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Corporality of Water Lilies- CH 1

[Rating: M]


[Pairing: Naploeon Solo/Illya Kuryakin]

Summary: When the CIA asks UNCLE to investigate a group of terrorist using stolen paintings as untraceable funding, Napoleon finds himself in New York City and hunting down ghosts from his past. Or, in which Napoleon Solo steals a Monet on behalf of the CIA

Cars rumbled by below and the sweet smell of flowering cherry drifted into the stairwell window as Napoleon trudged up the stairs to his fourth floor apartment. He held back a yawn, shifting the weight of his suitcase in his hand and rounded the railing for the third floor. The apartment building had an elevator, but after an unfortunate time in Prague nearly four months ago, he chose to take the stairs whenever available.

London’s weather had taken a turn towards an unusually warm April. Sweat prickled along the edge of his shirt collar where it pressed too warmly against the nape of his neck and he smoothed the lapel of his jacket, mind already falling away to how long he was going to fall asleep in his bed, a long hot shower that was decidedly not the tepid water in medical, and where he was going to dine at night. He was not about to deny himself any pleasures this week.

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mary: a literal assassin, shoots sherlock in the chest, deduced to be a ‘sociopath’, constantly condescending, insidiously chips away at john’s self-worth, threatens sherlock while he’s in hospital, almost kills sherlock a second time at the empty houses, is coded subtextually as moran, gets sent a “curtain rises - the last act” text from sherlock, already knows to go to the london aquarium without being told, tells sherlock that they’re “even” now that she’s ‘taken a bullet for him’, sends sherlock a “miss me” dvd, tells sherlock to go to hell, tells sherlock to kill himself so that john will either commit suicide out of guilt if he watches the dvd too late and fails to save sherlock, or hate himself for not saving sherlock without the help of the dvd in the first place because he’s “so perfect” and should have intuitively known sherlock was in danger because that’s ‘who he is’, a catch-22 situation in which sherlock and john always end up forced apart no matter what and john always ends up suicidal

fans, casuals, literally everyone?: mary’s redemption arc was so beautiful. she was such a strong, brave female character and i can’t believe “”shippers”” think she’s an antagonist because she gets in the way of their “””OTP”””

people with common sense: 

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HL Wordplay fics ~ allwaswell16

Every week a prompt was chosen using a random word generator, and eight of us wrote a fic based on that prompt.  This is the masterpost of the fics I wrote for this challenge. <3   

Prompt 1: Foundation 

Now That I’ve Found You 

mature 6k+  | read here on ao3

Harry Styles has a great job working for his brother-in-law’s construction company. He has just one small problem. His concrete sub-contractor just quit, and he needs a foundation built as soon as possible. One fateful turn brings him exactly what he’s been looking for—an experienced concrete construction company that happens to be owned by the most beautiful man he’s ever laid eyes upon.

Or Louis is a long haired, sweaty construction worker. Does anyone really need to know more than that? Harry doesn’t think so.

Prompt 2: Bloodsucker 

For You I’d Bleed Myself Dry

explicit | 3k+  | read here on ao3

After a public and humiliating breakup, Louis Tomlinson finds himself on his would-be honeymoon with his best friend, Niall. However, this St. Lucian paradise is not all that it seems. Louis may be particularly vulnerable to an unusually handsome predator.

Prompt 3: Hinge

On a Day Like This You Know It’s Meant To Be

t&up | 2k+  | read here on ao3

One year ago Harry Styles met Louis Tomlinson, the man of his dreams. Harry is certain he’ll never see him again, even if they did make a pact to reunite should the Chicago Cubs win the World Series. Harry has one small flicker of hope left when it appears the Cubs might actually win it all. But will Louis fulfill his end of this fateful bargain?

Prompt 4: Scream 

Screaming: An OT4 Email Chain Drabble

mature | wordcount: 978  | read here on ao3

Another installment of the ot4 email chain. Three emails where Niall screams about: being jealous of Steve Aoki’s friendship with Louis, the beautiful black and white photo of Louis on his Instagram clearly taken by Harry, and Louis’ dog.

Also includes: jokes about dog poo (obviously), Harry’s red coat, dogs Liam doesn’t Instagram, and much more!

Prompt 5: Cat 

Won’t You Please Come Around

 mature | 5k+ | read here on ao3

Harry has lived in London for a month, and so far the only friend he’s made is his sister’s cat, Mr. Whiskers. When the lock on the window breaks, Mr. Whiskers begins exploring his new neighbourhood a bit too thoroughly and brings back mementos of his escapes.

Or a Valentine’s Day story where Harry has a really fit neighbour, and his cat is a thief.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm new to the McLennon fandom and I've been checking your blog for a while now, and I noticed how you always say that John was ready to go back to Paul in the 80s, so I want to ask you: what gives you this idea? Could you explain it to us, please? I hope I'm not asking repetitive questions or smth like that. Your blog's pretty cool, btw :)

First of all, to talk about John’s desire to go back to Paul and England, we have to talk about 1975 and the Lost Weekend first. Cause that was the first time he mentioned his desire to go back working with Paul.

Piotrowski: “Did John ever talk about the four of them getting together? Do you think it would have happened?”
Pang: “Yes. We did.”
Piotrowski: “Wow”
Pang: “Absolutely. (Quoting John) Maybe we’ll do one.”
Piotrowski: “One song?”
Pang: (Quoting John) “If one comes around and it works, maybe we’ll do another.”
Piotrowski: “Yeah.”
Pang: “But, yeah, we talked about it. And the first one that they talked about was early on, because it was early in ‘74 when it was discussed. (Quoting John) ‘Maybe we could do it for Fall of ‘74.’ And Harry Nilsson even said, ‘Oh, I want to sing,’ you know? But, obviously, certain things were not meant to be, as I would say.”
Piotrowski: “It just never happened.”
Pang: “It was just logistics. It was just a bunch of things going on at the time.”

In this interview, May Pang and Bob Bonis express their opinions about John and his desire to get back to Paul

This is a beautiful interview he gave in that period:

This is another beautiful interview in which he discusses the possibility to work again with Paul and go back to  England:

This is a quote by Roger Friedman, American writer who talked with May Pang:

[May] Pang told me the following story: Lennon was making plans to see Paul and Linda McCartney right before Ono pulled her string and brought him home to the Dakota in Manhattan. “Paul and Linda were going to New Orleans to record the Venus and Mars album,” May recalled. “And John found out they would be there. He made plans to surprise them down there. He was in a great mood and he really missed Paul.” Just as Lennon was making this plan, he was also trying to quit smoking. Enter Ono. “She told him she had a method for quitting and he should come over and she’d show him. I had a feeling this was a bad idea. She hadn’t seen him in a while, and I felt something was wrong. John told me not to worry, but I did.” Indeed, Pang was correct, since Lennon did not return to her. Pang can only surmise that Lennon shared his plans with Ono, who feared a reunion with the McCartneys would spur Lennon to leave her forever. Paul McCartney was, and is, Yoko Ono’s prime rival and arch enemy. Case in point: When Linda McCartney died in 1998, Paul didn’t invite Yoko to the memorial service in New York. He did invite May Pang, and she attended. “Linda was wonderful,” she said. At first when Pang told people about Lennon’s plans — after he’d left her — no one believed it. “But then something happened,” she said. “Derek Taylor, the Beatles’ publicist, showed me a postcard he’d gotten from John in England. It said, ‘Going to New Orleans to see Paul.’ And that was it. That was the proof.”- Roger Friedman,, “Lennon planned to visit McCartney in 1974,” September 25, 2011

John also met Paul Simon in that period, and he asked him what he had to do wtih Paul:

“John Lennon once turned to Art Garfunkel for advice about a possible Beatles reunion in the mid-1970s. Garfunkel had set aside his ongoing feud with Paul Simon for a series of reunion concerts and Lennon wanted to pump him for information about the get together after revealing he was receiving offers to team up with Paul McCartney. The Bridge Over Troubled Waters singer recalls his chat with Lennon - in the bedroom of the Dakota building home he shared with Yoko Ono.

“Incredibly disarmingly, he said to me, ‘Artie, you worked with your Paul recently … I’m getting calls … that my Paul wants to work with me and I’m thinking about it … How did it go when you worked with Paul?’ “He was measuring his situation - the great John Lennon with Paul McCartney - with Paul and Artie and testing me out as if to make sure that my ego is fully established as a colleague of his,” he said.

A thrilled Garfunkel felt that his answer could be the catalyst for a Beatles reunion and he responded, “John, remember that there was a musical blend that was a great kick; if you can return to the fun of that sound and musical happenings with your old buddy and ignore the strands and complications of history, what I found with my Paul is the harmony and the sound happenings are a full agenda. They’ll keep you busy and you’ll have fun.”

Garfunkel left the meeting feeling confident that Lennon and McCartney would reunite. Appearing in new movie Beatles Stories, he says, “The subject seemed very straightforward and uncomplicated.” But the songwriting super-duo never did work together again - and Lennon was shot dead outside the Dakota building five years late”

From 1973, the year he had the first fight with Yoko to 1976, The Lost Weekend period, he started expressing his desire to go back to Paul in his songs too, like ‘I know, I know’, a song he wrote for Paul.

But when Yoko came back, suddenly everything wasn’t the same anymore. He came back to his househusband status in late 1976, taking care of Sean, making bread, and soon forgetting what he planned to do.

In 1979 then, and mostly in 1980, when he was splitting up with Yoko, his desire to come back to Paul grew up more, he wrote lots of songs for him. He made 4 demo recordings that he planned to complete with him: Free as a bird,  Real love, Now and then and Grow old with me. But he also wrote ‘Just like starting over’, in which he expresses his huge desire to go back to Paul and England.

Joe Flannery, the Beatles booking manager, and close friend to the Beatles, during an interview shared the last conversation he had with John, a couple of days before his death:

“We enjoyed a lengthy conversation. We talked a lot of rubbish of course. He was very well and happy but he missed Liverpool, he missed the others and he missed London but he told me at one stage that he regretted ‘getting too political’. He said that he had made a bit of a ‘t** of himself’. ‘We should start talking about me coming home before that b****** Nixon gets me’ he said. I was rather taken aback and asked him to explain. John launched into a diatribe against the former president. He was convinced that even out of office Nixon carried power and wanted him dead. He felt some kind of curse was hanging over him. He even suggested that I should fly out to New York when the time came to return with him on the liner. I was flattered but mentioned that I wondered whether the QE2 could actually get down the Mersey. ‘Look into it,’ John shouted, ‘I want to come home in a blaze of glory.’ As one might imagine I was buzzing after this wonderful conversation with my old friend. Of course it was not to be and I was soon to lose another friend pointlessly.”

And this is from the the book “The Beatles - The Dream Is Over - Off The Record 2″ - By Keith Badman:

Just days before his brutal death, John was making plans to return to England for a triumphant Beatles reunion.  His greatest dream was to recreate the musical magic of the early years with Paul, George and Ringo.  That dream depended on the success of ‘Starting Over’.  John was always an Englishman at heart.  He wanted to return to his roots but he wanted to do it in style.  John discussed the possibility of returning to England if ‘Starting Over’ made it to No.1″

Also, Paul always says that in the last period of John’s life they got very close, talking hours on the phone. Also George recalled that in the last period of 1980 John got closer to him and for him that was a good sign, that he probably wanted to get his friendship back. So, as you can see, John really wanted to start over, to go back to Paul, work with him again, and come back to England.

He didn’t just sing it in a song, he really meant it.

1. Lisa Kudrow was afraid of the duck.

2. When the show was first written, Joey and Monica were intended to be love interests.

3. The average Friends episode took five hours to film.

4. Joey and Chandler’s big white dog actually belonged to Jennifer Aniston. A friend gave it to her as a good-luck gift when the show started.

5. Three cast members from The Simpsons made guest appearances on Friends: Dan Castellaneta (Homer), Hank Azaria (Moe/Apu, etc.), and Harry Shearer (Mr. Burns/Smithers, etc.).

6. The show was originally called Insomnia Cafe. It was then renamed Friends Like Us, and then Six of One before becoming Friends.

7. In the first season, each of the main six cast members received $22,000 per episode.

8. In 1997, they banded together to negotiate a salary increase to $100,000 per episode. It was the first time in TV history that cast members had done this.

9. By the final season, they each got $1,000,000 per episode.

10. “The One Where No One’s Ready” takes place entirely in Monica’s apartment because the show didn’t have a large enough budget for guest stars or additional sets.

11. Joey plays Dr. Drake Ramoray in a fictional version of the NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives. In real life, Jennifer Aniston’s father, John Aniston, plays Victor Kiriakis on the actual Days of Our Lives.

12. Courteney Cox is actually older than David Schwimmer, despite playing his younger sister.

13. In the pilot, Monica forgets the name of a guy she sleeps with. Producers were worried that this would make the audience not like her, so they handed out a survey to the studio audience asking whether they thought the plot should be changed. They didn’t.

14. Ross and Rachel weren’t meant to be the central romance of the series. Their storyline was developed because of David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston’s chemistry.

15. Monica’s apartment changed from number 5 to number 20 when the show’s writers realised that “5” wouldn’t denote an apartment on an upper level floor in a large block. So they matched, Chandler’s also changed from 4 to 19.

16. Kathy Griffin and Jane Lynch both auditioned for the role of Phoebe.

17. Jon Favreau and Jon Cryer both tried out for the role of Chandler.

18. Live audiences were never used for cliff-hangers, such as Ross and Emily’s wedding.

19. The storyline of Phoebe carrying her brother’s triplets was written because Lisa Kurdrow was pregnant in real life.

20. In the opening credits of “The One After Vegas”, which is dedicated to Courteney Cox and David Arquette’s marriage, every cast member has the surname Arquette added to the end of his or her real name.

21. Phoebe’s wedding is not attended by any of her relatives, including her twin sister Ursula, her father, her birth mother, her brother Frank Jr. or the triplets she gave birth to.

22. Hank Azaria, who plays David the scientist, auditioned for the role of Joey twice before the show went into production.

23. Chandler was written as a character who was awkward around women because Matthew Perry told producers that he himself was.

24. The cast had a huddle before filming each episode to wish each other luck.

25. Bruce Willis appeared in the show for free after losing a bet about whether The Whole Nine Yards would be No. 1 in the box office on its opening weekend with Matthew Perry. He donated his fee to charity.

26. Phoebe and Chandler were originally supposed to be supporting characters.

27. David Schwimmer was the first of the main six actors to be cast in the show.

28. Jennifer Aniston was the last of the main six actors to be cast in the show.

29. Before the show’s pilot aired, the cast was taken for dinner at Caeser’s Palace in Las Vegas to enjoy their “last shot at anonymity”. They later returned to the same place to shoot Ross and Rachel’s drunken wedding.

30. Crew member Paul Swain was responsible for the Magna Doodles on the door of Chandler’s apartment.

31. When Monica pops up from underneath Chandler’s bedsheet in London, the two of them held position for 27 seconds.

32. Marcel was played by two monkeys, Monkey and Katie.

33. NBC originally thought the cast was too young and asked writers to include an older character who gave advice to the twentysomethings.

34. NBC originally thought Central Perk was too trendy and wanted to set the show in a diner, like Seinfeld.

35. In “The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs”, we find out that Ross hates ice cream. One season earlier, however, we see Ross and Elizabeth enjoying ice cream on a date.

36. Producers originally wanted Courteney Cox to play Rachel, but she asked to play Monica because the character was so strong.

37. The orange couch in Central Perk was found in the basement of the Warner Bros. studio.

38. Ross is 29 years old for three years.

39. Monica and Chandler’s twins are born three minutes and 46 seconds apart.

40. All of the six main characters have kissed each other at one point (if you include alternative “what if?” episodes), except Monica and Phoebe.

41. Like Monica and Chandler, Courteney Cox and David Arquette had trouble getting pregnant.

42. Courteney Cox had to film the scene in which Rachel has Emma just after having a miscarriage.

43. Joey wasn’t written as a dim character. Matt LeBlanc suggested it.

44. The frame around the peephole in Monica’s apartment originally had a mirror in it. It was broken by a crew member during the early stages of filming, but producers thought it looked good so they left it.

45. June Gable, who played Joey’s agent Estelle Leonard, also played a nurse in the episode where Carol gives birth to Ben.

46. David Schwimmer directed 10 Friends episodes.

47. Friends co-creators Marta Kauffman and David Crane are also co-writers of the show’s theme song, “I’ll Be There for You” by The Rembrandts.

48. When Rachel is trying to find a new officiate for Chandler and Monica’s wedding, she finds a Greek Orthodox priest coming out of the Anastassakis/Papasifakis wedding. Anastassakis is Jennifer Aniston’s family name.

49. When Lisa Kudrow first read the script, she thought Chandler’s character was gay.

50. Giovanni Ribisi plays Phoebe’s brother Frank Jr. in later episodes, but he also has a small cameo in the earlier seasons. He plays a boy who accidentally throws a condom into Phoebe’s guitar case instead of a coin.

51. Lisa Kudrow had already been guest-starring on Mad About You as Ursula Buffay for two years before Friends aired. They decided to make Phoebe a twin to create a crossover between the two shows.

52. Gunther didn’t have a name until the middle of the second season.

53. James Michael Tyler was cast as Gunther because he was the only extra who knew how to operate an espresso machine.

54. Gunther didn’t have a line until the show’s 33rd episode. He said “yeah”.

55. Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon were both on Ross’ “celebrity list”. They both later guest-starred on the show as Melissa Warburton and Jessica Lockhart, respectively.

56. There were six versions of Phoebe’s dollhouse made for “The One With the Dollhouse” because the plot involved burning them.

57. The actor who plays Joshua’s father is actually Matthew Perry’s real-life father.

58. Ellen DeGeneres turned down an offer to play Phoebe.

59. In the last episode, it is mentioned that all six characters have lived in Monica’s apartment. They have all also lived in Joey’s apartment.

60. When the last series ended, Jennifer Aniston and her then-husband Brad Pitt hosted a dinner party at their home. They served bottles of wine that producer Kevin Bright had saved from the first series.

61. When the last series ended, each cast member was given a piece of the sidewalk from outside Central Perk as a keepsake.

1| Two is okay, three is too much.

Ship: Leta Lestrange x Newt Scamander x Reader
Warning: None
RequestCan you make a newt scamander x reader series where leta lestrange come back into newt’s life and him and the reader are dating but leta thinks otherwise and makes him cheat because he still has feelings for her and also can u make sure the reader doesn’t forgive him to easily but have a happy ending ALSO looked over you’re stories they seem really good keep it up❤
A/N: Hello dear, I know writing the first chapter was really long for it shortness. I’m sorry darling but I still hope that you’ll like the beginning of this adventure with Leta and Newt. To every other readers, hope you enjoy too. Sorry for any spelling error. 
Word count: 2109

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  Being a witch isn’t what everybody thinks. You’re not doing potion frequently if you’re not a potion master else you can make things explode or worse, which is not a goal. You don’t use a broom to travel, in fact you usually use cabs or hidden portals. Brooms are majorly used to play quidditch and not every wizard is a good player, trust me. And stop being so cliché about witch. Not all of them has a black cat, to be frank it’s quite rare. Owls are quite popular in generals, even though cats, rats and toads are too. Ah, muggles! They think witches are all ugly with strange features and crooked personalities but they would be so surprised if they knew the truth about the wizardry world.

Being a magical being was a lot more than that, actually, and it was the total contrary of the human’s thought. It was basically another reality with many jobs and schools, creatures and of course a lots of magic but it’s still so much more than just that.

You, in this world, were a witch. A proud student from Ilvermorny, school of witchcraft and wizardry in America. It wasn’t as prestigious as Hogwart but to be honest it was all you ever dreamed. Ilvermorny was a second house to you and you made such good friends there that you couldn’t careless about which school was better than the other.

After finishing school at Ilvermorny’s, you decided to study the magical creatures. How fascinating these beasts can be? You wanted to learn everything you could about them and share your knowledge with the world. And so you traveled all around the world to write a book about creatures and their way of being. 

While your trip, you took a boat which was leaving New York to London. Walking a little bit too fast in the crowded area to get on the upper part of the boat, you bumped into someone and dropped your case, felling on your butt afterwards. The person you bumped in, crouched next to you and looked at you worriedly.

“Oh, excuse me miss. I-I think I wasn’t looking where I was going.” The stranger said, struggling to talk without sounding totally nervous.

You grabbed the hand he was holding out for you to take it. He seemed a bit taken aback by your features when you fully raised your head towards him. To that stranger you looked incredibly good and the mysteriousness in your eyes… He couldn’t help but found you fascinating and slightly intimated. 

You brushed the dust out of your grey coat and smiled brightly to him(which caused him to gulp and feel his heart skip a beat), even if deep down you were just as intimidated as him for the same reason he was for you. What a strange duet you two were right now.

“O-oh no really, it’s not your fault, I was walking too fast.”

You lowered your gaze nervous, feeling the sweat slowly forming in your back. Suddenly, you noticed something, in the corner of your left eye, slipping out of the man’s case, The little thing was furry and grey with strange appearance. You instantly recognized the creature and gasped. Was he a wizard? Could you really mention there was a Niffler getting out of his luggage maybe taking all of his precious bright things with it? 

The man noticing your surprised expression, turned his look to the floor. He bit his lip immediately seeing what caught your attention. His Niffler.

Seeing the little creature was about to rob someone’s wallet, you got your wand out slightly.

“Arresto momentum!” You whispered, the spell reaching it victim.

The little creature was slow motioning and you grabbed it, hiding it in your coat’s pocket. To be sure he wouldn’t escape, you gave to the little furry animal a few golden and argent things to occupy it.

The stranger saw the entire scene and was a bit taken aback. Slowly realizing your error, you looked at him eye wide.

“Don’t tell me you’re a muggle?” You murmured, using the British term for the non-magic people. You felt your body tensing up in anticipation.

“I’m not. L-let’s just go a little farther to talk about all this.” He said looking around, noticing some people were giving the both of you strange looks.You relaxed a bit at his statement  as you followed him away of everyone. 

All the afternoon after the incident, you spent it introducing yourselves. You were so happy to meet an other wizard and none the less a wizard that liked magical creatures.

“I’m (Y/FULL/N), I’m glad to meet you Mister Scamander.” You smiled. 

Since then you started travelling with each others. Why? Well my friend, because you had that same passion about creatures. After a while, you decided to combine your researches with his and write a book about creatures. It was going to be called “Fantastic beast and where to find them”.

Soon enough, with all the adventures the book gave you, you became good friends. Your relation kept growing and when Newt finally decided to release the book he wrote with your help about the fantastic beasts, he asked you out. Let me say, you were really happy about it. It was the most beautiful day in your life.

Basically, now, your life is resumed to write about magical creatures, see them and then be back home and do something with your boyfriend. 

Tonight, the activity you were about to do with him was a little bit more special since it was your two years anniversary. The both of you decided to go see that huge quidditch match between two of the best team in the wizardry world, of course one out of the two was your favorite.

You weren’t surprised to see that there was a lot of people at the match but sincerely you didn’t cared. You just focused on you being with your boyfriend and it was perfect just like that. But as you two walked in the stairs for you to get to the place you were assigned, Newt stopped dead in his track.

You turned to see what was wrong and you saw her. The beautiful woman you would saw in a picture inside Newt’s wallet. You use to see that face often when you were traveling and taking care of the beasts with your boyfriend.

You suddenly understand that she is probably someone really important to him if he reacts like that. He never really told you what happened with the girl, he only said her name was Leta Lestrange and that he knew her since the time he went to Hogwart.

You gulped silently as you looked at the girl slowly walking in the crowd. You saw the pain flashing in Newt’s eyes and you just putted a hand on his shoulder. He looked at you, his eyes staring deep in yours, you just smiled sweetly in a reassuring way.

“It’s Leta isn’t it?” You asked.

He nodded and turned his head back to where she went. After a short silence between the two of you, you gently pecked Newt’s cheek.

“Go see her. I know you crave it. I’ll wait for you after the match at the entrance.”

You immediately saw a smile tugging at his lips as he hugged you tightly. 

“See you later then.”


As the match finished, you slowly raised from your seat and walked to the exit. The wave of quidditch fans was leading you out of the stadium. As you finally were out of the building, you made your way out of the crowd to wait for Newt.

At first, you thought maybe Newt was just caught in the middle of the wave and waited for him, patiently. You tried to distract yourself with minim things such as little families exiting the place while smiling and talking happily about how their favorite team won the final… but as time passed by you remarked there were slowly many to little people leaving and after a while, no one was getting out of the stadium.

The night started to get colder. You shuddered slightly, your coat was at home and you couldn’t go back now because Newt was still nowhere to be seen. You had nothing to tell you what time it was and it seemed to you that you have waited for your boyfriend for years.

Of course this was exaggerated, you’ve been waiting for him for at least 1 hour 15 minutes. Still, this was pretty long. So after so much time waiting for him, you decided to head back home. After all, Newt knew his way to your shared house, if he wanted to hang with Leta so bad to give up on his girlfriend the night of their 2 years anniversary he could easily go back home alone.

And so you went back home feeling slightly like a forgiven piece of crap. How could he ditch you like that? Asked an inner voice but as soon as you asked yourself the question you found an excuse to it. He hadn’t seen his friend in years! Of course he wouldn’t enjoy just a little match with her. But still… on the night of your 2 years anniversary?

You pushed that thought away, giving yourself more and more excuses to his way of acting just until you felt slightly better and reassured. ‘Yeah, he must have missed her. If I wouldn’t see (Your Best Friend name) often, I would do the same thing.Right? Right.’

Feeling convinced by your own excuse, you showered and then went straight to bed. It was almost 1AM and tomorrow you had to go to the Diagon Alley to get some books about dragons and also a gift for your friend’s birthday in a few days. That’s why you needed your sleep more than anything right now but you weren’t able to close your eyes and drift away in the wonderland. In fact, you were once again showered by anxious thoughts about Newt still not being back. Where was he? Was he still at the stadium?
What was he doing? Was he waiting for you like you waited for him a few hours ago? Was he still with Leta?

Ah Leta, you didn’t even knew her and you let your boyfriend ran in her arms. Well not literally but you know what I meant here. You slowly started to feel the remorse. Why had you let Newt go up to someone who is a perfect stranger to you? ’(Y/N), how stupid can you be?! For all you know she can be Newt past girlfriend!’

You sighed and turned around in your bed. And so you did this for hours… but as you were finally drifting in the dream lands, you heard the front door open. Your eyes flung open straight away and you raised on your legs, walking silently to the entrance. As nearer you got to the entrance, louder got some whispers. You stopped to listen what was said. Maybe it wasn’t Newt who entered home, maybe it was some muggles hunting down wizards or whatever could enter your house so early in the morning.

“Promise me we could see each other tomorrow, Newt, please! It’s been so long since last time I saw you… I don’t want to let you go this time plus we have to catch up all those years you were away from me~!” The voice was whining, it sounded like a plead but also like a mirror cracking in your ears. The mirror felt extremely fragile, like it was just about to shatter in pieces.

You held your breath, knowing Newt was silent because he was thinking about what her friend said, or so you thought. Never would you have guessed he was hugging her right now.

“I promise, Leta, I don’t want to let you go either.”

You heard Leta sigh and bid goodbye to Newt as your boyfriend waved back, finally closing the door. You slowly let your body slide down the wall. You hear the mirror break into pieces or maybe was it your heart? You had an extremely bad feeling about what was said. Your heart sunk in your chest. Newt accepted to pass time with her… not you. Her.

Who in the world was she to take your Newt away from you on the weekends?! It was the only time you could really share caring moments with him!

As you were about to move back to your shared bedroom, as whisper echoed close to you.

“(Y/N) what are you doing up so early in the morning?”

No Prince Charming

Hello, my loves!!! Here’s a new oneshot based on LOKI BECAUSE WE LOVE HIM

You stood on the balcony in Thor’s room, gazing at the sunset. “I had forgotten how beautiful Asgard was,” you murmured.

Thor stood next to you. “You’ve been gone far too long, Lady Y/N. Asgard missed you.”

You were Odin and Frigga’s top advisor. They’ve known you since you were a child, so they trusted you wholeheartedly. You practically grew up with Thor and Loki, though you were a few years younger than them. For the past year, you’ve been on a mission, traveling to all Nine Realms to ensure that peace had been brought to all of them. After Loki tried to replace Odin, a plan which was thwarted by you before it could succeed, the realms went into a frenzy. They were able to calm down due to your “relaxing nature” and “calming presence”, something you didn’t even realize you had until Odin first told you about the mission. You had just returned a few hours earlier.

“How is Loki doing?”, you asked, still fixed on the sunset.

Thor looked down. “Better. When you thwarted his plans, he seemed to subdue a little. He asks for you every day.”

“Why me?”

“I believe he cares for you.”

You think for a moment. Loki having feelings for you? You’ve always felt some type of way about him, but you never thought he’d feel the same. Then again, he didn’t really put up much of a fight when you thwarted his plans. Come to think of it, he didn’t put up any fight. As if he didn’t want to hurt you at all.

You take a deep breath. “Where is he now?”

“Odin has granted him limited time outside his cell every day, mainly because he trusts you. Loki should be in the library right now.”

You give Thor a smile before walking out of his room. You knew this palace like the back of your hand, and the library was your favorite place to go.

You walk in the library to see Loki sitting on the love seat, invested in the book he was reading.

He looked even handsomer than you remembered. His long black hair flowed perfectly, shaping his chiseled jaw. And his eyes. You always got lost in his eyes. They were as beautiful as he was.

After staring for a few moments, you snap out of your stance and clear your throat, making him look up. “Didn’t you get the news? I’m baaaack!”

He chuckles and closes his book,
placing it on the floor. He stands and walks over to you.

“Y/N,” he says. “It’s been a while.”

“About a year.”

“How did the mission go?”

“The realms are at peace. Apparently I have a ‘relaxing nature’ and 'calming presence’, which I didn’t know about.”

He smiles, something only you could get out of him. “I already knew that.”

You put your hand in his. “How are you doing?”

Sighing, he replies, “I now understand the consequences of my actions. Thanks to you, Odin is allowing me time out of my cell. However, it’s limited. I can only be in less than half of the rooms in the castle, and I’m not allowed outside the castle.”

You nod. “At least you’re getting better. I care about you a lot.”


“What do you mean, why?”

“I’ve done a lot of bad things, Y/N. I’ve killed, controlled, tricked, lied, betrayed. You had to go away for a year to subdue the mess I brought on. I don’t deserve your care. I don’t even deserve yo-.”

“Shut up.”

He looks taken aback. “What?”

“I don’t give a shit what you did. Yes, you fucked up a lot. The Avengers and I had to clean up the Battle of New York. Then the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I had to clean up London. But through everything, I still remembered the boy who would run across gardens just to pick me a rose, the boy who dreamed big. I still believe in you, Loki. You’re no Prince Charming, but you still managed to charm me.
I love you.”

He pulls you closer and whispers, “I love you too,” before closing the gap between you two.

Underneath the Bandages

Summary: Dan hits his head whilst masturbating, and despite being rather awkward, the incident brings him closer with his best friend, Phil.

Warnings: vomit, hospitals, head injuries, fainting, mentions of masturbation

Word count: 6.7k

A/N: Disclaimer, probably not my best work but I wrote it so here you go.

A loud thump from Dan’s room interrupted the TV programme I was watching. At first I thought it was nothing, but as I replayed the sound in my head, it started to bother me. He probably just dropped something, he was known for his butterfingers, but something made me worry that it could be something serious.

I turned the volume off on the TV and called out his name, “DAN!?”

There was no reply.

To ease my mind I decided I would go and check everything was okay. I stood up, slipping my phone into my pocket and made my way to Dan’s room. The door was shut, so I knocked, again saying Dan’s name loudly. When there was again no reply, I decided I would go in. I guess he could be asleep and maybe the noise came from the neighbours, but something in the back of my mind told me that I needed to know.

I opened the door and was met with a sight that I had not prepared myself to see; Dan lying, naked, on the floor.

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You fell in love with Finn, but you have a secret.

Originally posted by sansasandorshipper

Finn x Reader

You had grown up as Finn’s best friend and you two knew everything about each other. Well, he knew almost everything about you. You knew his family as they had practically raised you and let you stay over when things were too stressful at home. He knew when you had become a full woman because you had ran to his house in tears; no one had explained to you what happens when a woman matures seeing as you only had your father.

You knew how scared he got for his brothers when they went away on business and you knew how bad his anxiety got, though he never let on about it around anyone else. He knew that when you got really nervous, like when you met his cousin for the first time, you had a habit of playing with the fabric of your skirt and you would stutter.

He was there for you when your first boyfriend cheated on you and broke your heart when you were only 17. Finn had even went out to have a ‘chat’ with the lad about how to treat a lady like you. He had come back with busted knuckles, a split lip, and a black eye. You had taken care of him and bandaged up his hands. You had stayed with him that night, aiming to keep him from going out with his brothers or on his own to find the lad again.

After that night, you two were closer than ever. You went everywhere with each other, and that in turn scared off any guys who were interested in you. Eventually, you had noticed how men went running when they saw you round the corner with a Shelby boy on your heels; and you had had enough and confronted him about it. It was a full blown out argument that turned into him confessing how he really felt about you.

After that, it was pure fun and all smiles. He took you to fancy dinners and to the races and you would make dinner for him when he came home from being away with his brothers. It was pure joy and love until one day, you were too weak to meet him for your date. He had run to your home to see if you were okay and found your pale face wrapped in blankets. He had taken care of you for three days before he had to leave with his brothers, John and Arthur, for London and he would be back in two days.  

It was after he left that you decided to go to the doctor because nothing had changed and you felt like shit still. You had just gotten back with a diagnoses and you weren’t sure who to talk to about it with first. After pacing your house for about an hour, you decided that the best person to talk to would be Tommy; he could give you some advice on how to tell Finn.

“What do you mean by that, (Y/N)?” He said his voice barely above a whisper as his hand with his cigarette froze in the air.

“I mean exactly what I said, Thomas,” The tears starting to collect at the corners of your eyes and beginning to fall one by one.

“This’ll break him,” You nodded in agreement, “Why’d you tell me first?”

“I need some advice on how to tell him properly. I want him to know as soon as possible, but I don’t know how to tell him.” Your voice cracked as the tears started to flow and the hiccups of your sobs broke your train of thought. Tommy came around his desk to where you were seated and pulled you up into his chest.

“You tell him how you told me. You give it to him straight, no beating around the bush. It’ll break him to hear it, but it’ll be better than keeping him in the dark or having him have to guess.” He placed his chin on top of your head as you gripped the fabric of his vest. “Don’t tell anyone else until after you tell him. You don’t want him to feel like the last one to know.”


It had been two days and you were waiting for Finn to walk through the front door. The past two days only consisted of you being in bed for hours and barely eating anything. You had showered in the morning to make yourself at least look a bit presentable and when Finn walked in, you faked the best smile you could. You slowly stood as he rushed over to you and wrapped you up in a hug. It took every fiber in your body to not break down in his arms.

“You look a bit better than when I left. Are you feeling better?” You looked to his eyes full of hope.

“Just a bit,” It wasn’t a lie; you could actually get out of bed and you weren’t having cold sweats anymore.

“Good. I brought you something from London,” He reached inside his pocket and looked to you, pulling out a small box. When he opened it, all you could do was gasp. “I know it isn’t a special dinner or occasion or anything, but I know I love you and I always have. And I want to know you’re mine for as long as you’ll have me, and I -”

“Finn,” You had tears streaming down your face slowly now and when he looked to your face, his smile dropped.

“What? Too soon? Do you like the ring? It’s too much isn’t it? I’m too much, I knew it -”

“Finn! Just hold on a minute.” You pulled him to sit on the couch as he scrunched his brows together. “I would love to say yes, but I have to talk to you before you ask me that question.”

“(Y/N)? What’s wrong?”

“Well, I went to the doctor the morning you left…” You grabbed his hands, holding them in your lap after you put the box on the little table in front of you.  

“And? Are you sick?” He scooted closer to you with wide eyes that clouded in confusion as a few more tears escaped your eyes while you looked at your lap.

“I’m not exactly sick, Finn… I’m dying…” You looked up to see him hanging his mouth open and you could spot the tears gathering in his eyes.

“Wh… what?”

“I’m dying, Finn,” One tear was streaking his face.

“Who else knows?” He whispered, voice barely holding steady.

“The doctor, Tommy, and you - in that order,” You looked to your lap to the knuckles of his hands as you rubbed your thumbs over them, “I told Tommy first because I was freaking out and scared and I didn’t know how or when the right time to tell you was. And he told me to just tell it to you straight and as soon as possible.”

“Well, then it can stay our secret for a while, just until we figure out what to do about it, yeah?” You nodded your head, “But there’s one thing that can’t stay a secret,” His voice was cracking now and you saw him holding back the water in his eyes.

“And what’s that?” He reached for the ring on the table, getting on one knee in front of you and taking your left hand in his.

“Will you become my wife?” You nodded as tears of happiness and sadness fell down your face and he slipped the ring onto your finger. He sat next to you again and held you to him. “We’ll figure something out, I promise.” He then placed a kiss to your temple and you both stayed like that until the sun had gone down. The whole time, his body was slightly shaking and his breath unsteady and you knew he had to have been crying, so you just held him to you.

Eventually, he pulled away and wiped your face as you wiped his. “Let’s go tell my brothers, yeah?” You nodded and placed a light kiss on his lips before he pulled you up with him and whisked you off to the Garrison.


I plan on writing a part 2 to this in the future :)

so @aceryder​ was one of the recipients of my 100 follower fic giveaway and requested: ryder x liam where the two of them meet at in a bar in london before the arks leave for the milky way and really hit it off together.  ao3 link.

and, well, here’s the story :~)

Summary: Two weeks before the arks leave for Andromeda, Liv Ryder meets a handsome man named Liam at the bar. Too bad they’ll never see each other again.

Near Morning

Olivia will never get used to the feeling of solid ground under her boots. She’s a spacer, through-and-through. Before Mom had taken her final turn for the worst and she and her brother and her dad had all relocated to Earth, she doesn’t recall a time when she’d ever spent more than three months planet-side at a time. Now, it’s going on six, Mom’s dead, and the final preparations for the Andromeda Initiative have been set. Two more weeks, and it’s bye-bye Milky Way, hello, new home

She can’t lie to herself, though. She knows they’re really just running away from something. Might even be the same thing, in the end. 

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All Love to London: An Entire Religion Didn’t Commit Today’s Attacks at Westminster Bridge and at British Parliament

As I write this, it’s still unclear who ran over Londoners on Westminster Bridge today and then stabbed a police officer outside the Parliament Building. It seems the same person committed both acts of terrorism.

We don’t know if the terrorism was domestic or foreign. 

I can’t make this point often enough: domestic terrorism IS terrorism. 

We don’t know anyone’s identity or motive. 

Three victims, including a police officer, have died so far and 20 more persons are injured. (Note: Since I began writing here, it has been confirmed the terrorist was killed by British police.)

Today marks the one year anniversary of the massacre at the Brussels airport in Belgium. 

We don’t know if today’s attack in London is related to the Brussels anniversary. 

DJT supporters have taken to social media yet again to falsely allege all Muslims are terrorists. 

A reminder: liberals HATE terrorism, too.

The only people who root for terrorists are, in fact, terrorists.

The one thing we DO know right now: it remains immoral and illogical to blame the actions of a few on over one billion individuals. 

Should today’s terrorist(s) turn out to be Muslim, he/she/they will be Muslim in name only and will have done enormous harm to their own people.

DJT, Bannon, and their ilk are already virulently Islamophobic. 

Deeply saddened by today’s slaughter of British innocents. Can’t get the image of people flattened on Westminster Bridge out of my head.

And I fear retribution against Muslim innocents.

As for the terrorist: I’m glad he’s dead.

anonymous asked:

Love your work!!! And navigating in @doctorroseprompts I saw a post about "five word prompts". Knowing your fics and sharing your love for Rose and Tentoo, there were two that I immediately thought of you: “so… what are we now?” and “why do I love you?”. Anyway, I was wondering if you might be interested in this. I know I would read, for sure! :)

Here ya go, Nonny! Hope you like it!! 

Rose Tyler’s No Good Very Bad Day

By Skyler10

Summary: Rose starts out having a terrible day at work, but by the end, her Doctor has the perfect remedy. One month post-JE. 

Notes: from the Five Word Prompts list here @doctorroseprompts

Read on Ao3 here.

Hot tears rolled down Rose Tyler’s face as she hid behind the filing cabinet in her office at Torchwood One, blocked from view from the door except for two pink Converse trainers sticking out. She tucked her knees up to her chest as another cramp rolled through her gut. How long before the damn pain killer kicks in? she grumbled to herself.

Everything today was wrong. She’d been on her period for a few days but today was Big Emotions Day. And boy, did her hormones have it out for her. First, there was the case of the missing Oyster card. Then when the Doctor found it, he’d looked so smart-arse about it, she hadn’t even thanked him. Second, she’d spilled hot coffee all over her new blouse (which he hadn’t noticed was especially low-cut, despite her hopes that it would catch his eye). Then, after an assortment of technology malfunctions and miscommunications, they’d been called out on a mission, which, of course, had her running and grimacing and being told to “keep up or we’re going to lose them!” by no less than three of her teammates, including you-know-who.

He had flipped his sonic in the air with an “Ah ha!” as he got a successful reading for where their pursuit would end. They made their way down the city street and each took their assigned posts.   Ten minutes into their stakeout later, a headache as well as cramps pounded Rose from the inside. She was dehydrated and couldn’t focus. If only she could reach the water bottle and meds in her supply pack… The slavers slipped right past Rose as she was distracted. She never even saw them until Jake shot a plasma net from his cannon and trapped them. Jake sent her a what the hell, Tyler? look before making the arrest and transporting them back to HQ. Failure ripped through her chest and taunted her aching brain.  

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Brummie girl Camden Town

Alfie Solomons x reader

Request: Could I request #3 with Alfie Solomons??

Author’s note: I’m sorry this was so rambly :( I hope you still enjoy and please give me feedback.

Not many people left Small Heath to go pursue education, you only knew of a handful of people that had and only one of which was another women. She pretty much inspired you. You always excelled in class and when it reached the time of finishing school you decided you would apply to university. You applied for the University of London and a month later you were packed up and moving down to London to study Accountancy and English Literature. The whole of Small Heath was buzzing that one of their own was going off to bigger and better things. Luckily for you, your childhood friend John and his brothers were in London quite often so he assured you and your mum that you would be well looked after. You moved into a small apartment on the edge of Camden town.

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Protect || Buttercream

Originally posted by suggsquared

Requests are currently [ CLOSED ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

Summary: In which you get injured at a Gleam party and the boys make a huge deal out of looking after you after being you cry for the first time and feeling very protective of you. 

Dedicated too: The anon who requested this, I hope you like it!!xo

Seeing as you were bestfriends with each and every member of the buttercream squad, you were a compulsory addition. It’d all started when you met them in a club one night; Jack had saved you from a rather awkward situation where a guy was being a bit forceful and had then taken you to meet his friends. You clicked with each of them almost instantaneously. 

You didn’t have a Youtube channel, instead you worked at an editing company in Central London - but after the boys got to see one of your most recent projects, they demanded that you quit your job and work with them behind the scenes instead. Seeing as you’d never exactly enjoyed your job, being able to walk into the building with your head held high and quitting on the spot with no explanation was one of the best feelings that you’d ever felt. 

Working for the boys didn’t feel like work, not really. Of course, some videos were more challenging than others, but they were always so much fun to put together and add silly effects to. You got to travel, more than you ever had before, and the fact that you got spend all that time with a group of boys who surely enough became like your brothers after just a matter of months made it all the more enjoyable.

LA was by far your favourite place to visit, and luckily enough the boys all visited the place regularly. That was the city where you finally found you true worth, and gained the confidence to begin appearing in the boys’ videos and vlogs.

During one of Gleam’s annual parties, where you were supposedly each and every one of the boys’ plus one, you tripped over a particularly long extension cord in your room and sprained your ankle pretty bad.

Seeing as you couldn’t exactly walk afterwards, all of the boys waited on you hand and foot. They all freaked out at first, especially after finding out that you were hurt, and Joe had wasted no time in storming up to the front desk to shout at the manager about the unsafe wires whilst Caspar and Oli made sure you hadn’t broken or fractured any bones.

That night, the boys decided that it’d be best if they took you home a day early. You tried to insist that it wasn’t necessary, but they weren’t being swayed at all. They insisted that you needed to be at home where they could keep at eye on you and where you could take painkillers and not have to worry about drunk people causing you any more injuries.

You got two separate cars home, seeing as there was no way you could all fit into one, and as there was virtually no traffic, you arrived back at Joe’s apartment in no time.

The boys had decided that since Joe had the biggest place that it’d be best for them all to crash there, seeing as none of the boys were willing to part ways with you until they knew for a fact that you were okay.

Jack carried you up the stairs, and even though you’d rolled your eyes and told him that he honestly didn’t need too, he did anyways. Joe unlocked the door and opened it for you and Jack, though you could do anything but smile at him in thanks as Jack whisked you off into the apartment and placed you down into the couch with such delicacy it almost made you laugh.

The rest of the boys all huddled around and and provided endless cuddles for the rest of the evening, and even let you choose what to watch. Of course you chose your favourite show, which none of them argued about, instead they all smiled softly whenever they heard you giggle: knowing that as long as you were laughing, you weren’t in any pain.

Conor respectively had the most comfortable and soft shirt on, so you ended up with your head on his chest and your legs draped over two other boys, and then your hands entwined with two different hands whose owners you weren’t exactly sure of.

It was like a huge puppy pile, everyone cuddling and sharing blankets - no arguments or drunken conversations. Simply shared smiles and a respected amount of comfort. They’d all panicked when they found out that you were hurt, and they weren’t afraid to admit that, but they’d never actually seen you cry before and their protective instincts kicked in immediately at the sight of tears.

You were their bestfriend, their little sister - one of the most important people in all of their lives. And even though it was a minor injury, all they wanted to do from that moment on was wrap you up in cotton wool and hug you until you fell asleep - when they knew you couldn’t accidentally cause yourself harm.

You share a few conversations about the episode once it finishes, and you giggle at Joe’s displeased expression, knowing he wasn’t exactly fond of the show at all, but still pulled through for your sake. Feeling your eyes on him, he turns his head and gives you two thumbs up with a forced smile that made you laugh and squeeze your eyes shut in amusement.

Conor then spent awhile telling you about his weekend at the studio, explaining some of the songs he’d managed to record for his new album and even leaking a few of the lyrics after you’d all promised to never repeat them to anyone.

You curled your first around his shirt as the painkillers that Joe had basically force fed you began to kick on: your eyes fluttering as you tried to force yourself to stay awake. But when you feel one of the boys run their hand through your hair and began to play with it, a well known way to put you to sleep almost instantly, you sigh into Conor’s chest and allow yourself to fall into the land of dreams; your fist remaining clutched around Conor’s shirt.

All of the boys share a knowing smile as they all look down at you with small grins on their faces. Protecting and looking after you made them feel good, and they’d happily do it more often. But for now, they were just glad that you were safe at home. 

Amazing // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon -  You’re a popstar and Conor comes to your show with the boys to support you.

You’ll do great babe,” Conor reassured you, “And me and the boys will be out there dancing and singing our hearts out to support you the whole time”

You were currently backstage at the arena where you’d be performing in about 10 minutes. This was the last show on your tour so all the Buttercreams had come to see you and Conor had even taken a night off from his tour to attend.

“I love you Con,” you smiled at him and pulled him into a hug.

He kissed your forehead and then your lips. “I love you too, now I’ve got to go so I can beat the other boys and get the spot right in front of the stage” he told you making you laugh. “I’ll see you later, okay?” you nodded and kissed him again before he left the room with the security guard who’ll take him and the boys around front.

“Hello London,” you shouted as you walked onto stage and were greeted with masses of screaming. You scanned the crowd and spotted Conor and the boys in the small VIP section screaming at you. You winked and Conor and he faked a swoon making you smile.

You sang for almost 2 hours and your smile grew each time one of the boys caught your eye. They were all dancing and having a great time listening to you, but the thing that really made you happy was the glint of pride you could see in Conor’s eyes.

It was finally time for your last song and you gave it every last ounce of energy you had, “Goodnight London, you were amazing I love you all.” You shouted and then ran off stage.

Minutes later the boys burst into the backstage area and all surrounded you in a big hug and greeted you with a chorus of “you were amazing Y/N,” or “That was great,”

“Aww you guys are so cute, thank you,” you cooed, you stayed like that, wrapped in their embrace, for a few minutes before saying “now can you get off please? I really need to change,“ 

The boys laughed and all let go then went to wait for you in the green room. You were about to take your top off when you felt two arms snake around your waist making you jump as you thought everyone had left.

“You were incredible,” you heard a voice murmur in your ear and you relaxed when you realised it was Conor.

“I’m all sweaty Con,” you told him as you felt him kiss your neck.

“Eh it’s fine, I like to call it singer’s sweat,” he replied making you laugh as you turned around to face him.

You leant up on your tip toes to reach his lips and kissed him, “Did you really think I was amazing?” You asked with your foreheads pressed together and eyes still closed.

“To me, anything you do is amazing babe but that was incredible.”

Rotten to the Core: Catch (Slice of Life/Dark Oneshot)

This oneshot is the first in a trio series, requested/inspired by @funkzpiel and @firebyfire. Criminal AU, Grindelnewt and probably Gramander.

The Blue Pegasus was a club, where the high society and shady people dined. It was laying in New York’s center, being the heart of the residing crime scene. A pulsating heart with blue, white and silver flashes. Whiskey, liquor and cocktails flew through its veins. Its skin was pearlmouth, leather and white powders. Rubies for eyes. The clothes it wrapped itself in were the security of all sorts of mafia bosses, corrupt polices and more, ready to fight with bullets, knives, darts and betrayal.

A band was playing a fast, wild song. Punk rock. Blue, white and silver lights ran over the floor. While most people were on the dance floor, enjoying themselves, there was a small section upstairs, which was reserved for the high elite. Seperated from the common folk by an elegant, dark crimson carpet. Only the best of the worst were allowed to sit in wild leather armchairs and couchs, drink long ice tea with pearls and eat tapas, made out of the finest pork filet.

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“I need a place to stay.” - Conor Maynard

 It was nearly midnight when his doorbell rang. Conor, who had been casually watching some Netflix on his couch, had not been expecting anybody to come around, but answered the door nevertheless. To say that he was surprised as he saw (Y/N) standing in front of him, her cheeks tear-stained and her eyes puffy, was an understatement. He had not seen her for a solid two months, although they had been talking everyday before that. But she left, not leaving any clue where she had gone, taking the half of his heart with her. She must have been unaware of that, but it still had hurt Conor to a point where he didn’t even want to get up anymore. It had been better than, but anybody who knew him could say that he wasn’t himself since she had been gone.

Little did he know that she left because of him. She had fallen for him, hard. But she was never a person to commit, so she took the chance and ran, choosing to get away from him. She thought that maybe she might feel different if there was space between them, so she went. It hurt her to leave him, but she couldn’t think of anything else. Confessing was not an option she was fond of. So she went away, attempting to start all over. And she found another job, another boy who could make her feel great, but she knew that Conor could make her feel better and he didn’t even need to touch her for that. She knew she wouldn’t stay with that boy for long, but for the moment she was okay with it. That was until she caught him with another girl in bed, and she ran away again. Where to, she didn’t know. But she found herself near London a couple of hours later. Her heart must have taken the lead as she let her guard slip for just a tiny moment. And here she was, standing in front of his door, making him feel like she was ripping out his heart all over again.

“I need a place to stay.”

The way she said this really got to him, the way her voice cracked in the end kind of cracked his heart, too.

“Come in.”

He closed the door behind her and turned around, expecting her to put her bag down and her shoes off, but she didn’t. She hardly ever did what he expected her to do.

As he looked into her eyes, he had to be cautious not to get lost in them the way he always used to, but it was hard for him, seeing her in person after what felt like an eternity for him.

“I’m sorry”, she said. “I shouldn’t have left like this.”

“Yeah”, Conor said and he hated how his voice cracked. She loved it, it made the butterflies in her stomach fly like a mad swarm of bees.

And as she looked in his eyes, she realized what she had done to him. She could see all of the hurt and the pain and she couldn’t take it. Before she knew it, more tears fell from her eyes. And before Conor knew it, he was brushing a tear from her face away with his thumb. She flinched at his touch, not much, but he noticed it nonetheless.

“Sorry”, Conor mumbled and was about to put his hand away, but she stopped him. Conor wondered why the warmth of her touch still felt so familiar, but he couldn’t care less as she cupped his face with her small hands.

“I’m sorry, I really am”, she said and he could see it in her eyes that she meant it.

He couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled her close to his body and hugged her, pouring all of the longing that he had for her in this hug and she felt it. She still cried silently, her tears staining his shirt, but he didn’t mind. He had her close to him again, and he couldn’t care less about anything else.

“Just don’t do it again, will you?”, he said. He buried his face in her neck, inhaling her delicate scent, waiting for her reaction.

She took a deep breath and said those three words that she should have gotten out months ago.

“I love you”, she whispered. But he still heard it.

“You do?”, he asked in disbelief and pulled slightly away so he could see her face.

“Yes.” This time, her voice was that much stronger. “I love you, Conor. And I’m so sorry for running away.”

“I love you too, so much.” Conor couldn’t believe that this was finally happening. Before the both of them could comprehend what was happening, their lips were brushing against each other’s, finally.

Fic: Closing Arguments

Title: Closing Arguments
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Jaded defence barrister Mr Gold finds himself inexplicably drawn to the Crown Prosecution Service’s rising star, prosecutor Belle French.

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A/N: Written for @rumbelleorderinthecourt​, and posted five minutes before the deadline! Fair warning, you’re going to learn a few things about the UK court system, since this is set in London.

A few starting points:

  1.  A barrister is a lawyer who stands up in court and argues, wearing a wig and robe (at least in the criminal Crown Court, where this is set). Barristers work in Chambers, solicitors work in firms. Both Belle and Gold are barristers in this. If you want a laugh, look up the wigs and robes, then imagine being sexually attracted to someone wearing that.
  2. The CPS stands for the Crown Prosecution Service. They’re the people who represent the prosecution in criminal trials. Basically the UK version of the District Attorney
  3. All the case law in this is entirely fictional, if you can’t tell by the names, so don’t expect to learn any actual law.

Gold had made any number of mistakes in his life.

However, the one that haunted him this morning was not his failed marriage, or his estranged relationship with his son, or how easily he’d let work and greed isolate him from the rest of the world.

This morning, Gold lamented one thing: telling Mal Vincent, in a moment of weakness, that he was not a morning person.

At the time, Mal had been a colleague, another QC working out of his Chambers who was disgustingly capable and put-together first thing in the morning. He’d been heavily hung-over that day, as far as he recalled, and she had breezed into Chambers in her pristine grey pantsuit, her hair coiffed and make-up perfect, and scoffed at his five o’clock shadow and dependence on his coffee cup.

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A Moment of Peace

By: Fireloom

A moment of peace. It’s all they wanted. Their lives being torn to shreds in front of their eyes was all it took to bring them back to each other; clawing like animals at the other’s door, begging to be taken in and away from the harsh cold of a world they no longer understood.

His life was gone, and with it, every inkling of normality. Things change. They always said that, didn’t they? He lived by the statement but never really believed it. To him, he would always be the same. The same consulting detective, the same little brother, the same high functioning sociopath, the same person… Months of living this new life went past before he realised he didn’t even know that person anymore. And as those harsh days drew on, he no longer recognised the man he knew he should be.

Stability was lost, completely and thoroughly. He no longer had his older brother to bail him out of a tough spot, or his helpmate to have his back. It was only him. A solitary life. He always thought he had one but he learnt the hard way what one of those really meant for him. Days went past where he didn’t say a word. Nights creeped on as he talked the walls of his hotels’ ears off. People say you go stir crazy in loneliness. He had only just begun to understand what that meant.

Maybe that’s why he first did it. The loneliness become overbearing to the point where he craved anything from another person. Just one bit of kindness that he didn’t have to pay something for. He needed someone to fill the gaping hole that had torn itself into his chest.

He tried many things before then; pushing through the depression and just getting on with his mission, seeking out those little thrills with his first love; the stinging bite of the needle, but both of these ended in a regime that became too harmful. He needed something else…

He needed a moment away from the torment, from the addiction and the exhaustion. He knew he could never find a place where this moment existed on his own. He belonged nowhere now. He wasn’t accepted to feel ok in the darkened world. At least before he had his apartment. His little, pokey, comfortable apartment. A place to call home.

But he didn’t even have that anymore.

It was chatter on the streets, as it always was, that set him on his venture. The streets were hot and smoggy, tarmac melting beneath his feat. locals scurried around him on their scooters or on foot. He already tried to find that moment of peace here. He failed in his mission. What started as a peaceful looking scenario ended with him hurling and retching into the ocean, chasing a member of the island mafia down, and having his passport stolen. He quickly gave up looking for that moment here… until he heard about a cottage on the far side of the island, tucked away in the rocks and creavases of a beachside cliff. Moreso, until he heard about the occupant of that cottage.

He knew this little cottage would be where he found that moment of sweet peace. When he knew what it meant, he felt what he’d come to know as hope. A hope that maybe things will be a bit easier afterward. And he was right. The world was still unfamiliar and callous to him, but just one night was all it took to get him through.

A buzz of sensation hit him when he approached the cottage. It was a relief to feel something again. All that he was was a dull numbness. Even when his life was threatened day after day, all he felt was the absence of everything. He didn’t even care anymore. But that moment was different. And as he knocked on the door he knew he was so close to finding a slither of peace.

She answered, as he knew she would. She didn’t ask but she didn’t have to. She knew why he was there. She took him into her home, gave him food and a place to rest. He needed the release of sustenance but moreso, her company was what gave back to him a life he had lost. They hardly spoke, in words that is. But nothing need be said. She understood what he was going through, what he wanted. She wanted it too. Just a little moment of peace.

The noon turned into evening and then night as they stayed there in that little cottage. She offered him a drink and he accepted. A smile crept onto his face at the bottle. Cobra Whisky. The drink was good, even though a few scales got caught between his teeth and the preserved snake kept giving him a beady glare. It was a delicacy that he enjoyed, just like the woman who gave it to him.

It wasn’t until the bottle was empty did he finally reach for the thing he always denied himself. He kissed her, and she kissed him back… The slither of emotion he felt before was but the buzz of a fly compared to the ocean of sensation he was drowning in. It was never ok before, but now that everything else had changed in its entirety, this one value might aswell too. He gave in.

He left the next day, when the moment was over and he had to return to the world that despised him. But he wasn’t alone after that. She had given him something, a piece of her heart. It was intangible, but he didn’t need to see it, hear it, or feel it to know it was there. He left something intangible with her too, though some would say she took it from him. He says he gave it to her.  

After that day, the world seemed just a little brighter.

But it didn’t last long. The afterglow of that moment of peace wore off after the sixth or seventh near death experience and at least eighteen more notches on his belt. Life had taken it’s toll and he couldn’t see why he was doing it any more. So many times had he had to come to terms with his possible death that the threat of such no longer held weight. Not even from himself. His own death he had gotten into the habit of planning. He said that if somehow the hordes of criminals didn’t get to him, he would do it himself. He didn’t care. Didn’t care if he got to end of his journey, didn’t care if he returned to London a hero or a broken man. The latter being more likely. They were safe, his family back home. Probably even more safe without him being there. So he toyed with the idea, dreamt of the day he would inject just a little too much cocaine, deliberately slipped up in a dangerous situation, or even participate in the more old fashioned ways. He’d taken the knife to his wrists more times than once.

But he never did it. Somehow, something was gripping onto him, pulling him away from going through with his suicide. Eventually he realised what it was. A tiny shattering of a broken woman’s heart… She was the only one who would care anymore. So every time he felt her heart reminding him that someone still knew him, he put the knife away, put the needle down, stayed hidden until the right time. He kept himself alive for the glimmer of something that could have been.

Things got better eventually. He kept moving countries, changing names, doing his job. He got used to the new life he had become to accept as his own. The road to giving up on being that same person he always thought he was, was not as hard a he thought it would be. Not as hard as it felt. He stopped taking knives to his skin but he still jabbed needles in his arm. Less often, to his credit. He could feel that the end was near. That he would return to his old life soon enough. It took over him like a spring breeze, signalling the coming of energy and wonder again.

The nearing of his return home left a bittersweet taste in his mouth though. He knew that he would be giving one life for another. He would gladly throw this one away, stomp on it and light it on fire if he could. But one thing kept him holding onto it. He wouldn’t see her again. The last time was easy. He had long since lost contact with Mycroft when he heard about her little cottage, and the only people who would even care that they were together have been dead for months. When he gets back home though… It will difficult, nearing impossible to attempt to see her again.

That’s why he was beyond glad the next time he met her. He didn’t ask, but he didn’t have to. He already knew why she was there. He took her into his home, gave her food and a place to rest. She needed the release of sustenance but moreso, his company was what gave back to her a life she had lost. They hardly spoke, in words that is. But nothing need be said. He understood what she was going through, what she wanted. He wanted it too.

Just a little moment of peace.