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Okay but imagine: The Chocobros (+ a couple extra) meeting Avalanche

Cloud & Noctis:
- comparing/showing off their swords
- who’s the #1 shy edge lord idk it’s a fuckin toss up
- sharing tips on how to maintain the Chocobutt hairstyle
- probably become best friends but both are too cool (they think) to admit it

Prompto & Yuffie:
- way too much energy
- oh shit where’d they go
- running around taking pictures and playing pranks on everyone
- Prompto develops a crush on her because who doesn’t he have a crush on
“The what???”

Ignis, Vincent, & Nanaki:
- deep ass conversations you can’t even handle it
- Vincent probably isn’t talking tho
- I can see Iggy and Nanaki getting along so well

Cid & Cid:
- grumbling and swearing
- probably drinking some god damn tea
- talking about airships, weapons, vehicles, whatever they’ve been working on
- talking about “them crazy fuckin kids” but they secretly love them

Gladio, Barret, & Tifa:
- you’ve got a front row seat to thE GUN SHOW
- Gladio and Barret trying to out-do each other, probably end up sparring
- Tifa shows up in all her 5'4" glory and knocks them both off their feet (literally)
- Gladio digs that, Barret wants to kill him even more

Luna & Aerith:
- YOU KNOW these angels will be talking about flowers
- Aerith’s lilies and Luna’s sylleblossoms
- Aerith braiding Luna’s hair
- you’ll get cavities if you go anywhere near them, way too sweet.

Ardyn & Sephiroth:
-sharing tragic backstories and their descent into madness
- Pres & Vice Pres of the Magnificent Hair Committee
- “I impaled Cloud with my sword, twice”
“Brilliant! I made Noctis push his best friend off a moving train”
- *high five*

Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Feather Heads 

She’s fading away
Away from this world
Drifting like a feather
She’s not like the other girls
She lives in the clouds
And talks to the birds
Hopeless little one
She’s not like the other girls, I know -
The Rasmus 

Each of the air signs signify unique stages of intellectual and social development. Flying high with airy wings harnessed to the mind, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are spirited, alert, and cerebral. Gemini is the child mind of Mercury, eternally young, free, and cheeky. Libra is middle aged, comfortable, virtuous, socially adept, and enjoying established relationships. Aquarius is the old age wisdom of Saturn. When it’s early in the morning and I hear the birds talking and chirping, enjoying the joy of making sound, I know the air signs have risen. Air is invisible, fluid, flowing, capable of vacating the animal and emotional realm in a moments notice, floating into the air like a balloon. Airy bubbles constantly pop in the mind to reveal new ideas and questions. Air diffuses through each of the elements, so the energy of Air never stops echoing, we have newspapers being typed all night, 24 hour news, a nocturnal social media network. Now we are in the Aquarius Age, it really is a time to be alive for airy people. The information they crave to devour can be accessed within seconds, they can communicate with anybody in an instant through the telepathy of their fingertips, they can share their thoughts with a broader audience than ever. So as we move into the Aquarian Age the qualities and talents of Air become held in esteem, so we will begin moving into the global recognition and awe of brilliant minds, scientists, writers, and thinkers. The Air signs do not utilise emotion as a tool of guidance, this can be their gift and their blind spot. Too often they can respond to emotive events with confusion or disconnection. This ability to ‘disconnect’ also opens the door for free movement of the astral body, so they can think themselves into new states of reality. They can disconnect from their emotional bias to form nonjudgemental and rewarding relationships based on the opportunity to learn and appreciation of different ways of being. Air longs for harmony, but their very nature provokes the opposite. It’s like wind, an invisible force that can erupt so much fury without needing anything physical. The objective mind of Gemini is capable of finding relationships in everything, a glowing display of synthesis. And their incessant conversation is the band that ties these worlds together as they find answers in everybody. Of course this can be irritating to those who can be frustrated at Gemini’s easy boredom or consuming questioning. But Gemini is that little girl that has just learned how to talk and now even better ask questions. This fascination never really ends. And this inherent fascination in Gemini becomes a fascination with personalities and people in Libra. They are personality profilers and character readers who spend a lot of time people watching and creating background stories for strangers. Gemini needs a relationship with information and energy and things. But Libra desires relationships with people. Libra cultivates law and morality, so the righteous and human aspects of air are especially exemplified as we progress. Their airy talents of communication are harnessed so they can engage with everybody in a non intrusive manner. The translucency of air that allows Gemini to so easily multiply permits Libra to reflect the vibration of people around her so they feel more comfortable. Now the conversation is two sided. And finally in Aquarius the global community is awakened. The conversation is with the whole world. We moved from the law of relationship in Libra, Saturn’s planet of exalt into his own sign of Aquarius. As we share information on the internet, we are tapping into Aquarius energy, the ability to convey information to collective masses. The chatter that began in Gemini becomes a conduit that draws drops of wisdom from heaven, ready to be interpreted and released by Aquarius. 


[art: kurtis rykovich]

Okay, okay, but can you all imagine what Yondu and Peter would be like if they are among themselves and, for once, agree on something. Like, for example, when they both agree that the people they are dealing with are douchebags.

Can you imagine the pure level of sass and trolling that would entail. They would be the troll-tag team.

When they are trying to get information from someone, Yondu is letting his arrow lazily circle his head and Peter just friendly reminds their opposite that Yondu is not someone you want to deal with when he’s angry.

“I mean, dude, I totally get that you don’t want to talk, everyone has their secrets, but you see, this guy here? He doesn’t understand the word privacy.”

“Ain’t got time for no privacy in my life.”

“See what I mean? And you know what he does with people who don’t want to tell him their secrets? He does horrible things, let me tell you. Like, boy, I’m traumatized over here. Got a lot of issues from that.”

“That ya do. Lots of ‘em.”

“I mean, last time? Yondu, was that last time when you let that guy dangle out the airlock for a while?”

“Naw, s’ was the time before that. Last time was the guy with the arrow.”

“Ooooh, the arrow. The arrow you sent up his…”

“Yeah, that one.”

“Oh, ouch, yeah, that was ugly.”

“Took me hours ta clean that arrow up again, lemme tell ya, son.”

“I can so imagine that. Where were we? Oh right. I think this nice person here wanted to tell us something, right?”


Or someone tries to intimidate them in a bar, Peter and Yondu nursing their drinks at the counter, not even blinking at the threat and continuing their conversation like,

“Eugh, this tastes horrible.”

“Told ya. Don’t’cha drink somethin’ again that makes ya puke.”

“I’m not the one ordering the drinks, old man.”

“Ya keep drinking my stuff. And I keep orderin’ drinks to get’cha away from the poor ladies over there.”

“Aw man. Killjoy.”

“Gimme the drink, boy.”

And Peter hands him the drink with an exasperated hand gesture and a little bow – and Yondu proceeds to pour it over the guy that threatened them.

“Darn shame for the booze!”

“You owe me a drink,” laughs Peter, grinning like a maniac as he and Yondu roll over the countertop and behind the counter and the first whistle pierces the air.


Or them being chased by the police and one of the officers goes like, “Yondu Udonta! Surrender now, or we will open fire!”

Peter and Yondu make that confused-grimace they unconsciously share – eyebrow rising, whole expression being “WTF” – and look at each other.

“The hell he thinkin’ we are?”

“I have no idea. Perhaps he’s new?”

“Ain’t teachin’ the newbies right anymore, they ain’t.”

“You are so right with that. It’s a shame.”

“We gonna show ‘em, boy?”

“You bet.”

And they proceed to escape flawlessly, albeit in the most crazy way ever seen, and Peter flips the officers off with a brilliant smile as Yondu flies them out of there.

Just – Yondu and Peter trolling the hell out of the whole galaxy, not taking anything too serious, and having the time of their lives with it.  

anonymous asked:

hi! i really liked your meta on the recent chapter and i wanted to know your opinion on why levi chose armin instead of erwin? im not trying to start drama but i just keep thinking about what flock said on chapter 90 and i dont know how i feel about it still. what are your thoughts on the subject??

Ahh. I understand, anon. I’ve given my thoughts on this before but, not since the original spoilers came out. After rereading the entire arc, I definitely have a few things to add. So, get comfy because this answer will be a really long one, and also best read on a computer because this will contain a lot of images.


This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is entirely canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me, tell me I’m wrong, or send me hate messages; do us both a favor and please just don’t even bother.

Let me start this out by saying that I’m positive a lot of people will not agree or even like my opinion on this but, I will be completely honest in my statements on the matter. 

Flocke’s little speech made a lot of sense to me. Especially when it comes to Erwin but, it also pissed me off for a couple of reasons, and no, not because of his tone. It’s because of his ignorance. However, I am fully aware that I, as a reader of the story, get a first hand view of everything that happens. Flocke is a new recruit who was, up until recently, completely unaware of a lot that has gone on with the Survey Corps. 

Regardless though, he still slightly pissed me off and you asked so therefor, I will answer lol. The first thing I want to touch on is how he complains about being a coward who didn’t understand the dangers of the role he was playing in the Wall Maria reclaiming mission because people weren’t honest with him. 


For seventy years it has been no secret that at least 60% of all Survey Corps soldiers die on missions. Erwin point blank stated this when the 104th took to their ranks during his little joining speech. The dangers of fighting titans wasn’t something anyone tried to hide or keep tucked away in the hopes that soldiers would ignorantly join their ranks, and I doubt VERY highly that the dangers of the BIGGEST MISSION THE SURVEY CORPS HAD EVER PLANNED TO ATTEMPT was some massive smoke screen.

This dude knew his chances of survival were slim, and he also knew that his chances of having to sacrifice his life was very, very high. Especially since he originally refused to join to SC in the first place! Truthfully, this part right here just read off as someone who joined their ranks in the hopes of gaining some glory to me, and that made me salty. 

I did agree highly with his last question though. They all have every right to know how much their sacrifice is worth. I had this feeling deep in my gut the first time I saw the female titan arc. No one knew the dangers they were actually being put in, save for the veteran soldiers in the legion. Granted, it’s entirely understandable as to why but, at the same time, hundreds were lost without knowing why. That was a sad, and unfair thought, and a move I didn’t entirely agree with. So, I can understand Flocke’s viewpoint here. However, as I stated above, IT WAS NO SECRET PEOPLE DIED ON MISSIONS. 

Which leads me to the second and final reason his speech pissed me off:

That statement right there made me want to strangle this dude because he just outright undermined Levi to a severe degree. Not just Levi but, his bond with Erwin as well. As if Erwin wasn’t important to Levi too. Like Levi didn’t threaten to break this mans legs to try and keep him alive. Plus, he undermined how hard it was for Levi to ultimately make the choice he made. He shat on all of that in one sentence, and to make it worse, he called the choice an irrational one when he point blank states just one panel above this that he doesn’t know Armin well at all. 


Ugh, anywayssssss, let me lower my salt intake here and get to the point. 

I understand why people would question Armin’s survival over Erwin’s. I get it. Erwin was The Fucking MAN™ . He got shit done. Changed things in the walls for the better. He was the man with a plan and someone who sacrificed everything he had to learn the truth of the world. This leads me to why I think Levi ended up ultimately choosing Armin. 

Let me start off with this panel here and then work my way up.

Some of Kenny’s parting words to Levi. These words played a massive factor in Levi’s final decision. 

Erwin’s main goal, his dream, was to learn the truth of the world. He wanted to know what was beyond the walls and where the titans came from, and he wanted to learn all of this for the sake of his father. His goal was a worthy one and I am sad that he did not get to see it through but, his dream would have ended in Shiganshina one way or another. Whether he died, or whether he saw the basement; that was as far as his dream reached as far as Levi was aware at the time. [

Then we have Armin. 

Armin’s dreams would start outside of the walls. They stretched far beyond one end goal and one thing to fight for, and his dreams were ones he wanted to share with close friends. Much like how Levi had a dream he wished to share with his close friends back in the day too. Armin wanted to see the world. To explore and learn everything their was to know about life and land outside of their walled prison. This was Armin’s reason for becoming a Scout. 

So here we have two different people with different goals. Both of which Levi cares about and doesn’t want to see die. Both could help humanity. Both were brilliant and extremely intelligent. So, why Armin and not the seasoned commander?

Levi’s last words to Erwin are for him to let that dream go and to trust him to carry it out instead. I’m sure that Erwin was full aware that Levi had every intention of saving him if it was at all possible but, even knowing the risk towards his own life; Erwin accepted Levi’s order’s full on and with a relieved smile. Thankful to not have to burden himself under the guilt of wanting to abandon his post as Commander simply to learn the truth. For no longer having the chance to consider betraying all of those that were lost for a selfish goal. 

In the end, Erwin was absolutely selfless. and rid of the desire plaguing his heart. He was at peace with the position he was in and chose to ride with his men into the fray. All because Levi took the burden of their lives onto his own shoulders - something he never does - and because he trusted Levi to succeed. 

So, after this is said and done, we are left with Levi having to make a choice and duking it out with Eren and Mikasa on a rooftop for who will get the serum. Levi seems entirely hell bent on saving Erwin but, I believe what shook his firm resolve was this moment right here:

Ironic that Flocke is so quick to shit talk Levi’s choice when his comment right here is most likely one of the reasons Levi ended up choosing Armin.

Levi’s expression says a million different things in this one panel. The idea of reviving Erwin as a titan, to still lead and sacrifice people for a goal that Levi isn’t even sure exists at all breaks his determination. As far as he could see, Erwin just wanted to learn the truth. What Erwin would do after that was a mystery, even to Erwin himself. So, would it have been fair, after choosing to take his burden from him, to bring him back into the hell they scrounged in? All so he could continue to live as a “demon” even after achieving what he set out to accomplish? 

Levi still seemed to think so to some degree. Though, his intensity on the subject wanes just a bit after Flocke’s comment here, and a lot more after what Eren had to say:

Eren speaks of the dreams Armin lives and fights for. The very same dreams Levi had overheard the young boy ranting and glowing about the night before. Armin had something left to fight for, Eren was sure of it. Levi was too because he saw it for himself. 

Would Erwin have something left to live and fight for once he cleared his goal? Once he saw what was inside that basement and finally learned the truth? 

Would he have something to be drunk on to keep him going?

Would he make Erwin remain a slave to his inner demons in the hopes that he could continue on torturing himself?

The answer was no. In the end, Levi chose to let Erwin have his peace. Just like Kenny chose to finally lay down his desires and trust them to Levi for the sake of peace with a smile, Erwin did exactly the same and thanked Levi for doing so. Instead of betraying that trust, and possibly breaking his friend in the process; Levi let the “Demon Commander” rest, and gave the boy with so many dreams left to live and fight for a chance at making his dreams a reality. Levi made his choice out of care, experience, and what knowledge he had. Just like he always does. At least that is my opinion on that matter. 

Thank you for the ask, anon. I hope this answer is satisfactory for you. I apologize for the length and the lack of a Read More but, for whatever reason, that feature isn’t working on my laptop right now TT_TT
15 Reasons Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Is The Best Superhero TV Show
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. flawlessly connects to the MCU, to Marvel Comics, to Agent Carter and Hydra -- which makes it the best superhero show on TV.

LOVE!  LOVE this article!   

HERE is the link to the tweet so you can share it on Twitter too!

No superhero show would be complete without a brilliant tech support team. On “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Jemma Simmons and Leopold Fitz provide that support as the dynamic duo “FitzSimmons.”

Their teamwork and friendship over the last four seasons has blossomed into a remarkable romance. They have been through thick and thin together: When Jemma was infected by the Chitauri helmet in Season 1, Fitz exposed himself to the infection to come up with the vaccine to save her. In Season 2, Jemma and Fitz’s relationship was painfully strained because of Fitz’s brain damage. In Season 3, when Jemma vanished into the Monolith and was sent to the exile planet Maveth, Fitz moved heaven and earth to find her and rescue her. Their friendship, their love for one another, their constant belief in one another is a powerful reminder that love can endure, even in the midst of harrowing conditions, like Hive, Hydra, and LMD takeovers. Their love on “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is completely unmatched by any other superhero show that’s currently on television.

“Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” is the best superhero show on television because of its amazing cast. Each actor brings such depth, such emotion, and such intensity to his or her role. The casting is strengthened by its unmatched diversity. While most superhero shows feature one or two men or women from different ethnic or national backgrounds, “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” continuously casts men and women of different ages, skin tones, and nationalities.

For instance, Clark Gregg is a Caucasian-American man who is well into his 50’s. Coulson is both super dad and super spy, and that’s not a role a 20-year-old could play. Ming-Na Wen is Chinese American, also in her 50’s. She could have been typecast as someone’s mother, instead “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” booked her as “The Cavalry,” the most feared woman in all of S.H.I.E.L.D. Chloe Bennet is also Chinese American and is in her 20s. Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain de Caestecker are both 29 and are both citizens of the United Kingdom. Henry Simmons is in his 40s and is African-American. Natalia Cordova-Buckley is a Mexican actress in her 30s. The diversity in age, ethnicity, and nationality sets this show apart from every other superhero show on television.


I can’t be bothered to write it all down on paper so I am sitting here, sharing it with you instead, while listening to the Russian Orthodox Requiem haha!

Feel free to like & share it to serve as your own reminder. It’s useful as hell.

It is all from the book “The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

Read on, my friends. For this is going to teach you many valuable lessons!


Always make those above you feel comfortably superior. In your desire to please and impress them, do not go too far in displaying your talents or you might accomplish the opposite—inspire fear and insecurity. Make your masters appear more brilliant than they are and you will attain the heights of power.

Note: Yes. This is so important. Especially when it comes to dealing with MEN. Never outshine the MASTER.. oh boy, but how we do ;)

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(it’s been so long, it’s been so long.. sorry!)


Fool’s Gold  , by @tvshows-addict : Or the Arnacoeur AU in which Harry is scheduled to be married to Liam in 10 days and Harry’s mother hires Louis and his team to break them up. 

Larry AU (55k, E)  : best idea ever than this adaptation of this french movie :D It’s fun, it’s angsty (promise, no cheating though), and also fluffy and full of banter and you’re gonna love the side characters ;)

★ got the sunshine on my shoulders , by @hattalove : five years ago, harry styles left his tiny home town to make it big as a recording artist. he didn’t have much regard for what he left behind - a life, a family, and a husband, who woke up one morning to find him, harry has everything he could possibly want: he’s rich, famous, and adored by everyone he meets, including his boyfriend. but when said boyfriend proposes to him, he’s forced to face the uncomfortable facts of his past - and louis, who’s spent the last five years returning every set of divorce papers harry sent him.(or, an au based on the movie sweet home alabama.)

Larry Ex to lovers AU (124k, E) : ooooh the pain. And the angst. And the pain. Holy shit it’s so good. (b!Harrry for the smut, awesome)

but tonight (you’re on my mind) , by @allwaswell16 : Nick’s friendship with the lead singer of Seventy Eight has come with a new circle of people including an entrancing, blue eyed drummer. But what brings them together can also tear them apart.

Tomlinshaw AU (36k, E) : Thank you Anitra to feed me with some suality Tomlinshaw :D (famous Louis, closeting and long distance relationship, angsty and smutty )

★ Sweeter Than Wine , by @letsjustsee : When Wizard!Louis goes to a muggle club for a change of pace, his one night stand ends up being much more than he bargained for. 

Larry HP AU (15k) : awesome !!!  funny and hot, perfect for a ood time ;) (b!Louis for the smut)

Carry This Feeling , by @a-writerwrites and @dimpled-halo : Harry knows, objectively, that he shouldn’t try to get his ghostwriter into bed.  He knows.  But…he finds it hard to resist temptation when Louis waltzes into his home and his life and turns everything upside down.  And, as it turns out, Louis might just need a little turning upside down too. 

Larry famous/not Famous AU (50k) : pining and lust at first sight :D Add some angst and (as usual with Lisa) some hot smut (kind of share that really) !

Your Mess Is Mine , by amory : Louis is the father to the most brilliant little boy in the world who is all Louis really needs, or at least that’s what he tells himself. Harry is a gorgeous boybander fresh off a two year break and a massive scandal that’s left him a little broken and more than ready to move on.They fall in love.

LArry single dad Louis and famous Harry AU (176k, M) : very good mix of angst (hello bad past) and fluff, barely smutty.

finding our way back through the flame  , by sewmyname  : In which Louis and Harry manage to lose each other, somehow, when the pressure and the scrutiny and the pretence all become too much; and it’s a long time before they find each other again. A (mostly) future fic, set between December 2013 and December 2016. 

Larry Canon fic and Ex to lovers (24k, M) : angst angst angst and sexuality crisis, nicely done !

Little White Liesby  xxSterre :  “I lied when I got my job. I told them I had a kid so I could leave early ‘to pick him up from day care’, to take him to doctors appointments and occasionally miss a day 'when he’s sick’. Long story short – I’m in too deep. I didn’t think this through. Looking to rent a kid for bring your child to work day. Must be a boy aged 4 to 6 with curly hair who plays soccer, essentially he has to look like the stock photo in the frame on my desk. Also must be artistic as the macaroni noodle drawings I made seem a little advanced for someone his age. He also needs to respond to 'my Little Picasso’ as that’s what my spouse and I call him. Also I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of my spouse when dropping him off. His name is James, he’s named after his grandpa and he’s a defense attorney who often brings his work home. You know what, just message me for the details, serious inquiries only. H.”    Or, the AU based off of that one Craigslist post - how a little white lie takes on an enormous snowball effect, that might accidentally include a Tomlinson too.

Larry fake relationship Au (13k, NR) : funny and cute, no smut , perfect for a bad day :)

So this is like one of my favorite moments in Fantastic Beasts–I know, it’s tiny! But hear me out:

What Newt does and says and his body language says so much!!!

First off, he, out of anyone in the world, knows full well that this isn’t a good place to release the Swooping Evil.


He spends all his time studying and working with animals that wizards don’t appreciate and couldn’t care for (and even want to kill), and he does this all alone because he doesn’t really fit in with people.

Then here comes Jacob, who knows like nothing! Newt has no problem just scooping him up and inviting him along, even though it’s illegal. And now, he finally has someone to show his lifelong passion to, who will find it interesting and wondrous, instead of unusual or weird.

You can tell by Newt’s body language in this scene, that he’s (very privately) been internally dying to show the Swooping Evil off to someone–though he would never voice or acknowledge that out loud (probably because of previous negative reactions). But you can tell, even just in this gif, that he’s daydreamed about it for weeks or months. His inner (perhaps childlike) self thinks this thing is sick!! And he’s been dying to share it!!

But Newt is not a boastful or loud person. He wouldn’t draw attention to that fact (he’s a Hufflepuff and also has been stigmatized in his society). No. But look at his body language–his back is to Jacob and he flings that beast out at him. It’s like he’s daydreamed about and yearned for this moment so much, he’s staged it!! That’s not the body language of someone who wants to gently show Jacob a Swooping Evil, that’s the body language of someone who thinks this thing is freaking sweet!! And has been internally, perhaps subconsciously dying to show it off. And if you don’t believe me, look close and you can see that tiny little smile/smirk he’s sort of hiding from Jacob.

Newt totally eats this thing up, but it’s like he doesn’t want anyone to know just how much so.

And then he says (sort of trying to hide his smile), “Probably shouldn’t let it loose in here.” When he knows full well he shouldn’t have, but he just feels the need to say that to downplay the reality that he just really wanted to share this thing with someone. Because to be so openly passionate about it is too much of a risk, too vulnerable, because of past rejections. No, he needs to almost play dumb so he takes 0 risks at being made fun of for loving this–even with Jacob, who is his best bet who won’t make fun of him (because he doesn’t know better)

The subtext is this like three-second moment kills me with it’s perfection. It’s freaking brilliant. 

Meme about meeting characters

Twitter had a “like this thing and I’ll tell you about a character,” here is a quick and slightly edited list for cross-posting-promotional purposes.

A comprehensive “whose who” with artwork will be posted later this year when the blog launches.

  1. Red Kelp, dryad, has very little magical talent, which is odd for her kind. She struggles with this.
  2. The Purple Paw Thievery, a guild of magical rabbits that constantly steal, are generally beloved. They rarely take anything valuable.
  3. No one quite knows “what” Atticus is and he won’t say. Very limited shape shifting ability, terrible at tech, kinda bad with magic. But Knows Too Much.
  4. Nixxi, sea nymph, is deeply devoted to lost gods of storm & sea. She is piecing together her beliefs in found artifacts and old books.
  5. Dime Store Halloween is one of the most popular bands in the Netherworld. They tend to play smaller venues for more fan interaction.
  6. Lemon Peel, dragon, is constantly scheming to get snacks. It is adorable so this nearly always works. Teams up with PPThievery often
  7. Strawberry, mermaid, is exceptionally powerful magically. She has a bright, summer personality and often makes gifts (wreaths especially)
  8. Magma (everyone calls her Ham), gorgon, is a brilliant engineer – of space tech & business deals. She is immensely powerful & respected
  9. Penny P. Post, vampire, fights to balance shyness and being an extrovert. Small amounts of attention are grand but too much is worrisome
  10. Mister Ghost is a retired adventurer who enjoys farming and sitting on the porch, listening to stories. Doesnt feel the need to say much
  11. Creepy Crepes is a diner run by ghosts. The service is quick, the food is riddled with delicious slime, the milk shakes are cursed
  12. Zelda K. Arcadia, witch, is extremely talented at getting people to share secrets. She is slick and quiet and dangerous.
  13. Harper L. Vandergloom, skeleton, is a librarian in charge of the Lost Book Brigade, adventurers that recover forgotten tomes and scrolls
  14. Hopscotch All-Colors, gnome, is the time traveling postmaster of the Netherworld Post Office. Uses colorful outfits to track timelines
  15. The Potion Maker’s Authority holds regular demonstrations, workshops & chili cookoffs to brew up interest in their craft
  16. The Muenster Lunar Colony Bar & Grill is a gateway to space at large. And the fries are -to-die- for.
  17. Gardot is an underwater town, bigger than Peyroux and not as remote. Known for its musical and magic culture.
  18. Autumn’s Lost Wood is a forest of  perpetual October. It is full of ghosts, carnivorous plants, goblins, ghouls & monsters
  19. Sophie M. Starwater, elemental mage, will get you out of a jam and bring snacks while she does. Cinnamon roll. Owns many axes.
  20. The Queen regularly puts on tournaments so her “secret” (everyone knows) warrior lover will showcase her incredible physical strength
  21. The Netherworld is full of harmless gossip – everyone talks about everyone (unless you ask for your business not to be shared)
  22. Enemies are common but malice is very rare. It is not unusual for mortal foes to dine together occasionally in neutral locations.

Lee Seunghoon’s Confidence

Armed with confidence strengthened from experience, WINNER Lee Seunghoon’s existence appears even in swaying shadows. Discontinuous accidents, shattered time, and mad cheers made people forget his real self. 

“After drinking all the coke / clink, only ice cubes are left / clink, the sound they make bumping around / it is clear // Words that couldn’t be delivered / rustle, in a pocket / a letter rustles / it is faint // But // in the place where someone leaves / behind, go / with time, leave / so that there is nothing left / not even a droplet of lingering / attachment” – Lee Seunghoon “Things Left Behind”

WINNER Lee Seunghoon shared his most recent poem that he wrote for his fans, which gained much attention, with SINGLES. He had written it carefully by hand and had a photo of it saved on his phone. The name of the poem is “Things Left Behind”. “I’ve been writing poems constantly. It’s not a big deal though. There are many similarities between raps and poems. I gathered up all the lyrics that didn’t fit into songs and all the memos I took after a good inspiration and there were quite a number.” He writes his worries, thoughts, emotions, and things he talks about with his friends. “I want to publish a collection of my poems with illustrations or photos that go with them. It would be nice if Mino drew them for me.” He quietly and carefully explained what kind of collection of poems he wants to publish. And then he added, “I don’t write poems to gain attention for revealing a hidden literary value. All of them are light enough to be easily seen on SNS. How wonderful is it that I can share what I have with others!?” This twenty-six-year-old man, who is humble but knows how to clearly state what he wants, enjoys new challenges. He wishes to make a surprise appearance on “Surprise” or any programs similar to it and become a moodmaker on “Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook”. These wishes are not impossible as he made a surprise guest appearance on “Boni Hani” with Song Mino before. “I like fun things. When we prepare for a comeback and when we work on music, I always think about how to make things more enjoyable and how to make people laugh. I love to think up of something creative and original and use it onstage or during WINNER promotions. If I hadn’t become a member of WINNER, I think I would’ve worked at an advertising company.” His answer fit his nickname “Deputy Lee of YG Entertainment”.

It was possible to prove Lee Seunghoon’s passion during this promotion period. “We’re the first group in YG to promote for 8 weeks. Thanks to that, many windows have opened for us to communicate with our fans. It is physically tiring because of the many schedules but I’m not stressed. Every moment is enjoyable. Although he is smiling brightly right now, they had many worries while preparing for this comeback. “We were so burdened when we were filming our music videos in LA. We worried about whether we were walking on the right path.” However, after the release of “REALLY REALLY”, he was able to relieve some of those worries. It was thanks to the explosively positive response. “I think, in the end, our fans tell us whether we are doing well or not. A good response means it’s the right path.” As he is famous for his exceptional love for fans, he never stopped talking about them during the whole interview. It shouldn’t be a surprise since he has WINNER and their fanclub “INNERCIRCLE” tattooed on the back of his neck.

Lee Seunghoon stated that he worked on making music with Kang Seungyoon yesterday. Are you already preparing for the next comeback even though current promotions haven’t ended? “Whenever we end up having time off, the members gather in the recording studio without being asked. Truthfully, because ‘REALLY REALLY’ did so much better than we expected, we are feeling some burden. Yesterday, we talked about having fun working on the next songs without thinking about the results. It’s natural for the results to be good if the process of making the songs is fun.” There is nothing confirmed after promotions end. But it looks like there are many fun projects in his head. “I have thought about releasing a solo album. I will be able to show a completely different side of WINNER Lee Seunghoon. Right now, I have more fun being creative while doing WINNER activities. I’m really interested in fun ideas that can be empathized with others.” There is experience behind his flashes of thoughts. “Even with ordinary talent, once it gains strength from experience, it becomes eye-catching. That’s what happened to me. The obvious action of turning the mat received praises like ‘his adapting to the unexpected is brilliant’. Thanks to that, I gained confidence.” He is currently focusing on honestly sharing his thoughts. This applies to writing poems. “If I have something I want to do and if I can do it, I don’t hesitate. The other day, some of the staff members told me that they were in Jeju so I got on the plane as soon as my schedule ended. Experiences like that inspires many more good ideas. And I like doing things like that too.” There is a reason to look forward to WINNER’s next promotions- No, there are now many reasons to look forward to WINNER’s next promotions.

translated by @chrissy96_

scans by @goduandme5

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Nct 127 reaction to their crush being cold. Like what would they do for her/him.

A/N: Did y’all see how Doyoung took off his jacket on Lipstick Prince for her to cover her lap?????? dead

FYI this scenario is assuming you’re outside with them and cold.


Originally posted by 96sline

He’d laugh at your whining initially, teasing you gently for not dressing warmer, breaking out into a chuckle.
He may seem meek to those who don’t know him, but he’s actually very charming and friendly.
He’d use ‘body heat’ not having anything better to offer, rubbing your arms affectionately, hiding his throbbing heartbeat behind his rambunctious chuckles.


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Johnny would do something stupid if he was feeling playful, convincing you if you moved around and got your blood flowing.
gets slapped


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Taeyong would definitely remove his jacket, pushing it into your arms hastily. He’d insist you wear it.
He’s a thin sweet boy and wouldn’t say anything as the cold breeze nipped at his skin. [It’d be obvious even though he tried to act tough.]
He’d grin to himself slyly each time he glanced at you huddled in his coat, his heart and body warming as his heart raced in adoration.


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*ignore weenween*
Yuta’s a sly fox and has a lot of courage and confidence.
He enjoys skinship and doesn’t really shy away from doing so, even with his crush.
He’d act playful, embracing you as he scolded you teasingly for not dressing warmer.
“You’re so whiny-”
Yuta that is way too close-


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*immediately removes his coat*
He wouldn’t have to think twice about giving you his coat. He’d even drape it over your shoulders before giving your arms a gentle squeeze.
He’s a decent liar, so he’d be able to convince you he didn’t need it easily.
He’d have a similar reaction to Taeyong as well.


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Jaehyun’s ears would perk at your comment, adjusting his coat as he watched you rub your arms.
He’d think of being a gentleman, giving you his coat, but decide against it, thinking of a better idea.
His brilliant idea would be sharing it with you AKA a smooth ass back-hug.
“Sharing is caring.”


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*is cold himself*
He’d offer something very sweet like:
“Do you want to go inside?”
He’d be very attentive, using the opportunity to get closer to you, constantly smiling as he walked with you slowly.


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“Are you cold?”
It’d be a dumb question, obviously you’re cold… but he’d ask anyway, his eyes widening in slight concern as you shifted.
He’d probably suggest going inside, saying he wanted some hot chocolate or something.


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“My aegyo will make your heart melt,”
And odd technique to ‘warm’ you…

Dubbelsäng Does Not Mean Twin

Written for NurseyDex Week Day 2: Bedsharing and Room Sharing

Nursey/Dex Week: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

(Read on AO3)

Nursey is standing in the middle of the room staring at the box that just came in from IKEA. When they had argued about furnishing their new shared room, he had told Dex a million times that he could be trusted with the simple task of ordering them bunk beds. Only an idiot could screw it up.

Derek Malik Nurse was that idiot.

Somehow the bunk beds he had ordered were transformed into a queen sized bed, that was flatpacked and staring Nursey right in the face. Dex was going to kill him.

Grabbing his phone, the D-man dials the customer care number he found online and begins the waiting process to speak to a human, pacing the room as he waits. He has one day before Dex comes - he can totally fix this. Right?

An hour later, Derek is finally on the line with a human, being informed that while he could return the queen bed today, he’d have to wait two months to have the model he wanted delivered - it was on backorder and the IKEA outside of Boston was all out of stock. Hanging up, he begins to bang his head against the wall, realizing he was screwed. Better to get this over with now.

“What do you need, Nurse, that can’t wait until tomorrow?” Dex asks as he answers the call.

“So you know how I told you only an idiot could screw up a bed order? I’m that idiot,” he starts, explaining to his fellow d-man the mix up.

“But I’ll totally get an air mattress and sleep in the living room until the bunks can come in,” he assures the redhead over the line, totally hearing the other man mentally counting to ten.

“We’ve shared a bed on roadies, we can share a bed for a few months. Just try to assemble the damn thing without killing yourself, alright?” Dex finally answers, sounding exasperated.

“Umm…I’ll get Chowder to help.”

“Brilliant idea, Nursey,” he mumbles, before hanging up the phone.

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Nice and Easy (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

 AN: Here it is, finally!! I’m thinking there will be  a second part eventually

Tag Crew: @iluvnialljameshoran @hamgurlphangirl @stillcooli0 @coozls  @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @tayahqr @usnavens @sweet-thoughts @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @abi-sans05 @pickledpisces-13 @letthememeslive @kanadianwithashippingproblem @nanjexo @mefromukraine @omegasmileyface @cinnalin-roll @villagecrazypeggy @drbagels123

Request: Anonymous- could you write a jefferson x reader with prompt 37 from the second list please?? soft smut if you can (bc im hella vanilla lmfao) w aah lots of hickeys and shit. if you can!! thank you && i absolutely adore your writing & you as a person!! you seem quite amazing ❤️❤️

37. “I want to hike up your skirt and take you right here.”

Warnings: I was not meant to write or have vanilla sex but here it is

Word Count: 5,408


You didn’t know much about the man you worked for other than his name. You had never seen Thomas Jefferson. He was never there when you and the other maids went to clean his giant home that you thought Jay Gatsby would live in if he had the chance. It was a huge white mansion with pillars, courtyards with ponds, grand, spiraling staircases between the multiple floors,  and far too many rooms to count, despite your best efforts. All of the roughly five thousand bedrooms had their own closets and bathrooms, all of which had to be cleaned every other day even though they never looked as though they had been used. The whole house was to be scrubbed top to bottom multiple times a week. It was a lot of work, but the mystery man paid really well and you loved the girls you worked with.

You liked to think that Thomas was a real life Gatsby, what with all of the secrecy, rumors, and apparent wealth. All anyone knew was his name and the rumors to go along with it. One story was that he was an old man who had no family or friends to speak of. That he had a long, successful career that brought him his great wealth and that he now spent his days reading in more languages than anyone could count simply because he had nothing better to do. Another  was that he was, in fact, a young man who had married even younger. That he and his young wife traveled to grand places all over the world and were never home because of wealth on boths sides. Yet another  was that he was a middle aged lawyer who had had a wealthy husband who died and left his fortunes. That he stayed in the country a majority of the year because he could no longer handle life in the city without the man who had brought him there.

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Weapon (Thorin x Reader)

Originally posted by daoriginalhigh

Summary: In the modern world, the reader was turned into a weapon against her will. Now part of Thorin’s company, she has to deal with the fallout of Thorin’s close call after the company barely escapes Azog’s ambush and takes refuge in Beorn’s home.

Notes: Written for the dear anon who underwent chemo a while ago. I hope it’s what you were hoping for. :)
Warning: It gets quite violent in the beginning.
Words: 4164

Sweat drips into your eyes as you twist and slash your dagger across an orc’s bare thigh. The orc howls. Blood spurts from the femoral artery. You lean sideways to evade the spray and twist again to evade a clumsy mace blow.

The orc stumbles, dragged off balance by the momentum of his own weapon. To your enhanced senses he seems to move in slow motion. For a moment, the orc’s chin lifts, exposing his throat above the armor. You feel a short pang of dismay as you flip the dagger and slice again.

Time speeds up as you dip beneath the flashing arc of a mace blow meant for your throat. You turn, quicksilver fast, and make use of the opening it affords you. Another orc drops to his knees. You leave him to choke on his own blood and press on.

Around you, the forest is burning.

You are forging a path toward Azog. The Company is cornered and outnumbered, and time is running out. There are entirely too many orcs; killing their leader is the only way to survive. Thorin was right about that. But he shouldn’t have tried to go it alone, weakened as he was by a persistent bout of illness that had swept through the Company for days.

Taking refuge in the trees had been the only option. Not for you — you had been subjected to years of experimentation and conditioning for this very purpose: infiltration, Guerilla tactics and the whole array of wetwork skills. So you had signaled Thorin and went to ground, making your silent way towards the white warg. Undetectable. Deadly.

Your whole body is a precision instrument engineered for this specific purpose. Even your sweat adapts to mimic the scents around you. You could stand right in front of a warg and it wouldn’t be able to smell you.

But none of that matters now.

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A Shy Soul // Kim Namjoon

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

Pairing: Namjoon x Reader (ft. J-Hope as your best friend)

Genre: Fluff

Summary//Request: Anonymous said: Yes glad ur request are open!!Can I request Namjoon fluff? U like him but avoid him and spend time with Hoseok instead cuz u kinda feel shy. Namjoon gets upset (likes u too). u play truth or dare with the boys he lose and get ask abt u then confess.

A/N: I’m so happy to finally get to write a scenario about our wonderful, beautiful and caring leader. Namjoon is so underappreciated so I’m glad I could write this! Please enjoy it :D

When someone asks the question “If you could change anything about your life, what would it be?” – Most people would answer along the lines of wanting to be rich, prettier, skinnier, to be born in a different country and so on, so forth. You however, only wished for one thing and one thing only.

And that was; you wished you weren’t so damn shy.

You’d been a shy person your entire life – it was just the way you were and your personality. Being shy always proved to be a severe hindrance in most cases, especially when it came to making friends and maintaining friendships – hell, even talking to people in general was sometimes terrifying for you.

This is why you were so grateful for the fact that Hoseok considered you as one of his closest friends. He never gave up on you when you shied away or when you needed some time by yourself to catch your breath, and he always assured you and validated the bond that you shared together. However, you would never have anticipated that upon Hoseok introducing you to his group BTS, that you would begin to develop what anyone would consider as a huge crush on BTS’s leader, Namjoon. Whenever you were around him, you were quiet, nervous, anxious but happy all at the same time. When he spoke to you, when he smiled at you – when you seen his gorgeous dimple take place at the centre of his cheek; you completely became like a bowl of jelly.

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Daveed Diggs x Reader

Word Count: 2128

Request/Summary: It’s your turn to show the bullies from high school you were successful in the love department, but there was a mild problem, you were single. (Fake Dating AU)

Warnings: angsttttt, cussing, should be it

Tagging: @serkewen12 @ariadne1004 @merrahonthawall @bethbat @deltablue202 @blueco16 @alienxsara @bad-hatter @mersers-moonypadfoot-prongs @gonnamurderyou

A/N- Finally got it done! This is the last part of the Restraint series! I hope you like it. Special thanks to @angry-and-yandere for helping me out.

Masterlist | Ask Box | Restraint | Stupidity | Infatuation | Fantasy

“Hey yo Diggs, is there any chance you could come to a dinner thing with me? Somehow my mom figured out we were ‘together’ and wanted me to bring you…”

“Ye-” Stupid. Daveed remembered. Stupid. He went silent,

“Daveed?” You asked after a few moments of quiet.

“You know what, sorry Y/N, I can’t.” He held his breath, “Sorry.”

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Nice Fireworks, Minho

So, apparently my buddy @chanyeolandthebananas thinks Minho is a sweetie cinnamon roll too pure for her to think impure thoughs of. And… well, @smutfictionaddicted and yours truly think she needs to see the LIGHT.

CL made this awesome moodboard based on my smutty story, and we’re not even one bit sorry. Here you go, sweetie… Merry Christmas and a Smutty New Year. 

Word count: 2254
Genre: Smut
Warnings: the usual. Don’t read if you’re a minor.

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Miss Peregrine's wards and their secret interests

- Although Jacob is a little awkward and sad, he actually has a great interest in aeronautics. When he was a child, his parents used to spoil him with tons of plane toys or helicopters or jets and the Millennium Falcon until he grew an interest in assembling the toys. At around 5 years old, he’s already accomplished assembling a whole toy plane in under a minute. He aspires to build something for Emma and everyone else soon.

- Emma is very secretive and makes sure nobody finds out about her interest in singing. She barely has any time to practice because she’s always looking out for everyone else. She actually has a very soothing voice and only Jacob and Claire has ever heard her. They encouraged her to sing for everyone else but she wouldn’t budge.

- Bronwyn is really the type to have secret little interests nobody’s ever figured out about. Bronwyn actually really loves to speak in front of everyone. She lacks confidence often but sometimes, she accidentally bursts out sharing her idea. And most of the time, it sounds brilliant. (She can actually be quite good in stand up comedy.)

- Fiona has eyes on architecture. She’s already managed to design a treehouse around a tree she’s also managed to grow according to how it should fit around the house. She makes little houses for birds or squirrels and if Enoch becomes too much of an ass, she traps his clay men in cages she’s structured, as well.

- Olive and Claire are literally tiny fashion designers. (They go along with Horace sometimes.) They have mannequins and they pin down cloth in it to create a design after they finish sketching a whole piece. Their writing might be a little young and squibbly but they make cute, worthy designs.

- Horace has an extreme interest in acting he is not afraid to yapp about. But he’s actually really good. This is the only time he goes along with Millard - discussing the history of drama and acting for movies. That’s why he’s a life saver whenever they get caught by a group of normals, having his bunch of excuses topped off with a little bit of impressive acting skills.

- Enoch likes to sketch. It’s the only time he’s patient. He watches his subject intently and gestures down an impressive sketch that Miss P was ever so proud about. (Enoch actually likes getting forehead kisses.) His favorite thing to sketch is Emma. She’s just very still and quiet and also loves having drawings of her. She’s the only one who doesn’t whine when Enoch asks to sketch her.

- Hugh is a huge botanist. Which makes him even go closer along with Fiona. He likes helping Miss P with growing stuff in the garden and Fiona does as they wish. The garden is very pretty and healty because of Hugh’s advice.

- Millard, obviously, would want to write. Plays, poems, sonnets, novels. His witty words and outlook on the world makes him fit to being a successful author. He’s written a few short stories to read to everyone. Miss P stays up the latest to listen to one more.

ladykaorie  asked:

Hi, I was wondering which diaboy Mukami and/or Sakami would be a good partner during the zombie apocalypse? Like in the Last of Us?

I put them in order!~ From the most useful to the least :3c

♥Reiji: I think he’d be an excellent partner. Reiji would be careful with everything, like making sure you both don’t waste the ammo on pointless stuff; or trying to save food so you don’t have to go out too frequently. He’d administer the resources quite well… Enough to make other survivors envious. Also, he’d know how to heal injuries. 

♥Ruki: He would make really good choices regarding to survival. For example, he’d get a silenced pistol and only use it if he really needs to; and you both wouldn’t be staying in a place unless he knows it’s safe. But he’d be kinda cruel towards the other survivors because he wouldn’t trust them.

♥Yuma: He might not be a genius, but he’s really helpful if we talk about building up defenses. Barricading doors and windows would be easy for him and having him around means you have a safe place to stay for a long time. He’s a good fighter too, because he knows how to defend himself with melee weapons if he runs out of ammo. 

♥Subaru: He’s good enough to put up a good fight. Maybe he wouldn’t care about saving ammo, but at least he has a nice aim. He’s actually pretty good at being aware of his surroundings, and you can trust him to take care of you if you need to sleep a little bit. Subaru always make sure you both have everything you need before entering in a suspicious place.

♥Laito: He wouldn’t be that good fighting, but he’d know how to pick a lock. That way, you both would be able to get food, ammo, guns and even improvised armors easily. He could also steal from other survivors, but that would make you two be in danger of getting killed.

♥Ayato: He wouldn’t be that clever taking decisions, but I think he’d be sharp enough to survive. Boy is just very impulsive and that could be something really bad if things don’t go the way he wants them to. For example, trying to prove you that he can kill a whole group of zombies by himself.

♥Kanato: Remember the guy in the movies who gets nervous and starts shooting randomly? Yeah, he’s a walking waste of ammo. He’d always try to shoot down groups of zombies but he wouldn’t even aim properly. He could even accidentally shoot you. And that’s bad too, because all the noise he’d make would call out the attention from other zombies.

♥Shu: I really have my doubts with him. He’s pretty brilliant, but I don’t think he’d survive if he keeps that attitude of laying down and sleeping wherever he sees fit. I mean, there are times when you two will need to run away from the zombies, and you can’t just stay in only one place forever.

Another one who would waste the ammo and eat all the FOOD, too. If he’s feeling hungry, he’d eat everything he has and on top of that, he’d tell you to share yours. And he wouldn’t mind leaving you behind if he needs to save himself.

♥Azusa: Simply, no. You’d have to take care of him as if he was a little kid, because he’d sometimes get the sudden curiosity about how painful would it be being bitten by zombies. He wouldn’t even defend himself that much when a group of zombies is getting close. Problem is, if he gets slightly bitten, he’d become dangerous to have around.