this was taken on my iphone omg


lazy: a custard bread couple doodle

p.s. i made this on my iphone notes app w my right index finger & i’ve never taken an art class in mi life so @ my art friendies i apologize in advance that mr. min holly is half yoongi’s size.


My selfies from the world premiere! I love how the one with Aidan is the only one that was taken with a good camera. For the people asking whether he recognised me: I’m not sure since I was in costume and there were a lot of people but I do think he recognised my iphone case xD now there’s only 1 Hobbit actor who’s autograph I don’t have and that is still Jimmy Nesbitt. He’s escaped me 5 times now omg xD also when I asked Orlando for a selfie he said “take it away love”.