this was the best quality video i could find

PSA For New/Beginner Musicians

Sorry I haven’t posted here in a bit folks, been rather busy trying to get that EP out, but now that I have, I’m back and I’m all yours.

Anyways, I have some important advice for… well any musician, really, but it’s something I know I struggled with a lot when I was first starting out and I wish someone had told me.

Now this may not be so prevalent in certain circles, but in the circles I started out in (and some I’m still in), gear seems like it’s everything. And honestly? “Good” gear, the gear people dream of, and the gear people really want, is expensive.

But more importantly, it doesn’t really matter. All that matters is that whatever you’re playing, whatever your setup is, sounds good to you. Even if it doesn’t sound good to anyone else, the question is, do you like it? As long as the answer is yes, you don’t need to change a thing.

Some of, what to me, is the best sounding gear I own, is also some of the cheapest.

What got me thinking on this is I just watched a video of a guy playing a $100 guitar and a $10,000 guitar. 90% of the time, if I closed my eyes, I honestly couldn’t tell which was which. When I could, I actually personally preferred the $100 one’s sound.

I’ll probably follow this up with a quick little advice post on finding good gear for cheap as well, because I’ve discovered that quite often what you end up paying the big bucks for isn’t quality, it’s the brand name.

- Mod Cody

Playlist: Left Eye

Left Eye died 15 years ago and I wanted to collect all of my favorite verses from her in one playlist.

I might be in the minority, but I’m a much bigger fan of Left Eye earlier in her career.  The longer she was in the game, the lower her voice got and the more philosophical her rhymes became to the point where, honestly, some of her most classic rhymes I still be like “…what?”  I don’t she was getting the respect she deserved as a lyricist because she was cute, in a group, and sounded like a little girl.  The other women in rap were a lot harder than she was and instead of staying true to what I thought made her unique, she changed her style to meet theirs and it wasn’t quite as successful, to me anyway.

I put these songs in chronological order, but I wanted to put this video for “Freedom” (1995) at the top because you can really see how unique she was alongside other Queens of Rap at the time.  "Freedom" was the theme from Panther and the original R&B version featured artists like Monica, Vanessa Williams, TLC, En Vogue, SWV, etc.  An alternative Rap Version was produced and shot as well featuring Queen Latifah, Yo-Yo, Patra, MC Lyte, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Salt N Pepa and another artist I don’t recognize.  Unfortunately it’s not on Spotify so I can’t add it to my playlist, but you should find it and download it.  It’s one of my favorite moments in Left Eye’s discography.

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Hey Mimi, I thought that the best idea is to ask you. Do you know where could I find the video, I guess it's when they were in Japan, when Jungkook was like grabbing /hitting Jimin's butt? Also Taehyung(?) was giving Yoongi a piggyback there.

Oooh, It was in 2015 BTS Live trilogy: Episode II. The Red Bullet ~Second half~ in Thailand (150808). You can find the fancam HERE ^^ Oh boi that was some quality fancam! 

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Where are you watching Skam? Could you possibly share episodes with English subs?

ofc! I watch Skam on Dailymotion. I find that they have the highest quality and best subs. The username is  SKAM English - Dailymotion

Here are the latest *UPDATED*

Season 4 Episode 3 Clip 1 - 4

Season 4 Episode 2 full

Season 4 Episode 1 full


Entrevistas de Studio KGFC y UEFA con Christen Press en Suecia 2012-14 Göteborg FC y Tyresö FF. Perdón por la calidad de algunos videos,es lo mejor que pude encontrar.

(Studio interviews KGFC and UEFA with Christen Press in Sweden 2012-14 Göteborg FC and Tyresö FF. Sorry for the quality of some videos, the best I could find.)


Every time I meet Chelsea (Handler), I must’ve been so scared, like “Chelsea’s gonna fuckin’ destroy me!” I don’t know where to be and she’s gonna kill me.

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hello! on monday's concert, when they were saying goodbye, they all thanked the fans in english/portuguese with phrases they had rehersed before the concert, but jimin got very emocional and decided to give a heartfelt thank you speech in korean. i was wondering if you could please translate it? i'm so curious to know what he said! i'll even search for the video with better quality for you if you're ok with translating it <3

If you can find the video, we’ll do our best to translate it for you ^^
- Kylie


End of Evangelion - Alternate Live Action Sequence (1997)

“This isn’t reality. It’s a world without me. Even if I’m not here, the world doesn’t change. Only the relationships with me have disappeared. That’s right, I’m not here.”

“You were taking revenge on reality with convenient dreams.”

“Is that wrong?”

“You were fleeing into dreams, and glossing over the truth.”

“Is it wrong to dream?”

“That is not a dream. It is just an illusion. A compensation for reality.”

Anime Matsuri 2017 Adventure I

The Zuka Nerd Within Starts to Show

The Sailor Moon Musical cast performed a special short skit for Anime Matsuri and it was…interesting.  The intro clip was campy fun but it was nice that they catered to Houstonians (Sailor Senshi saved Houston, yay!).  It’s basically cast fighting evil & singing intro songs.  However, there was clearly some disconnect between the Japanese cast and U.S. crew and probably a rushed job with little rehearsal.  Lighting cues were off, the entire unedited script was pasted on the screen and did not always match what was being said at the time, and I’m sure the original musical is an overall superior product.  The actors were really good and remained in character like pros and the show was more of an opening number to jump start AM.

Surprisingly, the opening ceremony was quite formal with the SM cast getting honors and commemorating Apr07 as Sailor Moon Day.  Though…perhaps this would have been stronger gesture if the manga-ka got the award? But I digress…

BECAUSE OMG I saw Yamato Yuuga live! She has the best job as in she mostly runs around the stage twirling her cape like a boss. She sings too, ofc ^^ I dare say, she even upstaged Sailor Moon herself!  She was really playing to the crowd in the end waving & blowing kisses and then you wished you were in the front seats. Tani still got it!

Shiotsuki Shuu & Fujioka Sayaka, other OGs, were there too as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.  They utilized their otokoyaku & musumeyaku voices to great effect.  The chemistry is strong between them.

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