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I don't know if this has been said but: Headcanon where Armin cuts Mikasa's hair (and Mikasa was the one who approached him) when Eren told her to because he didn't want it to be tangled up in the 3DMG. Like think about it.. Armin and Mikasa's haircut looks almost alike except for the fringe part.. {if only there was an art for this ;\; it'd look cute or they had a short clip on it idk haha}

this one headcanon is explored in one of my favorite doujins ever!
aaaaannd your wish became true because there is fanart of it omg
check it here
it’s a sweet one-sided Arumika and it’s one of the best things I’ve read, so like yes headcanon very much accepted!

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reaper with a Short(tm) female s/o that was injured on the battlefield and thought she was going to die ? 👀 ur writing is so flawless i'm shook

Flawless? Hun english isn’t even my first language so this is the best compliment ever ;v;

Where was she…? Reaper turned around, his eyes searching the roaring battleground for you. Fear crawled up his neck and made his heart beat faster with every second he couldn’t find you. 
He cried out your name, the voice trembling with panic. He had seen the bullet that hit you - it was non of his, but you were definitely hurt! 
“Gabe…!”, he heard your voice, weakly calling out for him. He saw you a few steps away, your hand reaching out for him.
He wrapped his arms around your upper body, pulled you into his arms and started to look for an opening between the frontlines for you to escape. The smell of your blood made his head spin and he pressed your body a little closer to his chest. 
“Gabriel, it hurts.”, you cried, your body shaking with pain. “I don’t wanna die!”
“No dying today, Sweetheart. Hang on.” 
Your blood had soaked your clothing and the sound of the blood drops hitting the ground made him flinch. 
“No dying today.”, he repeated weakly. Your muscles lost tension. “No-”
“Gabe…”, you whispered under your breath. “I’m so tired.”
“Stay with me, Sweetheart.”, he hissed. Where the fuck was Mercy?!

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Hc for Jungkook who was born and raised ina small town but moved to a bigger city for college. He meets Jimin, the first time he sees an androgynous boy in a full feminine attire (dress or skirt or super short shorts) and makeup, but still has a boyish charm. He doesn't find the boy weird but instead he's very fascinated by his appearance. You decide what will happen.

+ Jungkook grew up in a small town and the only way out was a scholarship to a big university.

+ Jungkook liked his little town but he never really felt he fit in, despite his popularity cause he in the best soccer player ever to see from the town.

+ It’s traditional, safe. As much as Jungkook appreciates it, he wants….. he doesnt know. So he got out. Jungkook drove up to Seoul with excitement and nervousness.

+ First off the city is busy, he knew it would be but….damn! Jungkook found his apartment that the school uses as dorms. Jungkook unlocks the door and is shock to see Jimin.

+ Jimin was helping Taehyung set up his t.v, but what shocks him is that Jimin is in a Jean skirt. The shirt is a regular men low cut white T, wore a hat backwards and his socks were hot pink with strawberries. That skirt though. Boy??? Girl???

+ “ah! Roomie!” Taehyung calls out happily making Jimin turn to Jungkook with a friendly smile. Jungkook blinks as his brain tries to make out what Jimin is.

+ “uh, hi. Jeon jungkook.” “Hi Kook! Can I call you that? Well Imma call you that! I’m Kim Taehyung and this right here is Park Jimin, my bestie!” Jungkook just stares at Jimin’s face now that he is closer. Eye liner, eye shadow, lip gloss. Also he missed a spot while shaving. Jungkook shook hands with Tae.

+ “Nice to meet you.” Jungkook turns to shake hands with Jimin. “You too ma…n?” Jungkook asks and the room goes silent before Jungkook thinks he did something wrong the two start laughing.

+ “yes, man.” Jimin says squeezing Jungkook’s hand. Jungkook pulls away from the pain as he keeps looking at Jimin in shock who keeps laughing. Jungkook blinks as he looks at Taehyung. Taehyung skids over and wraps a arm around Jungkook’s shoulder.

+ “Don’t worry, you’re from a small town Right? Now we wont have a issue. If you dont have a issue. Cause we are gay as fuck and my boy wears whatever he wants. So if you have a issue tell now.” Jungkook blinks at the serious look Taehyung gives him before facing Jimin who waits for his answer. Jungkook blushes.

+ “It’s not a issue.. I’m just…” Jungkook looks Jimin over once more. “Intrigued?” Jimin smiles as he giggles. “Don’t scare off the baby Tae.” Jungkook watches as the two bicker before going off to finish the t.v.

+ Jungkook eyes follow Jimin around. His brain is trying to figure out what he sees but all he knows he likes it. Jungkook smiles closing the door behind him.

Accident Prone (Stiles Stilinski x Reader)

Stiles Stilinski x fem! Reader Warnings: None A/N: This is my first ever imagine/x reader so sorry if it’s crap. Feedback is encouraged please!! ALSO ITS REALLY SHORT SORRY I wasn’t new to Beacon Hills. Not at all. I have lived here my whole uneventful life - well, uneventful up until this point in time. Ive always been an outgoing girl. Always talking and playing. Grade 2 is when it started. Playing in the sandbox with Lydia, when Danny decided to come and pour a bucket of water on me. If that wasn’t bad enough, his best friend Jackson just had to point it out to everyone. Ever since then have been the joke. Always laughs around me, and not the good ones either. “y/n!” my best friend Em called, waving her hand motioning towards her seat on the bleachers. I strode over to sit with her but tripped on the wires for the lights. And it didn’t go unnoticed, oh no. The entire field - coach, our team, the other team and the bleachers giggled. I got up and walked to Em, ignoring the eyes i could feel on me from every direction. “l/n!” coach yelled from the field, as I glanced in the direction of the voice “Stop distracting my players!” he yelled smugly. More snickers. The game went on, and we won. Em headed down to congratulate her friend Isaac, and as I followed, me being me, tripped on the bleachers. I tumbled to the bottom and rolled until I hit something. Or at least I thought it was something until ‘it’ fell on top of me with a loud “ooph” Embarrassedly, I looked up to see Stiles Stilinski, as in the one and only Stiles. “YOU TWO” coach yelled, standing above us as people started to crowd, “Can neither of you two stay on your feet?!” he exclaimed laughing as the others joined him. As the crowd dispersed, Stiles got up and held his hand out to me. “Thanks” I mumbled, wiping the dirt from my once clean pants. ——————————— Semester 2. The one with my LEAST favourite class - chemistry. And worst of all, I had no friends in the class, which basically means I’ll make a fool out of myself and everyone will laugh cause that’s how it ALWAYS happens. Okay maybe that’s the second worse- i have Mr Harris. Who loves to make a fool out of me whenever he can. I hurried down the hall, late for my first class. As i darted into the classroom I knocked over a beaker that seemingly had something important in it by Mr Harris’ expression. “Lovely for you to join us, i’m assuming it’s Ms l/n, as you don’t strike me as a ‘Stiles’” he sighed pointing towards the only open desk. Before I could move to the desk, something hit me in the back, making me fall face first onto the floor, which was covered in glass and the chemical from the beaker. “Shit, sorry” Stiles voice came from behind me, as he scratched the back of his head. “Language Stilinski” Mr Harris droned. “You two, that table” he said gesturing towards the table he had earlier. As we sat down, we heard laughing but it stopped as the lesson started. “Whoever you have chosen to sit next to, that’s your lab partner for the semester.” he turned towards Stiles and I as he added “Lucky me. Any mishaps happen from not following instructions,” he made eye contact with me and then Stiles, “You’ll get detention for the entire semester.”. The rest of the class didn’t go so well. As it turns out, the beaker that I knocked over was vital for our mixture and unfortunately, we didn’t get any because of my mistake. I tried to improvise, using a liquid in the same colour. Realistically, that’s not how chemistry works. The formula bubbled to the top. As it spilled over the edge, it landed on my notes, which caught fire due to the reaction. 2 minutes passed and nothing happened. Stiles and I shared a glance of relief but not even 1 second later the beaker exploded open, spraying purple liquid and glass shards all over the place. People’s clothes set fire and textbooks. “Y/N, STILES” Mr Harris screamed, getting out of his chair. Stiles grabbed my hand quick and we darted out of the classroom Mr Harris not far behind. We were so close to the door when coach turned the corner stopping us in our tracks. “Well well, If it isn’t the 2 troublemakers themselves” he snickered, as he looked behind us to see a purple faced Mr Harris, clearly tired from running, “Oh, and it looks like you two are in trouble, so I’ll just leave you here.” he laughed and headed back to his classroom. “Shit” Stiles and I said in unison, turning to an EXTREMELY angry Mr Harris. As the bell rang, he pushed us down the hall as students left for the end of the day. He shoved us in a science supply closet that was extremely messy. “Don’t even THINK about leaving until it’s spotless” he said stomping off to his classroom. I turned to Stiles and started to laugh. He started too. “That was awesome” he stated. “Thanks” I laughed, “Im kind of a disaster if you haven’t already found out” I sighed. Suddenly, he grabbed my neck lightly placing his thumbs on my cheeks. “You have some disaster on your face m'lady” he said with a smirk, as he wiped my cheek with his thumb. Then, he came closer, as did I and our lips connected. It was blissful and sweet, and seemed like it went on forever. “Ahem…” Mr Harris cleared his throat. “I said CLEAN not KISS, now work or you’ll get detention every day after school AND lunch” he said slamming the door. We looked at each other and sniggered. “He hates us” he smiled. “I know” I grinned cheekily.


Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

You can see all of my Forduary entries here and all of my Stanuary entries here.

The Ultimate Overwatch Questionnaire!

1. Who is your defense main?

2. Who is your support main?

3. Who is your offense main?

4. Who is your tank main?

5. Who is you MAIN main?

6. Which character have you played the least?

7. Which character do you want to learn how to play?

8. Which character do you dislike the most?

9. Which character’s background story do you like the most?

10. Which character’s background story do you like the least?

11. Which map is your favorite?

12. Which map is your least favorite?

13. What Arcade game type is your favorite?

14. What Arcade game type is your least favorite?

15. Do you prefer quick play, competitive, arcade mode, or custom games?

16. Which map type is your favorite? Assault, escort, assault & escort, control, or arena?

17. Which map type is your least favorite? Assault, escort, assault & escort, control, or arena?

18. Which event map was your favorite?

19. Which event map reskin was your favorite?

20. Which event was your favorite?

21. Which event legendary skin was your favorite?

22. Which event was your least favorite?

23. Which event legendary skin was your least favorite?

24. Which event non-legendary skin was your favorite?

25. Which event non-legendary skin was your least favorite?

26. Which event item do you most regret not getting?

27. Did you beat the Uprising event on Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary?

28. Do you have Sombra’s “Power Outage” achievement?

29. Do you have Widowmaker’s “Smooth as Silk” achievement?

30. Do you have Lucio’s “The Floor is Lava” achievement?

31. Do you have Zenyatta’s “Rapid Discord” achievement?

32. What was the first achievement you got?

33. Did you get the “Not A Scratch,” achievement on Junkenstein’s Revenge?

34. What has been the hardest achievement to get for you?

35. What’s your current SR score in Competitive Mode?

36. What the highest you’ve been in Competitive?

37. What’s the most amount of placement matches you’ve won?

38. How many gold guns do you have?

39. Which was the first gold gun you got?

40. Whose gold gun do you currently want?

41. What role do you usually play in Competitive?

42. If you don’t play Competitive, why not?

43. What kind of theme event would you like to see in the future?

44. What type of character would you like to see in the future?

45. Who needs more (or better) skins in the future?

46. What country would you like a new character to come from?

47. Favorite voice line?

48. Favorite player icon?

49. Favorite emote?

50. Favorite spray?

51.Favorite victory pose?

52. Favorite highlight intro?

53. Characters you ship the most?

54. Characters you ship the least?

55. Characters you wish had more in-game interactions?

56. Character you wish had a comic about?

57. Favorite comic released?

58. Favorite short released?

59. Favorite new character released?

60. Overwatch, Blackwatch, or Talon?

61. Pro-Omnic or anti-Omnic?

62. Favorite character that isn’t a playable one? (Ex: Emily, Brigitte, Gerard, Efi, etc.)

63. Character change (nerf, boost, work around) that you liked the most?

64. Character change (nerf, boost, work around) you liked the least?

65. Best ultimate?

66. Worst ultimate?

67. Most kills in game?

68. Most heals in game?

69. What character do you think needs a nerf?

70. What character do you think needs a buff?

71. Have you ever rage quit in the middle of a game?

72. What’s the fastest you’ve won a game?

73. What’s the fastest you’ve lost a game?

74. Your best Overwatch-related story?

75. Weirdest thing that happened to you on Overwatch?

76. Platform you play on?

77. Do you stream?

78. Do you normally play solo or with friends?

79. Have you made any friends because of Overwatch?

80. Have you cosplayed a character from Overwatch?

81. Have you ever wrote fan fiction about Overwatch?

82. What’s the lowest you’ve been in Competitive?

83. In “All Brawls,” if you get “Charge!” do you play Reinhardt or do you pick the Lucio role?

84. In “All Brawls,” if you get “One Shot, One Kill,” do you play Ana, Hanzo, or Widowmaker?

85. In “All Brawls,” if you get “This is Ilios,” do you pick Lucio or Roadhog?

86. Team Genji or Team Hanzo?

87. Be honest! Do you usually get on the payload?

88. Does your team?

89. What’s the longest session of Overwatch you’ve played?

90. No Limits, Mystery Heroes, or Total Mayhem?

91.Most cosmetics you have for one character?

92. Least cosmetics you have for one character?

93. Have you ever made your own custom game?

94. Best D.Va skin?

95. Best Mercy skin?

96. Best Tracer skin? 

97. Zarya’s Industrial and Cybergoth skins: yes, no, or HELL NO?

98. Do you want more animal character, robot characters, or human characters?

99. Is there are character you’d get rid of completely?

100. What do you think Sombra’s real name is?
Ten things I learned about writing from Stephen King
The novelist James Smythe, who has been analysing the work of Stephen King for the Guardian since 2012, on the lessons he has drawn from the master of horror fiction
By James Smythe

Stephen King is an All-Time Great, arguably one of the most popular novelists the world has ever seen. And there’s a good chance that he’s inspired more people to start writing than any other living writer. So, as the Guardian and King’s UK publisher Hodder launch a short story competition – to be judged by the master himself – here are the ten most important lessons to learn from his work.

1. Write whatever the hell you like

King might be best known – or, rather, best regarded – as a writer of horror novels, but really, his back catalogue is crammed with every genre you can think of. There are thrillers (Misery, Gerald’s Game), literary novels (Bag Of Bones, Different Seasons), crime procedurals (Mr Mercedes), apocalypse narratives (The Stand), fantasy (Eyes Of The Dragon, The Dark Tower series) … He’s even written what I think of as being one of the greatest Young Adult novels of all time: The Long Walk. Perhaps the only genre or audience he hasn’t really touched so far is comedy, but most of his work features moments that show his deft touch with humour. It’s clear that King does what he wants, when he wants, and his constant readers – the term he calls his, well, constant readers – will follow him wherever he goes.

2. The scariest thing isn’t necessarily what’s underneath the bed

Horror is a curious thing. What scares one person won’t necessarily scare another. And while there might be moments in his horror novels that tread towards the more conventional ideas of what some find terrifying, for the most part, the truly scary aspects are those that deal with humanity itself. Ghosts drive people to madness, telekinetic girls destroy whole towns with their powers, clowns … well, clowns are just bloody terrifying full stop. But the true crux of King’s ability to scare is finding the thing that his readers are actually worried about, and bringing that to the fore. If you’re writing horror, don’t just think about what goes bump in the night; think about what that bump might drive people to do afterwards.

3. Don’t be scared of transparency

One of my favourite things about King’s short story collections are the little notes about each tale that he puts into the text. The history of them, the context for the idea, how the writing process actually worked. They’re not only invaluable material for aspiring writers – because exactly how many drafts does it take to reach a decent story? King knows! – but they’re also brilliant nuggets of insight into King himself. Some people might think that it’s better off knowing nothing about authors when they read their work, but for King, his heart is on his sleeve. In his latest collection, The Bazaar of Broken Dreams, King gets more in-depth than ever, talking about what inspired the stories in such an honest way that it couldn’t have come from another writer’s pen. Which brings us to …

4. Write what you know. Sort of. Sometimes

Write what you know is the most common writing tip you’ll find anywhere. It’s nonsense, really, because if we all did that we’d end up with terribly boring novels about writers staring out of windows waiting for inspiration to hit. (If you like those, incidentally, head straight for the literary fiction section of your nearest bookshop.) But King understands that experience is something which can be channelled into your work, and should be at every opportunity. Aspects of his life – addiction, teaching, his near-fatal car accident, rock and roll, ageing – have cropped up in his work over and over, in ways that aren’t always obvious, but often help to drive the story. That’s something every writer can use, because it’s through these truths that real emotions can be writ large on the page.

5. Aim big. Or small

King’s written some mammoth books, and they’re often about mammoth things. The Stand takes readers into an apocalypse, with every stage of it laid out on the page until the final fantastical showdown. It deals with a horror that hits a group of characters twice in their lives, showing us how years and years of experience can change people. And The Dark Tower is a seven (or eight, or more, if you count the short stories set in its world) part series that takes in so many different genres of writing it’s dizzying. When he needs to, King aims really big, and sometimes that’s what you have to do to tell a story. At the other end of the spectrum, some of King’s most enduring stories – Rita Hayworth & Shawshank Redemption, The Mist – have come from his shorter works. He traps small groups of characters in single locations and lets the story play out how it will. The length of the story you’re telling should dictate the size of the book. Doesn’t matter if it’s forty thousand words or two hundred, King doesn’t waste a word.

6. Write all the time. And write a lot

King’s published – wait for it – 55 novels, 11 collections of stories, 5 non-fiction works, 7 novellas and 9 assorted other pieces (including illustrated works and comic books). That’s over a period of 41 years. That’s an average of two books a year. Which is, I must admit, a pretty giddying amount. That’s years of reading (or rereading, if you’re as foolishly in awe of him as I am). But he’s barely stopped for breath. This year has seen three books published by him, which makes me feel a little ashamed. Still, at my current rate of writing, I might catch up with him sometime next century. And while not every book has found the same critical and commercial success, they’ve all got their fans.

7. Voice is just as important as content

King’s a writer who understands that a story needs to begin before it’s actually told. It begins in the voice of the novel: is it first person, or third? Is it past or present tense? Is it told through multiple narrators, or just the one? He’s a master at understanding exactly why each story is told the way it’s told. Sure, he might dress it up as something simple – the story finding the voice it needs, or vice versa – but through his books you can see that he’s tried pretty much everything, and can see why each voice worked with the story he was telling.

8. And Form is just as important as voice

King isn’t really thought of as an experimental novelist, which is grossly unfair. Some of King’s more daring novels have taken on really interesting forms. Be it The Green Mile’s fragmented, serialised narrative; or the dual publication of The Regulators and Desperation – novels which featured the same characters in very different situations, with unsettling parallels between the stories that unfolded for them; or even Carrie’s mixed-media narrative, with sections of the story told as interview or newspaper extract. All of these novels have played with the way they’re presented on the page to find the perfect medium for telling those stories. Really, the lesson here from King is to not be afraid to play.

9. You don’t have to be yourself

Some of King’s greatest works in the early years of his career weren’t published by King himself. They were in the name of Richard Bachman, his slightly grislier pseudonym. The Long Walk, Thinner, The Running Man – these are books that dealt with a nastier side of things than King did in his properly attributed work. Because, maybe it’s good to have a voice that allows us to let the real darkness out, with no judgments. (And then maybe, as King eventually did in The Dark Half, it’s good to kill that voice on the page … )

10. Read On Writing. Now

This is the most important tip in the list. In 2000, King published On Writing, a book that sits in the halfway space between autobiography and writing manual. It’s full of details about his process, about how he wrote his books, channelled his demons and overcame his challenges. It’s one of the few books about writing that are actually worth their salt, mainly because it understands that it’s about a personal experience, and readers might find that useful. There’s no universal truths when it comes to writing. One person’s process would be a nightmare for somebody else. Some people spend years labouring on nearly perfect first drafts; some people get a first draft written in six weeks, and then spend the next year destroying it and rebuilding it. On Writing tells you how King does it, to help you to find your own. Even if you’re not a fan of his books, it’s invaluable to the in-development writer. Heck, it’s invaluable to all writers.

my mom always told me sweetheart you can’t ever expect other people to love you as deeply as you love them. i should have listened to her. i am not saying you don’t love me but maybe you don’t love me as much as i love you. its no competition. love isn’t a competition. but i took your word for when you said you loved me. i took it by heart. i just didn’t know you didn’t love me enough to save me before you saved yourself. you just didn’t love me enough to save me from myself. you didn’t love me as much as I loved you but then again love is not a competition. if that were the case why’d you say i love you more every night before sleeping when you didn’t.
—  m o r e//nikitagupta

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Could you rate how good of a hugger each of the 1A kids would be?

oh heck yeah

Izuku - gives excited, soft sweet hugs. sometimes lifts up whoever he’s hugging. will sometimes squeeze the life out of you but that’s ok and, his friends love when he gets excited enough to do that. very affectionate, a great hugger, 10/10

Ochako - GREAT HUGGER!!! Loves hugging her friends!! Sometimes accidentally activates her quick tho and makes them float but that’s cool too, and floaty happy cheerful hugs are always great. 10/10

Iida - gives strong, sturdy hugs. never hugs halfheartedly, always gives it his all when hugging. hugging is Serious Business and he must show his friends the proper amount of affection for them to understand how much he loves them. 10/10

Kirishima - LOVES TO GIVE HUGS. Gives the best big bro hugs ever. will surround you with brotherly love and affection and will cry with you when you’re feeling sad. is a cuddler. 10/10

Bakugou - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, they’re very strong and soft, like he’s not sure what to do but dammit he’s gonna do his best but doesn’t wanna hurt you. the rarity of them makes them even more special. 11/10

Kaminari - will excitedly hug anyone close by, and loves giving and reviving hugs. will sometimes zap you when hugging but that’s ok, he’s just excited and loves his friends. 10/10

Tokoyami - gets embarrassed to give hugs, but when he does, he gives quick, tight ones that make you feel all warm and safe and like he doesn’t wanna let go. will often bury his face in your shoulder. only downside is that they end so quickly, but still really good hugs. 10/10

Todoroki - will drape himself over you in a hug. is still kinda new to hugging, but will cling onto you and never let go. was kinda awkward and stiff at first, but now he’s gotten used to it and is a very comfy hugger. 10/10

Momo - gives the most sweet, maternal hugs anyone has ever felt in their life. her hugs feel like sweetness and home and they all love hugging Momo b/c she is just So Nice. 10/10

Satou - STRONG HUGS!!! Will smother you with hugs and make you feel safe in his arms and give you big happy grins that make you feel all happy and fill you with brotherly affection. will sometimes lift you up depending on the EXCITEMENT!!! level. 10/10

Kouda - gives very, very shy sweet hugs. chest makes for a great soft pillow to rest your head against during hugs, and he will sometime pet your head and/or back during hugs. 10/10

Tsuyu - gives the most big sisterly hugs ever, that fill you will contentment and  happiness. very cuddly. will make you wanna sleep in her arms. 10/10

Jirou - gets embarrassed about showing affection, but gives quick, tight, cuddly hugs, and will grip the back of your shirt. short and sweet. 10/10

Aoyama - is actually not?? used to giving or receiving hugs, and tries to play it off as nothing, but tries to give the best hugs he can while feeling a little awkward. he ends up getting very cuddly after a while. wants to get better about giving hugs so he can become a better classmate to his class. great effort, 10/10

Tooru - loves squeezing people tight in sweet, energetic hugs that make you feel uplifted and encouraged and like nothing could ever make you feel sad again. her hugs smell like flowers. 10/10

Mina - doesn’t know her own strength sometimes and will lift people up and twirl them around if she can, and will make you feel like her best friend EVER!!! loves rubbing her face against people’s faces/shoulders/chests (depending on the height of the person). super affectionate. 10/10

Ojirou - gives quiet, soft, strong hugs that makes you feel comfortable and homey and like you’ll never have to worry again. feels the way homemade baked goods smell. 10/10

Sero - is a cuddly hugger and enjoys resting his head against people he hugs, especially on shorter people. always makes sure his elbows don’t poke people in awkward/painful ways. always gives big happy grins. sometimes ruffles your hair. very kind and sweet and considerate. 10/10

Shouji - absolutely LOVES giving hugs. can hug everyone at the same time. is the ultimate at giving big brotherly hugs. makes everyone feel safe and comfortable in his arms, and is very soft and sweet and a great pillow. will let you sleep on him. 11/10

All Might - depending on the situation, he will either give you STRONG ENERGETIC HUGS, or he’ll give you quiet fatherly hugs and hold you close in a soft, gentle grip. both are good. 11/10

Aizawa - rarely gives hugs, but when he does, he will practically lay against you, or hold you close like a pillow. very warm, cuddly, and comforting. will sometimes fall asleep on you. that’s perfectly ok. 10/10

Reasons to watch Murder, She Wrote..

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best story ever...

Pete: Hi
Brendon: it was the summer of 2001, and Joe meets Patrick and he’s like “yo, I know about music.” then Patrick’s like “yo I know more about music!” “that’s impossible. so you wanna start a band?” and Patrick’s like, “yeah that’s cool.” and then, he’s like “yo this is a book store not a music store.” and then they met at Patrick’s house. so Patrick’s wearing shorts, socks, and a hat. Patrick is playing drums for some fuckin’ reason and then Pete’s there for some reason. and they start playing music together and they’re like “oh, let’s play some covers from some other bands.” it was like Green Day, and fuckin’ Misfits, and fuckin’ Ramones. Pete said to Joe, “yo, that’s dope, but we need a fuckin’ drummer.” because Patrick’s playing drums and he’s a singer. Patrick’s like “yo, I got a soul voice,” and they’re like “wait how do you have a soul voice?” and he’s like “yo, watch this: YEEEEEEeeeeeeEEEEEEeeeeeeeeEEEeeeeeeAAAAAAAAaaaaAAaahhh!” and they’re like, “oh my god, that sounds like soul!” so they put it in a song, and it was like, “WHERE IS YOUR BOY TONIIIIIIIiiiiiIIIIIIIIIiiiIIIIIIIGHT?!” and they’re like “yo that’s fuckin perfect, this is Fall Out Boy.” and they made records like Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend. Evening Out With Your Ex-Girlfriend, everybody loves it. “it’s called Evening Out With Your Girlfriend.” with your ex-girlfriend. it’s called evening out with your Ex-girlfriend. it’s called eating out your girlfriend, and it’s real and it doesn’t matter. and Pete talked to Patrick and Joe and he’s like “you what the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. yo, this is gonna be fuckin’ doooooooooope!” so they made a record and it was called Take this to Your Grave. they made it without a drummer, and they had like 3—4 drummers come in. The four drummers they had come in were like Josh Freese, Neil Pert, the dude from Toto, the fourth one was like the guy from Papa Roach or something, and they’re like “you, we need Andy Hurley. Andy Hurley. Take This to Your Grave. Fuckin’ record it.” and he did, and he killed it, and he was like “bigidalililililillillilila, PSHHH!” killin’ the skin, tapping the skins, tapping the rim, playin’ the shit, killing these bitches, rapping it out. you’re getting a fucking tattoo right now?! what the fuck is going on?! We should get signed to Fueled By Ramen, ‘cause thee guys know what the fuck is going on. and they were like “yo, if you can make our scene any bigger than it is, which is not fuckin’ hard, we will sign you guys.” and Pete was like “yo, we got this record that’s fuckin’ dooooooope, dude, it’s called Take This to Your Grave, it’s called From Under the Cork Tree it’s gonna be fucking huge.” and then Patrick’s like “I gotta keep it real, I gotta keep it artistic, these are three songs that are gonna make the album and it’s called-BURP-Thnks Fr th Mmrs, 20 Dollar Nose Bleed, and Sugar, Were Goin’ Down. and they made this record that was fuckin’ dope, and it fucking hit on the charts like one two three, three two one, three four five six seven eight nine ten. ten to one. From Under the Cork Tree sold like four million records. ten million records. fifteen million records. and Brendon Urie had nothing to do with the entire record. and Patrick was like "that’s gooooOOOOoooooOOOOOOOOd.” Pete was like, “yo, fuck you I can do whatever I want.” and Joe was like, “yeah it’s cool man whatever I don’t give a shit.” and then Andy was like “eh, cool.” and Pete was like “Make up is fuckin’ great for a guy. because it makes a guy look beautiful, which a lot of times, a guy is not beautiful. and I wanna change that. I wanna make sure everyone thinks that guys are beautiful.” I’m good so far yeah. yeah I do. SHUT THE FUCK. oh fuck, alright alright. Pete was like “oh my god, I’m so embarrassed about this dick pic.” and then I saw the dick pic and was like “ah it’s not bad.” it’s not a bad dick. let’s be real. we made Rollins Stones one issue before Fall Out Boy. and Fall Out Boy made the issue right after us and they were so pissed they were like “yo, fuck you guys!” they’re like “yo! Panic! has the fuckin’ cover for Rolling Stones, yo, fuck these dudes, we’re gonna fucking go miles above. we’re gonna hit every fuckin’ continent there is known to man.” but they didn’t because they missed a second of time. apparently they were like “oh shit, we got every continent.” and they didn’t actually hit it. dude, and Pete was like, “WHAT THE FUCK?! 'oh you didn’t fuckin’ make the continent’ it’s like FUCK YOU!” so From Under the Cork Tree happens, we fuckin’ have three-four years of awesomeness. like, people are coming in themselves 'cause it’s so big. Alright so Fall Out Boy was like– so Patrick’s like “yo, we are going to name these records from under the Cork tree and from Innity– from infinity on high.” Pete was like “yo folie à deux means the theatric of two.” “The madness of two.” oh sorry I’m sorry. follow boy was like “yo we got to take a break.” Meaning Pete was like “yo we got to take a break bro.” and Patrick’s like “I need time for my music. UHUhUhUHuhUUUh.” and joes like “yo I need time to find the fucking art dude I got to find some fucking me– metal” and andys like “i’m just gonna play with some fucking metal bands.” and they’re like “all right this breaks been like three years long two years long three years long 3 ½? we gotta fucking come back man we gotta come back strong.” you took my beer away what the fuck? “no you poured it all over yourself.” “yeah you poured it on yourself man here.” “we got to make this shit legit it’s gonna be fucking dope it’s going to go fucking sky high. we’re going to make a fucking record that sails the skies. we’re going to call this record save rock 'n’ roll.” so they made alone together light 'em up alone together Phoenix. and everybody’s like “what the fuck? you’re working with this guy who fuckin’ recorded Avril Lavigne and P!nk.” is this pu– what the fuck is this on my shirt, did I puke on myself? oh god. Pete was like “yo were gonna end up on a tour with Panic! At The Disco and twenty pilots. and that’s all and that’s all that matters. and that’s just how the fuckin’ story goes

Even if I lived forever, I would waste away a hundred eternities loving you.

And it would still be worth it. And it would still be the best thing I’ve ever done.


I dedicate all that is endless to you.


My heart tells me this is the best and greatest feeling I have ever had. But my mind knows the difference between wanting what you can’t have and wanting what you shouldn’t want. And I shouldn’t want you.
—  Cassandra Clare, City of Glass (The Mortal Instruments, #3)

A big thanks to BTS for inventing shorts. 

my band swag arrived safely from inter-dimensional customs :B

(aka @stanchez-sloppy-seconds is amazing and not only oldschool hand-bleached and dyed this dope freakin chicken nuggets shirt, but also made me a package brimming full of in-universe goodies including a signed polaroid and a legit mix cd)

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what did he say?

this is…from my bad short term memory, but he said sarah was one of the best drummers he’s ever heard, he said clare keeps him sane! and they have beautiful voices, better than his he said haha, and that they’re amazing natural musicians and he’s kinda in awe of that, and he said that all the boys suck hahaha