this was the only panel i liked lol

guys but listen

  • so after the foxes win everyone starts paying attention to them
  • suddenly the press is all over their social media and wants them on talk shows and panels all the time
  • and they do it bc they could use some good publicity tbh and they rly need a bigger team
  • one day allison (her and neil are bffs now dont fight me on this i s2g) is watching tv w neil and he is rly into what’s happening and she pulls out her sc and starts taking a video
  • she holds the camera so both their faces show and goes “hey neil” and and when he starts to look over she kisses him on the cheek (allison reynolds does not give 2 shits about neil’s scars and she’s gonna show every1)
  • the video ends just as neil smiles
  • ppl on the internet lose their shit !! this video is everywhere
  • allison moved on from seth and NEIL JOSTEN is dating a teammate
  • so they go on a lowkey trashy talk show (and everyone warns neil to keep his mouth shut)
  • the lady is like “so neil i hear ur in a relationship with one of ur teammates”
  • all the foxes hold their breath he’s too unpredictable
  • wymack takes a drink
  • andreil arent hiding anything really they just dont do pda so neil is like “oh ya we like to keep our relationship private tho lets talk about exy”
  • and she is like “well it didnt look like you were keeping it private when allison posted this on her sc” and she plays the video
  • all the foxes start laughing except kevin, andrew, and aaron
  • allison is literally losing her shit and matt has trouble breathing for a few seconds
  • and the lady is like “…um did i miss something haha”
  • and nicky takes pity on her “we’re just laughing bc neil and allison are definitely not dating sry”
  • and she is like “???????????? but ur still dating a teammate”
  • kevin quickly redirects the conversation back to exy bc they do not have the time to sit here and talk about andreil’s love life jfc
  • she cant get anything else out of them
  • so ppl are just losing their minds for like a week trying to figure out who neil is dating when renee posts a pic on instagram of them w the caption “neil drove me to lunch and paid for my meal” ((they actually talk about andrew lol))
  • and now every1 is like omg !! this is it!!
  • so the foxes are doing a panel and they get through a decent amount of exy related questions and then
  • “i have a question for neil. would u like to comment on ur relationship w renee walker??”
  • “id like to comment that my relationship w renee is that we r good friends and that id like to talk about exy now”
  • they cant get anything else out of anyone
  • so now ppl rly confused bc neil is a Straight Man and only Dan is left but her and Matt are very publicly dating 
  • what kind of sexual deviancy is this ??????????? is neil josten engaging in some kind of polyamorous relationship with his teammates?????? no one can answer
  • ok so next talk show 
  • this woman barely gets the introductions out before she leaps right in
  • “neil are you currently in a relationship with dan wilds despite the fact that she is dating matt boyd?” 
  • neil has had enough
  • this boy just wants to play exy hes too old for this
  • he just stares at her
  • he cant even speak like who is this woman??
  • he didnt ask to dismantle heteronormativity in america but apparently he has to
  • “i dont have a gf”
  • she stares back
  • “are you no longer in a relationship with one of your teammates as you previously stated?????”
  • the foxes are getting worried neil might kill her
  • it’s getting very hard not to laugh
  • neil stares a little longer
  • “i dont have a gf
  • the host’s eyes widen
  • the audience goes silent
  • “am i to understand that neil josten, breakout exy player of the year, has just come out??”
  • ppl start clapping (some ppl boo and nicky starts to flip them off before kevin grabs his hand)
  • this woman has just gotten one of the best stories of her life on live television
  • she cant stop smiling
  • once again kevin steers the conversation back to exy (even when he isnt insulting ppl why does neil always have to cause problems ??) and doesnt let her go back
  • there’s wild speculation about which boy he’s dating bc it doesnt makes sense ?????/
  • aaron has been seen kissing katelyn after games
  • kevin and thea are now officially dating
  • nicky is v vocal about his bf (like 12 times a day on twitter)
  • matt and dan are definitely still dating
  • andrew is not capable of relationships ????? and him and neil hate each other ???/
  • the answer comes 3 weeks later
  • they are all in the girls’ room for a movie night
  • everyone but renee is slightly drunk
  • allison and renee take a cute pic
  • in the background u can kinda see neil asleep on andrew who in a rare display of affection actually has a hand in his hair
  • allison notices right before she posts it on instagram but andreil have already said that they arent rly trying to hide their relationship they just arent going to go out of their way just for crazy talk show hosts
  • and DAMN
  • the way they are leaning against each other is unmistakable (esp in light of recent news) 
  • neil josten and andrew minyard are in a relationship?????? have been in a relationship?????? the ppl need confirmation
  • neil’s twitter (that he uses to retweet exy players and occasionally start fights w them) is being blown up
  • finally he goes on twitter and makes his first original tweet 
  • “Andrew is my boyfriend.”
  • twitter literally explodes and “andreil” is trending for a week

HEY SO HI I’M A BIG FRICKIN DUNCE and i managed to delete the original post??? so i’m re-uploading it (finally)

original caption:

wow i worked on this for a way too long for it to look this bad ha excuse my lazy background and lazy… everything…

anyways gwen and david got a little somethin goin on behind the scenes and david’s catchin feelings but gwen’s not but it can only be kept a secret for so long, amirite?

green bubbles are Gwen and yellow bubbles are Max if that wasn’t obvious enough


A crack comic I did in which Seto Kaiba is in fact channeling Grumpy Cat and it’s rather hilarious to me. Also may I direct your attention to the last panel and Atem’s pouty face, it’s my absolute favorite XDD Atem is real tired of your shit, Kaiba. This is in no way Rivalshipping, this is me drawing all the things I like in one short ridiculous silly stupid comic lolol

ATEM WITH PONYTAIL*cough* Yes..well..ahem. Here, have a thing :DD

anonymous asked:

How do you even become cosplay guests with no skill?

LOL I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or honest seriousness but, here’s what I got! 

First and foremost, being a convention guest is not just an honor and a priviledge, it is a job. 

A job that has responsibilities and expectations, and should be treated as such. When Sylar and I go to a convention as a guest, we are 100% working. 

We have a work resume for conventions, a contract, a portfolio of programming, and more. Because that what you are really, programming. Even if all they want you to do is sit at a table and sign things, thats still programming. Its your job to   represent the convention, and give con goers more content for the tickets they bought. You owe it to them to make sure your 100% postive, there, working, and providing something they can’t get anywhere else. 

And all con guests are asked to attend for different reasons. Some cosplay guests are asked to come because they are widely known for their technical skill and they will provide programming related to that. Or they simply have a huge fanbase, and are keeping their fanbase happy at your location, therefore spreading that market around. 

Sylar and I work hard on our panels. We’re also trained speakers. Both he and I have taken classes, in college, about public speaking. We implement that and our presentation experience into all our panels. As well as our meet and greets at the table, interviews for the con’s media (there is a ton of backstage media going on that most con goers don’t know about. A lot of con time for guests is spent locked up in some empty room giving an interview,) and any floor time we have. 

We also have 7 yrs experience working conventions. We have run cafes, hosted events, planned gatherings, organized raffles, done mutiple panels and workshops. We’ve also worked as Guest Liasions ourselves, written out program guides, sat at registration tables, and MCed masquerades as well as judged them. All things that involve systems, filling out paperwork, knowing how to handle negative situations, and doing menial tasks. Heck, we’ve even done set-up and break down for dealers halls. We know cons. 

And this is something valued because honestly, its not a job for everyone. 

Lots of cosplayers out there with amazing technicality skills just don’t like catering to crowds. They aren’t good speakers. Or they don’t have it in them to sit at a table for 6 hours just listening to strangers speak and ask them questions. Or they might hate having to write out workshop forms. And thats okay! But thats the difference between who gets asked to guest and who doesnt. 

Guests have to be okay with not getting time to shop, not getting time to hang out with their friends, and devoting all their energy to the convention goers. Devoting their whole day to smiling and talking and making sure everyone who meets them goes away happy. 

If you are interested in coming a guest, awesome! My biggest tips are; 
Figure out what service you can provide to the convention experience. What are you good at that you think a con needs? How can you expand that? How can you turn it into programming? Are you a health nut – maybe do a panel on dieting and working out, anime style!  Awesome at writing and editing? Fanfiction panel! A cosplayer who loves acting but hates sewing? Think about being a commentator for Cosplay Chess or the AMV contest! 

Start volunteering now. All cons need volunteers and this is the best way to gain experience in the feild, just like any other job. I have friends that started volunteering as security for a con and now they run a convention of their own. No joke. It’s also helpful to know and understand the inner working of how a convention is run if you plan on guesting at one. It helps you help them by knowing what types of panels work best, what programming would work for that con specifically, or even just give you ideas on what their budget for you might be. 

Write. A. Resume. Seriously. Just like you have a resume for job searching, write up a resume for cosplaying. How long have you been cosplaying? How many costumes? What skills do you have? Armor making? Public speaking? What experiences? Any awards? What topics are you an expert at that can be turned into an hour of programming? Put it alllllll dowwnnn in youurr resummmee. 

Also, protip, you can always write to a a convention’s program director yourself and ASK to be a guest. It’s a job. Submit your application.

Hope this helps! 

And funnily enough – this is all information that we talk about in our panel, Cosplay and Convention careers. Where not only do we cover working for cons, but we cover translating cosplay and con work into LIFE CAREERS and how to translate being in a maid cafe to a resume for a 5 star resturant hostess. Lol. My entire Graphic Design resume is pulled from cosplaying. And now I am a full time graphic designer for a state university.

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so you obviously ship katsuyu and I didn't even know there was such a ship (please forgive ignorance of kacchako shipper ^^") so I've got a question - what made you ship them? any specific moments in manga? cause your art kinda made me like them as pair so I want to know more about katsuyu :>

Hello! thank you very much for you kind words! ^-^)/

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edit 01: “Keep Reading” since the post is starting to be very long.
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edit 04:  Excuse my grammar, I’m trying to improve it
edit 05:  Anon, I’m truly sorry for turning your question into a Manifesto post TT

here we go then: 

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sorry for the bad resolution~ but this image is actually only 1″ wide! LOL! it’s part of a tiny panel from page 2 of my otayuri comic “Sweet, Sweet Madness” (which you can read >here<!) but i had to throw some colors on it, because Yuri just looked so ridiculously haughty that i thought it deserved it’s own post! X3

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Hey, so I watched the new s3 trailer but I'm bit confused cause I keep seeing stuff about female galra, klance "hey man" and keith "this is how I lead" but I didn't see them in thetrailer I watched is there like a part 2 or something?

hi there so first i would like to point out there were 2 trailers released recently: one online and one only in the sdcc voltron panel if im correct…and the “hey man” part everyone is talking about is (SPOILERS)  something lance says to keith in the first episode of s3, which was exclusively premiered in the sdcc panel. which is why i am tagging it like that lol. hope that clears up the confusion!

edit: might as well put here if you havent noticed yet that the tag i am going to be using for s3 stuff is “#voltron s3 spoilers” if anyone wants to blacklist that

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I like how this year's SDCC Sherlock panel came and went and no one really gave a fuck about it. One day i hope Gatiss and Moffat truly realise just how much praise and critical acclaim they gave up simply to tell a story about Mary and a secret sister literally no one asked for.

Hey Nonny!

I knew about the Dr. Who Panel… there was a Sherlock-only panel? LOL. I thought it was sort of a mixed panel about screenwriting or something. Anyway, from what I have heard, they said and did the same song and dance they always do whenever there is a panel. Though it’s interesting to me that they’re hard up on trying to keep Sherlock relevant if it’s “done”. I think that reason alone is why I don’t think Sherlock is finished.


Was posting bad Ghost Hunt memes on here the other day and decided to actually draw one of them. 

Also like
That post got so many notes? Lmao what are y'all still doing here I’m supposed to be the only weirdo still clinging to this manga years after it ended. Some of you are even still running Ghost Hunt blogs like that is some serious dedication right there.

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What's all the drama about? I'm genuinely curious. Whatever it is, I'm sure you're right. I mean, being a prophet and all.

Lol– well it’s really not about right and wrong, it’s just about understanding. Basically, when the Supernatural panel started at ComicCon, Jensen, Jared, Bob Singer and Andrew Dabb were the only people introduced, so of course– everyone in the crowd was like “Where’s Misha?” Eventually, when Singer starts joking around about how Misha has become too much of a premadona to handle, that’s when Misha made his grand entrance. He said that the people backstage forgot to tell him to come out, and then he brought this tiny chair with him to sit on, while everyone else were on tall chairs. The panel went on with them teasing Misha and Misha setting himself up to be teased, but it was all backed up upon these statements that were obviously sarcastic. Every snarky comment was intended to make the audience go “No! We love you Misha!” I mean, after watching it and seeing all their body language and facial expressions (which were all smiles, including Misha), it’s so obvious that everyone on that stage knows just how big of a fan favorite Misha is, so they like to joke about it– and the one who jokes the most is Misha himself. The whole things seemed like a scheme Misha designed to start a ruckus– and start one, he did.

Jared went on to even admit that they love teasing him but they are real, honest to god friends and none of it is fake. He was genuine and sweet and Misha looked so touched … I swear, the panel wasn’t all that it could’ve been, but there were some great moments.

Misha is loved. J2 loves him.

All is good.

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Sorry, but... Team Iron Man for life. Steve's love for Bucky is admirable and all, but I'm gonna have to side with Tony for actually attempting to compromise and working with the will of... almost every country of the planet, basically.

Okay so I think the idea behind the Accords is great but the execution was so fucking dodgy. They barely gave the Avengers time to consider it– the countries were making the decision as the team was informed this was happening? That’s messed up. The Avengers, the people who were going to be effected by these laws, weren’t represented in the debate at all, they barely had time to read the damn thing, and it felt very much like they were… property or something. To be moved around and used at the discretion of the UN panel.

It was a complicated situation, but I feel like the better compromise would have been “The Avengers / other superpowered people can only operate during world saving situations or with consent of local governments for more minor situations” not “The Avengers are going to be controlled completely by this panel of randos sorry lol.” We got proof in Avengers of why trusting world governments to make important choices can be a bad idea– remember the World Security Council, who wanted to nuke New York City?

Another reason I’m Team Cap on this one is that Tony was mostly motivated by his own personal guilt and distrust for himself when making this decision, to the point that he kind of projected on literally everyone else on the team. Ultron was his (and Bruce’s) bad, but suddenly everyone has to be held accountable? They’re all dangerous and can’t be trusted to make decisions? I mean I definitely think that there needs to be accountability in these situations, the thing with Wanda raised a good point, but Tony was ready to comply with anything because he was afraid of himself.

I don’t necessarily think Steve’s approach was the best either because while we know Steve is a good guy who does genuinely try to help others, there’s always the danger that someone who isn’t good will get superpowers, be able to do what they want with no accountability, or that someone good (Wanda) will fuck up and hurt people, etc. etc. But god damn, after the whole SHIELDra thing, I empathize a lot more with his distrust for organizations controlling what he does than with Tony “I need a council to keep me from making bad decisions” Stark. And I do think Steve would have compromised on the Accords, if given some time to. And I believe the same for Tony.

So I dunno, the Accords were sketchy, Ross didn’t really show an inclination to listen to the Avengers at all which was also sketchy, and I just think Tony needs like a nap, a hug, and some therapy so he can stop almost destroying the world order.


another story ‘bout the cape because you know I lOVE the cape.