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Klance Fluff Week Day 5: F.I.N.E.

Summary: It’s been fifteen years since they started fighting Zarkon, three since they defeated him and returned to Earth, and just over 16 months since Lance’s first break down.

Klance Fluff Week Day 5: Feelings

Okay, but like, how to do this prompt without angst? I gave up, there’s both angst and fluff, so it’s maybe more h/c? Deal with it.

Established Klance, about 15 years after series. Very minor season 2 spoilers, but if you haven’t seen it you probably won’t even know. depressed!Lance, head-canoning Keith as lactose-intolerant

Sorry I’m late by a day, today’s and tomorrow’s will both be posted tomorrow!

Trigger warning for depression/suicide attempts (non graphic/specific).

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So I came out about 2 years ago after meeting this girl I completely fell for, it didn't work out and ever since then I have been single with nothing going on. I am struggling to put myself out there and don't really know how to meet girls. Any suggestions?

You just need to be an open person and talk to a lot of people and meet a lot of girls. Maybe you’ll find a new crush then and you’ll be fully taken by new feelings?

Sunshine Boy (Antoine Griezmann O.S.)

How a perfect, sunshine boy can devastate more than a hurricane.

A/N: I know the request for Antoine was smut, and I tried but, um… I’ll try again some other day. But for now, there’s this. And in the immortal words of Grizi himself: Enjoy.

“Oh my god, no don’t post that one!" 

"Why not? It’s funny!" 

"No! I look like a deranged seahorse!" 

"No, you don’t– oh yeah, I see it." 

Willa smacked her palm on Antoine’s chest so hard, she almost fell off his lap. His laugh wasn’t interrupted by either the smacking or her sliding off his lap but he did manage to put an arm around her waist just in time.

"Okay, how about this one?” He swiped to a photo of the two of them trying out paddleboard yoga poses jokingly. 

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Prediction..... 🙂1. It was brought to my attention, by spirit and the gods, FD has been in touch with Harry, Harry knows the name of FD, He's already aware of who she is, although He's never met her, she wrote several letters, very powerful, food for though letters, year or maybe or so ago, these letters was before he met Meghan, but this is why he spoken out on the mental health subject, FD has given Harry the drive to show who he really is. She younger, beautiful, very shy, but has a way....

Prediction..🙂2 Way with words, they mean something, and they certainly hit home to him, she understand him, completely, and he was taken back by the letters, he wasn’t looking for this, it just happened, he has yet to meet her, but I believe they will meet, maybe in the fall sometime, he will still be with M when they meet, but the connection will be so powerful, he can’t ignore it, she is even in his mind to this day, (even though they never met, and his with M) I’m getting goose bumps…. 

Prediction… 🙂3.. Thinking about it. It will be spectacular, but I also seeing her not wanting the lifestyle, money is irrelevant to her, castles and crowns, she wants a simple life, she might not choose his lifestyle…. 

thanks for sharing anon! your prediction sounds similar to a lot of the things other people are sensing so maybe this will happen :) also key as you said is that she might not choose him/his lifestyle 

Friend with benefits?

Requested: Yes


Warnings: Sexual themes, slight language. 

Calfreezy x reader

Ps. Pants is the term for underwear were I am so I put that instead. Sorry if it confused you.

You shivered to the touch as Cal bite and sucked on your collarbone leaving what you liked to call ‘bruises.’  It was the third time this week that you found yourself screaming, moaning, and begging for Cal. Now before you ask no you were not a couple just friends with benefits. No like, no love, just sex. And you loved it. No commitment just love was good for you in a sense. At least you thought so.

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Whats different between you now and when that pic was taken? Youre really pretty btw

Thank you! I think I look pretty alright. That pic was taken maybe 2 years ago..? so not much has changed (I think). I have a nose ring rather than a stud and I have glasses, but other than that I can’t think of anything

Thanks for the ask/compliment anon!

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i don't think fans are mad about kamiya hiroshi being married i think theyre more mad about how he approached this so casually simply joking around saying they shouldve picked a better photo~ and saying that theres a private hiroshi and the seiyuu hiroshi and he wanted to differentiate the two but what fans are really mad about is the extent to which he went to lie about being single i remember when the news hit most fans were happy but after he spoke about the issue in dgs, that's when thing

that’s when fans started to get really disappointed because god knows how many times he said hes lonely,and wanted a girl friend  and after he got married (he got married around 2011) he asked his senpai seiyuu on dgs whats the advantage of getting married (clearly putting on such an act bc he was married at that time) like it was all an act? if you listen to what he said on dgs about this,he simply views that fans as nothing more than an ATM and THAT’S why the fans are upset not bc hes married

Okay! I know what you’re saying but I did the About Kamiyan… post before the new episode of DGS came out and to be honest, when it was out, I don’t even know how to react because the way he talked about the rumor photo was so fast that I can’t even comprehend what he’s saying at all. But someone did translate it and you can see the full translation here.

So based on what I read from the new DGS episode is that we have no idea about Kamiyan being married and have a child or not, like he didn’t confirm anything at all. All he said is he’s separating his private life and work. Today, Kamiyan had a press conference about all the issue from the magazine and confirmed that he is indeed married and apologizes for his fans about it. (This people can’t seem to accept the fact that he’s also a normal person too). EDIT: Some people said the press conference didn’t happen and the picture below is fake since it’s from SnK promotion, but the post can still relate on what he said on DGS.

Now, here’s my opinion about all of this. We all know that Kamiyan is a seiyuu not an idol or an artist! So other than being a seiyuu, he’s just a normal person! All seiyuus doesn’t have this rule that they shouldn’t get date or married at all because they’re only contributing their voice to be this particular character to an anime series or games and appear in radio, seiyuu shows or seiyuu events to help promote the current anime series or games they’re in but other than that, they’re just normal people!!

So when I saw this news about Kamiyan publicly apologized that he might be married just made me so sad because in the first place, why does he need to apologize?! Is it because he’s married or already have a kid? Why do you even need to care about his private life? There’s a reason why it is called a private life! His marital status can’t change anything about him for being a seiyuu. Though I do think he’s apologizing because the fans discovered it from the paparazzi magazine than knowing it from him. But like what he said on DGS, he doesn’t have a blog or twitter to just announce that he’s married (not like how other seiyuus did) but he did say he’s separating his private life and work so he can protect the people that are important to him. Also we all know that Kamiyan isn’t the type of person to share this kind of thing since he want to keep it private and protect his love ones but seeing the news about him just makes me think how hard he’s been through this week because that’s what he’s trying to prevent in the first place. I mean he’s like one of the veteran seiyuus so he knew that some of his fans will react much about all of this. 

Their are a tons of seiyuus out there are already married but they didn’t have to apologize about it, I do remember about Miyano Mamoru (it’s more like a video message), but after they announced that they’re married, it’s back to how they always do to promote the anime series, games and such like Miyano Mamoru, Namikawa Daisuke, Yonaga Tsubasa, Satou Takuya, Sawashiro Miyuki, Suzumura Kenichi, Sakamoto Maaya, and more (theirs too many to mention). But seriously, this is the first time that I heard a seiyuu to apologize about his private life O.O 

Now let’s talk about the fans as they heard about this. I do agree with mabotofuu about how the fans react to this news, which most international fans, like us, are very supportive about Kamiyan since he deserves to be happy and like what I said in my past post that it would be weird that Kamiyan doesn’t have his own family because he’s already in his 40s… Just because he kept saying on radio shows that he doesn’t need a girl in his life, doesn’t mean it’s true, his just doing his job and if he did say it vice versa, obviously some fans will react about it (especially to some Chinese fans (I even saw one on weibo that she will hunt down his wife and kid to kill them O.O But it seems that user delete her account)). And some fans can’t still accept it because they still prefer that Kamiyan and OnoD will end up together (Of course, I’m talking about the fans that are delusional as they went too far to ship them just because their characters always paired together and work in blcds together). You can see why Kamiyan didn’t want to say anything about this, because he’s protecting his family and now he can’t because of that paparazzi magazine =.=  

Now I want to talk about the photo on how it all started the commotion.

I talk to a lot of people here on tumblr about it (no worries, I’m not going to mention names). Someone said to me that it’s not Kamiyan at all because he’s wearing winter clothes and it’s already summer in Japan right now. I actually facepalm when I saw that message OTL I’ve been in media before (more like extracurricular activities from college days) so to be honest, it doesn’t really matter on what he was wearing because for publishers, they will do anything for a scoop and to get high ratings for their magazine and Kamiyan is a veteran seiyuu so that’s why he’s in it. While others said that it was taken 2-4 years ago… Please, go and search what Kamiyan looks like around 2011, most of the male seiyuus that year were thin. And there are others saying that Kamiyan wears mask in his private life. Do you have proof that he does? Maybe he does but we never know. And we all know Japanese people tend to wear masks but not all of them, I even have a friend currently living in Japan to study and she got to meet Sugiyama Noriaki, Miura Hiroaki and other seiyuus at random places on Tokyo. Heck, I even got to meet Eguchi Takuya when I was roaming around Harajuku when I was in Japan (and that time he was wearing a mask but you can tell it’s him because of his height). So seiyuus can still walk freely because a lot of Japanese people doesn’t even know what seiyuus look like (except to the fans that knows them but of course, Japanese fans know it’s their privacy until the seiyuus are fine to interact with them).

I have a theory on how Kamiyan got into that paparazzi magazine, it’s all because of the success of Osomatsu-san anime, to the point that the seiyuus got featured in An-An magazine (and this magazine is like super popular in Japan for featuring so many great artists), that’s like the first time An-An featured seiyuus for their magazine at all.

So that’s why in the paparazzi page they said this ‘a popular voice actor in Osomatsu-san and Shingeki no Kyojin is married and has a kid…’.

I bet Kamiyan is having a hard time with all this issue going on now, but let’s hope Kamiyan and his family (if he does have already) can survive this and will go back to normal soon. All we can do is support him like we always do!!

Victor wears the 2014 Sochi Olympics uniform during the first Grand Prix Finals Yuri qualifies for.  I can’t find anything official/canon, but this suggests that he may have taken part in the 2014 Olympics in this universe - but they’re also readily available for purchase through specialty stores as collector’s items. 

Given that Victor is something of a shining star, 5 time worlds champion and medalist in the European circuit, too - it would not surprise me if he were there during the 2014 Sochi olympics. If he didn’t participate, it might seem a bit pretentious to wear the Russian Olympic Team jacket as a competitor if he hadn’t actually taken part (somehow) in the Olympic games at Sochi. 

Given his age, that was only 2 years ago, he was 25, and it’s entirely possible. 

Or maybe I just missed a source somewhere. But I’d like to think, given his rock-star career as a Men’s Single Figure Skater, that he was part of the Russian Olympic Team in 2014. 

Closer Than You Think

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New series? Only if you want more of this.. You can request and tell me what you think.


Sometimes love is closer to you than you think.

It was a regular day for you, you just came home from work, exhausted and spent, immediately flopped on the couch. As always, you didn’t have much time for yourself today either, you had to study, get ready for work tomorrow and do yours and your roommate’s laundry. 

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Cameron Dallas - Part 1


Side note: Hey this is a fan fiction that I’ll be writing with parts, please tell me if you think I should continue it or not, this imagine is written on iphone. Sorry if some of the words are misspelled i’m not the best at English, Ps Cameron will not be in this imagine so much, but he will be in the next i’ve already taken care of so no concern:)

My bestfriend Cameron moved away 9 years ago, We skyped everyday but since we got older by the time, there where days maybe weekes where we never talk, that last about 2 year. And we never talk since.

Cameron’s mom and my mom where very close. They never really lost the contact. Im so jealous of my mom and Cams mom. I wish that could be me and Cam.

“(YYYY/NNNN),” my mom call. “You going to be late for school If you don’t get up!” She called again. I got up really fast, more fast if Justin Bieber was standing in your door way.
“It’s only 7:10” i said with big eyes looking at the watch. My mom always played this game on me. And that’s not funny for a girl like me, it takes me about half an hour for me to get ready and after that im gonna drive to school.
I aventruly got up and made my daily rutin, i took my hair in a ponytail, my makeup nothing special, mascara and some eyeliner and then the cloth, a white top and black high waisted shorts and some vans.
I got down to eat breakfast, “i have a surprise for you when your get back from school,” she said with a smile and sparkles in her eyes.
I thought about all the way to school, what was it? I could clearly see in her eyes that the thing that she was hiding from me made her really happy.

School was boring as always, 7 hours of nothing. All first class i thought about that dumb question
in my head all morning, “(Y/N)” my teacher said looking at me, i got up pretty fast looking up at my teacher like i knew what she was talking about, “What do you thing of that?”

She said a little bit angry of no one hearing after, “Oh that’s cool enough,” i said not knowing what els to say, She gave me big eyes, “so you thing that’s okay for little kids in Africa to starv?” with only one eyebrow up, wow it was creepy.
“No of cause not” i said quick before the bell rang. I just got out of class.
I didn’t want to be in school any more so i just got home. I quickly got in the house looking after my mom, of cause she’s laying on the bed as always, some thing just never change.
“So what about that thing you would tell me after school?” I said. “What about it” she said not caring, “are you freaking kidding me?”i said little bit angry,”Of cause i’m kidding, shall we drive,” she said happely smiling, “drive where are we going?” I said “We going to visit some old friends,” she said laughing, “who old friends?” I said no matter, “just really old friend” she just said driving in hours. As the time fly away, i hadn’t thought about it much, until we got to the house, really nice and big, we knock on the door and a really nice lady came forward it was like i’ve seen this lady before.
“Carly so great to see you again, so long time ago we seen, (Y/N) you’ve got so beautiful, come in, come in,” she said happy, almost like she got a puppy.
It came slowly all the memories, omg that’s Cameron’s mom Anne, i almost scream of the thought im in Cameron’s house, but where is Cameron?

Part 2??
So...predictions for the “game-changing” mid-season finale

* Grant Ward is Hellfire. He also betrays Malick.

* The “It” monster is revealed to be a good guy. It’s not the founder of HYDRA, it’s the jailer keeping the HYDRA founder on the planet. Speaking of the founder…

* Will Daniels is the Inhuman founder of HYDRA. His ability is immortality and shapeshifting (he took on the form of the real Will Daniels, who died years ago). Due to this, Will is the MCU equivalent of a Skrull. 

* Jemma Simmons is revealed to have been brainwashed since season 2, retconning why she approached the Monolith. HYDRA’s plan was for her to be sacrificed, which is why she felt compelled to approach it. Also, maybe it’s a state of mind that you need to be in in order to be taken by it. The only times she manages to break free from her brainwashing is around Fitz, which is why she abandoned Will for Fitz during her blitz a while back. 

* HYDRA fully brainwashes Jemma and she becomes the MCU version of Madame HYDRA. Will comes through, reveals his true colors, and after Ward kills Malick, Will takes over HYDRA. For part 2, the main big bads are Will Daniels and Jemma Simmons/Madame HYDRA.

* The team is rescued by DEATHLOK (not really a prediction, just wishful thinking). 

* At least one person remains stranded on the death planet. Most likely, it’s going to be Fitz. 


Tourkolimano - the smallest of the three natural harbours of Piraeus.

Top (Grelicks): April 2016.

Photos 2, 3 & 4: NOT Grelicks obviously -  all three come from old eBay auctions, years ago; I don’t own these prints, didn’t buy them at the time, and I only post them here for documentary reasons.

The first one, dated 20.1.1929, shows what is surely a visiting foreign fleet (maybe British? that would make sense) - I haven’t yet been able to identify the occasion. As for Tourkolimano itself, it is mostly used for little fishing boats - and also for swimming (one can see the cabins for swimmers to change on the right).

The second was probably taken in the 1960s - and this time it is the (in)famous US Navy Sixth Fleet visiting. During the Cold War, elements (usually an aircraft carrier with her escort ships) of the Sixth Fleet used to visit Phaleron Bay, from the late 1940s to the 1980s (I remember seeing them, as a kid, might even have a photo or two). This enabled their crews to go on shore leave for some “R&R” - and this meant big bucks for pubs, night clubs and certain other establishments in Troumba, Piraeus’s red-light district (βλ. Κορίτσια, ο στόλος! Καλώς ήλθε το δολλάριοΚαλώς τα ναυτάκια τα ζουμπουρλούδικα κτλ.)

In the third one, taken circa 1966-1967, the solitary naval vessel is probably a Hellenic Navy Fletcher-class destroyer.

Tourkolimano (ridiculously referred to as “Mikrolimano” lately) is still a picturesque marina for fishing boats and small yachts - with lots of seafood taverns (mainly for tourists…)

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I think its awesome you are so mixed! Australian is super cool. Could we see pictures of your family?

Thank you!! Awkwardly my parents are divorced OTL. Maybe a bit too different in the end. 

And its really really hard to get photos of my mom. She hates it. So here’s one of her with Sylar at his graduation.  I guess you can see some similarities? we have the same nose and face shape really. And she likes me with blonde hair cause I look more like her for once. 

And me and my dad! This one is not so recent. About 2-3 years ago. I havent taken photos with him often since my hair went blonde. My visits LA more than he does.

But for those of you sending messages this past week – he’s doing great! His heart has stints and and he’s making a full recovery. He’s upset about his new diet but happy. 

happy asian face appreciation day!

this picture was taken in the tenderloin district in san francisco, california (maybe 2 years ago) during the mid-autumn harvest festival event that is planned every year by the southeast asian arts and coalition group (which is based in sf). i am the one with the short hair and blue-ish top with the flower hair pin.

i volunteer with my sister (who is a committee member and representative of cambodians - she is in green). our group have burmese, lao and vietnamese committee members as well. these are the four main groups that we represent.

events like the mid-autumn harvest festival is great because southeast asians have very low representations in the public (and elsewhere, like the media). so, this is our way of getting our culture out there and is also a great way of getting se asians involved.

we are also always present at the yearly asian heritage street celebration which is also in san francisco (occurs in may).

i know that this is a photo of many faces, but i just want to show off my group and the various people who are involved and dedicated every year to represent southeast asians. i love being able to represent my khmer people as well and showing my support for my fellow se asians!

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Okay I've been trying to make up an excuse for all the things Sam and MM but I just can't do it anymore. They have know each other for 2 years, went to a concert together, she visited him in Scotland and they had a romantic stay and both posted pics of the location, Sam has visited her in LA and then the winery pic. Now 1 of his closest friends followed her on IG. Idk anymore. Maybe they don't care about keeping it quiet anymore, hence the comment that MM made on her IG

Maybe the problem is that you are trying to make excuses and not find explanations. Maybe I can help….
They met 2 years ago at a work party. That’s a party they give in Hollywood where you go to see and be seen, to network, and to make contacts with people who might help you get ahead in the business, or who know people who might help you. It is not the sort of party you go to to find your next hook up. They have those sorts of parties in Hollywood too, but they aren’t hosted by People Magazine, and you don’t get your picture taken on the way in lol! So people meet at this party and each decide that the other might be a useful acquaintance to have and follow each other on social media- sort of a modern way of adding someone to your Rolodex. And that’s it. There has been no contact for two years, no faves, no replies, no Twitter banter, no hint of a friendship, no nothing. MM has been a name and an icon in Sam’s follow list for two years, not a friend. So much for “they have known each other for 2 years”.
Sam went to a GnR concert. MM followed the band but didn’t post any pics, or say anything about having seen the concert and nobody who has any reputation at all for telling the truth has said that they saw Sam with anybody, much less with MM that night. I’m not buying the concert date thing. If she went it wasn’t with Sam.
Mackenzie and Sam did both post pics from a very popular walk at a very popular tourist destination in Scotland. But their posts were several days apart. Mackenzie posted for several days for the highlands and Sam made a quick trip and then back to work in Glasgow. Mackenzie visited Scotland, not Sam. Lots of people visit Scotland. Sam just happened to be in Scotland when she visited.
Sam visited LA. Mackenzie left town for home the day he arrived and her next post was geotagged from NYC. Now she is on holiday in the Caribbean. Sam visited LA for work, not for Mackenzie.
The winery pic may or may not be Mackenzie, but it really doesn’t matter because whoever Sam was talking to was not a date. Executive level studio employees know better than to post a picture of something like that on social media.
Marina is a good friend but not one of his closest I don’t think. She is also a studio employee and often follows new cast members. Her interest may be more professional than personal.
MM’s IG comment has no mention of Sam at all. None. It simply states that she isn’t going to take sides in this fan war and will let both sides post their opinions. Opinions. Not Facts.
She also stated that her IG is about her world and the people in it. I don’t see any pictures of Sam. I don’t even see any allusions to Sam. He isn’t part of her world. There is nothing for them to not care about keeping quiet anymore. There is just nothing there.


I don’t understand why, but for some reason this picture I uploaded a few years ago was removed from my tumblr because of copyright reasons. The picture was taken by my cousin, and I’m the one in the photo. Maybe its just me but that doesn’t sound like copyright. This got to 30,000 notes once, round 2?