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Left Unguarded

by  kiazareni

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Yuri Plisetsky, a gold medalist figure skater who had broken his own world record for the highest score ever received on a short program, almost tripped over his own feet when he thought about kissing his best friend. What a fucking joke. He needed to do something about this and fast, before other people caught on.

Or, in which Yuri Plisetsky has Feelings™ and it sucks

Words: 18444, Chapter: 1/1, Language: English

Fandom:  Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)  

Rating:  Teen And Up Audiences

Characters: Mila Babicheva, Yakov Feltsman, Sara Crispino (mentioned), Yuri Plisetsky, Otabek Altin, Katsuki Yuuri, Victor Nikiforov

Relationship(s): Otabek Altin/Yuri PlisetskyKatsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov (side)

thejojosanctuary  asked:

Hey Jess :3 any chance you could write some relationship hcs for Reimi with a really physically affectionate S/O who just loves to cuddle and hug her out of nowhere just to surprise her and make her smile? ALSO HUN PLEASE TAKE A BREAK AT LEAST FOR A LITTLE WHILE IT'S ALL THE MORE DIFFICULT TO WORK WHILE YOU'RE STRESSED D: LY

TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE EVERY ONCE IN A WHILE ILY <3 I don’t think I’ve ever written for Reimi so this might be ooc and short 
where is my physically affectionate s/o tbh

Reimi with a cuddly S/O Headcanons

  • Reimi would more than likely be a person who enjoys physical contact at the best of times so she’d definitely be one to appreciate a good, nice cuddle when it’s offered to her. She’d have probably cuddled with her school friends at sleepovers so she’d have already been comfortable with that kind of contact.
  • The cuddling would always take place under a blanket, most likely with a nice film to watch with snacks but there’d always be some sort of contact with her partner such as touching their hands or playing with their fingers since this is a lot more casual, especially when the two are in public together. Of course, Arnold would have to be invited to join in for any group hugs as clearly Reimi and Arnold are very, very attached to one another and she wouldn’t want him to feel left out.
  • Honestly, Reimi would ideally want someone that could make her smile and enveloping hugs from behind at definitely a good way to make this happen. She’s a sweet girl with much to smile about. There’s a good chance that she’d seen a partner hugging their girlfriend from behind while baking in either a TV drama or a Shoujo Beat- of course she wouldn’t drop any hints, but she’d like to have this happen to her at least once. 
  • She probably wouldn’t be too big on excessive PDA but a bit of nice hand holding never hurt anybody! She’d quite like the warmth of someone else’s hand would definitely appreciate if their hand was soft to the touch too. Anything passed that would get her too embarrassed or uncomfortable since, obviously, they’re in public. 

our short film assignment got a first and the highest mark out of the whole module !! i can’t believe this time last year i’d handed in just two things and was about to fail uni, and this year i am literally top of the class at something ! changing course and going on antidepressants are the two best decisions i’ve ever made in my life. despite my still-raging eating disordered thoughts, i’m the happiest i’ve been in so so so many years. hence why im not so active on this blog anymore, and if i do im sure the tone of it will change slightly. im still here tho! im just too busy enjoying my life/ degree at the moment :-)

Men: A Hate Song

I hate Men;
They irritate me.

There are the Serious Thinkers–
There ought to be a law against them.
They see life, as through shell-rimmed glasses, darkly.
They are always drawing their weary hands
Across their wan brows.
They talk about Humanity
As if they had just invented it;
They have to keep helping it along.
They revel in strikes
And they are eternally getting up petitions.
They are doing a wonderful thing for the Great Unwashed–
They are living right down among them.
They can hardly wait
For “The Masses” to appear on the newsstands,
And they read all those Russian novels–
The sex best sellers.

There are the Cave Men–
The Specimens of Red-Blooded Manhood.
They eat everything very rare,
They are scarcely ever out of their cold baths,
And they want everybody to feel their muscles.
They talk in loud voices,
Using short Anglo-Saxon words.
They go around raising windows,
And they slap people on the back,
And tell them what they need is exercise.
They are always just on the point of walking to San Francisco,
Or crossing the ocean in a sailboat,
Or going through Russia on a sled–
I wish to God they would!

And then there are the Sensitive Souls
Who do interior decorating, for Art’s sake.
They always smell faintly of vanilla
And put drops of sandalwood on their cigarettes.
They are continually getting up costume balls
So that they can go
As something out of the “Arabian Nights.”
They give studio teas
Where people sit around on cushions
And wish they hadn’t come.
They look at a woman languorously, through half-closed eyes,
And tell her, in low, passionate tones,
What she ought to wear.
Colour is everything to them–everything;
The wrong shade of purple
Gives them a nervous breakdown.

Then there are the ones
Who are Simply Steeped in Crime.
They tell you how they haven’t been to bed
For four nights.
They frequent those dramas
Where the only good lines
Are those of the chorus.
They stagger from one cabaret to another,
And they give you the exact figures of their gambling debts.
They hint darkly at the terrible part
That alcohol plays in their lives.
And then they shake their heads
And say Heaven must decide what is going to become of them–
I wish I were Heaven!

I hate Men;
They irritate me.

–Dorothy Parker


A big thanks to BTS for inventing shorts. 

Magnus “I value what are perceived as good actions in the short term, without regard for what is best for others in the long term” Burnsides, Taako “I don’t pretend to ever take the nice path in the short term, and am starting to understand that some things must be sacrificed for the good others in the long term” Taaco, and Merle “If I murder Angus is it canonical” Highchurch

Witch tip!

So I am one of many witches, it seems, who lets out a little groan when a spell calls for a candle to burn all the way down until it puts itself out. “But that takes FOREVER. And I got shit to do, and I don’t wanna sit here for that long.” Because we wouldn’t ever leave a candle unattended, would we. For other lazy witches like me, or perhaps simply busy witches who don’t got time for that, little tip for ya…

Birthday candles! The fastest burning ones last literally a minute or two, and the slower ones, like these, last for maybe 5 to 10. It feels kinda like cheating, but in the best possible way. Also makes a great addition to a mini travel altar.

I actually can get really into it if there’s a short chant that I feel inclined to repeat. It’s the perfect amount of burn time to get lost in the words, but not so long that you’re all like, “Uh, ok, I can feel myself getting older. We done here?”

I’ve got white, blue, pink, and yellow here, but there’s just about every color in existence if you look hard enough.

And they fit in my little jars. Because JARS. Everything looks better in a jar.

Lesbian Book Recs

We are all sad right now so if anyone is interested in consuming lesbian romance novels until they forget about the world here are some potentially more obscure recs to enjoy. Some of these novels have dark themes or dark moments but I consider all of them optimistic novels at heart and all end happily. A warning for any kiddos, there is sex beware lol.

Blurred Lines by KD Williamson – Cheesy romance novel, A+ quality.
A brash hotshot detective gets shot and meets a cold doctor with no personal life. This is the best iteration of the most cliché lesbian romance novel plotline ever, and BOY is it a doozy. This book works so well because the two characters genuinely talk and get to know each other and help each other and their relationship is not forced or rushed. They have a lot of melodrama going on but the relationship between them doesn’t start until they are equal, until no one is hurt or is being pushed or off balance. An actual healthy relationship?????

Heiresses of Russ 2012 – Short story collection. Uneven but fun, worth 4$.
There is a story about a middle aged latina submarine captain who steals a ship and recruits a mermaid to help her escape american waters by promising to teach her how to pilot the ship. In return the mermaid is gonna destroy all the men they come across. The mermaid can’t use the pedals so has to sit in her lap. Like, all you need to know.

When Women Were Warriors by Catherine M Wilson – A super fun solid quality w!w fantasy trilogy.
It is long, you need to read all three to complete the romance arc but the fantasy aspect is good. Smart plucky headstrong young woman comes to train as a warrior and is apprenticed to a quiet traumatized outsider who doesn’t think she has anything to give anyone. The outsider won’t train her and when she gets severely wounded MC saves her life out of sheer spite. It’s gold. Their relationship is beautiful, it develops slowly and lets both characters grow and heal and learn. It is about found families and how to be wise, and what we have to teach others and it’s a Good Novel.

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How did you do it? 
I want you to tell me how exactly you did it
If I meant so much to you the way you said I did
If I was everything you ever wanted, needed, could dream of 
Then suddenly nothing, 
All at once. 
If I was beautiful, intelligent, alluring then suddenly boring, uninteresting and ugly
How was I one thing and then another in such a short time? 
How was your most favourite obsession then your least favourite memory? 
How was I your best friend, your only friend then a complete strange?
I want you to tell me, truthfully how you broke my heart? 
Because I have no idea 
I don’t have the answers 
But I keep wondering why
—  why & how
No, I don’t care how many times he apologized or how many nights you spent crying over him. You can never go back to him, you can’t let him play you ever again. I know he’s been your best friend for years and that once upon a time he told you he loved you, but HE left you. He decided he didn’t want you, so now you have to move on and know that you are worthy. He’s going to regret leaving and he’ll come right back, but no you can never go back to him.
—  Letters to myself @iloveyouforeverandmore

Love will taste like malasadas…or malasadas will taste like love?

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A picture + short story in honor of the most precious couple of dorks ever, now canon.

Happy belated Amourshipping  day everyone! ♥

The little montage at the end of “Regarding Dean” is one of best things to ever come out of 12 years of Supernatural. It wasn’t there to further the plot. It was there to give us a glimpse of a side of Dean Winchester that we don’t see all that often; that we haven’t seen in awhile. It was there to show us the side of Dean that can still enjoy life, despite everything that these boys have been through in their short yet long lives. It was there to remind us why we started watching this show and why we come back every week to hear more of the Winchester’s story. It was there to remind us why we love these boys.

And it was definitely there as an excuse to film Jensen Ackles having fun on a mechanical bull. 

Long story short, it felt like a gift to me: the kind they gave us at the end of “Yellow Fever,” or the video of Jensen singing “All Out of Love” on set in season 7, or the cast/crew appearing in the “Shake It Off” video by the Hillywood Show.

It felt like a gift to the fans, a gift for the cast and crew, and maybe even a gift for Sam and Dean.

Things like this are the reason why I’m still watching Supernatural after 12 long years. I love this Little Show that Could, and I’m with it til the end.

Why The Carry On Fandom Rocks

- Puns. For days.
- Snazzy Bazzy
- The memes are 👌
- Gay. Wizards.
- Cosplayyyyyyy (so many of us and so much fun)
- We are all Penny.
- Agatha. Stole. A. Dog. And the characters were like okay. And we’re like okay.
- The fanfiction is so great
- Best spell system ever
- Cherry is pretty much canon. Like we all just kinda accept it
- FUCK THE MAGE (the one thing we all agree on)
- The aesthetics are !!!