this was the first scifi book i ever read

Be right back I’m just crying in public.

This is a huge milestone, because this is the first time I’ve ever finished writing the third book in a series. (My first series ever, way back in high school, I only got a couple chapters into the third installment). This is big for me. Not only as being the end of the Third Book in the Recovery Series, but that the emotional journey I’ve tried to convey through these books is complete. Everything I’ve learned about life, love, self-forgiveness, the values of and differences between platonic and romantic relationships, differing worldviews, what it means to search for your purpose, and understanding that your decisions and actions can have both significant consequences and rewards.

That being said, Book 3 concludes the theme of the series as being focused around an emotional journey. I have been told by many readers, and I hope this trend continues as more people discover my series, that Arman’s journey has been relatable to them, and helped them understand and learn to accept and sort out their own feelings, both toward themselves and others. While I will still include emotional themes as the series moves forward, they will likely no longer be the central focus of the story. I think, however, the Book 3 is a fitting conclusion to that emotional journey, despite how haunting it may also be as its own story.

Understanding, recognizing, and taking care of your emotional well-being has been and always will be important. I expect I will stay faithful to emotional perspective as I develop the story further and move the characters through this world and the events within it–but the major underlying plot has finally broken the surface and will become the main focus of the series. It revolves around other topics and devices I think are incredibly important in the real world, and I think, looking back, you will see that I have slowly been building up these other themes and plots, preparing them to take center stage. And I also think that, as you read these books, and then look out into the real world and the events playing out in it, you will see some very obvious parallels, events that have been held to the background for several years and are finally beginning to surface. I should add that I am NOT basing my books off these events. In fact, I had some of these plot points thought out before some of these real-world events occurred, and now that they have, it only makes my interpretation of them even more integral to the story I’m choosing to write.

But all in good time.

For now, thank you for going on this journey with me as I’ve sat down nearly every single day for the past three months and written this book, and thank you especially to those who have been a part of this series for the past few years and know how it has changed from the initial concept to this third book. Thank you my past beta readers (and some who’ve promised to continue helping me in the future!), namely @romanticreader, @walkingtumble54321, and @nessieinthefez (Nessie was actually the very first person to ever read some of Embassy’s original drafts, way back in the spring of 2013, and has stuck with me ever since, so raise a glass to her because she’s amazing).

I’m going to take a break from writing for a while, and won’t get around to editing for a month or two. I have PLENTY of revisions to do, that’s for sure. My work is cut out for me, as they say. In the meantime, I’ll most definitely print out the book and carry it with me everywhere, work on extra content that I’ve promised but have yet to deliver on, and really, just take time to relax. Maybe even sleep in, rather than waking up an hour or two before the sun every day. Who knows what craaaaaazy things I’ll do with all this free time?

To all our endeavors,
S. Alex Martin

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