this was the orginal

Hey, I have an odd request.

My brother is autistic and loveees this specific penguin. Unfortunately we lost him whilst on vacation a few months ago. The hotel said he was probably taken away by the people who wash the bed sheets.

I would like to find an exact replica of this penguin for my brother. We bought him at the Hogle Zoo in Utah many years ago and they no longer are selling this item.

Please share, search thift stores, anything will help!!

Contact me with info:
Twitter: odiomnibusvobis
Tumblr: odiomnibusvobis

Otabek breaks the 4th wall:
  • Otabek: so, Yuuri and Victor are basically your dads?
  • Yurio: they act like they are.
  • Otabek: so that makes you guys this fandom's "super family" right? Which makes me Deadpool!

V: Aren’t you a little too short? You can barely see the top

Yoosung: Aren’t you a little too blind to see