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Arp 299: Black Holes in Colliding Galaxies : Is only one black hole spewing high energy radiation or two? To help find out, astronomers trained NASAs Earth-orbiting NuSTAR and Chandra telescopes on Arp 299, the enigmatic colliding galaxies expelling the radiation. The two galaxies of Arp 299 have been locked in a gravitational combat for millions of years, while their central black holes will soon do battle themselves. Featured, the high-resolution visible-light image was taken by Hubble, while the superposed diffuse glow of X-ray light was imaged by NuSTAR and shown in false-color red, green, and blue. NuSTAR observations show that only one of the central black holes is seen fighting its way through a region of gas and dust and so absorbing matter and emitting X-rays. The energetic radiation, coming only from the galaxy center on the right, is surely created nearby but outside the central black holes event horizon. In a billion years or so, only one composite galaxy will remain, and only one central supermassive black hole. Soon thereafter, though, another galaxy may enter the fray. via NASA


‘Blackhair’ magazine puts a non-black model on its cover

The British magazine Blackhair calls itself “the black woman’s style bible." On the cover of the December/January 2017 issue is a woman with what looks like a large red afro. But there’s just one thing: The model isn’t black.

This fact came to light when the model herself, Emily Bador, who describes herself as half English and half Malaysian, posted the magazine cover on her own Instagram on Monday. She told fans that the image was not used with her permission and that it was taken when she was 15 years old. She also apologized to black women specifically for taking this cover opportunity from a black or mixed race woman. 

After Bador’s apology, Blackhair itself stepped forward with statements on its social media, but claimed ignorance about the situation.

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Layers in the atmosphere

Light and air make for strange mixtures sometimes, with a great variety of beautiful optical effects produced in consequence. The reddened colour of this sunset is due to the greater amount of air that the light has to pass through to reach the ground at the grazing angle of dusk, as opposed to the right angle of noontime. Particles of dust and aerosols absorb, diffract and scatter most of the higher energy green to blue wavelengths, while the lower powered red to orange hues pass through while the shorter light paths of midday scatter all wavelengths but blue.

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the crossroads have seen too many girls
willing to sell their souls
for a beauty that already belonged to them.

a liminal space
where boundaries thin like wisps of smoke
in early dawn light.

but there is beauty in this too, soft pastel colours,
a quiet empty echo of laughter and then darkness,
encompassing and heavy, pressing into lungs
but still radiant somehow.

for now demons count souls
like dollar bills held close to devil red chests, smiles curling
because they think that they’ve won.

but one day those girls will see past black ringed promises
bartered at an intersection of road,
down to the skin that was already perfect
and that quiet empty echo of a soul that had been perfect too.

hell will see.
the four horsemen are nothing
compared to an army of girls ready to reclaim what is theirs.

l.s. | LIMINAL SPACE © 2017 

Hidden Treasures of the Carina Nebula

This image shows the Great Nebula in Carina (NGC 3372) in infrared light. This majestic nebula is one of the largest nebulae in the sky and lies about 7,500 light years distant in the Southern constellation of Carina, The Keel. Several star clusters containing some of the brightest and most massive stars known are found here, including the extremely luminous hypergiant star Eta Carinae - one of the prime candidates for the next supernova explosion in our galaxy. 

Traditional images of the Carina Nebula taken in visible light primarily display the striking magenta colour from glowing Hydrogen gas, as well as large dark obscuring clouds of dust. But infrared light penetrates these clouds better and allows for a deep peek into the heart of the nebula, revealing complex details and thousands of young stars that are otherwise completely invisible. 

These stars shine primarily in the infrared and appear as golden red in this image. Only a minority of these are even visible in traditional images.

Credit: Rolf Olsen

One Shot: Pre Christmas (Smut)

I hope you all like this one! Any feedback on this one is really appreciated, as I have hardly any experience writing smut. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. If you liked it let me know, if there was something in particular that you didn’t or felt weird PLEASE let me know as I’d like to get better. Again, thank you for reading!!  

“Alright look at the camera. Here we go!”  

There was a bright flash from the studio lights. A few more pictures were taken of the family in front of us and then we stepped forward for our turn. My sister pulled my niece who was a ball of red velvet and passed her to my brother in law. He walked over to the big chair with Santa sitting on it and Santa reached for her.

My brother in law fussed over his daughter smoothing out her little dress making sure she was picture perfect. The photographer began to readjust for the picture.

Shawn who was standing right at my said leaned close to me and began to speak gently. “Are you going to sit on Santa’s lap?

I glanced up at him. “I don’t know should I?”

His arm wrapped around me. “Meh, you should. Tell Santa what you want for Christmas. Not that I think you’ll get it.” He leaned down and breathed into my ear. “Because I think you’ve been a very bad bad girl.”

My mouth dropped and I swatted at his chest. “Shawn!” I protested acting as if his deep voice in my ear had done nothing to my thoughts. “Not with my family here.”

He chuckled and leaned in again. “You like it.”

I didn’t try to deny it.

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The Easterbunny Comes to NGC 4725 : At first called Easterbunny by its discovery team, officially named Makemake is the second brightest dwarf planet of the Kuiper belt. The icy world appears twice in this astronomical image, based on data taken on June 29 and 30 of the bright spiral galaxy NGC 4725. Makemake is marked by short red lines, its position shifting across a homemade telescopes field-of-view over two nights along a distant orbit. On those dates nearly coincident with the line-of-sight to the spiral galaxy in the constellation Coma Berenices, Makemake was about 52.5 astronomical units or 7.3 light-hours away. NGC 4725 is over 100,000 light-years across and 41 million light-years distant. Makemake is now known to have at least one moon. NGC 4725 is a famous one-armed spiral galaxy. via NASA


so this is a photo taken several years ago that people who hate me like to use because it’s not a terrifically flattering one, but I actually really like seeing it and I kinda wanted to write about why (as a writing warmup for another thing). 

Folks who hate me love to use this for some obvious reasons. It’s taken in a room with florescent lighting, I’m making a horrible face, my face is red, I’m not wearing flattering clothing, I’m at the heaviest I’d been in years and I’m kinda greasy. I was beyond broke, had just moved to back to the country and to a place where I barely knew anyone, and the chemicals in my brain were not thrilled with anything related to me. 

What they don’t know is that this was taken on the day that I entered my first real game into the first games festival I’d applied for. I’m heavy and greasy because I made the game during a really low period of depression where I was seriously worried that I was going to kill myself after losing a garbage job if I didn’t keep extremely busy. I entered this game that I didn’t think I could finish, that I didn’t think anyone would even play, that I flung myself into working on like I was possessed, hoping that if I completely filled the spaces in between filling out job applications I could keep the mix of inner demons and fear of going back to being homeless again at bay long enough for something else to happen. It didn’t make sense to me when I released the game and watched it blow up and get so much traffic I had to hurriedly switch servers after going over 9,200% over my allotted bandwidth for the month in the first few days. I didn’t enter the festival expecting to win, much less win the best game in my category. When we were nominated, I quietly sat in the hall panicking, not looking forward to going up there just to lose. I kept expecting every success to be a fluke, to be motivated by pity, and to be the very last one I’d have. 

Instead, I found myself with a trophy in my hand. My face is red from happy-crying and that weird expression is me trying to look calm for the camera for two seconds. Patrick, my collaborator next to me, is trying to “I told you so” and remind that it is really actually happening and isn’t some weird trick. I couldn’t handwave the success of the thing as easily when I was holding a physical object indicating otherwise. We’d end up winning in every festival we’d entered but one. One of them granted me licenses to game tools like Unity and Construct 2 that I wouldn’t have been able to get otherwise. I’d end up going to GDC because of the game, and meeting some of the people that have shaped my life and become family ever since. 

It was the start of everything really good in my life.

So it’s funny to me that people would try and shame me with this memory, or try to rile anyone up into hating me because of how I look (with all the fun kinds of hatred for anyone’s body you can expect on the internet). They don’t see the trophy. They’re judging a moment in time and looking for things to prove that I’m not worthy, not realizing the picture is at a point in my life that was undeniable proof to me that I wasn’t worthless. 

It’s nice to have that memory, especially since I still have depression and the same inner demons in different amounts now that I did then, even though I’m way better in some regards. It reminds me of the path that got me to where I am now, and how I never thought I’d make it this far at any point. It reminds me to try, regardless of if I think it’ll work, because I can’t know for sure that shit won’t work out. 

It’s nice to be motivated by hope, rather than fear, whenever you can snatch it for yourself. 

Ficmas Part 2

Beca spends an inordinate amount of time arranging herself into what she hopes is a ‘desirable position’ on the very new four-poster bed she’d had delivered that morning. Chloe had always wanted one and her Christmas bonus from the studio had been pretty generous this year, so she’d figured, “Why not?”

She had taken the time to painstakingly twine together two strings of fairy lights - one red, one green, because of course the six stores she’d stopped at had been out of the ones already boasting both colours - and wrapped them around each of the four posts before shoving the ends into a long extension cord that she had then hidden away under the bed to give the illusion of professionalism.

She’d even bought new sheets, in Chloe’s favourite royal blue shade no less, and had, at the last minute, sprung for a slate grey fleece throw that she thought was the same colour as the walls of the bedroom. Of course, once getting the blanket home, she’d realised she was wrong, but it was close enough.

She’s hoping Chloe will be more focused on Beca’s half naked body, rather than the mismatched blanket she’s got artfully draped over her legs. She had found some ribbon in Chloe’s craft drawers and managed to tie it in a bow around her chest in a way that covers some but really very little.

Now, all she has to do is wait.

Chloe is late. Twenty minutes late, actually. Beca hears the front door open and slam shut, and straightens from where she’d been reclining against the pillows. She hears Chloe kick off her shoes viciously enough that they hit the wall, hears her stomp her way along the hallway.

“Jiminy CRICKET, what a DAY.” She does not sound happy. “Beca?” A grumpy Chloe is not always someone to trifle with and so Beca considers her potential courses of action very, very carefully in the few seconds that follow. She even looks around to see where she left her clothes to assess whether or not she can get them back on before Chloe makes it to her.

“Upstairs!” she eventually calls out, after recalling how Grumpy Chloe or Sad Chloe or Gently Perturbed Chloe had reacted to Naked Beca in the past.

It had been well.

“I just want a mug of hot chocolate, you, and some trashy TV,” Chloe says, as her heavy footfalls announce her approach. “Maybe then I can forget this dumb job exists for the weekend.” Beca’s heart ramps up its beats like it’s readying for an explosion and she sees Chloe before Chloe sees her. “I’m just sick of– oh.”

Chloe stops two steps into the room and takes in, well, everything with a slack jaw. Beca notes, with some humour, that she seems to notice the bed first. Her face lights up with a smile and her eyes search for Beca in order to, Beca assumes, thank her. “Oh.” Chloe’s voice is lower this time, urged down there by what sounds like a mix of wonder and surprise, and a heavy dash of exactly what Beca had been hoping for.

She very purposefully glances down to adjust the bow that’s bridging the valley of her breasts and then regards Chloe’s wide-eyed awe with raised eyebrows.

“How about you open your present early instead?”

NGC 1672: Barred Spiral Galaxy from Hubble : Many spiral galaxies have bars across their centers. Even our own Milky Way Galaxy is thought to have a modest central bar. Prominently barred spiral galaxy NGC 1672, featured here, was captured in spectacular detail in an image taken by the orbiting Hubble Space Telescope. Visible are dark filamentary dust lanes, young clusters of bright blue stars, red emission nebulas of glowing hydrogen gas, a long bright bar of stars across the center, and a bright active nucleus that likely houses a supermassive black hole. Light takes about 60 million years to reach us from NGC 1672, which spans about 75,000 light years across. NGC 1672, which appears toward the constellation of the Dolphinfish , is being studied to find out how a spiral bar contributes to star formation in a galaxys central regions. via NASA


Okay how about this for an explanation.

Regina is defeated, Rumple is locked away and Snow and Charming have Emma and are so happy. Until one day their little girl grows a little bored of castle life. Of being so protected. She wants to go out and make friends with the normal kids. And one of the kitchen boys tells her a legend. The legend of a pied piper. Who leads young boys out of their homes for raucous dancing in the woods. He’s never taken a girl before but she’s a princess. No one’s ever said no to her before. All she has to do is light a candle, say she believes and she’ll have night of her life and return in time for breakfast.

She lights the candle, says the words and waits. The wind blows and candles and lanterns flicker until their snuffed out. A figure appears at her window. Not a man. Not a pied piper. A demon. A shadow with red eyes.

Her screams echo through the castle walls. The alarms sound. But by the time the king and queen get to their room all they can do is look to the second star on the right and see their baby girl being flown away.

She’s dropped on an island. In a dark, dangerous jungle. She meets the piper. He’s not a man. He’s a boy. Or at least he pretends to be.

He says she can’t leave.

Calls her a lost girl. The first.

Tells her no one’s coming.

She doesn’t believe him. She decides to try and brave the island herself but she’s scared. The jungle is dangerous and the piper continues to search for her. He sends his shadow to hunt her down.

It almost gets her. Has her backed against the tree as it reaches out to grab her. She shuts her eyes.

Then she hears a whoosh.

Her eyes open and she sees a flame pass in the space between her and the shadow.

It comes from a torch in the hands of a boy. He steps between her and the shadow, wildly swinging the fire in its direction. The shadow pulls back and flies off.

He turns to her then, torch still in hand. In the fire light she can see that he’s taller than her. A boy not even a young man. He has thick dark hair and round, brown eyes. They’re kind eyes. Kinder than any other eyes she’s seen on the island.

He tells her not to be worried. That he won’t hurt her. That as long as she’s running from Pan he’ll protect her.

She curtsies and it surprises him. Then she holds out her hand.

“I’m Emma. Princess of the Enchanted Forest.”

He shakes her hand.

“My name is Baelfire.”

Saturn’s icy moon Mimas is dwarfed by the planet’s enormous rings.

Because Mimas (near lower left) appears tiny by comparison, it might seem that the rings would be far more massive, but this is not the case. Scientists think the rings are no more than a few times as massive as Mimas, or perhaps just a fraction of Mimas’ mass. Cassini is expected to determine the mass of Saturn’s rings to within just a few hundredths of Mimas’ mass as the mission winds down by tracking radio signals from the spacecraft as it flies close to the rings.andnbsp;andnbsp;

The rings, which are made of small, icy particles spread over a vast area, are extremely thin ‘“ generally no thicker than the height of a house. Thus, despite their giant proportions, the rings contain a surprisingly small amount of material.

Mimas is 246 miles (396 kilometers) wide.

This view looks toward the sunlit side of the rings from about 6 degrees above the ring plane. The image was taken in red light with the Cassini spacecraft wide-angle camera on July 21, 2016.

The view was obtained at a distance of approximately 564,000 miles (907,000 kilometers) from Saturn and at a Sun-Saturn-spacecraft, or phase, angle of 31 degrees. Image scale is 34 miles (54 kilometers) per pixel.

The Cassini mission is a cooperative project of NASA, ESA (the European Space Agency) and the Italian Space Agency. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, a division of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, manages the mission for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, Washington. The Cassini orbiter and its two onboard cameras were designed, developed and assembled at JPL. The imaging operations center is based at the Space Science Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute/Cassini

Time And Space


Agni Kai

An edit from a picture taken lat may at mcm expo of @dai-li-sergeant as Azula when shes pretty much gone off the deep end. 

Really enjoyed working on this one, though i dont think i will ever be 100% satisfied with how my work turns out. XD 

plus a before and after :)

Authors note ~ Happy valentine’s day! If you celebrate it. Hope you enjoy this. It’s my first ever one-shot for valentine’s day so I’m proud of it. Hopefully someone like this. Thanks for reading! This is my submission for Love is @loveinpanem.
To pluck a heart’s rose.

•~• •~•

The red foil shines as the light from the fireplace reflects onto it. The fake rose lays at the bottom of the handcrafted frame housing the faded photo taken the day they met, exactly four years ago. Katniss was sleeping in the children’s area of the library after reading the books of her childhood - the ones her dad had read to her mum whilst she was pregnant with her. She’d been volunteering at the local nursery and in her rush to leave she’d forgotten her library card, by the time she returned they’d closed for the day. Restless and desperate for some comfort she’d sat down to read but the sun shining through the blinds only aiding in lulling her to sleep.

Next thing she saw was the comically wide eyes of a young 12 year old boy trying to crawl away from her. It took two years until he confessed about the photo. Apparently, he’d seen the small girl and assumed she was taking a nap, after all, didn’t all sane teenagers do that? The boy - Peeta as she’d come to learn - was even more shy than she was, with dirty blonde hair that would block his sight and shirts with sleeves stretched out over his hands. He’d heard of valentine’s day but in a house full of boys and with few friends he’d yet to actually prove that he could connect with a girl. Until he saw her. Quickly he had dusted off his father’s camera, set the timer for ten seconds and crawled over to her. Katniss imagined he was poking his tongue out throughout the process as he had attempted to be sneaky and lift the sleeping girl’s head so it was resting on his shoulder. Unfortunately, he said, that he was acting too bold for his age and attempted to kiss her. He succeeded, giving her a peck on the nose as the second flash went off, except as he moved away.

Well she sneezed.

‘I thought you were allergic to me’ he’d told her shyly at the end of his story. He couldn’t have been more wrong.

That’s why the valentine’s gift made her want to cry. Four years later and he’d got her a half fake, half chocolate rose. Who would want that? She wouldn’t have minded previously but they’d been together for a year now. He was her boyfriend.

They were grown up.

They progressed in their relationship.

Oh yes, they were past nose kisses - although they were still ongoing.

They’d moved onto eye contact.

So a chocolate rose? Well Katniss wasn’t a romantic or anything, and personally she thought that valentine’s day was pointless, but surely he could have put a bit more effort into choosing her a gift. I mean she’d prepared his surprise gift for a week and all their pets came round to watch as they painted their favourite designs on each other, or at least he did as she gave him the supplies and made up stories for each image.

Not to mention he had to live up to her parents standards who viewed love as sacrificing anything for a small smile.

It hurt. It hurt a lot.

Cause Katniss cared for him, however unintentional. Sometimes it seemed she was the only one.

She picked it up as the door behind her creaked open. He’s slow, heavy footsteps showed he was hesitant. Damn well should be. She sniffed.

“Did, did you like it?” he stuttered as she turned to look at him. His hair hung over his glasses obscuring his vision just like it had years before. The dark green frames where her favourite colour and likewise the reading glasses she wore were his - a gentle orange.

“Yeah” she whispered watching as he bit his lip and tugged the sleeves of his T-shirt over his hands. “It’s” she searched for a word that he’d take as a compliment “sweet”.

“Well it is chocolate”.

She hummed and swayed slightly as they stood opposite each other, neither moving. From a look he could sense that she wasn’t pleased with his gift.

“But I… you like food” he says scratching his head as a blush spreads on his cheeks. “I mean that’s what you said”.

“I did” she murmured trying to dismiss the feeling of sadness that his gift caused. “But it’s not cheese buns” she replies, grateful that she found an excuse.

Peeta clears throat and uses his sleeve covered hand to wipe at his glasses, a nervous tic she’s noticed. “I can make you some if you like. Its past eight but I’ll stay up past my bedtime and run to the bakery if you-”.

“No” she interrupts pausing as she remembers the curfew his mother made him follow since he was born. If he ran home and got caught then he’d probably end up with a beating from the woman, though for some reason she doubts he wouldn’t do it for her. He was odd like that. “It’s okay”.

He gestures to the gift as his voice cracks during his attempt at a romantic speech, “You rose above all other girls and stole my well you know…” he blushes and evades my eyes “my heart and my… I shouldn’t finish that sentence. I’m not old enough to. So um could you be my valentine?”.

She replied with her a small smile and a pun of her own. “Rye wouldn’t I?”.

Katniss lifts up the rose with a smile. “I guess I’ll go um, eat this. Thanks”.

He huffs, the breath blowing his curls up before they lazily drift back down. “Can I just. Do you mind if I…”.

“What?” he shuffles over at the sight of her furrowed eyebrows and pecks her cheek, his thumb brushing against it as she blushes as though trying to wipe it away. Ease her discomfort. She blushed harder.

•~• •~• •~• •~•

She stumbles down the stairs as she recalls what happened prior to the nap Peeta took with her. She remembered crying after she’d ate the rose and was left with a plastic stem. She’d wasted his gift and was too embarrassed to admit that she’d have preferred a real flower even if it would’ve died a day later. It seemed only she would make the sacrifices in their relationship.

Yet soon as he saw her bloodshot eyes peeta dragged her into the kitchen and melted down some chocolate so that he could make her some more roses in an attempt to cheer her up. Katniss argued that valentine’s day was over at 12:01 but Peeta explained that the time zones were different in every district so technically they had at least four hours left of valentine’s day. That made her smile. She still didn’t think he deserved her. But he’d do anything for a small smile. He was odd like that. So very odd.

Whilst it was melting on the stove he showed her how to pipe flowers and imprint a design into ingredients like flour which consequently ended with her giggling and Peeta standing in the room blushing despite being covered in flour.

As they settled into the last hour, they had drawn their name and the date into the chocolate before placing it in the freezer to act like a little fossil that they could eat in the morning.

They had then sat on the floor and he wrapped his arms around her with a promise to spend their next valentine’s day at the beach. How she got to her room she doesn’t know but that doesn’t mean she regrets it.

Katniss strolled over to the fridge and pulled out some of the chocolate before she sat down and began to read the book logs of their savings. Her nose crinkled at the taste. The chocolate seemed different than the rose, which she resigned to the idea that however useless a gift it was it made her happy if only for a moment. The chocolate was still flavourful and would melt within seconds if she didn’t chew but it didn’t seem as rich. The rose must have been dark chocolate? But that must be artificial. No-one can afford real dark chocolate. Well unless they were from the Capitol which her and Peeta weren’t.

She flips open the log and scans through the records. Income from bakery, coins spent on trade. A violet coughing racked her body and she clung to the table, squeezing her eyes shut as she heard his footsteps thumping down the stairs. Forcing herself up she ran to the sink to get a drink of water, trying not to choke herself in the process.

A deduction. They were missing at least ¾ of their college funds, or at least Peeta’s. She knew he’d been saving. They both had. That money would have taken almost his whole life to earn. Did he give it away? Damn his mannerisms. “Peeta” she screamed slamming the empty cup down, her eyes darting around rapidly. Sixteen times two meant thirty years. He couldn’t wait thirty years to go to learn. “What the hell? Where’s the money? You son of-”. She jerks to a stop.

A labeled tag lays among their rubbish. Crumpled and torn she catches a glimpse of the words written.

“Peeta… what?” her voice trails off as she goes silent, stunned.

{Authentic Gourmet Chocolate, Hand Crafted.

Distribution - Capital.}

The familiar price lays scrawled at the bottom as she gapes at it with a small phrase.

{Love is sacrificing all for the smile of someone who sees you as no-one.}

She doesn’t deserve him. Oh no. Oh no. Her gaze collides with his as she blinks back tears.

He flattens his hair down. Straightens his glasses and with a shy smile, he shrugs. “Happy valentine’s katniss”.

The Silent One - Part Nineteen

You can find the other parts of this story and my Masterlist HERE!

Chapter Synopsis: You and Negan sit down to have your first dinner, spaghetti.

Ships: Negan x Reader (Do I even need to clarify that this is a slow burn anymore?)
Words: 1,202
Warnings: Curses
Chapter Category: Angst/Minor Fluff if you squint


You and Negan were sat opposite each other; an oak table set in between you with red and white -somewhat holey- table cloth thrown carefully over it. There were a few candles set around the room, each emitting it’s over orange light that danced on the ceiling and walls and leaving a pleasant scent. On the table there was a large bowl spaghetti that had had a few large chunks taken out of it. Those large chunks now lay on your plate and Negan’s plate. There were a few bread rolls set before you and a large jug of water, though Negan was on his third glass of scotch.

You had heard men running around the Sanctuary al yelling for men to collect guns and head to some outpost to track someone down. You didn’t know what was happening but you knew that it couldn’t be good. Honestly you were surprised that Negan was here with all of the ruckus going on outside.

You hadn’t talked since before you sat down. The only words you had exchanged were a murmured thank you and a quiet praise. You were practically inhaling your food like you had done the day before. Negan was barely touching his food, he was just staring at you with those dark eyes that gave you the feeling of being x-rayed. Lucille was perched on a chair to the side of you, almost like a chaperon. The silence was beginning to make you uncomfortable as you fidgeted on your seat. You eventually caved.

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Little Planet Astro Camp : Day and night on this little planet look a lot like day and night on planet Earth. In fact, the images used to construct the little planet projection, a digitally warped and stitched mosaic covering 360x180 degrees, were taken during day and night near Tarjn, Hungary, planet Earth. They span a successful 33-hour-long photo experiment at July’s Hungarian Astronomical Association Astro Camp. The time-series composite follows the solar disk in 20 minute intervals from sunrise to sunset and over six hours of star trails in the northern night sky centered on the North Celestial Pole near bright star Polaris. The orbiting International Space Station traced the offset arc across the northern night. Below the little planet’s nightside horizon, red light lamps of fellow astro-campers left the night-long, dancing trails. via NASA


i think i’ve fallen in love again
oh dearest, i’ve truly fallen ill
my face lights up in the brightest reds
and i stutter against my will.
i think i’ve fallen in love again
despite how hard i’ve tried
but over and over you melted me
and slowly my efforts died.
i think i’ve fallen in love again
you’ve taken the keys to my heart
i unlocked it one day, and that was a mistake
because now i’ve no way to restart.
i think i’ve fallen in love again
and the thought of it makes my heart tear
for no matter how deeply i’ve fallen in love
these are feelings i can’t make you share.

speculation compilation #32

Frisk tried to FLEE, FIGHT, and ACT / Talk. Chara remains steadfast.

Never leave HOME without your all purpose murder knife.

Frisk has not taken martial arts. But they were in Little League!

Unlike Frisk’s yellow eyes, Chara’s red eyes are merely a stylistic choice. The intent is that Chara gets a certain “look” in their eye that catches the light in a particularly foreboding way. Making them look red in these instances was a natural choice since it references the soulless pacifist ending of Undertale. However, in this story Chara’s eyes are naturally brown. One could attribute the red to representing the red soul, hope, or LOVE, but honestly it’s one of the few things added just to look awesome. ;)

Wha? This isn’t a theory!

Dang, that’s a lot of LOVE!

Official Caretaker fic can be read here. )