this was the easiest one to choose


“Pedophilia” is not an interchangeable term with “creep,” “predator,” and “opportunist.”

If you call two adults with a large age gap “pedophilic,” you are doing a massive disservice to victims of pedophilia as well as implying that these adults who CHOOSE to take advantage of young ADULTS because they see them as the easiest targets are the same as adults sexually attracted to children.

Adults are still adults, and calling young adults children and equating attraction to them to attraction to children really is erasing the creepy, predatory, opportunistic behaviors older adults choose to employ, because not everyone is going to nod their heads and agree when you call young adults “children.”

Stop letting this slip by just because you want to conflate terms and refuse to acknowledge the harm you’re doing. You hurt pedophilia victims by making light of the term pedophilia, and you let creepy opportunistic predators get by because people don’t take accusations of pedophilia seriously when you level them at the relationship between two adults.

Use the words you fucking mean instead of misusing words with heavy meaning just to get people to pay attention to you.


sixofcrowsnw challenge: week one quote(s) for each ship [insp]

“Kaz leaned back. “What’s the easiest way to steal a man’s wallet?”
“Knife to the throat?” asked Inej.
“Gun to the back?” said Jesper.
“Poison in his cup?” suggested Nina.
“You’re all horrible,” said Matthias.”

It takes Cas weeks to make the mixtape.

He has to wait until Dean and Sam are sleeping, and he spends that first night just figuring out how Dean’s old boom box works.

And of course, all the music he has to choose from in the bunker already belongs to Dean, which he didn’t think about beforehand, so he has to spend another several nights making a list of all the music Dean already owns, then researching to find music to add to Dean’s collection.

And then it takes another few nights to settle on exactly the right songs, every single one chosen for a reason, a reason he hopes Dean will understand.

Buying the music and actually recording each song onto a blank tape is the easiest part of his endeavor, though it’s just as time consuming as the rest. It’s another week of stolen nights, hiding in a corner of the bunker he hopes they never use, pushing buttons over and over until he has a tape full of songs he hopes Dean will love.

“Here” he finally says, thrusting the tape at Dean the first second they’re alone.

He’s a little nervous, but he can’t stop the proud smile on his face. Surely Dean will love this as much as Cas loves the tape Dean made for him.

“What is this?” Dean’s staring down at the tape like he’s confused, even though it’s clearly labeled, and Cas’ nerves kick into high gear. Did he do something wrong?

“It’s-it’s a mixtape. Like the one you made me. I picked all the songs myself.”

Dean looks up to meet Cas’ eyes. “Did you use my tapes?”

Cas shakes his head. “No, I bought new music you didn’t already own.”

It takes a moment, and Cas isn’t sure what Dean’s facial expression means, but then he’s being pulled into Dean’s arms. He lands against Dean’s chest with a thud, has to pull his own arms out of Dean’s tight hold to hug him back.

“Thanks, Cas,” Dean murmurs, so close to Cas’ ear that his breath tickles.

“You’re welcome, Dean.”

Dean leads Cas to his bedroom, where they can listen to the songs Cas has chosen.

Where they can listen and laugh and be alone together.

Alec rose to his feet and in that moment was the famous Alec Lightwood Kit had heard about, the hero of past battles, the archer boy with deadly aim.
“This is what I want and what I’ve chosen,” he said. “How dare you tell me it’s a tragedy? Magnus never pretended, he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy, but choosing Magnus is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. We all have a lifetime, Zara, and none of us know how long or short it might be. Surely even you know that. I expect you mean to be rude and cruel, but I doubt you meant to sound stupid as well.”
She flushed. “But if you die of old age and he lives forever—”        “Then he’ll be there for Max, and that makes both of us happy,” said Alec. “And I will be a uniquely lucky person, because there will be someone who always remembers me. Who will always love me. Magnus won’t always mourn, but until the end of time he will remember me and love me.”                                                                  “What makes you so sure?” said Zara, but there was an edge of uncertainty in her voice.
“Because he’s three thousand times the human being you’ll ever be,” said Alec. “Now get out of here before I risk his life by waking him up so he can turn you into a garbage fire. Something that would match your personality.
—  Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare
  • Zara: Is he sick? I didn’t think warlocks got sick. Wouldn’t it be funny if he died before you? I mean, what with him being immortal, you must have thought it would go the other way.
  • Alec *slowly raising his head*: What?
  • Zara: Well, I mean since Magnus is immortal and you, you know, aren’t.
  • Alec *voice colder than ever*: He’s immortal? I wish you’d told me before. I would have turned back time and found myself a nice mortal husband to grow old with.
  • Zara: Well, wouldn’t that be better? Then you could get old and die at the same time.
  • Alec *rage starting to fill the room*: At the same time? How would you suggest we arrange that? Jump off a cliff together when one of us started feeling sickly?
  • Zara: Maybe. You have to agree the situation you are in is a tragedy.
  • Alec *raises and is in full hero of past battles mode*: This is what I want and I have chosen. How dare you tell me it’s a tragedy? Magnus never pretended, he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy, but choosing Magnus is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. We all have a lifetime, Zara, and none of us know how long or short it might be. Surely even you know that. I expect even you know that. I expect you mean to be rude and cruel, but I doubt you meant to sound stupid as well.
  • Zara: But if you die of old age and he lives forever -
  • Alec *sure as Hell of what he's saying*: Then he’ll be there for Max, and that makes both of us happy. And I will be a uniquely lucky person, because there will be someone who always remembers me. Who will always love me. Magnus won’t always mourn, but until the end of time he will remember me and love me.
  • Zara: What makes you so sure?
  • Alec *speaking as he is attesting facts*: Because he’s three thousand times the human being you’ll ever be. Now get out of here before I risk his life by waking him up so he can turn you into a garbage fire. Something that would match your personality.
Alec rose to his feet and in that moment was the famous Alec Lightwood Kit had heard about, the hero of past battles, the archer boy with deadly aim. “This is what I want and what I’ve chosen,” he said. “How dare you tell me it’s a tragedy? Magnus never pretended, he never tried to fool me into thinking it would be easy, but choosing Magnus is one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. We all have a lifetime, Zara, and none of us know how long or short it might be. Surely even you know that. I expect you mean to be rude and cruel, but I doubt you meant to sound stupid as well.”
She flushed. “But if you die of old age and he lives forever—”
“Then he’ll be there for Max, and that makes both of us happy,” said Alec. “And I will be a uniquely lucky person, because there will be someone who always remembers me. Who will always love me. Magnus won’t always mourn, but until the end of time he will remember me and love me.”
“What makes you so sure?” said Zara, but there was an edge of uncertainty in her voice.
“Because he’s three thousand times the human being you’ll ever be,” said Alec. “Now get out of here before I risk his life by waking him up so he can turn you into a garbage fire. Something that would match your personality
—  LoS
my fave merthur fics, all first time/getting together

Long Canon AU: 

  1. The World I Built For You: 32K, T, If I told you to execute Mordred, would you do it? Merlin wondered, losing himself in the blue of Arthur’s eyes. Can I save you like this, even if it damns me? you didn’t think s5 could get any more emotional but u were wrong
  2. Touch My Skin To Make Me Whole: 64K, E, The Kingdom of Essetir has once again fallen under new rule, and Arthur travels to visit its new king, determined to make peace. Unfortunately peace is the furthest thing from this new king’s mind. Arthur and Merlin are forced to navigate his every attempt to make Arthur a scapegoat in starting a war between Camelot and Essetir. The new king is treacherous though, and he may have just found the one weakness that will force Arthur’s hand. Note: AU Post Season 4 the ultimate hurt/comfort
  3. Stars Above, Stones Below: 47K, E,  After the disastrous end of his betrothal to Gwen and the regret of his offer to Princess Mithian, Arthur swears off finding a wife until he’s ready to wed. When Merlin offers himself to Arthur as bedmate, Arthur suggests they hand-fast in secret for a single year of mutual pleasure without obligation. As their year together unfolds, and secrets and betrayals unravel around them, Arthur and Merlin learn there is no such thing as uncomplicated pleasure. Everything they thought they knew can change in the span of a single year.

Short Canon AU: 

  1. Visiting Hunith: 9K, T, Five times Ealdor had visitors.
  2. Wager of Battle: 12K, M, When a knight-in-training mistakes Merlin for a common servant, Arthur is Most Displeased. Trial by combat ensues…but Arthur isn’t the one who takes up the sword.
  3. Beauty in the Ashes of Our Lives: 22K, T, After Merlin is executed for Uther’s murder, Arthur’s world falls apart.
  4. Apotheosis: 9K, T, magic reveal, love vs destiny

Modern AU:

  1. Serious Eyes, Suddenly Smiles: 11K, E, When you are young everything seems definite. You are either in or out. Finishing up at university or messing up your whole future.
  2. Unsteady: 10K, T, merlin is a private investigator for arthur, who’s dating sophia
  3. Perfect: 15K, E, infidelity, internalized homophobia


  1. Do Not Go Gentle: 5K, T, “Don’t you understand?” He shakes her. “I cared more about him than I did about his kingdom, more than I ever cared about magic – or anything. I didn’t care about Arthur the legend; I didn’t care about Arthur the King of Camelot. I only cared about Arthur the man.” His chest is hurting. He can’t get enough air. “I fucked up, Gwen, and I’m sorry. Do you want that in writing?” 
  2. The Heart You Call Home: 16K, M, Arthur writing about stories he can only barely remember, Merlin, depressed and with major survivors guilt, finds them, much angst

Historical AU (honestly i love historical aus, that’s why there are so many here):

  1. Gaudy: 6K, G, political AU in the 1960s thru 1997, honestly the best characterizations of all time
  2. A West-Country Romance: 91K, E, Poldark AU
  3. True Heart of Wexford: 21K, E, Wexford, 1798, Merlin is the Catholic groundskeeper on a manor belonging to Anglo-Irish aristocrat Arthur Pendragon. While Merlin’s day job entails looking after Arthur’s property, he’s also involved with the United Irishmen. Political upheaval is about to plunge the country into turmoil. In the midst of all this stands Arthur Pendragon, who’s become Merlin’s staunch friend in spite of everything that divides them: faith, class, position, and obligation.
  4. Something Worth Fighting For: 21K, E, Set during World War II. Arthur is sent to the front lines to fight for Britain, while Merlin is left behind, struggling to cope with the absence of his best friend. Seeking to give Arthur some comfort, Merlin begins to send him pieces of a story, which tells of a legendary King and his devoted manservant.Through their letters, Arthur and Merlin grow closer, and perhaps begin to discover feelings that they could not put into words before. 
  5. Yet The Man Would At Once Run Away With Your Heart: 4K, M,  Mordred comes to stay at Avalon Hall and takes a shine to Merlin. Arthur is most unimpressed by this turn of events.


  1. Merlin’s Place: 3K, bath
  2. Brighter When We Come: 4K, bath
  3. Night Sky Changing Overhead: 5K, bath
  4. What I Want You’ve Got, It Might Be Hard to Handle: 3K, magic made them do it (100% consenual tho)
  5. The Dirty Little Things You Say: 9K, arthur gets so turned on from merlin’s dirty talk
  6. At Our Best When It’s From The Hips: 13K, loss of virginity
  7. Solace: 1K, bath

High school/Teenage AU: 

  1. Out of Body: 53K, E, Finding out that his best friend is gay shouldn’t be a big deal. But then, catching Merlin wanking to gay porn shouldn’t turn Arthur on, either. With his plans for uni in shambles and his position on the high school footie team lost to injury, Arthur’s determined not to disappoint his father any further. Running away from Merlin seems like the easiest thing to do, but his denial might cost him everything. the teenage au you’ve been dreaming of
  2. Should You Choose to Accept It: 11K, T, so pure, childhood friends to falling out in middle school to falling in love in high school
  3. A Personal History of Midwestern Running: 20K, T, hahah the ending kills me every time, the one where arthur teaches merlin how to run

Okay, so, I stepped into the Iron Bull tag, which given my current introspective mood (I’ve been drafting parts of Prodigal and it always leaves me thinking about Bull’s nature when I do that) was probably a mistake.

Because now I’m gonna write what I’ve been trying to put into words since the Bull tag started exploding.

Obs. beyond this point are spoilers for Trespasser. I realise my blog hasn’t been spoiler-free at all these past few days (I’m excited dammmit!) But I’ve been trying to tag and warn everything, and keep it solely to the text post. That said, if you do not want to be spoilt, do not read this post.

Okay, here we go.

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Bind Runes: A How-To

Yo gais, I’ve gotten several requests from people to create a tutorial on how I do bind runes. Keep in mind that everyone creates a unique set of rules and methods for creating these so you don’t have to follow this to the tee!

The biggest thing is to know what you want this bind rune to be for. Do you want a bind rune for strength or for creativity? You’ll use different runes for different intents, so make sure you know what you want from it.

Now that you know your intent, choose runes that match! I like to use sets of 3, but if you feel two or even four or more runes would be better suited to your task go ahead! Runes can also be mirrored to reverse the meaning, for instance you can mirror Haglaz to include in a protection rune as something like “calm weather.” If you are new to runes, I have a post here that has my personal associations! For the purpose of this tutorial I’ll make a rune for protection. We can always use protection runes.

The runes I’ve chosen are:
Agliz for Protection
Ingwaz for Safety
Sowilo for Good Health

External image

This stage is where you get to be creative. Overlay the runes, one on top of the other, to create the bind rune. Try out different lay outs, pick ones that are aesthetically pleasing to you. In this stage we also make sure that we’re not creating any other runes that would result in mixed energies. (For instance, we wouldn’t want a reversed Wunjo in a protection rune.)

External image

These are examples of bind runes that you can get from just those three runes I showed you eariler!

Here’s where you choose your final design(s), and make sure there’s no more changes to be made. This is the easiest step in my opinion, just final adjustments!

I like to clean my designs up using a digital program. SAI or Photoshop are personal favourites of mine. After that, all that’s left is to use it! Sometimes you can carve it into a piece of wood and use sangomancy(blood magic) to charge it and make sure the energies are directed towards you, or you can just draw it on your wrist as needed, or create a charm from it! The uses are endless, much like sigils. So go make bind runes, and have fun!

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that whiskey also has a speech impediment and that dex is the first frog to adopt him

The tadpoles are certainly an interesting bunch. The two that he’s interacted most with - Tango and Whiskey - couldn’t be more different if they tried. Tango is loud and talkative and unafraid to ask whatever questions come to his mind. Whiskey, though, talks softly, if he talks at all, and he seems much more introverted. Maybe that’s why it takes Dex a week to notice the way Whiskey pauses in the middle of sentences sometimes, the way he clearly avoids some words, the way his jaw works just before he starts a sentence. It’s like looking in a mirror, once he recognizes it, and he wonders how he could’ve missed it.

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ten days of minimalistic living

have you ever wanted to add something to improve your life? like consistent exercise or clean eating? if you have, that’s great! you’re already 50% there.

however, have you ever thought about removing elements of your life instead of adding elements? if you have, you’re now 75% there.

if you haven’t, don’t worry, let me explain.

instead of adding elements to improve your life, minimalistic living aims at subtracting elements to improve your life. it targets areas in which you can simplify your life in the most easiest and effective fashion.

so with that being said, i’ve compiled 10 one-day assignments to help you begin your journey into minimalist living.

1. designate an hour for “you time”

choose a secluded place where you can disconnect from the virtual world. focus on what it feels like to be at peace and, if you feel inclined, jot down your intimate thoughts and feelings in a journal.

2. no complaints, no not today

complaining can easily become a habit. however, today try your best to not get frustrated at the man who is taking forever to order in front of you at starbucks or the woman who is walking too slowly in front of you.

3. clear out your email inbox

you know that email subscription you signed up for? the one that sends you emails all the time, but you forget to delete the emails or unsubscribe yourself from receiving future emails? yeah, you know the one. well, take time today to make your inbox spick and span.

4. disconnect and dream

instead of taking your phone to bed with you to check social media posts from besties and celebrities, leave your phone on your desk. your body needs sleep. social media will be there tomorrow morning.

5. remove one item from your to do list

you could probably complete everything on your to do list, but doing so may leave you burned out by the end of the day. so instead, choose the most important assignments and leave out the last one.

6. listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak

when talking to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, actually listen to what he/she is saying, then respond.

7. eat a meal without watching a movie or show

it’s easy to make dinner then plop on a couch with a plate full of food to watch your favorite netflix show. however, watching a show takes away from the eating experience. instead, sit and eat while paying attention to how the food actually tastes.

8. turn off notifications

notifications can easily interfere with your day. so for today, only check your social media accounts when necessary.

9. make two lists

make one list of things that make you happy. then make another list of things you do every day. adjust accordingly.

10. wake up an hour earlier

although you may classify yourself as a night owl, try becoming a morning person for one day. hop out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, and begin to conquer the day. you’ll be amazed at how much work you can complete with waking up one hour earlier.

if you try out any of these assignments and you show progress, feel free to individually message me. i would love to hear your story.

do have a lovely week ♥


Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 4.)

CHAPTER TITLE: Are You Jealous?

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3.

Character(s): Negan x Reader x Simon (pre-apocalypse)
Negan and Simon see you having coffee with one of your classmates.
Word Count: 7,618
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry sex, masturbation, voyeurism, and dirty talk)
Author’s Note: Man, oh man. I am having so much fun writing this. I hope everyone that is reading this is enjoying it just as much as I am writing it!! Enjoy!!! :)

Taglist: @oceaninwinter

(GIF Source: @mark-hamil || @rottenwasp)

After a week of non-stop working at both bars, it was finally your day off. Negan and Simon made your second job much easier and you quickly learned all the drinks at Simon’s bar. Business was booming in both businesses and it seemed like the ongoing feud between Chris and Simon was slowly dissipating.

You managed to sleep in until ten-thirty in the morning. As usual, you reached for your phone to look through your emails and unread text messages. Your classmate in one of your classes had sent a message to meet up later today for a cup of coffee. You agreed.

Though, as you continued to read through your messages, you noticed the group chat that you shared with Negan and Simon. It seemed like both men had sent pictures to you. You giggled, simply because Negan and Simon taking photos of their breakfast was a bit hilarious.

Negan: Breakfast is fucking served.
Simon: Omelette? That’s what you made?
Negan: What the fuck did you make then?
Simon: [picture message sent]
Negan: Pancakes? What the fuck? Who do you think you are? Gordon Ramsay?
Simon: A woman loves a man who can cook.
Negan: I can fucking cook!

You laughed quietly, deciding to send both men a photo of you lying in your bed. You were lying on your side, a pillow covering half of your face and the blanket up to your shoulders. Awaiting their reply, you decided to stretch your limbs before climbing out of bed to make yourself a cup of coffee.

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a quick little rant regarding gen content

hey it’s your friendly neighborhood fanfic writer here to have a fun discussion about gen fan content, why there isn’t more, and why (in my personal experience) just saying ‘we should have more gen content!’ won’t really get you that much more gen content

what is gen fan content? so glad you asked. gen content is content that has 0 romantic relationships! yup that’s it. gen = general relationships

(sidenote: this post is mostly going to be about fanfiction because i have the most experience there and also fanfic and fanart are treated and interacted with differently in fandom)

first off, if you go into any fandom’s gen tag on ao3, you’re probably also gonna find a lot of romance. that’s because you can choose more than one tag, and hey, even i’m guilty of it. but! that doesn’t mean gen content doesn’t exist

for a while now, i’ve been seeing posts about how people wish there was more gen content, or that fandoms should have platonic weeks, or that they just wish there was less romance in fan content. which are all valid things to want and talk about! but at the same time, we have to keep this in mind: 

if you want more gen content, the easiest way to get it is to interact with gen content that already exists

what do i mean by that? 

from my experience, with my own work and just from observation, gen works get less notice than works that aren’t marked as gen. meaning they get less kudos, less hits, and less general interaction

the reason for this is probably because fandom is usually very centered around shipping, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s really disheartening to see your hits/kudos/comments statistics on gen works in comparison to ship works. 

even if something is really enjoyable to write, if people clearly like something else more, you’re more likely to create that as opposed to what fewer people are reading. you can tell people that they should be creating fan content because they love it, and they definitely do, but it’s very invalidating to watch the hit counter stop at a low number

so if you want more gen works, search them out 

interact with people who create gen content! support them! comment on their work, reblog it, give it kudos, send it to your friends!

just saying you want more nonromantic content means nothing if you aren’t going to support those who make it 

if you’re going to ask for gen works, you have to actually interact and notice the people who are already creating that content

platonic content already exists out there!! support the gen works that are already posted

if gen works stop being so ignored by fandom in comparison to their romantic counterparts, i have no doubt that you’ll find yourself seeing more and more of it in the tags

anonymous asked:

if your life depended on u dating one of the mystic messengers which one would u choose

the college student is the easiest target and won’t cause much suspicion…. it would be hard to date a corporate heir or his assistant, a famous musical actor or…. a hacker, i believe?

Candle magic by candle color

Originally posted by falling-through-autumn

White – white candles are great for healing spells, peace rituals, and gaining clarity on any situation. They are also helpful when performing a house-clearing ritual to clear out negative energy and call in positive, serene energy again. If unsure what candle to use, choose white. 

Pink – pink candles are wonderful for any kind of love spell, including self-love rituals to improve your self-esteem and promote a sense of happiness and joy in your life. You can also use pink candles for healing, especially if it is someone you love deeply. They can also be used to bring a peaceful end to conflicts and feuds with others.

Red – red candles embody the passion of lust, personal empowerment, inner strength, courage, and energy. Use red candles when you want to feel stronger, more proactive, empowered, or take control over your own circumstances. They are also great to bring more passion into your relationships, or more energy to your personal goals.

Purple – dark purple candles are great for enhancing your magickal powers, like energy work and spell casting. Light purple candles (like lavender or lilac colors) are good for softer pursuits like healing spells, love spells, and self-pampering. They can also help open your third eye and increase your psychic vision.

Blue – dark blue candles help trigger your psychic awareness and encourage prophetic dreams. Light blue candles would again be used for softer magickal workings, like healing, peace and tranquility.

Yellow – yellow candles are wonderful for mental stimulation and intelligence. Use them while studying or reading about new techniques. You can also use them on days you feel a little sluggish or sleepy mentally, as they will help energize you and make you feel more alert.

Orange – orange candles are good for stimulating your energy, both physical and mental. If you need some motivation and drive to complete certain tasks, an orange candle can help. You can also use orange candles to bring more lively energy into your home.

Green – green candles promote prosperity and abundance. They are perfect for money spells or any kind of abundance spell (like attracting a new job, a new home, etc.). Because they are the color of the abundance of nature, they can also be used in fertility spells.

Grey  - grey candles are used to create an aura of invisibility around you. It is the color for reaching compromises and erasing negative feelings. Grey candles emit a neutral energy and can be used at any time of the day or year.

Brown - brown candles can range from pale fawn to rich rust or golden brown. Brown candles are used to find lost objects and all rituals involving home, hearth, family, practical matters and pets. Brown is the color of Mother Earth and therefore, brown candles are grounding, balanced and protective. They are used to bring success through hard work, financial security and creating a strong foundation. Brown is a nurturer color and is the natural focus for maternal matters, instincts, and acceptance of others with all their faults and weaknesses. Brown energy can either be male or female, depending on their use.

Silver -  silver is the color of the moon and feminine energies. It helps with divination, for awakening clairvoyant, telepathic and psychometric abilities, for astral projection and intuition. Silver candles represent dreams, visions and the desire for fulfillment beyond the material world. In times of stress and sorrow, silver candles can help remove negativity and promote inner stability.

Gold - gold candles are good candles for prosperity, good luck and financial gain. You can also use this candle for good health, physical and emotional strength, healing and attracting happiness into your life.

Copper - copper candles are good for business success, passion, money, fertility and career growth. It’s one of the abundance and prosperity colors. 

Black – black candles are typically used to banish negativity, or bring an end to destructive habits. You can use them in decreasing spells (like quitting smoking or losing weight), or banishing harmful influences from your life (like destructive relationships, etc.).

How to use?

Easiest way to use candle magicks is just to choose the candle’s color based on what you need and light it up. You may have multiple candles of different color, but it’s good idea to concentrate to max 3 most important areas/solutions at time. If you try to chew too much, no solution will come out of it. Candle magicks is supposed to help you to raise your own mental power and strive you forward to your needs and dreams. You may search for longer spells and how to do them if that interests you. Remember it’s about positive help, not about negative. I personally don’t support hexes or such. 

Sometimes it is fun to check out, AFTER you have bought a candle, that WHY this specific color spoke to you. I had my eyes on a bright green candle when I had money problems and I later realized it was a color on abundance - it did help me to program my mind to expect prosperity and money, and money did come in. Now I have a black candle burning, because it spoke to me so much at the store - and I wasn’t even going to buy a candle! Having it on my living room’s table at right moment makes so much sense.

A Court of War + Paint

This is going to be so long…

So I really find warpaint cool and since this series has all kinds of badass characters I thought I’do a little thing.


She’s THE High Lady of The Night Court and by the end of the series she’s become a strong, confident High Fae with a temper and lots of power. So, these are orderly my ideally favourite warpaints for her.


He was tough. I don’t see Rhys going for much paint when he can easily turn into his animal form. Same goes for Tamlin. Anyway, only one pic I found matched my idea for his style: simple, scary, dark.

And honestly that dude’s hot and his gaze is freaking intense!


Same here, I only got two opposite vibes from Tamlin: simple and effective, later on turning into beast-mode; or going all the way with the drama. Dunno. Like both.


Okay, I might have a soft spot for the fox-boy but I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted (red painting on a man that reminded me of him) . Anyway, here are a couple of ideas. the first one is awful quality but I think he would totally use the paint pattern to enphasize his scar.

Also,I know body paint isn’t practical nor clever since it’s better fighting with armor on but I found this one and thought of him. Don’t know exactly what this says about me but… oh, well.


She’s a fave. Style: badass. That’s all I’m saying.


I know she’s not exactly the warrior-like kind of character but look at this and tell me she wouldn’t have a similar style on a battlefield. I mean she DID stab the King of Hybern in the neck, I wouldn’t wanna mess with her on a bad day honestly.


Not particularsly sure of these but well, I think their style could be summed up as: Illyrian!


I had divergent ideas about her. I think she would either go with an extremely simple style OR with a super badass one. Depending on her mood, I suppose.


At first I thought “nah, she wouldnt” but…what if she would? These, I think could happen:


Honestly, the paint, I find, is on point here!


I think he wouldn’t use warpaint. Or he’d probably go with something simple, not too showy.


He’s a bit dramatic. I mean the T and everything… but he’s hot. As summer…(*facepalms self*)




One of my absolute favourites and the easiest to choose. I know fighting without armor is silly but he could probably afford it without temperature problems ‘cause…WInter Court, bitches! Cold never bothers him anyway (*facepalms self harder*)


I know her hair isn’t right but I focused on the warpaint alone and damn, I love this.


Because, yes.

Now, you might think I forgot Beron. Well, I didn’t. I just didn’t want to think about the bastard. Sorry. But here are a couple bonuses to make amends


Even though he’s not a child when he fights in ACOWAR I just couldn’t shake off the feeling he was looking at me in this


‘Cause she’s disturbing as hell.


‘Cause she would totally kick a lot of asses!

And… this is it! Done!

If you’ve read all of this: thank you very much. I love you :)

anonymous asked:

what do you mean by sanji being the emotional support of the strawhats? OvO

sanji, at his very core, is very in tune with others’ emotions

he tends to notice whenever someone is distressed, and more importantly he’s quick to notice the emotional root of the problem and acts upon it. a few examples:

  • drum island; he realized chopper had a trauma related to the use of the term “monster”, so he consciously used the word to describe luffy to cast a more positive light to it
  • water 7; boy, where do i even start. he was the one who stopped luffy from going too far during his arguments with usopp, knowing that luffy was overcome with emotions and would’ve regretted his words. he realized that usopp was insecure about his own self worth and told him that usopp was important and could do things that others couldn’t. he chased after robin without even knowing the reasoning behind her betrayal because he knew robin was hurting. everyone was in shambles during this arc (at one point they sat around and legitimately considered that robin was betraying them), and sanji was the one who kept them together emotionally
  • fishman island; he rationally knew jinbe would be a powerful ally and still put nami’s feelings first, asking her if she was okay after what arlong had done to her
  • zou; he specifically asked capone not to make a scene because he knew the minks were still distressed after kaido’s attacks and he didn’t want to put another burden on them
  • whole cake island; the whole debacle with pudding, really

these are very few examples of the many instances where he’s shown that he is very aware of other’s feelings and bases his actions around that, and i think the strawhats know this, at least on an instinctual level – this is why on jaya, when the monster trio were about to leave the ship, usopp and chopper latched onto sanji first, instead of zoro or luffy, and begged him not to leave. they knew sanji was the one who would be easiest to sway. they knew sanji would indulge them

this is why sanji is sometimes hard to pinpoint; he can come across as mature, discussing strategies with nami and robin, but he can also make stupid jokes and do silly dances with usopp and luffy. he can fall on both sides of the Serious vs. Silly dynamics because he is very cognizant of the way he interacts with others. the way he chooses to act and present himself is always shaped to fit with the person he’s interacting with

tl;dr sanji caters to the emotional needs of every strawhat member in ways that are unique and specific to the recipient and this is why to me he’s the emotional support of the strawhats \o/

Disney’s Pocahontas  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You killed him.”
  • “I can’t leave you.”
  • “I wonder if they even bleed.”
  • “No, I’m not letting you leave.”
  • “What you mean is ‘not like you’.”
  • “How dare you! Untie me at once!”
  • “Look, we don’t have to fight them.”
  • “This is my land! I make the laws here!”
  • “Is this bottomless pit a friend of yours?”
  • “If you kill him, you’ll have to kill me, too.”
  • “That’s the strangest creature I’ve ever seen.”
  • “This is the path I choose. What will yours be?”
  • “Get back here! What are you doing? Stop that!”
  • “I lied for you once. Don’t ask me to do it again.”
  • “He-he stepped right into it! It was his own fault!”
  • “Sometimes the right path is not the easiest one.”
  • “How can there be so much that you don’t know?”
  • “You’re my best friend. I don’t want you to get hurt.”
  • “Lately, I’ve been having this dream and I think it’s…”
  • “No. Listen. That’s not what I meant. Let me explain.”
  • “Now then, there’s something I want to show you. Look.”
  • “They’re different from us, which means they can’t be trusted.”
  • “That’s what guns are for. Now arm yourselves and get moving!”
  • “No matter what happens to me, I’ll always be with you, forever.”
  • “Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us.”
  • “I’d rather die tomorrow than live a hundred years without knowing you.”
  • “It would’ve been better if we never met. None of this would’ve happened.”
  • “From this day forward, if there is to be more killing, it will not start with me.”
  • “This? I’ve gotten out of worse scrapes than this. Can’t think of anything right now, but…”
  • “They have it and they don’t want us to take it from them. Well, I’ll just have to take it by force then, won’t I?”
What I wish I knew at the begining of Freshman Year

3.20.17 026 

1.You’re going to have to dedicate a lot more time and effort to get the same grades as you did in middle school. High school is a lot more fast-paced and you have to keep up by studying and reviewing and understanding

2. Making friends is as easy or as hard as you make it  What I found is that it’s almost always up to you 

3. Don’t waste time set dates and plan your time very wisely

4. Set reasonable goals that you choose, don’t let other choose your life for you. Do what you want

5. Prepare yourself for everything whether it be by studying, reviewing or just having all of your stuff

6. It’s going to be a lot harder especially if you make it harder or yourself  and things are going to be very different

7. Seek help if you need it talk to your teachers tell them you need help if you need it

8. Set up a good system for filing papers that you can use to study for exams at the end of the year

9. Compliment people it one of the easiest ways to make friends 

10. Start thinking more about your future it’s never to early to be adding things to your resume for college. Clubs, sports, volunteer etc