this was the cutest thing i've ever seen in my entire life


i’m still so

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I'm the anon with the Marco-looking friend. This happened yesterday: He was running to go get a ball. He's a pretty chill person and also quite small and light. On the way to get the ball he tripped over a wire that he didn't see and ended up just laying in a heap on the ground next to the ball quietly laughing and it was the cutest thing I think I've ever seen ever in my entire life

Where did you get this friend and where can I get my own?

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Imagine au high school Bucky getting nervous and trying to ask Steve to prom. (Idk if you've done one like this before. I just thought it'd be hella cute.)

“ok barnes, you can do this. you can totally do this. you’ve just gotta give him the flower and the note and ask him to prom. and then he’ll say yes! or no. but hopefully yes," bucky tells himself, trying for confident but sounding more like he’s about to vomit. he’s got a test in mr. mcgavin’s class tomorrow that he should have been studying for the past few days, but instead he’s been attempting to write something for steve that’s not absolute shit and figuring out which flowers are best for people that have asthma plus a million allergies

he’s grabbing his unbelievably heavy math textbook for some last-minute studying and shoving it in his bag when he hears a familiar voice

"hey nerd, what’s up?” steve yells from his locker, directly across from bucky’s, drenched in sweat and wearing the cutest running shorts bucky’s ever seen. he swallows, hard, and tries not to stare

“hey steve,” he yells back, heart beating too fast, “i actually wanted to talk to you about something”

“alright, hang on just a second,” steve says, voice at a reasonable level this time. 

bucky wrings his hands and scuffs his feet on the floor and triple checks that the flowers and note are right where he left them in his locker

finally, steve walks up to him, face still a little flushed and grinning so big, and all of the things that bucky planned on saying to steve fly right out of his head so he just reaches into his locker and thrusts the handful of daisies and little folded up note at steve wordlessly

the two minutes it takes steve to read the note are the longest two minutes of bucky’s entire life. but finally, steve looks up, and the smile that had faded from his face as he concentrated on reading the note flares back up, bigger than ever

“bucky,” he breathes, dazed, “i would love to go to prom with you”

bucky can’t stop smiling for days

Sam/Bucky Week: Day Two - Swap

(Inspired by this drawing, i.e the cutest fanart I have ever seen.)

โ€œWhat the โ€“ heck,โ€ Bucky said, catching himself at the last second, because while a lot had changed in the last seventy years, he was pretty sure that cursing in front of a child was still a no go, and, yeah, the source of that loud wailing noise was definitely a baby, half-buried in a pile of Wilsonโ€™s Falcon gear.ย 

Bucky scanned the room, a small lab tucked away on one of the baseโ€™s lower levels. Thereโ€™d been the sounds of a scuffle over the comms and then a loud โ€˜bangโ€™, and Wilson had yelled and then gone terrifying silent, not responding to Buckyโ€™s increasinglyย  frantic concerned requests for his status.

And now Bucky was here, and Wilson was nowhere to be seen, and there was a baby.

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Yep, you got that right (about the 'mad Harry'). That's why i love u and ur blog haha <3. Btw, ur gif is the cutest f*cking thing i've ever seen in my entire f*cking life