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4.6.16+11:45am // 30/100 days of productivity // made a reference page for frames (with a different color scheme!) to use while taking notes! i switched to the purple pilot g-2 because my navy one is almost out ): zoom in for better quality! 

song of the day: “smiling” by harry gregson-williams


The people who worked for Trump’s labor secretary pick are in the streets opposing him

  • In 24 cities on Monday, fast food workers took to the streets, hung banners from the tops of buildings and even shut down a corporate office in St. Louis. 
  • They had one simple goal: to stop Trump from making fast food CEO Andrew Puzder the top government official for protecting workers’ rights.
  • Puzder serves as the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the umbrella company that owns Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. burger chains.
  • Less than a month ago, cooks and cashiers filed 33 legal complaints against CKE. One complaint says that the company surveilled employees and sent out intimidating memos warning them not to speak to the press. 
  • One woman fought off advances from a manager who, after he was rejected, allegedly told her, “If you don’t start giving me what I want, I’m going to have to start taking it from you.” Read more (2/13/17 8:12 PM)

We were visited yesterday by someone from Northwestern University, and he talked about the difficult position Jewish students and put in. He talked about an event that happened two days ago. Basically, there was a huge rally against the Muslim Ban, and almost all the major student organizations were formally invited besides Hillel, but it was still and open rally so Hillel invited all of its staff and students to go to the rally. The rally was organized jointly by the Muslim community in NU, some other groups, and Students for Justice in Palestine. So, the rally kicks off, and there’s these banners about Trump up there and there’s signs and there’s people holding hands in solidarity and there’s speakers. But., at some point, the students from. SFJP go up and unwrap a banner at the top, which covers the other banners and read “if you support Israeli apartheid, you support the Muslim ban”. A bunch of the Jewish students immediately fled, many others quick shoved their kippot or necklaces into their pockets.

This is a serious problem that is reoccurring with BDS affiliated groups on college campus. They hijack, they derail, and they exclude. Their stated purpose to simply advocate the removal of harmful businesses that exploit and some minor stuff doesn’t match up with the hyperbolic and exclusive language that they use. When situations like this occur on campus, it shoves the Jewish students into the enemy box, regardless of their opinion of Israel.



“The following morning, The Beatles took an hour-long, glass-topped boat trip along Amsterdam’s canal system. Fans hung banners wishing Ringo a speedy recovery while those wanting a closer look actually dived into the water to swim to the boat, only to be roughly manhandled on board by Dutch police, which annoyed John Lennon in particular”. - From ‘Looking Through You’, and scanned by @thebeatlesforlife :)

Ficmas Part 3

“A little to the left.”

“Like this?”

“Mm, up a bit?”

“Chloe, after all the short jokes I’ve had to endure, I KNOW you know I can’t reach much higher.”

“Stretch those toes, Mitchell. Up you go.”

“Oh my god! Don’t grab my ass!”

“But it’s a nice ass.”


“There! Right there.”

Beca presses her thumb down hard against the tacky substance, securing the end of the banner to the top of the kitchen doorway. Glancing over her shoulder, she waits for Chloe to step back out of her way - after removing her hand from her backside - before stepping down off the ladder.

Or she tries to step down. What actually happens is more of a slip and fall situation. Her foot gets caught as she tries to turn on the last rung and her torso fails to catch the memo that her lower half is throwing out.

It results in her upper body bowing forward while her legs remain stuck in place, and time seems to slow down around the two of them as she starts to fall.

She sees Chloe’s eyes widen, see the redhead’s arms reach out towards her, and she thinks she hears one of them say something but can’t quite make it out.

She feels herself collide with Chloe, feels their limbs tangle and gravity drag their bodies towards the floor. There’s a dull thunk as Chloe hits the ground hard and a muted thud as Beca lands on top of her. The hit pushes all the air out of Chloe’s lungs in a loud whoosh of breath and Beca’s forhead just skims the bridge of the redhead’s nose, narrowly avoiding a bloody injury.

“Shit,” Beca gripes, trying to straighten. “I am SO sorry.” Chloe’s hands have tightened against the material of her shirt though, preventing her from getting up or moving much at all. Beca manages to crane her head back a ways though and she’s alarmed to see her friend’s forehead wrinkled in what looks like pain. “Oh shit, are you okay?” Chloe bobs her head, but her face is still in some kind of disagreement with the sentiment.

“You elbowed me in the boob,” Chloe whines after a moment. “You’re supposed to deck the halls, Becs. Not me.”
She laughs, and it’s the kind of contagious laughter that spreads almost instantly. Within seconds, Beca is laughing on top of her, still unable to move thanks to Chloe’s grip, and so she presses her temple to Chloe’s cheek and laughs into her shoulder.

“Right, I know we’re supposed to make the Yuletide gay and everything,” Fat Amy’s dry, sardonic tone is unmistakeable over them and for a second, Beca panics over what this might look like. “But this is a bit much. Clean up on lesbo aisle five!”

She feels Chloe twist her head to press a breathy, chuckle of a kiss to the side of her face. And decides she doesn’t care.

And people think that the only option for a Deaf/HOH child is hearing and speaking. Taking (many) wasted years of speech therapy to try and get their Deaf kid to be as normal sounding as possible to match the hearing world standard. Some it may be successful, most times it’s not. Take the time to provide Both options of Bilingual, Bicultural approach. People think Sign language will delay their child’s language. They are Wrong. They just need the proper exposure to a language that is easy to understand and less strain of exhaustion.  Which is Sign language. 

[Image Description: Top banner which is dark purple and a blue circle on the left. The text reads in white: Short Story, underneath 55 words or less by Jessica Sergeant. Blue circle inside in white text #1. Underneath the banner is a white background with the follow black text:
Deaf Baby 

Doctor: I’m sorry. Your baby failed her hearing test
Mother: No, my baby didn’t fail. She’s just Deaf.
Doctor: But she won’t be successful if she can’t hear and speak.
Father: Hearing & speaking isn’t required for success, but language acquisition is.
Mother: All she needs is American Sign Language and she’ll be just fine.]

Things you learn from reading original scripts of the PotC movies

aka “why wasn’t some of this stuff in the movies”

  • Ragetti ran away from home to become a sailor and is only happy when he’s at sea (aw)
  • Bootstrap is… not the sharpest pickle in the barrel, but we still love him
  • Gibbs has at least one sister. Her husband is a lawyer in London; he’s on good terms with them both. He’s not on good terms with several other women’s husbands.
  • Davy’s original response to “shall we sign it in blood, I mean ink” was “let’s not and say we did”
  • After which Jack offered to hug him. I’m not making this up.
  • Beckett’s death scene was originally going to be a lot nastier- dragged under and drowned when the EITC banner landed on top of him in the water
  • Beckett himself was originally intended to be closer to Governor Swann’s age, and a smoker
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Greece: Anarchists invade the Ministry of Labour and Social Security

On Monday, 30 January 2017, anarchists from Rouvikonas collective invaded the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, raised a huge banner from the top of the building and threw hundreds of flyers, calling for people to organize and fight back against the neoliberal politics imposed on Greece, that force pensioners that have worked all their lives and paid their share to live like beggars, that force almost anyone working on precarity since bosses and owners hire people with no social security under the threat of being fired knowing that most probably only a handful will ever get a pension for all the years they have worked, whilst the abolition of public health insurance is imminent in order for private insurance and pension system to be eventually imposed.

Location: Nepal
Photo: Jeff’s Journey to the Stars

“Aldebaran is a red giant star, located at 65 light years away and a diameter of 44.2 times of the Sun. Aldebaran positioned in front of the sprawling Hyades star cluster which depicted on the shield of the shield of Achilles according to Homer. The great snow peak with banner clouds is Mount Everest, the top of the world.” - Jeff Dai


I finished doing banners of all my toons! So far only the top two are OCs but here’s the whole crew.  The backgrounds are the core game’s dialoge cutscene images with a few edits.
From top to bottom is
Wraithbloom the necro / Traveler Sorrel the thief / Aria Azureblade the guardian
Amathia Snapdragon the mesmer / Willoa Wisp the ele / Ghostberri the rev
Gael the Lost the ranger / Apis Honeycomb the engi

TEG - Christmas Challenge 2016 - Announcement/Reveal Post!

Welcome to the Announcement/Reveal Post for our Christmas Challenge 2016! Before we announce the winners and reveal the entries, firstly we would like to thank all our participants for participating in this challenge and writing some pretty amazing entries. We would also like to thank our supportive followers for reblogging and voting in this challenge. 

Now let’s have a drum roll as we announce the top three voted entries!

In First Place we have:

The Christmas Gift (Entry Two) written by @wildlyglittering

In Second Place we have:

Twelve Days of Christmas (Entry One) written by @booksrockmyface

And finally in Third Place we have:

Comfort & Joy (Entry Five) written by @sothereff 

Congrats to our Top Three writers! Your banner should be posted soon!

Now here are the other entries:

+ Christmas Cookies (Entry Three) by @altalover623

+ Delivering Hope (Entry Four) by @booksanddreaming

+ They Say It’s Your Birthday (Entry Six) by @thelettersfromnoone

+ Advent (Entry Seven) by @hutchhitched

Now that the challenge is over, participants feel free to post your wonderful entries wherever you want. We have set up a collection on AO3 here which participants can post to! 


Bird Food Calendar

Like birds? Food? Keeping track of the current date? PUNS? You’ve come to the right place! This year’s bird calendar is a tasteful mix of all of the above. You can buy it here, and order individual illustrations here!

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