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i feel like you should be kind to mega famous celebrity bowler tommy oakes. he could have been having a mood swing or something? maybe it's not his fault.

I hate to say it, but I do still love mega famous celebrity bowler Tommy Oakes. I don’t think Maisie is too pleased with him right now, though. At least a little bit of revenge is necessary.

  • Taiyang, holding a baby Yang, giving off a little laugh: Oh, hah, that was funny...
  • Raven, giving an uncaring look, asks anyway: What?
  • Taiyang, looking up: Huh? Oh nothing I was just reminded of a joke Qrow told me. Something about 'How many babies do you think Raven could take on in a fight?'
  • Raven, staring at Yang, quietly: I'm sure at least one...
  • Taiyang: Huh....o-RAVEN NO!

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From team RWBY, Who would you think is most likely to cross the threshold and kill an actual person? Be it intentional or accidental

Accidental? I’d have to say Ruby - only because her silver eyes damn near ruined Cinder (who is an all powerful maiden) and froze a giant Grimm Dragon on top of a tower. So I can’t even imagine what that would do to a regular person and since she can’t control it yet, it could be bad.

Intentionally, my money would be on Blake. I’m sure Blake has seen someone be murdered before - I imagine Blake has seen a lot of pretty terrible thing. While I think all of team RWBY will kill someone to protect each other, Blake would probably have the least hesitation. 

It’s time for July Commissions!

So there are two options this time (each equaling 30 USD): Either a full painted bust/profile photo like you see on the left, or a full-figured comic style rendition of a character/your oc. (Sorry, no full paint figures this time around. I don’t have that much time to dedicate to it.) 

Can Do:
-your OC’s
-your favorite character (real life or cartoon/anime)
-minor blood
-small animal sidekicks

-anything NSFW
-religious or political pieces
-intense gore
-large animals

If you’re interested, you can email me at:

Thanks you guys! 

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Shane or Jas walking in on Marnie and Lewis doing the nasty?

“Marnie, the mircowave’s broken agai–“

Shane stopped dead in his tracks. Marnie’s room was an uncharacteristic mess, with clothes all over the floor. A blanket was crumpled on the chair, shoes were thrown about the room. Shane looked up at the bed.

“Oh, Yoba!“ Lewis, at least, Shane was fairly sure it was Lewis, jumped off of Marnie, pulling a sheet over both of them.

“Ah…“ Marnie’s face was beet red. “I’ll get it fixed soon.“

Shane nodded, slowly turning to close the door. Before he could reply, however, his legs were hit.

“Aunt Marnie? When can I go and–“

Shane quickly turned the little girl away and slammed the door shut. “NOTHING TO SEE HERE, JAS.

BTS MTL being into thigh riding

Note: this is just my own opinion and it may vary from yours.




Jimin and Jungkook: I mean, look at those thighs. They just love the fact, that only their thighs could turn you on. And all they have to do is just sit there and watch you going crazy. They love that way of pleasuring you. Especially as a foreplay.

Hoseok, Taehyung and Yoongi: They like it too, I think. But not as much as Jimin and Jungkook. These three guys just like to try some new things.

Namjoon: A lot of you guys might think, that he would be really into it. But I feel like he’s a complete dom. He wants to take control of everything in bed. But I think when it comes to thigh riding, the rider is in control and decides how hard and fast he/she wants to go. So he’s not really a fan of thigh riding.

Jin: He would try it, but I don’t think he’s into it. He thinks it’s a little too weird.

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Chapter Seventy

A/N: Here you guys go, as ever I hope you enioy it and any comments are always hugely appreciated 💖

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you…”

Harry chuckled and squirmed under the cover at the sound of Emmy’s voice, hiding himself from her excitement.

“Happy birthday dear Harry-” She wacked him, trying to get his attention. “Happy birthday to youuuuuu…” She dragged out the last note, then pouted. “Harry, it’s not every day I sing to you, you could at least appreciate it!”

“I do, I do,” he said, emerging and grinning. “Just promise me you’re not going to sing again today, alright?”
“Ugh, is this to do with that weird problem you have with getting old?” she said, rolling her eyes. 
“You’re 21, you’re fine,” he said. “Me? I’m 32. Thirty-two! I mean, I better start preparing for my mid-life crisis.”

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You huffed as you knocked on your neighbour’s door. You’ve heard… well let’s just say some moaning like sounds from his apartment and it was becoming unbearable. Look you didn’t care what he did in there but he could at least try to keep it down.

After a minute Eggsy, at least you thought that was his name opened his door. He poked his head out and you couldn’t see the rest of his body but you could tell he was shirtless. “Ah hi… I’m kind of busy right now”.

“I bet you are” you replied rolling your eyes “look I don’t care if you have a girl over but could you keep it down. I really don’t want to hear what you two are doing together”.

He stared at you looking puzzled for a moment but eventually he realized what you were referring to and he snorted.
“You think? No I’m not… no I just ah got hurt at work and I’m cleaning the wound” he explained.

“Oh sorry” you said going a bit red out of embarrassment. Of course your mind went to the dirtiest thing possible instead of thinking about other explanations.
“Shouldn’t you go to the hospital or something? Do you want me to look at it?”.

“No!” He said quickly “I’m fine really. I’ll try to keep it down. See you around [Y/N]” and with that he shut the door in your face.


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Have you ever thought of that so many people loves you and not just on tumblr and other medias you're on. Like you could be someones Idol without knowing it, It's quite fascinating to me at least UwU

Tbh until now I still can’t believe people actually admire me. But I guess I’m really surprised people do, mostly with this, what ever the heck my artstyle is that even I don’t get it myself.

I can’t help but always doubt myself, I’m used to doubting myself because of my brother always saying mean things to me, That whenever someone says shit about me I would agree or just not care, but when people praise me it just
makes me silent
I don’t know what to say
I wanna say thank you but there’s always something kicking my guts that I wanna say more or something else
That it’s actually not affective on me, I don’t really get filled with joy but just, neutral.
My friends are alrdy getting “angery” at me bcuz I always doubt myself and tell me they’ll foit me (and I’ll always accept the challenge)

But to end this stupid thing I put, I’m just gonna say;
if you idolize me or I gotten to /help/ you with your art, then I’m thankful for that.

Why am I doing the cell and core forms of Zygarde individually when they’re simple enough that I could do both in one night and move on to 10% form tomorrow? Because I have to work both jobs tomorrow and I’d rather go easy on myself.

I’m addicted to watching old electronics repair videos on Youtube right now and it’s making me really want to do a case swap and backlight installation on my old GBA, or build an arcade cabinet, or at least buy a vinyl turntable or something.


Agreed on the new gyms being not awesome and the PLEASE LET ME TURN OFF RAID NOTIFICATIONS, OH GOD, but you can do raids alone, or at least it’s let me do it. Team Glitch strikes again?

Possibly. Other people said that you have to wait for the timer to tick down, but there was no timer that I saw, and I was standing there for like, five minutes trying to get it to DO ANYTHING and nothing happened. 

IDK, it may be related to how when I joined for a while I didn’t have a team? 


Oh man, yeah I could see how that would be really terrible in more populated areas. I’ve been liking the raids, but to be honest, we don’t have that many gyms here, and everything is really spread out (which I think also keeps some of the novelty, because we also always get quite a few people at each raid), and the gyms are almost never full, which has been nice. Before it was actually harder for me to get a Pokemon in a gym, or it would have taken way too long to build it up.

Yeah, see there’s like…five gyms between my bus stop and my home, and shitloads of gyms in the nearby park, but Chicago is also an incredibly dense urban population, and I live next to a giant high school and two separate universities. I have yet to see a gym that wasn’t full, of any team. :D


I haven’t had the opportunity to try yet, but learning you can spin gyms like pokestops is interesting to me.

I mean…it basically means, between the six-pokemon limit and the spinny, that gyms have functionally been replaced by pokestops, at least for me. You can spin them but it’s the same as spinning a pokestop, so there’s no real like, intrigue there. :D 

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I love your writing! Could I ask for Kagome and Zoro headcannons?

Thank you, hon! I hope you like these headcanons <3


  • Nami always puts Kagome in charge to make sure Zoro doesn’t get lost.
    • Kagome: “Give me a leash at least.”
    • Zoro: “Teme…”
  • Zoro once tried to stop Kagome from touching his cursed sword, in fear she herself would become cursed, but was surprised by the sword’s inability to do so.
    • Kagome moved the katana side-to-side confused about him panicking.
      • Usopp, Chopper, and Zoro tried to stop her from swinging it mindlessly.
  • Kagome is a bit like Luffy. She will jump into a fight if they are trying to tick her off, but Zoro will immediately grab her from the back of her shirt and stop her.
    • Zoro: “Our captain is a different matter, but don’t be jumping into a fight you have read yet.”
  • Kagome likes to scare Zoro every time by squatting down in front of him when he is sleeping and waiting for him to wake up.
    • Works every time.

u cant rly make any blanket statements about loz lore because it contradicts itself wherever it no longer suits nintendo,

so you could say stuff like “link isnt the same person in every game” but then u have to go “except for OoT/MM, TWW/PH,  ALTTP/CD-i:FoE/WoG/OoX/LA ” etc etc etc bc sometimes! he is the same.

likewise u can say ‘hes a reincarnation of the same spirit’ Except When He Isn’t, like every game in the adult timeline, or like u can say that ganondorf is the same guy not smn who died n was reborn except Sometimes He Does Die And Get Brought Back To Life Or Reincarna

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Hello 👋! So I recently found out I have to have oral surgery and even though it's not for at least a month I've been freaking out over it a little bit. So I was wondering if maybe you could do a HC where Connors S/O is having surgery and he like kinda comforts them? Thank you so so much 💕!

I’m sorry you have to get surgery! I wish the best luck and much love. I know you can make it through and after drink water and smooth stuff. Get lots of sleep and stay healthy!

•You had been extremely nervous for weeks on end, and you had a very rational reason to be. You are going into oral surgery. You were always on edge from then on. Connor noticed on the second your body tensed at the word “surgery.”

•When you had told him that you were getting surgery, he rubbed your arm and assured that everything would be okay, he would make it okay.

•He searches up what oral surgery is because he thought you said you were going to give oral to some one and honestly, he got so hurt at the thought of it not being him. He had to soon realize it was a surgery and not a blowjob.

•He would go with you if he could to the surgery, no matter how long it is, he’s going to sit there, even if he falls asleep. When he leaves, his butt is numb, but it’s totally worth it for you.

•If he’s able to, he holds you’re hand and whispers sweet stuff to you, and sometimes funny things that dangerously made you laugh.

•"Wow, when I think of oral, I don’t think of surgery, but this is a new experience.“

•He drove you home after the surgery, and set up a little pillow space that you can have a reclining spot on your bed so you don’t have to move. He stays with you for a while helping you change ice and cuddling you while watching movies.

•He buys you soft food so you can eat easily without hurting your mouth. He buys you yogurt and milkshakes, he does all out to make you feel comfortable.

•He accidentally fell asleep with you while taking care of you and your parents walked in and you had to explain everything.

•If you are in pain, he’ll give you your medication, water, and ice to try to help soothe any pain.

•You get through it easily with the help of Connor by your side. He helped you heal faster and you were in way more comfort due to him being there.

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Hey Michael, at least you could never mess up a confession more than me. I once had my crush over and I was going to confess to him. I tripped over my cat, fell on top of him, and dislocated his knee when i fell off and hit the coffee table. We're still friends and I'm not crushing on him anymore but I feel like that had a lot to do with it.

M: That is a horror story. Worse than any movie I’ve seen. I can only imagine dislocating his knee…
M: Okay, yeah, I don’t think I can do worse.

sry 4 the personal posts (no I’m not I never am) but my mom is super encouraging my dreams and really pushing me to at least minor in creative writing (I’m currently planning on majoring in nursing but that could change) and it means so much to me that she’s encouraging something I really really want to do and my heart is full I can’t wait to see what path I actually end up on! my future is bright and i am just so happy ✨🎉💖

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At least your fetish is relatively mundane compared to other killers, you could have been shoving needles into your genitals or skinning women to make suits out of them.

I don’t know who you really think I am–of course I wouldn’t do such things. I am a normal man with unfortunate tastes that I simply cannot help. Doing such stupid things is far beyond the realm of normalcy.

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What would cause more damage to a ship, a lusus rampage or a robot rampage?

Naspar: …I’m going to go lie down.
Tavros: Hmmmm.
Tavros: In terms of what’s POSSIBLE, I would go with robots. Lusii can’t–
Tavros: Wait, do non-psionic trolls ever get psionic lusii?
Equius: Robot damage is generally very localized and they are quickly destroyed if out of control.
Equius: If you’re talking about the recreational fighting robots at least.
Sollux: There are some large, heavy-duty robots – not troll-form or at all AI, but robots – that perform some essential maintenance functions, and if they “rampaged”, they could DESTROY the ship.
Sollux: Not that they ever would, unless someone got them with malware, which no one has.
Sollux: …Unless you count my backdoor for looking at them, but it’s not like I’m DOING anything to them.


Sometimes this sport is so discouraging. You work, and you work, and you work; but there’s always someone with more money that can buy a high-dollar, push-button horse. That’s not to say that they don’t work hard too, but I’ve watched people work their asses off in this industry and get little to no recognition whereas you have people with a big name like the Fappani’s or the Flarida’s or the McCutcheons that can afford to put their kids on high-dollar horses and they go out and sweep the non-pro futurities and youth divisions while their parents win everything else. Looking at the list of the USEF Junior and Young Riders World Reining Championship USA team, I could have easily told you who half the riders would have been without even seeing the considerations. It just sucks to know that no matter what you do or how hard you work, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the money. At least to continue in this as a non-pro. As a professional I can imagine it’s even harder to get up to where Andrea Fappani or Casey Deary are, but you don’t necessarily need money to achieve it - you just need the work ethic and right opportunities. To do well as a non-pro, though, you better hope your future salary is enough to buy you $100k+ horses if you want to compete at the Derby and win - even then, you’ll be competing against kids with parents that have more money than you still. It just pisses me off that this industry is so money-centric that hard work doesn’t get you anywhere. 

I know you have to focus on personal victories, and I do. At this last show, Shorty and I consistently scored 70 and above each time we showed and I was beside myself with joy. But seeing the list for Team USA come out and seeing who was on it just reminded me that even if I had tried to apply and compete, I wouldn’t have even been a consideration because I didn’t spend a gazillion dollars on a horse or a breeding to win the derby or the futurity or what have you. It just sucks. 

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basically like,,,,ppl get like attacked all the time and live in fear of being accused and called out for having different hcs and stuff. The least you could do with your power in the bmc fandom is try and stop that or at least do something???

I havent seen that at all??? I mean honestly this is the first time anything like this has been brought to my attention I haven’t seen anyone get attacked for having different hcs than me like if i did obviously id say something but i havent seen it?? and no one has said anything abt it to me til now?