this was their first kiss

This is love guys

First, there are things more intimate than kisses.
I think the best about Kara and Lena is how real everything looks and how it’s possible to relate to them.
Let’s remember that as far as we know that none of them had a relationship with another woman who was so intimate (I know couples who are not intimate as they are). Everything is new to them and you can see it. Every look, every smile, every dialogue and every hesitation (like Kara almost kissing Lena’s time). This is beautiful.
Why? Because it goes beyond kisses or “I made your breakfast” or something like that. The feeling they share is more than that.
Making a parallel here with Korrasami, who also began softly, calmly, with both in a process of discovery that in the end led both to accept and to assume the feeling that they felt for each other; Supercorp also started calmly, and both are in a process of discovery. Especially Lena, who despite wanting to leave the past of the family behind, is able to see herself following in their footsteps.
And just like Korra and Asami, Lena and Kara are always present when one needs, being understanding and caring. They  complete each other
They are soulmates, and I say this without necessarily going to the romantic side.

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I really want them to end like Korrasami

And look at dear friends from this wonderful ship that is Supercorp, if Korrasami who was from a “kid’s show” of Nickelodeon, where everyone doubted and laughed when the shippers said it would be end game, in fact  became the end game. Why we cant? 


All my dreams and wishes for this show and couple have come true….!!!!! 😍❤️😊🎂🎉💍🌷💋👰🏻💏🎩 This is improvisation at its finest for Team Scorpion.

Imagine the first time John and Sherlock hug romantically.

John’s arms slowly wrapping around Sherlock’s waist, tightening as he draws Sherlock closer.

Sherlock’s arms draped over John’s shoulders, clinging to him.

Eyes closed, foreheads together, just breathing each other in, until finally they move simultaneously, and lips finally meet.

Forever the One

Summary: When Omega Dan is of age, he is told by his father that he will be sold off to find an Alpha mate. Cue, Alpha Phil. Alpha Phil is in desperate need for a mate, and although Phil is only a few years older than Dan, he holds a reasoning behind why he needs a mate so quickly. When secrets are revealed that give up why Phil needed a mate, this story may not have a happy ending.

Chaptered Work: This is chapter 8 of 16. 

Warnings: Mentions of illness 

Word Count: 1,363

Authors Note: Hey guys! Slightly shorter chapter just because next chapter is smut, if you cannot already tell by the ending (spoiler) and I tend to write A LOT when it comes to smut. If everything goes as planned, that chapter will be up on Wednesday and so you won’t have to wait long! Happy reading! :)


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yay askbox's open!! I'd love to requests Midorima's+Kise's reaction when s/o french kiss them for the first time? Thank you :D


Eager excitement coursed through his veins as he brought your lips closer to his. He could feel your breath fanning across his face, your lips ghosting against his. He moved his tongue, going to swipe it smoothly against your lips, but you’d beaten him to it, your own muscle bumping up against his. There was a breathy laugh from the both of you before you tried again, tasting his skin. When you slipped your tongue past his lips, Kise couldn’t help but give a soft groan.

He moved quickly, pulling you closer to him mid-kiss so that there would be no physical space between the two of you. He was greedy and wanting to press against every piece of you was a big part of that greed.


He can feel his muscles tensing, his brain ceasing to function as it tries to catch up with the actions of his body. He’s sure he can feel your tongue, smooth and silken, brushing along the corners of his bottom lip. He’s sure he can feel himself responding, parted lips widening just slightly to give you the access you were asking for. He was sure — so, so sure — he could taste the sweet mint of your lips, the sugary seduction of your essence mingling with his.

Midorima’s breath hitched. He didn’t know how to continue from here, where to go. His hands twitched at your sides, fingers grasping at the fabric of your clothes and rooting themselves there. He knew you’d take the reigns from here.

Prove It (Part 2) || Jack Maynard Imagine

It had been a few months since the night that Jack and I had first kissed, and it had been an interesting experience. Being Jack Maynard’s girlfriend was amazing, I loved being with him.

“Hey Babe,” Jack says coming into his living room.

“Hi,” I say softly, smiling up at him sweetly.

He sits next to me on the sofa.

“Can I ask you a favor?”


“Do you think it’s time to announce us to the fans?” He asks linking his fingers through mine.

I bite my lip, “Yeah I guess.”

“Do you not want to?” He asks pressing his lips to my neck softly. I giggle softly, encouraging him to continue.

“Are you going to keep doing that after were finished?” I ask running my fingers through his recently died locks. He lifts his face to press his lips against mine.

"Depends,” He says winking at me.

“How would you like to announce us?” I ask massaging my fingers against his scalp.

“A video?” He asks.

“Sure,” I say pressing my lips to his cheek softly.

He grins, “Guess what?”

“What?” I ask humoring him a little.

“I love you,” His grin never falling from his face.

“What?” I ask my smile falling from my face.

“I’m so completely in love with you,” He says his cheeks tinting red.

Wetting my lips I press them to his softly, “I love you, too.”

After an hour of set up and preparation were finally sat down together to film a video.

"Hello, everybody. Welcome to my channel if you’re new,” Jack says cutely to his camera. “Today I am joined by someone very special. Her name is Y/N, and she’s my girlfriend.”

“Hello,” I wave looking away from and towards the camera.

"As some of you may remember a few months ago, I posted this picture on my twitter,” He says, “I’ll insert the picture there.” Inserting the screenshot of his sweet love letter to me.

“You’re so cute,” I say poking his face with my finger.

"As I was saying, That was about Y/N. And today is us announcing our relationship.”

We film the video discussing our relationship, and it’s posted later that night.

"Huh,” Jack says, His eyes trailing across his phone screen.

“What’s wrong Babe?” I ask him.

“Everyone already knew we were together already.”

"What do you mean?”

“Apparently Joe announced us like two months ago,”

“Well, I can’t say I’m surprised,” I laugh turning his phone off.

“Now where were we earlier,” I say throwing my legs over him so that I’m straddling him.

“Hm,” He says pressing his lips to mine.


the first kiss

Sirius’ note

Sirius’ second note

Sirius’ third note

Sirius meeting the family

cute mornings

Remus helping Johnny

Sirius’ freckles

Sirius’ and Remus’ fight

Good times

Getting Sirius’ stuff

The proposal

Sirius’ nightmare

Sirius is disowned

Sirius has healing powers

werewolf studies

Sirius has a fever

Sirius helping Regulus

Sirius’ and Malfoy’s fight

Sirius singing

Sleepwalking Remus

Remus trying makeup

Remus read Sirius’ book

kisssing in the bathrooms

Remus’ birthday

Remus is scared of Fenrir


Teddy is home

Lily is pregnant

Fenrir is watching

Sirius sings to Teddy

arm’s length

There is something so very soft, and peach,
about your cheek resting inside my elbow.
Neither of us should be here.
I have work and you have class
and in three hours, my lover will call
to ask me how my trip is going.
I will not tell him about the perfect weight of your calf
resting over mine.
You and I don’t do anything: Of course not.
But we talk about it.
The I wish I could kiss you brings us closer than kissing;
we mumble the words and you drop your hand to my chest.
The months that pass between our visits ripple out like the water on a lake:
I saw you six months ago, and a year before that,
and two years before that. / The first day I met you,
we kissed in my living room,
before we discovered
how beautiful lakes could be. 

Private Loraine: kisses Steve Rogers being clearly uncomfortable by it*

Antis: no words

Peggy Carter: kisses Steve just moments before it’s too late when Steve didn’t even think to kiss her*

Antis: no words

Natasha Romanoff: kisses Steve, who again is clearly uncomfortable by it*

Antis: no words

Sharon Carter: doesn’t think to kiss Steve because she’s been taught to restrain her feelings, but in a shocking turn of events- Steve actually, willingly, kisses Sharon- the first woman he chooses to share a kiss with. Wether or not he really has deep feelings for her*


-Mod T

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this fandom lmao first everyone complains when they show too much malec in promos and give it away. now they dont show enough. like chill maybe?

i know like maybe just enjoy the content you get and stop complaining? a wild concept

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Do you think h would like going to the missus hometown and going to her childhood home? Also what if she had old band posters in her room? I'm sat on my couch and I can't stop thinking about bringing h home and letting him meet my mum, dad, brother and dog :(((

Definitely. Of course! It’s where his missus grew up! Of course he’s going to want to know about her childhood. Taking the drive down through the quite countryside, watching as she points out where she was born, where she went to school and where she used to spend her pocket money and where she used to hang out with her mates on a Saturday afternoon in the Summer. Sharing stories of the time she tried beer for the first time at a college party, where she’d had her first kiss with her very first boyfriend, and, even where she had her first vomit in the street - which would always have Harry chuckling because he knows she’s a lightweight when it comes to liquor and it’s cute that she’s had it all her life.

It would be even more special when they go because they make new memories to share with their own children when they take the 40 minute drive to go and see nana and grandpa for the weekends.

And she’d love it when he’d take her to Cheshire, because it’s where he grew up and it’s where he blossomed into the man sat in the car beside her. He’d share stories about school and doing mini tours with White Eskimo and he’d always drive past the one spot in Chapel which held the special place in his heart; the one place, hidden away, where the idea of auditioning for The X Factor popped up. She’d love to hear his stories, much like he loved to hear hers, regardless of whether it included exes or not. It was their childhood. 

Their past that moulded them into the ones they were now. xx

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Can we maybe have jealous Mitsuru, Kenshiro, or Musashi HC's??? (I forgot the limit, so if you only do one that's still great. And thank you for flustered doggo guard and a first kiss. That was cute ^°^) 💜💜💚💜💜



  • Mitsuru is pretty chill, but I can see him getting a little protective of his S/O.
  • If someone outright flirts with his S/O, he’ll just slide up behind them, wrap his arms around their waist, and then ask them who their new friend is.
  • The dude has a wicked grin and I bet he uses it a lot to intimidate people from hitting on his S/O.
  • If the person doesn’t get the hint, that’s when he starts being less chill about it.
  • I imagine he kind of pulls his S/O away from the offender, and holds them tightly to him with an arm around their waist.
  • Be prepared for a make out session afterwards. He knows that his S/O would never stray, but he just can’t resist reminding them both why they’re together.


  • We’ve already seen how protective this guy is of the Warden. Can you imagine if he actually has a S/O?
  • His hair probably stands on end when he notices someone trying to get close to his S/O.
  • He has to resist the urge to growl and snarl at the person before going over and pulling his S/O away.
  • He’d keep him by his side at all times after that. Arm would either be around their shoulders or waist.
  • If the person who hit on them still was looking, he’d start nuzzling their neck and gazing at the offender.


  • Please, for the love of God, do no flirt with Musashi’s S/O unless you want to live.
  • I can only imagine that he stands behind the person who’s trying to flirt with his arms crossed and a sadistic smirk on his face.
  • Once they realize that there’s someone behind them, they’d turn around and see this freaking giant with flaming hair and the scariest expression.
  • “I’m sorry, I didn’t know that you were ready to die today.”
  • He grabs his S/O and either carries them away bridal style or over his shoulder.
  • He’d find a secluded corner and make sure to have that his S/O moaning his name while he bites their neck