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Forgotten Borderlands Facts
  • Many Borderlands voice actors are former Dragon Ball cast members, most notably Dameon Clarke (Handsome Jack/Cell) and Colleen Clinkenbeard (Lilith/Android 18). Gearbox shares the same recording studio as Funimation’s dubs- most of them auditioned just because they were already there.  Dameon Clarke was getting ready to leave the sound booth when Gearbox arrived: they gave him some Axton lines just to test the equipment. Things escalated from there.
  • Jack’s iconic “man these pretzels SUCK” is not in character. Dameon Clarke was eating pretzels while rehearsing his lines, unaware that they had already begun recording. Lead writer Anthony Burch loved the reaction so much he kept it in. Most of Jack’s laughter is also unscripted, because Clarke found the lines so funny he couldn’t keep it together, but Burch liked what it added to the takes anyway.
  • Dameon Clarke came up with Handsome Jack owning a live horse made  of diamonds on the spot. The original script made no reference to a Butt Stalion of any kind.
  • Anthony Burch wrote almost all of Borderlands 2, except for the quest referencing Top Gun. The creative team was insistent on a Top Gun quest, but Burch had never seen it. 
  • Tiny Tina is voiced by Anthony Burch’s younger sister, Ashly Burch. You might also recognize her as Aloy (Horizon), Chloe (Life is Strange), or Rutile (Steven Universe). She also wrote the Adventure Time: Islands miniseries.
  • Handsome Jack is based on concept art for a protagonist from a proposal for a game Gearbox didn’t greenlight, mixed with Nathan Fillion and Captain Jack Harkness (Doctor Who, Torchwood). The name Jack was supposed to be a development placeholder, but it stuck.
  • Speaking of Jack’s development, he was initially not the primary antagonist, but more of a friendly rival vault hunter who alternately worked with and against the protagonist. The amount of dialogue he has with the player is a holdover from a period where he was one of the closest things you had to an ally, and naturally would check in on you.  When his character switched gears during development, they needed to fill that time somehow, and the result are the diatribes we have today.
  • Axton and Ellie are in a relationship, according to the Borderlands twitter.
  • Tiny Tina and Jack both love Taylor Swift. His personal favourite album is “1989″, but he acknowledges “Red” is probably artistically superior.
  • Dameon Clarke collects Handsome Jack merchandise, both official and fan-made. He’s even commissioned custom Handsome Jack converse.
  •  Lilith was a stereotypical geek as a child, and particularly enjoyed the in universe equivalents of Star Trek and DND. She was subject to bullying because of both this and her tattoos.
  • Speaking of DND, when Rhys, Fiona, Sasha, and Athena play it in the Tales episode three opening credits, you can tell Rhys is DM based on the placement of the dice screen.
  • Brick is a huge fan of Game of Thrones, even going so far as to have read the books. Mordecai prefers Downton Abbey.
  • Whenever Handsome Jack has had control of the Borderlands twitter, he has frequently resorted to making users he dislikes canon Borderlands characters with the express intent of making him then able to kill them. Given that this is actually Anthony Burch talking it’s technically word of god that they exist in the universe.
  • Mr. Torgue’s given name is Mr. Torgue. His last name is actually Flexington.
  • If  Jack could bring any celebrity back to life, he would kill Tom Cruise and then resurrect him- which (intentionally or no) implies Tom Cruise is somehow still alive in Borderlands’ distant future.
  • Rhys loves fancy socks because his voice actor Troy Baker is also a fan.
On History and Pie

Summary:  A nonathletic!Jack fic, where grad student and history nerd, Jack Zimmermann meets the cute Samwell student/baker Eric Bittle at the Bread and Butter Bakery.  Will the two make a love connection?  For @devereauxsdisease and @victorineb who love this incarnation of Jack as much as I do.

Originally posted by butteryplanet

They’d chatted at the bakery enough times that Bitty was able to pull the information from Jack. He’d started coming to the bakery about four weeks ago, and during that time Bitty became more and more charmed with the second year grad student.

He always sat in the corner armchair, ordered a black coffee, two macarons and a slice of whatever the pie of the day was. Bitty first noticed him when he came in to order a slice of Weary Willie cake.

Bitty loved his job at the bakery, it gave him some extra cash while he attended Samwell. Whenever Bitty was there, he was the de facto person in charge. Shirley and Spencer, the owners of Bread and Butter adored Bitty.

“We never had any kids of our own, so you’re the closest thing to it, Bitty,” Shirley said to him one evening over a cup of earl grey tea.

So Bitty stood there, face to face with the bluest eyes he’d ever seen the first time Jack walked in. The Clark Kent glasses in front of them did nothing to hide the fact that they were beautiful. It was a good face, a handsome face. He was burly and tall, and Bitty loved that. He smiled, and Bitty’s body language invited Blue Eyes to speak.

“Can I get a slice of the Weary Willie cake?”

“Sure can, handsome,” Bitty said as he began to ring up Blue Eyes’ order, who blushed furiously. “What else can I do you for?”

“Coffee. Black. Medium, please,” he replied looking down at the counter.

“Why don’t you go find yourself a seat and I’ll bring it out to you,” Bitty said with a warm smile.

“Thank you,” Blue Eyes said softly and then turned to walk toward the corner armchair.

When Bitty approached, Blue Eyes had pulled out a laptop and several textbooks, the one on top of the pile was called Foundations of Modern European Intellectual History.

“Doing a little light reading, huh?” Bitty said as he put the cake and coffee on the side table.

“Oh, haha. Yes.”

“Do you go to Samwell?”

“I’m finishing up my masters in history there,” he said as he held up his book.

“That’s great. I haven’t seen you here before,” Bitty said wanting to know more about History Blue Eyes.

“I saw the chalkboard outside listing the Weary Willie cake and the history nerd in me became curious.”

“Look at you! You certainly are a history major.”

“Did you make the cake?” Jack asked raising his eyebrows.

“Sure did. My moomaw had the recipe from her mama.”

“Well, it’s not often I find a somewhat obscure historical reference on my way back to the history building.” 

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sly2o  asked:

Madi not recognizing Bellamy when she meets him on his own because he was never described as having a beard by Clarke. She takes her new friend back to meet Clarke.

It’s a little tweaked but I am riding the s5 spec train haaaard these days, so keep these prompts a-comin’.

“Sorry for hitting you,” Madi said.  Clarke paused with the bucket of water, not wanting to interrupt.  Through the space in the trees she could see Bellamy sitting across the fire from Madi and held her breath.  If the bunker really was gone, these two were the closest thing she had to a family and they hadn’t gotten off to the best start.

Clarke had been spying on Eligius all day, desperate for a glimpse of her friends.  She saw Murphy and Monty, and an hour later she spied Raven and Echo being taken back to their camp.  Harper and Emori had been the first ones off the ship but no matter how long she watched, she couldn’t see Bellamy.  The Eligius crew didn’t seem to be looking for him either, which meant either they didn’t know about him or— or the worst had happened.

But then Madi came running up and dragged her away from her perch on the cliff opposite the Eligius camp.  “I screwed up, Clarke,” she confessed.  “I thought he was Eligius because you said they had them and you didn’t say anything about a beard so I thought he was one of them and I panicked because he didn’t really look like your drawings because you never drew him with a beard and—” she babbled.

Clarke hurried after her ward, her heart already beating faster.  “What happened?  Who is it?” she asked but she was already half running in the direction Madi pointed.  She hardly dared to hope, but when she burst into the clearing she couldn’t hold back her smile.

It was Bellamy, alive— and bearded— and tied to a tree.  He was halfway through wiggling out of his bindings but when he caught sight of her he froze.  The blood drained from his face as if he’d seen a ghost, but then she was running to him and helping him out of the ropes and burying her face in his neck as he hugged her tighter than she had ever been hugged.  He had a goose egg and a cut on the back of his head where Madi had beaned him with her club, but otherwise he was safe and whole.

The fire hissed and cracked and Madi looked up at him anxiously.  Bellamy gingerly lifted his hand and touched the back of his head.  “You did what you had to do,” he reassured her, and Clarke set down the water.  She wanted to give them just a little more time to work through this before she barged back in.  “Your knots need a little work, though,” he added.  “If I had been Eligius, I’d have been free in another five minutes.”

Madi narrowed her eyes.  “Clarke taught me those knots,” she said, and Clarke couldn’t help but preen at the protectiveness in Madi’s voice.

“Yeah, well, they still need work,” he said.  Bellamy waited a beat and then broke into a grin.  It took Madi a second but she grinned back and Clarke let out the breath she’d been holding.  “I can show you, if you want,” he offered.

“Clarke said you taught her how to shoot, too.”

“I did.  I assume she’s taught you?”

“She has, but—” Madi leaned closer and lowered her voice to a whisper.  “ — I’m way better at it, though.”

Bellamy snorted.  “That’s impressive.  Clarke’s a pretty good shot.”

“Yeah, and I’m better,” Madi bragged.  Clarke smiled to herself and bent to pick up the bucket when Madi spoke again.  “I’m really glad you’re okay,” she said.

“You didn’t hit me that hard,” Bellamy ribbed.

“No, I mean— she was really worried.  She talked to you on the radio every day, no matter what, even if we didn’t really have time or she was sick or it was storming out.  She said it was about the routine, but when you weren’t with the others—” Madi broke off, tossed a twig into the fire, and watched it burn.  “I didn’t want to know what it’d be like for her to get everyone else back and not you.”

Clarke tried to swallow past the lump in her throat and Bellamy blinked rapidly.  “Well, I’m here,” he said.  “And for what it’s worth, I think she would have been okay.  She has you, right?”

Madi straightened her shoulders.  “She does,” she said proudly.

Bellamy smiled and Clarke took the break in conversation to walk back into the clearing.  She set the bucket down and picked up her rag, but she couldn’t miss the way Bellamy’s eyes followed her as she moved.  The relief in his face was palpable and she knew she mirrored his expression.   “I’m going to see to that cut,” she said as briskly as possible.  She touched his shoulder to turn him towards the light and Bellamy’s hand reached up, fumbling for her.  She grasped it tightly and blinked back her tears as he rested his cheek on her hand, but then Madi pulled out a rope and asked Bellamy to show her a better knot, and the moment passed.

Eliza "The Biggest Clexa Shipper" Taylor

In interviews: 

  • “They taught each other how to be open and how to love.” - Eliza about Clarke and Lexa’s relationship. 
  • “I think it would have been great to see them moving forward with making their relationship more public.” - Eliza about Clexa.
  • We laugh a lot. I think our main thing is doing really, really rough Australian accents to each other. ” - Eliza on working with Alycia.
  • “She [Clarke] has actually decided that Lexa is in this AI, and she is going to hopefully find a way to be in contact with her again.” - ET
  • “She’s become one of my closest friends now, so I’m really happy about that. I’m so happy to have her in my life.” - Eliza about Alycia
  • “I cried, yeah. It was really difficult. There were lots of tears.” - Eliza about her last scenes with Alycia.

At WonderCon:

  • “I love her [Alycia], I just saw her the other day, we’ve been catching up, she’s become one of my closest friends.” - ET 
  • “It’s interesting to see how she [Clarke] is going to move forward, but at the end of the day she’s heartbroken.” - Eliza
  • “She [Clarke] fell madly in love with Lexa so it’s really difficult.” - Eliza about Lexa’s death.
  • “Clarke’s completely devastated, she fell in love, and now that Lexa’s gone she’s a different person, this will forever change her.” - ET
  • “She [Lexa] died in my arms.” - Eliza about Lexa’s death.
  • “There’s only one Lexa.” - Eliza in regards of future relationships for Clarke.
  • “I feel like she [Lexa] was the one for her.” - Eliza about Lexa and Clarke’s relationship.
  • “ I don’t know if she’s going to be able to love anyone the way she loved Lexa” - Eliza about Lexa’s death and future relationships.

On “The Dropship: The 100 Podcast”: 

  • “Me and Alycia both realized that what we were doing was really having an effect on people and powerful and good.” - Eliza on Clarke & Lexa 
  • “We were like, let’s make this beautiful. Let’s make this loving because it’s so rare on the show for something to be like that.” - Eliza
  • “I hope that we did that. We don’t underestimate how much of an effect it had on people.” - Eliza
  • “[Lexa’s] never going to be lost to her. She was her love.” - Eliza
  • “It was almost like, I don’t even know if I want this to be happening but I can’t help it because you’re amazing.” - Eliza on Clarke’s POV
  • “It was fun to actually play a real relationship. That’s how it is, it’s messy.” - Eliza
  • “The scene that follows, Lexa and I… Post-coital I suppose. Having a moment of release and normalcy and peace.” - ET on her favorite scene
  • “It was the only time in that season where I smile.” - Eliza on the post-sex scene
  • “It’s just this weird pocket of happiness. It doesn’t last too long but that was really nice to be still & enjoy someone’s company.” - Eliza

At Oz Comic Con: 

  • “Eliza just fist pumped for Lexa’s return.“ 
  • ’‘Eliza’s fav scene with Alycia was anywhere where they made out.’' 
  • ’'Wellllll apart from making out ;) she’s a babe!” - Eliza about her favorite scene to shoot 
  • “She [Eliza] loves the tender Clexa moments from the finale because she thinks they provided a better end for Lexa.”
  • Alycia is a babe.”
  • “It wasn’t in the original script but I said it.” - Eliza about Clexa’s ily in the season finale
  • I love you was not in the original script but I just had to add it. She was the love of my life” - Eliza
  • “I apologise on behalf of the cast and those who were offended.” - Eliza on Lexas death
  • “It’s really hard to love that thing [the chip]. It’s like ‘God damn it Lexa” - Eliza
  • Eliza just brought a Lexa cosplay on stage
  • “She was the love of my life”
  • “The love scene with Lexa was hilarious cause we’re such good mates” “I’ve got some great selfies of that day” - ET
  • “I’ve got some great selfies of the love scene day. Trying to rip Alycia’s top off” - ET
  • “I don’t think she’ll ever love a human again” - Eliza on S4
  • “In honour of Lexa and respect to fans I don’t think I see a new relationship in s4 to be something. I don’t know” - ET
  • “Uhhhh can ya guess? All that love making.” - ET on what she thinks Clarke and Lexa’s favorite moments were
  • “Alycia couldn’t stop laughing when Clarke drew Lexa, Eliza drew a moustache on the pic and wouldn’t stop showing her”

At Oz Comic Con Day 2:

  • “If she was stranded on a deserted island she’d choose Alycia to take with her.’‘  (via @matchbox_sized)
  • ’'Eliza said the funniest moment was in bed with Lexa.” (via @alyciaftregui)
  • “She [Eliza] was genuinely upset by the loss of Alcyia.” (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “Reading the script was heartbreaking, the director was watching the scene sobbing. It was a really emotional day.” - ET abt Lexa’s death.
  • “It was heartbreaking” - Eliza about her initial reaction when she found out Lexa would die (via @StarryMag)
  • “They’re both babes.” - Eliza about Clexa (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “They were kindred spirits… and they’re both babes.” - ET about what initially drew Clexa towards each other (via @matchbox_sized)
  • “It would’ve been nice to strech out the Lexa relationship, especially that one episode should’ve been 3.” ET abt CL (via @matchbox_sized)
  • Falling in love with Lexa was her favorite part of Clarke’s development.” (via @tattoojauregui)
  • “Falling in love with Lexa. She’ll never be the same again.” - ET about her favorite Clarke development (via @StarryMag) (video)
  • Eliza signed an autograph with “Lexa, I love you” at #OzComicCon (via @wolfpants_) (picture)

DayDream Con Day 1 & 2:

  • “If you could bring back a dead character, who would it be? [implying Finn or Ontari]” “Lexa!” Eliza 
  • “Who would you bring to Brazil?” “Alycia. Not because you want to hear that, but because she’s one of my best friends.” (via @B_Dailey13) (x)
  • “The flame will still play an important role next season, but in a different way. It’s where Lexa is” (via @StarryMag)
  • “I didn’t kill Lexa guys. I would change that if I could. I tried to save her, that nightblood if tricky.” - Eliza at #DDC (via @starrymag)
  • “Which fictional character has influenced you? ’‘I’m not allowed to say Lexa, am I? But she would be.” - Eliza at #DDCon (via @starrymag)
  • “It was in bed with Lexa! We laughed so much.” Eliza about her funniest moment on set (via @starrymag)
  • Eliza has to get Alycia’s permission to post the selfies from them in bed. We will get them if Alycia agrees with it. (via @adcdinah)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza talking about getting Alycia’s permission to post their selfie during #DDCon today (via @lexatriku)
  • “Was the love between Clarke and Lexa weakness?” “No… it’s strength.” Eliza during her #DDCon panel today (via @B_Dailey13)
  • Eliza said she wants to tell Alycia about the Clexa book. She said she’d love it. Nobody asked, she just said it! (via @HumanOrToaster)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza trying to figure out the exact moment Clarke fell in love with Lexa during #DDcon (via @RHIANNONMFlSH)
  • [VIDEO] Eliza talking about her grounder song with Alycia during #DDCon today in Brazil (via @RHIANNONMFlSH)
  • Eliza has just spoke about the “Bitanic” and said she and Alycia loved to play with that (via @DanielaaRivaas)
  • “Yeah I think that was on the cards. That was a slow buil.’” - Eliza on whether or not Clarke would have fallen for Lexa if Finn hadn’t died
  • Eliza feels like she has to go [to ClexaCon] because it’s something for her and Alycia (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • Alycia was very sad to have cancelled, she really wanted to come to Brazil (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • Eliza said she really cried after Alycia’s last scene. And then again when she came back for the finale. (via @HumanOrToaster)
  • Eliza said that misses working with Alycia. They’re best friends and she cconsiders Alycia very special (via @Vii_Lacerda)
  • “Clarke and Lexa bonded over the fact that they were both in a leadership position and lonely” - Eliza during M&G (via @anacata90)
  • “It’s such a beautiful relationship [..] We loved doing it” - Eliza on Clexa (via @StarryMag)


Clexa Week Masterpost

Here’s a list of the seven fics that I wrote for Clexa week, along with links to where you can read them.

Thank you to everybody who has reblogged/left kudos/commented on them so far. I really appreciate every single one of you who has helped motivate me this week and made me feel inspired to start writing more Clexa fic going forward.

Day 1 - Enemies to Lovers

apartment wars

When Lexa ends up snatching the apartment that Clarke wants from right under her nose, she becomes Clarke’s sworn archenemy. Not that Lexa is actually aware of this, but Clarke’s decided that things have to be that way. The last thing that Clarke expects is the series of events that lead up to her being asked to move into that very same apartment months later.

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Day 2 - Roommates

the golden rules of college

Don’t date your roommate.
Don’t have sex with you roommate.
Don’t masturbate when your roommate could walk in at any moment.

In which Lexa is a small flustered gay and all Clarke wants is to get herself off without being disturbed. And then the roommate situation ascends to an entirely new level…

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Day 3 - Stuck Together

the candle store

Abby sends Clarke out running errands in the middle of a goddamn storm that has her trapped inside a store selling nothing but candles. But at least the girl who works there is cute…

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Day 4 - Fake Dating

we were pretending, until we weren’t

When Clarke asks Lexa to pretend to be her girlfriend at a party to make her ex-boyfriend jealous, it is simultaneously the best and worst moment of Lexa’s life. But even though her feelings and her closest friendship are on the line, Lexa finds herself complaining less and less as the night goes on, especially when Clarke’s affection continues long after Finn has left.

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Day 5 - Canon Divergence

coming back to you

After being shot by Titus, Lexa is visited by some familiar faces on her way into the afterlife who help her to realise that maybe there are things worth fighting against death for.

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Day 6 - Friends to Lovers

like one of your french girls

Ever the queen of procrastination, Clarke has left the assignment for her life drawing class to the last minute and found herself without a model. Enter Lexa, because apparently posing naked for each other is something that best friends do…

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Day 7 - Free Day


The last thing that Clarke wants to wake up to after a big night out is the sound of her next door neighbour practicing the violin. When she confronts her neighbour about the racket coming from her apartment, Clarke gets more than she bargained for.

In which Clarke is beyond hungover and Lexa is very talented with her fingers.

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Do Rabbits Need a Companion?

Ok so there has been some Very nasty debate recently on whether keeping a rabbit alone is cruel and neglectful/wrong. Personally, I do not agree with this statement AT ALL. Especially when the statement should come from someone with little rabbit experience. My opinion on the matter is based on 10 years of research, owning, fostering, and caring for rabbits. 

Rabbits are generally considered to be social animals but this is based on a number of factors. For rabbits such as show rabbits, meat rabbits, or breeders it is generally considered unwise to cohouse with other rabbits due to hormonal aggression and that the phrase “breeding like rabbits” exists for a reason. However, if your rabbit is a pet I do reccommend getting your pet altered. Not only will this prevent desctruction and aggression, but will also prevent males from spraying urine EVERYWHERE. I cannot stress enough how there are place urine should not be able to reach that a hormonal buck will manage to reach. Also for females, spaying greatly decreases the chances of cancer. Take it from me who recently lost a 5 year old very sweet female. Her tumors were initially removed in surgery but unfortunately came back after a few months and not wanting to see her in pain she was euthanized.

Now just because your rabbit is altered doesn’t necessarily mean they NEED a companion. Each and every rabbits personality is unique and different. Take some of my rabbits over the years as examples.

Clark is currently in his golden years and he is a friend to all living things. He has, unfortunately, outlived two companions. He is a type of bunny that needs another bunny to squish his worries away. When he is alone he hides in the furthest corner of my closest and needs to be convinced to eat. He becomes very stressed and nervous. When he lost L.C. I stress that he would NOT have had a good quality of life on his own, hence Lois’s arrival and now two new bunnies. He is a type of rabbit that craves interaction from another bunny.

Now Little Charlie or L.C. seemed to be a healthy bun at first. He and Clark adored each other but L.C. only liked one or two people he knew well and wanted NOTHING to do with any animal that wasn’t Clark. He was nervous and took solace in Clark’s company.

Lois was also a friend to all living things and oddly enough, despite being bonded with Clark, she would leave his side to investigate new people. She adored people and loved to give them kisses. Very social bunny

Tate was a foster who was a nervous wreck and who was moved to a single bunny home. I would NOT reccommend a companion for him. Being around other animals stressed him out. He loved getting pets from humans but the minute another rabbit was in his line of sight he’d hide and start heavily and rapidly breathing. After several attempts to slowly bond him with Clark, it was decided that it wasn’t worth the stress. His new family thankfully didn’t mind having a lone bunny.

Finally…we have Cupcake…ohhh Cupcake. A big and beautiful brown lop. She was also rehomed to a single rabbit home and is actually used to introduce little kids to the care of rabbits and fun facts about them. She loves people and pets and attention. She HATES other rabbits. The minute she saw another rabbit she became RAGE INCARNATE and after putting two cat carriers face to face to try to get her used to the presence of other rabbits without any risk of harm…she tried furiously biting the bars of her carrier. Humans= love. Rabbits= rage.

So as you can see rabbits can be with other rabbits, but they can also do much better on their own. It all depends on their personality. They’re unique and independant. Those who belive rabbits are cut from the same mold clearly need to spend a few more year learning about these fuzzy balls of love and destruction.

If you think someone is mitreating their rabbits then a word of advice

1. Have actual proof and evidence and don’t just assume based on one post that they’re in a bad situation

2. Approach the owner in a firendly and HELPFUL way. Do NOT bully them and act mean or cruel

3. Don’t base your “knowledge” on a Google search. I have been caring for rabbits for about 10 years and even now I do not force my knowledge at others. Should someone ask me I would be happy to help them

4. ALWAYS compliment the bun. ALL buns deserve compliments


*entire masterlist*

all my imagines that I wrote everyday in february, enjoy! (inspired by dodie clark doing vedif) 

day one: Ashton - That Band

it was just a festival, until she bumped into someone who caused things to take an unexpected twist.

day two: Luke - Alive, just

crushed by the waves, amnesia ridden and unable to remember the one closest to her.

day three: Michael - Nightmares No More 

he was her safety net, always there to catch her after a bad dream

day four: Calum - Background People

sometimes it’s the one you don’t pay attention to that has the biggest impact.

day five: Ashton - That Band, part two 

she caught a musician’s eye without knowing, now she had to find him.

day six: Luke - Nights Without You 

an unexpected visit from the one she needed most.

day seven: Michael - Ever Growing Love 

who’d of thought that two strangers would’ve impacted so strongly on each others lives, told through the perspective of a close friend. 

day eight: Calum - Passenger 

you go through life as an observer, you see people go by and never know them. but what if you got to, just once without knowing? 

day nine: Ashton - If Only: Part Three

to him she was everything, yet to her he was a stranger to talk to unaware of him being her guardian angel. 

day ten: Luke - Winter Chills

snowball fights on a fresh winter morning, a simple yet sweet way to spend with the person you love. 

day eleven: Michael - Loose Threads: Part Three

devastated from last nights actions she goes to see Michael and hear him out one last time. 

day twelve: Calum - Cheat Day

a surprise order is in store for Calum as he tries his best to be a supportive friend, yet ultimately fails. 

day thirteen: Ashton  - A Day To Remember

both single, both up for an adventure. what a way to spend valentine’s day. 

day fourteen: Luke - Home Comforts

long distance is never easy, sometimes it just takes the sound of his voice to bring you the comfort you truly need. 

day fifteen: Michael - (preference)  #40. Let’s break the rules, just for one night.

all she wanted was something different, but what Michael had in store for her wasn’t what she expected. 

day sixteen: Calum - (preference)  #35. So you’re telling me that you’re dead?

rushing to see her friend who remains in a coma she is unable to hold back her feelings for him, and as they say, comatose patients can hear you. 

day seventeen: Ashton - (preference)  #55. Sometimes the darkest days have bright bursts.

supportive figures come in all forms, even the best friend you’re deeply in love with. 

day eighteen: Luke - (preference)  #44. It was just a walk.

it was just a chat between strangers, nothing else. or at least that was all it was meant to be. 

day nineteen: Michael - Interview 

yet another interview the band had to do whilst she sat out of sight watching, until a story she wished to not hear came to her attention. 

day twenty: Calum - Night Life 

one too many drinks has been known to cause the unexpected to become something else entirely, much to her and Calum’s confusion. 

day twenty one: Ashton - One Sided: Part Seven

it’s no longer just her as her written words screamed for help whilst he silently wished for her to stay.

day twenty two: Luke - Sacrifices 

sometimes to achieve your dreams you have to make the greatest sacrifices, other times they’re made on your behalf. 

day twenty three: Michael - Postcards From My Past 

years and years worth of written care all for her, yet knowing he is soon coming home an apparent hidden message is uncovered. 

day twenty four: Calum - Judgement 

their entire relationship revolved around secrecy, meeting in hidden places to remain out of the world’s eye. but in reality, the secret can hurt more than the truth. 

day twenty five: Ashton - Mistaken Identity 

a last minute night out before she goes back for her last few months at school manage to change all because of a mysterious individual. 

day twenty six: Luke - Old Times 

some messages will always have the same memories, no matter how much time passes or how things change. 

day twenty seven: Michael - Postcards From My Past, part two

with Michael home she has little time to decipher his messages and meanings, but it isn’t easy with the box of postcards that have been collected over the years.

day twenty eight: Calum - A Goodbye

it’s never easy to say goodbye to the ones you love and have grown as a person with but sometimes it’s inevitable. 

thank you for reading wedif, it was certainly an adventure! - catherine x 

Remember What I Whispered

Find on ao3 here

here have some platonic bed sharing

Bellamy wakes up to whimpers. He finds the blankets that Clarke had given him in a heap on the floor and he shivers as he looks up.  Illuminated by the firelight is Clarke, stretched out in the bed and shaking. He pads over, trying to keep quiet so he doesn’t wake Clarke. She’s so peaceful like this.

And, is that his shirt that she’s wearing?

She’s kicked off the comforter and he confirms that yeah, Clarke Griffin is wearing his old blue shirt. He had almost forgotten about that shirt until he’d packed to come here and await the end of the world.

He feels so useless right now, all he can do is give people speeches but he’s found he has some competition in that role from the blonde sleeping before him. He almost goes back to the couch to get a few more hours of sleep when Clarke starts screaming. He almost panics even though she’s the one sounding scared, it’s not a scream that he remembers ever hearing come from his partner’s throat. It’s similar to Raven’s in the aftermath of Finn, he remembers holding her as she fell apart and the fact that Clarke has nightmare bad enough to even create an echo of that screams terrifies him into action.

“Clarke, wake up.” He says, shaking her shoulder and she stops screaming but her breathing is still coming out dangerously fast.

“Clarke.” He says again, not really noticing that his tone is a bit pleading. She scrambles up and her eyes shoot open but he can tell that she’s not seeing him as she clutches the blankets to her chest and gasps in a breath.

“Hey.” He whispers, moving back from the bed so his bare back almost hits the mirror. She let out a shriek as she remembers that someone else is in the room.

Bellamy?” She asks softly, her voice coming out low and throaty from all her screams.

“Yeah. I’m here, Clarke.” He replies in a whisper.

God, he wants to take her in his arms and kiss away all of her demons and show her that she’s worthy of the universe but the timing isn’t right. An ending isn’t the right time for their beginning.

“Did I wake you?” She asks and before he can answer, she whispers, “I’m sorry.”

Clarke shouldn’t have to feel like she has apologize to him for nightmares, he gets them every night too.

So that’s what he says in response, instead of the truth that hearing her in pain did wake him up.

“I get them too.”

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augmentedengineer  asked:

There's also a fantastic middle ground in Hard Science Fiction. Where you don't have to sacrifice realism for wonderful storytelling and a space operatic tone. I found this in the Expanse, the catch is to make it seem plausible, but without the science getting in the way of the story too much.

I haven’t seen the Expanse, but I hear very good things and I have to check it out.

I’ve often argued that plausible, extrapolating science fiction can be character centered. I think part of the reason it often isn’t is because of the influence of a very major figure in the early days of science fiction, Olaf Stapledon. 

Olaf Stapledon’s major work is called “Last and First Men,” which is a “God’s eye view of history,” where thousands of years go by in the blink of an eye. In the 2 billion years of history the book glibly and speedily covers, the human race assumes many weird forms, some naturally evolved, but others are genetically engineering (though that term is never used) by the previous race. They include the Fourth Men, a time when men are colossal brains the size of Volkswagens, and the physically perfect Second Men, a race of giants of immense intellect who were destroyed by an existential crisis I don’t fully understand. 

My favorite were the Seventh Men, a race of men born with wings. The final conflict is an awful genocide, with the carefree flying men mowed down as they futiley attempt to escape enemies in speedier airplanes with machine guns. The last of the Flying Men were a slave race to jealous masters who ordered all winged infants destroyed.

The most interesting part of the book was the final chapter, the Last Men: 

We are both more human and more animal. The primitive explorer might be more readily impressed by our animality than our humanity, so much of our humanity would lie beyond his grasp. He would perhaps at first regard us as a degraded type. He would call us faun-like, and in particular cases, ape-like, bear-like, ox-like, marsupial, or elephantine.

Moreover, if our observer were himself at all sensitive to facial expression, he would come to recognize in every one of our innumerable physiognomic types an indescribable but distinctively human look, the visible sign of that inward and spiritual grace which is not wholly absent from his own species. He would perhaps say, “These men that are beasts are surely gods also.” He would be reminded of those old Egyptian deities with animal heads.

This book was enormously influential. The broad sweep of history approach can be seen in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, C.S. Lewis wrote parts of the Space Trilogy deliberately to refute parts of Olaf Stapledon’s worldview…but the apple that fell the closest to the tree was Arthur C. Clarke, who was always fascinated with themes of cosmic evolution and the broad sweep of history in things like Childhood’s End and 2001. 

Last and First Men was a great book but it didn’t have characters. As a consequence, a lot of works from that era don’t value characterization as much.

Dating/Being Married to Bruce Wayne Would Involve: 

  • Being one of the two people in his life who know every single one of his secrets. (The other being Alfred.)
  • Making up excuses/covering for him whenever he has to miss work. 
  • Attending Wayne Enterprises Board Meetings with Alfred and Lucius in his absence. 
  • Being good friends with the members of the Justice League. 
  • Especially Clark who is basically the closest thing Bruce has to a brother.
  • Starting a “Super Hero Wives Club” with Lois Lane. (Which eventually expands to girlfriends, husbands, boyfriends, significant others and basically any other non-super family members.)
  • The “Super Hero Wives Club” is a huge support system for families of the league.
  • You or Lois are always the first to get a call about a mission, good or bad and you pass along any important information. (You deliver the news about any deaths in the league personally.)
  • Supporting Bruce’s choice to adopt Dick Greyson, but arguing tooth and nail about him becoming Robin. And Jason for that matter.
  • Being a rock for the entire family during Jason’s death.
  • By the time Tim comes around you’ve given up any hope that even one of your kids will have a normal childhood. 
  • Movie nights with w/ Bruce and the batkids.
  •  Being the only person to ever see Bruce cry. 
  • Not being able to sleep unless everyone is home.
  • Which leads to a lot of late nights in the kitchen with Alfred and pots upon pots of black coffee.  

anonymous asked:

7 with Roan.

Roan x Reader (The 100 Prompt)

A\N: Hope this makes sense and is alright, its really late & I’m tired af 

Prompt: “Hand over the girl.” “Yeah, no. Not going to happen.” 

You sighed calmly, sitting down on your messy bed, the sheets scattered everywhere; it was finally time to go to sleep. You’ve been waiting for this moment since you woke up in the morning. Placing your head gently on your jumper that you’re using as a makeshift pillow – sick people in the drop ship need better sleep than you do. As soon as you close your eyes, you hear a blood curdling scream and you shoot back up. Your eyes are burning slightly – from you being so tired and so, so ready for sleep – and you barely see the odd yellow glow coming from outside your tent. Running without shoes, your breath catches in your throat as you see the mayhem going on outside; people running around like Ants running from water, a fire burning through tents like they’re nothing. You feel your whole chest drop and you’re so terrified you don’t see or hear Bellamy and Roan trying to get your attention from a few feet away. 

You only look up when you feel hands on your cheeks and you see Roans face inches from yours, you blink the pain away and your eyes tear up slightly. The Ice Nation. They’re attacking. Ironically with fire. “Y/N!” His deep voice comes into focus and you look into blue eyes, illuminated by the fire’s light, “You’re going to be okay. I won’t let anything bad happen to you.“ 

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From the ‘Fic I Will Never Write’ files: 

If you’re out on the road, feeling lonely and so cold…

Abby Griffin lives in the quirky town of Stars Hollow Arkadia with her teenage daughter Clarke. They’ve always been close, but things have been difficult the last few years following the sudden loss of husband and father Jake. But life, as always, goes on.

These days Abby runs a small hotel with her two closest friends, chef Callie Cartwig and concierge Eric Jackson. Every morning on her way to work she stops in at local institution Kane’s Diner where she gets her daily dose of coffee and simmering sexual tension with proprietor Marcus Kane.

Spoiler alert: Abby and Marcus get together. There’s a bunch of pining and will-they-won’t-they first but then they totally hook up. (And then get married and get a dog and live happily ever after and nothing bad ever happens the end.)

Clarke meanwhile has just been accepted into prestigious Polis Academy where she meets the brilliant, challenging Lexa and thus begins an epic friendship/rivalry that eventually blossoms into love (just like Rory/Paris should have lbh).

Also, at some point Marcus’s simple, uncomplicated life is turned upside-down with the arrival of his delinquent niece and nephew Octavia and Bellamy Blake who come to stay with him in the tiny apartment over the diner. They have some trouble adjusting to quiet small town life but eventually form a strong bond with their uncle. Marcus becomes their staunch defender, father-figure, and is basically devoted to his adopted kids because of course he is.

Finn Collins = Dean obviously or as I like to call them the literal worst.

In other parallels, Raven = Lane Kim aka Clarke’s BFF, Jaha = Taylor Doose the annoying town mayor, Jasper = Kirk lol, Sinclair = Jackson because Callie/Sinclair would be adorable, Indra = Miss Patty and please take a moment to imagine eccentric ex-diva Indra teaching little girls ballet. You’re welcome.

Alas there are no character analogues to stand in for Richard and Emily as Abby’s parents and that bothers me so much it almost totally negates the value of this entire AU. (There are literally no old people on this show. There was Vera Kane and creepy President Wallace, like they would make the worst Richard and Emily Gilmore I can even imagine.)

Still here for Abby and her flirtatious friendship with local curmudgeon with a heart of gold Marcus Kane though.

And really what more do you need from an AU than that.

anonymous asked:

Are you still willing to take prompts? I know you already did one, but could you do another number 20 set in the 100 universe?

since you asked for canonverse, i had to oblige. we all know it’s my fave. this is canonverse, but got a little off course. i couldn’t get the idea out of my head. it’s short but honestly, i got feels just writing it. enjoy!

20. top of the head kisses

title from in our bedroom after the war by stars. recommended listening for the read. listen here

the war is over & we are beginning 


“I love you.”

It’s no big revelation. There’s no urgency when she says it, those words he’s prayed a thousands times to hear. They are sitting in a meadow, surrounded by the lush trees of an ancient forest, one that’s risen from the ashes an infinite number of time over millions of years. The trees tell a story, a history of mankind on the evils they’re capable of.  They tell a story of forgiveness for even though mankind burns them down, they always come back. It seems appropriate.

Bellamy turns to watch her, the corner of her mouth turned upwards contently, the puckered scar (a gift from Eligius, the story of a fight only Clarke could have won) on her cheek sinking inward, blending almost naturally into the structure of her face. When she smiles, he noticed, it’s nothing but a dimple. She isn’t looking at him, instead focusing her attention on where Madi is currently handing tools over to Raven from beneath the Rover. Monty sits next to her, guiding her on the properties of each tool. They had been out to harvest when the Rover broke down (lack of maintenance, Raven had grumbled).

There have been plenty of opportunities for her to say it. But she chooses now. She chooses now because they are finally still. The world is finally still. There is no impending war. No threats of nuclear meltdowns. Not even friction among the people. Among the broken tribes left after it all, they split up. Too many wounds to heal together. They’ve made their own tribe now,, a small village they built with their bare hands near the sea. It’s quiet. It’s peaceful.

He isn’t surprised she chose this moment of all the others in their time on Earth to say it. For the longest time, Clarke Griffin believed herself to be cursed. She believed that her ‘I love you’ sent people to an early grave. Her father. Wells. Finn. Lexa. Jasper. Her mom. She believed each one of them to be a body on her, another kill mark on her shoulder.

“I can’t lose you,” she once whispered into the night, voice shaking after another nightmare tore through her sleep. It’s the closest thing he ever had to an admission, at least vocally. Her actions have always spoken louder. She chose him over the human race. No matter what, she always chose him.

He tells her every day. Every night. When he leaves her sleeping in their cabin early in the morning. When she brings him his breakfast. When they leave for days at a time to harvest and hunt or just get away. When they fall asleep tangled together. She’s  never said it back, but she always shows him. In the way she kisses him, in the way she takes care of him. In the way she’s trembles and moans his name when they make love under the stars. In the way she smiles after he says it and replies, “I know.”

Now it’s his turn. He pulls her into his side and she clings to him, hands gripping his shirt and nose buried into his neck. Holding on to him for dear life.  Like saying it had been tethering her to the Earth and now she might float away. He places a kiss on the top of her head, something he discovered she likes. It makes her feel safe, she had told him. And she is.

When he finally responds, it’s simple.

“I know.”


Notes: And here it is! The soft Lexa that I promised. Took a day longer than expected but I blame society forcing me to expend brain power on actually working to feed myself. 

I remembered reading somewhere that people who have gone through trauma can sometimes get unexpectedly cold or become cold much easier than others, so seeing as Lexa kinda lived through the gruesome and traumatic death of Costia, I think this could apply to her. 

She felt cold.

It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence exactly, it happened maybe once or twice a month, but every time it took her off guard. She’d suddenly feel chills, her body starting to shiver, and if she was in a meeting it would take all her willpower just to keep her teeth from chattering. Her fingers would stiffen and tremble, making it difficult to do anything with any form of dexterity.

It would happen even during the summer months. When it was sweltering and everyone was sweating buckets, she’d start to shiver, body temperature dropping. Her personal healer had said it could be from trauma, a way for her body to deal with the strain, both physical and mental, and that it was doubtful that it would simply go away. Thus she lived with it.

She would wait for an opportune time, such as the end of a meeting or when a lunch break was called, and she’d slip up to her rooms. She’d get a fire going, bright and hot, then she’d wrap herself in furs and huddle as close to the flames as possible, hoping the wracking shivers would cease before her duties called for her again.

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Sisters’ Night

They hadn’t had a sisters’ night in quite a long while.  At least that’s what it felt like. It was understandable, reasonable. A lot had happened over the past few months. Alex was abducted, tortured, almost killed. Kara largely blamed herself for those experiences. Kara had to fight her cousin, an incredibly painful fight she might add. They both put their lives on the line and in the others’ hands while resisting the historically tyrannical reign and potential enslavement and/or genocide of the Daxamites.  Knowing she was responsible for releasing lead into the atmosphere sending their invaders back to space including the person she thought was the love of her life (she didn’t know how wrong she was until she drunkenly made out with Lena Luther one night) was hard for Kara to handle. She became reclusive for a while. When she wasn’t working at CatCo she was flying through the skies protecting those who needed Supergirl. When she wasn’t partaking in either of those activities, she was at home in the dark crying. Trying with all her might to dig her way out of her slump. On the off chance she did go out, (she may have super strength but her sister had red sun lamps and puppy eyes that were almost as strong as Kara’s) she got drunk.  One of these nights resulted in the aforementioned drunken make out session between a Luther and a Super.

So no, a sister’s night, a night with no other people, no friends or girlfriends, has not happened in a long time. So when Alex showed up outside her door with drinks for both of them and enough food to feed an army of a small country on the way, Kara didn’t have the heart, nor desire, to send her sister away.

Kara bowed low, swinging her arm out in front of her signaling Alex to enter. She tilted her eyes up making eye contact quickly with her sister, the person who has been in her corner longer than any other person, now officially longer than she had lived on Krypton. She smiled a smiled that reached her eyes, a rare occurrence these days.  Alex simply smiled back, knowing all too well the darkness living in her sister.

Alex set the drinks on the coffee table, fell back onto the couch limbs flying in all directions and a grunt escaping her mouth.  “We’ve broken mom’s rule you know. We aren’t supposed to go more than two weeks without spending time together “bonding.” She’d be extremely disappointed if she knew. I figured I’d save us both from a premium mom lecture when she visits next week. Whatya say, Kar? Food and movies or food and something else?” Alex finishes watching Kara with calculating eyes trying to deduce what Kara was in the mood for.

Kara moved toward her bedroom without saying a word. She emerged with three boxes stacked on top of each other. “Food and talking-reminiscing really. I’ve been going through our old photo books from when I first arrived on earth.”

“That could be fun, deal” Alex reached for a book sticking out slightly from the first box. She opened the cover and was met with the last picture taken of her family, all four of them. “This was a good day. It was the last happy day we had for a while.”

“I remember. It was one of the first days it felt like we were actually family.” Kara smiled sadly, “it was the last picture we had taken with the four of us.”
Alex just nodded her head patting the spot next to her telling Kara to sit. They made it through one and a half photo books before the food arrived. Pizza and potstickers covered the island in the kitchen and the coffee table in the living room. Together, the sisters ate through all four boxes of pizza and four containers of potstickers, all the while flipping through book after book, telling story after story, laughing so hard they ended up crying. At some point, they slipped off the couch onto the floor.  

They each had a book in their laps, each holding different parts of their combined past, each seeing the same memories from different points, remembering them in slightly different ways. Alex stopped flipping through the book in favor of watching her sister. She looked on in amazement, studying the amazing women sitting in front of her. Kara was truly one of the strongest women she knew. She lost her family-her planet-when she was 13. She had to fit in, belittle herself, ensure that she didn’t stand out for so long. She was lost her family and her planet again when she was attacked by the black mercy and yet again when Mon-el was forced to choose between leaving Earth’s atmosphere and dying. Although Alex was never a fan of the Daxamite. She hated him in fact, hated the way he treated Kara, disrespected her. She thought he was border line (and that was lenient) abusive but he was one of the closest things to home for Kara. Especially after Astra died. Alex knew she had Clark but he didn’t know Krypton as a memory he knew about it from stories. So even though Alex was glad that he was gone, glad that he could no longer hurt and abuse her sister, she realizes that Kara is once again missing that connection to her home.

Alex is brought out of her reverie but Kara’s laugh and insistence that she look at a certain picture. Alex leaned forward and instantly burst into laughter. The picture in question showed both Kara and Alex standing in the kitchen both covered in milkshake laughing hard. It was taken not long after Jeramiah’s “death” Kara is reaching forward her index finger scraping milk shake from Alex’s face moments after the photo was taken Kara’s finger was in her mouth.

“Oh my god!” Alex exclaimed.

“Remember this, it’s from our first official sisters’ night.”

“I do, Dad was presumed dead not too long before this.”

“We didn’t even know this picture was taken until Christmas.  Eliza was working late, remember, she told us that we had to spend the night hanging out doing sister things.”

“Oh yeah, I also remember resenting having to do it. I just wanted to stay in my room, stay away from people. I was so depressed because of dad.”

“I know, Eliza told me that we had to do everything we could to support you. She was really worried about you. She told me that because she was working late so often I needed to find a way to make you lean on me.”

“She told me that I needed to make sure you were ok because dad was the third parent you’d lost and that we were all you had left. With her working late so much, she said it was my responsibility to be there for you.”

They stared at each other mouths agape. “She totally played us!” they gasped at the same time.  They started laughing again.  They laughed so hard they ended up rolling on the floor.  When they both calmed down enough, it was 3 am, after all, they were lying head to head feet extended in opposite directions. For a few seconds the only sound in the room was heavy breathing as breath was caught and after shock laughs escaped tired bodies.

“Do you think she knew back then?” Kara whispers, tilting her head toward Alex.

“Knew what?”

“That we would continue “sisters’ nights even well into our twenties’?”

“I think she hoped that we would.  Hell, she probably knew. But I think she also knew that we needed to figure it out for ourselves. I mean some of our adolescent sisters’ nights involved us sitting silently in the same room until we were allowed to go to bed.”

It was quiet again as both Kara and Alex thought back through their combined and individual pasts.

“Hey Alex, I’m really glad Eliza made us have sisters’ nights growing up. I’m happy that we kept having them even after we moved out. I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for you.  You’re the best sister a person could have.”

“I’m glad too Kara.  And I’m pretty sure the title of best sister a person could have belongs to you. But just for the record, if it weren’t for you, I’m not sure where I’d be either. I love you, sis.”

“Love you too Alex.”

Kara stood up reaching a hand out to Alex to help her up.  “I’m sorry I’ve been distant lately.  It’s just…I felt like- I don’t know- I guess I feel like I’ve lost my planet all over again.  Looking back I see that my relationship with Mon-el wasn’t healthy in the least.  I think I knew that when we were together even, at least subconsciously. But I could talk to him about Krypton and he knew. I didn’t have to explain everything to him.  It was nice talking in my native language with someone who remembers what it was like to live there.”

Opening her arms, Alex held Kara close to her squeezing as tightly as she could. “I know Kar. And I wish I could make your pain go away. I wish I could bring Astra or someone back.  And even though it hurts, you’ve still got me and all of our friends which include but is not limited to Lena Luther.” Kara pulled back staring at Alex with raised eyebrows. “What you’re the one that made out with her in the middle of Dollywood, not me. What’s going on with that anyway or are interested in James still?  Or do you want to swear off relationships right now?  I don’t care either way I just want you to be happy of course!” Alex finishes with a smirk.

Kara doesn’t give Alex the satisfaction of an answer. Instead, she grabs Alex’s hand and gently drags her to the bed.  She’s tired and all she wants right now is to fall asleep in her big sister’s arms, safe and content.                        

i’m going through the phil coulson tag and i find it funny how some of you are saying phil should of listened to mack, or he’s ooc.

both are wrong.

phil coulson is a man with a bigger heart than this world is round. melinda may has been his best friend for over thirty years. do you really expect him to just “let it go” oh yeah, it’ll all play out. she’ll be fine. would you? if you could do something, wouldn’t you? he can’t live with himself knowing someone important to him, if not MOST important to him, is out there in the enemy’s hold.

in season 1, he did everything possible to get daisy back. and that isn’t ooc. that girl means so much to phil as well, she’s the closest thing he has to a daughter. in season 3, he did a lot to get daisy back too. what makes you think that’s ooc? i just??? i’m honestly confused as to why some of you are so pressed over seeing his more protective side. if you’re mad about philinda then get over it? it isn’t like this is new to anyone. they’ve showed signs of loving each other way before the kiss happened. ming and clark themselves have even wanted it to happen in like season 1 and have backed up the feeling thing they have for each other! so please, if that’s the only reason buzz off.

phil coulson is such an important character to me and to see people suddenly going “idk him” is just?? stop 

Hey @da-qf I’m bringing our discussion to its own post because it’s now more of a general ‘issues with Clarke’s portrayal in Season 4’ thing which I think is interesting to talk about but I don’t want to clog up the OP’s notes with a topic that’s now pretty tangential to the original post.

You make an interesting point about Clarke’s non-Bellarke relationships being perceived as neglected by the narrative. You’re right to point out that in contrast to Bellamy, who had meaningful and even positive connections with other groups and individuals all throughout the season, Clarke was pretty remote. I actually disagree with you when you say that ‘deep down Clarke isn’t like this’, though – if you mean that she isn’t inherently prone to holding herself apart from her community, or to shutting off her emotions and ignoring her personal relationships unless they’re mission-essential. 

Clarke’s capacity to care deeply is one of her most defining traits, but she doesn’t express that as much in her interpersonal relationships as she does in her at-all-costs leadership and her drive to do anything to save her people – which is a labor of love. One of the reasons I think her bond with Bellamy has survived that tendency to isolate in ways that her friendship with Octavia for example has not is that they are genuinely vital to each other’s ability to lead well, and that is not the shipper in me talking but the character analyst. By Season 4, Clarke has accepted that she needs Bellamy as a humanistic counter point to her ruthless pragmatism, to root her schemes in their human stakes so she doesn’t go too far. He has accepted that he needs her to temper his emotional impulses with reason and perspective so that his excellent leadership instincts aren’t buried by his passions. 

I think Clarke’s psychological baseline is still ‘I bear it so they don’t have to’, but with Bellamy she has a leadership justification for allowing herself to be close to him that provides the jumping off point for everything else. I mean, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the person she was arguably closest to this season besides Bellamy was Roan – he played the role of her co-leader at several points, and she’s learned that that kind of partnership requires/allows you to give a bit of yourself. Whereas her other relationships admittedly suffer by virtue of being ‘non-essential’ in a time where Clarke – understandably, I think – considers them a luxury she can’t afford.

I agree we’ll have to agree to disagree on several of your Bellarke points – I don’t think Clarke was out of character or that things moved too fast, but I can certainly empathize with how frustrating it is to see one character relationship given so much attention when your interest and emotional investment lies elsewhere. Clarke/Kane and Clarke/Octavia were pretty non-existent (although neither of those relationships have ever gotten a whole lot of attention, so I don’t think that can be blamed on this season’s Bellarke-focus). I loved what we got of Clarke/Raven and Clarke/Abby, but there needed to be more. And I was equally baffled by Clarke/Niylah. So I understand the sense of dissatisfaction that you feel. 

But I think Clarke’s failure to really emotionally engage with anyone besides Bellamy this season was actually a deliberate and important part of her arc; her progression towards becoming a more Jaha-esque figure. So entrenched in the idea of sacrificing for her people, so consumed by the debate and the rhetoric and the ethical tangle of it all, that she lost sight of (most of) the actual human beings she loves and is fighting to protect. Clarke ending up on that tower alone was a self-fulfilling prophecy in more ways than one. But I think the show knows that, which is why it looks like Clarke will become more of a heart figure in Season 5. There’s an imbalance that needs to be addressed. And as excited as I am about Bellarke next season, I am just as excited to see what I think and hope will be a version of Clarke that re-invests in her other relationships as well.


Rachel’s Pond, Jump City. May 15th, 2023. 11:45 AM.

“God in heaven, Jon, why can’t I stop shaking?”

“Don’t tell me you’re getting cold feet, Batboy.”

“Jonathan, I’m serious! I’ve gone toe-to-toe with criminal psychopaths before, why am I so nervous?”

“Because this is bigger than that, Damian! Come on, this is gonna affect the rest of your life!”

“Look, just… Jon, I need to know something right now, before it’s too late.”

“Anything, Damian.”

“… Are you sure my tie’s on straight?”

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You jealous? ♡ John Murphy Imagine

A/N: ‘Yo can you do a Murphy oneshot please? Maybe reader and Murphy are in a secret relationship (cause reader’s friends wouldn’t approve) and someone is flirting with reader and Murphy gets mega jealous and yeah you take it from there’ I hope you like it anon!! 💕✌

You pulled away from Murphy, breathless as he bit your lip one last time. You were both currently behind a tent on the outskirts of camp, you had been seeing each other here for the past month or two.

“I still don’t get why you can’t tell anyone.” Murphy drawled, leaning back on his arms. You felt yourself sigh and look at him pointedly.

“Bell would kill both of us for starters. Clarke would most definitely not approve and neither would Raven. You did a lot to boost your favourite points here, Murphy.” You scowled and shoved him, falling on top of him before capturing his lips once again.

Pulling away, you could hear Bellamy shouting from the middle of camp and realised the sun was starting to set. You stood and offered Murphy a hand, giving him a parting kiss on the cheek before walking towards Bellamy. The leader turned when you called to him and smiled. He was one of your closest friends on the ground and you planned to keep it that way.

Together, the two of you helped with errands that needed doing. Hunting and organising mostly, just to keep camp in check. Everyone didn’t finish until dark, when the stars shone too brightly, too pretty, compared to their life on the ground. You all sat around a campfire, eating and talking. You sat with Clarke and Raven, like you always did but you still kept an eye out for Murphy.

The night went on and you stayed in your place, talking to Raven about mechanics and things before a boy came up in front of you. He pulled you to your feet and started to twirl and spin you around, the two of you dancing without a care in the world. You felt Murphy’s eyes on you, sharp, cutting, like daggers.

“How is the hottest girl in camp still single?” The boy, Christian. You thought his name was, asked. You laughed and shook your head.

“I’m just hard to please.” You reassured, risking a quick glance to Murphy who looked ready to kill the boy. He didn’t notice apparently because he only laughed in return.

“May I try to please you?” He rose his eyebrow seductively and before you could politely decline Murphy had gotten up, apparently he was able to hear what was said because he had pushed the guy over and onto his back on the dirt. You looked at him in shock.

“Murphy!” He ignored you and just pulled the guy up by the scruff of his collar.

“Is that how you speak to a lady?” The criminal spat taking your hand and taking no notice of the small crowd around you. Blushing you pulled him away from the group, feeling everyone’s eyes on you. He looked towards them and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you all have something better to do?” He asked, smirking when everyone went back to their own thing. He took you by suprise when you felt his lips attack your neck, leaving big bruises that nothing could cover up, but you didn’t try to stop him.

“Now everyone knows your mine. No asshole will flirt with you now. Good luck trying to hide it.” He walked away with that satisfied smirk and you scowled.

Good Siblings are Hard to Come By

Summary: In which Cass and Damian are good siblings, even when they’re wasting valuable time that could be spent saving Bruce’s life. Day 3 of batfam week

ao3 |

“SOMEONE GET HIM!” a man yelled into the crowd, his face practically purple, his veins popping out from his neck, gun waving around at the crowd threateningly. “SOMEONE GET THE BATMAN OR BRUCE WAYNE DIES!”

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