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These are my fav fics, most of them are smut (8


  • The Devil’s Dick- Selling your soul for some dick isn’t how you
    imagined your halloween to go… - by floralseokjin

  • Off Limits - You’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend
    for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting
    it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That
    was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t
    ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…
    and it keeps getting worse… - by floralseokjin


  • MR. MIN - Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started
    your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual. Too bad he’s
    only interested in a relationship that benefits him. - by ellieljade

  • Baby, can I? - Yoongi is your friend, but all it takes is one wrong
    move of his hand for you to start thinking of him as something more
    than that. - by btssmutgalore

  • Carousel - He is the successor of his family’s business empire,
    and you are the female heir of yours. After the trouble his older
    brother had created in the past, he now must face certain
    requirements needed for the sake of the family’s future and to
    save his rights of inheritance, and you become his only way out.
    Everything might seem so simple, just the way they are supposed
    to. But everything isn’t always what it seems, is it?
    - by dailydoseofdia


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Everyone please PLEASE block and report theenginerd

They’re a horrible person, and they’ve been doing some bad shit over here.

They’ve clearly sent me anon hate before, and threathen me by saying they’re going to send a bounty hunter against me.

They’re playing with other people’s hearts, and played with my friend Hannah’s heart, and is spreading rumors about her, saying that she’s been sleeping with other men (Even though she would never do that, since she’s 13).

They’re horrible, and need to be reported.

I don’t want this dude harassing anyone, or any of my friends again.


peter only realizes that clint barton is hearing impaired when he sees clint and natasha rapid fire signing in the middle of battle after everybody’s hearing is shot by a bomb, so peter realizes he doesn’t actually know any asl and decides to learn, he posts an ad looking for someone to tutor him, wade wilson shows up and peter doesn’t connect the dots at first because he just hadn’t seen deadpool’s face before, it hits him in the middle of their tutoring session when wade makes a casual reference to his job

peter files that away to deal with later and finishes the lesson, against his better judgement he keeps going, because wade is actually a really good teacher and maybe peter doesn’t want to stop the lessons because at some point along the way he started looking forward to the days they met up, he likes talking to wade

peter starts hardcore flirting after getting over his initial shock at himself, he asks wade how to sign i love you, and peter signs back i love you too

wade brushes it off because they’re just practicing, and peter didn’t actually mean that, and this is the one thing that wade does that he doesn’t feel ashamed of and he doesn’t want to ruin that, specifically because he likes peter, he doesn’t want to ruin what they have

peter gets more and more desperate as wade doesn’t seem to be getting the message, he starts purposefully making mistakes when he’s signing so that normally innocent phrases become blatant innuendos, it’s fun watching wade squirm, but if he doesn’t catch on soon peter may just jump him


au where jeongguk is a freelance photographer and his specialty is landscape photos. he likes taking them because it’s definitely a lot easier to frame the photo when the subject is something that doesn’t move, plus he has a valid excuse to travel so it’s a win-win situation for him. he first meets park jimin through hoseok at one of their group hikes. he’s not going to lie, jimin is probably one of the most attractive people he has met in his life, but he thinks nothing of it, deciding to concentrate on photographing the lush greenery. at least, he thinks nothing of it until the end of the day when he’s reviewing his photos and realises that 70% of them include jimin in some way.

“what do you mean by you’re the lucky one- i’m the lucky one here!”
“um, no i’m pretty sure i’m the lucky one??”
“can you guys please stop bickering over this it has been like five minutes.”

Imagine waking Woozi up on his birthday by showering him with hugs and kisses.

BONUS: Even though you tried your best to wake him up, Woozi just ends up going back to sleep but this time, with you in his arms.

When I Was Your Man

Pairing- Steve(Pre Serum) x Reader , Bucky  x Reader (This is during CATFA)

Words - Approx 1.3k

A/N - This is my entry for Jess’s @caplansteverogers 900 followers celebration(I am so fucking late , I know that . I am so sorry). 

I chose the song When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars. I love this song and its amazing you should probably give this a listen if you haven’t.

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Wes chuckled at his insult and nudged him. Their eyes met and Nathan put his guitar down.. when he looked back up the air was thick with tension and Nathan started feeling nervous, he always felt nervous around Wes these days since their first kiss and the kisses they had shared after that. Everything was still so new to him and he never knew where he stood with Wes. 

“so what do you wanna do? We could play a game but if mum wants me to come down for lunch she’ll be relentless and-”

Nathan didn’t get to finish he’d been rambling and Wes he kissed him, to shut him up but also because from the moment he had seen him that had been all he’d thought about doing. 

Wes moved forward until Nathan was on his back and pulled away slightly pressing his forehead to Nathans and said

“Do i make you nervous?” Wes whispered

“Kinda…” Nathan replied honestly 

Wes smiled and kissed him again “There’s nothing to be nervous about… I already told you that I like you.” 

“I know..but-”

“Boyyyyss… lunch is ready” 

Wes kissed him again and they were wrapped up in each other once more lost in their passion for each other. Before Nathan pulled away “We need to go down or she’ll come up..” he said breathlessly 

“Okay.. I just need a minute.” Wes said awkwardly

I had that ex boyfriend. 

Before we met irl, he always told me online how easy it was for him to do anime hairstyles with his hair. He braged about how his hair defy all gravity and how he could make them stand up and make spikes.

I thought it was cool. 

Then we met irl, and I understood. 

That was because his hair was always oily.
He was just a dirty motherfucker.

You Need Saving Too // Spencer Reid

A/N — yo I had this all started and ready to be posted tonight - and I deleted by accident. So here’s the second version!

- Blue x

Requested: Nope!

Warnings: Killer amount of fluff

— Y/N’s POV —

“Remember that time you were about to fall, so I tried to stop you, but I fell with you by accident?” I giggle, looking up into his eyes, seeing them sparkle and his cheeks fall into a flush.

“Yeah, that was the first day we met. Sorry about that.” He says, looking down to his feet as his hands tighten their grip on my waist.

I look up to the sky and tighten my arms around his neck, distracting myself from those around us, watching us like vultures looking for prey.

He always thought he was a monster, he thought that what had happened to him made him a bad person. He thought that having a drug addiction made him horrible and addictive, he thought that being sent to prison falsely made him a monster - when in reality, it made him more kind hearted, more loving.

In fairytales, it’s always the woman being saved, it’s always the princess needing a way out. Sometimes, the Prince needs an out too. They’re all human, they all need saving aswell.

“Ah it’s ok Spence, worse things have happened. After all, it got us talking and look where we are now.” I smile, kissing his cheek gently as the music around us plays like a nursery rhyme to children.

“Yeah, guess so. And I’m really glad we’re here. I mean, right now, there is 22.2 marriages in the US, and we’re one of them.” He says, looking down at my dress and his tux, smiling at me.

As kids we’re all told that it’s the woman that should be loved and saved, in the nursery rhymes it’s always the prince saving the princess - why not the other way around?

When Spencer was kidnapped by Tobias, it broke him. Mentally and emotionally, he was gone for a while.

I’d lost the Spencer I knew, the boyfriend that I had that cared more than anything.

“Well, I’m glad we’re on of them, Spencer. Got to admit, there’s been times when I’ve wondered if we would be one of them.” I say, looking up to see his head dangling, looking as his bow tie, eyes measuring the amount of perfection in one piece of material.

“So have I. I mean, with the whole, T-Tobias, thing, y’know? I was wondering if we would be one of them then. And when I went away, I wondered then too.” He says, voice laced with sadness.

“Hey, we’ve both had moments, it’s normal I guess.” I smile, running my hands through his messy hair gently.

The music plays around us, and I mentally cry thinking of how happy I am to finally marry him. To finally be able to look at my hand and see that ring, that little band of happiness that clarifies he’s mine.

“Yeah guess so. I’ve been meaning to thank you all night, well actually since it happened.” He says, not looking at my eyes, rather looking at the floor and focusing on anything but the conversation as best he could.

“For what? Marrying you? I mean I’d do that anyday but sure!” I laugh, knowing that isn’t what he meant, but making light of my confusion.

“No, I mean, for saving me. You put so much hard work into looking for me and getting me back safely, and I just kinda wish I could do that for you, but y’know without you being in danger? Cause-“ He says, beginning to ramble before I can’t help but stop him.

Like I said before, we’re all so programmed to save the girl, why can’t the boy be saved?

“Hey ok that’s where it stops. You need to be saved too, sometimes Spencer. We’re all human, we all fall into days where we can’t get out, we all need saving. Whether it’s a girl saving a boy or the other way around, we all need saving. You are human, you deserve to be here.” I say, my hands reaching for and cupping his face gently, looking deep into the broken parts of his mind, wishing and praying I could fix them.

Wishing he would be ok.

“I guess so. I mean, I just sometimes wish I was the prince you need.” He says, the sadness laced through his broken voice.

He was the best prince I could wish for, the most kind hearted, loving, amazing man I could have ever met.

“You are, Spence. You really think I would be stood here with you, having my first dance with you, and marrying you if I didn’t love you?” I smile, making him flash a grin that paints across his face like a beautiful Van Gough.

“I love you, you know that right?” He smiles, kissing my forehead gently.

And as he does so, ‘awww’ is called from JJ in the crowd, earning laughs and giggles from all the guests.

“Yeah, I love you too, I think everyone knows that aswell.” I laugh, making him giggle.

And among all the stars and the moon, the princes and the princesses - he was my fairytale.

Too shy to say goodbye - Part 2

Part 1 

EXO Kyungsoo mini-series (2/3)

Angst/Fluff - University AU

What happens when a shy introverted girl, who loves books and being alone, met a shy guy who also loves books and being alone?

Inspired by a lovely anon plot: can you write a angst/fluff scenario with kyungsoo? like there’s that girl who have a big crush on him, and she visits him everyday with a cup of coffe or candies at the library where he works, even with him being so shy and reserved to do anything but thanks, until the day she was involved in a accident and starts to worry because she desappeared from the library (happy end pleaseeee, sorry if I was too specific)


Let me know if you liked it!

by illi

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Family Friend Gathering (Jared Kleinman x Reader)

A/N: hey all! hope you’re having a good day. here’s a new fic and hope you enjoy it. as always, requests are open and love you all!

TW: Jared being Jared. other than that it’s fluff

“Mom, do I have to go?” you groaned. Your parents have been friends with the Kleinmans since they were in college. You were around them all the time and they were practically family… most of them. Because then there was their son, Jared. You were conflicted on how you felt about him. He was one of the most handsome men you’d ever met, but he also drove you insane. He could be quite annoying sometimes with his constant rants on memes and stuff like that.

“Yes (Y/N), you have to. The Kleinmans invited us and besides, it’s not like you’re the only one around your age there.”

You groan and get into the car. You knew both your parents had the idea that you would get together. Not that you didn’t want to, you just were so different you didn’t see it happening.

When you pull into their house, Mrs. Kleinman instantly greets you. “Nice to see you again (Y/N), Jared is in his room if you wanna go talk to him.” You nod and go upstairs. You knew this house like the back of your hand and knocked on the door. He didn’t answer so you just went in. he was talking on a headset and said, “look, I gotta go. Family friend is here and I need to be social.” And logged off and turned around. “hey (Y/N), what’s up”

“Not much. Who were you talking to?”
“Just a guy I play video games with. I’m head of the team”

“You’re head of the team? God, they must really suck for you to be better than them.”
“I would argue with you, but you’re right.”

“I won? Against Jared Kleinman? Is the world ending?” you say sarcastically

“Yeah. Ha ha. Shut it. it’s the first and last time that’ll happen.” Then an awkward silence falls between you two.



“Can I ask you something?”
“You can ask me anything.”

“Well… there’s this person… and I really like them… and I don’t know if they like me back. I just don’t know how to go about asking them about it.”

“Okay. So what are they like?”
“Well, they’re kind, and funny, and smart. They’re also way out of my league.”

“What makes you think that?”

“Well… I haven’t always been the nicest to them… I’ve been kinda… sarcastic and annoying around them and they have these eyes that just… entrance you and you could stare into them forever…” he looked at you and your heart fluttered a little.

“I’d say go for it… tell them how you feel…”

“You sure?” he walked towards you.

“Yeah. Positive”

He quickly walks away and breaks the eye contact, “great because Evan is really gonna love it.”

Your heart shattered, and you tried not to make it obvious. “O-oh… it’s Evan… yeah he’ll be happy to have you…” you look down at your shoes and try, but fail, to block the tears.


“Look at me please.” You shake your head and wipe away some tears that escaped your grasp. “(Y/N), that was a joke. Please just look at me.”

You take a deep breath and look up at him, “w-what?”

He comes closer to you and wipes the tears from your cheek. “It’s you. It always was, is, and forever will be you.” He leans in slowly and gently presses his lips to yours. Although it was slow, it still caught you by surprise. Your hands run through his hair and his lay on your back, pulling you closer.

You both pull apart after a moment and you smile, “you mean that?”

“I promise.”


WT: Would have loved to put a little more color in the ending bit there, doing it up for the holiday. But I’ve had a rough day, another notch on a rough week. Hopefully I’ll be making up for it soon.

Also when i do asks I’m sort of jumping around the time period of about 5-6 months after my first story. So this thanksgiving answer is supposed to be before Clover met Cameron/ knew him well enough to go visit him for thanksgiving. I’m limited how far i can progress the blog timeline as long as I’m still working on LAW. I won’t be able to move further along until I get to Val’s story. I hate that it’s taking this long but I’m burning at all cylinders here.

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic holiday. And thank you so much for following the blog and sending in your asks!

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Ok about the amount of hate star is getting for forgetting marco's birthday has it ever occured to anyone that maybe that's the reason they were there in the first place? Dunno just a thought

Mmmh I don’t know, it was the day before his birthday anyway, would have been weird. I’d just ignore the line completely, and if it helps you can headcanon that Star wished him happy birthday as soon as he met back with her and Tom.

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Im curious:) What makes eunhae "real"? How they acts different towards each others than other super junior members? There are a lot theories about why eunhae were distant before army, why were they like that? Is there something different about them now? Please can you write little "story" if you only feel like it?^^ <3

Tbh I love them so much that right now ide care if they’re ‘real’ or not lol as long as they’re doing activities (with SJ/D&E) together then I’m happy. But I can say that I love the way Hyukjae looks at Donghae, like he is looking at someone who is very special to him:

I didn’t know there was a distance between them before army? I mean, the day before Hyukjae enlisted, they met and hugged? And one important thing, they made sure that their enlistment just 2 days apart so lol

As the years go by, they’re growing up and more mature, they will have many things to care about maybe that will affect the way they express themselves as well as feeling towards each other… Idk

And lastly, my English sucks so I don’t think I can write any story at the moment lol sorry for my poor English

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Harringrove prompt - cigarette

((Once again, I’m so sorry these took me so long!!!))

Perhaps one day, these cigarettes will transfer from between his teeth to collapse his lungs and finally end what has become a miserable existence.
His heart aches in his chest as embers flicker from the end of his cigarette as he feels his mind gear off to what he’s always wanted most since arriving in Hawkins, Indiana: Steve Harrington.
When Billy Hargrove had met him, he was a bit blown away by just how pretty Hawkins “King” was, but by the time he realised that he would not be able to break or even bend Steve Harrington to the point of taking the “King” title from him, the boy had already made his teeth clench and blood rush.
This pretty boy just wouldn’t break.
That was…that was until the night- the night he had ruined the almost companionably way they had bickered back and forth. The night in which he had felt the bones of the pretty boy’s face crunch beneath his fist as his vision and choices were blinded by a red vapour of anger -reckless, stupid anger.
He does not look Billy in the eye anymore and Billy pretends he doesn’t notice. He also pretends he doesn’t hate the way Steve only says what he must. He pretends he doesn’t hate how the purple, green and red bruises stain Harrington’s pretty pale skin. He pretends he wanted this, wanted utter submission and maybe, he did once.
But he misses the fight, the fire in Harrington and now…he just seems so damn scared and it is the opposite of fun.
He misses Harrington, how things were but he knows, he knows it in his heart of hearts: he and Steve can’t go back to the way things were.
The last few embers fall to the floor.

His girl

Summary: You would never be that girl… his girl

W.C: 295

Triggers: Nah

Pairing: Zach x Reader

A.N: I actually search up Zach Herron laugh to describe it. To sum up the few minutes I spent watching the videos, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. This one is short, sorry!

The sound of his laugh rang throughout the house as you tried to ignore it. It was a sound you thought you’d hear then get over the day you met him. You thought you’d forget the look of his rosy cheeks becoming the tiniest bit redder every time he laughed. Or when his head turned in several directions when he was excited.

They were supposed to be burned out of your mind, forgotten. But, every damn time you looked at him, you fell more in love, like a trance.

“What’s up, buttercup?” Daniel popped down beside you and let his feet wade in the pool as you did the same. You sighed and turned towards Daniel, bringing your lips up to form a smile, but your face didn’t show any excitement. “Doin’ fine, Clementine.”

You kicked your feet in the water, trying to block out the sound of the everybody else who was inside the house. Daniel gave your should a small shove to get your attention, then gave you a sad smile before looking back at Zach with his arm around his girlfriend.

You shook your head and looked back down at the water. Of course he was with his girlfriend and not with you.

That was his girlfriend. A girl you didn’t even think you could compare yourself to. The look in his eyes was a look he would never give you. Love, he was in love with her, whether he’s said it out loud or not, the look in his eyes every time he saw her was enough proof. It was a look you knew you’d never see in his eyes directed towards you ever, and that what hurt.

You’d never be that girl, as much as you wish you could be.

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I've been going to sex clubs once a week and treating myself to an orgasm. I've met another man there and let him cum in me. He had a big back cock, I couldn't resist. I was day 3 on the pill so (not safe) now I'm getting so excited by the thought of me growing with his baby in me. But I don't know him and he doesn't know me. I'm sure my husband won't be too happy about this.

Uh oh!!! 💋