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Fanime 2017 -- Poké-Scandalous! and Swap Meet

So, I’ll be participating in a few different events at Fanime this year, and I’d love to invite any fellow attendees to come visit me at them!

First off is my panel, Poké-Scandalous! It’s on Sunday from 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM in Panels Room 1. Here’s a description of the panel:

Pokémon is a popular children’s franchise, but sometimes the canon material can be surprisingly scandalous! This panel exposes some of the stranger aspects of official Pokémon, such as banned episodes, rare comics, suggestive game lines, and other unexpected innuendo. Please join me in laughing, being vaguely uncomfortable, and shaming Toshihiro Ono for his excessive contributions to this panel. There will be quizzes (with Pokémon prizes)! 

Secondly, I’ll be participating in Swap Meet both Thursday and Friday nights! I have tons of Pokémon plush, toys, and other merchandise available for every price range, including a lot of older Japanese merchandise that is difficult to find in the US! I’ll be wearing Pikachu ears and be surrounded by Pokémon items, so please come by and say hello and check out the goods!