in her lap, absentmindedly twisting the silky fabric of her dress between her freshly painted fingernails. Her head was hung low as she tried her best to go unnoticed by the rest of the party-goers. He took a step further, entering the darkened room. The music was loud, dozens of faces swimming before his eyes but all he saw was her. She carefully scanned the room, eyes widening the minute she saw Luke standing in the doorway. That smile he cherished briefly greeting her lips. Shuffling along the scuffed linoleum, they soon met one another in the middle of the room.
“What are you doing?” She asked, surprise coating her sweet voice as she gestured to his new attire.
“No friend of mine will be stood up at the homecoming dance,” he hummed, smirking with that playful twinkle reaching his bright blue eyes. All she could manage was a small giggle, and a stunned shake of her head as he extended his hand out to her.
“So…” he sang, raising an eyebrow in her direction, “can I have this dance?” The music shifted, a slow song filling the crowded room, and without missing a beat Luke drew her body close to his. Hand placed protectively to the small of her back he guided their bodies in movement to the sweet melodies.
Forehead resting against hers, he whispered softly in her ear, “I could be your cure, heartbreak girl.” She pulled back a fraction of an inch, staring deep into his eyes, searching for some hint of humor. Instead, all she found was, love. Her lips slowly pulled up at the corners, this time reaching her eyes while realization washed over her.
That’s when he decided, she was a girl of a dozen smiles. The one she gave him now, by far his favorite as it caused his heart to go light, and finally, her lips found his.

ahahah the ‘let’ is cute

like bitch please, wang so and hae soo always meet: fate and they make the effort to be there

she stays up at night thinking about wang so 

they became friends on their own terms 

during ep 4 he says 

yet wang so will marry yeonhwa and hae soo + him fall in love


Hae soo doesnt need permission, nor would she have cared if wook tried to stop their friendship. she has his back, publicly too i might add

and he’s proven to be a valuable friend for her too, especially when wook dropped the ball 

but not just as a knight. he is hae soo’s emotional support , listening to her problems, making her talk about traumatic things, letting her yell at him because everything was hard

and if wook ‘let’ it happen, she should have easily taken wooks side right? nope, funny to see how much this affected her

shes pissed, not only was that a potential death on her hands but it was Wang so’s of all people. the guy who always has her back, even when she cant see it or their fighting 

wook didnt let shit happen, even if he tried to stop it - wouldnt have worked. 

wang so and hae soo get each other, he is the one person she has in this world she can be her true absolute self. Wang So gets emoticons, listens to her vent and pushes her to let out her painful thoughts. Hae soo gets that living is not a crime, helped with his scar and see’s the other side that so many deny. 

more then all this ^^

their each others life lines 

seriously - her relief, her pain and her happiness all come out as she takes a breath in, hes back. the one person, her person .  (pain from the fact he’s the one that makes her open her heart and talk about her issues)
wang so ‘my person’ thing to me is more related to wang so being hae soo’s person. by this point (1 year later) its looking bleak till he comes back and she crumbles just for a second, lets herself feel again. he gives her options of freedom, gets her to vent out her pain and lash out - he is her life line

when he’s breaking and she holds him. he’s done the worst thing in his eyes the guy whos loyal just killed his own brother, even if he hated Yo. This is all types of wrong for him, he doesnt think he can be forgiven by her or probs himself but he hopes she understand. She comforts him and embraces him, shes his life line when hes lost all hope 

other life line moments for me

when she was in prison, he came knowing that isolation is crushing - 

when he just killed a whole bunch of people, she gave him compassion- 

when she sat in the rain, he stood with her - 

when he said he would marry/divorce her to get her freedom - 

Wook doesnt realise to hae soo this is a very important relationship, more then wang so saving her or her saving him (emotionally or physically).
she wouldnt let it go for anything even though she cant tell why 

Side Effects of Marriage Include (pt 2)

Part 1

Cole apologizes again.

“I really thought we were the good guys.”

“Come on, you don’t think that,” Shaw says. “We stop bad things from happening. It doesn’t make us the good guys.”

“Yeah,” Cole admits, sighing. “But I thought at least we weren’t the bad guys either.”

Shaw used to think it was adorable, the way he sees things in black and white, but then she saw how much he was struggling in the grey. She didn’t really get it, but doubts tend to get in the way of the job, especially when they’re someone else’s. So most of time, she leaves him in the van.

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