this was the point where i definitely started crying

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Uhm... So i started Reading your fic, accursed ones, a few weeks ago and.. Well, im totally in love with this. This is, hands down, The most amazing piece of fanfiction i have ever read. I started reading for Anders/Hawke but after a few chapters I was so deep into Amell/Anders that now, when im at chapters with Hawke all I can do is cry over Amell and still think about Amell/Anders... I have like 20 chapters left to catch up but I just wanted to say how great your work is

Thanks :) I’m glad you’re joining at a point where I’m writing again. I have a couple messages like this backed up that I’ve been too ashamed to answer, but the feedback definitely means a lot. Hopefully Anders and Hawke come out half as good as Anders and Amell.