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a - age: seven tien

b - birthplace: Austin Texas

c - current time: 7:39

d - drink you last had: Pippin hot cup of coffer

e - easiest person to talk to:My mom honestly? but all my friends and pals also

f - favourite song: honestly i can’t choose one but i think. Once I Was- Tim Buckley; Lady of the Flowers- Placebo; The Dolphins and the Sharks- Crime and City Solution, Avalanche- Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; Shake It-Tom Waits, Kaw Liga- The Residents, Cia Man- The Fuggs; Mom and Dad- Frank Zappa AW JEEZ i realized ive put down like 90

g - grossest memory: one time i sneezed and had the huge snot ball and there were no tissues so i wiped it on this dudes backpack i was like 6

h - horror yes or horror no: yeah i like horror some of its bad but i love the classics and I’m creeptpasta nerd

i - in love? loves gay but i <3 my boyfriend

j - jealous of people?: yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k - killed someone?:

l - love at first sight or should I walk by again:

m - middle name: celeste wildflower

n - number of siblings: 0 but I’ve got a lot of pets

o - one wish: no problems with my tablet ever

p - person you called last: my psych i called him last night

q - question you’re always asked: “did you draw that!?!?!” people pointing to my sketch book that I’m currently drawing in

r - reason to smile:i managed to cohearse my friends to get into the mcelroys and now all of my friends have been going “take it to the bank boys,this ones just like bart”

s - song you sang last: didn’t sing but like lipsynced l7s-shove really intensely

t - time you woke up: 5:00

u - underwear color: currently its like. coral red

v - vacation destination:hell

w - worst habit:

 i told myself i wasn’t going to make a EMH joke but sometimes plans fall thru

also idk probably bitting my tounge

x - x-rays: w

y - your favourite food: Speggiti

z - zodiac sign: Scorpio

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Goal Setting and Achievement

1. Make lists of all the possible things that you can do to take your wish forward. Include all the steps from tiny to monumental. Writing them down does not necessarily mean you have to do them all.

2. Find the one action step that jumps off the page at you. If nothing jumps off the page, choose the one that looks the easiest – the least intimidating.

3. Then do the first step you have selected.

4. Celebrate that you did something that started your process in motion.

5. Keep on going. Choose another step, and then another. Each accomplishment generates energy. Each time you generate energy with your success, use it to motivate yourself for the next challenge.

6. When you hit a snag, go back to the moment just prior to the snag. Ask yourself what happened in that sequence of moments. Then, either fix the snag by trying again, or step back and tackle something easier. It might simply be the wrong time to be tackling that specific step.

Source: Based on Carter-Scott, C. (2000) If success is a game, these are the rules. New York: Random house. (pp.97-8). Abridged.

ten days of minimalistic living

have you ever wanted to add something to improve your life? like consistent exercise or clean eating? if you have, that’s great! you’re already 50% there.

however, have you ever thought about removing elements of your life instead of adding elements? if you have, you’re now 75% there.

if you haven’t, don’t worry, let me explain.

instead of adding elements to improve your life, minimalistic living aims at subtracting elements to improve your life. it targets areas in which you can simplify your life in the most easiest and effective fashion.

so with that being said, i’ve compiled 10 one-day assignments to help you begin your journey into minimalist living.

1. designate an hour for “you time”

choose a secluded place where you can disconnect from the virtual world. focus on what it feels like to be at peace and, if you feel inclined, jot down your intimate thoughts and feelings in a journal.

2. no complaints, no not today

complaining can easily become a habit. however, today try your best to not get frustrated at the man who is taking forever to order in front of you at starbucks or the woman who is walking too slowly in front of you.

3. clear out your email inbox

you know that email subscription you signed up for? the one that sends you emails all the time, but you forget to delete the emails or unsubscribe yourself from receiving future emails? yeah, you know the one. well, take time today to make your inbox spick and span.

4. disconnect and dream

instead of taking your phone to bed with you to check social media posts from besties and celebrities, leave your phone on your desk. your body needs sleep. social media will be there tomorrow morning.

5. remove one item from your to do list

you could probably complete everything on your to do list, but doing so may leave you burned out by the end of the day. so instead, choose the most important assignments and leave out the last one.

6. listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak

when talking to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, actually listen to what he/she is saying, then respond.

7. eat a meal without watching a movie or show

it’s easy to make dinner then plop on a couch with a plate full of food to watch your favorite netflix show. however, watching a show takes away from the eating experience. instead, sit and eat while paying attention to how the food actually tastes.

8. turn off notifications

notifications can easily interfere with your day. so for today, only check your social media accounts when necessary.

9. make two lists

make one list of things that make you happy. then make another list of things you do every day. adjust accordingly.

10. wake up an hour earlier

although you may classify yourself as a night owl, try becoming a morning person for one day. hop out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, and begin to conquer the day. you’ll be amazed at how much work you can complete with waking up one hour earlier.

if you try out any of these assignments and you show progress, feel free to individually message me. i would love to hear your story.

do have a lovely week ♥

(White Plume Mountain spoilers!!)

We were doing what was intended to be a one-shot partial-run of White Plume Mountain and there were only two of us players: me, a forest gnome rogue and the other girl, a half-orc paladin. We chose the middle tunnel (with Wave and the giant crab at the end) and because there was only two of us, we weren’t having the easiest time of it. The DM, for funzies, let us choose one awesome magic item from the DMG before we started. I had Winged Boots.

Paladin: Hey! Why don’t I distract the crab while you sneak the stuff in the chest out? I don’t mind taking a few hits. (she says while wearing fancy new +3 armor)

Me: Right! I’ll use my boots!

I fly to the chest, unlock it, and pick up the trident. It immediately says, “DO YOU SERVE POSEIDON?”

Me: Yeah, totally! He’s so rad! Just hold on a sec!

I fly outside the bubble, out of reach of the crab. Meanwhile, we remember that our Paladin has a sailor background.

Again, Wave says among other things “DO YOU SERVE POSEIDON?”

Me: Yeah!! But you know who likes him even more?! CATCH!!!

I proceed to role a nat 20 as I throw the trident towards the giant crab. The die I rolled was one that I actually borrowed from the other player, because my own set can’t be trusted for anything important.

If you know what Wave can do, especially when you crit, then you know that the crab was in for it. I landed a direct hit and the crab shriveled up into hardly anything.

Meanwhile me, a tiny little Gnome, is jumping up and down in the entrance with her hands in the air yelling “YAY! I DID SOMETHING!”

*See’s easiest ship that is already in a relationship and is in love*

*See’s ship that is impossible but has chemistry and a good back story, but doesn’t know one another is in love with each other and the whole fandom doesn’t ship it*

Me: Yup, that’s it, that’s the one I’m shipping, I’m choosing this one, I already made a blog, it’s done it’s final.

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Hi, i see it your color palette meme and read the tutorial that you made, but I'm still kind of confuse. Can you do a tutorial to how to change the color? Like red to blue or green, purple ecc. I'll very grateful.

Of course, anon! I guess I’ll just show you how I colored a couple of different scenes. One is simpler and the other is a bit more complex, so I hope this tutorial covers everything!

These are the scenes I’m gonna be working with:

and these are the results:

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Brett discover that you, a new student at Devenford prep, are a werewolf along with your brother and he teases you about it.

Brett Talbot x Reader

Request: May I request an imagine where Brett discover that you, a new student at the Prep School, are a werewolf (along with your little brother) and he’s teasing you about it (maybe to know if you are in a pack?) - Thanks in advance! :-D

A/N: First of all, thank you for your request! I’m so glad you choose Brett, since he’s one of the characters I feel most comfortable writing about. *3*

”Welcome to Devenford. I’m hoping you’ll be having a great first day at school.” the woman in the expedition seemed overly joyful as she went through yours and your brothers schedules, giving you maps and pointed out the easiest ways to your classes.

You both went through the expedition and headed towards your lockers, who by chance were right next to each other. Curious eyes watched you and your brother as you walked towards the lockers and you could clearly hear the people talking about you thanks to your heighten hearings.

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also this has always been very interesting to me. it further solidifies the argument that dennis only sees women as a means to an end (sex) and to fill his “god hole” - there is something to be said about how he chooses to term the emptiness inside him as a god hole when he was the first one on the show to name the hole in the bathroom the “glory hole”…. also if we’re going with the theory that dennis is in fact gay then he’s also subconsciously trying to keep that part of himself hidden to protect his image etc etc and this would be the easiest way to explore that. i’m not saying that dennis has used this hole to “experiment like the europeans” because thats none of my business but also facts dont lie

Only time will tell

This is the longest fic I’ve written so far! It’s over 8 thousand words long. 

Agatha goes to the future and finds something rather unexpected…


I don’t know what to do.

It should be the easiest decision in the world. It shouldn’t be possible not to be able to choose between the Mage’s Heir and the vampire. Good and evil, black and white, hot and cold. It shouldn’t be possible for the same girl to be drawn to both of them.

I love Simon, I really do. He’s one of the few friends I have here – one of two, to be exact – and I care about him, so much. I want to see him safe and happy, I want to see him with a home to go to and a family to love. I just can’t imagine myself in that family. Maybe I don’t love him the way everyone thinks I should.

And then, there’s Baz. The opposite of Simon in every way. Cold, hard, all sharp edges where Simon is soft. He walks around with a permanent sneer, his gaze steely, his posture impeccable, everything in its perfect place, while there is no pattern or structure to Simon. And I believe Simon, when he says Baz is a vampire. He has the look for it, the hair, the jawline, the pale skin. Most of all, he has that air of danger.

Simon is supposed to keep us all safe, and there couldn’t be a more well-meaning person for the job. Simon would never hurt me. Baz, on the other hand, is unpredictable. Breaking my heart would be the least of his crimes. If there’s even enough of that left in me to be broken. I don’t even know if I mean anything to him at all.

I should choose Simon. Everyone wants me to choose Simon. Simon would want to make me happy. But the past few years have made me wonder if he can. I’m supposed to choose him. Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to Baz, because I’m not supposed to choose him, because he’s so different to Simon.

So I don’t know what to do, but I know that I can’t go on like this, staying with Simon because it’s the easy option, the path of least resistance. I want to make a real choice. I want to be sure, and there’s only one way to know how it will turn out.

I’m probably not even powerful enough to cast the spell. I don’t know if I have enough magic in me. I’d be happy to use it all up on this spell and end up Normal. Then I’d leave Watford and go back to my real friends, to the life that actually feels like mine, and I wouldn’t have to make this choice at all. I close my eyes, pick up my wand, and reach for my magic.

Only time will tell.

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do a tutorial for the aesthetic character posts pretty pretty pls???

This is probably not really a “tutorial” considering I’m completely terrible at explaining things. It’s more of a “here’s how I do something, you can do it the same or completely different” so yeah. 

I used Photoshop CS5 Extended for this & I’d definitely say the level of skill is beginner, as that is pretty much my skill with Photoshop right now.

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150501 타쿠야-이재준 전화연결♡

video credit to the youtuber  


phone call mission: you must choose a sentence and the one who you called must speak that sentence for the mission to be success

takuya: “I will buy you something to eat” (literally meaning “i will buy you rice” which means “i will buy you something to eat” without saying specific what. but it’s food, so it can mean “i will buy you lunch/dinner”) sounds the easiest! so i will call to hyungnim (-nim indicates respect) that i know.

shin: hyungnim that takuya likes! who is he?

takuya: the one who i am living with~ to jaejoon hyung

shin: aaaahhhh! do you think he will answer the phone?

jaejoon: hello

takuya: oh! he answered! hello! hyung~ it’s takuya~ i’m ah… very hungry~ do you have time, hyung?

jaejoon: where are you right now?

takuya: right now uh~ i will come over to hyung’s house (this instant)! 

jaejoon: okay, then come over (to my house)~ hyung will buy you something to eat. 

takuya: uh!!! hyung, hyung… what did you say?

jaejoon: (i’ll) buy you something to eat. come over (to my house)~

takuya: isn’t this success?

everybody: success!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

takuya: hyung~ 

jaejoon: uh?

takuya: this is~ japan~ program that is called “韩ON Fighting” where i am MC of. say hello to the viewers~

jaejoon: ah hello! i’m lee jaejoon who is living together with takuya. 

takuya: thank you, hyung~

jaejoon: i heard cross gene, that takuya is part of, is (currently) working. i would be thankful if (you) give this album a lot of love. takuya, fighting.

everybody: waaaaaaa

takuya: thank you, hyung~


make me choose: anonymous asked olivia wilde or jennifer morrison

it’s really hard to get stories made that are about women. not just women being obsessed with men, or supporting men. and it’s really hard to get men to be a part of films that are about women in a leading role. i’m really interested in how we can adjust that.

Future Careers
  • Teddy: Auror, All Teddy's ever wanted to be was an Auror. He wanted to make the world a better place just as his parents did and just as he would. He becomes Head Auror and helps the Department grow and prosper
  • Victoire: Healer, This was a no brainer for the maternal and nurturing Victoire who's only wanted to help those in need. Later on in life, she becomes Head of the Hospital and increases St.Mungo's prestige
  • Dom: Professional Chaser/Head of the Dept. Of Magical Games, Dom's always been a fantastic Chaser and choosing to become one on the Holyhead Harpies just like her Aunt has always been one of her easiest decisions. When she became a mother Dom got offered Head of the Dept of Magical Games and she quickly accepted
  • Louis: Curse Breaker, Louis's adventurous, a Charms whiz, and has always looked up to his dad. Curse Breaking's always seemed like his best bet. Although, this took a while for him to decide, he never was as proactive as his family
  • Molly: Magical Lawyer, a genius and a fantastic debater, law was the best route for Molly(even if her father wanted her to become future Mistress of Magic, she always hated disappointing him)
  • Lucy: Healer/Herbology Teacher, Sweet Lucy made one of the best Healers St.Mungo's has ever seen but her true love was teaching Herbology at Hogwarts(something she achieved later on in life)
  • Fred+Roxanne: Weasley's Wizard Wheezes, It's their birthright and something they take on proudly. Jokesters at heart, it's a job they love more than life
  • Rose: Head of the Department of Magical Beast Division, Activist Rose Weasley was her mother's daughter and went straight to the Ministry after Hogwarts. She hated the continued inequality in the wizarding world and did all she could to help end the issue her entire life
  • Hugo: Daily Prophet Editor-in-Chief, Following in his Aunt's footsteps, Hugo went down the journalist's route and wrote for the Daily Prophet. He quickly rose the ranks and became the youngest editor-in-chief
  • James: Professional Chaser, Just like his mother James goes pro. He gets recruited by the Appleby Arrows and has quite the career. Him and Dom regularly partake in healthy competition and James even beats out some of his mum's records.
  • Albus: Head of the Dept. Of Magical International Cooperation, Succesful Albus Potter has only wanted to promote Worldwide Wizarding Cooperation and wants a better world for himself and his family. Albus's intelligence and ambition ensure that he rose the ranks quickly and became the youngest Head his Department has seen.
  • Lily: Auror, It was no surprise when fiery, passionate, powerful Lily Luna became an Auror just like her father. Shocking all, the little witch graduated top of her class and after her god brother renounced the title became the youngest Head Auror the Department's seen, a title previously held by her father and brother. The only difference is she's also the first female in a decade.

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A (age): 24
B (biggest fear): something hurting my eye/loss of sight
C (current time): 11:12
D (drink you last had): water
E (easiest person to talk to): my friends
F (favorite song): I have a lot! I can’t choose
G (grossest moment): sometimes when I completely shut down around extrovert people? or can’t finish my sentence
H (horror yes, horror no): horror yes!
I (in love with): nobody! :P
J (jealous of): people with great communication skills
K (killed someone): most probably bugs
L (love at first sight or should I walk by again): walk by again :D
M (middle name): I have no middle name
N (number of siblings): 1
O (one wish): please let my brain be normal
P (person you last called): my mother probably
Q (question you’ve always been asked): what’s with school (I hate it)
R (reasons to smile): good weather, friends, progression, sport, great entertainment
S (song you last sang): Still falling for you by Goulding
U (underwear color): nanja business
V (vacation destination): I wanna visit friends, so Poland, the Philippines, Romania, Finland and though I don’t have japanese friends, I’d like to go to Japan. And I also want to go to Tibet.
X (x-rays I’ve had): head and chest
Y (your favorite foods): stuffed cabbage :)
Z (zodiac): virgo

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I didn't add Hoseok at 1st because it seems like his fanbase seems to have grown tremendously since last year, but yeah, it applies to him too. And true you're right about him, Jin and especially Namjoon having the most dedicated fans. Btw, don't know if you've also observed this but I notice that lots of new fans love Namjoon but after really getting into the fandom, gradually join old fans in ignoring him more & choose a new bias while a small minority continue to get to know & love him more.

yeah idk… i think most of the people who just want to be superficial fans are drawn to the member that is easier to casually fangirl over.

maknae line and yoongi have a HUGE fan base, tons of fan sites and fan art, yt videos, appreciation posts, you name it. they’re the most accessible and so if you want to just casually love some one, they’re easiest. namjoon is hardest to stan. not only is there less fan material, but there’s also a TON of hate. unfortunately most ppl don’t want to take all the time and energy to be his fan bc it’s kinda hard to live the namjoon stan life in comparison to all the other members. :// I’ve mostly accepted it. I just don’t want him effected by it or to feel the lack of fans or the nasty and unnecessary hate.

Thanks for the ask loveeee