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So lately I've really started getting into kpop and after seeing how big a fan of it you are I was wondering if you had any favorite interviews with Big Bang? Like, ones where you get to know the band a little better or ones you just like. Anything would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Ah that’s so awesome, I’m so glad you’re liking kpop :) As for BIGBANG, the first thing you should watch is their pre debut documentary. It shows all the members (including a sixth member Hyun-seung who later ended up debuting with Beast! (and then left and they renamed themselves Highlight lmao)). It’s a quintessential part of seeing how hard they worked to get to where they are today, and how humble their beginnings were. I cry literally ever single time. 

Next I’d recommend their variety show appearances. For this I’d just search YouTube for BIGBANG Weekly Idol, and BIGBANG Infinity Challenge etc. They typically do interview stuff within the episode as well as fun games/hilarious moments between the members. Happy Together is one of my all time favorites for interviews. It’s a relatively recent one and it’s just so great seeing them all together hanging out in a spa after all these years of working to get where they are. I’d also recommend hunting down the BIGBANG 0 to 10 MADE Documentary which shows everything they went through during the 2015 world tour, it’s heart wrenching and beautiful. 

If you haven’t watched the Behind The Scenes/Making Films for their music vides, I’d check those out too! 

As far as finding most of this material, head over to bigbangupdates, where they keep an archive of subbed episodes. You can also find things on YouTube but a lot have been removed due to copyright so you’ll have to search around. 

sometimes it’s just fun to search “BIGBANG funny moments” or “BIGBANG interview” and let YouTube take you on an adventure. I can’t remember what variety show it was, but there’s a particularly funny episode of G-Dragon talking about TOP’s body. It was a YG family special, annnnd I found it right here haha. 

That should be good to get you started, have fun! *VIP Until Whenever*

So I wanted to share a little random story with you all. Not too long ago I got my grandmother into KPOP (she literally asked for GOT7, BTS, Day6, and other kpop CDs for her birthday and Christmas I kid you not), and her bias group is GOT7, while BamBam is her bias in GOT7. 

Well yesterday I showed her “Never Ever” for the first time since I have been busy with work and haven’t been able to get over to her house to visit. Now she has seen all of their music videos, from “Girls Girls Girls” to now, and as she watched “Never Ever” (now knowing all the member’s names bless her soul) she went “Are they looking older?” I kind of laughed and said “Yeah, they are. They are growing up before our very eyes.” And her face was totally not amused by this fact. Her brows furrowed and her lips tucked in and formed a slight pout. She did not at all like the fact that they were growing up, and I wish I could have recorded it because it was the best reaction I have ever seen! 

Anyway that is the random little story of my sixty-six year old grandmother newly turned kpop stan did not like the fact that GOT7 is growing up.

Creative block

Pairing: Luna x Reader

Genre: fluff

REQUEST: Luna + Luna´s Alphabet for anonie, wow i think this is my first luna scenario ever

Note: Y/S/N - your ship name

*gif not mine unless stated*

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“You know, this whole idea of having a show like this is great.” Startled, Sunyoung looked at you after finishing yet another episode for Luna´s Alphabet. As a supportive girlfriend and also a fan, you always found time to watch it. Especially when she was all the way on the oher side of the world. 

“Oh, um. Thank you?” Sunyoung didn´t really know how to respond to your sudden comment, and had no idea how to formulate a proper question. You were squinting at the laptop screen in deep thoughts, Luna too afraid to disturb you. A knowing look appeared on her face the second she saw the familiar spark in your eyes. Your name left her lips yet was completely ignored by you as you were too busy writing down notes at the speed of light. While you kept brainstorming, Sunyoung sat down next to you and continued in stuffing her mouth with popcorn, her attention belonging to the movie playing on the tv screen only. 

Although she was mostly focused on the plot unraveling in front of her eyes, she also kept stealing glances at your inspiration driven self. Sunyoung couldn´t help but let the little smile for at her lips, your cuteness being something that would keep on surprising her.

“Jagiya, how much are you willing to help me?” Your voice took her by surprise, leaving her feeling like a deer caught in a headlights. “Huh?”

“Why am I even asking, you have no choice.” You shook your head, lowering your head again towards your notes. Confused, Sunyoung decided to leave you be and started watching the movie again, this time successfully finishing watching it. After few more now silent minutes passing, you tossed the small notepad on the coffee table in front of you and with a satisfied sigh leaned against Luna´s shoulder. She turned her head slightly to press a light kiss to the top of your head, lovingly stroking the back of your hand with her thumb.

“What was this sudden jolt of inspiration?” She asked quietly, curiously peeking down at you. You took a deep breath and sat up so you were facing her, a bright smile gracing your features. 

“Remember how I told you I was stuck for a little while? That the content on my channel was a little boring? Well this is exactly what I needed!” You clapped excitedly, your nose scrunching up while you squealed in delight. Sunyoung nodded her head, slowly beginning to understand what your meant. She knew about your youtube channel, you were a well known for your comedy sketches and thats how she got to know you after all. You could even say Amber set the two of you up. She also knew that with a chanel like yours, a conctant creativity was needed. You could use the same plot so many times without it being overused and after a while, it was impossible not to run out of ideas.

“Well what´s your marvelous plan?” 

“A day in a life of Y/S/N!” You said, your cheeks beginning to hurt from the huge smile your still had on your face. For a few moments Luna was baffled. She didn´t know what to do or say. Her brain simply froze and so did her body. You smile turned into a grimace and your eyebrows rose so high they propably got lost in your hair. “Oh no.” You mumbled, biting down on your lip a little too much.

“You don´t like it, do you?” Finally, Sunyoung showed some kind of emotion. She started assuring you that the idea was great, it was simply… Strange. To her at least. “Are you sure Y/N?” 

“But the fans know about our relationship, they´re accepting of it so I thought…” You grew uncertain of what seemed to be your best idea yet, slowly getting ready to start thinking of something else again. Before you could do so, Sunyoung took your hands and with a kind look and voice told you her opinion, the pieces of puzzle slowly falling into each other.

“The idea is great and yes I admit, the fans know and are accepting of out relationship but, don´t you think it would be for the best if we kept the last bit of privacy we have to ourselves? I´m sure there are other ways you can keep people interested without putting our privacy out for everyone to see.” You began to realise what Sunyoung meant, her previous reaction now making much more sense. You hummed in agreement, showing her that you understood her words and reached for the notepad lying on the coffee table, scribbling some lines over the notes you had made just a few minutes ago. Turning to a new page, you tapped the pen across your bottom lip, still trying to figure something out. Sunyoung pulled the pen and the notepad from your hands, placing them back where they were and pointed to the time on the digital clock.

“You´ll be wiser in the morning jagiya and so will I. Let´s go to sleep now, it´s already too late.” You nodded, pulling yourself up from the couch, then helping Luna also. “Thank you, jagi.” 

A/n: I have no idea where I was going with this but I really hope you liked it everyone! Lots of love – G

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Post 10 facts about yourself and pass it on to 10 faves 🌸

Hi, Jess!! 😘

1.  I have been to Vietnam, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Bali, and Korea! I plan on going again next summer 😝

2. I bungee-jumped off the Macau Tower in 2012 and I recently just watched Monsta X do it in their variety show and I’m like wtf how did I do that 

3. I went shark diving in Hawaii and it was one of the best experiences ever!!

4. I’m usually a really nice person but I realized that I have really bad road rage 

5. The first group that got me into kpop was SHINee 💕

6. I’m obsessed with acai bowls

7. My pup and I hike 10 miles every weekend!

8. I prob drop my phone like everyday but it hasn’t cracked LOL

9. My first bias in GOT7 was actually Jinyoung because he was so freakin cute in Dream High and then it switched to Jackson during I Like You and Girls Girls Girls but JB has my heart now 💕

10. I always have my headphones in no matter the situation, lol there could be a fire alarm and I prob won’t hear it

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🙋🏽‍✨💀~! ♥

Hey Agata~!!! thank you for sending in~ ♥︎♥︎♥︎ && so sorry for the delayed reply ;u;;;

🙋🏽- Error Kpop or Error Jpop?
Kpop version definitely~!!! it’s the first ever song i’ve heard from VIXX~~ ;u;;

✨- why did you become a vixx stan?
Tbh their cheorography video awed me (•̪ o •̪) (esp the steelheart + error one!!!) and i started to get more and more into them after watching their variety shows ♥︎♥︎♥︎

💀- share your favorite meme
i dont have a favourite butttttt i recently found one that i really like~~~!! 
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ⌄⌄⌄ (me whenever i see vixx related posts) ⌄⌄⌄


8 Question Tag

tagged by the amazing @sho-ho-hownu , thank you so much

Rules: Answer the 8 questions and then write 8 new questions or your own!

1.How did you get into kpop in the first place? SO in my freshman year, my friend Jessica showed me Lucifer by SHINEE but the song got stuck in my head. I found it on youtube and watched recommended videos. Those songs would get stuck in my head and I been stuck ever since then.

2.How much/what merchandise of your favorite group do you own? I actually don’t own any because I have no money. Though I have spent a good amount of money on korean skin care products. 
3.What’s your favorite thing you’ve ever made related to your favorite group/any group? (Gifsets, screen caps, memes, etc.) I am gonna say this moodboard that I made recently 

4.Least favorite hairstyle your bias has ever had? 

Just how this was styled is so bad, it reminds me of coconut head 

5.Your fave MV you’ve ever seen (of any group)? I really love You Know by Jay Park. It is filmed so beauitful and i love the neon colors. 

6.Outside of kpop and/or tumblr what are your main likes and interests? Both musical and non-musical.Well i really love weird history. Also I am big fan of shows like Steven Universe, and Shameless. I also like fashion and gore movies. Plus I been playing music for 7 years. I play guitar acoustic and electric, a little piano, flute and ukulele. Also I write and play my own music which I am trying to perform live more. With my love of music, I love finding new music. 

7.Who is your ultimate bias and why are they your ult?  Wonho because I felt connected to him ever since I watched NO MERCY. I love how he is so emotional and doesn’t care about gender stereotypes. His laugh and smile just brighten up a room. I could go on but I love him so much. I wanna give him the world cause he deseve it. 

8.Pineapple on pizza?  Yes or no. Nope I don’t like it. It is not my thing 

My 8 Questions

  1. What is your favorite band or singer outside of kpop? 
  2. Do you have siblings? If yes do you guys get along? 
  3. What is your go to snack? 
  4. Do you have any unique talents or abilities? 
  5. Best compliment you have ever received?
  6. What do you want your tombstone to say?
  7. What is your current desktop picture?
  8. The last song you listened to? 

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18, for both SuJu and all time

18: Tell me about your bias. Why is s/he your bias?

As all of you may already know Donghae is my ultimate ultimate bias. But actually my first bias/bias group ever was actually Kris/Wu Yifan and EXO but since he left EXO my bias changed to Luhan but since he also left I haven’t paid much attention to them or the group anymore. I knew about SJ because of Sorry Sorry but I wasn’t into kpop then and when I was, I never paid any attention to them until Mamacita came out. After Mamacita, I started binge watching all of SJ’s MVs and variety shows. The member that stood out to me the most was Donghae. I don’t know why but I always noticed him in all of the MVs and variety shows. He just stood out to me. Maybe it was because of his looks, maybe his dancing/singing, maybe because of his cuteness, or maybe all of them combined. But there really are no reasons for love…are there? But a little after one year of being a hardcore fan, Donghae had to enlist and that was one of the most heartbreaking experiences I’ve gone through. BUT! He (and Hyukjae and Siwon) will be back in 3 months and I’m so excited for that!

Seoul Skies // Chapter 3

HAPPY JACKSON DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Ever after that dream I kept on having more.

And that ring, is becoming the reason why I am off the edge around Youngjae.

Every night I had a different dream, but that guy was always in it, I thought it was Youngjae at first. But I wasn’t so sure.

“Youngjae?” “hmm?” he’s head was still facing the TV. We were watching a show, he came back from work early today. He said he didn’t want to leave me alone for too long. I felt my stomach jump around, a smile couldn’t leave my lips.

“Have you ever fell in.. love?” I was hesitant to ask this question but it was also another way for me to figure out if it’s him.

Chewing on the insides of my mouth, I looked away. Letting my hair fall to cover the side of my face. I patiently waited for his answer.

I felt a movement on the couch, I flinched as Youngjae moved closer, moving the strands of my hair away from my face. “Why do you ask?” he’s voice was deep.

Causing my heart to beat fast. My thoughts weren’t processing.

Staring at my hands and nervously intertwining them together to avoid eye contact, I felt him move my face to his direction.

“Once” his words were loud and clear. I couldn’t help but stay frozen, my eyes would travel from his to his lips.

But every time I did that he did the same. His hand moved from my chin to my left cheek, some of his big yet warm and soft fingers were under my ear and his thumb on top.

“Babygirl we can’t do this” words escaped like whisper from his lips, “hey.. you started it” my voice coming out low yet gentle.

Youngjae moved closer. With every move he took he was taking it with caution.

Our lips brushed against each other when the doorbell rang. Filling the quiet apartment with noise.

I froze, inhaling and not exhaling. Youngjae froze as well seeing his muscles stiffen up was the sign.

The silence that followed after it was worse. But it wasn’t quiet for long, the doorbell rang again and again, it rang multiple times.

Youngjae on the other hand got up cursing under his breath, just by looking at the side of his face tells me his annoyed.

Finally letting my muscles relax I threw myself on the couch, I sighed. Closing my eyes, I heard a guy yell and youngjae telling him to shut up. I can hear the annoyance from his voice just by him saying “shut the fuck up”.

“Choi Youngjae I am older than you!!” the other guy argued, and someone spoke up the same time Youngjae did “so?” the other sighed.

I heard them walk over to the livingroom, I sat up and brushed my hair back.

“Why did it tak-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence when his eyes fell on me. He was short with brown hair. Wore an oversized sweater and shorts, then stood next him a taller man he was wearing a normal shirt than a sweater pairing it with ripped jeans.

“Who are you?” spoke up the short one giving me a suspected look, “umm” I looked over to Youngjae who was again sighing in annoyance he was going to speak up but I was faster.

“His girlfriend” I smiled at the other two who looked surprised. The short one turned to Youngjae and took a minute before speaking up, “is she?” “yes” was all he responded while leaning against the wall, I seen a smirk form on his lips while he looked at the short one reading his reaction.  

“Bullshit!” he spoke up, “she’s out of your league!” “jackson stop being salty, just because she’s hot doesn’t mean Youngjae can’t get her” the tall one joined the conversation.

I laughed getting the three males attention but I was quick to hold it in. “Kim freaking Yugyeom I am also older than you!! When will you both learn how to respect me?!” he was dramatically yelling at the other two.

The others just laughed and I joined, he let out an overly dramatic sigh.

He turned to me while I was laughing and stared at me which caused me to stop.

“Hey what’s your name?” He was somewhat close while asking this question
“Hyerin” I was fast to answer, “no full name” “oh um, Park Hyerin”

Youngjae’s eyes and mine met but he looked away trying to keep his smile on. “Okay I don’t know you, but you do look familiar and your name sounds familiar but whatever” he shrugged it off.

He flopped next to me on the couch, our shoulders touched.

“Why did you guys come?” Youngjae questioned jackson trying to change the subject. “We missed our friend” Jackson smiled, it was cute.

“Jackson stop lying we’re here because we had nowhere else to go, and you were bored” Yugyeom pointed at Jackson which got Jackson glaring at Yugyeom.

Youngjae sighed and walked towards the couch and grabbed my hand.

“To where?” I asked looking up at him “kitchen” his answer was forward and clear pulling me up to my foot we walked to the kitchen. “I don’t trust jackson” he said loudly letting Jackson hear and earring a ‘Hey!’ from him.

He laughed and let go the second we were in the kitchen.

He didn’t say a word and just looked at the open fridge. I felt the silence of his wasn’t a normal one.

“What are you looking for?” I asked him trying to get rid of the silence that filled the room, he didn’t respond. And I frowned.

“Youngjae” I said his name a bit louder and yet to not get response, I didn’t understand why he was ignoring me but I knew I didn’t do anything wrong.

I started walking away when he finally spoke up “don’t go” his voice was stirn and that was another reason for me to wonder why he was acting different.

“Not going to if you talk”
“Do I have too?”
“Why are you mad?”
“Do I have to answer?” I rolled my eyes at him and walked out.

Going to the living room I seen Jackson and Yugyeom laughing at some video that was playing from the phone Jackson was holding up.

Neither noticed me till they finished their long laugh that made them both feel pain in their stomachs.

Yugyeom smiled and sat up and gestured for me to sit by him, returning the smile I sat next to him on the couch.

“Hey look at this video” spoke up Jackson and played it. I started laughing along Yugyeom, Jackson kept on replying the same part over and over again and that was what brought tears to my eyes.

“Ahem” and we all turned over to see Youngjae who stood up with drinks and snacks in his hands, his eyes looked at me and I looked away. Something told me that I should leave him alone.

“You guys should at least come help” he looked at the other two, Yugyeom got up and helped him, putting everything on the small table that was in the middle. Youngjae sat next to me and Yugyeom sat on the floor.

Jackson started a conversion that we all were engaged in, he did most of the talking and said all the jokes that made us all laugh.

While Yugyeom and Jackson were shooting comebacks at each other Youngjae and I sat their quietly.

I took glances at him but he didn’t look my direction. But then he moved my left arm over his and intertwined our fingers. I was surprised by his actions, one second he was mad and the other held my hand.

I was confused. “I’m sorry about earlier” he whispered in my ear, I nodded avoiding to ask him but then I failed the avoiding part. “Why were you mad?” I whispered to him, not wanting to get the others attention.

He played around with my fingers before answering, mine were much smaller compared to his.

“Nothing important” was a short response he gave me, I didn’t like the response.

“I know you guys want to be lovey dovey but not here!” Jackson got my attention and made me chuckle.

I know me and Youngjae have to act it, but yet none of it felt like an act. It all felt real, holding his hand felt something normal not weird or strange.

Youngjae smiled at Jackson, he then pushed Jackson off the couch and put his head on my lap grinning.

My heart skipped a beat, his smile was so precious to me now. I’ve only known him for a month.

AKMU is one of the several groups that actually deserve 1st place in music shows. They are true geniuses, growing up in Mongolia, getting homeschooled, and still being able to be such a great artist. I have been watching them ever since they first appeared in KPOP STAR and been interested in their future. They work so hard, producing and writing their songs, by themselves!!!!! They really deserve a trophy.

Like a Star (Optional Bias, You) Scenario

I’ve been really busy with school and I’m sorry to keep you guys waiting on the update of Tease. :(( Thesis writing is killing me. /cries/

But anyway, here’s a scenario I came up with on a whim the other day… This is my 2nd optional bias scenario (the first being “Do You Know”) Hope you guys like it! <3

(1st person POV - you/reader)

The first time I thought I lost my mind, I was seven and he was nine. I’ve always thought of him as some sort of hero; looked up to him like a star that shone in the high heavens, which by some twisted fate ended up here on earth.

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i never really got into Ladies’ Code.
i never knew their members or even their names.

but today when i heard the new about EunB passing away because of a car accident, i was literally speechless.
my mind couldn’t really grasp the situation.
i was so shocked and taken aback that someone so young, so talented, with so much potential could die so soon.

my fellow kpop stans. i don’t care who your bias maybe or which fan clubs you’re in. this applies to all of us

the death of EunB shows us just how human these idols are.
we may place them on pedestals, we may dedicate so much of our time watching their shows or listening to their music, but in all honesty and as cliche as this may sound, they’re just like us.

this is the first time i’ve ever heard of an idol dying. especially someone who was only 22…the same age as some of my and your biases.

no matter how much we don’t want this to be true, the reality is that idols can die. and we never know when.

i know most of you guys know this and know that idols are human beings and not just objects we fangirl/fanboy over, but i guess in it’s own way, EunB’s death is a good reminder for all of us.

R.I.P EunB

[2014.05.16] The Goddess is Watching Key being hysterically .... annoying X'D

Because many people asked me about Key … and since me and my friend were pretty much the only Kpop fans that were sitting close to him, I decided to write a little fan account.

This will be my first ever fan account … so forgive me if it’s terrible ~ ^^

So ~ Me and my friend went to see ’The Goddess is Watching’ for the second time! A few minutes before the start of the show Eunhyuk walked in and sat down only 2 rows behind us! (He looked so handsome!)

Then only a few seconds before the room went dark, another Kpop idol walked into the room. (Somehow you can recognize Kpop stars pretty fast …) I couldn’t see clearly when he walked in … but when he walked closer I realized it was Key! And he sat down RIGHT behind us on the 11th row!

Key was watching the musical the same way we did, he laughed (hysterically) when Ryeowook did something funny and d'aww'ed when Ryeowook was being adorable/ cute.

During a few scene’s, when the crowd laughed out loud, Key was there to show everyone that he could laugh louder. Man! I knew Key had quite a volume when he laughed, but now we witnessed it in real … and … seriously! The laugh you hear on the television and in video’s is REAL! 100% real … he’s loud and quite annoying too (lol, sorry! Don’t hate me!)

There are quite a few funny scene’s in the musical and the one where Ryeowook is singing with the flower crown and flowers made Key die so hard … that he dropped half his belongings to the floor! (Like he wasn’t noisy enough! lol)

So yeah… Key laughed, made funny sounds, clapped and was most of all extremely noisy! It was quite funny now that we think back about it … but during the musical, it became quite … annoying. X’D

I tried to film him when he left the room, but he left so fast that it was simply impossible! I’m not the kind of person that runs after idols and tries to take pictures, so I don’t have any … besides, my bias was on the stage!

If you have any more questions … feel free to drop them in my ask or to send them to my twitter account @Ryeoluv ^^


I know this is late but I’ve been working on this video since early March and only managed to finish it today due to work, life, and me trying to get this video to be perfect. This video is far from perfect but I really had to do this in honour of Shinhwa’s 16th Anniversary. Not only to celebrate their anniversary but I felt like I should do this as a new Changjo.

I am originally a Cassiopeia/Bigeast. I still am. I’ll always love TVXQ(all 5 of them). But somehow or another (Shinhwa Broadcast this is all your fault XD), I became a Changjo too. I like Exo too but that’s another story.

I’ve known about Shinhwa ever since I saw them on variety shows when I first became a fan of TVXQ. I loved them on variety shows and I knew some of their songs but I didn’t really get into them since they temporarily stopped their activities and entered the army.

Well, they came back in 2012 and started Shinhwa Broadcast. I procrastinated watching it which I regret but honestly, KPOP wasn’t a happy place for me at the time.

I finally did get around to watching it and thus started my descent into Shinhwa madness, and a few things were made clear.

i. Shinhwa is comedy gold.

ii. Shinhwa is crack.

iii. Shinhwa is really good looking. Damnit, I knew they were hot but now it’s like WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

iv. Shinhwa loves Shinhwa Changjo.

And the point that really made me a fan: Shinhwa really loves each other.

I’ve always admired Eric for what he did for Shinhwa to stay together but I’ve always known it wasn’t just Eric alone who would do that for the group. Sure, Dongwan said that if he was Eric he might have considered leaving for the large amount of money, but this is Dongwan who talked Junjin into not leaving, Dongwan who you can tell loves the group like he loves his ‘mother’. We also have ambitious Minwoo who puts Shinhwa above being the Korean Usher. Hyesung, the 'mama bird’ who is the one who always insists the group make up and not split (according to the SB face reading episode). Junjin who always supports his hyungs (despite his own issues) and Andy (I feel like he really insisted on the guerilla concert to get Andy back). Andy who despite complaining of suffering under his hyungs, knows he’ll always have a home called Shinhwa to return to.

We know they love their fans. No one doubts Shinhwa’s love for Shinhwa Changjo. With this video, I want to show how much they love each other, their loyalty to each other, their friendship/brotherhood. There were so many quotes over the years, I couldn’t put everything in but I hope this tribute can show you all why I love them.

To my OT6,

Happy 16th Anniversary, Shinhwa! Shinhwa San!