this was the best thing i've ever done

mike is so expressive and passionate about everything he doesn’t really hold back, his feelings bubble over and spill in the most obvious way. if he’s happy, you know it, if he’s sad, you know it, if he’s angry, you DEFINITELY know it because mike wheeler’s feelings are loud and he won’t subdue them for anything

so it makes me… all the more emo… that loud vibrant mike wheeler is so gentle and soft with will byers…. he’s patient with him, he lets him take his time to voice his thoughts, because will is so much more careful than mike, has to shift through his feelings before settling on what he has to say. I REALLY CANNOT HANDLE THE TENDERNESS OF THESE TWO BOYS HELP ME

Language Gothic

They say Hungarian has 18 cases. You don’t know what they are or how they work. Only that they exist and there are 18 of them. You are scared.

“Fluent in 3 months” Benny Lewis proudly proclaims. “Fluent in 3 months” he repeats, in an assertive tone. “Fluent in 3 months” he demands, “Or else.”

The website asks for your target language. You do not know what it has done to become a target, nor do you want to know.

Course progress: 100%
Due date: yesterday
You still cannot learn Ukrainian.

“How many languages are you fluent in?” asks the innocent onlooker. You forget what the question means. What is fluency? Have you ever known?

The Russian speakers say they speak the hardest language. So do the Finns. So do the Chinese. They are all wrong.

You look at the verb table. “I am. You are. He/She/it is.” What am I? Where are you? Who is he/she/it?

You cannot pronounce the Czech ř. You cannot begin to fathom it. You hear it when you close your eyes. It is the fabric of your nightmares.

Finnish has 6 moods. Indicative, Conditional, Potential, Ambitious, Disappointed, Regretful.

Everybody is talking about the Mike/Eleven relationship this season (and not without good reason) BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THERE AREN’T MORE PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT THE GLORIOUSNESS THAT IS THE MIKE AND WILL FRIENDSHIP.

Just a few examples of this goodness:

  • Mike literally refusing to leave Will’s side pretty much from the moment he got infected by the shadow monster until the final episode. 
  • Mike sleeping in a hospital chair next to Will’s bed at the lab
  • Will confiding in Mike about all the shadow monster episodes
  • “I’ll take care of him. Let me take him home.” (on halloween night)
  • Mike instinctually trusting Will about Dart being the demogorgon no questions asked
  • “If we’re both going crazy then I guess we’ll go crazy together.”
  • When Will had forgotten a lot of things because of the virus, but he hadn’t forgotten Mike
  • Mike trying to phone Will throughout the school day when Will didn’t show up to school
  • Joyce trying to send Mike home when Will’s infected and Mike is just not having ANY of that bullshit
  • The only time we see Will’s facial expression change when he’s under the control of the shadow monster is when a single tear rolls down his face after Mike has finished telling the story of the day they met
  • Oh no Will’s in trouble! *first thing we see is a camera pan to Mike’s worried face*
  • Oh so when Will wakes up in the disguised shack of course Hopper will be there in case something goes wrong. Joyce and Jonathan obviously, because family. Oh and Mike Wheeler, despite the fact that the rest of their gang of friends remained in the house.  
  • are you telling me that mike and will are like family because i am not emotionally ready to deal with that
  • When they’re all telling stories to get Will to snap out of it and Will’s own mother and brother have told heart-wrenching emotional stories and nothing’s come of it and the thing that finally gets Will to fight back and start replying in morse code is Mike telling Will about the day they met
  • Basically my emotions went everywhere when Mike was talking about the day that he became friends with Will 
  • “It was the best thing that I’ve ever done.”

You can go on and on about any of the other relationships between characters. But you cannot deny that the friendship between Mike and Will is literally the purest thing to ever exist on television.

To conclude, why are people not talking more about this beautiful example of everything good about the world that is Will Byers and Mike Wheeler’s friendship

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height differences

Mike goes through a growth spurt in high school and suddenly becomes 90% leg with lanky and gangly limbs. Will stays on the small/short side due to him not sleeping or eating well. Mike is delighted by their height difference - “how’s the weather down there Byers?” “hope a bird shits on your head, Wheeler” - and Will just rolls his eyes at all the short jokes.

But even though Mike’s way taller, Will is nimbler, quicker, and much more graceful - Mike is prone to tripping over himself and banging his head on things because he underestimates how tall he is. Will bursts into laughter ever time he stumbles down the stairs to the basement. Sometimes when Mike gets too excited and starts running in the hallways, Will has to grab his backpack to make sure he doesn’t fall flat on his face.

At one point Will decides that he should take advantage of Mike’s height and demands piggyback rides whenever he can. He gets to the point where he’ll just creep up on Mike - Mike always pretends not to notice - and jumps on his back making Mike wheeze as he wraps his arms around the back of Will’s legs to support him. In retaliation, Mike always uses Will’s head as a resting place wherever they are, even when he’s not tired. Will always sees through his bullshit but bears with it anyways. Mike also does that dramatic “Oh what’s this? Gravity is failing me!!” when Will is behind him and fall backwards to him while Will shrieks as he tries to to hold Mike’s weight up: “Michael Wheeler, if you don’t get up right now we’ll both fall, you hear me?! Both of us!

And of course, there are things that go unspoken. Like how when Mike wraps his arm around Will’s shoulder, he thinks about how Will would be the perfect little spoon. Like how when Will looks up at Mike’s laughing face and knows if he tiptoes just a bit he’ll be close to perfect kissing height. But they keep these thoughts unvoiced and if Mike initiates hugs more often and Will clings to them a little longer, neither of them say anything about it.

(It’s okay though. They don’t know it yet but one day a few years in the future, both of them will laugh at how stupid they were when they were younger. And Mike will discover that yes, Will really is the perfect little spoon even though his feet are as cold as icicles. And Will finds out that even on his tiptoes, Mike has to lean down a little to kiss him properly. 

But it’s a perfect kiss every time.)

Headcanon: Ask teenaged Damian about Batman Inc. and Brucie Wayne’s relationship with Batman and you’ll always receive a different answer.


“What is your father’s relationship with Batman?“
"They’re lovers.”

“Unrequited love. Father adores him, but Batman has only one passion: JUSTICE.“

"Childhood friends. Met at summer camp. My father stumbled into the woods and noticed a rather fat bat in the tree. Back then he was a little overweight, and also known as Batboy.”

“I am here to deliver the truth, and the truth shall set this city free. X-Men are real. He’s a mutant! They’re all mutants!”

“Total weebs. They were really into Inuyasha in high school. You know that one episode with the bat demons? Huge inspiration.”

“My father cares a great deal about animals, as I’m sure you are aware. Batman is half bat. That’s why he covers his face. He has bat eyes.“

"It’s a torrid affair. Batman’s secret headquarters are under Gotham harbor. My father has always had a thing about romance surrounded by fish. Sometimes he’ll get Batman to sing sea shanties.”


“Here’s the thing: Batman is actually not a man. The figure is made up of small cobbler elves. That’s why the Kevlar fits so tight.”