this was the fortune i got last night with my chinese food

Fortune (Philip x Reader)

Word Count: 1,253

Warnings: food, soulmate, swears

Authors Note: yo yo yo. it’s been a hot minute. i missed y’all. sorry i’ve been so inactive, but i hope this pip soulmate fic makes it up to you. let me know what you thought!

Summary: Soulmate AU where the soulmate’s name is printed inside a fortune cookie. (i think this is original? i’ve never seen it anywhere but feel free to let me know!)

Requests: none- this is some sort of tradition that all my philip fics are not requested but random shit that comes from my imagination.


You sat in a dimly lit booth of your local Chinese restaurant, soft music filling the amiable atmosphere. The gold foil detailing of the walls were embedded in your brain, and you swore you could remember the number of tassels on each curtain by heart for you and Philip had came here at least once a week.

“You think today is the day?” he asked, looking up from his menu.

“I hope so.” you replied, eagerness settling in your heart.

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Take Care - A Sasil Fic

Just a little day-in-the-life-of fluffy fic. One shot for now. @parisian-nicole

Sally Ann sat in the passenger seat of Frida’s car. “Thanks for goin’ shoppin’ with me.”

Frida laughed. “The thanks belongs to you. I been needin’ a good reason to get outta my place for days. Plus, what kinda woman doesn’t enjoy a lil bargain’ huntin’?”

“True.” Sally Ann unbuckled her seatbelt as Frida put the car in park outside of her and Hasil’s new apartment.

“Your man’s done good earnin’ y'all some cash.”

Sally Ann nodded as she started gathering shopping bags into her arms. She was proud of Hasil, but his new method of earning income left her nerves on edge. “Yeah. He’s done good. Just can’t wait until I can find somethin’ and contribute too.”

“Hey now.” Frida wagged her finger at her new friend. “You’re busy growin’ his baby and makin’ your home a home. Take a little credit for what you’re doin’ now. You’ll find somethin’ else soon enough.”

“I know. I just…”

“You’re worried ‘bout him.” Frida gave her a sweet smile. “I don’t need my psychic powers to tell that much.” She pulled a plastic shopping bag from the backseat and held it up. “I mean, this whole damn thing is filled with first aid stuff.” Frida continued when Sally Ann gave no response. “Look sweetie, I know the feelin’. Butch’s line of work ain’t the sorta thing that leaves me restin’ easy at night either. You just gotta hope it’s temporary you know. I play my numbers every week and one day Butch and I are gonna hit it big. Then we’ll be livin’ up in a mansion somewhere far from here… and we’ll adopt 'bout ten babies.”

This made Sally Ann laugh.

“Seriously though. Keep prayin’, support him, and work hard… and when that ain’t enough, you find somethin’ to keep your mind busy… like gettin’ that nasty ass apartment of y'alls clean. Come on.”

The girls spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening scrubbing the apartment from top to bottom. Sally Ann couldn’t remember ever feeling more exhausted. She leaned against the kitchen counter and guzzled a glass of water.

“Well.” Frida stood in the middle of the living room with her hands on her hips. “It still looks like shit in here, but at least it smells better. I’d say it was a productive day.” She checked her phone. “Butch texted. He says Hasil is with him.”

“Good. I was wonderin’ why he wasn’t home yet.” Sally Ann smiled at her first reference to their home. She hadn’t seen Hasil since they got the keys to their place early that morning. He’d taken on another day job, but made sure to pack his own food and water this time.

“They’ll be back soon. Butch asked me to order some Chinese for dinner.”

Sally Ann’s stomach did a back flip at the mere mention of food. “That sounds good.”

“Well what d'y'all want? Dinner is on me. I can practically hear that poor fetus begging for nourishment from here.”

“Oh I couldn’t. You’ve already done so—”

“Hush now and take what’s offered to ya. I’ll have it delivered here and just take our stuff on home. What d'ya want?”

Sally Ann set up a little dinner picnic on the floor since the only furniture she and Hasil had at the moment was the mattress lying in the center of the living room. She lit some candles and transferred the food from the to-go cartons to the dishes she picked up at the thrift store. The apartment didn’t look so bad in the soft light. She’d just finished pouring a couple of glasses of water when she heard Hasil unlocking the front door.

“Sally Ann?” he called out before even looking up. “Oh, there ya are. Hey.” He placed his hand on the small of her back as he leaned in for a quick kiss. “How was your day?” His eyes drifted around the small apartment. “You been busy. It looks nice in here.” His eyes landed on the food. “Smells good too.”

Sally Ann laughed. “You hungry?”


“Good. Frida bought us dinner. We’ve got some fried rice, beef and broccoli, General Tso’s chicken—”

“Whose chicken?”

She snorted out a laugh. “Don’t worry about it. Go wash your hands.”

Sally Ann turned on the old little radio she and Frida found at a yard sale that morning. It helped to drown out the sound of their noisy neighbors. She passed Hasil his plate once he sat down and watched as he began to devour the food. “You weren’t lyin’ when you said you were hungry.”

He nodded, mouth full of broccoli.

“You’ll have to pack a bigger lunch next time you go out.”

Hasil finished chewing what was in his mouth and set down his plate. “Honestly, Sally Ann, goin’ out there feels like such a waste of time and energy. One night fightin’ I can make what I’d get off a week layin’ bricks and spreadin’ tar… prob'ly more'n that. I was wantin’ to talk to ya 'bout it because tomorrow night—”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Now wait a minute, hear me out. There’s a fight tomorrow night and Butch says I could take this guy easy. He—”

“Hasil no. Your face isn’t even healed from your last fight yet.”

He used his fork to push his rice into a little mountain on his plate and chuckled. “Well I won’t let 'im hit me in the face.”

“Hasil this isn’t funny.”

He put his fork down and took her hand. “I know. I know. But we need the paper, right? You said yourself you oughta be goin’ to the doctor every month and you ain’t been yet. Let me do this fight, and we’ll use that cash to get ya to the doctor, alrigh’?”

She knew he was right, but she didn’t want to agree to it. Not yet. Instead she pouted and picked up her plate.

Hasil grinned, knowing that she had silently conceded. “Everythin’ will be okay.” He studied her as she began to eat her food and quickly traded his smile for a frown. “Oh c'mon Sally Ann, now you’re jus’ bein’ dramatic. We ain’t that bad off. You ain’t gotta eat your dinner with sticks. Here.” He picked up a spare fork and held it out to her.

She nearly choked on her food with laughter and spent the next few minutes showing Hasil how to use chopsticks. The mood was instantly lightened and they were able to finish their meal in peace.

Hasil patted his belly. “That was good. I’m full.”

“Wait, you gotta make room for dessert.” Sally Ann got up and dug around the bottom of the brown paper sack that everything came in. “Fortune cookies.”

Hasil raised an eyebrow. “Fortune cookies?”

She passed Hasil one of the small packaged treats. “Yeah. Inside there is a paper with your fortune on it. Break open the cookie and I’ll read it. It’s just for fun.”

“Alrigh’.” He took off the wrapper and broke open the cookie.

“See? There it is.” Sally Ann watched Hasil pull out the thin white strip of paper. “You know how to make it more fun?” she asked.

He laughed and handed her the paper. “No.”

“Say 'in bed’ right after I read your fortune.”

Hasil looked a little confused, but nodded.

“Okay. Ready? 'An unexpected relationship will become permanent…’”

“In bed,” Hasil added quickly.

Sally Ann rolled on the floor laughing.

Hasil scratched his head, more humored by Sally Ann’s reaction than the actual fortune. “Well we did make a baby in bed and tha’s pretty damn permanent.” He ran his hand over his mustache. “Open yours.”

She composed herself and cracked open her cookie. “'Tell them what you really think. Otherwise nothing will change… ’”

“In bed.” He chuckled. “These cookies are pretty smart.” He leaned over onto all fours to give her a kiss. “Thanks for dinner. Thanks for makin’ our place nice and clean too.” He kissed her again. Longer this time. Her eyes stayed closed a few seconds after he pulled away. “Tell me what ya really think,” he said with a small grin.

“I think… I like that. And I’d like some more… after you shower.”

He tapped the side of her jaw. “Sounds good to me.” He got up and took a few steps toward the bathroom before pausing. “Hey we gotta pay for that shower water?”

Sally Ann gathered up their dishes and put them in the sink. “Yeah. We gotta pay for everything.”

He shrugged. “Then what do you say we knock out two showers in one?”

She rolled her eyes at his suggestive tone, but couldn’t deny that he had a good point. “Okay, but no funny business or we’ll end up usin’ more than we would separately.”

Hasil shrugged. “There ain’t nothin’ funny 'bout what I was thinkin’.”

Sally Ann could feel heat rush her cheeks as she smiled and shook her head at her guy. “You know what I mean Hasil. I’ll be in there in a second.” She cleaned up the remains of their dinner and went to meet him in the bathroom. His dirty clothes were in a neat little pile on the floor and she could see his handsome silhouette through the shower curtain.

“C'mon in,” he called. “This thing here is 'bout one of the best inventions y'all got. This and Chinese food.”

“I don’t know if you can really call Chinese food an invention exactly. Maybe the fortune cookies.”

“That don’t make no sense.”

Sally Ann laughed. “Yeah it does.” She climbed in the shower behind him and gasped when the water touched her skin. Chill bumps quickly spread over her entire body. “Hasil this water is freezing! Do you not know you can make it warm?” She reached over and turned the dial toward hot.

“What ya talkin’ 'bout? I did make it warm. And holy—”

She watched as Hasil squirmed and bounced around to get from beneath what he registered as very, very hot water.

“Holy hell woman. How are ya’ standin’ in that?”

“It’s not even that hot.” She laughed at the way he reached his arm around and tried to adjust the temperature without letting the water touch him. They fought back and forth until they both realized a compromise would never be found. There was nothing sexy about the way they quickly scrubbed down and got out.

Sally Ann collapsed onto the mattress and watched Hasil gather up the trash to take out. She’d forgotten to pick up a waste bin while she was shopping earlier.

“Be right back,” he said before disappearing out the front door. He returned just a couple of minutes later. “Kinda thought you’d be asleep before I got back.” He locked the door and stepped out of his boots.

Sally Ann snuggled into the clean sheets. “No. I’m beat, but not super sleepy yet.”

“Yeah, well you did a lot today.”

“So did you.”

He nodded and pulled his tank top over his head. “It’s 'bout to rain.”

“Good. I like rainy nights.” She reached an arm out toward him. “Come get in bed.”

He smirked at her and did as he was told. She was resting on her side and he matched his body behind hers like a puzzle piece. They lay in silence for several minutes until thunder rolled and the sky broke open.

“There’s the rain,” Sally Ann said.

“There’s the rain.”

She pulled on his arm a little so he’d wrap it tighter around her. “Hasil?”


“I’m glad you’re here with me. I know how hard it was to leave your family.”

“It was hard…” He paused. “It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but it was also one of the easiest. If tha’ makes any sense.”

Sally Ann hoped he’d elaborate, and after a few moments, he did.

“Ya see, my family is up on tha’ mountain…But it’s also here.” He shifted his arm so that his hand rested over her lower belly. “And here.” He gently kissed the back of her neck. “And it’s here.” He moved his mouth to her exposed shoulder and pressed his lips to her skin again. “And here.” He continued to plant kisses on every bit of her skin that he could reach, his tickly mustache forcing giggles out of her as he did. “I’ll take care of ya,” he whispered in her ear as she settled down.

“I’ll take care of you, too.”

Hasil woke up in the middle of the night sprawled across the middle of the mattress. He sat up and looked around in the darkness. “Sally Ann?”

She didn’t answer, but he could see that the light was on in the bathroom. He stood and parted the blinds to look outside. The rain was coming down in sheets. He watched it as he waited for Sally Ann to come out. When she didn’t show after a few minutes, he went and gently knocked on the door. “Sally Ann? You okay?”


“You don’t sound okay.” He tried turning the door knob, but it was locked. “Sally Ann open the door.”

“Hasil go back to sleep. You don't—” Her words were exchanged for forceful heaving.

He knocked on the door again. “Sally Ann come on. Don’t be hard headed. Let me in.”

The only response was the sound of her puking into the toilet bowl and it made Hasil wish he were home up the mountain. Not because he wanted to be away from her, but because it’d be so much easier to help. She wouldn’t be able to lock herself away from him and he’d be able to dig up some fresh ginger root and make some tea to settle her stomach. He walked to the kitchen to get her a glass of water instead.

“Sally Ann open the door,” he said when he returned.

“Hasil I’m fine really.” He’d never seen her sick before. They’d been dealing with so much hard reality. She just wanted to preserve a little bit of the fairytale.

He stared at the thin wooden door thinking about how easy it’d be to just bust it open, but he couldn’t do that because fixing it would cost money they didn’t have. He drummed on the door frame as he thought about what he could say to get her to let him in. He knocked yet again when the words came to him. “I know you didn’t forget that quick, Sally Ann.”

The toilet flushed. “Forget what?”

“The las’ thing we said ta one another before we fell asleep.”

There was a pause, some rustling, and the sound of the door unlocking. She stood there looking sweaty and miserable.

“You gon let me take care of ya?”

She nodded and returned to her spot on the floor near the toilet. Hasil dampened a clean washcloth with cool water and sat on the edge of the tub. She leaned back against his knees and let him place the cloth on her forehead. “How long you been in here like this?”

She closed her eyes and tried to breathe through the queasy feeling in her stomach. “I dunno. Maybe an hour?”

“What’s got ya sick? The Chinese food or the baby?”

“Pretty sure it’s the baby.”

“Well that ain’t very nice of him.”

She cracked a small smile.

“We’re gonna have t’ work on his manners. Here, drink some water.” He watched her take a few small sips and then encouraged her to take a few more.

“Do you think it’s a boy?” she asked.

He thought for a moment, then shrugged. “I guess that’s what I’ve been imaginin’, but I think I’d be pretty taken by a little baby girl that looks just like you.”

Sally Ann leaned over the toilet and hurled again.

“I mean maybe not like ya in this exact momen’—”

She reached behind herself to slap at him as she continued to be sick.

“I’m just teasin’,” he said as he rubbed her back.

It was another hour before the nausea faded. Sally Ann fell asleep with her head in his lap. He sat there on the bathroom floor for a while. He looked at the peeling paint on the walls, listened to the sound of the rain, felt the rise and fall of Sally Ann’s chest against his legs and was content. Soon his own eyes grew heavy, so he carefully lifted Sally Ann from the ground and carried her back to bed with him. “We’ll be alrigh’,” he said aloud before falling back asleep.

Who says you can’t go home? (Chapter 2)

I know we’re all excited over all the new Loki stuff but I have not forgotten about this guy! I was hit with Bucky feels this afternoon so I finally managed to finish the second chapter.

Thank you to everyone who left me comments on chapter 1, it means the world to me that you guys liked my version of Bucky. This is new scary territory and I feel like a starting fanfic writer again tackling a character I’ve never written before. So your encouraging words really make my day ;)

There’s no smut yet, I’m getting there but this chapter is pretty much Angst central.

Chapter 1


Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 2)

Jess woke up to the smell of coffee and someone shuffling around in her kitchen. The first hint of panic quickly sank when she remembered the previous night.


She found him in her kitchen pouring two cups of coffee and putting toast on a plate while eggs were cooking on the stove. His gloves were still on the kitchen counter where she left them last night. Her eyes rested a little longer on his metal hand and how he gently poured the coffee with it. 

He almost looked relaxed, like this was a regular morning routine and they were not just two strangers who spent the night together.

‘You’re making me breakfast?’ she smiled in surprise.

‘I didn’t want to wake you, good morning,’ he greeted her with a soft warm smile, the biggest one she had seen on him so far.

‘You woke me a couple of times last night,’ she grabbed a cup and took a sip from the coffee while she looked at him,’ you’re quite the restless sleeper, I think I’ve heard you talk more in your sleep last night than in the entire time we’ve known each other.’

‘I’m sorry,’ he spoke softly with an apologetic little smile on his face.

‘It’s alright. I didn’t know you had Russian roots?’

Bucky froze at her words and as their eyes met the smile faded from his face,’ I spoke in Russian?’

‘It’s been a while since I’ve heard the language but I still recognize it very well, yes.’

The look in his eyes was one of sheer panic and he stepped back from the stove.

’Bucky, is everything alright?’

‘No, I have to go, I’m sorry.’

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1x01: Was Spencer lying when she heard somebody scream? Did she hear Bethany? And also if she went back to the barn to sleep it off like Ali said in 4x24, why was she not in the barn? That does not make any sense.

So outside of the barn, Melissa and Spencer are having a conversation WREN WAS NOWHERE IN THAT AREA where they were talking, and after Spencer went into the house angry Wren comes out of the barn and says “It sounds like she was planning on moving into the barn.” Okay creeper were you eavesdropping? Another shady scene from Wren that was never explained.

Who was that blond girl in Maya’s room? Like seriously who the hell was that? That was never explained.

When they found Alison’s body, the three girls are their having a conversation Hanna, Spencer and Aria. Aria says “I heard Hanna was at the police station.” How the hell did she know that? It’s not like they were talking to each other during that time.

Their all at Alison’s funeral and Mrs. D questions as to why Jenna was their and says “I didn’t know they were friends.” Okay let’s be real here, 90% of the people there wasn’t friends with Alison so why the hell would she say that? She was the only one that was questioned. Ezra was their so why wasn’t he questioned? I understand we found out later the connection but still they didn’t know him. So why was she questioned?

1x02: Wren says something in Latin and then says that’s the only Latin he knew… Well when your a doctor YOU HAVE TO learn Latin when your going to school to become a nurse or a doctor. So how is that the only thing he remembered?

1x03: Why did Toby take the blame if he was the victim? I understand that he wouldn’t want anyone knowing about him and Jenna but HE WAS THE VICTIM. And their is proof showing that he was the victim.

Emily was almost raped by Ben but yet Toby comes and saves the day. Why was Toby in the girls locker room? Was he spying on Emily to begin with?

1x04: Spencer and the others blocked all unknown numbers. Why would she have Wren’s number blocked? Doesn’t she have his contact information? That does not make any sense.

1x05: What was Mona’s motive? Why is fucking with the parents relationships? I understand that it effects the girls but it has nothing to do with you and Hanna or the girls “taking” Hanna away from you since she claims that in 2x25 that the reason that she was going after the girls was because they took Hanna away from her. Like???

1x06: The girls are sitting in Aria’s bedroom with Chinese food so they open the fortune cookies and they have a A message from A saying “Lions and tigers and bitches oh my. Theirs no place like homecoming see you their.” How the hell did Mona put the message in the cookies? Was she working at the Chinese restaurant? And furthermore how did she know which order goes to who? Lmao that’s doesn’t make any sense.

What is the truth about Toby that Jenna is referring to? “Oh when she finds out the truth about YOU she’s going to hate you.” What’s the truth about him?

Okay so we see the fortune teller. She says about Spencer’s friends relationship that “Theirs darkness in him maybe even violence or vengeance.” Automatically the camera goes to Toby and Emily and think it’s them then it goes to Toby walking out of the gymnasium and Aria going after him. That doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s either of them. She could’ve been talking about ANYONE and I mean ANYONE. She could’ve probably have been talking about the future or presence. Now it didn’t have to be a couple relationship it could’ve been a friend relationship or anything sort of relationship. It could’ve been Hanna and Wren. Who knows. But who exactly was she talking about?

Toby says “I’ve also done things that I’m not proud of. We all have secrets Emily.” What was he referring to? The relationship between him and Jenna? Lmao no. Cause this can’t be all about the relationship between him and Jenna because HE DID NOTHING WRONG.

At the end of the episode theirs an A scene first one, the black hoodie goes over to the rosewood song that says “population of rosewood.” And then changes the population. For what purpose? No one died. No one left. So that doesn’t make any sense.

1x07: What happened to Toby’s file and why was it important? What else was in that file? And further more the text message from A that was sent saying “Thanks for getting Toby out of my way.” If that was in fact Mona, what the fuck was Toby in her way for? That makes no fucking sense. Was he infiltrating the relationship with Mona and Hanna? Since Mona claimed that as her motive. Like honestly it doesn’t make any sense.

Okay close to end of the episode where they showed Alison’s memorial service or whatever, Jenna says that “My whole life I thought I knew who Alison was.” But yet they met at a Halloween store introducing themselves A YEAR BEFORE SHE WENT MISSING like not even a year less then a year, Jenna saying “I’m Jenna” “I’m Alison” “I know.” So how the fuck did Jenna know her WHOLE life?

At the end of the episode, Jason says “Just got off the phone with my folks they said thanks.” Why weren’t her folks at the memorial service?

And lastly but not least, Jason gives them the bracelet and says that “The cops would think you guys would like to have Alison’s bracelet.” So Alison’s bracelet was buried on Bethany? That makes no sense. And why would they give away evidence?

1x09: Why the fuck did Emily wear those shoes to school? After visiting Ali’s memorial. What you don’t have another pair of shoes?

If A knows everything then how come Mona didn’t know that was Hanna’s bag? This was when Mona bought Hanna’s bag when she sold it with the help of Lucas. How did Mona not know that?

1x10: Was the video between Ali and Ian edited? Because that made no sense. And that video didn’t even happen in 4x24. Ali and Ian were arguing then she left. That NEVER happened. And if it did then Alison fucking lied about that night.

So did Mona really left her own birthday party to blast Hanna with a car? For just seeing Noel? And furthermore what the hell did Hanna actually know since “she knew to much.” when all she saw was Noel writing on the back of Ezra’s car? Okay what the fuck did Hanna know? She didn’t know shit.

Who really hit Hanna with the car? Cause I honestly I don’t think it was Mona. You can say it was her all you want but I don’t think she did. And Marlene said that Mona did all but TWO THINGS so she didn’t push Ian what was the other thing? Maybe she wasn’t the one that hit Hanna with the car. We’re getting off topic of the question but their is no way Mona was able to go see Emily’s house when it was for sell in season 2. I would’ve ask for her fucking ID. I swear she didn’t do a lot shit.

1x11: Alison visits Hanna at the hospital and she says “The four of you know more about that night then you think you do.” What the fuck did they know cause the last time I checked they had nothing do with what happened to Alison or anything.

Why did Ian and Melissa get married after like 5 seconds? Did they use that as a alibi? Cause that didn’t make sense.

And Emily says while their at the hospital with Hanna that she thinks that the person who killed Alison and A are two different people. The camera focuses on Aria. And then she said like A has a split personality again the camera focuses on Aria. So what was the significance behind that?

1x12: How come Ashley Marin never got in trouble for stealing that money?

Where did Ian and Melissa go on their supposed “honeymoon”? Spencer’s mom gets a text message and she’s like “Oh look at this picture. It’s cute their on their honeymoon.” Then Spencer’s like “Isn’t that outside of dads office?” Then Veronica says “it doesn’t matter where they are when their in love.” Where did they go on their fucking honeymoon?

Okay their at Hanna’s party, Hanna and Lucas are outside their talking about how he trashed Ali’s memorial and he says “Considering what the bitch did to me I should’ve done way worse to her.” Is he talking about the fact that Alison tortured him and called him hermie (I guess that’s how you spell it) or did she actually do something to him?

1x13: What were Ian and Melissa whispering about in the kitchen? Spencer comes down and here’s what their talking about but not really then the steps creek then Spencer goes back to her room then Melissa goes running to see who it was and Ian’s like “Don’t worry. Nobody could’ve possible heard us.” Then Spencer’s back upstairs she gets a email from A saying “married for lover and alibi.” So what were they talking about? Were they really fucking married? Was that really his kid? Like what the fuck.

1x14: Who the hell took that picture of Alison outside of the barn? And why did they take it? Jason said that it was taken from Alison’s bedroom… Well who the fuck was in the bedroom?

1x15: Jason says that his family hired a PI but if Mrs. D knew who hit Ali and was in fact the one who buried her then why the flying fuck did she hire a PI? Their was no reason to it and she wouldn’t want anyone to know that CeCe hit Ali and was the one protecting her. That’s a fucking plot hole right their. Unless somebody fucking lied about that night….

1x18: What was in that bag that Ian gave Jenna? And why did he give it to her?

Who pushed the girl down the stairs at the frat party? Was it Alison? It was never confirmed.

1x19 Melissa says her and Ian went to Hilton head to get an abortion but yet she wasn’t pregnant. So what baby? And why the the fuck did they travel seven states away to get a abortion? Tf

1x21: Who took all those videos of the girls? Why did they record them?

1x22: Why did Ian want those videos so bad? He wasn’t on them. The only video he was on was the one with Ali and him at the kissing rock but the police already had that. What the hell was incriminating him in these videos for him to pay $10,000?

So Ian and Spencer have this confrontation and she says “If you love my sister you wont do this.” And then Ian says “I’m doing this because I love her.” okay that makes no fucking sense. But yet we find out that Melissa was protecting Spencer all this time.

When Ian is about to be thrown from the bell tower a black hoodie comes behind him which we learned it was Alison then he says “What are you doing here?” So did Ian know Alison was alive if that was in fact Alison? He wasn’t like “HOLY FUCK YOUR ALIVE.” Like nothing. Just what are you doing here. Who else knew Alison was alive? And Mona knew everything except who pushed Ian off the bell tower? That’s fucking weird.

THATS IT. For the unanswered questions of season 1. I bet theirs a lot of stuff that I missed and I’ve spent all afternoon writing these questions so yeah. And that’s not even half of the questions that we have from this show. We still got seasons 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. It’s honestly ridiculous. Well anyways I’ll be be back soon with the season 2 unanswered questions👍🏻

Fortune Cookies

@heavenlytheshield You’re a part of the BAU, you have had a rough past in which the BAU knew about it. Your parents had been murdered so you become a BAU agent to help other families. Spencer knew your past, you tried to push your love life aside but your feelings had come about for Spencer when you discovered that he loves Dr. Who like you do. Its Spencer birthday when you give him a new Dr. Who  collectors item along with the newest season dvd. He asks you to come over and watch it with him.

“Happy Birthday, Spence,” I said. Spencer smiled as he took the small wrapped package from me. The BAU is home to me. When I was a kid, my parents were murdered. They were the fifth couple to be killed in a matter of weeks, and they were also the last. An Agent named Jason Gideon had caught their killer, and I’d resolved to do what that team did for me. I’d made it, too. I’d been a member of the BAU for almost six years now, and they were my family. Every single member of that team held a special place in my heart, but none quite as much as Dr.Spencer Reid. He was the best friend I’d ever had, more caring and kind than anyone I’d ever met. He smiled at me as he pulled the wrapping paper off of a new collector’s edition box set of Doctor Who-his favorite.

“How did you know that I didn’t already have this?” he asked.

“I checked your shelf,” I shrugged. I spend plenty of time at Spencer’s place anyway. Sometimes we’re looking into a case, sometimes we’re just hanging out, but his apartment is kind of my safe place when I need to get away from my own place, and he’s been known to show up at my apartment as well. I love Spencer for all his quirks and the aspects of his personality that others find weird. He’s wonderful, and as much as I also love the rest of the team, I have to admit that Spencer Reid is my favorite.

“Of course you did,” he laughed, and reached out to hug me. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and back, feeling so at home in his familiar touch.

When the others left, I began to help JJ clean up from Spencer’s little party.

“JJ, you can go home,” Spencer offered. She looked up at him.

“I’ll stay and finish helping (Y/N),” he told her. “You go home to Henry and Michael.” She hesitated but then smiled.

“Alright,” she agreed. “thanks. Happy Birthday, Spence.”

“Thanks, JJ.”

As we finished cleaning up, he glanced over at me.

“Do you want to come back to my place?” he asked. “We can order dinner and start in on this Doctor Who you got me.” I shot him a smile.

“You even have to ask?”

We settled onto his couch together. I had borrowed some of his clothes; a pair of sweatpants and a tee-shirt. We called and ordered Chinese before settling in to start our marathon. We didn’t talk much, pausing the show when the food arrived. An episode was just ending when I finished my food and reached for our fortune cookies. I tossed one of them to Spencer, who caught it deftly. I tore the plastic as Spencer launched into a story about the origins of fortune cookies. I just smiled. Most people interrupt Spence when he starts rambling like that, but I actually enjoy listening to him talk. I broke my cookie and watched as he did the same.

“What does yours say?” I asked. He squinted at it.

“It says, ‘You will be discovered by someone who will bring you to greatness’,” he replied.

“If you get a job offer, you better say no,” I joked.

“I get about three job offers every year,” he said. “But I never even consider them. I like where I am. What does yours say?” I looked down at the little white slip of paper.

“You should look closer to home for love,” I read aloud.

“Love, huh?” Spencer said lightly. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I replied. I couldn’t help but think of Spencer. He was about as close to home as I could get. Hell, he was home.

“(Y/N), can I ask you something?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course,” I told him.

“How come you’re not married?” The question seemed to come out of nowhere.

“Married?” I repeated. “I don’t know that I ever…I don’t really want to get married,” I replied.


I glanced away from him.

“My parents,” I said. “They were married, and so were all these other couples. I guess it just sort of ruined it for me.” I hesitated.

“It’s been fifteen years today, right?” he asked softly. I looked up at him.

“How did you know that?” I asked. “I never told you, because I never wanted to ruin your birthday,” I said. He smiled slightly.

“I looked up the case once,” he said. “I didn’t want you to have to tell me the story, but I wanted to know.” I nodded my head. Had it been anyone else, I might have been angry at them for prying, but this was Spencer. I trusted him with absolutely every aspect of my life.

“Yeah. Fifteen years,” I confirmed. “I miss them so much, Spence. They were…such good people, and I took them for granted. I never appreciated them the way I should have.” I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. “Maybe that’s another reason I don’t want to get married,” I admitted. “No Mom to go dress shopping with, no Dad to walk me down the aisle. I just wish they were here. It doesn’t make sense, even after all this time.” I couldn’t hold back my tears, and he reached out, swiping a stray tear from my cheek.

“Come here,” he murmured, and pulled me close to him. I curled up against his chest and he cradled me close, murmuring quiet nonsense in my ear. I fell asleep like that, warm and safe in his arms.

I only woke up because he was picking me up off of the couch. I protested halfheartedly, but he ignored me.

“You’re staying here tonight,” he said. “The majority of car accidents caused by tired driving happen at precisely this time of night.” He paused in the hallway, hesitating for just a second, before he turned left, into his bedroom.

“That’s new,” I yawned as he tossed me onto his bed.

“I figured you wouldn’t really want to sleep by yourself tonight,” he said as he crawled under the covers with me.

“I love you, Spencer Reid,” I said, and he laughed.

“Tell me that when you’re not half asleep,” he said. I nodded as he held out his arm for me to curl up next to him. I fell asleep within minutes.

Sometimes, I wake up screaming. Not nearly as often as I used to, but it still happens now and then. Unfortunately, that night, the fifteenth anniversary of my parents’ murder, was a bad dream kind of night. I was startled from sleep by the sound of my own screams. My eyes snapped open, the visions of bloody sheets and my parents’ wide, frozen eyes fading into the darkness of Spencer’s bedroom. I usually calm myself down and am able to go back to sleep, but this time I wasn’t alone. My screaming, it seemed, had woken Spencer.

“(Y/N)?” he asked. I glanced over at him, his curls touseled by sleep, his skin warm, his eyes blinking rapidly as he fought the effects of being woken up. I tried to brushed him off, but that was useless.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded.

“Yeah,” I sniffed.

“You’re crying,” he pointed out. “Bad dream?”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “I’m sorry I woke you up, Spence.”

“No, don’t be,” he insisted. He sat up and reached for me. I let him pull me close, tenderly wiping the tears from my cheeks before he pulled me back into his arms, my head on his chest, his heartbeat in my ears. It was a comforting sound. He stroked my hair and I was struck by the realization that this could be my future. I could battle the dreams with Spencer, instead of alone. He would be there, just like this, for every dream. Every night.

I had meant it earlier, when I told him that I loved him. I did. He was the one person I could see myself spending the rest of my life with. That was a strange realization to come to. I’d never thought of him like that before, but now that I had, it was impossible to escape.

“I’m sorry,” he said.

“For what?” I asked.

“That your parents died. That you have bad dreams,” he replied. I snuggled closer to him.

“It’s okay, Spencer,” I said. “I’ve learned to live with it.”

“I guess you usually deal with this stuff by yourself,” he said, sounding as if he’d just thought of that. He began to pull back. “Sorry if I overstepped, I just sort of reacted instinctively.” I pulled away to look at him.

“You didn’t overstep, Spence,” I assured him, reaching up to tuck a lock of his hair behind his ear. “You did exactly what I needed you to do.”


I nodded affirmatively.


I met his hazel eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Spencer?” I said.

“Yeah, (Y/N)?” he said.

“I’m not half asleep right now, so there’s something I’d like to tell you.” He just nodded, so I carded my fingers through his hair with a smile.

“I love you, Spencer Reid.”

He didn’t say anything, but his smile made up for all the words in the world. Even if it hadn’t, the kiss that followed would have.


REQUEST: Can I request that the reader is flustered with writer’s block and Bucky is all sweet and fluffy to distract her from the frustration??

WARNINGS: none besides some kissing and stuff 

The amount of paper balls that were scattered across your living room floor was ridiculous. You felt tension in your shoulders and lower back from being hunched towards your computer for the last two and a half hours.

The sun had set and the night had begun. The stars were shining brightly outside but you didn’t notice. You were too busy to take a look out the window.

The paper that you were working on was a pain in the ass. It was due in less than a week and you had barely begun to scratch the surface of the six thousand words required for it.

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Zayn imagine - He breaks something of yours (Part 2)

Sorry for making you all wait! x

*** ***

“Now that your wrist is all wrapped up and stable, you’ll be fine. I’m giving your boyfriend your prescription for the pain meds and things, and then I expect you back in 6 weeks so we can check how it’s going, yeah?” the doctor says, handing Zayn the papers as I nod.

We both thank the doctor before leaving the hospital.

“Do you want help putting on your coat?” Zayn softly asks and I nod.

He holds up my coat for me to slip my good hand through, before reaching through the other sleeve, softly taking my broken wrist in his hand before gently guiding it through.

“Thanks.” I mumble, the awkward tension between us rising.

“No problem. Do you want to stop for dinner on the way back?” he asks and I nod before he starts making his way to my favorite Chinese takeout restaurant.

“How are you feeling?” he asks me, placing his hand on my thigh.

“I’m okay. After that decent shot of morphine I don’t really feel much.” I tell him and he nods.

We sit in awkward silence for a while until we reach the restaurant and he asks me what I’d like.

“The usual please.” I tell him and he orders while I wait in the car.

He places the bag of food on the backseat minutes later before he starts the car.

“I got you a fortune cookie. I know you like those.” He says, offering me a smile but I can’t seem to put the same amount of effort into a smile.

For the millionth time that night, his face drops but he stays strong and continues driving while I let a few silent tears flow down my cheeks.

He promised never to hurt me, and he never has before, but I can’t seem to get past this, even if it wasn’t on purpose.

We drive in silence back to our flat and once we’re inside, he helps me remove my coat again before we both awkwardly stand in the living room, not knowing what to do.

“I think we should eat at the table, it’ll be easier for you.” He tells me, moving our food there, setting everything on the table.

After dinner – which we eat in silence – we sit in silence still before I decide on breaking it.

“I think I’ll go to bed now. you can go for a smoke or something, if you want.” I tell him, my anger from earlier being started up again.

“I-“ he starts before I angrily stomp away.

He takes a few minutes before he joins me in the bedroom like I knew he would.

“Here are some pain medication if you woke up in the night, and also a water bottle.” He tells me and I let out half a smile.

“Thanks.” I say and he sits down next to me on the bed.

“I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to break your wrist, I was just really stressed, and not because of you, I was just angry.” He apologizes, his eyes tearing up.

“I know, Zayn. I shouldn’t have tried to take your cigarette. I’m sorry.” I tell him but he shakes his head.

“No. this one’s all my fault.” And a single tear finally makes its way down his cheek.

“It’s okay, Zayn. I forgive you and I’m not mad, just please try again to stop smoking. I know you really want to and the the fans want you too. I’ll do anything I can to help you, okay?” I tell him and he nods, wrapping his arms around my waist.

“I love you so much and I seriously don’t deserve you.” He whispers into my neck and I hug him as tight as I can, taking my wrist into consideration.

“I love you too. If anyone asks, I fell, okay? I know you feel bad and we don’t need anyone knowing what really happened.” I tell him and he gratefully nods his head.

“I think I only love you more now.” he says, pulling me down to lie in his arms.
“Goodnight, Zayn.” I whisper.

“Night, baby. Wake me if you need anything, okay? The least I can do is wait on you for the next 6 weeks.”

“This I will enjoy.” I whisper, drifting off and the last sound I remember hearing is Zayn’s tired chuckle.

Adventure Time (Michael Clifford)

Requested: No

A/N: Lots of Michael feels right now. I’d put a proper description, but I feel like that would ruin the surprise! So just enjoy this fluffy smut. Side Note: This is my favorite smut that I have written and I am incredibly proud of this one. ~Cel

Michael is such a huge dork. Inspired by this song (x)

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The Siren and The Insomniac

Title: The Siren and the Insomniac

Chapter No./One Shot: Chapter 9

Original Imagine:Imagine you’re part siren and you live in the Stark Tower. Your bedroom is next door to Loki’s, and you become annoyed with him because he stays up all hours. So after many futile arguments with the god, you use your power through the walls to put him to sleep. When the time comes for you to move out, Loki begs you to stay, claiming he can no longer sleep without you.

Author: Starrynight35

Rating: M

Notes/Warnings: Comments are always welcome!!! I hope you like it!

Chapter 9

Raidne opened the door to Loki’s room, peeking down the hall to make sure no one saw her leaving so early in the morning. She didn’t care what the others thought, but she didn’t want them to give Loki any grief. He didn’t deserve the treatment he received from them. 

Seeing the empty hallway, she tiptoed down to her room and closed the door behind her, then gathered the things she needed for a shower. As silly as it sounded, she hated to wash Loki’s scent from her skin. She decided against tossing her night shirt in the laundry, instead opting to save it for when she felt particularly lonely. She pressed her face into the fabric, inhaling his scent before tossing it onto her bed.

Loki’s smell was unique; a heady combination of light spearmint, the smell of fresh rain, and cold winter air. She shook her head at her own sentimentality and headed for the bathroom. 

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The Night Before Christmas (Mayday One Shot)

(((I promised you all a Mayday one shot at the holidays!!!)))

You and Bucky spend the evening before Christmas at home; you learn more about his past and he gives you a surprise gift.

Bucky Barnes x Reader (Mayday)

*read my Mayday Series HERE*

Christmas Eve, Brooklyn, New York

I lay in bed, reading a book, my long legs stretched out under the blankets. The space heater buzzed on the floor beside the bed. It was a little past ten pm the night before Christmas. Bucky had banished me from the living room about an hour before, so he could wrap my gifts. He’d been shopping with Steve last week while Six was off doing whatever it was she did, and had kept everything at his friends apartment until this evening. Why he hadn’t wrapped them there, I didn’t know; those two men could save the world no problem, but figuring out the semantics of holiday preparation wasn’t a strong suit of either one.

I heard the music in the other room turn off, and the faint glow of the lamps also went out. Bucky’s large frame appeared in the doorway; I set down my book. “You all done babe?” I asked, stretching. He nodded, closing the door most of the way, the same way it was every night when we went to sleep. We’d been living in this apartment for a few months now, and it was beginning to feel like home. Really though, wherever he was felt like home to me.

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Wedding Series: Proposal

Harry: “Harry.. Where are we going?” You mumble, following him up another flight of stairs. Seeing as you were doing it in high heels and a short skirt, you had a right to complain.  Stopping in front of a door, you let out a huff of air and finally took a look around. “Why are we at my old flat?” You ask looking up at him. Giving you a cheeky smile he pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. “You’ll see in a minute, love.” “Oh no. I’m not putting that on. Last time I did you forgot to direct me and I ran into a wall!” Letting out a smooth chuckle, he came closer and placed a little kiss to your temple. “I promise I will pay attention this time. Please.” Groaning over Harry’s good looks and you incapability to say no to him, you put the cloth over your eyes, praying that he would actually not let you trip or anything.  You heard the key unlock the door and as it swung open you could just smell candle. “Harry! Did you leave candles in here! That’s so dange-” “Oh hush love, its fine.” Finally he lead you to a spot and slowly took of the handkerchief. Rose petals and candles were scattered on the floor, spelling out ‘Will You Marry Me?’. Finally looking back at Harry you saw him down on one knee and before he could say anything you answered his question. “Yes." 

Louis: You stared at the TV with a smile, the ending credits of 'Love Actually’ rolled down the screen. Standing up, you smiled at your boyfriend. "You want a cuppa? I’m going to make one myself.” You ask, walking over his legs that were resting on the coffee table. “Yeah, but I got it. Go put in another movie.” Thinking nothing of it, you shrugged and walked over to the movie cabinet, browsing over your selection.  Popping in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love’ and earning a groan from Louis, you slowly drank your tea, just the way you like it. Half way though the movie you nearly finished your drink and was about to put it down on the table when something caught your eye. You had used this mug a billion times, you always drank your tea out of it, everyday. For the first time you noticed writing on the the bottom.  Drinking the last bit of the liquid, you stared at the bottom of the cup.  The words 'Marry Me?’ were written on the bottom. Looking over at Louis, you we’re about to ask when you noticed he wasn’t there. “Lou?” You called, getting up from your spot to find him in the kitchen smirking, while holding a red velvet box. “So. Will you?”

Liam: You’re parents 30th wedding anniversary was this week, and to celebrate all of your family got together at your family’s summer home in Florida. So with all of your family surrounding you at all times, it was hard to get moments alone with Liam.  So when you noticed not many people were on the beach, you took that opportunity and flew with it. As you walked along the beach you two casually talked about different things.  Soon you noticed a few of your cousins walking to the water carrying surf boards, none of them wearing body suits of anything.  What also made you curious is the fact that one of them doesn’t even know how to swim. They all turned around at once and flipped their surf boards so the writing on them was facing you.  The words 'Will You Marry Me’ were spelt out on the boards, which made you quickly turn towards Liam. Reaching into his board shorts, he smiled, getting down on one knee. “I love you so much.. Will you marry me?” He asked, pulling out a blue velvet box. Laughing through tears, you smiled and said; “Yes!”

Zayn: He was known for going all out for you.  So when you found out you were going to Paris for your 3 year anniversary, no one thought too much of it because its just Zayn doing whatever he could to make you extra happy. So for your anniversary, he took you to this little french restaurant near your hotel.  When you were finished, he started to walk the opposite way to your hotel.  "Where are we going?“ You giggle, gripping onto his hand. "You’ll see my love.” And before you knew it, you were on top of the Eiffel Tower. “Its beautiful.” You whisper, staring down at the city.  "Yes, you are.“ Shaking your head, you didn’t reply. "I need to ask you something.” He begins, shoving a hand into his pocket. “I love you, and I can’t even imagine my life without you. Not at all. So babe, will you marry me?”

Niall: Neither of you wanted to do anything extravagant that night, so you both stayed in, watching reruns of the newest season of The X Factor. You both had wanted chinese, so you poured the wine  as Niall went to grab the food from the delivery boy.  As you listened to a girl sing some Taylor Swift song, you dug in, noodles hanging out of your mouth. Once you were done, you tried to find the fortune cookies but you couldn’t. “Niall.. where are the cookies?” You ask, digging through the bag the food came in. “Yeah there in the kitchen, I’ll get them.” Taking a sip of wine, you watched the screen and Louis on the show pointed to the singer and ranted on how good they were.  Niall walked back in and placed a cookie in your hand. Smiling bright, he nodded towards the cookie. “Open it, I wanna see what you get.” It had become a ritual between the two of you. You would always read yours out loud to each other.  Shaking your head while smiling, you cracked the cookie and pulled the little paper out. Staring down on it, you were confused.  It wasn’t a normal fortune cookie, it was a handwritten one instead of a typed one. “Say yes to forever.” You read, staring down at the sheet with curiosity.  You looked up to show Niall about it, when you saw he was down on one knee, holding a beautiful ring. “I think you should follow that fortune babe." 


Wedding ring and how he proposes.

1- Aaron: It’s a Friday night and you were enjoying the fact that it is the weekend. You were watching Netflix when your boyfriend Aaron texted you. “Hey babe 😘” he texted “Hey 😃” you replied “What are you doing this fine evening?” “Just enjoying a night by myself watching Netflix in my pajamas 😌 wbu?” You ask. “I plan on doing the same thing” “Great minds think alike 😉😘” he didn’t text back so you just kept watching your show. As the episode ended the doorbell rang. You get up and go answer it. You open the door and see your boyfriend kneeling on the porch with an open ring box. You stand there flabbergasted and Aaron smiles and says “Y/N I love you to death, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met whether you are dressed up or just like you are now you are always the most beautiful thing in sight. Will you please let me continue to live my life with you?” “I wouldn’t want it any other way..” After that Aaron stood up and you guys shared a kiss. “Would you mind if I joined you for your night of Netflix in our pajamas?” “Please do.”

2- Johnson: Today is the three year anniversary of you and Jack meeting at a meet and greet. Ever since that day he has been the sweetest boyfriend in the world. To celebrate you didn’t want to do something too big, so you guys decided on going to a movie and then going to the Chinese restaurant that you went to on your first date. You get to the restaurant and enjoy a nice dinner doing nothing but spending time with the love of your life. When you are finished eating your food they bring you your fortune cookies. You crack yours open and read it. It says ‘You will soon make a life time commitment to your significant other.’ You giggle. “Hey Jack, listen to this!” Then you read the fortune to him. “Yeah, that’s funny… I mean we could…” He then stands up, gets down on one knee and pulls out the ring. “Y/N… I want to be the one who you can come home to when you have a bad day, I want to be the reason you smile and I want to make you laugh even when you don’t want to. Y/N will you marry me?” “Oh my gosh! Jack! Yes.” You say as you start to cry with a giant smile on your face.

3- Gilinsky: You and Jack were in a long distance relationship so it had been awhile since you had seen him, but you got to see him this weekend because he was doing an event in your hometown with Johnson and some of his other friends. You get ready to go and then head over to the hotel where the event was happening. You got there before they started letting people in so you showed security the pass Jack gave you and they let you in. You head backstage where you knew all the guys would be. You walk in and Johnson gives you a hug. “Gilinsky is in the bathroom so he should be out in a minute.” “Okay I’ll just chill here then.” You sit down next to the boys until Jack comes out of the bathroom. He walks out and sees you. “Y/N!! Come here baby!” You stand up and run to him. He picks you up and spins you around while giving you a kiss. You all sit around for about 20 more minutes until it was time for them to go start meeting people. After they meet people for awhile they start performing. You stayed backstage so that you could hang out with the guys when they weren’t on stage. After Gilinsky and Johnson finished performing Johnson comes backstage but Gilinsky stays on stage and starts talking. “So, you guys all know my beautiful girlfriend Y/N! How would you guys like her to come out and say hi?” You hear a lot of cheering so you go out. You look out in the crowd to see five signs, they said “Y/N” “will” “you” “marry” “Jack?” You turn to ask Jack about it. When you turned around he was on one knee with an open ring box. “Y/N will you—” “Yes!!” You interrupt him. “Good” he says standing up and putting the ring on you. You guys kiss as the crowd cheers.

4- Cameron: Every Saturday you and Cameron hang out, it’s not always a formal date, you guys just like being with each other. Today you were going to the mall. In the mall there was a photo booth. “Hey y/n lets go in the photo booth!!” Cam says super excited. “Okay, okay.” You say giggling. You sit down in the booth and it counts down while you were being goofy cam pulled out some papers with out you noticing. He had a picture for each picture the booth took. The first said “y/n” the second said “marry” third “me” fourth “???” Then the fifth and final picture he opened the ring box. You guys leave the booth and wait outside till the pictures came out. When they did you grabbed them to see how they turned out. “How the heck did you do that without me noticing?!?” You say as you wrap him in a giant hug. “I don’t know.. I figured if you did notice that I would get your reaction on camera so I was okay even if you did notice.” He then got down on his knee. In the end you replied happily with a yes.

5- Shawn:
 Shawn had the last show of his tour tonight so you decided to surprise him and go see it. About a half hour before he started you texted him good luck just like you did before all his other concerts. He texted back “Thank you! Wish you were here 😞” just like he always did. You sent him a picture of the stage. “Looks like your wish came true 😉” “Oh my gosh!!! You’re here!!!!!” After a few minutes the opening act came out then after that Shawn came out. He preformed wonderfully and it made you happy to see him living his dreams. Finally it came to the last song of the night. “So guys, tonight my beautiful girlfriend is sitting in the crowd. So, I’d like to dedicate this last song to her. Y/N do you want to make your way up here?” You started making your way to the front so you could go onstage. As you moved forward Shawn started singing the song. But it wasn’t one of his…. It was 'Marry Me’ by Jason derulo. When you got on the stage Shawn started serenading you, when he finished the song he pulled out the ring and got on his knee. “Y/N will you accept the challenge of living this crazy life along side me?” “Yes.”

6- Matt: (All the ferris wheels I have been on pause every couple minutes so keep that in mind) You and Matt are celebrating your 1 year anniversary today by going to the fair. You played games, ate food, and took selfies all afternoon. Matt even won you one of those giant stuffed bears just like what always happens in the movies. Around sunset Matt says you should go on the Ferris wheel. You agree and you guys go stand in line. When you guys were on the Ferris wheel Matt says “You know what happens at the top don’t you?” “Of course I do.” You reply. “Good” he says with a mischievous smile. Right before you got to the top Matt points behind you. “Look how pretty that is!” While you turn around to look at the perfect sunset Matt pulls out the ring box. When you reach the top you turn back around to get your cliche 'top of the Ferris wheel kiss’ you weren’t expecting to see Matt on his knee. “That sunset may be perfect but not nearly as perfect as you. And I want to be able to see something even more beautiful than that sunset every day for the rest of my life.. Will you you be my sunset?” “Yes.” You say finally getting your kiss. The sunset really was perfect so you decided to take a selfie up there with it, making sure to show off your new ring.

7- Nash: Yesterday you got to California to visit your boyfriend. You and Nash don’t get to visit each other very often because he is always working, you’re always going to school, and you two live so far away from each other. You two spent last night going to dinner and being all romantic so tonight you decided to just stay at Nash and Cameron’s apartment and have a movie night. After you order pizza, pop popcorn, get soda, put candy in a bowl, put on your pajamas, and spread blankets on the floor you were finally ready to pick a movie. “How about this?” You ask holding up a chick flick. “I don’t care as long as I get to cuddle with you.” He says. You put the movie in then you go and cuddle with Nash. As the movie was getting close to the end the main couple are getting married. Nash kisses your head and says “That could be us…” “What?” “That could be us… Getting married.” “That would be nice..” You say as Nash reaches in his pocket for something. Nash pulls out a ring box and opens it up. “I’m serious. If you want to we can get married. That could be us.” “That will be us.” “Is that a yes?” “Absolutely.” You say as you kiss Nash and he puts the ring on your finger.

8- Carter: Carter and you had both been working a lot lately so you haven’t been getting to spend a lot of time together. You both had a little bit of time early this afternoon and wanted to go on a date. Time didn’t allow you to do anything super special so you just went to get Starbucks. “Hey babe I know what you want, you can go sit down.” Carter tells you. “Okay” you say smiling at your boyfriend. You find a spot and pull out your phone so you didn’t notice that Carter took a rather odd amount of time ordering your drinks. After he was done he came and sat down. “Carter!” The barista yelled. Carter got up to go get his drink and a few seconds later they called “Y/N will you marry Carter?” You stood up quickly and ran to the counter. When you got there, Carter pulled out the ring a “Yes?” He asked “Yes.” You reply with a smile. Then you guys kissed and the whole place cheered.

9-Taylor: It’s your birthday and your boyfriend Taylor is taking you out to dinner at a nice restaurant. You eat your dinner and have a great time. When you were done Taylor drove you home and then walked you to the door. When you got to the door he pulls a box out from behind his back. “I got you a present!” “Taylor! You already paid for dinner!! You didn’t have to get me anything else!” “Yeah but I wanted to get you this too… OPEN IT!!” You open it to see a t-shirt. You hold it up and it says 'Mrs. Caniff’ you smile. “I love it.” “There’s something else in there!” Taylor says you look and see a small box in the bottom of the box. You open it and instantly tear up. It is an engagement ring. You look at Taylor and see him smiling. “Y/N I can’t believe you have put up with me for so long, but would you mind putting up with me for the rest of our lives?” “You obviously need someone to babysit you… And I wouldn’t want anyone to babysit you but me.”

Openheart (1/9)

Once upon a time in Brooklyn, NY there lived a community of fairy tale characters known as Storybrooke. Through the use of magic they have protected their secret community from the mundane world.

Sheriff Emma Swan protects them from each other.

(a the wolf among us au.)

Also on AO3 &

Sometimes Emma still feels like a visitor to New York. A bystander more than a participant. When the Stories had decided to colonize in Brooklyn, she’d already spent most of her time on Earth living in Maine. For most people in their little secluded section of the burrow, New York was the only part of the Mundane World they’d seen. Emma’s seen enough of it for multiple lifetimes.

When the Darkness started vanishing lands, the residents of the Enchanted Forest knew it wouldn’t be long until they were added to the list. It took years for a land to completely vanish and the Darkness had yet to breach any of their nearing countries. So, the planning had begun to make a great Exodus through portals, supplied by Giants who also feared the Darkness’ powers.

It took years to evacuate the whole population, including refugees from lands that had already suffered the effects of the Darkness. By the time the last few residents crossed into the Mundane World, the Enchanted Forest was already vanishing. Not that Emma was there to see it.

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Under the Stars

The night sky was full of stars, but no moon. You had a bad habit of loving to stargaze on the roof of your home. Your best friend always told you it was your worst quality, crawling out on the roof of your two-story house. It didn’t matter much to you, considering he’d join you most of the time. 

It was the same this night, but for some reason it felt more lonely than usual. You loved the moon, but it was just that time of the month where it wouldn’t show its pretty face. 

Plus, you were waiting for Oh Sehun to join you, like always. He was your lifetime neighbor and lifetime best friend. You had girl best friends too, but nothing was the same as having Oh Sehun as your friend. 

He knew what you were thinking, always knew what you needed, and never failed to be there when you needed him. As were you, always there when he needed advice, you both went through puberty together and somehow survived, and never failed to bring him his favorite bubble tea. 

Tonight was one of your last nights, or so it seemed. Tomorrow was your high school graduation. And it felt weird. Here you were, cap in hand, twirling it in the air hoping it would disappear. You weren’t ready for change yet.

College seemed like it was right around the corner. Time for responsibility. Time to be away from home and have roommates. Though Sehun would be with you every step of the way, you couldn’t help but think so many things were going to end. 

A slightly agitated voice came from the outside of your window. Your lips couldn’t help but curl up at the sound of Sehun struggling to get on the roof. You would think with his long legs it would be easy, but it only got more awkward as he grew. 

“You do know that tearing down the tree house and coming out to the roof were both your ideas, right?” You laughed, holding out a hand for him. 

“I’ve never missed the tree house more.” He chuckled. Taking a spot next to you. His body heat radiated off on your cold body. A large arm wrapped around you and pulled you closer to him, as he noticed your shivering. 

“Could have brought a blanket.” His voice vibrated through your whole body. When had it become so deep?  

“Yeah, well, not with you here.” You snuggled closer to him, basking in his warmth. Barriers were long gone with you, as both of your mothers loved to pull all of the old pictures of the two of you bathing together when you were 3. 

“You know, most people are happy to leave high school.” He grabbed the cap out of your hand and played with it. Your head leaned against his shoulder, watching him twirl the cap on his long finger just like you had done. 

“I don’t think it’s sunk in yet.” You mumbled.

“What? Graduating? It’s just a piece of paper.” Sehun was always so simple minded, one of the things you needed. You tended to over think everything, he balanced you out.

“Yeah, but college. I feel like I’m not ready.” To your dismay, Sehun unwrapped his arm and laid back on the roof to stare up at the stars, you copied, continuing your worries. 

“College is when you have to have your life together. You have to know what you want to do for the rest of your life and be super passionate about everything. And you have to be super friendly, all the time. Making new friends and stuff.”

Sehun sighed next to you, playfully punching your arm. “Yeah, and it’s also a time for you to learn more about yourself. You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life, I’m sure no adult now knew what to do then either. And what’s wrong with making friends? You like people.”

“I guess…”

“Just don’t worry as much. College is supposed to be fun too. Plus, I’ll always be there with you. You just have to shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”  

“Where did you learn that?” Sehun couldn’t have possibly come up with that on his own, it took you 5 times to teach him how to tie his shoes by himself. 

He gave a sheepish smile, caught in his act. “It was on my fortune cookie today.”

“You went to Chinese without me?!” You shot up from the roof, enraged. Chinese was your favorite, as much as Sehun loved Bubble Tea. 

“I got you a fortune cookie, don’t worry.” He pulled it out of his pocket, miraculously not broken. Fortune cookies after all, were the best part of Chinese food, as Sehun already knew. 

You ripped open the plastic and broke the fortune cookie, excited to see what you fortune said. This one, not a fortune, but a simple confession that brought heat to your cheeks. 

I love you

You turned your head to Sehun, who was now sitting up. But before you could say anything, he gently lifted your chin up and moved to close the space between you, delicately placing his soft lips on yours. He pulled away before you could even close your eyes.  

“Like I said, I’ll be right next to you through everything.”

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Just A Few Months: Chapter 17

Just A Few Months: Chapter 17

Title: Just A Few Months

Pairing: Captain Swan

Genre: Romance and general

Summary: Captain Swan room mate AU: Killian Jones decides to rent out the spare room he has. Emma Swan - a bail bonds woman who has realised that to make ends meet she’ll have to move in with someone - is the person he rents it out to. chapter 1 chapter 16

A/N: It’s here! Finally, chapter 17! I know this has taken wayyy too long (sorry!) but since my last update I’ve had all these exams and revision and it’s finally over and so the chapter is finally here! Yay!

Also - the finale killed me in so many ways (ASDFGHJKL) and it also gave me more things to parallel which is fun!

My musical muses for this chapter were The Pretty Reckless and MCR.


Disclaimer: Not owning anything over here.

Confusion wasn’t an emotion unbeknownst to Killian.

In fact, he’d spent quite a large portion of his life in that very state. Why had his mother had to die? Why was his father always drunk? Why was he always yelling? Was it Killian? Did he make him like that?

As time had gone on he’d realised that his father’s seemingly constant intoxicated state had much less to do with him being a horrible ungrateful child and more to do with drowning his sorrows and taking out his anger on his children like an asshole.

But – walking away from the hospital, and back towards his car – Killian Jones once again found himself completely and utterly bewildered. That – talking to her, joking with her – it had been as if she hadn’t gone at all. As if all this shit – them sleeping together, her leaving, him crying for the first time in five goddam years – was all just a bad dream.

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Submission. What if...

…It’s PAX time, everybody is very excited; especially the group of Mark, Wade, Bob, Jack, Molly and Mandy (it’s a big group now that I think about it). Anyway, the night before all the activities, the group goes out for dinner and they decide that they’re feeling like having chinese food, because why not. They are having a good time and talking about whatever they talk about when they are all together and eating and all that jazz and when the dinner it’s over and before they pay the bill to go back to the hotel, it’s chinese fortune cookie time!

Just when the waiter brings the cookies, Mandy and Molly have to go to the ladies room, mostly because Wade, accidentally, cover Bob’s wife with soda, a very funny accident.

Anyway, the guys are waiting for the girls so all can read their fortunes together and laugh a bit about what the little cookies have to say, but let’s say that Mark gets impatient and just takes his cookie.

He breaks the cookie and takes the little piece of paper inside of it, ready to read what the future holds for him.

“To prove that your friendship is as hard as steel. You must spend some time in each other’s shoes. But if you fail, there’s not turning back. Stuck you will be until the end of your time.”

- What? – It’s the only thing that Mark has to say about the strange paper – ok, this is odd – indeed it was, especially because it almost seems that the fortune was written by hand.

-   Wow dude, you really got a strange one – Jack says as he looks at the paper that definitly was written by hand.

 -   Yes, the only strange thing it’s that someone thinks that you can fit in my shoes – says Wade

  -  Yes, you are right, they are too small for me… if you know what I mean

The guys start laughing and making fun of the strange fortune that Mark got. It isn’t long until Mandy and Molly return to the table, shortly, everybody read their fortunes and laugh about them, although Mark’s was the only one that was hand written.

Before it got too late, they go back to their hotel and after saying good night to each other, everybody goes to their respective rooms (Bod and Wade share room with Mandy and Molly, respectively, for obvious reasons).

The nights goes smoothly, nothing happens, everybody have a good sleep, but when the alarm goes on in Mark’s room, something feels odd.

Especially for Wade, because Molly is not next to him when he wakes up. Hell, he doesn’t even remember setting his alarm at this hour. When we gets up and looks around, he realizes that he is no longer in his room.

-What the… - just in that moment he realized that the voice that he just hear wasn’t his.

At the same time, in Jack’s room, Mark wakes up and goes to the bathroom, still sleepy. When he enters and looks at the mirror his eyes can’t believe what he is seeing.

Quickly, he turns the lights on and, for his surprise, the one that he is looking at the mirror is Jack, with his eyes and mouth wide open.

Although Mark’s surprise was big, it was even bigger for Jack, when he woke up next to Mandy on bed.

By last, Bob wakes up when he hears the screams of the his friends.

He gets up quickly to check what was going on with his friends (luckily, wade’s room was next to him, the others were acroos the hallway)

On the hallway, the four doors burst open at the same time and the four man were on the hallway, looking at each other without believing what their eyes were seeing. 

-  Holy shit – Bob says

- Wade, what’s going on? – Molly goes out to find out what the hell was happening

-  Darling, I wish I could explain but… I really can’t - Said Wade in Mark’s body

-  Mark, what are you- before Molly could respond to Mark… well, Wade in Mark’s body; Wade, well, Bob in Wade’s body, dragged everybody to his room.

Long story short: a couple hours later of freaking out and panic, everyone was trying to figure out how the hell could something like this possibly happen.

-  Okay, let me get his straight – said Mandy – Bob is in Wade’s body, Wade in Mark’s, Mark’s in Jack’s and Jack is inside my husband.

- Yes, it seems like… you two stop it! – Bob shut at Mark and Jack that were giggling of the last comment.

- Mark this is all your fault! – shout Jack

-  What?! Why?! – Mark was offended for such statement

-  Your creepy cookie made this to us! – respond Jack, he had a point

-  Yes! You bring this to us for making fun of the cookie! – Wade supported Jack

-  Guys, are you seriously saying that a stupid cookie did all this?!

-  Yes! – apparently this was the only option they had, nothing else could possibly explain the situation.

-  But I don’t get it, why Molly and I are not affected by the cookie of Mark?

-  Stop saying it was my cookie!

-  hmm… Maybe because you were in the bathroom when Mark opened his cookie – said Bob

After discussing for a while, they all agree that everything was the fault of the cookie. They came with a plan, the girls were going to go back to the restaurant to find information about the cookie, maybe they would get some answers. Meanwhile, the guys were going to go to the convention, they couldn’t leave their fans.

Now the thing was that they will have to act like each other, especially for the thing that the cookie said:

“…if you fail, there’s not turning back. Stuck you will be until the end of your time.”.

They were not going to take the risk…

The girls will find out the answers of the misterious cookie? The fans will notice that their idols are acting strange? Mark will accept that all this was his fault?

So many questions…. How knows, maybe we will never know the answers.