this was the happiest of accidents

I’m A Monster

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Title: I’m A Monster
Summary: You are the first one to see Carl’s eye since the accident
Pairing: Carl Grimes x reader
Warnings: Language

The moment it happened, you knew life was never going to be the same again.
Carl Grimes lost his eye.
It was unexpected, but there were so many possibilities that you didn’t expect this one to happen. It had a one in a million probability - and it happened.
You had been dating Carl for the past year and a half, he hadn’t always been the happiest kid but the accident destroyed him. There was no way he would ever be the same again. There was no way you would ever be the same again.
The moment he woke up after the surgery, he shut everyone out. Even you, it hurt you more than it should of. You now had to share a room with Judith, it wasn’t the worst possibility but you would rather see your boyfriend.
It was hurting Rick too, he already had so many responsibilities forced on him already. Now that things were falling apart in his own home… All you could say was that he was not taking it well.
You hadn’t seen Carl since the night of the accident, it was killing you. All you wanted to do was wrap him up in a warm blanket and tell him that everything was going to be okay.

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Softening the Edges - Betty/Jughead


Chapter 1: Childhood Reflections

“I still remember when you used to be nine years old
I was a fool for you from the bottom of my soul”

He still remembered the day she noticed him.

Archie’s home had permanently become his sanctuary, but Betty living next door was the happiest accident that had ever happened to him.

Her family was a permanent blur of lively sound and color playing on in the background of his life at Archie’s house. The Coopers often proved to be an endless source of entertainment to two young small town boys. FP and Fred would sometimes keep company in the house, but the tree house belonged to him and Archie. That was their childhood world.

Betty was a part of that world in her own way. In the beginning she had always been there, radiating warmth whenever she passed below their tree house.

He and the red-headed boy took to peering curiously from the safety of their boys only haven in the treetop at the firsthand activities of girls, rolling their eyes at the ridiculous goings-on that occupied their time.

Betty and Polly would sometimes be seen out on the lawn chasing one another, cartwheeling, dancing and giggling with a boom box out on the front porch, or tying one another’s golden hair into pig tails.

From the very earliest frame of time that he could trace her back in his memory, Betty Cooper was a snatch of sunshine that would pass by like a warm breeze, petrifying him every time she was near.  As if witnessing some breathing fable, he would pause wide eyed and vulnerable on the sidewalk with nowhere to hide before Archie came out. He would try to blend in with his surroundings. He would hold his breath, invisible, and watch her pass by in awe.

Then one day she just looked over her shoulder brightly, dimples deepening her smile, and chirped: “Hi!”

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Shut Things Out (Draco x Sociopath Reader)

Sherlock/Harry Potter crossover. I’ve had this idea for a while, and idk if i really pulled it off. But this is Draco Malfoy x reader and the reader is Sherlock’s sort of adopted/taken in little sister, who also coincidentally happens to be a sociopath. 

Warnings; lots and lots and lots of angst.

         “Think of your happiest memory…”

         That’s what the famous Harry Potter had told you. ‘Your happiest memory will conjure your Patronous.’ You scoffed.

         You are (y/n) Holmes, the younger sister of the great Sherlock Holmes, not that you called yourself his sister -neither did Sherlock- but others did so you accepted the name. Sherlock took you in after meeting you in the orphanage, he had been investigating the strange disappearances of orphaned children all over London. You were eight when the accident that killed your family occurred, and nine when Sherlock met you and took you in. One whole year for you to completely have given up emotions. Not actual adoption, no, the orphanage had blown up before Sherlock had even considered it, everyone dead except you…again. You live with him on 221B Baker Street along with Mrs. Hudson and John Watson. He and you get along quite nicely, you’re both highly functioning sociopaths, (part of the reason for his decision to take you in). He often took you to crime scenes with John, and you caught onto his train of thought quickly. After two years, you now think almost exactly like your brother figure. It scared Mr. Watson sometimes, poor man.

         But all that ended when you got the letter. And pretty soon, you were sent on a train, given an owl, and sorted into Ravenclaw. Of course, you would visit every holiday, missing Sherlock and John and sweet Mrs. Hudson. Hungry for all the case stories you had missed out on, all the details that couldn’t possibly be sent via owl. However, you don’t have any friends at Hogwarts. You are the odd one here.

         It was now your fifth year, you are 16 years of age, and briskly walking down the Hogwarts corridors to the Great Hall for dinner after a meeting with Dumbledore’s Army. The Patronous spell didn’t work for you, obviously, you don’t feel happiness, so where would a happy memory come from? You tried Sherlock taking you in and showing you the flat, crime scene adventures, your first deduction, nothing worked. And “Life before Sherlock Holmes” was foggy except for the day of the accident.

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plot twist: the last jedi is actually Mace Windu, who survived a fall of several thousand feet (although lost half his limbs in his process) and decided to nope the fuck out of there after the jedi died, briefly became a pirate before losing his second leg, before settling down as a barrender a seedy cantina somewhere forgotten on the outer rim. He ended up running the bar by accident, fell in love by accident, adopted three kids somehow by accident, and - part an accident although truthfully not entirely - frequently gathered local intelligence to send to rhe rebellion, protecting rebel cells in the vicinity and saving their asses through simply listening and thinking.

When Luke finds him he’s got no limbs or teeth and his heart’s been replaced with a metal box, he can barely fight anymore and hasn’t touched a lightsaber in years, but he’s also got several grandchildren, befriended several local rebels back in the day who became lifelong friends, everyone in town knows him and loves him, and he’s the happiest former jedi you’ll ever meet.

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(i dont know how exactly you take fic prompts?)imaging for some reason or other science class there is a bottle of spider pheromones and Peter's s/o gets them spilled on her, maybe accident or just some jerk joking around and Peter has no clue wHY but he can't leave them alone and is following like a dazed puppy, like there could be an explosion behind him and he'd still be following. and he'd probably smash into a wall face first if you walked past on the street while he's swinging through


And then you go back to Peter’s place and he’s literally clinging to you Aunt May is the happiest person on Earth and has taken over 100 pictures of you too within 5 minutes of you being there. 

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Susan Pevensie

  • her hogwarts house?
    • ravenclaw
    • “logically…”
    • or maybe hufflepuff
    • just that one scene in prince caspian where she’s about to shoot the wild bear but just can’t bring herself to do so
    • idk man
  • her ilvermorny house?
    • pukwudgie
    • susan seemed to have thought with her heart as supposed to her mind (later on in her life)
    • as would a pukwudgie
  • her patronus?
    • prolly a swan
    • so graceful
    • susan’s fucking beautiful
    • god i wish i looked as good as her
  • her favourite food?
    • idk
    • i’ve always imagined susan sitting in a chair in her backyard
    • munching away on cucumber sandwiches
  • her favourite book?
    • the dictionary
    • omg lmao
    • what kind of question…
  • her favourite disney movie?
    • brave !
    • it has another boss ass archer
    • like herself!
  • her sexuality?
    • susan is def bisexual
    • like HELLA bi
    • fight me on this
  • her worst memory?
    • her siblings dying in the train accident
    • there’s no more need to talk about this
    • :’(
  • her happiest memory?
    • coming back to finchley to find her mother and father happy and still very much alive after the war
    • or the moment her memory of narnia all comes flowing back into her head
    • “how could i have ever forgotten”
    • she would be utterly heartbroken
    • “whY DID I FORGET”
    • “AND CASPIAN??!?!?!?!!!!“
  • if i ship her with someone, the moment she fell in love?
    • caspian obvs (although i wish they had more on-screen time together)
    • ngl it was probably his hair
    • its gorgeous
    • fucking gorgeous


Anakin // Anakin x Reader

Can you please write an imagine were you are Obi wans daughter and he is very protective of you so he was hiding you on one of the planets but decides that you are in greater danger so him and Anakin go to get you and for Anakin it’s like love at first sight. Thank you so much and if you could, can you please write some of it in anakin’s pov. Thank you again!

14 years and 8 days. 5,118 in total. You were the daughter of the great Jedi Master, Obi Wan Kenobi. You being conceived was a complete accident that turned into his world. Your father had been involved in a relationship with your mother, a beautiful handmaiden to a princess. They weren’t married, they didn’t intend on being because of their jobs and they didn’t want to have a child because their jobs forbade it.

But when your mother, Caroline, got pregnant, it was the happiest day of Obi Wan’s life. You were a symbol of their undying love.

You were born, a healthy, beautiful baby. Caroline on the other hand was later diagnosed that month with stage three cancer. No treatments were available to her and she died two months after your birth.

Obi Wan was forced to take care of a child alone, and he had no clue how to raise you without the assistance of Caroline. Plus, Obi Wan was becoming more and more well known in the galaxy and sent on more and more missions. This soon became a threat to your safety, so he sent you to live with your mother’s sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, Harry, to raise you on Naboo.

Of course your father visited as much as he could, but it was hard for him. Soon, he was only visiting once a month, twice if you were lucky.

As you grew up, you learned more and more about your father and you wished that you could see him more often. Recently, you had turned nineteen and you wished your father could have been there to celebrate it with you.

That week, you were up in your room, writing in your journal when your Aunt Elizabeth knocks on your door. “(Y/N), darling. A message has just come in from your father. He is one his way to visit!” she says excitedly, making you rise from your chair.

A huge smile spreads across your face as you run to give your aunt a hug.

Meanwhile back on Coruscant, Obi Wan is prepping for take off on his ship as he talks to Anakin, his padawan. “Alright, listen you,” Obi Wan starts, “No staring, flirting, winking, smiling, breathing, or touching my daughter. You hear me?”

Anakin was known for being a flirtatious one after the Council removed the law of Jedi and having romantic attractions to others. The young Jedi chuckles, “I promise, sir.” Obi Wan skeptically raises an eyebrow. “I swear,” the Jedi crosses his heart with a finger as his Master nods his head.

“Good. Now, come along before she turns twenty,” Obi Wan directs as they start the journey to Naboo.

Anxiously waiting by the front door for you father’s arrival, you finally hear his ship land. You look to your aunt and uncle for permission to leave the house as the two of them smile and nod.

Squealing in excitement, you burst open the door and run to your father. “Daddy!” you exclaim as he embraces you.

“Oh, hello, love. I’ve missed you so much,” he tells you, placing a kiss on the top of your head as you squeeze him tight. “I’m sorry I missed your birthday, dear. I had a mission with the padawan and partner, Anakin. Speaking of him, Anakin! Come here, I’d like you to meet my daughter, (Y/N).”

Oh, he has.

Anakin was too busy literally drooling over you. Stunning. Absolutely stunning. He thought that you couldn’t be Obi Wan’s child, you were too hot. Snapping out of his daze, he speaks, “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” His gaze shifts to Obi Wan as he sends him a mind message.

Don’t do it. I will severe your head and keep it on a shelf as a trophy.

You smile at the Jedi. Your father would kill you if he knew what you were thinking, but his padawan was handsome as hell. He had sandy blonde hair with loose curls and dark eyes. His body language read loud and clear, I’m trying to stay away from you because your father will kill me if I don’t. Anakin. Even the name had an appeal to it. Anakin. The name gives you shivers. Anakin.

“Why are you here, Daddy?” you ask as Obi Wan clears his throat.

He breathes, “Well, you are getting older and more mature and now I’ve become more well known in the galaxy, there are people out there who try to find weaknesses in the light; you being mine. So, that being said, I want you to move back to Coruscant with me.”

The thought of being with your father at last for all these years makes a huge smile appear across your face. “Really?” you ask as Obi Wan shakes his head. “Oh, this is amazing!” You tightly embrace your father as your eyes watch Anakin dip his left eye into a wink.

Not only were you excited to be with your father, but you were also intrigued to get to know this new Anakin character.

That day, you spent the duration of it with your father, talking about the moving plan. After a few hours and twilight began to fall, you walk outside to watch the starry sky. You hear the door close behind you and you know it’s Anakin.

“My father told you to stay away from me,” you tease, looking at him.

He chuckles, “Well, I just can’t help myself.” As he approaches you, he takes your hand in his and the feeling gives you goose bumps. The two of you had just met earlier that day, but you cannot help, but feel a strong bond with him. Slowly, his head leans down to make his lips touch yours.

But a voice calls from inside, distracting the two of you. “Anakin, get your pathetic ass in here!”

This sentence causes you to burst out in laughter as Anakin rolls his eyes. “Every time,” he sighs.

Ok but Eric Bittle as the Bob Ross of baking, he gets a show that becomes super popular because of how nice he is and he’s a massive hit.

“We don’t make mistakes in baking, just happy accidents!”

“Talent is a pursued interest, or as my mama would say, anything you are willing to practice you can do!”

“Think of whatever makes you the happiest when you are baking, and you will see how your food is sprinkled by your positive energy.”

“You can do anything you want to do, this is your kitchen!”

“Hey, y’all, we’re gonna ask the big questions today. Let’s start with what’s your favorite fruit…”

“Don’t be afraid to scrape the pan and start over. This is how you learn, trial and error, over and over, repetition. And goodness, if you stick to it, I promise it’ll pay off!”

“Gotta have opposites in cooking. Sweet and bitter, bitter and sweet. It’s like life, gotta have a little bitterness once in a while so you know when good times come.”

Shitty: Brah, I can’t watch your show anymore. I cry because you are just too good for this world!

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Could I get hcs or a senario for Ja'far with a male S/O? He's outgoing, friendly and he's super sweet when it comes to Ja'far, he wouldn't force anything on him. (They probably met during Mahrajan, accidently bumping into each other)

Of course! I hope you like it! (o^▽^o)


  • The relationship would certainly feel weird at first to the advisor on account to never really having feelings for a man.
  • He wasn’t too nervous about everyone’s reaction to your relationship mostly because Sin is bisexual (you cannot prove me otherwise) everyone is very accepting. 
  • A week into the relationship Ja’far would be the happiest man on the earth. 
  • You truly are a gem and the most romantic man he’s ever met. 
  • Those subtle kisses you sneak onto his lips always make his day and makes him fall for you all over again. 
  • Although, Ja’far sometimes gets apprehensive because you two haven’t gotten to the intimate part of your relationship, but you’re always quick to reassure him and tell him that he doesn’t have to. 
  • Your favorite place to hold Ja’far is his waist, as he’s always been known to have a slender waist. 
  • Your favorite attribute of him is his legs because just like his waist, they are very slender. 
  • You also love kissing his freckles and the adorable blush that comes along with it. 

But Michael turning into the cheekiest shit when he finds your wedding garter. He doesn’t mean to though. The wedding is still two weeks away, and he’s scavenging for his misplaced shirt when he stumbles upon the little white lacey fabric. It is without a doubt the happiest accident of his life, and as if he won the lottery, he says a prayer thanking the heavens above. And he thinks of nothing else, only images of you wearing nothing but the garter, all the ways your bodies would bend and contort come wedding night. Every minute grows more uncomfortable in his pants until you come home from work. Once you step through the door, you see he’s holding the garter in his hand. No chance to ask him how he found it though, since he immediately starts nipping at your neck. “Go put it on” he begs. Lips find every crevice to mark, only detaching to whisper a raspy “Pleeease baby, I need some practice taking it off.” A small groan escapes you both when your hips collide, getting some much needed friction. “We’ll keep practicing until I get it right.”

wedding!5sos blurb night with tranquiluke and myself! send in/tag us in blurbs!

Jamie Lynn Spears and Daughter Maddie Look Happy at Disney World a Month After ATV Accident

Jamie Lynn Spears’ daughter, Maddie, was all smiles at the Happiest Place on Earth this week!

The 8-year-old girl, just over a month removed from the scary ATV accident that left her hospitalized, spent the day with her mom, dad, and aunt Britney Spears at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, on Monday, where the family enjoyed the park’s various attractions, from the tea cups to Splash Mountain.



WATCH: Jamie Lynn Spears Emotionally Talks Daughter Maddie’s Accident

Britney also shared some pics of her niece hanging out with her cousins, Sean, 11, and Jayden, 10. “Great day with the fam,” the 35-year-old pop star wrote on Instagram.

Great day with the fam 🌺🌺🌺💜💜💜💜🌸💜💙💙💙🌸 Thanks @planethollywoodintl!!

A post shared by Britney Spears (@britneyspears) on Mar 13, 2017 at 6:30pm PDT

On Feb. 5, Maddie was hospitalized after getting into an ATV accident where she was submerged in a pond on the family’s Kentwood, Louisiana, property for two minutes. She fortunately made a swift recovery, returning to basketball practice just two weeks later.

WATCH: Jamie Lynn Spears Poses With Daughter Maddie and Mom Lynn in Selfie Following ATV Accident

“A month ago, at this time, I was living a mother’s/anyone’s worst nightmare happening right in front of my eyes, helplessly,” Jamie shared on Instagram last week. “I’m not one to preach, but we were shown God’s grace, and we still feel undeserving of His mercy. I’ll never stop thanking each of you for your prayers, because we recognize the miracle it created. We are beyond blessed, and we will NEVER forget y'all, and God’s unbelievable mercy. #Godisgood.”

Watch the video below for more on Maddie’s recovery.

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For those who have seen this episode of Spiritpact/Soul Contract, you all know that this scene is a memory of the spirit’s (the mandarin and Japanese names are different) parents, who passed away when he was younger, and you also be aware that the spirit is descended from an exorcist family. In this scene, the incident caused a huge explosion, and probably resulted in their deaths, but what were they doing at that time? 

At first glance, it looks like his parents are using their exorcist powers to contain a powerful force, but if you pay closer attention you could almost discern a body outline through all that energy. Because of all the light gushing out, it’s hard to tell exactly who that person is, but the color of the clothes look almost like the spirit after his accident. The spirit was told that most likely took this form because it reflected him at his happiest moment, and after being told that he began to reminisce about his parents, which probably means that his happiest moment could have taken place right before his parents death. He certainly seems to care enough to think about it on occasion, and I doubt the series would show that flashback for no reason.

If I had to guess, I’d say that the spirit’s parents were trying to do something about the soul that was sealed by their bloodline. After all, he was trapped for a long time, maybe their was something about this last generation that enabled him to escape for a moment until he was sealed back in. But the power was too much for them to handle, and their son was the only survivor. He probably isn’t fully aware of it, seeing as he always treated his relation to a powerful exorcist as a joke, but that would explain why his soul took the form of a 13 year old after he died. Something to consider anyway, since I don’t think this scene is in the manhua yet.

Is it possible to have a vacation from your vacation? I feel like ever since I wrapped Glee, the universe decided to reward me by throwing one situation at me after the next. I should just pack my bags and go to Disney - nothing bad ever happens at Disney minus the freak accidents on the roller coasters, the long lines in the hot sun, and the ridiculous amount you have to pay just for a water bottle. But other than that, it’s the happiest place on Earth and I need some happy.

These are my beloved fur children. The princess taking her morning stretch on my leg is Ramona and she is a chihuahua mixed with (we THINK) dachshund. The dapper looking fellow relaxing next to her is Biggie Smalls, and he is VERY special to my boyfriend and I. We adopted him from a local shelter that transports dogs from kill shelters; it was a weird accident where I emailed them inquiring about a 1 year old pitbull mix named Buu who had only one day left before euth. (we changed his name) and they replied with “THANKS FOR ADOPTING!” We had no idea what to expect; his breed (staffy/pitbull) is all too common in shelters and neither of us had really encountered such a dog. THIS WAS THE HAPPIEST ACCIDENT OF MY LIFE! He is the sweetest, most loving and loyal dog I have ever met; he watches out for Ramona like a big brother should and puts up with all her spazziness, he gives cuddles when you are sad, he smiles (ACTUALLY SMILES) and whines in excitement when my car pulls in to the driveway, and not to mention he is the most handsome dog at the park! I know I have not mentioned much about Ramona but I am sure from the picture you can tell she gets away with whatever she wants and practically runs the house (she is mommy’s sassy side kick!). (submitted by my-name-is-chuck)