this was the orginal

Meaningless Sky

Passive aggressive mumble
Stupid joke
Sad man

Wind blowing
Fireworks in one pocket
Flask in another
With white teethnand bright smile
I slowly dissolve

I’m in the wall
Can you hear me?
I’m lost
Can you save me?
I’m sleeping in the bathtub
Can you feel me?

Our mouths violently slap open and shut
Our eyes shoot into the ground, through the earth, and towards infinity
Our blood boils on a light simmer
Our silence has become shrouded in misogynistic gestures
Our radios set to easy listening

If you talk about it, you probably won’t write it. -Irving Wallace.


Every story I’ve ever written one way or another I’ve revealed the content of it, but most, if not all of them are not done. However recently I started writing without telling anyone about them…every single one whether its one shot or several chapters are now completed. And I’ll have you guys know that I just found this quote, but I figured this out days ago by testing it out. I began a story that I was on a roll with; wanting to test the theory I told my sister about it….I ended up deleting the story because I could no longer write it. Its like the excitement you have for it to literally shake someones core from how good it is dies when you tell them the best parts of it or even just a summary.

I mean it may just be me but if you want to write a story DO NOT tell anyone. Literally just write.

PS: Tell me if it works!

Time for some proper introductions to my Boku no Hero characters!

This one, admittedly, is as close to “self-insert” as it gets for me.  Super Ball, as a character means a lot and I put a lot of myself in her.

Art by @gaelfox / character by me ( @kdinjenzen​ )

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