this was the most amazing thanksgiving

I am so thankful...

So American Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I just wanted to stop and take a moment to express just how thankful I am for everything I have.

First off, @cinnieminni has given me more than anyone in my entire life.  They are the most amazing person I know and gifted me with true love and acceptance for everything I am.  Something I was never even slightly afforded in my life.  They saw me broken and lost, and they fixed me up, gave me courage, and told me that I could do anything.  I couldn’t be happier to be married to Val, they are the light of my life and love me wholeheartedly.  Val has been my driving force and my never-ending encouragement throughout everything in my life.  Val was the entire reason I was able to finally be comfortable with my gender, being more public about it, and I know that they will continue to be there with me throughout whatever changes life may bring.  A lot of you tell me “thank you for being so positive”, but it is Val’s kindness and love that gives me that ability to beam with happiness and positive feelings!

I also want to thank all of my closest friends for being so supportive and caring, to those of you who knew for a long time or for those friends who only learned after I came out publicly…thank you.  I admit, I was always worried about what all of you would say, but each of you had shown me that I had nothing to fret over.  I will be thanking a bunch of you personally, because I want you all to know just how much I appreciate your love and immediate acceptance.  But I just want you to know that without your support, I wouldn’t be standing as strong as I am now.  Through everything, friends both new and old, have encouraged me in every aspect of my life, my career, and just in everyday doings.  I am thankful for all of you and will do my best to not be so busy all the time and give more time to my wonderful friends!

For those who have sent kind words through twitter, tumblr, etc…life is hard.  It’s often disappointing and takes you on paths that you don’t want to go down or didn’t expect.  However, never underestimate the small words of kindness you hear along the way.  It is the fuel that will get you through those difficult moments, and you all have given me plenty to lift my spirits in times when I felt extremely low.

I want to address it again, but coming out as transgender was scary to me, I was terrified.  I slowly hinted at it for quite some time, many people saw it and immediately understood, some didn’t quite get it.  But as time went on and I saw how compassionate so many of you were, it made me feel more comfortable.  So, in a time when everyone seemed to be at their lowest, I wanted to show that I wasn’t afraid to be myself and show the world that they shouldn’t be scared either.  I’ll honestly say I don’t know where my future will take me, but I know that there are people out there who will help me when I’m struggling.  Because of that, I will do my best to always bring smiles and laughter in any and every way I can so I can help all of my friends and all of you through any tough times you may experience.

2016 was a year full of high-highs and low-lows in many ways.  But in the end, 2016 was the year that saw myself and Val finally tying the knot, it was the year I was finally able to come out as a transwoman publicly, it was the year I met new friends who love and accept me, and it was also the year of a new Pokemon game!

Happy Thanksgiving, even if you don’t celebrate it, take a moment to just be thankful for any happiness you’ve been given this year no matter how big or small!


This year has been magic–it brought me travel, my dog Elvis, a new niece, great friends, the end of a show, new experiences. It also has been difficult and has taught me many lessons. I feel strong and happy. Thank you Lord for the abundance of blessings in my life. Wishing all of you an amazing Thanksgiving and time to reflect on what means most to you. 🍗🍗🍗gobble gobble yall …or 🌽🌽🌽 if you living that vegan lyfe


Flashback to this amazing interview from 2014, right after 1989 was released… What Taylor Swift Is Most Thankful For This Thanksgiving 🍁🎉❤️

I’m hiding from actual family thanksgiving dinner, but feelings about celebrating a holiday based on genocide aside, it seems a good time to mention that one of my biggest things to be thankful for is this blog and the community around it.

I’ve met amazing people who are now close friends through it, and I’ve learned so much from facilitating our discussions. The reinforcement from folk valuing what I teach and do here very literally kept me alive during a very dark time and is a large part of what helps me get out of bed most days. This place is probably the purest manifestation of everything important to me and I’m so thankful it continues to grow as it does.

Torture (Draco x Reader)

Hey everyone, so I would first like to say that the feedback on my most recent post has been incredible. Thank you so much for the support. I would also like to say that this request has been long overdue, and I apologize to the person who has requested this imagine, because it took me forever to finally get this up. I have worked super long and hard on this request so I hope the person who requested enjoys, and as well as the rest of you! Also today is Thanksgiving in America, so if you are American, Happy Thanksgiving! If you aren’t, then I hope your day has been amazing!

Draco knew that I had nightmares about what happened during the war. He knew that they were bad, and most of the time I would wake up pain in my arm, sweat covering my body, and tears spilling out of my eyes.

He was there when it happened. His aunt pinning me to the ground, calling me filthy names and sending sharp pains throughout every part of me. I could hear him plead and cry for them to stop, but they didn’t listen, The evil witch only furthered her torture ,shouts of insults, and chants of curses.

He started to run to me when he saw what she was about to do, but his father restrained him, allowing her to continue. As I was laying on the ground, she grabbed my arm and spread it across the floor. I clenched my fist and closed my eyes, knowing what was about to happen. All of a sudden, I felt pain in the underside of my arm, I opened my eyes and noticed what she was doing. I couldn’t hold back the screams. The pain causing my vision to blur and tears to fall down my face. With every letter carved into my skin, I screamed and pleaded for her to stop.


The filthy name I had been called for years, was carved into my perfectly clear skin. I never let it bother me in school, I knew that because I was born into a family who didn’t have the same abilities I did, people would judge. I brushed it off most of the time, it was just a name someone came up with to put other people down. But seeing it there, on my arm, blood flowing out of the newly placed letters, I then started to believe that I was just a worthless girl, who out of luck, was granted with magic in her veins.

I started to give up fighting, sobs wracking my body because of the pain in my arm, and the hatred I started to feel for myself because I knew that not only was I feeling pain, but so was he. He called me names, and poked fun at me when we were younger, and as we got older and started catching feelings, he felt guilty and would always apologize for it. I knew that him seeing the word showcased on my arm hit a nerve. He never cared about my blood status when we were together, and the fact that his family was torturing me for that very reason, didn’t make it any easier.

The pain felt as if it would go on forever, she never stopped, never showed mercy, and never quit shouting curses and insults. I was growing weaker and I started seeing black, I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer. I was scared, not of dying, but of him seeing me die. I didn’t know what they would do with me when I finally took my last breath, would they throw me somewhere for the birds to eat? Would they let him hold me in his arms as he cried out my name? I wasn’t sure, but I never found out because all of a sudden, the pain subsided. It didn’t completely go away, my body ached all over, and my head was spinning from all the screaming I couldn’t hold back.

I opened my eyes to see him pushing his aunt against the wall, screaming at her.

“If you ever touch her again, I swear, I will kill you!”

His eyes were full of tears and rage. When he dropped her on the ground, he picked me up and ran out of the house he had once grown up in. Tears were still streaming down my face, and blood was spilling out of my arm, staining his already worn clothes. He kept whispering in my ear that I was okay, and that he wouldn’t let anything ever hurt me again. I was thankful that he saved me, and I knew now that I was in his arms, there was nothing to be worried about.

It had happened once again, sweat, and small tears covering my face. My breathing was uneven, and my arm hurt a little in the very place the witch carved a label that had no meaning to me anymore. I woke Draco up trying to get out of his tight grip for some fresh air.

“Are you alright, love?” He asked. Knowing very well, that I had another nightmare, and that I needed my space for a while.

“Yeah, just another nightmare is all. Go back to sleep, I will be back in a minute.” I said wiping a few tears from my face, before they could fall on the cold floor.

“I’ll come with you. I don’t like for you to be outside alone at night. Is that alright?” He asked, knowing that no matter if I agreed with him or not, he would still go with me.

“Yeah, that’s fine.”

Draco and I sat on the porch for a while, not saying anything, just enjoying each others company. He had an arm protectively around my shoulders, and my head was resting on his shoulder.

“I love you so much.” I said sleepily.

“I love you too, now let’s go to bed yeah?” He asked, picking me up, and carrying me to our bedroom.

I yawned in response, holding on to him, and having no intentions on ever letting go.

I just want to thank everyone again for the support. This one isn’t my favorite one I have ever done, the end was kinda cheesy and cliché but, that’s okay. I hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to request any given form of imagine, ship etc. listed in the bio. Much love! -Elizabeth

hello everyone.

This year I am most thankful for dan and phil. they truly bring so much to my life, they give me things to look forward to and they are a proper example showing that things can get better.

Phil Lester is a beautiful human being who is finally being recognised for his creative genius and I am happy for him. He deserves so much, and I know people say it a lot but they are 100% right.

I am thankful that he got to stand on stage in front of thousands of people who told him he was worth it. That he meant something to them. I’m so glad that Phil Lester exists, and I am glad that he decided to spend his life spreading his positivity online through videos.

Phil Lester is my safe haven whenever I’m feeling really down, and I couldn’t be more thankful that he is a safe place for me to find refuge in.

Phil Lester is a home in which everyone can feel safe and loved.

I’m thankful for Dan Howell because I can relate to him.

Dan howell says that it is okay to be sad and that it’s okay to feel like nothing matters.
He says that it’s going to get better and the most important thing about life is being happy.
He says that opinions matter, and that gender roles are stupid.

He supports people being truly themselves. He supports anyone for who they are, and makes sure that they know that they are valid.

I’m thankful for Dan Howell because he says that no matter how bad things feel right now, they will get better. He is a living example of it.

Dan Howell is the welcoming arms in a home, telling you that everything will be okay.

tl;dr I’m so thankful for Dan and Phil that I provide them with shitty analogies that will never be able to express how I really feel.

Have I told you the story of the time I went to a Thanksgiving party in Ireland because you need to hear this story

When I was in college I did a semester abroad, and at my university they had the most amazing club called the Hot Beverages Appreciation Society (Hot Bevs for short), which was basically a club for people who didn’t want to get wasted every night, and we’d sit around the student union drinking tea, playing board games and knitting.

Anyway, because there was a local shop with lots of crazy flavored teas nearby, they got really into theme nights when I was there, and someone decided that because it was a Thursday night thing it was a good idea to make one of them Thanksgiving themed. As far as I know, no Americans were consulted on this.

When I got there that night, Pocahontas was playing on the tv. They explained that they couldn’t find any Thanksgiving movies and they figured that was close enough. There was pumpkin spice tea in the pot, and the other main attraction was that someone had found some instructions online how to make construction paper Pilgrim hats like we used to do in elementary school. The table in the middle of the room was covered with paper, glue sticks, glitter, and feathers. Unfortunately, because the instructions were probably from an elementary school, the templates they used were far too small and almost no one could make a hat that fit. 

This soon descended into complete hat-making chaos. The one person who managed to make one that fit made then make a second, tiny Pilgrim hat and wore it on his finger the whole night, talking to everyone in a tiny finger-puppet voice. Most others just went for the naively racist Indian headband-and-feather thing because they’d seen pictures of American children doing that. Then a few really creative people started churning out pirate hats, and the whole thing came to a climax when one guy managed to make a construction paper top hat and beard and announced that if this was an American party, then he was going to be Abraham Lincoln. 

To this day my absolute favorite Thanksgiving memory is a large Irish boy coming up to me with a construction paper hat on his head and a construction paper beard taped to his face and saying “Hi! I’m Abe Lincoln and I cannot tell a lie! Happy Thanksgiving!!” 

Most people have a tendency to go directly from Halloween to Christmas, and completely leave out just how amazing Thanksgiving can actually be! My day is usually spent surrounded by laughter and love, and the moment the clock strikes midnight, it’s acceptable to decorate for Christmas. I know I’ve said that it’s all too crazy when they jump the gun on the music and decorating in stores around the country, but if I don’t hear someone at least humming a classic come Friday, I’m going to be highly upset… And that goes for all of you. I’ll accept any phone call that consists of someone belting tunes to me; it doesn’t even have to be pitch perfect.

When I say I want happiness I mean I want to be happy and I want someone else to be happy too. I want us to be happy together. Spending all the holidays together. Kissing them when the clock strikes midnight on new year, smothering them with love and cuddles on Valentine’s Day, someday celebrating Mother’s Day when we have beautiful kids, lighting up the sky with fireworks on the 4th, dressing up and acting like goofs for a night on Halloween, cooking an amazing meal on thanksgiving or at least attempting to, and spending the most amazing Christmases together. Just smiling when they smile, laughing when they laugh. Binge watching Netflix and ordering pizza, a little too often. Going on grand adventures around the world during the summer. Taking our kids to their first day of school. Making sure they know how much they are loved. Learning about them more every day, and falling more in love with them every minute that passes that I get the honor to call them mine. Just looking forward to coming home to her every night. These are my priorities, this is what I’m striving to have someday. I’m just waiting for the right girl who is willing to work for this and wants the same things I do.

5 Uncommon Culinary Herbs

5 Uncommon Culinary Herbs

By William Woys Weaver

Sure, most of us are familiar with bright basil pesto and the flavor of sage in our Thanksgiving stuffing, but hundreds of other herbs can lend distinctive flavors and health benefits to our meals. Considering the breadth of herbs in this world, it seems fair to say that most of us don’t make the best use of their amazing culinary possibilities. Most herbs are relatively easy to grow. It may be that you have some of these in your garden but don’t use them in the kitchen as often as you could, and others might be new to you. What follows are some of my favorite garden herbs and the tasty ways I like to make use of them in my kitchen.

Calendula (Calendula officinalis)

Old herbals refer to calendula as marigold, a name now more often used for the New World ornamental from Mexico. But the two should not be confused, as the Mexican flower is bitter and has none of the culinary benefits of calendula. In botanical medicine, both calendula flowers and leaves were used. Vinegar, flavored with the flowers in the same proportion used for the borage vinegar mentioned above, was thought to be an excellent remedy for fevers when daubed on the wrists and temples. The flower petals were scattered on soups and sauces to help prevent illness.

The Pennsylvania Dutch call calendula ringelros, or “wreath rose,” because the flowers were made into garlands to ornament graves—a custom transferred to marigolds for Day of the Dead festivities in Mexico. The idea behind this practice was that the calendula was thought to stop contagion and wandering spirits.

Today calendula flowers, with their slightly musky, honeylike taste, can be used to flavor broths and sauces: Add about 2 cups of flowers to every quart of liquid. In colonial America, calendula sauce was the standard gravy for mutton before it was eventually replaced in the Victorian era with mint. The flavor of the flowers is concentrated in the center, so it is important when cooking with calendulas to use the whole flower head. Varieties developed for taste are far more delicious than the frilly hybrids developed for their looks. Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds offers the variety ‘Resina’, specially developed for enhanced flavor and medicinal value. Lemon greatly enhances calendula’s flavor; when made into a preserve, whole calendula flowers are mashed and cooked with lemon syrup. Whole flowers also make excellent fritters: Dip in batter and fry. Their flavor is also enhanced when cooked with corn, especially sweet corn, so for an interesting change of pace, add a cup of chopped flowers to your next batch of cornbread.

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The Worst Journey in the World
In the austerely beautiful icescapes of Antarctica, Apsley Cherry-Garrard is on the adventure of a lifetime. But things are about to go disastrously wrong.

After seven years, BBC Radio is rerunning the drama that got me hooked on the Scott Expedition.  I can’t put into words how much it means to me, though I can say without a hint of exaggeration that it changed my life.


You’ll be introduced to some of the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet, in an amazing story that you’ll think has to have had major dramatic licence taken, but it didn’t!*

And as it’s radio you can listen while doing boring responsible grownup things, so you don’t even have to feel guilty about it.

(I first heard it while sewing my Halloween costume, so you are not obligated to be doing something boring or grownup or responsible.)

Need to escape the family for a bit on Thanksgiving weekend?  Want to put Black Friday in perspective?  To take the edge off those early nights? To make you swear you will never again complain about the cold?

*There are small changes to timeline and locations that help streamline it into two hours, but the big stuff, and the stuff you can’t believe actually happened, actually happened.


I felt like I needed a couple days to let this episode sink in, because if I had posted immediately it probably would have been sdjkhfsjhsfjkhkj klamille sdkhaksjdhkajh *insert woman collapsing gif*

I think the most amazing thing about Klamille right now is the episodes for them KEEP. ON. GETTING. BETTER.

When the Thanksgiving episode happened we were jumping up and down over the “WHERE IS SHE?” and then the next episode he saves her and we get dat hug, and it’s like…okay this is too much, but then the next episode hits and we get a KISS and a makeout and her “dying”, and I’m like…okay there’s no way an episode can have more incredible material than this.

But then Friday’s episode happened and I’m just…

Klaus tearing the room apart because Cami was dead

“I need you”

“I’m begging you. Don’t leave me”

Cami not letting Klaus control her.

Elijah maintaining his place as captain of the klamille shippers club.

Cami turning into a vampire because it’s what SHE wanted.

Cami becoming a sassy, sexy vampire.

I could go on and on and on and on.

So much props to Leah Pipes. She made me tear up quite a bit in this episode and I am not a crier. (this isn’t klamille related, but her scene with Vincent was so special)


Taylor, are you looking for two people who love Christmas, cats, playing guitar, traveling, and YOU!?

@sparklesmusicnotesandpawprints and I are basically MADE to be your friends.

For realsies.

We spent an hour the other day searching the city for tote bags with cats on them (it was a successful mission, by the way).

We’re currently studying abroad in Salzburg, Austria for the year together and it’s SO MUCH FUN. We’re also going to Barcelona together for Thanksgiving, and to the UK for our winter break! We’re going to be in Edinburgh for Christmas and London for New Years!

Anyways we’re like 99% sure us three were meant to be friends. If you want to be friends it would be amazing if you would follow Sophia to say hi!

And most of all you’re ALWAYS welcome here in Salzburg! We give the GREATEST city tours and we can both speak German so it’s VERY helpful for getting around!

Love you lots <3


Private || Kaceson


Hey, Kacey. I hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving, and that it went a lot better than you feared that it would. I just wanted to check in, but also to thank you for the card. It really meant a lot to me, and even though I was rude and didn’t send anyone anything, I wanted you to know that I’m thankful for you too. You’re an amazing friend and person in general. My life is better because you’re in it.

Hi, Tyson. I’m not really sure how my Thanksgiving went, if I’m being perfectly honest. I spent most of the day writing in my journals but, like, I’ve stopped crying and I feel a bit better than I did. Sabrina and I still need to have a nice talk and I’m glad that Monday is only a few days ago. You were totally not rude though. I just like letting people know that I’m thinking about them and you’re always on my mind. I’m just really happy that we got to become friends this year.


Because Thanksgiving is soon to come. I am also doing this because I am so thankful to have such amazing followers and I know some of you guys haven’t been followed by Taylor yet, so please reblog and spread the word about this. I will be posting the follow list Thanksgiving week, so please wait and don’t worry about me uploading it, I WILL UPLOAD ALL USERNAMES TO TAYLOR, k? Now reblog (likes don’t count) and I wish you guys all the luck in the world to get followed by Taylor.