this was the happiest of accidents

Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

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Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include...

Warnings: sexual mentions and flufffff   Requested by Anon 

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Tickle fights

  • Reggie and you were the silly couple, despite him being a jock and wanting to be serious you just brought out the silly side of him. He couldn’t quite help but come up behind you and make you jump by attacking your sides with tickles, especially after he found out just how ticklish you were one night by accident.

Forehead kisses

  • He wasn’t just silly but was a sweetheart. Honestly, with you he would melt away his touch jock exterior and treat you as his damn princess. Forehead was his way of showing he was there and how much he cared when people were around. He was certainly a fan of PDA but these gentle kisses meant more than all of that.

Making each other smile

  • Reggie did everything he could to see you smile but all he needed to do was turn up and you were the happiest girl there could be. The simplest things could make Reggie smile, your smile would light up his world and your laugh made him grin like he Cheshire cat especially when he was the reason behind it.

Tight hugs and cuddles

  • Reggie was a big toughie but his cuddles were the comfiest and safest you had ever known. He was, deep down, a little insecure and you were his anchor to reality. He loved nothing more than when going to sleep, holding you in his arms tightly and burying his face in your neck keeping you as close as possible.

Getting lost in their eyes

  • Reggie’s eyes were like home to you. Whenever you felt panicked, all you had to do was look into them an you were instantly calmed. He was so, so sweet and every night, before falling asleep beside you he would gaze into your eyes, calming himself down and once again anchoring himself down.

Puppy dog eyes

  • You were a little stubborn with Reggie you had to admit, he was a little too used to getting what he wanted so you liked to tease him a little, saying no on purpose just for him to pull out the puppy dog eyes and completely melt your heart meaning in the end, once again getting his own way very easily.

Always holding hands

  • Reggie liked to show off that you were his and that meant waltzing into school every morning holding your hand and smiling proudly. He was so proud that you were his that he had absolutely no shame in showing you off to everyone he could, especially after football matches when he was walking off the field after a win, showing who his true cheerleader was 

Showering together

  • Reggie was absolutely gorgeous and there was no sight you thoroughly enjoyed more than of him in the shower with water rippling over his abs and his smirk as he checks you out too. You would be lying if you said that your shower times didn’t end up in other activities but sometimes, on occasion you two would just chill, being together fully and just embracing one another.

Lots of sex

  • Okay so, Reggie is just another sex god. Lets face it, Reggie would know everything about how to pleasure you entirely. Just saying, Reggie would be able to work wonders with his tongue. He could easily leave you begging and panting, gripping the sheets. The worst is when he would turn you on in school, normally pulling you into the empty boys locker room and having his way with you just enough to leave him flustered.

Buying  you gifts

  • Reggie love to treat you  like the princess you are. That means     jewellery, chocolates, teddies the cliché things and the most cliché thing     of all, but be far the cutest, would be when he walked into school with     his signature smirk straight into the canteen and surprised you with a     bouquet of roses for no reason except that he loved you.

Making you blush

  • Reggie had a habit of embarrassing you on occasion. Not over anything too serious but the worst is when someone may make a comment about your sex life and he will happily feed the conversation praising you and your ‘abilities’ but making you blush furiously. Another time is when he would be on the football field and will remove his shirt winking at you and pulling you into him, often kissing you in the process and showing you off.

Tracing his abs

  • Whether in the shower, or just cuddling or after sex, you loved tracing your fingers over his abs. Marvelling over how bloody wonderful your boyfriend was  and how godlike he was to you. He found it funny how it chilled you out and it would normally end in him taking your hand carefully and placing light kisses to it. You found it hilarious when every so often you would tickle him, making him laugh and try and gently smack your hand away.

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Winter was at its highest and although Magnus’s loft had a very good heating system, he had purposely lowered it down a bit to have the excuse to be near the fire and use the blankets to warm each other up. 

- “Between The Lines” (Chapter 23) by @msalexiscriss

Wish you the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend Alexis, and all the best for the next year!!

I love your stories and I love talking to you and that you’re always up to fangirl around or answer my questions and add to my limited Shadowhunter knowledge… Thank you!! 

Preference "How they propose to you"

(YAY ALL OF THEM BABY BOYS AND GURLS BEING FLOFFY! YES! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d ask you to marry him the instant you’d risk your life for him and would do it with a huge ass smile. He’d be so impressed and feel so loved that it would slip from his lips. It would come out all wrong and weird but his smile and laughter would make you feel the same as him. As he’d recollect himself, he’d make it right to you by getting you a proper ring later on. “Woah…Fuck me…No! I mean marry me…Wait I mean…Will you marry me? Yes, are you going to marry me?! As in be mine forever…I’m serious, Y/N…”

Daryl-He’d ask you to marry him by surprising you at your house with the same flowers he had gotten you when you first sought comfort. He knew from the start that they had brought you both together and what better than to make it mean something even more by asking you to marry him with them. Although, in his heart he knew your answer to the question, he would still be nervous about it until you say “Yes”. “Y-Y/N…I-I was wondering…If…You’d like…To marry me…”

Rick-He’d ask you to marry him as you were both on the road alone and were having a meal together. For so many days, he would drag out your stay outside, just to have all his time with you as well as find the right moment to pop the question. As you’d eat together and laugh, he’d realize each moment was perfect with you and would grab your hand to make you look in his eyes, before smiling and popping the question. “Y/N…You know how much I want to spend my life with you…So…Will you marry me?”

Merle-He’d ask you to marry him as he’d look at you cleaning your shared cell. He’d come to realize how much you mean to him and how much he doesn’t ever want to be without you, making the idea of marriage just pop in his head. He’d get a rather soft and serious tone as he’d call you to make you look at him, only to get nervous but smile he pops the question, making you jump to hold him. “Y/N…Do you know how much I need you in my life? So much…That i’m asking you to marry me…”

Glenn-He’d ask you to marry him by getting the approval of your friends and family first before surprising you. Knowing how much they mean to you, he’d want to let them know that he’d take care of you and that from now they were his family as well. Afterwards, he’d pop the question, calmly as he takes a good look at you, while you were laying in bed together and reminiscing about how you met and what you’ve gone through. “Y/N…I know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together…but still…I have to ask you…Will you marry me?”

Carl-He’d ask you to marry him by making you promise to stay with him forever as you’d sit outside the walls reading together. Despite your young age, knowing how much he felt for you, he’d want you to promise him to stay by his side as he would for you, and would grab your hand to suddenly let you know of his feelings. “Y/N…I know we’re both young…but I know I want to be with you forever…So let’s make a promise to marry each other…”

The Governor-He’d ask you to marry him by getting down on his knee as you’d sit by the garden he had been working on with you. He’d spend the beautiful day, talking and eating with you, slowly realizing that his plans are going just as he wanted. Suddenly, he’d pretend to get himself dirty on accident and run inside to get “change”, only to walk out with a ring and lowers himself as he’d get close enough to you. “I’m sorry about the little lie…But Y/N…Will you make me…the happiest man and marry me…”

Abraham-He’d ask you to marry him by casually dropping the question as you’d wake up from your nap. As you’d spend your day just cuddling together on the couch, the idea would come to his mind as you’d fall asleep in his arms and he realizes how much he needs you in his life. He’d wait for you to wake up and as you’d open your eyes, you’d feel him stroking your hair, making you look up to him and for him to calmly ask you the question. “Hey…Cutie…Y/N…I got something to ask you…Will you marry me…”

Eugene-He’d ask you to marry him by proposing to you with the ring he had been working on for so long while in the factory as you would barge in to see what he was up to. Preparing the surprise would end up consuming his time and it would make you worry that he was being unfaithful. As you’d surprise him, he would’ve finished it all and nervously bend his knee to pop the question. “Euh…Y-Y/N…I-I wanted to know…I-if you were interested into being my wife!”

Ron-He’d ask you to marry him by getting you a promise ring and surprising you with a visit to your house. He knew he wanted you to be his for the rest of his life and just had to be sure of a way to do so, as you were both rather young to get married so soon. With the help of his mom, they came up with the idea of a promise ring and decided to make it official with you. “I know we can’t get married yet…But Y/N…will you accept this as a promise to be with me…”

Jesus-He’d ask you to marry him by screaming out the question as he’d come to visit you during your guard shift at the walls of Alexandria. He’d just be so happy to have you in his life that the idea of proposing to you would come and certainly he had to let everyone know of his love for you. Without a hint of nervousness, he’d get your attention as he’d get closer to the gate and just smile as he asks you the question. “Y/N!!!! Hello! I just came by to ask you one thing today! And that is! Will you marry me?!”

Dwight-He’d ask you to marry him by waiting for you with some beer and pretzel in the first house you had gotten together. He’d realize how much you mean to him and would remember the first days you had moved in together and knew he had to make something special out of it. You’d end up finding several notes as clues as to where you should join him, only to find him sitting on the floor with the last note, asking you the question. “So…Y/N…What do you think? Please tell me it’s a yes…I worked hard…I even remembered the beer and pretzel!”

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So Draco, did you ever find out why Harry's reaction to the dementors was so much worse than everyone else's?

Draco: *quietly* Yes, he’s told me about that… I didn’t know what to say then and don’t know what to say now. It’s completely horrible and I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like for a thirteen year old to hear his mother’s screams. *visibly disturbed*

Harry: … *trying to lighten the mood* He cried.

Draco: *smiling despite himself* I didn’t cry, stop fibbing!

Harry: You choked up!

Draco: Well, it wasn’t the happiest of topics to be discussing.

Harry: We discuss really weird things when we’re pissed sometimes.

Draco: I’m not the one that loses sense of place and time after two whiskeys.

Harry: Atleast I don’t go around hugging strange men.

Draco: *flaring up* That was an accident, I thought it was you!

“It wasn’t just one person that you ruined, but three”-JA

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Note: I know this is the first time in a long time since I’ve posted and I’m really sorry. But my GCSE’s start next week and I’m kins freaking out. Also I know i have Dan Howell and Phil Lester requests to do, but please bear with me. I was also having Jeff feels and wanted to write this, hope you like it!!

Imagine: When finding out what really happend the night of the crash, you end up losing control and telling everyone yours and Jeff’s newest and happiest secret

Pairing: Jeff x Reader

Word Count: 1979

Warning: lots of talk about Jeffs death and the car accident

“Y/N, it was the first day that you walked into school without him by your side. That’s when it really it me, the true consequences of that night. You see I thought Sheri had called the police, I thought that it was all alright and sorted, I thought everything was OK. But what I didn’t think about is the loss you have suffered, and that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Well, I guess, my short life.” Hannah’s voice echoed through your ears

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Mod Aaron who really shouldn’t get this happy about it but I’m GOING TO ANYWAY ‘CAUSE THIS IS WONDERFUL

I’m A Monster

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Title: I’m A Monster
Summary: You are the first one to see Carl’s eye since the accident
Pairing: Carl Grimes x reader
Warnings: Language

The moment it happened, you knew life was never going to be the same again.
Carl Grimes lost his eye.
It was unexpected, but there were so many possibilities that you didn’t expect this one to happen. It had a one in a million probability - and it happened.
You had been dating Carl for the past year and a half, he hadn’t always been the happiest kid but the accident destroyed him. There was no way he would ever be the same again. There was no way you would ever be the same again.
The moment he woke up after the surgery, he shut everyone out. Even you, it hurt you more than it should of. You now had to share a room with Judith, it wasn’t the worst possibility but you would rather see your boyfriend.
It was hurting Rick too, he already had so many responsibilities forced on him already. Now that things were falling apart in his own home… All you could say was that he was not taking it well.
You hadn’t seen Carl since the night of the accident, it was killing you. All you wanted to do was wrap him up in a warm blanket and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

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care to rec Your fav fics? hs or not

Okay just so you guys know I don’t branch out a lot in terms of the ships I read about so what you’re about to get is a lot of Robstar and a lot of Spaqua with some others


Clueless (long fic set between Go! and Divide and conquer. Not so much romance as friendship)
Communal (sequel to clueless, post-Tokyo. ROMANCE!!! oneshot, don’t need to read clueless beforehand but some references to it are made)
Robin’s Guide to Tamaranian Affection (oneshot)
Starfire’s Guide to Getting Into Robin’s Pants (companion piece to one above, oneshot)
Robin’s Favorite Holiday (oneshot)
A Moment of Shocking Clarity (super adorable oneshot)
Touch (This one is my current favorite I love it a lot and its perf and fluffy, Also there is a series that follows it but those stories are kinda dark but this one is light and beautiful. The others are really good too if you wanna put yourself through the pain and then there’s an alternative sequel that I actually prefer to the real sequel)
The Only One (alternative first kiss fic)
Settling Matters (Post-Tokyo oneshot)
Intoxicated (Dick goes to a nightclub with Wally for Wally’s birthday and surprise the girls are there and they’re drunk and Dick thinks they won’t recognize him lmao)
Mist & Shadows (Robin doesn’t approve of Starfire kissing other boys even though they’re not together smh)
Soap (short and fluffy goodness)
Persuading Robin (not the happiest of endings but it’s fine I’m fine you can slip it into canon)


Skin tight jeans (Speedy’s a dope)
Swimming Lessons (Oneshot)
Seeing Double (!!!! Young Justice/ Teen Titans crossover with dopplegangers)
Always Drifting (This one was never completed but I love it just the same)
Heat Wave (They get locked in a room together by accident)
Volte Face (Also not complete but great)
Wants (Cuteness)
Least Likely (In which one of them has a secret crush)
Ink’d (This is part of series but can stand alone)
Flying High (Aqualad is high. whooops)
Of Age (Incomplete, Prince!Garth)
School and Skirts (Incomplete, Aqualad is impersonating a girl at an all girl boarding school to see if it is controlled by HIVE)
A Man Owned (Incomplete, more Prince!Garth)
What is Owed (Cheshire makes an appearance!!)
Mistletoe and Wine (Gracie wrote this for me and I’ll love it forever- Christmas fic)
Target Practice (Another fic written for me that’s pretty beautiful and !!! HIGH SCHOOL AU!!) 


Jar of Hearts (Aquaterra. One of my fave fics of all time, incomplete)
One Man’s Junk (lol)
Another Man’s Treasure (Sequel to the above)

Ghost - Part 5 - Jungkook angst

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Here we go! I’m so nervous, I really hope you guys like this part. Again, i’m really really sorry for the delay! Hopefully the next part is up much much sooner…

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Final Part

Jungkook was lying motionless in bed, staring at the ceiling. The clock on his bedside table was entirely too loud for him to think properly and it was beginning to annoy him. He could hear the gentle hum of traffic in downtown Seoul through the window, left slightly ajar to try and combat the sweltering heat that summer brought. His arms were behind his head, and he didn’t blink; he just stared at the ceiling as if it would offer some kind of solace, some kind of answer, some kind of… Anything. He didn’t care what he got, he just needed something more than the cracked plaster.

He knew they were talking about him. He knew that the half-assed lies, the furtive looks, the gentle treatment was because of what Jungkook had told Yoongi. Of course they would treat him differently and of course Yoongi would tell the others: he was hearing the voice of a girl who was lying comatose in a hospital bed a few miles away. He was becoming insane.

Was it because he was guilty? Because it was him, all him and the words that came out of his mouth, that caused you to run away from him and go flying down those stairs like you were nothing more than a doll. Was it because he missed you? Because he did. If somebody could turn the sheer magnitude of the agony he was in into something that could be contained within mere language, then he would use it. Jungkook had originally thought that so much pain would be enough to kill a man. Apparently not, as much as he wished it would.

Perhaps the others would tell some higher authority. Maybe they were scared of him, and what was going to happen to his mind. Maybe, just maybe, they were talking about him behind his back and discussing how much of a freak he was. Perhaps they were going to send him to a hospital, or a therapist, or someone to talk to.

Imagine if the press found out that the youngest of one of their favourite boybands was having a psychotic break? And because of a freak accident he caused, to a best friend they didn’t know he had? It’d be a field day, and Jungkook’s reputation would never be the same again.

He sighed, turning over slightly so he was staring at the wall instead of the ceiling. He decided, ultimately, that he didn’t care what the others thought or what the press thought or what the fans thought. He was okay, and he knew he was okay. Maybe the voices were just memories that he couldn’t get his mind out of because they were his happiest moments, with you. Maybe it was just his subconscious reminding him of you, and the pain he was in without you. He wished it wouldn’t. He wished his subconscious would fuck off and leave him to die.

“Jungkook, I’m right here.”

He squeezed his eyes shut and clasped his hands over his ears. Tears, tears he didn’t even know were falling, fell. He was sobbing, gasping, desperately clawing at himself and whatever he could reach to try and bore a hole into his skull and make the voices escape, disappear, leave him alone forever.

He didn’t know what was going on, but he was okay. He was okay.

He was fine.

You were fine.

You were right there with him.


You sighed in frustration, glaring down at the boy crying on his bed. Your heart ached for him, wanting nothing more than to reach out and stroke his greasy hair out of his face, to smooth your thumb over his cheek to wipe his tears. Nevertheless, you couldn’t deny that you were annoyed; you had made contact with Jungkook several times, and instead, he ignored you. He didn’t try and contact you back, and he didn’t bother looking for where the voice was. He just told his hyung and wrote your voice off as a mental disorder.

Perhaps it was, in all honesty.

You did everything you could to try and get his attention on you. Maybe him acknowledging you were there would put you back into your body somehow? You drew on steamed up mirrors and windows, you moved his things, you put things that had connections to you in front of him. But all he did was stare at them with the same bloodshot, tired eyes that he had for this entire time, and then moved it, wiped it away, ignored it.

You didn’t know what else you could do. You had tried you damned hardest to get him to realise that you were there, that you were literally right next to him, standing over him. In return, he was just trying to push you away, forcing you out of his heart and closing himself down from you. It hurt, admittedly, that your best friend was trying so hard to shut your existence out entirely, but you supposed that you couldn’t blame him.

It had been several months since you were last conscious, and Jungkook only visited you once a week now. Your hair had grown to little over a fuzz, like that of a newborn baby, but the lack of care was apparent in your skin and body. You had lost too much weight to be considered healthy, and your skin looked like it could do with a good cleanse.

It was one of those days that he visited you, sitting next to your bed with his feet up on it, lounging in his chair and filling you in on all the things that had happened even though you were present for all of it.

It was beginning to pass into autumn now, the leaves turning golden and orange, the air developing a harsh bite that you couldn’t even feel. Jungkook had started dressing warmer, though still the kind of casual that would have made his mother scold him.

It was mid-anecdote that Jungkook was interrupted by the door bursting open and a bundle of balloons and assorted gifts that were obviously purchased from the hospital gift shop came hurtling into the room, all carried by a girl that was obviously out of breath.

Jungkook didn’t move from his position, staring at the intruder in bewilderment, and even you furrowed your eyebrows. You didn’t recognise her, and it seemed that Jungkook didn’t either, so you had no idea why she had come running into your room with such urgency.

“I’m so, so sorry that I’m so late, I swear this time it was traffic for sure, I-” The girl stopped upon noticing who was in the bed, realising that it was not whoever she had come to visit. Her eyes widened, then crossed to Jungkook’s bewildered form and her cheeks lit up in embarrassment, eyes sliding shut and groaning in a perfectly frustrated way. “This isn’t my Mom’s room.”

“No, it isn’t,” Jungkook said, vague amusement apparent in his tone. You glanced at him and were almost floored by the slight tilt of a smile pulling up the right side of his mouth. Jungkook hadn’t smiled once since your accident, and the appearance of this seemingly discombobulated girl had managed to light up his features slightly?

You couldn’t suppress the flare of some kind of unidentified ugly emotion that shot through you, though you quickly stifled it back down again.

“Oh my god, I’m so, so sorry- I didn’t see the room number- She must be next door, oh God, I seriously- This always happens,” she took a deep breath, the colour of her embarrassment still apparent in her cheeks. “I am so very sorry, sir, I wasn’t able to see the door numbers over all this,” she gestured to the assortment of items laden in her arms.

Jungkook shrugged lightly, still focused on her and the same half-smile present on his face.

“It’s okay, people make mistakes,” he said, leaning back in his chair again and running a hand through his hair that he had finally washed this morning. Upon realising that she was staring at him, obviously shocked by his appearance - you couldn’t blame her, having admired him plenty of times throughout your entire friendship - Jungkook cocked his head to one side and adopted a carefully innocent voice. “Isn’t your Mom next door?”

Cheeks flaring up brilliantly again, she floundered around to gather her thoughts and gaped her mouth several times, trying to say something but failing to collect the words.

“Right, yeah, so sorry, I just- I’ll just be going now, um, it was nice to meet you!” she informed him of her name and he repeated it slowly, his eyes scanning her entire body.

You placed your hands on your hip as his shameless ogling, the same emotion striking through you again, but this time you didn’t bother to quash it.

“I’m Jungkook,” he told her and she nodded. “Your mom might be waiting for you. Good luck.”

Then, he returned his focus back to you and she nodded, yet again, and stumbled out of the door, repeating apology after apology until the door shut behind her.

“She reminds me of you a little bit.”

“What the hell was that?” you demanded, ignoring what he said completely and watching his smile drop immediately at your tone of voice. “Jeon Jungkook, do you think you’re cool or something?”

He sighed, rubbing his hands over his temples again. Knowing that he could hear you, you was incensed that he was ignoring you again.

“Jungkook, don’t ignore me! I saw you then, staring at her like that! Was that flirting or something?”

Still, he was silent.

You grew enraged, sick of the constant silence. You were sick of being confused about this whole situation. You wanted answers, you wanted him to acknowledge that you were there and that he was listening. You wanted to wake up and throttle him.



You froze at the sound of his voice, saying your name in a way that it was obvious he was addressing you directly. Immediately, your body erupted into excitement, fingers beginning to tremble at the magnitude of the situation.

Jungkook was addressing you! Jungkook was finally saying something to you, not just speaking to your body that was lying in the hospital bed. Jungkook was talking to you!

“I- I don’t know why I can hear you… And I don’t think I want to know why. Just… Can you tell me, whatever you are, why- Why Y/N isn’t waking up?”

You were floored again.

You were silent, staring at him as he stared at your unresponsive face. He was silent too, chewing on his bottom lip, and you couldn’t think of a single thing to say back to him.

You had no idea why you weren’t waking up, and it was as frustrating to you as it must be for him.

“I… I don’t know.” He sighed at that, slumping back in his seat again.

“Then how can I be sure that it’s your voice I’m hearing, and not some weird mental problem happening in my brain?”

You were stumped again. He was throwing out the big questions today.

“I suppose I’d have to tell you something that only I know. That even you don’t know about me.”

“Are you suggesting there’s something I don’t know about Y/N? I’m her best friend, get lost.”

“I’m serious! Are you telling me that I know every single thing about you? There’s absolutely nothing I don’t know about you?”

“W-Well, I-”


He sighed, rubbing his temples again, muttering quietly to himself. You couldn’t quite pick up on what he was saying, but spoke again.

“So… You should go to my apartment, and- And in my wardrobe, on the right side at the bottom underneath all my shoes, there’s a box. You’ll be interested to see what’s in there.”


Jungkook couldn’t believe what he was doing. Was he seriously following orders from some phantom voice that happened to sound like you? Was his brain really trying to trick him like this?

Nevertheless, he was seated on the bus, right at the back with his earphones, the very same bus he took to your apartment when he couldn’t be bothered to walk to yours, or he had to get to yours quickly.

He hadn’t been to your apartment since the accident, and he was almost apprehensive. He was nervous to be surrounded by so much… You. He was nervous that if he checked the bottom of your wardrobe, he would find that box and would find something that he didn’t know about you.

That would mean that this “phantom voice” was actually you and your spirit or whatever had been following him around all this time.

Was that a good thing? Would he feel less lonely? Would he feel that you were still with him?

But if you weren’t… in your body, didn’t that mean that you weren’t going to survive? Were you already actually dead but your heart still beating?

Jungkook’s mind was buzzing with questions as he hopped off the bus and followed the same steps to your apartment that he had taken countless times before. He made it to the front door, clumping up the stairs as he had done millions of times before. Like the thousands of times before then, he reached up for the key on top of the doorframe. It had been there for so long that it had developed a blanket of dust, so thick it was like armour, and Jungkook had to wipe the thing on his jeans before he could cram it into the lock.

Opening the door, Jungkook was struck by how empty the apartment felt. Usually it was light, and warm, signs of life there. But the entire place was abandoned now, left to stand there, an empty husk of what it once was.

Of course all of your things were still there, but they were left untouched and unmoved from the months that you had been comatose. Everything seemed to be frozen in time, and he felt like an intruder, coming into somewhere that had once felt like a second home to him.

He moved quickly to your bedroom, not wanting to stay in this suffocating place for any longer than he needed to. He crossed the room to your wardrobe, noting that the bed was still unmade like you always left it and there was a book lying open on your bedside table, unfinished and abandoned. Some dirty laundry was still lying around the room, but Jungkook didn’t move it to the laundry basket in your bathroom as he may have done once upon a time.

He pulled the wardrobe door open, crouching down and shifting all of your shoes out of the way, his heart falling out of his chest at the sight of a relatively large cardboard box that he had never seen before. He pulled it out of its place, noting that you had painted it a teal colour and had painted ‘Jungkook and Y/N’ across the top in perfect calligraphy.

He lifted the lid gently, and tears immediately welled in his eyes at what he found.

Old photographs, little drawings, notes, ticket stubs, tiny gifts that he had given you from around the room, jewellery, stuffed toys, pebbles from the beaches you had been to together. Everything was all in here, all the small things collected from your entire friendship together, from childhood to where the two of you were now; him, sitting and crying on your bedroom floor, and you lying comatose in a hospital bed.

He sifted through everything for hours, sometimes laughing at a particularly fond memory (“Jungkook did you seriously buy me a stuffed crocodile toy?” “Listen, it’s soft but pointy. Like you, no?”) and crying at the more sentimental ones (“I know that you’ve been having a really shitty time recently with training, so I had a fight with Bang PD and now we have a whole day to do fun things. I’m taking you to the amusement park, let’s go!”)

Throughout the entire day, Jungkook sat on your floor, going through all of the memories of your friendship that you had preserved. Most of these Jungkook had forgotten about, but you had kept them and stored them like they were precious to you. And they were; they were the most important things in the world to you.

Wiping his eyes and carefully placing everything back inside the box, Jungkook sighed heavily before leaning against your bed.

“Y/N?” he tried tentatively, still feeling slightly dumb to be talking to seemingly nothing.

“Yeah, Kook?”

“I’m glad you’re here.”

“Me too.”


“C’mon, hyung! Surely you can do this last step, right?” Jungkook jeered, watching Suga sweat profusely, spewing endless amounts of swear words in the maknaes direction. Jungkook merely laughed, putting his hand back inside the bag of chips, bringing some up and shovelling them into his mouth.

“Y’know what, Jungkook,” Yoongi gasped, bracing himself on his knees. “You can go fuck yourself, you chipper brat.”

“Hyung, I wouldn’t let Jin hyung hear you say that.” Jungkook laughed lightly, sniggering when Yoongi flipped him the bird.

“I don’t give a shit what Jin says, I’m sweating into a puddle here,”

Jungkook stood carefully, wiping the crumbs off his jeans and coming to join the elder in the middle of the dance room.

“Seriously, it’s not that hard, watch me carefully-” Jungkook slowly performed the very last step that Yoongi kept stumbling on, explaining where Yoongi was going wrong and why he was overbalancing. “You’re putting too much weight on your right leg, and that’s causing you to sway and panic. Try to keep your weight balanced and you should be able to pull it off.”

“Brat.” Yoongi muttered before following the younger’s advice and slowly but surely managing it. “Yeah, yeah, whatever. I was messing up on purpose to test your teaching skills.”

“Of course!”

The two of them returned to the couch in the corner, Yoongi collapsing onto it and refusing to speak for a few moments until his lungs and throat weren’t so sore.

“Poor thing.” you said, and Jungkook hummed in agreement, laughing when the elder smacked him gently.

“What are you humming at?”

“Nothing! Why did you hit me?” he whined, dramatically grabbing at his arm and falling to the floor, pretending to faint.

“You’re an idiot,” Yoongi said, but not denying the smile that spread across his face at the youngers restored jubilance for life.

He had no idea what had happened to make Jungkook so happy again, when you were still trapped in the hospital, but he was glad. Yoongi hoped that whatever was working continued to happen.

Strangely, for some reason, Yoongi figured it had something to do with what Jungkook had told him about being able to hear you, but he didn’t voice these thoughts to anybody. Not even Jungkook.

Not even to himself.

“Hey Jungkook?”

“Yeah, hyung?”

“Why are you so happy suddenly? Even Tae can barely keep up with your sudden burst of energy.”

Jungkook smiled, leaning back on his hands with his legs extended in front of him. He rocked his right foot from side to side, watching the movement with a tender expression that Yoongi rarely ever saw on his face.

“I dunno,” the younger said, obviously knowing very well why his happiness was restored. “I think it was just the realisation that everything is going to be okay in the end.”

Yoongi couldn’t argue with that at all, and only smiled at the younger who returned the gesture with his own blinding grin.

Of course though, everything came crashing down with Jimin sprinting into the practise room with Jungkook’s phone being crushed in his grip and tears falling down his face.

“Jungkook- Y/N- You should go- Something’s happened- Go!”

Yoongi was up in a flash, bringing the younger with him as he stared at Jimin with his huge doe eyes, feet stumbling over each other and looking around in a daze.

What was this about you? Something happening? What was going on?

Suddenly, his body took charge and he was hurtling out of the practise room in some kind of sick moment of déjà vu of the last time he had run out of the room with such intent.


Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Final Part

How Sagittarius Gets Along With Others.

People you can teach: Water Signs - Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces. 

Compatible similar signs: Fire Signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius. 

Compatible complementary signs: Air Signs - Gemini, Libra, Aquarius. 

People you can learn from: Earth Signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. 

Whenever you have a philosophical insight about life, you’re eager to share it with anyone and everyone. Most of all you want to educate the water signs. These are the people who lack your natural confidence and optimism and need your encouragement. All they really need is a more positive outlook and their problems would be solved. To you, they seem withdrawn and sad and unable to help themselves, so you like to cheer them up and give them a helping hand. The only problem is that water signs are suspicious of your motives and are uncomfortable being pushed forward. They usually resist your encouragement until they get used to the feeling, and that might take a while, and you don’t really want to hang around that long. You become impatient and frustrated with their procrastination, but for some reason you always seem drawn to water signs and help them as often as you can. 

Many of your good friends are probably fire signs and that’s because you have lots in common. All fire signs are creative, outgoing and confident. But relationships between fire signs can become ultra-competitive. Too much fire can become destructive and really wild if it gets out of hand, potentially leading to accidents, for all fire signs are risk-takers. When fiery people get together they encourage each other to take bigger risks, which can lead to difficulties if not kept under control. 

Relationships with air signs are potentially the happiest relationships you will encounter. Air helps fire to burn. In fact, fire won’t burn without air, so the presence of air signs in your life is quite essential. Libra and Aquarius are excellent matches for you; they ignite your passions. Gemini, however, is your opposite sign. Because opposites are attracted to one another, you might be fascinated by Gemini’s, but they are very different to you. Air signs think rationally and logically, while you are essentially spiritual and instinctive. You have very different ways of seeing the world. You see the forest while they see the trees. Communication problems can result. 

People born under the earth signs will restrict your freedom and frustrate you no end, but you can learn a lot from them if only you would realise it. In fact, earth signs can provide you with form and structure to help you to build something lasting and worthwhile. They are here to show you how you can manage the material world. Putting down roots is not something you are keen to do because then you feel trapped by obligations and responsibilities. The enlightenment you are seeking is not always found in some mystical faraway land; it might be right beneath your feet, if you just stood still for a moment and looked a little more closely. 

anonymous asked:

okay his is not a request, i just wanted to share this with you bc you’re adorable and i absolutely love you and your writing ♥♥♥ they way you portray the characters, their feelings, actions and thoughts is just SO AMAZING). Anyway, here it goes: i had an angsty mm related dream in which mc joins the rfa and everything happens just like in the game, except jumin takes really longer to come to terms with the fact that he’s actually in love with mc as he struggles with doubt (1-3)

The only dreams I have are … of a more… um… different nature. 

Now I know you said this wasn’t a request but… what the hey- I wanted to write something quickly because… I could… It’s really nothing, let’s be honest I wrote this in less than an hour so it probably doesn’t even make sense- but let’s hope you enjoy it nonetheless my darling. 

PS- You’re adorable and I love that you sent this in to me  and I’m super super happy that you’ve found enjoyment out of my ramble of words my dear ^_^b 

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Undo (Final)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10
Epilogue | Epilogue: We Meet Again

Description: “I’ll always be with you, my love. Always.”

Warnings: age gap, death, smut

Word Count: 10,009 (strap on your seatbelts, kids, this is why they call me the angst queen)

Pairing: Park Chanyeol x Reader

Author: Admin Xiufairy ㅅㅇㅅ (two epilogues next~)

Eighteen. The number felt so nice to refer to yourself as. You were finally eighteen. You once again spent the day with Chanyeol, it was like every other birthday except the two of you went out for this one. You held hands and ran through the streets, nearly falling backward when he stopped you to kiss you.

You giggled against his lips and grabbed his hand to pull him along with you. He followed you easily as if it was a second nature to him. You blushed when you saw the old woman sitting on the bench.

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Summary: It’s Mother’s Day, and Jughead doesn’t know if he should call Gladys Jones or not. After all, didn’t she turn her back on him?

A/N: Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! Thanks for being the light of our lives, our role models, and our support. Love you!

Jughead Jones sits on the bed of the Spellman’s second guest room, well, his room, trying to make a decision that, in any other case, wouldn’t require so much thought.

But Jughead was Jughead, and he always managed to be different.

He shifts his palm over the black sheets with a thread count of 600, and puts his head back on the matching, fluffy pillows. The Spellmans may live in the South Side of Riverdale, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t well-to-do.

Jughead finds it ironic. That his Serpent jacket sits in his closet, among a variety of coats and jackets, (which, over a year ago, he wouldn’t have had) while he enjoys Eggo waffles and uses their Tresemme conditioner every morning. He knows some other Serpents resent him slightly for that, but they owe his father everything, so they keep their mouths shut.

He bites his lip.

It’s Mother’s Day.

He and Sabrina have already showered Mrs. Spellman with a Sunday Brunch, flowers, and gift coupons. Sabrina’s made the obligatory instagram post, a picture of the three of them, where Diana Spellman is looking at Jughead like he’s her own son. He’s lived with them for all of six months, and they’ve treated him like he’s a Spellman.

Even though he can’t bring himself to call his foster mother ‘mom’, he knows she’s done more for him than Gladys Jones ever has.

Despite that, Gladys Jones is still his mother, still someone who’s shaped him to be who he is today, and he’s deliberating whether to call her up. He hasn’t talked to her for a while- not since he found out that she said ‘No’ to Social Services when they asked her to take him in.

Jug closes his eyes and picks his phone up, wondering whether he should call Betty for advice.

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Me: Oh no Jar Jar Binks is alone and living life as a clown how sad.

Me: Jar Jar Binks was exiled by his people and had to live on his own when he was a young adult, but then he found friends and adults who tolerated him and even liked him in spite of all his shortcomings, but then every one of those friends died, one by one, during the course of a war that never claimed his life, so he got to sit on his planet and realize that he had been the one manipulated into giving power to the most evil tyrant the galaxy had ever seen, and there was no one to console him or reassure him because anyone who had genuinely cared about him was dead and anyone who admired him only did so because they mistook him for a war hero when he had only had a series of happy accidents, none of which had mattered in the end save to worsen the darkness in the galaxy, if this old Gungan can finally find love and admiration in the eyes of children, if he can make the next generation happy and keep them from witnessing the horrors of war, darn it, that’s the happiest ending any character from the prequel trilogy can have, I am so happy for him.

Certain Sonic characters: Canon Vs. Fanon

Chris Thorndyke
Canon: A soft spoken and humble child(or a an adult stuck in a child’s body in season 3) who, despite trying his best to do what’s right even when it’s at his own expense, is still capable of acting out of his own selfish needs. He tends to not think very highly of himself. But even then, he’s still quick to own up to his own mistakes whenever he fucks up, and he really does care and value his friends and tries his best to be of any assistance to them.

Fanon: A spoiled bratty sociopath who cares about himself and only himself, and utterly incapable of feeling any sympathy or empathy towards others. He’s also out to rape Sonic and steal him away from his one true love Amy Rose, and one true bro-ho Tails, because it is impossible to have more than one best friend!

Princess Elise
Canon: A young princess who was forced into being an emotional shut-in, due to an accident years ago that not only claimed the life of her father, but also caused the pure rage of a pissed off sun god to be sealed into her, and she could not cry at all for the rest of her life or else the world would be fucked. Despite all of that, she still tried her very best to serve her people and city and do the right thing, even when it cost her to loose all of the memories of her meeting Sonic- the person who made her feel the happiest she had ever been for the first time, before that fateful lab accident.

Fanon: An evil, slutty homewrecker of a harpy, who only cares about getting some of Sonic’s non-existant peen. Just like Chris, she is also out to steal Sonic from Amy Rose.

Big the Cat
Canon: A huge laid back and gentle cat, who prefers the simple life and rather go fishing, instead of causing any trouble. He’s really caring and protective of not only Froggy, but anybody who he considers his friend. He is also no slouch when it comes to brute strength, but he still prefers not to fight whenever necessary.

Fanon: Patrick Star in a purple cat suit.

Sally Acorn(yes, even her counterpart in the pre-reboot Archie comics)
Canon: A young women who was forced to grow up too fast and put into the position of leading a rebellion against a tyrant. She takes her position very seriously. Sometimes she doesn’t have the patience for Sonic’s more laid back and free spirited attitude, especially during very dangerous missions, but she still really does care about him. Even at her worst and most melodramatic, she never really showed any actual animosity towards her potential rivals for Sonic.

Fanon: A bossy, pushy, naked whore who only just wants to tie Sonic down and not let him be free like a birdy bird. Amy Rose is her number one enemy for Sonic’s kokoro!

Rouge the Bat

Canon: A sophisticated and smart jewel thief, and also a skilled government spy to boot. She may desire to obtain the most rare and beautiful gems out there, but she will still put friends and loved ones before them if she absolutely has to. She really does value her friendships, despite a seemingly greedy first impression.

Fanon: A jiggly tittied mindless slut because she shows the booby cleavage and sometimes uses her charm to lower her enemy’s guard. She is the most selfish and irredeemable succubus, who will stab you in the back in the worst ways possible in order to get some pretty rocks, no matter the circumstances or motives.

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Got7 reaction to accidentaly kissing you ^_^

YAY A REACTION REQUEST THANK YOU SO MUCH :3 I’m writing this going under the pretense that none of the boys are dating you, rather they have a crush on you and they accidentally kiss you ^_^

Jaebum - I feel that Jaebum would just go for it. Like, maybe he has been wanting to kiss you for a LONG time, but has never known if you return his feelings for him. So the moment when both of your lips touch, I think he would linger to read your reaction. Once he see’s that your totally down for kissing him (AND HOW COULD YOU NOT BE?!) I feel like JB would take initiative and make the kiss last longer and smile to himself that it happened how it did <3

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Mark - This soft bean would go SO RED. He had always imagined what it was like to kiss you, but this would take him by surprise that I think he would be like a deer caught in headlights. I think he would maybe linger for a second, and then pull away and begin to apologise profusely. And then when you tell him that you enjoyed it, I feel like he would go an even deeper shade of red at the fact you just basically confessed to him and feel like this was the luckiest accident ever :3

Originally posted by muaktuan

Jackson - Jackson would literally be the happiest and least shocked out of everyone in my opinion! I think the thing he would be most afraid of is if you felt uncomfortable or didn’t like him in that way. But I feel like he would turn the “accident” into “on purpose”. He would go slow at first but would gradually deepen the kiss as he reads your reactions to the situation, and he would be a giggling mess afterwords!

Originally posted by got7ish

Jinyoung/Junior - I feel like Junior would be the most reserved and responsible compared to the others reactions. I think he would be concerned that you thought it was very inappropriate and he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable at all. Because while he likes you a lot, he doesn’t want to force you to do anything. I can see him pullling away and apologising seriously, and when you ask him something like “Why did you stop?” he would giggle and try for a round 2 :3

Originally posted by fashionableoppa

Youngjae - Similar to Mark and Jinyoung, I think he would be very apologetic and embarrassed. All that would come out of his mouth would be “Omg I’m so sorry, are you okay? I didn’t mean to…I’m so sorry” over and over. And when he see’s you giggling and asking him something like “Why are you being sorry? I was enjoying it” i think he would be so shocked, to the point where he can’t speak, all he can do is stare at you in disbelief, not knowing whether to continue where he left off, laughm or run away :3

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Bam Bam - Okay, so this boy has gotten so cheeky recently, that I believe he would literally just think “Fuck it, what have I got to lose”. Of course he would make sure that you actually want the kiss, but when he see’s that your eyes are closed and your lips are actually kissing his back, I honestly feel this kid would take his chances and deepen the kiss a little and maybe even putting his hand up to cup your cheek too. Afterwords though, I feel he would try to make the air a little lighter by being funny, but at the same time he’d be like “You liked it right? Oh you did? Oh…that’s good then” *wink face*

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Yugyeom - This little baby would BE SO SHY AND EMBARRASSED AND APOLOGETIC OH MY GOD. I think he would be a mix of “oh my god yes, I just kissed her” and “oh my god I just fucked up so bad” but he would be too nervous to actually tell you what was on his mind. His face would turn red and his hands would be over his face trying to hide his embarrassment. I feel like if you weren’t the first person to actually tell Yugyeom that you wanted the kiss, he would just leave it how it is and try to forget about it, even though he wants nothing more than to kiss you <3

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Softening the Edges - Betty/Jughead


Chapter 1: Childhood Reflections

“I still remember when you used to be nine years old
I was a fool for you from the bottom of my soul”

He still remembered the day she noticed him.

Archie’s home had permanently become his sanctuary, but Betty living next door was the happiest accident that had ever happened to him.

Her family was a permanent blur of lively sound and color playing on in the background of his life at Archie’s house. The Coopers often proved to be an endless source of entertainment to two young small town boys. FP and Fred would sometimes keep company in the house, but the tree house belonged to him and Archie. That was their childhood world.

Betty was a part of that world in her own way. In the beginning she had always been there, radiating warmth whenever she passed below their tree house.

He and the red-headed boy took to peering curiously from the safety of their boys only haven in the treetop at the firsthand activities of girls, rolling their eyes at the ridiculous goings-on that occupied their time.

Betty and Polly would sometimes be seen out on the lawn chasing one another, cartwheeling, dancing and giggling with a boom box out on the front porch, or tying one another’s golden hair into pig tails.

From the very earliest frame of time that he could trace her back in his memory, Betty Cooper was a snatch of sunshine that would pass by like a warm breeze, petrifying him every time she was near.  As if witnessing some breathing fable, he would pause wide eyed and vulnerable on the sidewalk with nowhere to hide before Archie came out. He would try to blend in with his surroundings. He would hold his breath, invisible, and watch her pass by in awe.

Then one day she just looked over her shoulder brightly, dimples deepening her smile, and chirped: “Hi!”

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You’ve given me no choice - part 1; A game of chess

This fanfic starts off from the scene where Damon leaves Bonnie at the wedding after he kisses her on her forehead. Since he has to make a choice of either choosing Elena or Bonnie.    


Bonnie couldn’t believe it, Damon had left her to literally die. 

And all so he could have his happily ever after with his precious Elena.
Hate was not a word strong enough to describe the feeling that boiled inside of her. Damon was not a particularly bright person, she knew that even when he supposedly was her best friend but this level of idiocracy was hard to comprehend.
Or was he faking it?
Did he not realize that nobody had to die? Bonnie could have lived her life and eventually in 60-70 years when nature took its course, Damon and Elena could walk into the sunset together and all without anyone being left to die.

Bonnie started to cough and felt the taste of her own blood on her tongue and she could feel every single part her body aching with pain. She was sure she had broken at least a few bones.            
Bonnie lifted her head slightly as she noticed some movements around her and she instantly remembered that she was still in the presence of that psychopath Kai.

Her eyes followed him as he walked around her body to right where her head was and sat down next to her. Bonnie tried to move away from him but it felt as if her body was glued to the floor, she could barely move her fingers. She tried reaching inside of herself for her magic but she was drained. She closed her tear-filled eyes, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her break so instead, she kept her eyes shut and waited for the inevitable.

She could feel him staring at her and it honestly made her a bit uncomfortable but she still kept her eyes shut but something about him just looking was unsettling. She now wished that he would snap back to his usual self with a sadistic joke or taunt or anything really.
And right on cue, she heard a little laugh it sure as hell was sadistic and she quickly opened her eyes in fear but immediately regretted it.

-    Oh Bonster, he said with a sarcastic tone that annoyed her more than anything in the world.

-     Are you really that surprised? He tauntingly asked. She wanted to snap at him but she didn’t say anything. Maybe if she didn’t answer him he would just shut the hell up and let her die in peace but she was proven wrong as he continued.

-     Damon Salvatore being unapologetically selfish and a giant douche-bag, who would have thought? Honestly, if you were expecting him to not think of himself for the first time in his life then I must say you don’t really know your best friend all that well.

Bonnie opened her mouth to say something but then stopped herself before anything was said, thinking that giving him a reaction would just prove that his words affected her and that would be giving him way too much credit. But the truth was that his words actually did cut her deep inside but she was not about to flaunt her grief in front of the guy that caused most of it. She remained silent and observed that her unwillingness to react to his victory bothered him.

Kai noticed how Bonnie didn’t say anything, she didn’t curse him to hell or even cry anymore. And there was something about her not reacting that made him feel like he didn’t win the game of chess they’ve been playing with each other since the first time they met. And all of a sudden victory didn’t taste as good anymore.
He needed her to acknowledge his superiority in this final moment but she just quietly laid on the floor with her eyes closed again waiting for her death. Something about her not fighting for her life or at least being angry at her friends for always being selfish when all she ever did was sacrifice for them infuriated him.

Bonnie could now feel the shortness of breath and she knew she would soon be dead but the deeper she fell to her death the less everything else hurt and she was trying to remember her last truly happy memory without any vampires or werewolves or what not clouding the memory but it was harder than she thought. Thinking back a lot of it was really bad and when she tried harder all she could remember was grief, loss, and pain and some happy moments but those were all clouded by something horrible that happened after that. Bonnie started panicking, she didn’t want to die with a bad memory but it was almost as she felt her heart slow down in her chest but then she remembered her grams. She remembered the days right before the accident that killed Elena’s parents and how those days were probably her happiest, she remembered that she’d spent every day with her grams just talking and being honest about everything in her life and everything just seemed perfect and easy but most of all quiet. There was a certain feeling of harmony and peace and she guessed that that was probably just the calm before the storm but she couldn’t help but imagine if that was what she could have if she went to heaven, if that was something that was even possible. Though she knew that it probably wouldn’t happen, the thought calmed her down and she almost felt prepared to say goodbye to her life now.

Suddenly she felt something bang against her lips and she was hit with an even stronger taste of blood in her mouth, she quickly opened her eyes and saw Kai bending over her head with one of his sleeves rolled up, feeding her his blood from his wrist, he was healing her, but she couldn’t think of why?         

—————————————————————————————————-This is the first time I’ve ever written fanfiction so please be kind. I would appreciate your support, looking forward to some feedback.