this was the reason the mother attacked me in that last image

Reiner's true aim and real family

Hello! Here I am talking about chapter 94 and what concerns me the most about the whole manga: my favourite characters and their relationship. When the images first came out, seeing little Bertl was nice, but also sad since we don’t have him in the present time. In the past, I spoke about how I would like this character to have a proper closure, and about how much I would like to see some reaction from the people that were close to him: Annie, but mosty Reiner (since she minds her own business al the time xD). By only seeing the images, I wasn’t able to realize how much important the dialogue between little Reiner and Bertolt was, so as the official translation was out, my feelings changed a lot.

Reiner’s main reason behind him becoming a warrior was to join his family back together, so he could live with both his parents. This is no more than a childish dream, something that every children would do anything to obtain if they could. He has no idea of what awaits for him on the other side of the Ocean, no idea of what he and Bertolt will be going though. Together.

Dreams like this can’t last long, especially when you share the hardest but ironically best times of your life with someone who has always been there for you.

“We’ll come back alive to our Hometown”

So, yea: I think Reiner’s real family became Bertolt in the end. Being him the only one to completely understand him and being him the only one who was always by his side, he was the one Reiner promised to come back with, the same person he is thinking about all the time as he steps off the train, reaching his long sought-after Hometown:

Gavi is using the same words Reiner used with Bertolt, and look at his dark face: he keeps that expression as Gavi hugs her proud parents, that call her “the best soldier in the army” (aka “best doughter”?), something he thought he wished to be long time ago, and that has no more value now.

Even if you just look at the images you can clearly note how Reiner acts cold towards everything around him, both people and the place. He could miss from 4 to 9 years, and he doesn’t even show enthusiasm in seeing his own mother, the very first reason why he has chosen the warrior path.

His real family is not there for him, this is why he acts like this. I’m pretty sure we are going to see some closure for Bertl very soon: it already started with this chapter.

P.S: Also, it seems he just remembered about his original aim here, like he completely forgot about it in the past years:

Side notes

I also want to point out two things:


“You may not have to wait 13 years”

Of course Bertolt is talking about Reiner’s chance to become a warrior, but I find pretty ironic that he actually didn’t have to wait even a year, since his family was always beside him.


Look at how Bertolt looks careless about the 13 years thing. His personal reason to become a warrior must not be connected to his family. He wouldn’t think like this if it was. So, I wonder if he had a family in the first place.

Well, Annie and Reiner became his own one in the end, that’s for sure!


This post was mainly written for Bertolt fans, which doesn’t mean the others are not welcome: anyone can read and appreciate, but if you are particularly attached to Bertolt and wish for some closure I hope this can help you being positive :)

A shifter’s last rites?

Under @momtaku‘s request, I decided to address the issue surrounding Ymir’s death from my review in a separate post.

More accurately, this isn’t about how it was handled, but more about the circumstances surrounding it. After chapter 89 came out, I saw Ymir’s death coming from miles ahead, for logical reasons. Since Marley lost a shifter power on the road, they have to destitute it as soon as possible to arm themselves from conflict. Moreover, we learned their military relied mostly on titans, unable to expand past the sea, but dominating the land. Hence why they need to mobilize as soon as possible. From that point onwards, Ymir’s survival was ridiculous: they couldn’t let an ex-felon in possession of the titan power.

However, they didn’t execute her in the most tasteless way, the way some Eldians have been treated in the past, according to Grisha’ flashback and Ymir’s letter.

Fay eaten by the dogs (Ch. 86), the Kruger family burned alive (Ch. 87), Ymir being sent for a lifetime as a titan to Paradis, the fate of every Eldian opposing themselves to Marley (Ch. 89)

This world carries a strong hatred for Eldians, not just Marleans, as seen by that scared prisoner from the Middle Eastern Alliance, to the soldiers of the same faction calling them “descendants of that whore”. Yet the way Ymir was executed was rather… merciful.

Ymir about to be executed - Ch. 93

Look at the structure. Very reminiscent of a certain ceremony, isn’t it?

The Reiss passing ceremony. - Ch. 64

And everything there has been reproduced to a certain extent: the chains, the stairs, even the white costume. And in Ymir’s case, it was done for the sake of a single warrior. Not the future king, just a warrior.

Since Marley treats Eldians like canon meat and can execute them without suffering any severe consequences, I wonder if them imitating the coronation isn’t connected to some kind of superstition as the next warrior being haunted by their predecessors if not done correctly. 

While this isn’t as efficient as the coordinate, it happens shifters can pass memories between holders, under certain conditions.

Galliard seeing through Ymir’s memories - Ch. 93

Galliard was also able to understand Ymir a little and even felt pity for her sake, almost as if he and Ymir made some kind of connection between the moment Galliard crunched her and the moment he woke up as a shifter. Galliard didn’t say when he saw the memory illustrated above, so I assume it could happen randomly at any point in time.

Now what was the difference between Galliard and the rest of their shifters? Ymir was given a royal treatment for her status: she got to stay prisoner for a bit, ask a last favor to Reiner and delivering her letter to the girl she loves, and got a full ceremony. Others devoured shifters weren’t as lucky.

Shifters being quickly and brutally devoured: Marcel (Ch. 40), Frieda (Ch. 63), Grisha (Ch. 62) and Bertolt (Ch. 84)

I was reluctant onto putting Grisha to the list because he willingly let himself fed to Eren. If anything, it’s Eren who got coerced without much explanation, only agreeing with his father that he’s going to avenge his mother. According to this month’s chapter, Grisha left 22 years ago, where he became the holder of the Attacking Titan. That means he would’ve died 9 years before the present point… just the time needed to pass the power to his son before his time was up. He surrounded himself to his progeny without any further waiting, and is now relieving his memories through him. 

Now that any shifter can experience the memories of their predecessor, the coordinate probably kicked in once Eren read through the journals, because Grisha wanted his will to fight to pass down inside Eren, something he did successfully. Him raising his arms in a defense posture makes me think if he didn’t regret what he was about to do at the very last moment, though.

Of course, before succumbing to his fate, Grisha forcefully removed the Founding Titan out of Frieda’s nape. The two of them fought and Grisha won, devouring Frieda alive. We didn’t experience any aftereffect since Grisha died soon after, but Eren caught glimpses of Frieda here and there.

Eren through Frieda’s memories - Ch. 53

The coordinate allows Eren to delve deeper in the memories of his predecessors, but the most blatant so far have been Kruger’s and Grisha’s, since, as Attacker titans, they both shared the same ideology. That’s the reason why Kruger wasn’t in the list: him passing his power to Grisha was in his agenda. He wanted the leader of the restorationists to own it and the latter agreed, after a short conversation. 

Grisha finding resolution after hearing Kruger - Ch. 87

This panel clearly shows Grisha is ready to accept Kruger’s power. There’s consenting on both sides.

The same thing happened with the Reiss ceremony: each ruler was prepared for it as their time was near, and each successor did the same, promising they won’t let their ancestors dominate them, asking for their family to pray, and falling victim to the sin of their bloodline everytime.

In the next cases, taping onto memories is a very tedious thing to do:

Ymir and Bertolt discussing Marcel’s fate - Ch. 47

Ymir stated she had no recollection, nor vision of who Marcel was. If she had memories from him, she would recognize Reiner and Bertolt on sight. Bertolt also states he, Reiner and the other warriors don’t have any memories of their predecessors either. What he meant by that could be the temporary amnesia every shifter experiences once they’re reverting back to their human form.

The thing is, the warriors were all submitted to the classical ritual, so the passing method stayed the same. The seven titans always won Marley’s wars and going on Paradis was a first. When Ymir inherited Marcel, it was an accident. Marcel shielded Reiner back then. When he was eaten, Ymir couldn’t remember him or see through him, as if Marcel’s soul sealed itself. That explains why not even his twin brother could see the moment where he died.

And now, probably the most disturbing case: Bertolt. 

Bertolt about to get devoured by Armin - Ch. 84

His execution was completely messy and sloppy. Not only did he spend the whole serumbowl completely unconscious, but also gets held on the other side of the house so Armin could take his time to get him. When he woke up, he was completely unaware of his surroundings and got an audience who only wanted Armin to come back as a shifter. Other devoured shifters stayed silent, Bertolt begged for help. As a result, the first image that comes into Armin’s mind is that giant Colossal, screaming in pain. I explained in my chapter analysis how similar it was to Japanese ghost stories, but Armin doesn’t remain affected, from what we’ve seen. Maybe a bit down considering what transpired at the serumbowl, but no doubt Bertolt would do like Marcel did: keeping his secrets well-protected.

Unless he actually made Armin relieve his worst memories but… that’s probably left for when we switch back to Paradis. Him being pictured as sinking ships makes me think something changed in him but it’s more than potential nightmares.

In any case, I think those paths aren’t completely random. They can connect briefly if all the conditions are reunited, especially through a ceremony. That’s why Ymir’s death wasn’t as awful as people made it out to be. We should be grateful enough we’re spared the definite crunch because not even Titan Jesus Uri was granted this…

Frieda devouring Uri - Ch. 64

Yep, clear dismembered king right in front of our eyes. I doubt many of you would’ve been happy to see Ymir’s limbs dangling to the chains while her lower half would just lay there as Galliard was taking back his human form.

Newcomers Pt 24

It had been days since the bombers burned Geeda and still fires ravaged parts of the city but survivors were still being found buried alive under the rubble. Supply’s were dwindling and more and more of the Humans resources being directed to helping those suffering. Riots and protests were feared form the Benemar but to the shock of many there was very little unrest. The Human commanders were surprised by this and when they found out it was because of a young Benemar who was calming the population and directing their anger where it should be. Three more times bombers had tried to strike the city but had to turn back as the Humans increased their air patrols, they were not about to be taken unawares again. Finally Jenkins called a meeting of his commanders.

“How much longer must we wait?” Hopkins complained.

“He has been speaking with Admiral Winston and Captain Kiev for three days, I think we can wait a little longer” Cho counted.

“Well I hope he comes out soon I am really hungry”

“Me too”

“Why are you two here?” Cho said pointing at Hesky and Cathy.

“That’s a good point why are we here?” Cathy asked her husband

“I don’t know I followed him” Hesky pointed at Hopkins.

“Well I was following you” she said

“Why were you following me?”

“I was horny?”

“Guys!” Hopkins shouted “Just, be quiet”

They both saluted but Hesky grabbed his wife’s hip with his tail and pulled her closer.

“Well” Cho started “I don’t mind them being here but what about him” he pointed at someone sitting close by reading.

Cassion looked up from a book he was reading and seemed shocked as if he didn’t notice where he was.

“Oh shit if I’m here that means something needs explaining”

“Just ignore him” Hopkins said dismissively.

“Good idea, if you don’t acknowledge me maybe the readers wont notice I’m here”

Finally the doors to Jenkins office opened and he emerged, they saluted him as he took his place around the table.

“Thank you for coming…and you two as well I guess” he said looking at Cathy and Hesky.

“So do we have a plan?” Hopkins asked.

“After our next resupply, we are to muster our entire force and march on Potellan”

No one spoke, it was one of the two options open to them and they had all thought about which one they would do but now the decision has been made. They will attack in an all or nothing assault.

“I don’t think I need to explain what hangs in the balance here, if we fail to take the city even with Kievs force on world we will not be able to end this war with complete confidence in a positive outcome. But if we take the city, the central power on this planet will fall and all other resistance will fall with it like dominoes”

“But, can we even take the city? I’ve read the reports from out camo troops and I am not certain we have the means, not after that bombing raid” Cho said.

Jenkins nodded and turned to Hesky and Cathy, “You two, what do you think?”

They had read about the city’s defences as that information was not withheld from the soldiers.

“Well..” Hesky started “I could link my hands like this and I can give my wife a boost over the walls, or may be put her in a cannon?”

“Sod that I’m planning on using you as a Human shield” Cathy shouted.

“Guys!” Jenkins shouted “Seriously”

Hesky and Cathy looked at each other “The mood in the soldiers lounges and bars is of impatience, they want to get going and we think we truly can. Use the Link to ask them if you don’t believe me”

The Link was still so new to them that it was easy to forget that they could use it that way, it took Jenkins little more than a few seconds to ask the whole army what they thought and they told him basically what Hesky had. They wanted this over, they had been idle for too long and wanted to get back into the action and bring the High Chiefs down and to justice for ordering the attack on Terra.

“How long till our next resupply?” Cho aksed.

“Three weeks, we have three weeks to prepare ourselves and put Geeda in a better position than it is now” Jenkins replied.

“I have a really bad idea” Cathy said holding her hand up.

“All you ideas are bad” Hesky pointed out.

“Explains why I married you”

“Touché my love”

“This idea?” Jenkins pressed.

“Oh yes, why don’t we leave the city in the care of the Benemar”

“You’re right that is a bad idea” Cho said.

“Hang on” Hopkins said “Explain Cathy”

“Well, if what I know of Benemar culture is true they elect an elder to be a Chief of a city and there are plenty of elders in the city but since we are in control there has been no need for a Chief. What if we allowed them to elect a new Chief of the city”

“What if this new Chief turns on us?” Cho asked.

“Then that would be their decision, but do you think they will?”

“I don't” Hopkins said “But the reason is not because of us”

“The boy?” Jenkins asked

“Not a boy any more, Ceran has become quite the leader and I think he will do well”

“He is not an elder though so he cannot by their laws be elected but if he is present and like he has been doing speaking to the people and appealing to their rational sides” Cathy added.

“See it done, let the people choose a new Chief, let them decide their own fate”

They all left soon after leaving only one person alone in the room sitting a still as they could. Cassion looked around confused “Wait, if there was nothing to explain why the fuck am I here!” he shouted at the ceiling.

(Authors note: Hehehe)

“You bitch!!!”

Ceran spoke to the crowed, so many had now come to hear him speak that his image had to be streamed to the media outlets so that they did not all swarm the gathering area that had been allotted to him. Most of the time he simply would debate others, he would call for those to give their opinion on why the current ways or old ways as he was calling them were the right way. He would then argue and give his own opinion and point out the good and bad in both arguments. He often told stories of how Bento Prime used to be, before the rise of the High Chiefs and how the soil was fertile everywhere and the air was clean. How many of the city states lived together and traded goods without fear of the outlaws that roam the wastelands between them. He did not say they return to living on carriages pulled by animals but switch from simply scavenging the planet for anything useful to instead they work to make it a beautiful world once more. When challenged that they lay down all their weapons he argued that those who wish to continue their peace but often fight those who wish to see it destroyed, there will always be those who cannot or will not see the beauty in life rather the harshness of it. But war should not be the first action but the last resort after all other possibilities had been exhausted.

He had also been approached by the elders who had been nominated to be the Chief of Geeda asking for his support, but he openly refused them all. He simply said “I will not support any for I wish people to make their own decision on who they should vote for”

So they all left him disappointed and more than one cussing under their breathe.

“I’m so proud of you Ceran” his mother said hugging him “You have truly grown into your own man”

“Mother not in front of everyone” he complained but she would not let him go.

He was in the middle of a break from his talks and some were coming to him with questions, these ranged from when should one seek revenge to what profession they should pursue. But one man caught him off guard.

The man bowed low to him.

“You do not need to bow to me please” Ceran said and the man straightened.

“Very well, I wish to introduce to you my daughter, Pewloni”

A young girl emerged from behind him and bowed in the traditional female way.

“I would be honoured if you would consider taking her as your wife”

“My what?”

“I would bare you many children Chieftain” she said her eyes down.

“You would what?”

His mother burst out laughing at her son suddenly becoming uncomfortable.

“I have two daughters who would both make excellent wife's” called another man.

“Wait your turn!” shouted the first and soon he was being pressed by nearly a dozen men to consider their daughters as wife’s.

“QUIET!” he shouted and everyone suddenly froze and went silent. He turned to the first man’s daughter and pointed at her. “What did you call me just now?”

She looked up at him almost frightened “Chieftain, I called you Chieftain”


The men looked at each other.

“Do you not know?” asked the second man.

Suddenly then a group of Human soldiers came in making all heads turn to regard them “There he is” said the leader and they made their way over to him,



“It is my duty to inform you that you as of one hour ago, you were elected by the people to be the new Chieftain of Geeda”

Stray Cat Crossing

Part 2 /  Part 3

Summary: Y/N is alone. She had to find a way to live, so she became a thief. But when a bloody murder happens and one of her robbery is the last thing caught on cameras, everyone is after her, including the pack. Peter decides to take the little stray cat home, and they become closer. However, McCall pack doesn’t like their relationship.

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Requested ?: Yes, by @fandomnationwhore

A/N: Sorry for the wait, I hope it’s what you wanted… I must confess I wasn’t sure about your request but I did my best and I’m kinda proud of this one!

Also the first imagine I’m writing on the second pov, let me know if you like it better that way!

Also the gif aren’t mine, credit to the owner! 

Word Count: 2450

Contains: Bit of violence, blood, swearing.

You were circled; there was no escape, no way to run. Four people surrounded you, and your back was against the cold basement wall where you thought you could hide. You were certain of this hiding place; nobody should’ve found you there. But these people didn’t look human. They had eyes that illuminated in the dark, frightening eyes. Not to mention their inhuman teeth. Sharp fangs like those of wolves. Your body began to shake, you were afraid. For the first time, you were really scared. Their monstrous faces continued to stare at you, and you, in the dark corner, tried to convince yourself that it was only a dream. A simple nightmare. Okay, it was you who stole the money. It was you who had pointed the knife in front of the cashier who had to submit to your sharpened blade pointed towards his throat. And it wasn’t the first convenience store you’d attacked, there were video clubs, grocery stores, retirement homes. You stole the money because you needed it, because your parents didn’t pay attention. Your father was always drunk, and your mother, let’s not talk about it. Impossible to count on them, you had to find a way to survive. And this wasn’t the most reasonable way. However, you had become pretty gifted in the field. The ease you had to just passed by someone to subtly stole his wallet was surprising, especially for your age.

You knew how to fight, use a weapon, a knife. The misery you lived through had taught you many things, how to survive and defend yourself, how to set aside emotions and pity. You were a lone wolf, no one was there for you, no one stopped to ask you if you needed help. You were alone. You had learned to hide your emotions, not to show them and to bury them deep inside you. Especially the fear. But at this moment, circling by four pairs of bright eyes, a red, two blues and a gold pair, you were afraid. Your legs were trembling, and even if you were sitting on the ground with your legs up close to you, you couldn’t stop them from shaking. And this simple weakness succeeds in putting you in all your states.

“It’s just a kid …” Red eyes muttered as he stared at you.

“So what? Whether or not, someone died by its fault. ”

Someone was dead? You didn’t kill anyone!

“We are not going to rely on what our eyes have seen, we must know all the sides of the story,” One of the two blue-eyed boys had just spoken. He was muscular enough compared to the other, and had thick black eyebrows. The other blue-eyed was slightly older and had a lighter skin. The youngest of the group was probably the one with golden eyes.

“Look there … poor little frightened creature …” The other with blue eyes tells you, as if he were talking to a child.

You weren’t a child! His comment frightened you, and it’s by swallowing that you open your mouth to defend your integrity.

“I’m not a child,” you answered, trying to show the least the fear that ran through your whole body. “And I didn’t kill anyone,” you added, leaving your gaze in the blue-eyed one.

“Look, that speaks,” he answered, smiling, and his eyes took a natural and human tone. In the darkness of the basement, you don’t manage to see exactly its true color. “Sorry to frighten you, little cat.”

“I wasn’t afraid!” You added more strongly when you got up.

“It’s not good to lie, little cat.”

“Don’t call me that!” You raise your voice, feeling the rage take hold of your body.

“Peter, please, we’re trying to save lives,” muttered the boy with the big eyebrows. “My name is Derek,” he added before pointing at the red-eyed boy who had now brown or black eyes, you couldn’t tell. “Here’s Scott, and he’s Liam,” Derek finished pointing at the last boy, the gold-eyed one.

“And I’m Peter, but smart as you are, you’ve already figured that out, I guess. ”

You looked at him for a moment, detailing his appearance. He had a certain sarcasm and an affront that you admired, even though he was very, very disagreeable to you.

“ Yes.” Was all that you replied to him, on your guard. “What are you exactly?” “

"Well, let’s start with the most important. What we are can wait.” Peter whispered, getting closer to you. But you’re not afraid of him. He had a big mouth, but not enough to hurt you until you answered his questions at least.

"I didn’t kill anyone,” you repeated calmly, looking him in the eye. Finally, they were blue, even in the natural. “I’m a thief but not a killer.”

Peter’s eyes lit up, suddenly interested.

“A thief,” he repeated after you. “Then we caught a gutter cat in our nets. Interesting, ” he finished smiling, and despite the intense urge to strangle him for what he had just said, you felt your legs faint. There was something intriguing and attractive about him.

“Peter,” Scott said. “Let’s stay serious.” Then he turned to me. "We have on a surveillance video one of your … robbery,” he continued as he studied my reactions. “And soon after, the cameras become faulty and … and when the image comes back, the cashier is dead and there’s blood everywhere.”

You didn’t know what to say. Blood, there had been a murder. Right after your passage. A shiver of horror ran through your back, if you had stayed a little too long, it would have been you.

“I …” You began by not knowing how to proclaim your innocence. “It wasn’t me, I was gone. ”

“Yes, we know, but the cops are looking for you.” Liam said and then spoke to Scott as if he were his boss. "Are we taking her to the station?”

At the thought of being at the police station again, you feel your heart beating louder. No way you’re going back!

“What about no.  I’ll take the stray cat home until the police look for a different suspect,” Peter said, casting a look that didn’t inspire you.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea,” Scott began before being interrupted by Peter.

“Come on, Scotty. A little confidence in Uncle Peter!” The older man goes over before grabbing your arm and pulling you out. "I’ll take care of her. ”

You didn’t feel frightened, and decided to let you drag no matter where he was taking you. You were certain of it; It would always be better than staying with your parents or spending the night outside, homeless.

A few weeks passed. You lived in the loft with Peter and Derek, the latter didn’t pay you much attention. He was busy saving everyone, Peter said, adding that despite all his efforts to save the widow and the orphan, he always ended up wounded. Because he was just a big awkward teddy bear.

You were enjoying Peter more and more. When he didn’t ask you for stupidities, or ask you to brought him a beer, or his habit of calling you his lost cat, he was good company. But you didn’t notice that in fact, Derek was watching you, and once in a while he called the pack to talk about you.

You got attached to Peter, he had become like a father to you. The father you never had. He taught you stuff, he taught you all about the werewolves. In return, you had shown him some tricks to trick people and steal their wallets. You laughed at his black humor, and he smiled when you tried to do the same. You had become a true inseparable duo, and that, only in a few weeks.

When Peter was there, you felt safe, strong and untouchable. And of course, someone had to get involved.

One morning while you were in the loft of Derek and Peter, the latter sleeping on the second floor and Derek absent, the worst happened. You had your back turned at the front door, and without the supernatural reflexes of the werewolves, you heard too late the door that opened. You didn’t start the alarm; you didn’t think you needed it.

Big mistake.

“Y / N?” A voice called you, and you froze in horror. It was them. They were here, you never expected to see them again, to hear their voices piercing your eardrums, bringing you bad memories. You didn’t turn towards them and your body began to shake again. Your body that hadn’t trembled by fear for days and days.

Your parents had found you. You never thought they’d notice your absence.

"Y / N, I’m so glad to see you again!” The voice of your father echoed in your skull and you felt all the bruises he had done to you the nights he was too drunk to remember.

"We’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Your mother’s voice added. Your mother who had looked without moving, who had never stretched out her hand to help you.

"You’re not welcome. Get out of my house,” a well-known voice came near you, and at once your shaking stopped. Peter was standing right there, close to you and facing them, his muscular arms crossed on his chest. Immediately you crossed the distance that separated you and snuggled up against him. Peter put his arms around your shoulders as you hid your face against his chest.

“Peter …” You whispered, feeling tears of relief invade your eyes. You felt so much better in his arms.

“Kitten,” he mumbled, your usual greeting. “I can’t go to sleep for an hour, can’t I? I heard your heart accelerated. It’s them, these infamous beings who have broken the heart of my little cat? The ones who throw you in the garbage like you were nothing? ”

“Who are you? You kidnapped our child!” Your father shouted, and you hid even more against Peter.

"Don’t be afraid, little cat. They’ll never hurt you again,”  Peter said, stroking your back. “Don’t claim what you abandoned, it’s not yours. ”

“Fucking asshole!” Your father added before going to you. You heard each of his footsteps, which made the floor resound behind you. He was getting closer, he was going to hit you!

Then, nothing. A muffled noise echoed over you, and when you raised your head to look, you saw that Peter held your father by the throat with one hand. When you looked at Peter, you saw that his eyes were bright blue and that fangs protruded from his half-open mouth. He was furious, and behind you, you heard your mother shouting.

“So, little cat. What do we do with this waste? Tell me. ”

You sniffed, staring at your father, whose face was getting redder and redder. A new rage rose in you, and you cast a look of a desire for vengeance toward Peter, and a smile stretched out your lips.

“We kill him. No wait. ”

You looked at your father as you felt your hand tremble. Then you grabbed the knife that you always had on you. You never wanted to be afraid anymore. With Peter, you know you will not. You pointed your knife toward your father and his eyes widened in fear as you lowered it towards his manhood.

“We cut it. So he’ll know what it’s like to lost integrity,” you added, stretching your smile.

“I like this idea, my kitten. Go ahead, I’ll hold him still. But don’t miss your shot, I don’t want Derek to force me to clean all the blood. ”

“Blood is no problem.”

You pulled out a lighter and began to heat the blade.

“That way, he will not bleed too much. ”

You had not finished heating the blade that you saw a stain spread over your father’s pants.

He had just pissed himself.

“Oh, let us see what we have here. You dirty the floor, you dirty pork. ”

Peter dropped your father on the ground, and immediately he began to cough, holding his throat with both hands. You didn’t wait a second more and rushed towards him to give him a violent kick in the face, your mother still shouting in the back. She didn’t act nor move to help him. Still as a wimp.

Blood spurted from your father’s mouth, his fat mouth that you hated. You sit on his obese belly and went on and on again to punch him in the face. The blood spurted again, your hands were aching but you didn’t care. There was so much rage in your fists, memories of all the times that he had hurt you, ridiculed you, the times you didn’t eat for days because mister took your money to buy himself alcohol. A constant humiliation.

“Kitten, that’s enough.”

You weren’t listening, the rage was strong, your body was numb. You didn’t hear.

“Dirty pork!” You shouted, giving him a last blow before powerful arms came to take you from him. You struggled for a moment before recognizing the embrace, and relaxed at once by spitting on your father’s inert body. His face was nothing but a pool of blood. Your mother ran to him immediately, swore to you and helped him out of the loft.

“Calm down, little cat. They’re gone, everything’s fine,” Peter whispered in your ear, still holding you up against him by the waist. You hadn’t noticed how fast your breath was until his arms were around your waist.

“It’s okay …” You whispered and he let go of you. Immediately you looked at your hands full of blood. His blood. You started to panic, but Peter’s hands entered your field of vision and he began to clean the blood with a piece of wet cloth.

“Look what you did …” He told you reprovingly. “You hurt yourself, kitten,” he added before taking your hands now clean between his own. Immediately, black veins burst on his skin and you felt the pain disappear.

“Thank you …” You mumbled as you felt your body still trembling.

“You did well, kitten. You didn’t kill them. You’re better than them, they deserve worse than death,” Peter tells you, taking you in his arms so you can snuggle against his chest to let out a painful groan.

You didn’t hear him, but Peter did. A voice, someone who had witnessed the scene.

“It’s worse than we thought,” Scott’s voice spoke on the phone. “Peter makes her eat in his hand, she is entirely at his mercy.”

Peter smiled, pressing you closer to him.

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Blankets [JungkookxReader](Pt 2/5)

Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (Feat. Yoongi, Jimin, Taehyung)

Genre: Romance/Angst/Smut BadBoyAU!

Summary: A one night stand turned into various visits. No strings attached, or at least that is what you told yourself every time he walked through the door. His first name was the only thing you knew, besides having memorized every sensitive spot that laid upon his skin.

One night you catch a glimpse of his world. One that you had never had the temptation to roam on your free will. Jungkook though was addicting, and your craving for his touches led you to venture into his life. This new found world offering you a freedom you didn’t know existed. The consequences of your actions instead of taking you a step closer to him, formed a barrier. Jungkook’s sweet touches turned rough with rage, his passionate kisses turned possessive, and his comfortable casual talk went to promises/lies of a forever.

Rating: M [Language, Strong Scenes, Drug usage, Sexual Scenes](Will add a warning prior if that chapter will contain any smut scenes)

Author’s Note: Sorry for the small delay. I am still not super happy with the way this came out. I scrapped half the chapter that I had already finished, and rewrote it since my vision of where this fic was heading changed. This also triggered the fic to grow in complexity now expanding it from a 3 part to a 5 part. Hope ya’ll enjoy.

Also quick confession….. I have never written in 2nd POV till now, so sorry for any mistakes I might commit while writing in this form.

Trigger warning: Drugs, alcohol, and Sexual scenes

Not 100% edited yet. Might have minor mistakes :)

Feedback is greatly appreciated!

Word Count: 4,900+


.Part 1.

Better an Oops than a What If - Unknown

You had always heard the saying: ‘People do crazy things for Love’, but you weren’t in love, so why were you doing it? You had not figured out what temporary madness drove you to commit such a radical act. Jungkook had never played an important role in your life, nor he changed any daily routine, other than serving as an extra source of warmth through the night. How can a simple act of possession drive you to such madness. Actually, whenever he was not around to intoxicate your coherent thoughts with lust, you would dream of a faceless man who would make you fall in love chickflick style. The thought of the possibility of Jungkook filling in those shoes would make you laugh. He was a good fuck. He was an amazing source of relief, but when you looked at the boy asleep in your bed it did nothing for you.

Jungkook was handsome, that was something you couldn’t deny. From his soulful eyes to cheeky grin, it was perfection. Even the scar that lay upon his cheek looked like it was carved on purpose into his face to create an even more intricate structure. As much as he was handsome though, he was  far away from perfect. Jungkook had a bad temperament, and you had witnessed it in quite a few occasions, when he came home beat up only to take out his frustrations by pounding you so hard and rapid that it left your center bruised. Those nights he would escape the security of your bed right after without even a goodbye. Other than cooking skills and casual talks Jungkook never bothered to find out much about you. He like you, seemed to find those specifics irrelevant. Jungkook was immature. He threw tantrums if you didn’t open the door right away, and the few opinions he shared with you over frivolous topics seemed to be based upon illiterate sources. Jungkook was stubborn. He liked things his way or not at all, and that would’ve been okay if you weren’t stubborn as well, which would lead to boundless amounts of arguing and angry sex. Jungkook was just sex. That’s what you have told yourself repeatedly, for the past year when you laid alone upon your bed, inhaling his scent from the unwashed blankets, as if by doing so he would materialize beside you.

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Breaking the silence: Fandom hatred, bullying, victimization, and hacking

Does anyone have an inkling/suspicion or a friend, who I can get in touch with, who might know anything about who hacked my AO3 account and removed all my fanfiction back in January?

My husband I, both proficient when it comes to computers, and he with viruses/hacking/malware protection experience, found out that my pc had been infected with a keylogging software (it tracks every single keyboard key I hit) which also took pictures every few seconds/ran a continuous stream of what I was doing on my pc visually. That means that private emails with numerous people were viewed by the hacker, private information seen, and every single one of the usernames and passwords I had typed in while infected. Unfortunately I didn’t have active monitoring of my pc on, instead relying on a virus and malware scan run once a week, so I didn’t catch it on time. When we looked back, we saw that my pc had been infected for at least 72 hours.

So what happened was they saw me log in to AO3 (which does NOT have two-step authentication – that thing where it sends a code to your phone) and within an hour my fics started to be deleted, one by one….

Thank goodness I was home from work and my husband was able to talk to me on the phone as the next steps were taken… I was able to stay a step ahead of the hacker for pretty much everything else.

So. They not only hacked my AO3. They also changed my username to SlutBitch and proceeded to send threatening emails to my email address. They tried to hack into every single one of my email accounts, and were actually successful on a few of them, but I was getting alerts on my phone (my email monitoring of many of my accounts telling me there was a new device being used to log in) and was frantically requesting password resets before they could change the single-level password reset method, and then I followed behind by adding in a phone verification method for every single log-in attempt made, including my own log ins.

All this without realizing that they were watching me through screenshots, and watching as every keystroke I made was recorded.

I was pretty much handing them my log-ins as I went.

But I stayed ahead of everything else.

Sure, I lost my fanfics with every kudos, every bookmark, every comment ever made, but at least I was able to protect my multiple emails, my Paypal, my Amazon, my Dropbox, and many other things. They made attempts to hack into my husband’s and my mother-in-law’s emails, but they didn’t have the password so I bet it was just to show me how far their reach was. A show of intimidation.

They even made an e-mail account of their own that used my handle: Juulna. My husband was able to hack it back from them, so at least now /I/ own that e-mail address. They used it to send me an e-mail threatening me by saying that they have my real name (of course, since they hacked my emails) and my credit card info. I received that email while I was at work on an 8-hour shift, and I freaked out. Because I couldn’t do anything about it, and I felt so scared. I felt harassed, harried, and completely drained. I just wanted to be left alone to lick my wounds in peace. It was awful. I felt awful.

Oh, and part of the e-mail they sent to me was traced back to my local area, and we called the police who checked into the address, and then apparently couldn’t give us any information because “there was a minor involved.” But I have my doubts that they were actually involved – that the hacker was smart enough to use a proxy or an IP mask.

So, yeah. This malware I’d been infected with (I didn’t use that pc often but, the couple of days before this, I was using it) was pretty sophisticated, and required some knowledge to use it. I had to have clicked on something like an image for the program to download in the background. Someone had to have known I would click on said image (or whatever it was). It’s highly likely I was targeted personally.

So there are a few different options:
A) the person who attacked me was knowledgeable about malware and hacking,
B) they hired someone who was,
C) or they were knowledgeable but not targeting me personally, and it was just a coincidence I was attacked.

I never really pushed the issue back then or even since I returned at the end of March 2017, because I wanted to move past it at the time. I was first off too devastated to want to think on the topic, and then when I returned I inquired into it a little bit by speaking privately with a couple of people and mentioning it here and there to see if there was anyone in the public who might approach me with a tip.

But I’m done getting caught up on reposting, and my mind cannot leave it alone anymore. There’s nothing I can use to distract myself and put the thought off with anymore. 

How does this tie in with fandom and bullying?

Well, because of my own suspicions on who this might be connected with. Many of you know about my run-in(s) with a certain BNF in the fandom. Many of you don’t, or haven’t realized I’m connected to that story in a pretty major way.

I’m not going to go off on a rant here, but suffice it to say that I truly, truly believe that this incident was either perpetrated by her, though she’d been out of the fandom for a few months at the time (though her fics were and still are up), or was perpetrated by someone who felt that I was responsible for her being run out. Maybe I was, a little, but it was only because I shared my story of what happened (and acknowledged the mistakes that I made, as well), which was then included as only a part of what this person did to the fandom and to other people – not just me. But some of her friends have since, and continued to, cast her as a complete victim in all of this, never mind the fact that she’s done this to numerous people, and she and I both escalated our feud. But that’s no reason to paint her as the innocent victim of the whole tale – and neither am I.

I’m human. There are people I really hate or dislike immensely or just a little bit; people I really wish would disappear; and even some people whom I’m jealous of (especially after my fics were removed and all my statistics lost – and after reposting said fics, have only achieved about ¼ of those previous stats, or even 1/20th of the comments I had on one fic…)…….

….. Despite this hate or resentment, or whatever, I would never hack another person and remove all of their hard work, just because I’m upset. I would never ever ever remove someone’s heart and soul; their work, their hours, everything that is theirs. It’s awful. It’s an awful feeling. It’s horrible. And I would have known all that before my work was taken from me.

Stop bullying people.

Stop taking away all their hard work.

Think twice before you speak.

Don’t take away what isn’t yours.

Even if a person is terrible, it’s not your choice to make to remove something which they’ve worked so hard on.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

In conclusion

Thank you for reading/listening to my long-winded rant.

Also, yes, to clarify: the bullying (and possible hacking) occurred from one Reylo to another Reylo (and within an ot3 ship that’s an offshoot of Reylo)… This was not an anti to a Reylo – and that’s just awful that we’re fighting each other. Shouldn’t we stick together?

Also. Yes, I’ve spoken about this in hints or small sentences here and there over the last 9 weeks that I’ve been back. But I’ve finally decided to open up about this, and explain what went on, in the hopes that someone might know what happened, or might know someone else who might know something or be able to help.

And, failing that, it is my hope that someone learns something from my experience, awful as it might have been. If this helps someone… then maybe my experience was worth it, in the end.

I hope so.

Edit: adding the following message from one of my reblogs so that the message gets out there….

I have a message for the hacker: I promise that if you message me, or e-mail me at, that I will never reveal your identity to the community. I mean, as long as you don’t bully others or don’t do this hacking thing again, to me or to others, I will keep your identity a secret. Even if everything and everyone is screaming at me to reveal it and making them pay, I would be content with simply knowing who did this to me. If you did this to me, please come forward privately, at any time, and let me know.

Myth Anomalies: Undead or Fey

The thing that initially made me want to post about mythology has been strange trend I’ve noticed over the year with regards to a group of mythical creatures who seem stuck between two very distinct categories of monster. Specifically there is a bizarrely large number creatures who seem to blur the thick lines between Fairy and Undead, and the most well known of these cases in the Banshee

In modern pop culture anyone and their mother can tell you what a banshee is. It’s a ghostly woman whose ghastly shriek either foretells death or causes it for all who hear it. What most people, (including the one person I expected to know) don’t realize is that while contemporary Banshee are undead, in their celtic origins they are explicit fairies.

This isn’t some random old source that nobody took seriously. The name banshee (or bænsidhe) literally translates to “Woman of the fairies.” And even more curiously, she’s not the only one affected by this. In fact, she’s not even the only case from irish mythology (although seeing as irish fey are sort of the archetype it’s not all that surprising that they hold the record)

Pictured above is the Headless Horseman, who is about one can get to the Halloween version equivalent of Santa Claus (excluding Jack-o’-Lantern, but more on that soon). In American folklore he is known as a poultergeist of a revolutionary war mercenary who lost his head to a canon ball and now haunts rural new york carrying a pumpkin around as a replacement. While The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow popularized this figure as a form of undead, his origin was as, you guessed it, an irish fairy who was actually a lot like the banshee.

Like the Banshee, the Dullahan (or as it’s known to weeaboos, Durarara™) is a cryptic and unsightly fairy whose purpose was either to foreshadow or sew death with his presence. Unlike the one who attacked Ichabod Crane (that was just some churlish vintage bro with a pumpkin), the Dullahan had a number of properties that marked it’s unnatural and disturbing nature, such as the rotten head it carried around or the whip made from its own spinal cord. Also the horse’s head was bigger than its body so good luck telling me how it got off the ground. It also has an even creepier brother who never made it big enough to be considered undead. from the islands of northern scotland comes the skinless horseman, the Nuckelavee, who looks like what would happen the colossal titan got hot and steamy with some sweet, sweet centaur ass (note: if you have a weak constitution don’t google it. just watch RWBY Season 4 for a toned down version)

Neither of these were truly considered undead at the time they were created, but through Richard Dawkin’s theory of Memetic evolution they have become undead to adapt to a society that is no longer intimidated by fairies. However, in some cases, this exact process has played on in reverse. Take for example the Will-O’-Wisp

Most people see these little globes of light as fireflies without the fly. While some may consider them “fairy lights” the fact of this matter is that Will-O’-Wisps get a bit spookier when we look at that buddy I told you we’d get back to. You see, Will-O’-Wisps were originally called Jack-O’-Lanterns, and their origin story is the reason “Tricking” is a valid alternative to candy.

As follows its mirror image the headless horseman, who started as a race of fairies but became an individual undead, the Jack-O’-Lanterns started off as an individual undead but became a race of fairies. Legend goes that a devious and clever moocher by the name of Stingy Jack proved such a sly bastard that the Devil himself decided to make his acquaintance. When the two met in a bar, Jack talked old scratch into turning himself into a coin so he could scam the hapless waitress into giving him his fill of beer. Once transformed however, Jack stuck the coin into his pocket next to a small cross, preventing the devil from changing back. Basically the guy held the devil hostage until he agreed not to take Jack’s soul when he died, but when that day came even purgatory barred its gates to him, so the devil gave him a lantern and made him fuck off back to earth, where to this day he still pulls tricks by guiding marsh-wanderers into leech-filled bogs

Of course, this trend is not limited to celtic mythology, though given that the word “fairy” tends to only be applied to celtic and germanic spirits we’re going to need an extended definition to see just how global this phenomenon is, so let’s head east across eurasia until we find their middle-eastern counterpart, the djinn, or as they’re more commonly known, Genies

(I wanted to use Robin Williams here but I just couldn’t do that)

See, while we never really make the comparison, the genies of middle eastern myth (djinn, ifrit, marids, divs and ghüls) have all the characteristics of fairies. They’re tricky, magical, intelligent, but are explicitly not infernal in nature, instead being individuals with souls and moral variation.

The first four groups I mentioned above have very little in the way of ambiguity, but for the last, Ghüls, or as we know them, Ghouls, actually have a number of variations, ranging from djinn, to intelligent zombies to demons, degenerated humans and batman villains. However, the most popular version, codified by Gary Gygax and George Romero is the idea of ghouls as cannibalistic and feral undead. Older sources tend to avoid the undead comparison, depicting ghouls as cannibalistic shapeshifters either demonic or eldritch (Note: eldritch originally meant elven), but until a few years ago you could have fooled me.

Okay, moving from genies and continuing our journey east we’re going to come across another group of monsters that we as a society really need to just get over and accept as a type of fae. I’m talking about Yokai, a wide family of japanse spirits including ascended animals (like nine-tailed foxes and tanuki) humanoid monsters and weird-ass sea creatures that will butt-fuck you under water unless you make them bow or give them a cucumber

See, yokai as a class is quite diverse compared to previous definitions, wrapping in unambiguous undead and animated objects in addition to more fairy-like beings. Given a vast tradition equal in size to european myths, I do not have the time or the knowledge to detail each case, but what I can do is point to the Banshee’s asian cousin: the Yuki Onna or “snow woman”

Yuki Onna are, as the translation suggests, beautiful and ethereal women who lure victims into snow sex and then hypothermic cuddling after and most likely have nip-nops hard and pointy enough to cut glass. Like fairies they are beautiful sensual, and dangerously tricky, but like banshees they are often depicted as ghosts, usually ones who now deal in the same hoary fate that resulted in their own death.

Okay, so with the examples above it should be clear to you by now that there are enough examples to treat Undead Fey as a class of mythical creature in their own right, the way we do Dragons. This class needs a name, and I propose we move to change the term Unseelie so that it refer these ambiguous cases, and use Seelie to refer to all fairies or fairy-like spirits, good or evil, who are unambiguously alive. While Unseelie does already have a definition, it’s fuzzy and inconsistent one, this is just too fitting to pass up


“Everything, every word, every thought that you know is wrong! Aku…Aku is the one that has laid waste to the beauty of this world. He has destroyed mother nature. Where do you think we are? Aku has unleashed these monstrosities upon our world and they feed off his carnage. Believe what you may, but if you open your eyes and let go of the hate, you [Ashi] will see the truth.”

-          Jack, Samurai Jack, (Season 5, Ep. 04)

The Toonami Trending Rundown for April 8-9, 2017. Following the events of last week, it’s back to business as usual for the better cartoon show, as Jack tries to convince Ashi, the last surviving daughter of Aku, that Aku’s ways are not the righteous ones, while JoJo saves Lisa Lisa from falling to her death, and Kars undergoes a transformation putting on the stone mask and conbining it with the Red Stone and the ultraviolet beams, and Marida is found to be brainwashed by the Vist Foundation and Banagher tries to snap her out of it, among other great moments.

On Twitter, every show from Samurai Jack to Gundam Unicorn (with the exception of Sand Whale and Me) successfully trended in the US during their respective East Coast airings, and Samurai Jack briefly trended worldwide. In addition, both Samurai Jack and Dragon Ball Super would also trend on Tumblr.

This week’s feature was another set of throwback bumpers, including a promotion for Robotech which aired back in 1998, as well as a rerun of the classic reruns speech by Moltar.

The Naruto franchise has played a pivotal role in the growth of Toonami and the anime industry overall over the years, and those keeping up with the latest simulcasts might know that the next chapter to the Naruto series, Boruto has begun its run in Japan. I can’t say much about this series here due to obvious spoiler reasons, though depending on how things go, we could likely see this down the line on the better cartoon show. Of course, unlike many of the shows lately that we’ve been keeping an eye on for a potential Toonami run of their sequels, we still have several more years of Shippuden left to go, so unless they air Boruto and Shippuden at the same time (much like for DBZ), or if Shippuden is pulled in favor of airing Boruto, we could be waiting a while for this one to occur. As we’ve seen with One Piece’s cancellation among other things, things can easily change and anything can happen, so it’s pretty hard to predict what could happen regarding the future of Naruto’s Toonami presence ahead. All I can really recommend for those that want Boruto at some point is to keep supporting Toonami and Naruto overall and as with all potential shows, let Toonami know you want it. In the meantime, if you are caught up with Naruto and you wish to check out the sub now, it’s available on legal streams such as Hulu and Crunchyroll.

In Ghost in the Shell news, it was announced on Friday by Production IG & Kodansha that a new Ghost In The Shell anime is in the works. Kenji Kamiyama, who previously directed Stand Alone Complex, and Shinji Aramaki, who previously directed Appleseed, will serve as the new show’s co-directors. No further details have been released as of yet. With Stand Alone Complex being a Toonami classic along with Toonami’s good relations with Production IG, no doubt this will also be one to watch out for depending on how things go ahead.

Next week, JoJo’s will be completing the Battle Tendency story arc with a bang as Toonami will be showcasing the final two episodes from 12:30-1:30am Eastern. As this move is made in part to fast tracking the Attack on Titan season 2 dub premiere in 2 weeks, Tokyo Ghoul will have the night off to make way. In addition, next week will also showcase the finale of Super’s Battle of Gods arc while Samurai Jack will reach the halfway point of season 5, among other great moments. Until next week, we wish all those celebrating a Happy Holy Week and a blessed Passover, and we’ll see you again next week for another round of the better cartoon show.

Legend: The shows listed are ordered based on their appearance on the schedule. Show trends are listed in bold. The number next to the listed trend represents the highest it trended on the list (not counting the promoted trend), judging only by the images placed in the rundown. For the Twitter tweet counts, the listed number of tweets are also sorely based on the highest number shown based on the images on the rundown.

United States Trends:

  • #Toonami [#8]
  • #SamuraiJack [#2]
  • #DragonBallSuper [#24]
  • #DBZKai [#9]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [#10]
  • #TokyoGhoul [#7]
  • #HunterXHunter [#8]
  • #GundamUnicorn [#4]

Worldwide Trends:

  • #SamuraiJack [#19]

Tweet Counts:

  • Toonami [8,147 tweets]
  • #Toonami [4,915 tweets]
  • #SamuraiJack [7,523 tweets]
  • #DragonBallSuper [4,149 tweets]
  • #DBZKai [1,848 tweets]
  • #JoJosBizarreAdventure [1,960 tweets]
  • #TokyoGhoul [2,257 tweets]
  • #HunterXHunter [1,812 tweets]

Tumblr Trends:

  • #samurai jack
  • #dragon ball super

Notes and Other Statistics:

Special thanks to @coreymbarnes and others I forgot to mention for spotting some of the trends on this list.

Only Toonami on [adult swim] on Cartoon Network.

When the Ghosts Get in Your Head

( PROMPT: Can I please have Peter comforting the reader? With forehead touches/kisses SLAY ME. )

A/N: So. I’ve decided to make a Tom Holland/Spiderman fanzine, and if anyone is interested to contribute (and tell me how the heckie to go about doing it ), please PLEASE send me a message and we can work this out!! I actually want to send the fanzine to Tom Holland himself, but I also have no idea how to send it to him so PLEASE SEND HELP. Because I have no idea what I am doing. *sobs*

WARNINGS: Panic attacks/anxiety, so I’ve put it under a read more!

Taglist (permanent): @mainspidey | @x-wing-starwriter | @tomsleftbrow | @tryn25@tanglefire@midnight-memorial | @tiny-friggin-human | @tacklemyackles@fangeekkk@beamagtuto | @captainaudreystark | @hellosuperewczi

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anonymous asked:

I’ve been reading a lot about Hellenic polytheism and it just kinda seems right to me? I feel really connected to Persephone and Aphrodite. Does you have any information or tips for me?

Welcome, Anon!  I can offer more specific assistance about Persephone than about Aphrodite. I recommend the pages for Aphrodite at (here) and at Hellenion’s Temenos site (here).

I have a lot of information and opinions about Persephone, though, so get something to drink, and make yourself comfortable!


The worship of Persephone, also known as Kore (”the maiden”) is a hot issue in modern religion, and how one worships Her depends on whether one sees Her primarily as a maiden who became a willing bride, or as a victim of rape who wrested queenship and other honors from her attacker. I hold the former view, which I believe is based on solid scholarship, and I must disclose that this is also informed by my leanings towards the Roman view of the gods, which endorses Proserpina as a goddess of marriage and Plouto as an ideal husband. Although I disagree with there those who insist on the interpretation of Persephone as a victim, I realize that they believe their reasons are valid, and I respect their right to worship Her as they see fit.

I suggest you consult the sources, and decide for yourself, because the perspective from which you choose to worship Her is going to affect how and whether you worship Hades.

There is also controversy among polytheists about whether Persephone has children, with whom and in what circumstances they were conceived. Some people view her marriage to Hades as childless, some believe they had children, either together, or with other partners: Melinoe, the goddess of ghosts and nightmares, Makaria, goddess of a blessed death, and Zagreus, who grew up to become Dionysus.


You can search my Persephone tags for a range of information (I have eleven pages of posts and reblogs about her!). Other tumblr users with a scholarly perspective on Persephone include coloricioso, a-gnosis, and kata-cthonia,

Online resources:

Persephone at Theoi,com

Persephoneion, the Sanctuary of Persephone at

C.M Furness, An Analysis of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Iphigenia Levanti, The Mondragone Relief Revisited: Eleusinian Cult Iconography in Campania

C. Sourvinou-Inwood, Persephone and Aphrodite at Locri: A Model for Personality Definitions in Greek Religions (


Margaret Alexiou, The Ritual Lament in Greek Tradition

Walter Burkert, “The Maiden’s Tragedy” pp. 69-79 in Creation of the Sacred (read at Google Books here)

Helene P. Foley, The Homeric Hymn to Demeter (review here) (excerpt here)

Karl Kerényi, Eleusis: Archetypal Image of Mother and Daughter

Mary R. Lefkowitz, “Seduction and Rape in Greek Myth” in Consent and Coersiont o Sex and Marriage in Ancient and Medieval Societies edited by Angeliki E. Laiou (read at Google Books here)

George E. Mylonas, Eleusis and the Eleusinian Mysteries

John H. Oakley , Rebecca H. Sinos, The Wedding in Ancient Athens (review here) (Google Books here)

Ann Suter, The Narcissus and the Pomegranate: An Archaeology of the Homeric Hymn to Demeter (information here)

Other Sources:

Art and artifacts are also important in understanding Persephone’s myth and cult. Look for information about the Votive Relief of Lysimachides, and the Locri Pinakes, I suggest visiting the many online museum image collections and viewing the pottery and statues of Persephone that were created in antiquity.

Festival Dates

The ancient Greeks worshiped Persephone, along with Demeter and Hades, at the Lesser Eleusinian Mysteries, held in the early Spring over six days. and the Greater Eleusinian Mysteries, a week-long festival held in the early Autumn. See the Hellenion calendar for the dates, which vary each year. In addition, Persephone may have been honored at the Anthestheria, the Athenian Festival of Flowers, although the festival itself was dedicated to Dionysus.

The ancient Romans honored Persephone and Hades as Proserpina and Dis Pater at the Taurian Games, which may have been Etruscan in origin. The games occurred at irregular intervals, but were held between the Ides of May and the Kalends of June.

Proserpina was also worshiped by the ancient Romans at a festival on January 6. Her return from the netherworld was celebrated on April 3, and her descent to the Netherworld was honored on November 25. (This information is from

Modern Worship

Some modern Hellenic polytheists worship Persephone with either Demeter or Hades, or both, at Hecate’s Deipnon, the last day of each lunar month. Hellenion, a U.S. Hellenic polytheist organization, encourages a libation to be poured to Demeter and Kore on the second Saturday of September. Persephone is honored, along with Hades and other deities, during the Heliogenna festival on the night of the Winter Solstice.

Most Hellenic reconstructionists refer to the chthonic deities by their epithets, rather than their names. (This information is from: Epithets can be found under the individual deity listings at I consider myself more of a revivalist than a reconstructionist, so I use their names in prayer and worship.

It is usual to mix the wine offered to the Hellenic deities with water, but straight wine is offered to the chthonic deities, possibly because food and drink offered to them is not supposed to be shared by humans. Libations made to chthonic deities are spilled on the ground, rather than poured. The technique is to place the vessel on the earth, and gently turn it over until all the liquid spills out. Offerings made to the chthonic deities are to be placed in a small hole and buried, when possible. Some apartment-dwellers keep a large pot of soil for this, and refresh it when needed.

Hymns, poems, and ideas for worshiping Persephone can be found at Hellenion’s Temenos site (here).

May your path be blessed!

Readers who follow Aphrodite and/or Persephone are invited to offer suggestions to help this Anon get started!

With All My Heart - Part 1

Requested by Anonymous: “Hey there could you do an imagine where you caught pan cheating on you with another girl so you broke up but when he sees you flirting with the new lost boy he gets jealous and try to win you back

Which I decided to combine with this Anonymous request: “Could you do from your prompt list 32,40,38,21,2,8 with pan where he cheats on reader with the new girl (not Wendy please)”

Thanks to prompts from @riddikuluslysupernatural: “Have you seen my… oh” “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?” “Were you ever going to tell me?”   

I realised that this is going to be a long one so it’s in two parts!

Summary: OUAT Peter Pan x Reader. When you stumble upon something that you wish you never had, your first response is to run far away from it. This in turn leads to more problems as you meet a new Lost Boy who could very well be the perfect revenge plan. Meanwhile, Peter wants to have a chat. 

Word Count: 1,544 Words

Part 1 - Part 2


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Would this have happened anyway?

Written by: @florence68blog

Title: Would this have happened anyway?

Prompt 66: Would love to read a canon divergent fic that explores what Peeta says about “a lot of guys liking Katniss”. This could cover a lot of tropes: no games, arranged marriage, friends to lovers, or this would have happened anyway. Would love to see Katniss more open to her feelings and the possibility of love. Would love to see how Peeta would win Katniss over with more than just Gale as competition. [submitted by Anonymous]

Note: A work in progress (multichapter).

Summary:  The war ended when Katniss and Peeta were 16 years old. A couple of years have passed since the rebellion. Life in District 12 has changed quite a lot. Without the threat of hunger, the Reaping or death, Katniss and Peeta have become friends. Is there hope for something more?

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I Thought I Lost You

Summary: Clarke gets attacked by one of their people in her own room and almost dies. Once Bellamy finds out about the attack, he takes it upon himself to not let that happened again.
Words: 5.219
Warnings: Violence, gun violence.

S/o to @asavelveteen for beta’ing my fic once again!

Bellamy was with Marcus, talking about their new plans late at night, when Abby radioed Marcus to get to medical ASAP because something serious had happened. Bellamy didn’t bother asking for permission, proceeding to follow Marcus without any further discussion.

“What happened?” Marcus asks the moment he walks into the Med Bay with Bellamy close behind.

They both see Harper leaning against a bed, holding an ice pack to her cheek, before their eyes shift to the bed on the opposite wall, following Harper’s gaze.

The moment Bellamy sees the blonde hair, his heart seems to stop. She’s sitting on the bed, Abby squatting between her legs with her hands up, cupping Clarke’s neck and turning her head from side to side, examining it.

“What happened?” Bellamy asks again since no one had bothered to answer Marcus, taking a few steps towards the two Griffins.

“Someone tried to kill Clarke.” Abby says lowly, her voice deadly calm. She let go of Clarke’s neck before lifting her gaze to Bellamy. “In her own room.”

An incredulous “What?!” escapes both Bellamy and Marcus’ mouths, both of them rightfully shocked by what they just heard.

“Grounders broke into Arkadia?” Bellamy demands more than asks, turning to look at Marcus who was now behind him.

“No.” they hear Harper whisper, putting down the ice pack to reveal her own purple cheek. “It was one of us.”

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As much as I don’t want to bicker with people...

The vast majority of people who are disappointed in RWBY Volume 4 are, for the most part, saying nothing happened. Like, literally nothing, at least that’s not important. Or if it did happen, it was stupid, problematic on the character’s end, etc.

I confess: while I’m not entirely blind to a story’s flaws, I do tend to focus on the pros of something more than the cons, as they’re the reason that I keep going back to something despite the problems. I like these parts of the show, ergo that’s why I’m still watching it. I prefer the positives being emphasized over the cons. That still doesn’t mean, however, I am going to completely ignore them or brush them off as minor.

From a technical standpoint regarding RWBY’s writing, the fatal flaw this show has no matter what is this: the shorter length of the episodes compared to other shows mean that getting through a MAJOR story arc takes a lot of time. The entirety of Volume 1 was introducing us to the world of Remnant. Both Volume 2 and Volume 3 were an entire arc story arc in themselves, as it was basically giving us the reason why the bad guys are such a threat. And Volume 4? Volume 4 is what we like to call a transition arc. The reason it feels like filler is because it’s trying to smoothly move us to the bigger story of Volume 5 instead of throwing a bunch of crap at us right away. Everything that happened in this Volume is setting us up for what’s coming next and making sure we have explanations for things, like the introduction of characters such as Oscar, Blake’s parents, Weiss’s family, and Cinder’s other associates. If you wanna look at it this way, it’s a passive volume in terms of storytelling, not active. That’s why it feels underwhelming to a lot of people.

Now for the elephant in the room: was this volume pointless because seemingly nothing happened? Hell no. This volume might not have gotten our blood pumping like the past volumes, but it did give a lot of insight to the characters and to Remnant. I’m not going to focus on things that I inherently found problematic IE the negative part of [character]’s introduction or stuff like that. Again, I like to focus on the bright side of things. I’m just going to highlight all the stuff that I thought Volume 4 did right. You can disagree with me, but hey, opinions are opinions, right?

The list

  • Remnant has finally been expanded beyond Vale. We actually got to see what the rest of the world looks like and understand why it’s so dangerous. Vale was constantly presented as a safe place and that did get boring after a while because we wanted to see the characters get into life-threatening trouble. Now? They presented things to us like how easy it is for small villages to get picked off by Grimm attacks.
  • Ruby is getting the screentime she deserves as a main character. I know people point out that she’s still feels as flat as cardboard as when she first appeared, but this volume finally did flesh out her character a bit more in terms of what’s going through her head. She’s learning that the world around her isn’t perfect and she’s also coping with upfront losses. While we know she lost her mother, it was stated that she was too young at the time to completely understand what was going on. Now? She’s showing a good deal of grief after seeing two friends die right in front of her last volume and is possibly starting to break from the pressure. (Which makes sense because she is two years younger than her teammates and JNR, making her more emotionally fragile because she hasn’t had those additional two years to mature.)
  • Expanding on Weiss’s family and getting a full explanation on why her childhood was so rough. Her mother is an alcoholic out of misery from her marriage, her father is only interested on preserving the image of the Schnee Dust Company, and Whitley has a passive-aggressive loathing of her and Winter. Only Winter is completely supportive of her and she considers Klein to be her family over her father, brother, and mother. I love Weiss showing an understanding that blood isn’t always thicker than water.
  • Sun getting better development as a character. I love this monkey boy for his personality and antics, but he’s honestly gotten more screentime than an actual understanding of what his character and motivations are. We know he’s attracted to Blake and his first time seeing her was oh hey you’re kinda cute, but a lot of what he said this volume basically solidifies that he sees her as a friend first and someone he’s interested in second, following her to make sure she didn’t hurt herself. He also doesn’t shove her relationships with her other friends to the side in favor of making it about himself. He brought up Yang in their conversation in episode 11 and made sure she understood that she was hurting everyone around her. Sun may be stupid at times, but he definitely isn’t selfish and self-centered.
  • Clarification on Blake being “born into the White Fang.” Since Volume 1, I had the impression that Blake was an orphan and was adopted by the White Fang even though it’s never stated, but her being the daughter of the previous leader actually makes sense and I do understand why she hasn’t brought her family up until this point; they left while she stayed. The fact that Kali and Ghira are shown to still to love their daughter despite that she essentially left them shows how much they care for her and that is really heartwarming.
  • Ren and Nora finally got the development we’ve been waiting for since Volume 1. Despite loving the two since their introduction, they’ve always been sidelined in terms of the Team JNPR development from my standpoint in favor of focusing on the Arkos duo. This volume, they got their backstory expanded on and we even got a bit of understanding on the nature of Ren’s personality and how it relates to his Semblance. (Although I do feel like they could have put more emphasis on Nora.)
  • The Nuckelavee Grimm. I know a lot of people saying that they built up this Grimm to be a lot more terrifying than it actually was when it was finally presented, but seriously? When that thing showed up in Ren and Nora’s flashback, I nearly pissed myself because it was that terrifying. And really, just think: there could be more of those things wandering around. What if it wasn’t just one, but two or three of them that attacked Kuroyuri? That’s worse to think about.
  • Jaune was actually bearable. Look, I won’t deny that I’m with the people who groan every time Jaune comes on because Ruby is shoved to the side every time. Here, he was actually put in more supporting, passive role. I liked his interactions with Ren and Nora and, looking at his relationship with Ruby, he did feel like a big brother to her. They are essentially helping each other hold up after Pyrrha’s death last volume and that, I think, is really important.
  • Yang’s interactions with Taiyang and understanding the dynamics of the Rose-Xiao Long family. I am one to agree that Yang’s “healing” from her PTSD felt rushed especially considering what real life PTSD is like, but it was nice to understand Taiyang’s feelings towards both his wives, as well as his worry regarding Yang wanting to find her mother. After all, Raven was shown in her interaction with Qrow that she gives jack shit about her daughter and the fact that Yang chose to go after her younger sister over Raven shows that Yang is more willing to go after someone she knows and cares about rather than a mother she knows little about.
  • This is more of a minor thing, but hey, it’s worth mentioning: NO ONE MAJOR DIED IN THIS VOLUME. THANK GOD, I WAS SO TERRIFIED FOR MY RENORA BABIES.
The Lycanthrope Forest


Mordeadus - homebrew


There are no countries in this region


Human, werewolves, werebears, wererats, wereravens
Note: Lycanthropes are a playable race in this setting.


People can be become lycanthropes by either being bitten or by being born from a lycanthrope mother.
Once a lycanthope, there is no going back although there is many legends of a cure. Lyhanthropes are secretive, keeping to their own kind and have an almost druid level of respect for nature. Considered unnatural by almost everyone, it is only nature that has accepted them for their animal spirits.

Druids and fey of the forest do not consider lycanthropes unnatural, instead treating them as kindred animal spirits trapped in a human body, even coming to their aid when needed. Because of the forest’s open respect for them and being the only true home, the lycanthropes fiercely guard the pines, killing anyone showing the woods disrespect.

The lycanthropes will attack on sight anyone damaging the woods or trying to build on the land but will allow for travel and hunting if done with respect.

Lycanthropes of different sub-types often do not get along, fighting for territory and only tolerate sub-types of their kind, often prefering to stay with only their immediate tribe. They tend to be extremely cautious and paranoid, similar to a wild animal and rarely shows interest in dealing with other people unless they have to or the person has something they need.

Some lycanthropes do leave the forest to adventure, but it is usually to kill undead and vampires as the undead are natural enemies of nature. A lycanthrope will in rare cases even tolerate an undead companion if they are on the same goal, killing something more powerful, preventing destruction of the forest, or aiding in a quest. However, once the undead’s usefulness has been fulfilled, the lycanthropes always makes sure they are the next thing to be destroyed.

Lycanthropy as build

The powers below are only active when a person transforms into a lycanthrope.

Regenerate all wounds at a rate of 1 hit point an hour per level
Get plus 2 STR and plus 2 CON
Receive plus 5 hit points at first level
Have 1 DR/silver per 4 levels
Receives 2 attacks with claws at base attack score for D6 damage plus STR modifier
A lycanthrope can sacrifice both their claw attacks for one bite dealing D6 damage plus STR modifier. However, once a lycanthrope successfully bites, their mouth is considered clamped on the victim and deals an automatic D6 plus damage plus STR modifier every round unless an opponent beats them in a strength score to become free.

In addition, each sub-type of lycanthropes receives additional abilities below:


Receive plus 2 DEX and minus 1 STR and CON

Add receive plus 5 to all sense related skills


Receive an extra plus 1 to CON and STR


Immunity to disease and poison due to their carrion nature


Can fly equal to their CON in rounds

Lycanthropes can transform at will except when frenzied. Whenever a lycanthrope is injured or in angered state, they must roll a will save based on the damage or effects, with a failed roll resulting in a frenzy.
A human, if frenzied will transform immediately. A lycanthrope cannot transform into a human while frenzied.
The frenzy lasts a number of rounds equal to the lycanthrope’s CON as a human.

A lycanthrope gets a bonus or penalty to the save depending on the situation:
If undead, save increases by 4
If a known enemy, save increases by 2
If another lycanthrope but not their sub-type, the save decreases by 2

if another lycanthrope of there type save decrease by 4
If a friend, save decreases by 2
If a fey, save decreases by 2
Note: The bonus and penalties are stackable, so an undead known enemy would by an extra 6 to the difficulty of the will save, while a lycanthrope friend of their sub-type would decrease the difficulty by 6.


To the north of the vampire nations is the thick pines forest known as the Lycanthrope Forest or the Beast Woods. This region is thick with dark pine forests. In some places so thick, the sun cannot shine through the canopy - similar to a jungle.


There are only small villages formed from tribes of werewovles,werebears,wererats and wereravens. The villages are spread out all over the forest in isolated group who rarely have contact with others of their own kind and almost never with anyone else, prefering instead to stay hidden.

Architecture Style

Each tribe builds small tents or huts out of their own particular animalism. Although in many cultures it would be seen as perverse or bizarre to build with the skins of your race, to the lycanthropes it is a sign of respect and to gain the protection of the falling spirits. Lycanthropes honor their dead by eatign their meat in a cannibalistic practice to consume the spirits of their ancestors, but also to share the strenght of the fallen with the entire tribe.
These practices to outsiders seem macabre and it’s one of the many reasons the lycanthropes stay hidden.

Clothing Style

Each tribe wears the skins of their fallen. It is not uncommon to come across a lycanthrope who is wearing clothing and jewelry made form the dead of their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts. While macabre, the lycanthropes believe the deceased stay with them and give them their strength.

In fact, the more relatives and friends you wear the stronger and more protected a lycanthrope is believed to be - “the entirety of my tribe fights with me today”

Because of this damaging or disrespecting a lycanthrope’s clothing is considered extremly disrespectful. Lycanthropes take great care of their clothing and jewelry and will not let their furs becomes needlessly ruined lest their ancestors spirits stop protecting them. This is the reason why things like fire becomes extremely frightening. A lycanthrope can always stitch a tear, but cannot repair a ruined garment.


The lycanthropes do not  pray to a God but instead give homage to the woods and the mother spirits. To them the forest is known as the moon pine den -their home.
Lycanthropes will often pray at night to effigies of a human with a rat, bear, wolf or raven carved on its chest. It is always only one animal and never more. The person is symbolic of their ancestor spirits combining with the animal spirit of the wood, becoming the mother spirit.

It is believed the mother spirits, one for each sub-type, were 4 sisters who were birthed by the marriage of the moon and the trees, humankind did not know nature, so nature merged with man.

These effigies are painted on huts and built outside settlements and considered sacred by all lycanthropes. Any outsider who damages or disrespects an image of a mother spirit, even by accident, is met with swift and often lethal violence.

Each sub-type has its own sub-traits:

The wolf mother spirit is about the hunt, food and agility.
The bear mother spirit is about battle, protecting one’s territory and strength.
The rat mother spirit is about survival and community due to a rat’s nature to coexist with other specials and thrive.
The raven mother spirit is about the afterlife mixing with the spirits of the air.


The lycanthropes have no need for trade instead getting all they require from the woods. Gold has almost no value for lycanthropes in the forest, instead they exist on a system of batter and favors.

Those who do leave the forest will use gold but prefer to batter and do favors in exchange for what they need whenever possible.



This is a perverted race of half-human and half-demon. They appear in their lycanthrope form as reddish imps with double sized heads and giant dripping maws. Born from the demons of the north, these are humans possessed by demons through rituals.
Like lycanthropes, they can transform at will into their demon forms. They have all the basic rules of a lycanthrope plus the abilities below:
An additional 5 extra hit points at first level.
When in demon form, they can use their bite attack plus their claw attacks in the same round.
Starting at 3rd level, a weredemon’s claws begin to secrete poison with a save equaling the class level plus dealing D6 plus class level in damage.
Weredemons are always evil and always controlled by the demon inside of them as if dominate monster is always cast on them.

Most of the time the person can do as they wish and may even appear normal but are always subject to the demon’s whims. If the demon is more sadist, the person may never have control of their actions again, being forced to carve chunks out their skins, eat insects and even attack loved ones.
Each demon has its own agenda, some to kill, some to influence evil on others, and still yet more may want to band with undead or villains, helping evil succeed wherever they may find it. Because of this weredemons can be found anywhere at any station, a legion of Manchurian candidates waiting to be unleashed.

Taiyama week 2017  day 2. Favorite moments   TOP 10 FAVORITE MOMENTS

Because why not? 

10. I wouldn´t  let you go 

Is Digimon adventure episode 9, the kids had been separate, and of course Taichi and Yamato ended up together, and they fought and they fall over a cliff and Yamato is crying and Taichi wouln´t never let him go. 

So beaUtiful 

I love this moment because i think this is the moment when Taichi stars to get Yamato, he wasn´t just an annoyed kid, he was sensitive and he seems really sorprise of see him crying, and (i think) kind of remains him how worried he would be if kari were lost too, or if he can´t defend her.  They conect for very first time. 

9. The hands in the ultimate evolution 

Episode 38, VenomMyotismos emerge and they found out about the prophecy, Taichi and Yamato agree to get their little brothers stab them in favor of save the world.

Taichi is shaking and an act of true love  frienship Yamato hold his hand 

i mean… come on¡ you don´t make those eyes for your friends¡¡ 

Also i adore that is Yamato who hold Taichi, and both of them confess that they are afraid, Taichi didn´t even open his hand he just let Yamato hold him, like sajksdhkfjjls, is so intense and is than confident and trust what make them digivolves (also the arrows of freaking LOVE but who cares) i just… i cant.. 

8. Stalker Yamato

this is not romantic, seriusly Matt, you couln´t just stalk your friends and yell at them and push them literally over a wall just because you have strong feelings, is not a healthy way to deal with it.  And that´s the point, Yamato didn´t know how to exprese the intense feelings, his emotion and the anger and the frustation, is so in caracther, this the same Yamato who decide to killing attack Taichi because no reason was a good idea, the one who yell at sora in panick, the one who crying in a cave alone because he think nobody needs him.  And there is Taichi, always Taichi in the voragine. 

7. Un lider admirado como Tai que siempre hace lo correcto 

So Yamato is alone in the cave form of his bad toughs in episode 51,  and he is super confused and depresed and he speak about Taichi, i didn´t know if he said the same in the english dub than in the latin america dub. In spanish he said something like “ i know i would never be an admirable lider like Tai that always do the right thing” so, that is what Yamato tought of Tai, that is his perception of him, for him Taichi is literally perfection, and that make him insane.

And that is canon 

6.The date after the reboot 

Because they both lost their partners and they don´t need words, just quality time together

yes i know is not the right image but is late and i work in the morning i have no time to screenshots 

4. The hug in OVA 1

The end of reunion could win a contest of more  non resolve sexual tension betwen to male leads… because… 

Just… and of course they remember the moment that star everything 

just kiss alredy 

3. The lake 

Not only one of my favorites Taiyama moments but my favorite episode of my favorite series… when Cherrymon convice Yamato that challenge Tai would resolve his doubs,and tell him his reflexion in the lake would show him his rival, and who he saw in the reflexion? 

We know latter that what the lake do is show you the person who is most dominant in your mind, the one about you think the most. 

So, 11 years old Yamato Ishida, the person who is most dominand in his mind is this boy that he just met this summer, not his little brother, or his digimon partner or the future canon mother of his children, no his neglet mother or his father, nop, that boy… 

Is love, i know it, you know it, even cherrymon know it. 

2. What would yamato do?

After Yamato left the group because the hole metalgarurumon vs. Wargreymon thing Taichi confront a new situation: He run witout competition, he is now the complete autority, he is in charge, no one argue with him (not for like one episode but still). And he get this really cool attitude of thinking before acting, he even have this moment of “waith a second, what would Yamato do? what if i make some mistake? what if something happend to Yamato little brother and is my fault? what i´m gonna tell him?” 

Is really interesting because until this moment you could argue that Yamato has this big one side crush with Taichi, but he tought about Yamato so much in the last part of the dark masters arc, he trust him in a hole new level and you cant denied that taichi miss him. 

look at that face, the “i would rater die that admid that meaby Yamato abandond us forever, he would come, he would help us, he would help me” 

1. The Knigh in the  shinning armor 

And he get back, yelling Taichi´s name in the middle of the battle, in his white horse blue wolf , curing all his injuries with his magic love frienship. 

This is so cliche and corny but just so pretty. 

Hinata getting wrecked

This is a headcanon born out of Viria’s art of Kagehina as third years and Hinata’s knee brace on it :”)

Hinata’s this kind of person that thinks he’s never enough. He’s always haunted by the feeling of still lacking compared to his teammates, that he’s still capable of much more (which is true, of course, but his patience fails him here). And so he trains on his own, extra. He does it quite often, but only tells the rest of the team about a couple days per week.

Aching muscles, sweat streaming down his face and inability to do anything at all after he’s practiced — all that gives him some faint confidence that he’s making enough efforts, that he tries hard and gives it his best. But every ball he can’t receive and every blocked and received attack of his start subconsciously pressing him down, literally whispering that no, you’re still not doing enough if you still can’t get a higher success rate. Hinata does understand that it’s impossible to never get blocked, but at the same time can’t stop himself from striving for the best results, cause a small part of his mind still fears he’s not good enough for the team. He won’t admit it to himself though, realizing that such thoughts really are stupid.

But stupid thoughts often lead to stupid acts: slowly, gradually, so that even the person himself wouldn’t notice.

Kageyama starts suspecting something first, but Hinata always waves it off and comes up with something. He sees that Kageyama doesn’t really buy it, but there’s nothing he can do at that point, so he drops it. To Hinata’s surprise, soon his teammates start asking the same questions, and he genuinely doesn’t understand why are they worried (especially when Tsukishima suddenly showed interest in his training schedule, now that was creepy). So he tells them the same stuff he tells Kageyama. Hinata knows that they will worry for no reason if they find out, and he prefers to stick to his own schedule.

At some point his knee starts bothering him. At first Hinata simply ignores it, then he starts using an ointment. Dull ache even makes him reconsider things a few times, makes him think hard whether he should really keep this up, but every mistake at a practice, every failure, no matter how small, pushes him in the wrong direction, and so he keeps going.

Gradually interrogations initiated by Kageyama turn into fights. At some Hinata tells him, well, so what if I train some extra, why do you care so long as it allows me to get better? Kageyama tries to beat some sense into him, because he noticed how Hinata started getting tired quicker, got less lively and was just… sort of unsteady on his own feet, but Hinata doesn’t hear him. They end up yelling at each other, and Hinata retorts that Kageyama with his flawless technique can’t possibly understand him.

They have the next day off, but Hinata still comes to have some practice (the school grounds are open and by then the access to the gym keys was easy) — party to let some steam and frustration out, to shake off all the doubts that Kageyama’s words triggered, but mostly just for the practice itself. It always helped him to get rid of useless thoughts and generally feel better.

And so he trains, stubbornly ignoring faint yet persistent pain in his left knee. He really gets a little better, but not for long. At some point, while practicing his spike against the wall, he jumps and hits, but his knee buckles during the landing and he falls. Hinata groans but doesn’t think much of it — not his first fall, not his last. He thinks that he might already be tired and it’s late, so he should probably go, but when he starts standing up, his knees buckle again and he falls back.

He’s surprised cause that never happened before, his legs being unable to hold his weight. Hinata tries again and again, using his arms as support, but ends up just falling and falling, while the knee pain is getting sharper. He manages to crawl to the bench, gritting his teeth and trying to hold back tears, cause it really hurts badly by now. Hinata finds his cellphone and realizes that he doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to call his mother and worry her, but he also knows that he can’t make it anywhere on his own. Hinata taps against his leg nervously and attempts to stretch it a little, hoping that the pain will pass, but it doesn’t. He’s so frustrated he wants so smash his head against the wall. Hinata can’t do anything without help and for some reason he can’t think about anyone but Kageyama.

But can he really call him? After all the fights and warnings about potential consequences, could Hinata call him and tell that yes, he was right, Hinata fucked up his knee and really, really needed his help?

Hinata is lost, his right knee hurts a little, the left one is just wrecked, and by then he’s really, really scared. Feeling his eyes getting wet, he calls Kageyama after all. Kageyama picks up and answers with his voice so calm and causal that Hinata’s reluctant crying intensifies, he really doesn’t want to tell him anything. But he does, explains the situation and hears Kageyama rushing out somewhere as soon as he mentions his knee and the fall. Be right there, he says and asks some other questions that Hinata can’t answer because of the worsening knee pain. He hates it and wants to break his phone, he hates that he had to tell Kageyama and had to ask for his help, hates that it came down to this, hates himself for not listening to Kageyama earlier.

Kageyama makes it there in no time, worried and frightened; carefully, he helps Hinata get up, and Hinata subconsciously squeezes the arms supporting him, Kageyama’s presence soothing him a little. But Kageyama himself is actually beyond scared, cause that’s what he feared most all along, that’s the worst nightmare becoming reality. And the worst is that he has no idea what to do, and the more he watches Hinata being in pain, the more his heart swells and thoughts get foggy, arms starting to shake.

He remembers the time when he found Oikawa-san on the gym floor in junior high, just the same, trying to hold back tears. Naturally, he called Iwaizumi-san straightaway and didn’t know all that well what happened afterwards, but the image of Oikawa knocked down on the floor probably got burnt into his memory somewhere.

And this time it was pretty much the same, only the person suffering was possibly the closest friend he ever had, and that terrifies him to the core.

He’s lost as well, and he can only press Hinata closer to himself, ignoring how awkward that might be, as if trying to calm him down. But he knows that it won’t help Hinata or his knees. And being in that position he has only one person on his mind that’s been through that and probably knows how to deal with it better that anyone else — Oikawa-san. He fishes his phone out of his pocket, trying not to disturb Hinata, and reconsiders thousands of times while doing that, cause why would Oikawa-san help him? Why would he help Hinata? But Kageyama gets panicked, and he just dials the number, stuffing all his doubts far away. He doesn’t have much choice after all.

Okay real talk for a minute

This is about Naruhina & Sasusaku and no I am not bashing either or saying why ones better than the other I’m just explaining why I’m so happy with both of them and equally glad that both happened

Both Naruto and Sasuke were starved as love as children, Naruto’s parents died when he was young and Sasuke’s whole clan was slaughtered by his older brother under orders of the council. Both of them went through hardships and had difficulties in life, both of them had pain and suffered. Both of them deserved someone who loved them unconditionally throughout everything, and that’s where Hinata and Sakura came in.

Of course at the beginning Hinata simply admired Naruto for being everything she wasn’t and despite being rejected by everyone (similar to how she was with her entire clan rejecting her as the heiress and at times even a Hyuga) and told he couldn’t do it; he kept trying and she admired him for that. Eventually that turned into a crush which became love; a love that was unwavering and selfless despite the pain of it at times, physically and emotionally due to the Pain attack where she threw herself in the way to do her best to save Naruto despite knowing there was a big chance she would die and emotionally for the years of him being dense and referencing The Last when she saw him with the scarf his mother gave him and decided it best not to tell him of her love for him thinking it would be an inconvenience if she got in the way of whoever gave him the scarf at the time when she didn’t know it was from his mother. Despite her pain and tears in the park her only words were along the lines of “I’m glad you’re happy, Naruto.” Putting aside her desires to be with him so he would be happy even if it caused her pain. All Hinata ever wanted was to stand beside Naruto, that motivating her to be a better ninja. She wanted to care for him and protect him, like he had protected everyone else, to be his shield, to give him the love he deserved. No matter if he even wanted that love romantically or just as a friend, she would have been content with either. As Kishimoto stated, Hinata was the first person to acknowledge Naruto and not see him as a problem or nuisance, but instead admired and believed in him; that’s how Kishi and the NaruHina fandom knew they were meant to be.

Sasuke on the other hand while having fangirls for days, was traumatized by the massacre of his clan and vengeful for what happened causing him to turn to a dark path. While he was adored for his looks and abilities he was never truly loved by anyone. It wasn’t until Sakura came around that he had someone to love him in the sense he needed to be loved. Sure Naruto understood him and was his best friend and they will always have each other’s backs as brothers (come on guys they’re literally reincarnations of brothers) but just as that, plus their constant rivalry even to this day despite it being diluted will always get in the way of them truly being able to be what the other needs emotionally at times. The affection and adoration that only someone who cares about you romantically can give was were Sakura came in. Sure she liked him for shallow reasons at first but she was driven to get to know him after they were put on a team together and began to care more about him in which turned her shallow crush into an unconditional love. Her only care was bringing Sasuke back, to bring him back to the light, to get strong for him, to love him and try to make up for the wrongs that were done to him in life. To help protect his image despite everything. Even when she thought the only way to bring him peace was to kill him she took it upon herself to do that even though it would have taken away her ultimate dream to be with him. As Kakashi said, she loved him to the point it was killing her. She was never angered by his choices, she only wanted to help save him from the wrong ones. That love never wavered either, it was always there despite all of Sasuke’s wrongdoings. Always waiting with open arms when he decided if ever to take it. Sasuke and Sakura have a lot of ups and downs but they have a dynamic like no other, the sort of people you’d ever think would be right for one another but oh lord when it happened they were nothing but perfect for each other.

Sakura and Hinata’s love for their men were put on pedestals, because they were both the purest and truest form of love a person can have for another. The way you wish and hope someone could love you.

I’m so glad that Naruto and Sasuke, children who were starved of love and without a family, found two women who would and have given them all the love in their hearts despite everything. Who have given them homes and families. Who stand beside them to this day and will defend them just like they did when they were pre-teens and teens. Women who will (and have) love them despite their flaws and shortcomings. The women who could give them the love they so desperately needed since the beginning.

I will never argue with another on their preferred ships; but ships aside, if you truly loved Naruto and Sasuke as characters and loved the series not just for the ships, no matter who your preferred ships are I can guarantee those who truly love and care for the characters and not their ships are at the very least content that their boys have a partner who have always loved them unconditionally and always will be there for them to give them that love and sense of home.


A/N: It’s CB Friday! This chapter has quite the roller coaster of emotions and doesn’t really have much of pervy Ben, sorry! This is leading to something pretty big to come in two chapters! Thanks for always reading and enjoy! Your feedback is welcomed :) [Y/N/N means your nickname]

Warning: Angst?

Word Count: 4.6K

“And you didn’t call the police?!” Leia exclaimed, hands on either of your upper arms as she rubbed them. “Ben, you should’ve done something about it, the person for all we know is out there waiting for their next victim!”

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four reasons why pyramid head can’t be alessa’s protector

Really gotta start posting these to my other tumblr, but screw it, I’m not logging out. >.>

Alright, so we’ve seen it in the first and second movies.  PYRAMUD HED™, who acts as Alessa’s instrument of vengeance. In the first movie, he skinned an innocent girl who so happened to get in his way.

In Revelation, Pyramid Head came to Heather’s rescue by battling Claudia in one of the most anticlimactic scenes I’ve seen in any Silent Hill media period.

Yeah … no.

Here are four reasons why Pyramid Head serving as Alessa’s protector doesn’t make sense:

1.) It wrongly attributes vengeance to Alessa’s original motives.

The complexity of Alessa’s character in the first game lies in that, even though she’s endured horror and pain beyond compare, she doesn’t seek vengeance on her own behalf. If she had, her mother and Dr. Kaufman probably would have died a lot sooner. 

Alessa’s primary goal was to kill God and end her suffering. Any damage the Seal of Metatron caused beyond that was purely collateral. At that point, the girl was desperate.

It’s when Claudia causes Harry’s death in the third game that we begin to see her take any sort of active interest in revenge, in the form of Heather. And even then, Heather briefly questions whether or not Harry would approve, thus implying vengeance for its own sake runs against the grain of her character.

People debate the precise nature of what Pyramid Head is supposed to symbolize, but one theme that remains clear among them is punishment. Specifically, James’ subconscious desire to be penalized for his own sin. So technically, it would be punishment turned inward. I’d even argue it was a form of James taking vengeance against himself in order to vindicate Mary.

The reason I don’t consider Alessa particularly vengeful or bent on punishment is because of the nature of her monsters. Every monster is designed to push Harry back; to repel him, keeping him from preventing Alessa killing God. If he dies along the way, that’s merely a tragic tangent to her ultimate goal—which, given the endgame if God somehow was born properly, would have actually been a mercy.

A protector like Pyramid Head who needlessly kills would imply that Alessa doesn’t have the strength of spirit to keep from indulging in dark, self-serving desires. And it should be noted that this is a fundamental error of character that gets perpetuated in the movies. Alessa may be dark-spirited from time to time, but she is not evil, and she does not desire others to suffer.

There’s also the question of logistics. The same girl who, according to Harry, killed God through her sheer “conscious resistance” just didn’t have the spare will nor time to actively punish her tormentors, even though she possessed the power to kill with just her mind. All that power went into weakening the fledgling God.

2.) Any protector she would have conjured would have looked more like the Incubator than Pyramid Head, whose appearance would have frightened her.

Even if Alessa wanted to punish those who caused her such suffering, I doubt it’d come dressed as a burly, ultra-masculine humanoid figure beleaguered by a triangular helmet. Because let’s face it: Pyramid Head has an appearance that is supposed to evoke dread and remind one of executioners.

Consider, however, that the Incubator appears as Alessa initially saw God: an ethereal, glowing being garbed in a white dress.

Despite its angelic visage, the Incubator is also deadly. It can strike down nonbelievers with lightning, testifying to God’s dual nature of being both wrathful and merciful according to the Order’s beliefs. There is almost a motherly quality to it, which is further emphasized when the dying Incubator gives Harry the newly reincarnated baby Heather.

Remember that all Alessa wanted was someone to care for her. Because her mother failed her in that regard, she clung to Lisa and may have even protected her from the Otherworld’s effects until her hold on it crumbled. She then split her soul and found a small portion of solace as Cheryl Mason, the adopted daughter of a kind woman and a dedicated man.

In Alessa’s eyes, a “protector” would project a softer, more feminine image. It might even be divine, with enough strength to defend her from God’s negative influence. That’s vastly different from Pyramid Head’s tendency to persecute Maria.

Moreover, the Romper monster established that Alessa was afraid of ill-intentioned adults and their power over her, a fear which was exacerbated by their sheer size. As implied by their method of attack (tackling Harry to the ground and lunging at his throat) she would fear being pinned down, left helpless as they tormented her even more.

Pyramid Head is roughly the same in stature as James, minus the enormous helmet; much bigger than a girl of fourteen, and doubly so than a young girl of seven. 

So, again, given her fear of “big scary adults,” why would she conjure a figure she’d naturally be apprehensive of?

3.) Pyramid Head already had a specific purpose.

Say it with me now: Pyramid Head’s purpose was to help James Sunderland realize the truth.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Seriously, Robbie the Rabbit has more in common with Alessa’s story than Pyramid Head.

Furthermore, I just don’t get this notion that the big lug is supposed to be a shorthand for the town’s desire to punish people, because not only does Silent Hill not torment people for “teh lulz,” Silent Hill thought that Pyramid Head was what James wanted at the time.

It was born from James’ desire to punish himself, and it died when James finally realized the purpose for its existence, then deeming it unnecessary. For all intents and purposes, there is no more reason for it to exist in any other Otherworld. …Unless James rises from the dead or something. o_o

And lastly …

4.) Pyramid Head killed himself in his last battle against James. Twice.

He ded.