this was too fun not to draw!! xd


Some magical girl AU designs I sketched for @pewpewpewseibai on twitter :)
These were so much fun xD

Finally had a chance to ink up my rocker-hair!Saitama piece and I’m excited :y

Genos, calm your happy fingers, he’s just having fun. Poor bby just wants to spoil his teacher so bad, it literally hurts.

Saitama & Genos © ONE & Yusuke Murata.

Line art © anjelzjelly129


Alrighty! Another request done! :D This time, I was asked to draw Hanzo singing Burn from hamitlon by the lovely @ask-harmony-555. I knew nothing of the song until I listen to it. I couldn’t wrap my head around it really until I decided that Hanzo would burn the thing that betrayed him the most (In a sort of poetic way) his place as the clan’s master. (I’m pretty sure that’s not what was asked of it but still XD) I had a lot of fun during the stream too! Thank you to all for being there!

“Something you need” A MahiKuro song comic

There are reasons why we cross paths with different people.
I hope you`re just as glad to have met me as I am to you.

As you read the comic, I highly recommend playing the song “Something you need” by Against the Current for full feels effect!! Read line by line if you have to~ 

I hope you like it!  (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) Just in time for Valentine`s~ hmmm hmmm!

Also, 50 Shades of Blue xD //kicked

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【UT】 UF’s something  ㄧ些UF的東西

just want some different social  XD


I’m Taiwanese, if I use some grammar wrong.I’m  sorry about that _(┐「ε:)_

我是台灣人 所以如果我用了錯誤的文法 對不起 _(┐「ε:)_

I like undertale very much and usually draw fell fontcest

我很喜歡undertale這款遊戲 通常畫fell骨兄弟

if U like them too.  plz tell me and maybe can be friend XD

如果你也喜歡他們 請告訴我 或許我們能成為朋友 XD

and~ that’s all :D have fun!

以上 :D 祝你們愉快


Jfc bia do you even know how grateful I am for all the things you do for me? I can’t even say thank you enough gosh

Anyways here is the drawing you requested what felt like AGES ago I’m sorry for being so late ;-;

(Lookit at the taggs guys!)

My ocs (*゚ー゚)ゞ