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Fanon Homestuck characters i experienced in fics over the years because i Love being in Pain: Beta kid Edition

JOHN: blank slate?? John “Can Be Whoever U Want” Egbert. sleeps with a nic cage bodypillow…..  uses :B a lot? Hello Naughty Children Its Nonstop Mean Pranks Time i hope u like ur hair dyed pink and half shaved

JADE: infomercial voice: Ever Needed an unnecessary antagonist to ur Dave x (character/reader insert) ship but didnt want to create a whole new character? Try Jade Harley for the low low price of $stop

ROSE: summons the power of every lovecraftian monstrosity to empower her ability to be ur wing-man in the up and coming ship of the fic. at exactly 12 midnight EST on a blue moon, during the Lost 29th Day of February, she may mention the tales of a wandering cryptid by the name of Kanaya then u will unlock her quest chain to later unlock this vampire to be a new playable character and gain an achievement

DAVE: 2 ¾ cups of all purpose Personality. 1 teaspoon of irony. ½ cup of apple juice. 2 eggs. 2 cups of white sugar. 1 ¼ cups of All I Do Is DJ. Then pour into a blender and sprinkle in 4 pounds of Popular Highschool Boy Tropes, force the lid closed, turn it on and pray

I was tagged by lovely @heda-reyes to post my top 10 list of the hottest actors/characters on The 100. Thank you, bb! <3

  1. Yeah i’m obvious. Bob Morley/Bellamy Blake.
  2. Marie Avgeropoulos/Octavia Blake (I agree, it must be the genes…)
  3. Lindsey Morgan/Raven Reyes
  4. Ricky Whittle/Lincoln
  5. Henry Ian Cusick/Marcus Kane
  6. Nadia Hilker/Luna
  7. Eliza Taylor/Clarke Griffin
  8. Paige Turco/Abby Griffin
  9. Richard Harmon/John Murphy
  10. Chesley Reist/Harper Mcintrye

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