this was the best i could do with the quality of the vid

Stop the press!

Forget everything you’ve ever learned about the tale of how the propane bombs were planted at Columbine High. We all know how slick and cool REB and VoDkA  came across in the famous scene of Zero Hour. They strolled into the Commons with fierce purpose shrouded in their uber school shooter dark aesthetic: black trench coats, combat boots and shades carrying their pièce de résistance bombs in their “bags of terrorism” (yes, they referred to them as that).  Casually kneeling down and setting their instruments of terror with ease right in front of their peers. 

But in reality?  

Well, reality paints a very different picture demonstrating how banal the entire thing looked. Amazingly ordinary and casual..yet as we’ll later learn, they almost look a little too slow pokey considering their very tight schedule.

I lightened these images up and sharpened them as well.

‘Eric’ approaching the column from the left
wobbling a bit with his orange gym bag held in his right hand

A wild ‘Dylan’ lopes forth approaching the column from the left
carrying his navy blue gym bag in his left hand

slowed down…

Here be some ordinary looking dudes hauling their heavy but lethal gym bags near the columns in the cafeteria. ‘Eric’s’ small frame is struggling a slight bit barely managing to prevent the bag from coming into contact with objects or people walking by. The two are having no trouble being themselves, looking effortlessly awkward yet casual af while ironically implementing something deadly.. 

Of course, we didn’t really expect that level of dramatic professionalism from Eric and Dylan now did we?  Nah.. Not really.  

This is going to be long. so read on under the cut. :)   

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The Ladynoir Diaries (for insanitysbloomings)

Sliding a letter opener under the lip of the bulky yellow envelope, Alya tentatively pried the parcel open as though it was a bomb…which for all she knew, it might have been.

She didn’t quite know what to make of the parcel labeled Exclusive Ladyblog Content that she found waiting for her in the mailbox when she got home from school. Her cautious side warned her that this could be a trap set by one of the many (lower quality) Ladybug and Chat Noir fan blogs that had cropped up as the Ladyblog got more and more popular. On the other hand, Alya couldn’t exactly keep the blog going herself. The Ladyblog was a one woman production, and if Alya wanted to keep it the leading source of all Ladybug info, she had to take whatever help she could get.

Still…didn’t hurt to be careful.

After making reasonably sure the package didn’t contain any shifty wires, oil stains, or anthrax, she tipped the contents onto her desk with a raised eyebrow. A small, black flash drive slid across her workstation, followed by a small slip of paper. In neat, flowy cursive that seemed irritatingly familiar, the note read simply: For Our Biggest Fan~


Heart pounding, she fumbled as she tried to jam the flash drive into her laptop as quickly as possible. She bounced up and down in her seat as she opened the folder titled January, fingers trembling as she clicked on the first video simply labeled Hello!


She nearly had a heart attack as Ladybug’s smiling face filled the screen.


Hi there!” Ladybug said, scratching the back of her neck with a sheepish smile. “I know this is probably a surprise, but hopefully it’s a good one?”


Ladybug was standing on a rooftop overlooking a park, pacing as she talked into the camera. “I…well we wanted to put together something to thank you for all the stellar work you’ve done on the Ladyblog. We figured out Chat’s communicator could take videos—probably to record evidence or something—so, naturally, we decided to start shooting a few patrols; one a month for the past year.”


Alya’s heart was in her throat as Ladybug bit her lip, looking away with a small laugh, before turning back to the lens. “We, uh…we got more than we thought we would and wanted to share some of it with you…so, hope you enjoy?”


Ladybug did a little finger wave at the camera, before the feed cut off, leaving Alya staring at a series of folders, each dated and organized so she could easily thumb through at her leisure. She had a pile of homework to do, a test to study for, and sisters to mind. But she supposed clicking on one video couldn’t hurt.

Just one…for now.


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Recommended Viewing

Here is possibly the best introductory video to the Tower I could ask for:

The oddly-titled “Casi Smith ‘Tower of Terror!’ Producer.avi” (henceforth called the “Casi Smith video”) packs a punch for being just over three minutes long.  I’m not sure of the context in which this clip originally played, although that label at the beginning makes me suspect that it was an in-room commercial that originally played at the resort hotels.  It is a well-done promotional piece for the Tower, that most importantly features a summary of the ride by the Imagineers who designed it.  It also highlights a postcard Easter Egg that I’d never noticed or heard mentioned before.  Given where the postcard is shown in the video, it may have been difficult or impossible to view from guest areas!  Amusingly, a sharp eye can spot some promotional footage clearly recycled from the Florida ride; for example the footage of a group boarding the ride clearly shows the Floridian version of the loading area.

An alternate version of the video, hosted on the same YouTube channel, features Casi Smith herself (given the job description of “Reporter”) introducing the clip, which also makes me think this might have been in circulation as a promotional fluff piece to be distributed by news channels.  The version with the Casi Smith intro, titled “Tower of Terror Casi PKG” is here:

Now for some other interesting videos:

Although the title (“Low Light Twilight Zone Tower of Terror California Adventure 1080p 60fps Full Complete Ridethrough” by LMG vids) is a wordy mouthful,  this video is the best Tower of Terror ride video I have yet seen for any incarnation of the attraction.  Luckily, it’s exactly for the Tower I’ll be discussing here!  Though not perfect (the mirror effect on the first “floor” is not working properly), this is the most complete and true-to-life video presentation of the ride I have yet found.  It includes a walk through the queue, the pre-show, and the ride itself, all done in high-quality low light video.  I may refer to this video as a reference point in the “Detailed Walkthrough”, where I will call it “the LMG vid” for short.

This is “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror WDW HD—Ultimate Tribute” by Martin Smith.  I included this as a footnote in my comparison of the four different Towers, but it also deserves its place here.  Notably, this does NOT discuss the California Adventure version of the ride (as the title indicates, this is a documentary about the Florida version), so therefore this video is not completely relevant here. However, a significant portion of the documentary instead discusses the origins of the Tower concept in general, which I do not bother to otherwise explain in this blog.  Feel free to skip this one if you’re not interested in the concept origins or are uninterested in the Florida version of the ride.

viktor-noctis  asked:

Okay, so... I've followed you for awhile (love your work) and I've played Dragon Age and know the whole story. HOWEVER, could you please explain Garrus? Or the fascination with him. I probably sound very stupid but I've never played Mass Effect, nor do I know anything about it so... Why is he so sexy to everyone? I don't understand.

(Thanks for reading! <3)

Um, where to start? I’ve never had to consciously put organized thought into it, but I’ll try.


Let me preface this by saying that these are only my personal reasons, and that they might not be the same - or even close to - anyone else’s. And this list is by no means comprehensive, just summing up the big ones for me.

Point the first: I am a total sucker for the friends-turned-lovers narrative

Shakarian is a classic example of this romantic trope, and I welcome it with open arms. The friendship starts off as a partnership/mentorship of sorts, when Garrus joins the crew as a young, idealistic C-sec officer full of drive and faith in the system. He very clearly looks up to Shepard, who breaks all the rules and kicks some serious ass doing so. And as they track down Saren together, they definitely have the potential for the bond of ultimate bros. It takes a lot of trust for my Shep (a vanguard, for ease of illustration) to take the mid- and close-range battle positions and leave the cover/sniping to someone else. Garrus is that someone.

By the second game, Shepard is dead and Garrus’ method of mourning is a far cry from weepy acceptance and moping - he follows Shepard’s example, taking things into his own hands and sticking it to the scum of the galaxy with a ragtag band of mercs. When they meet again, they’re equals, and he’s a total BAMF. 

Shit goes down between them in ME2, reflecting the changing nature of their relationship. He’s a bit older, a bit angrier, and he has an axe to grind. But he’s still himself and it shows in the conflicts and discussions they have. Sidonis is the big one, and Garrus reacts to Shepard’s decisions accordingly.

He’s still the most loyal motherfucker, though. They have a shared history of hell and high water, and even seeing Shepard with Cerberus, his immediate response is “I know you. You probably have a damn good reason.” The other romanceable squadmates don’t share that faith - Kaidan and Ashley drop Shep like a hot potato, and Liara, well… Liara’s involvement and resulting trust issues are a whole other kettle of fish.

So after all of that, Shepard can walk into anything with Garrus - even having sex and possibly love outside their respective species. One line in particular, when he expresses concerns about the logistics and suggests she find something a little closer to home, sticks out: “I don’t want something closer to home. I want you. I want someone I can trust.”

And it’s at the word ‘trust’ that he’s 100% on board. Like, ‘yeah, this is what this is about. Trust, and the two of us.’

They were friends, and they’re going to try this new thing with the best person they know. Can’t get better than that.

Point the second: His sense of humor

His dry sense of humor, especially as it develops throughout the games, is pretty on par with what makes me (and also my canon Shepard) laugh. Some choice examples: 

(When Grunt is brought to Tuchanka for his adulthood ritual)
“So this is adolescence? Can’t we just take him to Omega and buy him a few dances?”

(Tuchanka again)
Garrus: “Hospitals aren’t fun to fight through.”
Shepard: “What is fun to fight through?”
Garrus: “Gardens, electronic shops. Antique stores, but only if they’re classy.”

(On Illium)
“Wait, We can disobey suicidal orders? Why wasn’t I told?“

(On the Citadel)
Shepard: “I suppose we could catch a Hanar poetry reading.”
Garrus: “No offense, but if the end of the galaxy is coming, I’m not going out on the phrase ‘This One feels like a flower.’”

Also, the jokes he cracks with squadmates are always pretty good. Snappy, dry, and sarcastic. Good humor cocktail.

Point the third: Cool and smooth in combat, awkward as fuck in love

This is another thing that hits me right in the heart-place. When fighting, Garrus is surehanded, even cocky about his abilities. He’s skilled. He knows it. And he never hesitates. His combat banter reflects that, as do his interactions with the crew. Smooth fucking operator with a gun and a stealth cloak, that’s Garrus Vakarian. But when it comes to Shepard:

Garrus: yeah, you know, tied with the best hand-to-hand combat specialist when we sparred, nbd
Shepard: we should fuck
Garrus: …?
Shepard: (hits him with a brick)
Garrus: ohhhhhhh

And it’s not that he doesn’t want to be with her. Far from it, as can be seen from the changes in his expression and tone when telling her that hells yes, he wants to try. But his fledgling attempts at romance?

Garrus: [okay try and be romantic]
Garrus: Murdering things metaphor. But for sex.
Garrus: [fuck]

Garrus: [keep the talk sexy]
Garrus: I’ll look up some vids on interspecies copulation data.
Garrus: [nice, asshole]

Garrus: [steamy talk is part of human foreplay, casanova that shit up]
Garrus: That thing you have is… nice. And that other body part looks… supportive.
Garrus: [goddamnit vakarian]

It’s hilariously endearing to see him so far removed from his element, yet so earnest. And Shepard doesn’t make fun of him or turn him down, instead just grinning along with it and knowing that being able to read him like a book is a beautiful thing.

He does gain some confidence and a few good moves by ME3, but he still has the occasional slip-ups and classic Vakarian-In-Love moments that characterize his romance.

Point the fourth: The voice

The developers chose to use flanging for Turian voices, which is a) cool as shit and b) very pleasing to my ear. Garrus in particular has a rich voice, and the tones they use are really great for his deadpan delivery.

Though I suppose the voice is more about Turians in general rather than Garrus specifically, but his voice is very appealing. His actor also did a bang-up job, and that kind of rough, gravelled quality is something I really enjoy.

Point the fifth: Respect

This is an important, if not the most important aspect of his romance for me, though it may seem counterintuitive: if you decide that the Garrus train is not for you, he hears the word ‘no’ and is a total fucking mensch about it.

I think the best illustration of this is when you first recruit him back in ME3, and if you romanced him in ME2, he knocks on that door. Remember being together? He does. It was a good thing, and he wants to keep it going.

But maybe you don’t feel the same. Maybe you romanced someone else on ME1 and that torch is still burning now that they’re back in your life. Maybe you just want to focus on the mission. Maybe the answer is ‘no,’ and you don’t have or want to give a reason.

Totally understood, he says as you tell him it was what it was. No pressing, no ‘but whyyyyy’ or stomping or anger, just do what you need to do and he’ll be with you 100% of the way. 

That is a rare bird, indeed. Rare space bird.

To sum up: Garrus’ writing hits all of my ‘hells yes’ humor, consent, and intimacy buttons. Shep and Garrus forever.

(Hope that answers your question!)


Please watch in 1080 + Headphones!

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Rodney Mckay / John Sheppard (McShep)
Song: Can’t Pretend by Tom Odell

Warning at the 3 min mark for flashing images.  If you can’t hear some dialogue, it’s all written below.  Chrome apparently works best for quality at the moment.

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Talking about Elvis the Alien + what I’ve noticed.

(This is gonna be a REALLY long one, heads up if you don’t care that much lol)

I want to start this off by saying I am a fan of Elvis- I think he makes good content and is an overall cool dude. But as some may know, he is involved in the Leafy drama to some extent, considering he is working on a Leafy exposed video right now. But I wouldn’t have made this post if I hadn’t noticed something about his channel today.

For starters, I wouldn’t say that Elvis is backstabbing Leafy per se (in my opinion). He has always been fair and honest about him in the past. To give some background/insight, I follow the podcast he hosts along with BionicPig and Zaptie, Hot Wet Soup, quite religiously and they talk about Leafy in many of their episodes. In the older ones (2-3 months ago), they gave criticism, but despite it being negative, even as a fan of Leafy I could agree with most of their points. In more recent episodes, they’ve said that Leafy “had turned a new leaf” (a good pun lol) and that he was excited about what he uploaded now. They acknowledged his improvement. In fact, Leafy agreed to come on the podcast but they found difficulty agreeing on a mutual time because of his sleep & upload schedule. They succeeded in getting him on, but the audio file was corrupted/lost… but they said Leafy was still interested in rerecording. (But I guess it isn’t happening now considering the new change in opinions… i was really looking forward to this tbh) I’ve always respected them in regards to what they said about Leaf because they were fair/unbiased, gave constructive criticism, but gave credit when due.

Now, on things more up to date: I noticed that four videos have been removed/privated on Elvis’ channel and I’d like to discuss them to make a point. (I remember seeing these when they came in my sub list & I remember their content, but now can’t be viewed):

  1. I Do Not Like Keemstar: On Twitter, Elvis said he removed this because his opinions had changed on Keemstar. I can respect that reason, so I’m not using this as a point, but it was worth a mention. So moving on…
  2. Injustice on YouTube feat. LeafyIsHere & NFKRZ (Community Guideline Strike Abuse): Elvis has a video called Leafy Dickriders (still up) talking about the people who sacrifice their dignity online in order to get youtubers like Leaf to make a video on them: (KatieTriggersMe, Mr. Tinfoil, Twigs). He received an unjust community guideline strike for the video, and Leafy along with NFKRZ discussed this. Wish I could find his exact dialogue somewhere but in a nutshell: Leafy was helping a smaller youtuber, Elvis, make a fuss about the strike so he could get some attention to the issue. He said that he knew that back when he was smaller, if he got this kind of abuse from Youtube, he wouldn’t have been able to stand up against it and wanted to help Elvis in that regard. He did this despite the fact Elvis took a jab at him in the video, “Leafy makes the same videos every day yet you guys keep eating that shit like cereal” - but later took this back in the comment section saying “over the last month his content has improved drastically”. The video ended up being put back up.
  3. KEEMSTAR Reports Illegitimate Sub Bot Claims Against Leafy (RE: LEAFY EXPOSED): This was honestly a really good video. He talked to the guy who made the original video, got audio clips, talked in dms, did research, etc: He did his shit right with the video and gave strong evidence with good points on why Leafy did not subbot, and that Keemstar was not reporting the truth.
  4. Commentary Channels Speak Their Piece (ft. LeafyIsHere, Pyrocynical, NFKRZ & more): Good video as well. He asked many people in the community to give an audio clip of what they thought of the genre. It wasn’t a roast of Mishovy but rather different viewpoints on the commentary community and its positives and negatives. As seen from the title, Leafy contributed to this and was in the video.

Now to the point of this post: Why were these videos involving Leafy taken down? I’m not calling him out or anything, but he eliminated the times that Leafy helped him out/contributed to the video, and gave him support. Everyone right now is persecuting Leafy for not supporting smaller channels, and I am seeing nobody acknowledge the times he did. (There are more instances in which he shouted out/supported, I could list them but this post is long enough already and focused on Elvis. Click on this post for just one example.)

NOW: I am not saying that these instances when he did help smaller people out disregards the things he’s done that are wrong. I’m not saying the times he’s supported someone nullifies the times he didn’t: But this logic works vice versa. All the good things Leafy has done shouldn’t be disregarded just because he has done shitty things. I can also use this point for Nick (+others), and how he chose not to acknowledge in his expose video that Leafy did in fact give him a shoutout, (said his channel name in a vid, along with his channel on screen) along with donations on stream.

But people keep acting like these occasions don’t exist, and this leads to a- if I dare say it- slightly manipulated reality. If people are going to make a well-made, full judgment on Leafy and this whole situation, everything he’s done (bad AND good) should be taken into consideration. Back when Keemstar was the punching bag of YouTube, nobody acknowledged the good things he did along with the bad, leading the viewers to think Keem as this heartless, soulless utter asshole with no redeeming qualities/actions. While Keem isn’t completely innocent in most of the points made against him, he isn’t what they made him out to be 100% either. (Same could be said with Leaf) And now everyone is sucking Keem’s dick with sympathy. Similarly, people are happy to leave out every occasion Leafy did something good to encourage and help paint his evil character for the expose videos.

I guess Elvis privated every video involving Leafy so when that expose video drops, anybody who glances at his channel wouldn’t infer that Leafy was in good relationship with him, and had contributed/helped him before. I mean, I’ll throw this in too- Leafy tweeted at Elvis that his “The Gluttony Queen” video was (quote on quote) his best video. I understand opinions on people change- like Elvis said about Keem- and I’m not making this post about that. The thing I’m making a point about is that it seems like he (and others) are trying to keep any videos that portray Leafy in a good light on the down low. All occasions should be brought up to the surface, and even if you think the bad overpowers the good, both should be fully aware by everyone nonetheless. I believe people should be able to know the good and bad things about controversial topics before making their judgment, writing up their comments and making debates about it.

Kind of what I’m doing with this post: I’m explaining the background of Elvis/Leafy relationship before bringing it into the recent drama. I think it’s important to give the full, complete story on someone before judgment. I apologize for the length of this post, but I wanted to say something about this, and I wouldn’t let myself say anything without giving everything involved. I actually kinda wish Elvis sees this, I’m curious about what he would say back.

Breaking Point.

‘This needs to end.’

’Huh?’ Shepard stopped mid stride, the quarian was stood with her hands on her hips, staring the Commander down. 

‘I am fed up. Honestly. This is ridiculous!’ Tali’s exasperation was palpable. 

‘What have I done now? You’re gonna have to be more specific’ Shepard sighed, resigned that going to bed was no longer an option. 

‘You either go to the Battery right now, or so help me, I will shoot either you or the turian, or maybe both. I haven’t decided yet.’ her voice had a manic quality to it, Shepard decided now was not the time to feign ignorance. 

‘Tali, honestly, now is neither the time nor the place. Anyway, it’s all a moot point. What exactly do you expect happen if I speak to him?’

‘You will finally put this raging sexual tension to bed, hopefully several times and we can all move on with our lives. I am sick and tired of being your third wheel “I’ve got your six!” translation “I know we are being shot at, but nice ass!”’ 

‘You’re even worse, every damn time he takes a glancing bullet you totally loose it and I end up in the cross fire! I could die Shepard! I COULD DIE!’

‘And damn it, I am not blind! You think I don’t see you staring at him, and him shooting ‘subtle’ glances your way! Keehla, it’s like being in a terrible romance vid! We just need a wind machine.’ 

‘And now is not the time?! Have you got a fever?! This is the only damn time! Last time ‘it wasn’t the best time’ you ended up dead, and I had to pick up his sorry ass from the floor of a shady Cipritine bar. Keehla if I have to listen to more of his dramatic reading on how he will never see you smile again, your eyes crinkle and hair blow in the wind, I will find your corpse and I will destroy it so no one dares to brings you back! Get. On. It!’ Tali’s voice reached hysterical notes, there was just no arguing with her. 

‘But…’ Shepard stammered. 

Tali cocked her gun. 

‘If I have to do this at gun point, I will Commander. Hop to it.’ 

anonymous asked:

I'm a new fan of Speed, could you perhaps help me delve deeper into the fandom? Videos to watch or things to know about the members please? Thank you!

Hi! Yes, sure I’ll do my best! 

Firstly fy-speed posts and translates all of their instagram and twitter posts. Speed are quite active (and funny) on both, so I’d follow them! They also do subs and more. 

Now, what really helped me get even more into them and get to know their names was watching DEEPSPEED. It’s pretty nice that they’ve got the name of the member talking on the screen, so that’s a big help in learning their names. The first season has subs up until ep 5. And  the second season has ep 1 & 2 subbed so far. You can find them all HERE. And all of the eps unsubbed HERE

Their After School Club episode. Weekly Idol (this was all I could find and it’s in such poor quality ;__;). And then there’s their documentary. It’s not completely subbed, and what is subbed isn’t in the best quality. But HERE’s a playlist of what’s subbed. (If you’re gonna watch it prepare your heart and if you can take it I’d also watch the unsubbed part cus of reasons ;__;)

From the latest comeback: The ShowPops in Seoul interview, Sound K radio, MCD backstage

Some subbed vids: Secret Box (Zombie Party), Pops in Seoul interview (Look at Me Now), Pops in Seoul interview (Don’t Tease Me), Gurupop (Pain the Love of Heart), Fame 360 (It’s Over), The Show 60 seconds (Don’t Tease Me), Show Champion (Pain the Love of Heart), White Day for Deeps pt 1 - 2

… Ok I have so many tabs open right now, I lost track of what I’ve added and not, so I’m just gonna leave the list of subbed vids like that. 

But here there are some performances and stuff I’d check out. So I’m gonna link a few of those too. 

Love in the Ice cover. One Day. Why I’m Not. Zombie Party. It’s Over. (And so on.) And honestly any Don’t Tease Me performance. 1, 2. (DTM choreo related: Dance Practice, Superman jump rose&swan, the super famous quiet jump tumblr vid)

And now. Members in drag. Jungwoo. Sungmin. Yuhwan

I’m gonna end it here. I’m so sorry if I’ve overwhelmed you!! I guess you can tell I got a little carried away. I’m not gonna mention anything you need to know about the members since you’ll get to know them pretty well by watching these vids. Even if you just decide to watch DEEPSPEED. 

anonymous asked:

what did u do on this fine day?

Hey!!! I didn’t do as much as I should’ve probably. I woke up around 11 am which was quite late and had a clif bar & some sort of waffle sandwich w/ mashed potatoes on it. The sandwich was p cool tho. I wrote a lil bit and spent some time replying to ppl online!! I read weird twitter for awhile. Good tweets r very important to me & I want to be better. I played around with one of my old casio keyboards a bit and recorded a voice memo of a song idea!! Went through some photos and drawings and did some editing!! I ordered this vhs camcorder last night and I am hyped about that. Def gonna shoot a short film on it. VHS is the coolest quality and literally nobody uses it. I switched around some parts from a video I have sketched out & am gonna film that tmmrw! Hopefully it goes well. I don’t know much about doing videos anymore. I’m not sure if I even like it. I want to make positive vids and make ppl happy and I want to make films. Mainly it’s that youtube is not fun to me anymore as a community & actually quite embarrassing/awful. Not to be negative!!! It’s nice just creating things at least. I am so specific about how I want to be perceived. I wish I could delete every trace of my internet existence from before 2014. Except for Fox Academy stuff. It means more than anything that ppl support me, but I hate all of the old pictures and videos and everything else floating around. There is this spooky noise that comes from below the floor & we have no idea what it is. I think it is a demon or ghost. It’s chill tho I don’t mind. Anyways what else. Hmmm. Talked to some cool ppl !! I love learning about everyone. I spend so much time just reading and observing stuff online. I think it has made me rly smart probably but I also feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time. Days feel quick and routine lately. I am not leaving the house much either. It’s ok things will change soon. Now I am just laying in bed and it is raining outside and my window is open. I wish I didn’t close myself off from nearly everyone. Trailer Park Boys is the best show. Thank u for asking this btw. Sorry for the answer

anonymous asked:

Sherri I have a favor to ask of you. In the workout video that was released of Sam doing his punishment burpees there is a set of 6 gifs on Trish's site. The last gif (6) shows Sam bouncing up with those beautiful curls of his and he's walking toward the camera. Is there any way to zoom in on Sam (no offense to Valbo) and get some screenshots of him. He looks so good/happy and gorgeous and I wondered how many pics you could pull from that one gif? Thanks for all that you do for the shippers!

Ok, I did my best. I took the original vid and giffed that part again, but also cropped it

The quality of the video isn’t that great, but these are the best (imo) snapshots from that section

Is that what you were hoping for?  

anonymous asked:

you know, all these asks you get makes me wonder where do these people live, under a damn rock? Taemin's first solo was so fucking influential dude, are these people serious? depending every single thing on public tastes isn't the best way to judge a comeback. Taemin got a shit load of acclaim from netizens, critics etc. if I know correctly, Teen Top's Neil was heavily influenced by Taemin's solo image when making his own, and it's not only him too. tbc~

cont~ when people label Taemin’s work “typical SM dance pop” they unfortunately show how NOT informed they are in music in general. I would love it if they weren’t any character limitations here so I could elaborate, but if any Taemints have any doubts about the musical quality of Taemin’s first solo releases, I’d highly rec this youtube vid /watch?v=7H6lMQGe8UE go watch and see how Danger was definitely NOT an ordinary dance pop track. I certainly believe that he is gonna do well now too!