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Woah boy I never thought would have to to say this, but here we are.

DO NOT CLAIM MY CHARACTERS AS YOUR OWN. Ever. Nowhere in the original post do I ever say that Charlie (the sylveon) is this person’s OC. It may not have been clear enough, but I even tagged her name in the original post.

When I draw someone’s character in my responses, I @ the owner of the character and tag the character and owner in the tags. Otherwise? Don’t assume or claim that ANY of the characters in the art are yours. This is a very good way to get immediately blocked.

(Also, please don’t go and harass this person. Being a bully fixes nothing.)

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Dear Craig:

Thank you for creating our favorite cartoon characters.

Thank you for those useful life lessons conveyed by them.

Thank you for making my childhood a better one because of PPG.

And thank you for giving me a second one because of WOY.

I remember once you said that you were brought up by a single mother,  that really made me feel less lonely because I was suffering from terrible family issues due to my father’s affair at that time. Also thank you very much for telling me that.

I wish one day in the future you can have the chance to finish telling the story of Wander’s adventure.  Please @disneyxd make this dream come true.

And now I’m very, very looking forward to your new project, whatever it is.

The only thing I can make for you is this little GIF of my favorite characters from the shows you made, to say “thank you” and to say”Happy birthday” in advance.

Good luck to you,my favorite animator of all time!


Dragon Maid Headcanon 2/?

Tohru and Fafnir are best friends, like the relationship Kobayashi and Takiya have.They meet up sometimes when both Takiya and Kobayashi are working and Kanna is at school, to discuss human behaviour and just general small talk.

Tohru likes to give Fafnir relationship advice for him and Takiya, to which he always replies with how he’s not interested in that way. One day Fafnir comes to Kobayshi’s apartment to find Tohru, his face red and general behaviour completely off. Tohru offers him tea and biscuits, which he gladly accepts, before ranting to Tohru about how ‘humans are stupid and I can’t believe he didn’t pick up on my hints and subtle flirting and so I just full on kissed him and then he left oh no I fucked up what do I do’

Meanwhile Tohru sits there sipping her tea with a smug expression.

galra keith

White people badly need to realize that telling PoC they’re overreacting about racism or imagining it is always terrible. No, this is not the one time it’s totally justified and their opinion on racism as a white person is desperately needed

White people need to realize that painting black women as hysterical and angry for no reason has a long history behind it and is nasty as hell. And that it becomes even more blatantly nasty when it’s black women’s reaction to racism they are policing. No, this is not the one time a black woman is really being hysterical about racism and needs to be reined in by a white person and brought to heel

My dear friends,

I’ve always been honest with you and I’ve no intentions of stopping it now. I got rejected from all of the colleges that I applied to and - although I know that there were several factors out of my hands that contributed to these results - it brought me great pain and dispair. If it wasn’t for my mother and my boyfriend I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be here today to write this message. However, I’m feeling better and ready to keep on fighting for my dreams after all the events of the past few days. I don’t expect things to turn up right anymore and I’ve no idea of what is going to become of my life but I’m willing to try. Thank you so much for all of your messages, they meant a lot to me and helped me find some comfort in such terrible times. Once again, thank you from all of my heart 💕



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Voyager - for the umpteenth time ( I apologise for the terrible cover on the UK edition hardback - it screams soft romance, aaargh)

Lord John and the Brotherhood of the Blade - attempting to read the LJG series in actual chronological order, but I have stalled on this a bit at the mo

And then a non-fiction - Dress in Eighteenth Century England, because, well it’s obvious, really isn’t it? Making all these clothes for the DollFrasers has actually made me so much more interested in the history of costume.

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that doesnt sound like a relationship...

I have had a few anonymous messages the last 6 months or so about Atticus, if we were still together & what was our downfall. So you’re the lucky anon that gets all of it!

Atticus & I have been broken up for a long time, we were “on a break” even going back to 2015. Despite everything, I think Atticus is still a great person & I hope he doesn’t think I am a terrible person either now that so much time has gone by.

We definitely didn’t have a conventional relationship & I would eventually like a more conventional relationship someday, but I don’t think a relationship is measured by the number of dates or gifts exchanged either. We initially got together when he was a PhD student & I was flying to Latin America for 6 weeks at a time for work so a lot of our time spent together would be our only free time for long periods of time… So a lot of our time together was chilling at someone’s home while they were getting laundry done, catching up on bills, doing chores, etc. Once that period of time was done in our lives, he was drafted to play a pro sport in Europe.

It’s not like I was dating Renaldo or any footballer for that matter, but he was gone for weeks at a time & we were in the same situation we had back in Chicago where we just hung out at home because it was our only free time for weeks. I honestly never noticed how little Atticus & I hung out until I moved to Europe. I was very fortunate to have an amazing group of friends in Chicago so I always had a pal to try new restaurants, attend museums, go dancing, etc when he didn’t want to do something with me.

We were “on a break” before we both moved to Europe. However, I already subleased my Chicago apartment & I had non-refundable one-way ticket on Iberia so I was not going to back out of my decision to move just because we weren’t working out.

It wouldn’t be fair for me to just complain about all the things that made me unhappy about the relationship with Atticus. He didn’t have any super unrealistic expectations for a romantic partner & he deserves a romantic relationship that mutually works for him [We both do], but we both had very different relationship desires & love languages. The relationship always caused both of us to compromise too greatly & someone was always unhappy, which is why it inevitably ended.

The breakup just generally sucked, which I think they always do when you genuinely care about the person. There was no huge fallout, no cheating, no buried secrets, he wasn’t a deadbeat. We just weren’t right for one another & I hope we both find that right person eventually.

I think about Sherlock s4 every time I become nervous about how Black Sails will end. Because I know for a fact that it can’t be worse than an umbrella turning out to be a sword turning out to be a gun turning out to be a non-functioning gun, a secret sister with mind control powers, John’s suddenly non-existing feet and a dog turning out to have been a child all along aka The Final Problem. If the end of Sherlock brought something good with it, it’s this new coping mechanism of mine every time a show/book/movie series is about to end: “Well, at least it can’t be worse than the last episode of Sherlock.”

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I’m terrible at reading one book at a time - mostly because school prevents me from sitting down and chewing through a book - so here are the main ones I’m slowly getting through now.

The First Wife by: Paulina Chiziane is a book I heard about on the radio (CBC, always giving me new things to read), about a woman who discovers that her husband actually has other wives. So far it’s a really neat look at the difficulties and emotional struggles caused by sexism, especially within a relationship.

American Gods by: Neil Gaiman. This one is a re-read due to the upcoming show (which will be out in just over a month!) Not my favourite of Gaiman’s but it’s an interesting idea, suitably odd, and overall a good read.

Crime and Punishment by: Dostoevsky. Picked this up for school, but hey, good reason to check off a classic. Slow pickup, but still interesting. I’m only 100 pages in, so there’s not much more I can say about it.

All the Shah’s Men by: Stephen Kinzer. Also not that far into this one, but it goes into history that we never got in school, about how the American (& British) interests lead to their deposition of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Mohammad Mosaddegh. Worth a read based solely on the fact that this is history that’s not told in North America.

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SC literally broke up a total of like 5 times in two seasons. They were a terrible placeholder and broke up literally for every little issue they had. Instead of working through it, they placed a band aid called "luv" on it before breaking up again, then repeating it. It was bad, lazy writing. They didn't bother giving Caroline her own storyline until the last 30 seconds and only hinted at it 3 episodes away from the end. It was so messy. SC should've been done in 8x12 for her character's sake

It should’ve been done in 6x22, lbr. But yup, that was their gist. They never actually worked through anything, and instead every time they got ~torn~ apart, the narrative kept proving why they’d never work, but then would just put em back together anyway. All because they didn’t have anything else to do. It was very frustrating. 

They literally had to drag Caroline through the mud repeatedly to keep that shit up, and to watch her be a doormat—WILLINGLY—was just very upsetting. 

Jenn was my favorite this season, bc she watched S8 in it’s entirety. And so as they were dropping the narrative hints to why SC was likely toast, they made em get re-engaged and sheeee snapped. Because it’d been done and they still hadn’t actually worked on anything. It was like five episode’s of all these issues they now had, and would forever have, and then it was just ‘make em engaged again’ and I’ve never seen Jenn so mad. 

never went to sometimes and now it’s to everyday. im pushed around and made fun of and i have no backbone so i take it. i let them make fun of me and tell me that i should learn to lighten up. i feel terrible and sad all the time and have learned to just stay quiet or else. and maybe something in me wants to be gone. and maybe something else in me wants to be dead

It’s Boxing Day but these assholes will wear their ugly sweaters until after New Years you can’t stop them.

one of the reasons mental illness sucks so fucking much is because people around you can literally tell you again and again that they love you, that they think you’re cool and funny, that they support you in every way, that you’re talented or intelligent, and no matter how many times they say it you’ll always cringe and shake your head and say “no, no i’m not, really” but the SECOND someone says one bad thing about you, even just once. You believe it completely.