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Halloween Adopts 1?
Do not be discouraged, these designs CAN work for non Sonic characters! Name: Lucca Race: Lycan Gender: Female Age: 100+(Looks 20 or so) Personality: Kinda grumpy, Rude to new people, Soft spot for...

Do not be discouraged, these designs CAN work for non Sonic characters!

So I made some cool Halloween themed(sorta) adopts, if you want one feel free to send an ask, IM me, or PM me on DA.

I accept PayPal and DA Points.


we know hunk has a family he misses but we know nothing about them so i took the matter in my own hands



Come on people. I can’t be the only one who’s genre-savvy enough to know where this-

-is gonna be heading in Season 2. 

I’m actually really excited about this, too, because this is a MUCH better explanation for why Chat Noir and Ladybug can’t know each other’s civilian identities then ‘what if it puts your family/friends in danger?’ is. Their civilian forms are when they’re most vulnerable, after all, and if the wrong person were to take advantage of that vulnerability and obtain this power, it could be disastrous. It’s a precaution, much like locking up a gun and the ammunition in separate places so there aren’t any accidents.

Plus, I’m 90% sure that there’s some kind of drawback or backlash to using this Absolute Power. I mean, if it were really that easy, why wouldn’t Fu just use it himself to stop Papillion and just be done with it? The series has gone a long ways so far in emphasising things like balance, teamwork and the need for BOTH of the heroes to work TOGETHER. Fu specifically sought out TWO people to give the miraculouses to rather then just giving both of them to one person. There must be a reason why it’s a no-no for someone to use both the Ladybug and Chat Noir miraculouses at the same time.

Until we find out what that is though, I’ll just be sitting over here, gleefully waiting for Chekhov’s gun to go off. XDDD