this was the start of my bad breakout

From a day I was feelin good about how I look 💕 If you’ve known me since I started T, you know I’ve been struggling with some pretty intense acne. Although it’s very gradually gotten better, over two years in I still struggle with weekly breakouts. I’ve used the same expensive facewash since highschool that has a lot of harsh chemicals in it that are ultimately bad for my health. About a month ago I decided to finally go with something natural - I did a ton of research and found blog with different daily skin routines and a recipe for a facewash to make myself. It has a bunch of good oils and essential oils plus manuka honey and I absolutely love it, and so does my skin. If anyone wants the link to the blog just shoot me a message!

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Oh wise woman, controller of the flying stings, and grower of all things green! How do I, a fair maiden, grow stronger hair and nails? My locks and nails are thin and sad. Please help!

YO THIS IS RIGHT UP MY ALLEY my fingernails are thin and weak and shitty naturally. So are my mom’s and grandma’s, it’s genetic, we have shitty fingernails.

BUT. I have found a few things that help.

FIRST. Biotin and collagen supplements. Take them. They help a lot.

SECOND. A good multivitamin.

THIRD AND MOST WIERD. Horsetail or bamboo. Yes really.

Horsetail and bamboo are both rich in silica, which helps strengthen nails and hair both. I gather horsetail wild, dry it, and use it as a tea. You can, of course, buy your horsetail instead. Or, if you prefer, there are good supplements that have all these ingredients in them already.

(I’ve tried that supplement. It’s good, it really does work. Thing is, I read the ingredients and went “Oh wait I don’t need to spend money to get silica, I know where there’s a massive patch of horsetail, and regular biotin supplements are way cheaper than this.)

A nice side benefit of this? Better skin. My monthly hormonal breakouts are normally only a couple of zits, but they’ve nearly vanished all together after starting to take biotin and drink horsetail.

Note, of course, that I have pretty good skin anyway. So, if you have really bad skin and hope this will cure you? Can’t promise that. But it might help a little.


Day 1: To look at these pictures and see my face it makes me so angry. I use to be an actress and did modeling and now i look as if my face is a space map. I had beautiful skin all through highschool and never thought i would be the girl with severe acne. I use to watch documentaries on it and be thankful i had clear skin, if only i knew what would happen later on in life. I saw my first breakout when i was around 18 but i saw a skin doctor and it seemed to go away for awhile. I had a few bad breakouts but nothing compared to what happened to me this past summer. I started with just a few and spread like wildfire. I stopped doing so many of the things i loved, i lost my self confidence and didn’t know where to turn to. I finally had enough and with the support of my bf i went to the doctor about accutane and she got me set up right away and 30 days later here I am…finally starting my first day of a better future. 

But through this horrible process of acne i have had to find my self confidence in other aspects of myself besides just my looks. I didn’t realize of much i counted on my face and appearance to give me happiness and self love. I have come to understand who i am better and have grown to love the woman i am with or without acne, so for that i thank you acne, you have made me a better person, you taught me to look else where in life for happiness. You taught me that looks aren’t always the most important thing in life. You also showed me what an amazing boyfriend i have, he has stuck by me even when i lost my outer beauty. So acne….thank you. 


Today I am recommending a less well-known but waaay awesome brand: PRIMERA. This is a green-product line released by the big boss AmorePacific, said to utilise the energy plants produce when spurting their sprouts in the important growth phase to help human skin regain its glow and youth. None of the products (that I’ve tried so far, all in the photos) have alcohol in them, and they are suitable for all skin types.

I must say, after using the Organic Water + Emulsion and the Super Sprout Cream I wasn’t all that wow’ed by Primera. I’m all for recycling and being green, but there was just nothing amazing about this ‘sprout energy’ stuff. However, when I tried the Miracle Seed Essence made mainly from Lotus Seed Extract, I thought ‘wow this is just the thing I need…and everyone should have this!’. The essence is a clear watery texture and comes with 100% pure cotton pads. Initially I was doubtful whether it would do anything (it looks like a super expensive toner). But after using it for 3 weeks, magic happened…

I had major breakouts when I started using this; it was so bad that I stopped using most of my previous products due to stinging sensations. When I started this I tested it firstly on my eye area, which is usually very sensitive. It passed the test easy (I even used a bit too much and a bit got on my eyeball…it didn’t sting). After only 1 week my breakouts healed and scabbed over. After 3 weeks my skin tone brightened (not whitened) and I started getting heaps of compliments from friends. My acne marks started fading, and no new acne popped up (except that one I got from eating spicy food in 3 consecutive days). My skin is oily, so I gave my friend with sensitive combo-dry skin a test patch, and she fell in love. Now she’s ordered a bottle for herself!

In terms of price I see most websites sell it for $40-$50usd, and one standard bottle is 150ml. Now I know it’s pricey, and the instructions actually say this is a ‘30 day treatment’ essence and the cottons are like 6cm x 8cm. However, the way I use it is cut the cotton and pour the essence on it as a toner first, before pouring a few drops on my hands to pat it in as an actual serum. One bottle has actually lasted me over 90 days!

how to get clearer skin by next week (without spending all of your life’s savings)

 A few weeks ago, I came back from summer camp with a bad heat rash on my face, neck, and chest. it was itchy, uncomfortable, and hard to cover up with makeup. My skin is sensitive and somewhat acne-prone anyway, but this was the worst it had looked in a while. I found some ways to clean my skin up fast without spending much money, so I though I’d share!

Here are before and after pictures, for comparison. In both of these pictures I’m wearing no makeup, and they were taken about two weeks apart and are both unedited:

This is Before, and as you can see, my skin is bumpy, red, and itchy (it looked and felt much more unpleasant in person). 

This next picture was after two weeks of skin care:

See the difference? It was actually incredibly easy to achieve. Here’s the routine that I’ve found works best for me:


  1. Use a good cleanser. The formula is totally up to you, but I would recommend a cream formula that foams up when you combine it with water. The cleanser I’m using right now is Olay’s Foaming Face Wash for Sensitive Skin. Wet your face, then squeeze a small amount of cleanser out on your fingertips. Lather it up between the tips of your fingers, and apply it to your face. Scrub gently in circular motions with your fingertips, and rinse off. Note: You can use a toner immediately after cleanser, but I usually skip this step in the mornings because it’s a little too harsh on my skin.
  2. Pat your face dry and use a moisturizer. I’m currently using Equate Oil-Free Ultra-Gentle Facial Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin (this is just the cheaper, generic version of Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Moisture for Sensitive Skin). Squeeze a VERY SMALL amount onto your fingertips, and dot it over your face and neck. Gently massage it into your skin.

That’s literally it! Wait a minute or two for your skin to absorb the moisturizer, and you’re ready to apply makeup if you want. Just make sure that your foundation, bb cream, concealer, ect. (basically any liquid makeup that covers your skin) is oil-free so it won’t clog your pores. Makeup with oil in it can often cause breakouts.


  1. Remove all makeup. I should probably be using a makeup remover for this, but I’ve found that lukewarm water and a soft washcloth works fine. If you do want to use a product to remove your makeup, I would recommend Neutrogena.
  2. Use the same cleanser you used in the morning, following the exact same steps.
  3. Use a toner. I’m currently using Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Toner. Pour a bit of the toner onto a cotton ball or a cotton pad and gently wipe it all over your face. It might tingle a little, but that’s okay. If it burns or hurts in any way, immediately wash it off and do not use the product anymore. 
  4. Leave the toner for about thirty seconds so your skin can absorb it, then apply moisturizer the same way you did in the morning. This locks the cleanser and toner into your skin, and will also make it feel more soft and help makeup go on more smoothly.

Alternative Evening Routine

(I like to switch my normal evening routine for this one every second or third night. Warning: it will be a bit messy)

  1.  Mix pure baking soda and water in a bowl. It is very important that you use BAKING SODA not BAKING POWDER. There is a difference! Mix the two ingredients until they have a consistency similar to toothpaste. Note: You can add a few drops of lemon juice if you currently have an especially bad breakout, or if you want to brighten your skin.
  2. Apply this to your face. Slather it on, focusing especially on areas that tend to be red or break out easily. Set a timer for ten minutes.
  3. After ten minutes, wipe off as much of the baking soda as you can with a wet washcloth. Rinse off whatever is let with warm (not hot!) water.
  4. Pat your face dry and follow with moisturizer, applying the same way you usually do.

And that’s about it! Honestly, my skin started to look better after a matter of days, and right now it’s the clearest it’s been in months! My ask box is opened to anyone who has any questions, suggestions, or other skin care tricks you think I should try. Let me know how it works out for y’all!

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Could you recommend any good skin care to a fellow vegan who suffers from acne? Your skin looks flawless and I also love makeup too but my skin is getting worse the more I experiment ☹️

Lush Herbalism cleanser is a lifeeee saver when breakouts are hella bad + Dark Angels cleanser is good too but it’s a lil harsher on the skin and it gets everywhere, your whole bathroom will be covered in black shit I stg

Try incorporating a chemical exfoliant into your routine at night, I always use Pixi Glow Tonic and it rly helps with pore size + fading the scars spots leave ✨

The Body Shop clarifying charcoal/clay mask is booommmmbbbb; when I started using that 2/3 times a week I noticed my skin getting a whole lot brighter looking

(Murad makes a salicylic acid serum thingie too that’s rly good + the clarifying cleanser is what I use everyday atm)

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Has anyone gotten bad breakouts from Wellbutrin? I was given it for depression/ADHD, have been taking it for about two weeks and I broke out really bad. The brakeouts started a week before my period, but I've never had breakouts problems like this, even before or during my period.

I see skin rash as a possible side effect, but not this. However, I know that some people do have reactions that aren’t in the literature.

How about it, followers?


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How do you get your skin so clear??? I’m suing

Omg the filter has covered the lil spots probably but my skin is not as clear as it looks! I actually had a bad breakout a couple of weeks ago because of an allergic reaction but it has gotten TREMENDOUSLY better ever since I started using this aloe gel. It smells so good and it works so good and I use it before I sleep and when I wake up after washing with cleanser and istg in a few days my face will be hella clear I can *feel* my pores cleansing
!!!! If you have bad skin

Okay guys and girls,I don’t usually do text posts about anything really,but you have to know this. So for a very long time I’ve had a really bad skin.Breakouts,acne and acne scars.The other day I’ve read online that you have to put chamomile tea on your face every day.So I did.I started doing it about a week ago.Basically I just make a chamomile tea and while it’s warm I put it on my face with a cotton pad. My skin is instantly really soft and my face is clearing up so fast, and what’s more important,there are no new breakouts!

I’ve always been a LUSH user, but recently my mom purchased the Mask of Magnaminty for me and placed it in my stocking and I can honestly say THIS IS MY NEW HOLY GRAIL! 

I have been using it every other night for the past week and a bit and have noticed that my skin has been reaping some serious benefits. I’ve always had oily/combo skin and back in the day, I used to get some pretty bad breakouts. Now, I control my acne with the Pill and various drugstore brand washes. I always find the washes dry out my skin and I don’t really see much of a change. Granted I do not have bad acne, just break outs every now and then.

I noticed two pimples starting to pop up on my face and I used this mask and it literally made the pimples stay the same size. They didn’t turn into massive craters and stayed super small and manageable. Today, they’re almost gone and I can easily hide them with a little makeup. 

Besides the acne clearing benefits, this stuff makes my skin SO SOFT. Like baby bottom soft. It doesn’t smell horrible and the peppermint is so soothing on the skin. I recieved the small size in my stocking and recently purchased the larger black tub. LUSH makes two options, one is the normal one and one is the self preserving. I ordered the self preserving just to ensure that it’s 100% natural. I’m so in love! 

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Hey dude I'm sure you've answered this somewhere before but do you follow any kind of skincare routine? I had the worse acne with my first puberty and one of the things I'm worried about when it comes to going on T is that it's going to be even worse this time around. I know it's just a small thing to most people but it's important to me. Your skin looks pretty great. Just wondering if you even get acne and how you fight it.

i do get some acne, mostly along my jawline but i follow a pretty good skincare routine because the first time through puberty I had a bad time with breakouts. my twin’s fiancee works at LUSH so she hooks us up and this is my routine…

I use all LUSH products. Everyone’s skin type is different but the routine I do every night is:

Wash my face with herbalism
Spray my face with their tea tree spray
Use grease lightning on any spots on my face
Finish up with a moisturizer (either vanishing cream or cosmetic lad, which supposedly is good for after shaving also)

I’ve been doing that nearly every night since I started t and it’s really helped. I was also recommended their ocean salt scrub for a body scrub recently which I use on  my shoulders. And I use their mask of magnaminty on my face once or twice a week which also helps with breakouts! Their stuff is pricey but so so good. I totally swear by it.

Also make sure your diet is good and you drink plenty of water. I also take vitamins and fish oil every night which might help also(?) Just make sure you’re consistent and maybe this will help! 

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How do u maintain such beautiful skin?


1) clearsonic brush
2) Noxema
3) Aveeno
4) Oxy alcohol pads

I recently started only washing my face with Noxema every OTHER day to give my skin a break from the rubbing of the clearsonic brush and my skin isn’t having any breakouts from the 1 day without washing.

Aveeno: I massage this lotion on my face every night before I sleep and when I wake up (maybe a couple times during the day too) just to keep my face moisturized.

Oxy pads: I use these when I have mini breakout to dry them up over night.


I mean, I have before pictures of my forehead when I broke out really bad, but not sure y’all would want to see it.