this was the happiest of accidents

bts // you calling them daddy for the first time


 he would be kissing your neck, your jaw, your collarbones, your shoulder, everywhere. his hands would be playing with the hem of your shirt, preparing to take it off. every place he kissed had you whimpering underneath him, you just wanted him to be inside of you.

“please hurry daddy, i need you so bad.” you whinned, bucking your hips up into his boner. the nickname you had just given him made his eyes wide. he pulled back from kissing your neck only to smash his lips onto yours.

“i think i really like that nickname jagi.” he growls lowly, finally taking off the rest of your clothes and making you moan the new name all night.

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 as soon as you guys started dating, he made sure you knew that he liked being called daddy. you weren’t sure how you felt about calling him that in bed, so the first few times you did fuck you didn’t call him by it. 

  one night he was pounding into you mercilessly. sweat was dripping off the both of you. both of your hair sticking to your foreheads. moans were coming out of your mouth every few moments. he was making you feel so fucking good.

“mmh daddy.” you moaned out loudly, almost screaming. 

  his ears perked up, a smirk growing on his face. he stopped inside of you  momentarily, happy that you finally called him that.

“i’ve been waiting for you to call me that baby for a while now.” he quickly said before pounding out into 10x faster than he was before. from then on, you always called him the nickname. 

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 it first started as a joke you had made a few times around him. you noticed that as soon as you said it, he would tense up, but still laugh. 

  one day, while you were making dinner, hoseok came home from practice a bit early. he came up behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist, nuzzling his head into your shoulder. 

“oh hey daddy.” you joked, continuing to stir the meal that was in the pot. you expected hoseok to laugh, but this time he didn’t. he pushed his hips into your ass, making you feel his hard cock. “hose-” you were cut off by him turning you around and pushing you into the wall, making you drop the spoon you were stirring with.  

“i really like that name jagiya, you should call me it all night tonight.” hoseok said into your ear before kissing all the way down your neck, making sure to get all of your sensitive spots. 

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 before you even started dating, you were a fan of bts. being a fan made you know that namjoon was 100% into being called daddy and you were too. so, the first time you guys had sex he didn’t even have to say anything, you just moaned out to him.

“ahh daddy.” “daddy please go faster.” daddy don’t stop, you feel so good.” 

“you dirty, naughty girl.” he would chuckle, making all the hairs stand on your body before drilling into you at a even faster pace he was going before. 

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 when you and jimin had sex, it was the best thing ever, literally. he would always be the submissive, which you enjoyed, but you wanted to switch things up at times.

“daddy, are you going to fill me up really good tonight?” you would purr into his ear. his cock would twitch in his pants, loving the sound of the name. something in him completely switching. 

“oh baby girl, you know i will.” he smirked and pulled you into his body, grinding his hips into yours. “i will have you shaking underneath me.” 

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 it would happen the night when he got jealous. you were at the dorm with him and boys, watching a movie. all of the boys would be trying to talk to you, basically flirting, knowng that it gets taehyung mad. taehyung was fine with them, knowing what they were doing, but finally lost it when hoseok put his hand on your upper thigh. taehyung immediately grabbed you, dragging you to his room. 

“tae what are you do-” you would be cut off by him kissing you roughly, pushing you onto his bed.

“call me daddy tonight, alright kitten?” he asked as he briskly pulled your shirt and shorts off. 

“okay daddy, anything for you.” you responded, loving how dominate he was being.

“i want you to be really loud, make the boys know who owns you.”

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you had always been into calling your partner daddy. something about it just made your knees weak and your panties soaked. when you started dating jungkook you had read a few things saying how he wasn’t really into being called daddy and what not. knowing this made you kind of upset, but you still liked him a lot. you stayed clear of not mentioning it to him or anything, not wanting to scare him away. but when it accidently slipped when you were having sex, you didn’t know what would happen.

“mmh daddy.” realizing what you said, you shot your eyes wide open, meeting the same exact expression on jungkooks.

“what did you just call me baby girl?” he asked, his expression fading into a slight smirk and a cocked eyebrow.

“uh. daddy.”

“mmh daddy likes the sound of that.” he groaned and then began to grind into you as hard as he could, making you the happiest you could ever be with your sex life. 

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Reminiscence (Calum imagine)

Summary: You spend Valentine’s Day reminiscing

Word Count: 1.6k

A/N: This has to be one of my favourite things that I’ve ever written :) Please pay attention to the dates and times! It begins in the present, and then there are a series of flashbacks. They’re all in chronological order for ease of reading, but please pay attention to the timings if you’re unsure!

This is for @calumsbicth and @calsdream‘s Valentines!5sos blurb night!

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Present day, Valentine’s Day

With a cream envelope held between your fingers, you can’t prevent the smile from spreading across your lips. A greying memory slips into your mind, your eyes fluttering to a close as you let yourself get taken away to the land of fantasies.

Valentine’s day, two years ago, 1pm


At the sound of your name, you looked up.  You were in a park, sitting on a picnic blanket. Surrounding you were hundreds of tiny daisies, scattered amongst the green grass like a sprinkling of icing sugar.

“Hmm?” You looked across the blanket to see Calum, your boyfriend, with a wide smile spread across his face.

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Winter was at its highest and although Magnus’s loft had a very good heating system, he had purposely lowered it down a bit to have the excuse to be near the fire and use the blankets to warm each other up. 

- “Between The Lines” (Chapter 23) by @msalexiscriss

Wish you the happiest of Birthdays my dear friend Alexis, and all the best for the next year!!

I love your stories and I love talking to you and that you’re always up to fangirl around or answer my questions and add to my limited Shadowhunter knowledge… Thank you!! 

Preference "How they propose to you"

(YAY ALL OF THEM BABY BOYS AND GURLS BEING FLOFFY! YES! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-He’d ask you to marry him the instant you’d risk your life for him and would do it with a huge ass smile. He’d be so impressed and feel so loved that it would slip from his lips. It would come out all wrong and weird but his smile and laughter would make you feel the same as him. As he’d recollect himself, he’d make it right to you by getting you a proper ring later on. “Woah…Fuck me…No! I mean marry me…Wait I mean…Will you marry me? Yes, are you going to marry me?! As in be mine forever…I’m serious, Y/N…”

Daryl-He’d ask you to marry him by surprising you at your house with the same flowers he had gotten you when you first sought comfort. He knew from the start that they had brought you both together and what better than to make it mean something even more by asking you to marry him with them. Although, in his heart he knew your answer to the question, he would still be nervous about it until you say “Yes”. “Y-Y/N…I-I was wondering…If…You’d like…To marry me…”

Rick-He’d ask you to marry him as you were both on the road alone and were having a meal together. For so many days, he would drag out your stay outside, just to have all his time with you as well as find the right moment to pop the question. As you’d eat together and laugh, he’d realize each moment was perfect with you and would grab your hand to make you look in his eyes, before smiling and popping the question. “Y/N…You know how much I want to spend my life with you…So…Will you marry me?”

Merle-He’d ask you to marry him as he’d look at you cleaning your shared cell. He’d come to realize how much you mean to him and how much he doesn’t ever want to be without you, making the idea of marriage just pop in his head. He’d get a rather soft and serious tone as he’d call you to make you look at him, only to get nervous but smile he pops the question, making you jump to hold him. “Y/N…Do you know how much I need you in my life? So much…That i’m asking you to marry me…”

Glenn-He’d ask you to marry him by getting the approval of your friends and family first before surprising you. Knowing how much they mean to you, he’d want to let them know that he’d take care of you and that from now they were his family as well. Afterwards, he’d pop the question, calmly as he takes a good look at you, while you were laying in bed together and reminiscing about how you met and what you’ve gone through. “Y/N…I know we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together…but still…I have to ask you…Will you marry me?”

Carl-He’d ask you to marry him by making you promise to stay with him forever as you’d sit outside the walls reading together. Despite your young age, knowing how much he felt for you, he’d want you to promise him to stay by his side as he would for you, and would grab your hand to suddenly let you know of his feelings. “Y/N…I know we’re both young…but I know I want to be with you forever…So let’s make a promise to marry each other…”

The Governor-He’d ask you to marry him by getting down on his knee as you’d sit by the garden he had been working on with you. He’d spend the beautiful day, talking and eating with you, slowly realizing that his plans are going just as he wanted. Suddenly, he’d pretend to get himself dirty on accident and run inside to get “change”, only to walk out with a ring and lowers himself as he’d get close enough to you. “I’m sorry about the little lie…But Y/N…Will you make me…the happiest man and marry me…”

Abraham-He’d ask you to marry him by casually dropping the question as you’d wake up from your nap. As you’d spend your day just cuddling together on the couch, the idea would come to his mind as you’d fall asleep in his arms and he realizes how much he needs you in his life. He’d wait for you to wake up and as you’d open your eyes, you’d feel him stroking your hair, making you look up to him and for him to calmly ask you the question. “Hey…Cutie…Y/N…I got something to ask you…Will you marry me…”

Eugene-He’d ask you to marry him by proposing to you with the ring he had been working on for so long while in the factory as you would barge in to see what he was up to. Preparing the surprise would end up consuming his time and it would make you worry that he was being unfaithful. As you’d surprise him, he would’ve finished it all and nervously bend his knee to pop the question. “Euh…Y-Y/N…I-I wanted to know…I-if you were interested into being my wife!”

Ron-He’d ask you to marry him by getting you a promise ring and surprising you with a visit to your house. He knew he wanted you to be his for the rest of his life and just had to be sure of a way to do so, as you were both rather young to get married so soon. With the help of his mom, they came up with the idea of a promise ring and decided to make it official with you. “I know we can’t get married yet…But Y/N…will you accept this as a promise to be with me…”

Jesus-He’d ask you to marry him by screaming out the question as he’d come to visit you during your guard shift at the walls of Alexandria. He’d just be so happy to have you in his life that the idea of proposing to you would come and certainly he had to let everyone know of his love for you. Without a hint of nervousness, he’d get your attention as he’d get closer to the gate and just smile as he asks you the question. “Y/N!!!! Hello! I just came by to ask you one thing today! And that is! Will you marry me?!”

Dwight-He’d ask you to marry him by waiting for you with some beer and pretzel in the first house you had gotten together. He’d realize how much you mean to him and would remember the first days you had moved in together and knew he had to make something special out of it. You’d end up finding several notes as clues as to where you should join him, only to find him sitting on the floor with the last note, asking you the question. “So…Y/N…What do you think? Please tell me it’s a yes…I worked hard…I even remembered the beer and pretzel!”

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The Happiest of Accidents (Jared Kleinman x Reader SMUT)

More smut (shocking) so I’m combining 4 and 8 on my queue cause 4 was just Fluffy smut? And 8 actually had a plot.

 Requests by: anon Enjoy! 

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accidents happen; tom holland

pairing: tom holland x pregnant!reader (harrison x reader)
word count: 1,122
summary: the reader accidentally gets pregnant and freaks out. harrison finds out before tom does and tells her they’re gonna be fine. when tom gets home she gets the reaction she needed.
warning: tons of fluff, lil angst if I may?
my other work

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“Hey There, Princess” || t.h

Summary: In which a Disneyland employee has quite a surprising end to her exhausting day

Words: 1236

Warnings: One or two swear words, lmao

Comments: I got this idea a week ago but I couldn’t fricking write it until now, so I hope you enjoy, haha. Warning that I’ve never had a job at Disneyland, nor have I actually ever been there (unfortunately), so hopefully this isn’t too bad. Sorry to anyone who actually has a job at Disneyland (which sounds so coollllll to me, omg) and this is nothing like how it actually is. But for imagine purposes, just try to look past my mistakes, lol


You imagined this day much differently.

After sitting in a sauna handing out tickets for hours and cleaning up a little accident which involved some digested cotton candy and gum - please don’t ask - you found yourself sluggishly working your way into a dress, ready to parade out into hundreds - if not thousands - of people.

You didn’t hate your job; in fact you absolutely loved walking around and talking to kids, watching their face light up from seeing the big mouse from Disney channel. But, considering your alarm decided to completely fail you and a little coffee stain decided to show up that morning - goddamn it, I just did the laundry - you weren’t so at home in the happiest place on earth.

The shouts were enough to give you a headache, staring out into a crowd of mickey mouse ears and a suspicious amount of minion hats - what the hell, they’re not even Disney. Forcing a smile and straightening out your back, you took a breath and waved to the crowd of bursting Disney fanatics and scrambling parents. You didn’t know how long it had been, more focused on keeping your job than the minutes ticking down from your escape of this seemingly hellish day - smile, wave, repeat. When it was finally finished, you felt your whole body shut down, jumping off the parade float and away into a building where the end of your shift sat, begging for you to just leave.

You silently bid goodbye to your co-workers, slipping in a few puns here and there, as you - so unfortunately, according to most of your friends - repeated day after day.

Bye Ariel. Sea you tomorrow. Haha, get it? Sea? Because your name is Ariel and -

Yes, I get it. I got it today and yesterday and the day before that. Please stop.

You’d let out a little huff, but they’d always laugh in the end, small hand movements which signaled the end of yet another day.

A normal, peaceful day.

In any other circumstance, you would’ve gone home; possibly taken a bath with some light music in the background. Maybe snuggle into some fluffy pjs and sit down for a Marvel marathon for hours until finally falling asleep.

What you didn’t expect was to completely trip over your own damn feet, flying to the ground and dropping everything in your hands. You cursed under your breath, glaring at the gravel, before stumbling back to your feet. You didn’t find any of your stuff littered across the ground like you expected, instead in the possession of the arms stretched out to yours.

“Hey there, princess. Here’s your stuff. Are you alright?”

Your eyes went wide and, for the first time that day, you were fully awake. You tried to move your arms; tried to save yourself with a enter witty, self depreciating line here, where you’d both laugh and walk away from yet another example how this day was going oh so well.

The problem was, the boy that stood in front of you - brown hair and brown eyes and perfect body and oh my gosh, it’s him - was not just some stranger.

It could’ve been a dream. Maybe your mind was so deprived of the sleep you so desperately needed that it was making up some… some damn vision in your waking life that surely wouldn’t have fooled you, have you had enough sleep. But the way he looked at you, hands out stretched and a small smile on your lips, you knew this wasn’t some figment of your imagination.

You just fell in front of Tom fucking Holland.

Anyone would’ve loved to be in your position. You were talking - well, more like staring, but that was besides the point - to the Spider-Man, one of which you were more obsessed with than you wanted to admit. Some would ask for his number after some light banter, engraved into each other’s mind and waiting for the day he ask you to be his.

But, this was no fantasy and you were just trying to compose yourself, scrambling to take all your stuff from a man who surely wasn’t struggling to carry it, like yourself.

“I-I’m okay. I - um, thank you for picking up my stuff. I’m not the most elegant person, as you can see.” You’d let out an awkward laugh, before clearing your throat. “Y-you’re Tom Holland, right? Well, of course you are, I would’ve recognized you from a mile away. Wait - does that sound creepy? Yes, yes it does. I guess I’ll get going, sorry to bother you, um bye -”

And before you’re able to go; before you run away and try to erase any memory of how you completely embarrassed yourself in front of your celebrity crush, you felt hands on your wrist, a boy with a smile staring back at you.

“I actually saw you on the float earlier. You were really, um, cute up there.” He tried hiding the pink growing on his skin, embarrassed at how forward he was being. “My friend, Harrison noticed me looking at you and told me to find a way to talk to you. I’m not really sure how it happened, but I saw you get off the float and I was gonna head over and maybe speak to you but you disappeared before I could. Now here we are!”

He lets out the laugh you’ve only heard through screen, heart pounding in your chest because your favourite goddamn person said you were cute and wanted to speak to you, of all people. This couldn’t be real. This happened to bombshell, models who had the connections to parties and premieres. This happened to celebrities who had the upmost honour to work with him on a movie set.

This didn’t happen to exhausted Disneyland employees with a coffee stain on there chest and tangles in their hair.

Well, at least you used to think so. Now, you’re not so certain.

“Are you sure it was me you wanted to talk to?” You find yourself asking the question despite the thoughts yelling in your head, screaming no with every word that came out of your mouth. “I just can’t believe you would want to speak with… speak with me.”

He looks down at you, watching your head bow to the ground. He doesn’t know why it bothers him so much, but he can’t help but feel so absolutely mortified that a girl as beautiful as you could ever think otherwise of herself.

“Yes, it was you. And, if you don’t mind me asking, but I’d love to know the name of the lovely maiden I am so lucky to be talking to at the moment.”

You feel yourself completely perk up, letting your name slip past your mouth with a smile grazing your lips.

“Beautiful.” His voice is airy, completely dazed at how perfect your name sounds in his head. Before he forgets - falling maidens and knights in shining armor - he awkwardly takes a pen and an old napkin out of his pocket, scribbling a few digits onto the surface. “Um, H-Here’s my number. I know we just met, and not under the best circumstances, but I would really love to get to know you more, princess.”

You smile, taking the number from his hand and slipping it into your pocket.

“I’ll definitely be texting you soon, my knight in shining armor.”


  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.“a fortunate stroke of serendipity”
    synonyms:(happy) chance, (happy) accident, fluke, good luck, good fortune, fortuity, providence; happy coincidence
    “the consequence of serendipity is sometimes a brilliant discovery”

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Michael Mell x Reader:

Not so Silent Night (Smut)

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You’re Cute When You Blush (SMUT)

Jared Kleinman x Reader:

One Day I’ll Marry You (Fluff)

Third Times the Charm (Smut)

Jared x Pregnant Reader HCs

Jared x Reader // Overwatch HCs

The Happiest of Accidents (Smut)

Connor Murphy x Reader:

Fire and Ice (Tbh shoulda named it “Only for You”)

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Sincerely, Three x Chubby Reader HCs

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Sincerely Three x Reader w/ a High Sex Drive HCs

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Three’s Company (Evan and Jared x Reader) (Three-way SMUT)


How You Met 

Where They Take You on a First Date

Okay but during Avengers Game Nights our favorite lovable idiots keep suggesting physical games in the hopes that they might be able to touch Tony (one time they played Twister and Steve accidentally grabbed Tony’s butt to keep him from falling and it was the happiest accident of his life; Bucky’s still bitter).

Of course, these peaks of human perfection forget that the object of their affection is a 40+-year-old man who up until recently had the worlds shittiest pace-maker so he can’t do a lot of physical games and win (he’ll certainly try, but even though he never says anything, Tony is aware that he is the most out-of-shape person on the team barring Bruce and he has the Hulk so he doesn’t count). Tony thinks it’s just a “they’re young and virile and like to compete” thing in the beginning until he notices Steve and Bucky glancing at him more often than usual and then he thinks they’re making fun of him and it kind of (really) hurts his feelings.

Natasha hates everything of course because when is she not aware of what her idiot friends are doing.

juminsmcmysticmessenger  asked:

Hiiii!! Request open? If yes could you please write a Headcanon about a pregnant mc who suddenly disappeared and the boys are desperate as crazy? Thank you! Hope you have a nice day!!

RFA boys + Saeran reacting to pregnant MC who disappears suddenly

I actually haven’t done headcanons before but I really liked writing this one last night. Legit went to sleep at 2 am to finish this. I REALLY liked writing this and made the headcanons long af xD I got way too into it and I really hope you like it c: There’s a mix of angst and fluff in here for variety! 

Also, I have more than enough time on my hands now so feel free to request headcanons ^^


  • You kept your pregnancy a secret from Yoosung to surprise him at first but your plans (more like your baby’s plans) changed
  • Luckily you were one of the few whose belly didn’t start showing until later so you were able to extend your surprise for him however, your doctor found that your baby had a condition now that you were 4 months in
  • The baby’s condition could be treated, but just not in Korea
  • While yoosung was at work you packed up your things
  • You ended up being a little unorthodox and just took the earliest flight possible to Germany
  • Saeyoung and Jumin were the only ones who knew about your situation so they helped you out
  • Jumin helped with all the expenses
  • (as much as you didn’t want to, he insisted)
  • And Saeyoung fabricated evidence to show that you were selected to be on a psychology committee for the next year all to convince yoosung
  • after all you were a psychology graduate
  • You kind of left one detail out and that was to tell Yoosung that you were leaving
  • You were so distracted by everything going on with your baby, it wasn’t until a week later that you contacted yoosung
  • In that week, Yoosung dialed your mom, your dad, your siblings
  • He spammed the messenger every single night hoping the you would answer but you never did
  • At night he hardly slept thinking of every possible thing that could have happened to you
  • Nobody could have kidnapped you right…?
  • HE was legit pulling his hair out at night
  • Yoosung was just paranoid out of his mind
  • Some nights he may have imagined that you returned even
  • It wasn’t until he received a call after coming out from work that he was able to calm down
  • Given, he asked you every single question to exist in the first minute when he picked up
  • You told him that you couldn’t use your international minutes too much to explain and that he can ask Saeyoung to explain
  • The boy fell for it. The whole lie. Thank God. He didn’t need to worry about a baby just yet.
  • He finally calmed down and counted down the days until your returned
  • What he didn’t expect was to see you at the airport with a baby boy in a stroller
  • Sungjae, you finally get to meet your daddy,” you greeted Yoosung with the happiest expression ever


  • Jumin left early the morning when you found out you were pregnant
  • Apparently you had been pregnant already a month and 3 weeks without knowing.
  • You had forgotten to take two birth control pills at some point because you were so overwhelmed with work
  • You stayed in the bathroom for at least 2 hours staring at your pregnancy test
  • You felt you were too young to have a baby
  • You were enjoying life, your job, your husband
  • Neither of you had plans for a baby any time soon either though Jumin would have welcomed him or her just fine
  • This wasn’t something you could just talk to anyone about so you went to Jaehee who was in Jumin’s office while he was in a meeting
  • You broke down in front of her and she comforted you
  • You decided to get an abortion but wanted to make sure you were a distance away from Jumin so that he wouldn’t be able to stop you
  • By the afternoon you took a train to a very reliable abortion clinic where you had made an appointment that was for the next day b/c you were Jumin’s wife
  • It was like 400 miles away
  • When Jumin got home and saw you weren’t there, he called you assuming that you stayed late at work
  • You didn’t answer any of his calls
  • Okay now he was anxious
  • You always answered his calls
  • He tried to suppress his emotions and stay rational but THIS IS HIS WIFE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT
  • And well he is who he is
  • There were so many reasons why you could disappear just because you’re his wife
  • So he literally dispatched all his security to search for you
  • This was an emergency and that was enough to even have his intelligence unit hack into all cameras around the city and beyond to find you
  • He got absolutely no sleep. He paced around in his office waiting for a phone call
  • He demanded that every ten minutes he’d be given a status report
  • He wanted to sleep so desperately but he couldn’t. He wasn’t going to until you were found
  • Around 7 in the morning, security found you again walking into the abortion clinic through surveillance cameras
  • Jumin was confused why you were there of all places until he put two and two together
  • Within an hour he was at the clinic (he took his private jet duh)
  • You were already mid procedure so Jumin was not allowed to disturb
  • But he was there when you were finished and moved out from the procedure room
  • Your heart dropped when you saw him
  • He wasn’t mad or anything, he was just relieved to know you’re okay
  • You didn’t have the guts to tell him what you just did and why until he asked you if there was something he should know
  • You tell him all about how you’re too young to have a baby yet and breakdown
  • He says that it’s okay.
  • Jumin accepts your decision (I mean what’s done is done right?) and six years later you have your first baby
  • It’s a girl and her name is Han Juyi !


  • You were both already aware of your pregnancy
  • HE was the one who was super stoked to have a child. At first he thought it would be a little bump in his career but he’s okay with it
  • His career already lifted off and he could afford having a child
  • Zen had to tame his beast with you now Oh lord he was so protective of you
  • You were glad he wasn’t overbearing
  • He was already making a list of names in his head and well you were too
  • You stayed up to date with your prenatal vitamins and took very good care of yourself while he was working.
  • This was where working from home had all its perks
  • When you started showing a belly you just upsized your clothes
  • After all it was just a fashion trend lately to wear oversized clothing
  • You were a firm believer in that pregnancy should be a private matter so the few times you went out in public, you made sure to cover up as well as you could
  • The last thing you wanted was for the paparazzi to catch a glimpse of your baby bump.
  • When you saw another famous actor/non-actor couple on the news talking about their unexpected pregnancy, you immediately felt a knot in your stomach
  • The paparazzi was getting much more clever these days and honestly you didn’t want to risk them finding out your pregnancy
  • You didn’t want the added stress to affect your pregnancy
  • So you call your mom who lives in the countryside and asked if you could stay until the baby arrived
  • That night was one of Zen’s performances and you never miss one. You always have a front row seat reserved so that Zen can always catch a glimpse of you
  • However, you left to the countryside before the show started. Zen saw that you weren’t there and assumed you were a bit late
  • But halfway through the show, you never arrived and that threw him off. He was sweating under his costume more than usual because he was nervous
  • His mind was racing.
  • He thought maybe you fell sick and stayed home
  • Or it could be something worse
  • At a scene change, he ran backstage and dialed your number as quick as possible
  • You didn’t answer any calls and he began to lose it
  • He was breathing really hard and was just lost. He couldn’t focus on anything because he was trying to figure out why you disappeared
  • Zen yelled out and told his understudy to take his place for the rest of the musical
  • Today that understudy was being a lazy prick but Zen was not having any of it
  • Oooohhhhh shit
  • He grabbed his understudy by his shirt and growled at him
  • “You’re taking my place right now or so help me I’ll make sure you never get a role in anything again. Got it?”
  • Having made his point he left and took his motorcycle back home only to find that you left.
  • You left a lot of your stuff there because your mom already had what you needed
  • He called you once again, this time tears are already about to fall
  • But he hears your voice when you pick up the phone and is so relieved
  • You explain with you left without notice and he says you should’ve at least told him
  • For the next 5 months until you give birth, you two video chat and you send him copies of your baby’s ultrasound
  • When the gender is revealed, you two spend an entire night thinking of names over video call and by morning when you’re too tired, you finally decide a name
  • He’s there for you the night you give birth and he is literally the happiest person in the world
  • While you’re in recovery, he fills out the baby’s registration
  • Gender: Male
  • Name: Ryu Hyuk


  • Lately he’s been pulling off so many pranks on you
  • You just never have an idea that can beat his out
  • His latest prank actually resulted in the two of you having some ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) time in his office full of computers and cameras recording everything
  • He claims it was an “accident” but he does nothing to delete the video
  • Lowkey he even threatens you in a joking way that he’ll send it out to everyone
  • One night you try to delete it but can’t figure out how to, but you at least manage to get a copy of it on a flash drive
  • You actually found a use for it later
  • A few weeks later when you miss your period you know that you’re pregnant
  • And you know exactly why
  • You think of what way to tell him you’re pregnant
  • And then a light bulb goes off
  • You’re going to pull of the best prank to tell him you’re expecting.
  • With the help of Vanderwood, you manage to get a surveillance recording of you being “captured” in Seven’s garage
  • One of Vanderwood’s old friends, who Seven doesn’t know, joins in and helps film a few ransom video that even you would believe was real
  • Seven comes home and like always goes to his computers to continue hacking. He’s totally oblivious to what’s going to happen next
  • A recording of your screams goes off and God Seven is literally bolting upstairs to where the scream came from
  • He runs to your shared room on the third floor and you’re not there. He searches the rest of the bunker only to have his alarm go off and he goes to the computers
  • (thanks to Vanderwood who knows the workings of the bunker)
  • The video of you being captured in the garage appears on his computer screen followed by the ransom video
  • Seven’s heart was beating so fast out of fear that he was sure he was about to faint.
  • He knew it. One day you would pay the price for being around him
  • He yells out for Vanderwood, his voice cracking and they both run out to the garage where they expect to find MC
  • Another video appears on his phone, telling him to go to the roof
  • Vanderwood is legit laughing his ass off b/c finally got him good
  • On the roof, there’s a chair right in the middle. A video is prepared and it’s an unfamiliar face.
  • “There is one more thing you must do besides handing over the money. There is a confidential video in your possession that must be deleted. And then we will return MC unharmed.”
  • Seven is willing to delete his life at this point just to get you back
  • And then yours and Seven’s ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) video starts playing
  • Next thing Seven knows is that you are driving up in a children’s battery powered car from Toys r US with blue and pink balloons attached to the back of it
  • “Babe, I think we’re going to need another parking space. Preferably sized for this car”
  • Seven legit couldn’t be happier to know you’re expecting.
  • But he’s also so salty that you gave him a heart attack
  • He gave you the silent treatment for all of ten minutes while you and Vanderwood were laughing so hard and high fiving
  • You let him play with the miniature car and he forgave you immediately
  • This child I swear
  • 8 months later just before giving birth, you ended up buying another toy car
  • One was pink and one was blue
  • The pink one had the name Choi Saeyeon written
  • The blue one had the name Choi Youngjae on it

V (forgive me this one is so much angst T_T):

  • When V found out you were pregnant, he took it upon himself to make all the announcements
  • He decided to call this collection of photos “Family”
  • You both were so happy
  • V was just so overwhelmed by emotions of happiness, love, and anticipation
  • Too emotional at that so he started crying
  • This is what true happiness is and what love is
  • The collage you both made became the announcement that you sent out to everyone close to them.
  • It also showed a picture of V and you holding blue daffodils to show that the baby will be a boy
  • V insisted on sending Rika an announcement as well much to your dislike.
  • You were just being cautious but he convinced you that it was his way of showing that he moved on and that there is hope for her to find love just as he did
  • Rika legit went crazy and had an episode upon seeing
  • She tore up the card and became heated.
  • She waited patiently, having Ray monitor the expecting couple until the The due date was near
  • Around the eight month mark, Rika decided to strike and had her believers (or at least what remained of them) kidnap you from your home
  • You couldn’t fight back because you were already so exhausted from the extra weight you’re carrying
  • You breath in from a rag they placed over your mouth and nose and next thing you know you’re in darkness.
  • V comes home to an empty house and calls out for you. He told you not to leave the house unless necessary since you’re in your last month
  • You’re not upstairs or in the basement, not outside either or in the bathroom
  • He tries to keep himself calm but when he sees a note on the bed with a logo that’s all too familiar he just freaks
  • He starts sweating and his hands shake.
  • It’s all his fault he keeps telling himself
  • I mean it kinda is though
  • He yells at nothing
  • He kicks things from the ground
  • And when he’s had it, he punches a mirror, it breaks and his hand is bleeding
  • There’s only one person who can help him and of course it’s Saeyoung
  • He has him track down the new location of Mint Eye
  • And he actually yells at him to hurry up
  • That’s so unlike V to yell at Saeyoung but like its your life on the line so he’s right to be pissed
  • With the new location found, he grabs Saeyoung’s car keys and tells him to get in the car now
  • Legit is driving like 120 mph
  • When you come to your senses, you’re laid on a surprisingly comfortable bed.
  • Rika is there sitting on the bedside stroking your hair
  • “Let’s make sure we save this baby when he comes to our world. We’ll save him I promise”
  • You try to refuse the elixirs that she gives you but Rika gets tired of you fighting back and just injects you with it instead. Proven to be just as effective
  • You become delirious because of the drug
  • Your head spins and next thing you know you’re falling in and out of consciousness.
  • You’re mumbling words that don’t make sense as you hear V’s voice again.
  • When V finds you he literally pushed Rika aside and takes you back
  • Saeyoung right behind him made sure that Rika didn’t get in the way
  • V was literally seething with rage but he couldn’t focus on his emotions when you’re a drugged mess in his arms.
  • Going to the hospital is the first thing in his mind because he had no idea what the drug is doing to you and the baby
  • By the time you, V, and Saeyoung reach the hospital, you’ve gone into labor
  • The doctors say that the drug affected your body in such a way that premature labor was induced
  • You were put under anesthesia for an emergency c-section. The baby was the priority
  • After that procedure, they tried to detoxify your blood stream from whatever drug Rika put in your body.
  • After waking up from anesthesia, you were in so much pain.
  • You didn’t know a c-section would hurt so much you couldn’t even move
  • V was right by your side the entire time with his son in his arms
  • “Say hi to your mommy, Jiwook. She’s the one you got your looks from.”


  • Saeran still had to go to therapy a few times a month but his therapist finally said he’s made so much progress you wouldn’t even think he’s mentally ill.
  • On the day he was finally cleared and no longer had to go to therapy, you two decided to celebrate
  • You went out for ice cream and movies and arcade games
  • When you came home you were both really joyful and playful
  • Then you both played a little game of chase in your apartment because let’s be real Saeran is deep deep down fluff.
  • One thing led to the other and next thing you knew you were pinned beneath Saeran
  • On your bed
  • The next morning you woke up with hickies all over and well that glow that can only come from really good sex
  • A few weeks later you missed your period.
  • Admittedly, you felt you weren’t ready for a baby and neither was Saeran.
  • He’s scared that he might lose control of himself and hurt the kid. Or even hurt you
  • You trust him enough that he won’t revert back to violence. He’s so mature.
  • That night you tell him over dinner that you’re pregnant
  • Saeran drops his spoon on the plate and he’s kind of at a lost of words
  • “it’s okay if you’re not ready to talk about it Saeran. We can talk about it another time”
  • Another time never really comes
  • You’re already 3 months in but you’re still doubting that you and Saeran can raise a child
  • Considering that he’s never even made a mention about the baby you just conclude that he feels he’s not ready for the responsibility
  • You leave the apartment without calling him that you be home for a few hours and go to an adoption center
  • In all honesty, you kind of want Saeran to say that he wants to start a family but you don’t want to force it on him
  • When Saeran comes home, he’s carrying a few bags with baby stuffs
  • He actually did so much research and this was his way of telling you that he wanted to start a family.
  • He dropped the bags when he found out you weren’t in the apartment
  • You were always here at this time. There’s never been a day you’re not home when he comes back
  • He calls out your name with a normal voice but soon enough his voice starts cracking.
  • His head starts spinning.
  • He thinks you ran away or abandoned him because he didn’t ever mention to you about the baby.
  • “Don’t leave me please. Everyone leaves but please not you, I wanted to start a family with you”
  • He forgot to think and then realized he could just track your phone from his phone
  • this child I swear
  • He finds out you’re just a few blocks away from the apartment complex and he dashes all the way to where you are
  • He notices it’s an adoption center and when he spots you, he hugs you so tight repeating over and over that he loves you and he wants to start a family with you
  • Literally makes a scene at the adoption center
  • A few weeks later you both go to find out the gender of the baby and…
  • It’s a girl!
  • “Uhm, MC, i don’t like the color pink. We are not painting our daughter’s room pink”
  • “then what color do you want to use?”
  • “Magenta?”
  • You literally facepalm
  • “Magenta is literally pink, Saeran”
  • ………
  • You still go with that color and paint your daughter’s room
  • Time flies and next thing you know, you’ve already given birth to your daughter
  • Turns out it was two daughters. Fraternal twins!
  • Saeran literally ate an ice cream cone while you were in labor
  • Both you and Saeran couldn’t decide between two names for a daughter
  • Now you got to use both names instead of choosing
  • Hyeran was born ten minutes before Saejung


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Got7 reaction to accidentaly kissing you ^_^

YAY A REACTION REQUEST THANK YOU SO MUCH :3 I’m writing this going under the pretense that none of the boys are dating you, rather they have a crush on you and they accidentally kiss you ^_^

Jaebum - I feel that Jaebum would just go for it. Like, maybe he has been wanting to kiss you for a LONG time, but has never known if you return his feelings for him. So the moment when both of your lips touch, I think he would linger to read your reaction. Once he see’s that your totally down for kissing him (AND HOW COULD YOU NOT BE?!) I feel like JB would take initiative and make the kiss last longer and smile to himself that it happened how it did <3

Originally posted by morkeutuan

Mark - This soft bean would go SO RED. He had always imagined what it was like to kiss you, but this would take him by surprise that I think he would be like a deer caught in headlights. I think he would maybe linger for a second, and then pull away and begin to apologise profusely. And then when you tell him that you enjoyed it, I feel like he would go an even deeper shade of red at the fact you just basically confessed to him and feel like this was the luckiest accident ever :3

Originally posted by muaktuan

Jackson - Jackson would literally be the happiest and least shocked out of everyone in my opinion! I think the thing he would be most afraid of is if you felt uncomfortable or didn’t like him in that way. But I feel like he would turn the “accident” into “on purpose”. He would go slow at first but would gradually deepen the kiss as he reads your reactions to the situation, and he would be a giggling mess afterwords!

Originally posted by got7ish

Jinyoung/Junior - I feel like Junior would be the most reserved and responsible compared to the others reactions. I think he would be concerned that you thought it was very inappropriate and he wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable at all. Because while he likes you a lot, he doesn’t want to force you to do anything. I can see him pullling away and apologising seriously, and when you ask him something like “Why did you stop?” he would giggle and try for a round 2 :3

Originally posted by fashionableoppa

Youngjae - Similar to Mark and Jinyoung, I think he would be very apologetic and embarrassed. All that would come out of his mouth would be “Omg I’m so sorry, are you okay? I didn’t mean to…I’m so sorry” over and over. And when he see’s you giggling and asking him something like “Why are you being sorry? I was enjoying it” i think he would be so shocked, to the point where he can’t speak, all he can do is stare at you in disbelief, not knowing whether to continue where he left off, laughm or run away :3

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Bam Bam - Okay, so this boy has gotten so cheeky recently, that I believe he would literally just think “Fuck it, what have I got to lose”. Of course he would make sure that you actually want the kiss, but when he see’s that your eyes are closed and your lips are actually kissing his back, I honestly feel this kid would take his chances and deepen the kiss a little and maybe even putting his hand up to cup your cheek too. Afterwords though, I feel he would try to make the air a little lighter by being funny, but at the same time he’d be like “You liked it right? Oh you did? Oh…that’s good then” *wink face*

Originally posted by kunpimuak

Yugyeom - This little baby would BE SO SHY AND EMBARRASSED AND APOLOGETIC OH MY GOD. I think he would be a mix of “oh my god yes, I just kissed her” and “oh my god I just fucked up so bad” but he would be too nervous to actually tell you what was on his mind. His face would turn red and his hands would be over his face trying to hide his embarrassment. I feel like if you weren’t the first person to actually tell Yugyeom that you wanted the kiss, he would just leave it how it is and try to forget about it, even though he wants nothing more than to kiss you <3

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care to rec Your fav fics? hs or not

Okay just so you guys know I don’t branch out a lot in terms of the ships I read about so what you’re about to get is a lot of Robstar and a lot of Spaqua with some others


Clueless (long fic set between Go! and Divide and conquer. Not so much romance as friendship)
Communal (sequel to clueless, post-Tokyo. ROMANCE!!! oneshot, don’t need to read clueless beforehand but some references to it are made)
Robin’s Guide to Tamaranian Affection (oneshot)
Starfire’s Guide to Getting Into Robin’s Pants (companion piece to one above, oneshot)
Robin’s Favorite Holiday (oneshot)
A Moment of Shocking Clarity (super adorable oneshot)
Touch (This one is my current favorite I love it a lot and its perf and fluffy, Also there is a series that follows it but those stories are kinda dark but this one is light and beautiful. The others are really good too if you wanna put yourself through the pain and then there’s an alternative sequel that I actually prefer to the real sequel)
The Only One (alternative first kiss fic)
Settling Matters (Post-Tokyo oneshot)
Intoxicated (Dick goes to a nightclub with Wally for Wally’s birthday and surprise the girls are there and they’re drunk and Dick thinks they won’t recognize him lmao)
Mist & Shadows (Robin doesn’t approve of Starfire kissing other boys even though they’re not together smh)
Soap (short and fluffy goodness)
Persuading Robin (not the happiest of endings but it’s fine I’m fine you can slip it into canon)


Skin tight jeans (Speedy’s a dope)
Swimming Lessons (Oneshot)
Seeing Double (!!!! Young Justice/ Teen Titans crossover with dopplegangers)
Always Drifting (This one was never completed but I love it just the same)
Heat Wave (They get locked in a room together by accident)
Volte Face (Also not complete but great)
Wants (Cuteness)
Least Likely (In which one of them has a secret crush)
Ink’d (This is part of series but can stand alone)
Flying High (Aqualad is high. whooops)
Of Age (Incomplete, Prince!Garth)
School and Skirts (Incomplete, Aqualad is impersonating a girl at an all girl boarding school to see if it is controlled by HIVE)
A Man Owned (Incomplete, more Prince!Garth)
What is Owed (Cheshire makes an appearance!!)
Mistletoe and Wine (Gracie wrote this for me and I’ll love it forever- Christmas fic)
Target Practice (Another fic written for me that’s pretty beautiful and !!! HIGH SCHOOL AU!!) 


Jar of Hearts (Aquaterra. One of my fave fics of all time, incomplete)
One Man’s Junk (lol)
Another Man’s Treasure (Sequel to the above)

I’m A Monster

Originally posted by midqueenally

Title: I’m A Monster
Summary: You are the first one to see Carl’s eye since the accident
Pairing: Carl Grimes x reader
Warnings: Language

The moment it happened, you knew life was never going to be the same again.
Carl Grimes lost his eye.
It was unexpected, but there were so many possibilities that you didn’t expect this one to happen. It had a one in a million probability - and it happened.
You had been dating Carl for the past year and a half, he hadn’t always been the happiest kid but the accident destroyed him. There was no way he would ever be the same again. There was no way you would ever be the same again.
The moment he woke up after the surgery, he shut everyone out. Even you, it hurt you more than it should of. You now had to share a room with Judith, it wasn’t the worst possibility but you would rather see your boyfriend.
It was hurting Rick too, he already had so many responsibilities forced on him already. Now that things were falling apart in his own home… All you could say was that he was not taking it well.
You hadn’t seen Carl since the night of the accident, it was killing you. All you wanted to do was wrap him up in a warm blanket and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

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Warnings: mentions of the car accident, hospitals? angst then fluff??

Words: 2041

Prompt: none


You were alive.

The accident was not the only scar on your body that would never heal. But slowly, with nurturing and care, it could possibly wash away. The ambulance quickly arrived at the hospital, both you and Tom were wheeled away into different surgery rooms. When he came to in a hospital gown and white bandage wrapped around his head his heart leapt. Where were you? His mind lingered to the moments he last saw you but it was a blur of flashing lights, tears and blood. His heart ached, bile rose in his throat seeing you on the snow once again.  

But you were alive. You made it.

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So Draco, did you ever find out why Harry's reaction to the dementors was so much worse than everyone else's?

Draco: *quietly* Yes, he’s told me about that… I didn’t know what to say then and don’t know what to say now. It’s completely horrible and I can’t even imagine what it must’ve been like for a thirteen year old to hear his mother’s screams. *visibly disturbed*

Harry: … *trying to lighten the mood* He cried.

Draco: *smiling despite himself* I didn’t cry, stop fibbing!

Harry: You choked up!

Draco: Well, it wasn’t the happiest of topics to be discussing.

Harry: We discuss really weird things when we’re pissed sometimes.

Draco: I’m not the one that loses sense of place and time after two whiskeys.

Harry: Atleast I don’t go around hugging strange men.

Draco: *flaring up* That was an accident, I thought it was you!

“It wasn’t just one person that you ruined, but three”-JA

Originally posted by sadiaxxstylesxxstiles

Note: I know this is the first time in a long time since I’ve posted and I’m really sorry. But my GCSE’s start next week and I’m kins freaking out. Also I know i have Dan Howell and Phil Lester requests to do, but please bear with me. I was also having Jeff feels and wanted to write this, hope you like it!!

Imagine: When finding out what really happend the night of the crash, you end up losing control and telling everyone yours and Jeff’s newest and happiest secret

Pairing: Jeff x Reader

Word Count: 1979

Warning: lots of talk about Jeffs death and the car accident

“Y/N, it was the first day that you walked into school without him by your side. That’s when it really it me, the true consequences of that night. You see I thought Sheri had called the police, I thought that it was all alright and sorted, I thought everything was OK. But what I didn’t think about is the loss you have suffered, and that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Well, I guess, my short life.” Hannah’s voice echoed through your ears

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Mod Aaron who really shouldn’t get this happy about it but I’m GOING TO ANYWAY ‘CAUSE THIS IS WONDERFUL