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English Teacher (Taehyung one-shot smut)

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A/N: Sorry it took so long! I will edit it later :) This is for anon <3

Summary: You’re BTS’s English teacher but one of your students has been giving you a little trouble. 

Word count: 3k ?

Genre: Smut

Pairing: You x Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, swearing, risk of getting caught, inappropriate behaviour ;)

You were absolutely certain your dress wasn’t this short when you left home this morning. You’re imagining things… it’s not your dress, it’s Taehyung. Being around him always left you feeling so… exposed.

It’s been 6 months since you started teaching the BTS members English and there’d been no problems, in fact, it was the best job you’ve ever had- especially compared to your last one. Okay… there might be one problem, but, it’s not really a problem… only a slight discomfort. No big deal or anything, definitely not something you spend any time thinking about.

You were attracted to Taehyung.

Okay, but who wasn’t? All of the boys are attractive. But, like, you were really really attracted to him.

Maybe it was because of his soft, dark hair and how good it looked against his sun-kissed skin. Or maybe it was his big eyes and how they glistened… maybe it was his tall, toned body or how hard he tried to improve his English. Or, it was how close he would sit next to you during your lessons, so much closer then any of the other members. Maybe it was how good he smelt or how your skin felt when his leg brushed against yours or when his big hand patted your knee out of excitement when he got one of your questions right. Maybe it was how dominant he was with the other members and you couldn’t stop thinking about him being dominant with you…

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Peaky Blinders Season 4 | On location (Day 2)
March 24, 2017.

@jessicalisettjones “Just the best thing ever #tomhardy #peakyblinders #tomhardyfans”

@jessicalisettjones “Met my absolute hero #tomhardy today. Always hate the lead up to Mother’s Day so was particularly amazing for me.?thank you so much”

@Laura Horrocks “Meeting one of my favourite beards last Friday. Tom Hardy”

The best thing abt today is that my absolute favorite cousin is over and he is playing mea and making funny comments and we had the best lunch earlier I am vry vry happie

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How can a control freak let things happen naturally instead of trying to force it to come true.

Hello friend,

Feeling the need to control everything can especially be difficult to overcome, and I completely understand how you feel, for I am sometimes like that myself.

The world is constantly telling us that we need to set concrete goals, work infinitely hard, and only if we achieve the absolute best will we finally be worth it. However, we must find a balance between having control and letting things work out on their own.

When you are confronted with a situation, ask yourself if it is with in your own control. It may not be, and so try not to give it a second thought, for it will work out in its own way.
If it is in your control, then ask yourself how much importance it has to you. If it’s important, then most definitely, take action! However, most often times things don’t turn out exactly as planned, so try to stop and take a breather when this happens. Realize that, regardless of what happens, life will still go on. You will still be alive tomorrow. And even though everything may not be exactly the way you might have pictured it in your mind, the extra stress that you may feel about it is not worth it if it affects your own peace of mind.

I hope I could help, friend. Please take care.
So Sasha’s getting groomed tomorrow

And I feel it’s best for both her and me and my severe anxiety if we do a body shave (I’m keeping the terrier face, long ears, and longish tail)

She absolutely despises brushing and it is such a struggle for me to brush her multiple times a week.  It can take half an hour or more and sometimes I don’t even finish because she is so done.  I’m having such a hard time brushing her she is developing mats and I just can’t brush them out without her trying to bite my hand off.

I figured the best thing to do would be to shave her and then we can work on desensitizing her to the brush while her fur is short and doesn’t have any snarls or tangles in it to hurt her.  

I’m going to miss her long fur…

Shepard and the crew in Andromeda would’ve been the best thing ever. Liam and Kaidan instantly becoming best friends, Vetra kicking Garrus ass whenever possible, Kallo and Joker bickering, Shepard immediately building a mentor/student relationship with Ryder, the crew being absolutely mortified by the Nomad (except for Tali who’s just like “I survived the Mako AND the Hammer, I’m good”)

Idk can you tell I’m not letting this go

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i dated a guy for a while and we fell absolutely mad in love with eachother. but i think we kinda rushed things too fast and one day we had a fight and we just dumped me. for a while i thought he still might have feelings for me because he wanted to still be my best friend and would still try to help me with everything that bothers me. but i found out he just flat out stopped being attracted to me when we fought. now idk what to do or how to feel.. idk why i'm telling you. maybe you can help

tbh if he stopped liking u after one fight then his attraction towards u was conditional and you deserve better lol. i don’t think he played you by being nice after the break up (unless he made any kind of moves or manipulated you into staying dependent on him) but you should definitely cut him loose if he’s preventing you from dating other people. like willingness to work through your problems is a huge requirement for a relationship and he was obv too weak to deal past the honeymoon phase so on to the next one!

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Please give me names of other blogs you reccomend on Eddie Redmayne

Here on Tumblr, if you like beautiful images with quotes, plus great GIFs, you should follow sirredmayne. I love eddie-redmayne-italian-blog for her passion and her personal connection to Eddie (she’s met him a number of times). And most recently, I’ve really been enjoying hardyness, who has incredible GIFs, mainly from Fantastic Beasts (along with other films).

The absolute best source for all things Eddie is The webmaster has been a fan of his for many years and has met him a number of times. It’s the oldest and by far the best source.

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Is it common for autistic peeps to have something they REALLY like? But maybe it's not a special interest? For example, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE taking surveys. It gets pretty ridiculous sometimes, because I get so excited even over a small 5 question one. Like when I went to see a movie, and they offered me to give feedback through a survey/form, it was basically the best thing in the world to me. But I would never want to make a survey, or anything. Is this an autistic thing or me thing?

I’ve not heard this one specifically, but in terms of how we behave, this absolutely sounds like something we do. It could fall into either the repetitive behavior / rigid thinking, or the special interest areas.

Special interests can be but are not always about the scope of your interest. It can be entirely about your interaction with your interest. You might say the special interest is taking surveys.

You might also say it’s part of your routine - you take a survey like that, and it is a satisfying end to whatever you are doing. It’s entirely possible that the reason you have that routine is because you enjoy it, or it could be that you enjoy it because it is routine.

It would a good example of rigid thinking, too, especially if you do it because that’s what you do with surveys. When they talk rigid thinking, or strong sense of right or wrong, they aren’t always talking about moral beliefs.

When it comes to rigid thinking can be an internalized thing that only makes sense to you. Maybe you don’t eat orange foods because pumpkins are mushy. It doesn’t matter that cheese crackers are crunchy, because your rule is that you don’t eat orange things because pumpkins are mushy and that makes sense to you.

It isn’t specifically an autism thing, but depending on why you have such a strong inclination towards doing them, it absolutely could be an autistic trait. This is part of why autism diagnosis is so subjective. To me, a survey is annoying. Maybe to you it is part of your autism.

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Ok but what about lila? Rhy? Alucard?? I feel like getting brand new faces for all these parts would be the most awesome thing tbh.

It comes down to who is best for the part. Because of all the 20-25 year old ginger guys who audition, maybe there’s a blonde guy who just nails Kell’s mannerisms. And maybe all the 18-22 year old brunette women are great, but there’s a 29 year old who has *just* the right sharp smile.

There are sooo many considerations. I doubt any of them will be absolutely perfect, meaning they’ll all probably have something that’s not exact. But we’ve got to trust the directors and V that it’ll be amazing anyway.

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in case no one has told you today, you are wonderful! you as a person, you as a writer, you as one of my favorite characters i've seen in an rp ever. thank you, thank you, for existing and for sharing your talent and creativity with us.

Oh, my goodness this is so nice!! Thank you soooo SO much, lovely, like legit this has improved my day by 200%! You’re an actual angel and I hope you have the best day ever!! You absolutely deserve all the best things omfg! The world needs more people like you, ok? Honestly!!! ❤❤

Fluffy Strordo baby thoughts: Debating over pets

Their kid wants a pet so badly and she keeps bugging her parents about it.

Mordo of course assumes she wants a kitten cause they’re the best pets ever. Meanwhile, Stephen assumes she wants a puppy cause they’re so fun and cuddly and what kid doesn’t want a puppy? ^^

So after much consideration they finally agree that she can get one pet. Kitten or puppy? Whatever her choice is, they’ll go with that cause there’s more important things to argue about.

Kiddo’s beyond the moon happy when they say she can get a pet. She grabs an old book that she’s been browsing through and excitedly opens to a picture.

Kiddo: May I have a dragon? *smiles brightly while giving her best puppy dog eyes* Please?

Stephen: Oh sweetheart ummmm. Well, you see dragons don’t really exist-

Mordo: Absolutely not! Not an option. You’re far too small. That beast will crush you, burn you, and gobble you up!

Stephen: Hold up. They exist?!? And you didn’t tell me? Karl, I have to see one!

Kiddo: Oh Mommy, they’re so awesome! Just look at the different kinds!

Stephen: They look amazing! Karl-

Mordo: Stephen no.

Kiddo: We can get a small one! And this book and the four others I read all say that if you raise one right when it hatches it’ll be nice to you and please Papa? Please? I’ll keep it away from the library I promise. And when it gets big enough we can use it to destroy our enemies…

Mordo: When did you learn that?

Kiddo: The stuff about dragons? Just yesterday-

Mordo: No, when did you learn the phrase ‘we can use it to destroy our enemies’?

Kiddo: Oh! *giggles* You say it all the time Papa!

Stephen: I have to see one. Karl, please. For me?

Mordo: *keeps fighting a losing battle as his daughter bombards him with book facts while his husband looks at him with the most pleading eyes*

20 things I learned at 20

1. You can have only one best friend and that best friend can only be you. Because you may come across a dozen lovely people but the only one who can keep the ‘forever’ promise is you.

2. Family is the most important. This is the only love that is truly unconditional and absolutely pure. They love you when you’re 5 and when you’re 18. They love you in your failure and your success. Their love doesn’t increase because it’s already at its maximum right from the beginning, it’s already infinite.

3. Cocktails and aerated drinks may soothe your taste buds but tea soothes your entire body. It’s warm and calming and well, healthy.

4. Your first kiss means nothing if it’s not with the right person. And the right person doesn’t mean your soulmate or someone who will never break your heart but someone who in that moment loves you as much as you love them.

5. You’ve written over 350 exams and you’ve got a perfect score in some and scored miserably in others but do you remember your 9th grade math score? Do you even remember 9th grade math? Education is so important but not the stress and competitive grading that comes along with it. If you get a low score or even fail, not much will happen – you will get a retest. But if you get ill – mentally or physically, it will have undesired long term effects.

6. In 8th grade your school psychologist told you that you’re one of the few people who walk in life with open arms loving and helping everyone, not because you haven’t bled but because you know you will heal and have the strength to do so. At that point you laughed at her but now, years later you’re loving, accepting and helping in spite of having both, actual and metaphorical scars.
You’re kind and admitting that doesn’t make you conceited.

7. Goodbyes don’t always have to be dramatic. Writing an 800 words message won’t make it hurt any less than an 8 words one. Closure usually has not much to do with the ones who wronged you but with taking your time in dealing with all the stages of grief. Some stage like anger may take only a month but acceptance may take years and that’s okay.

8. Jealousy is a basic human trait. They can be the closest to you and yet envy your happiness and life. Envy is something you too experience and you can be happy for them and be sad for yourself at the same time because so bitter it is to view happiness from someone else’s eyes. You aren’t a horrible human being if you feel like there are better shades of green your grass could be.

9. Read at your own desire and pace.
You don’t have to read particular books to qualify as a bibliophile or read a specific number of books to be a bookworm either. Read what truly interests you and take your time because reading was never a task, don’t make it one now.

10. Money is important. Money can’t buy love but it can buy happiness. But not blood money. Money honestly earned through hard work. That kind of money is good, that kind of money is required. You have a certain standard of living and if you want to maintain that after your parents stop financing you, you must make sure to earn the same. It doesn’t make you a snob or a spoiled brat, it only makes you a human aware of your wants, many of which have turned into needs by now.

11. There are somethings you just never grow out of like bubbles and glitter and your mother’s hot chocolate and hugs. Those are the kind of things that make life bearable when adulting gets too hard. Those are the little things that matter the most.

12. You cry. A lot.
But you don’t cry in front of people for their pity. You don’t cry to manipulate situations. You cry because you accept the pain. You cry because you don’t reject or lock away your emotions. You cry because your mental, emotional and physical self are in sync and that’s healthy. That’s so lovely.

13. Bake cakes. They don’t have to look pretty as long as they taste delicious. Paint canvases. They don’t have to be a master piece as long as all the paint in your hands and face and jeans makes you feel complete. Write more. It doesn’t have to a novel or even be posted online as long as it lets you breathe a little lighter and smile wider.

14. Go for walks alone, sit on the beach without your headphones, look up at the sky without a lover, buy flowers for yourself. Nature is legit free (for the most part). And it’s the richest thing that the world has. Le it bring you peace, let it help you survive.

15. Make home feel home. Sometimes you won’t have your family to make it home. Sometimes you will have to make it home by putting a part of yourself and that means investing the time, energy and money in making it feel yours, in making it feel right. It may not be your ‘dream house’, it may just be a tiny room but it’s yours. Your surroundings play a major role in affecting your mood and vibe.

16. Energy is real.
You may not know much about Science beyond 10th grade but you do know this, e=mc ² which means everything is energy, you are energy and there is positive and negative energy and you can feel it and you experience it in every person you meet, every place you visit, every room you step inside. You can and you must choose to surround yourself with positive energy. What you attract, you do get; what you attract you become.

17. Spend time with yourself. It’s some of the best time you will have. You need to unwind, you need it to re-energize, you need it to focus and you need it for peace. You can go to a cafe by yourself, write, read, meditate, talk to yourself out loud, dance in your underwear, cook and just be.

18. Take care of yourself- no one else can, no one else will. Drink loads of water, there’s a reason why more than half your body is made up of water. Sleep well because staying up all night isn’t something to be proud of, it’s stupid. Don’t skip breakfast because skipping breakfast makes you crave fatty foods for the rest of the day. Stay healthy not because you want to look a certain way but because you want to feel strong and energetic and have an active mind, body and heart. Staying healthy emotionally and mentally is just as important. So let those who want to go, go and never say yes to something your gut wants to scream ‘NO’ to.

19. Love yourself. If you don’t love yourself you will look for other people to love you. If you don’t accept yourself, you will keep seeking other people’s validation and the moment they withdraw it or walk away, you will crumble. And you don’t want to crumble. You want to enjoy the one person’s company you have to live with forever – yourself. Work on being a person you’d love to spend your life with because let’s face it, you don’t have a choice. It’s a long term investment and the only one that will never fail you.

20. In Shakespeare’s words, “To thine own self be true”. In order to love yourself, knowing yourself is very important. And knowing yourself doesn’t mean the adjectives that people use for you or what your zodiac sign says about you. It means what you know in your heart to be your truth.

One more for good luck?

21. You laughed and thought it was very witty when you came across the quote, ‘Don’t take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.’
but god. Can it be any truer? Most things you’re stressing over now won’t even matter 3 years from now. But good days will turn into heart-warming memories that will stay with you even 2 decades later.
Happiness and success are two different things but remember, they aren’t mutually exclusive. At least they don’t have to be.

—  creatingnikki 
I want to thank my wife, Blake, who is sitting right there, who is everything to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me - second only to this star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame, cut me some slack here… You make everything better, absolutely everything in my life better. You’ve given us two of the most incredible children that I could ever hope to have. You’ve made me the father of my dreams when I thought I only had fun uncle potential. So thank you. I love you.
—  Ryan Reynolds about his wife Blake Lively during his speech at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony
  • Me, 7 weeks ago: Ah, I really hope the fanservice isn't too invasive and fetish-y. I mean they look good together but it's sort of tiring to see queerbait and absolutely no pay-off...
  • Me, now: Ah, I really hope Victor and Yuuri choose a nice location for their wedding and honeymoon, I mean there are so many beautiful places in the world to choose from...
About meeting Dan & Phil

It was surreal it…really was. I’ve been watching them for so long :’) and I just wanted to write down my experience:
• It was super sunny, dan’s face looked really soft and bright o wow
• I could see his lil freckles and moles so well
• Phil’s face in the sunlight looks so sharp ? And angular? Amazing
• for some reason I couldn’t stop looking at dan’s eyebrows
• they’re bushy and small aw
• phil’s eyes under the sun are absolutely incredible and SO crystal clear dear lord
• they will hug your mum
• my dad told them I draw them and they thanked me? It’s ok guys?
• dan was wearing his weird Thermal Jacket thing
• he did peace signs and I felt obliged to join in lol
• Phil gives the best hugs the legend is true
• I got two hugs from both of them I cant
• Dan thanked me for watching their vids
• I couldn’t stop staring (lol freak) but ..srsly… it was so spontaneous I couldn’t think everything had turned to jelly
• when I saw them they were walking pretty swiftly and directly side by side
•dan’s voice is LOW
• phil’s skin is SMOOTH and v pale
• Phil said he was jet lagged
• the sunlight made them look like absolute ANGELS
• they are immensely friendly
• they are not as awkward as you think
• they’re tol but smol
• they look v different irl but not in a bad way
• sorry this is long but.. I’m very happy right now I thought this would never happen. Never lose hope folks !