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New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images surface

New Rogue One: A Star Wars Story images surface #StarWars #RogueOne

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A few new images from Rogue One: A Star Wars Story have been revealed via the new Empire magazine issue. A lot of these are new shots: My favorite shot is the one with Krennic and the Deathtroopers. It has such a Orginal Trilogy feeling to it. Another interesting shot is with Jyn and Chirrut. It looks like Jyn either gave him food or is asking for his help. What is your favorite image? Special…

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theamazingpheonix  asked:

okay, so here is an idea, dont give anyone the power to ban or remove a video. make a playlist, people can add to it, and if you think that the video strays to far from the orginal idea remove it. this way you can orden it. also give one other person the same power, some one you trust to keep the order in place. also make sure youre the only who can ban people. if one person doesnt have some form of power over others its all gonna spiral out of control. also i shouldnt be that other person.

ok yes I see… i gave everyone mod powers bc most of the time I think I’m the person who sends things off track but this time I’m determined as SHIT to stick to the planned kind of stuff. i think I will remove the power to ban and skip and that but i think I might leave people the power to remove queued videos because i think people should be able to remove videos they’ve queued, but I definitely see where ur coming from so I’m going to change the settings.

anonymous asked:

Original? Your art looked like gumsbonezone, you have no orginal art

That’s a Compliment, but honestly it doesn’t anymore, are you Sure you’re not looking at old work but honestly, Compliment So thank you for that!!

anonymous asked:

can I ask what your brush setting are? I like your crayon lineart C:

Nothing fancy, I just use Broken Chalk brush, that I got in Paint Tool Sai 1.1.0 ver. I don’t touch brushes, I just use them how they were orginally set ^^

I also like to use Gore brush, also makes everything kinda sketchy, but more watercolor like, I think?

Hope it will help you!


Hi everyone! I’m back from a lovely holiday!

This good looking dragonborn sorcerer is called Maranask. Commissioned by the cordial: Charredlore.

Ally and friend of Warlock Adaephon, he’s surly, grumpy and has simply stopped aging, thanks to a blessing from Bahamut that he never wanted any part of. 

“I saw entire cities enwreathed in dragonfire, their denizens melting as great winged shapes exulted amidst the pillars of smoke and ash. A great civilization crushed beneath unending war, drowning in a tide of blood that could not, would not let itself be stemmed. I’ve lost more than you could ever dream of having, hatchling.” ~ Charredlore

If you like, you can read more about him at Charredlore’s story page.