this was the worst to gif omfg

Haha I drew Skel Sans to go with his Human glamour version and giffed it, so I’m reposting X’D

hahaha oops my hand slipped and i drew human!sans 8′D

I may or may not be planning an Undertale 1940s murder mystery AU where Sans is a homicide detective hunting down a serial killer with investigative reporter Frisk in tow ;D The monsters are all still monsters, though Sans and some others continue to use glamours to disguise their true nature despite monster kind as a whole having ‘come out‘ a few years before the start of the story…

I’m a big fan of…I dunno…’beefy‘ Sans? X’D??? He looks chubby (and maybe he is a bit but he’ll deny it til the cows come home), but under it is all muscle baby. Like, real, practical,heavy lifting muscle, not showy six-pack muscle.

also what are pistols even omfg *gives up*