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Sensory processing disorder things: sensitive eater edition

-You either absolutely adore crusts or hate them with all your soul
-”I don’t like [food] but I do like it when its prepared like THIS” (alternatively, “But you love [food]!” yeah, but not like that!)
-Will only eat this veggie raw, but this veggie only cooked, but this ve-
-meticulously checking meat for the dreaded gristle so you don’t gag at the dinner table. 
-being told you’re too hard to cook for 
-Picking the most normal/bland thing at a restaurant so you don’t risk getting something and then not being able to eat it
-Loving the taste of something, but not the texture

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S O U L  E A T E R  N O T ! ( SoMa ) | COLOR EDITS

my biases in sen! are the main cast (mostly maka and soul, and i added a bit of mastar there for the crowd, and i love the colors so y not man)

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