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From the Other Side of the Signing Table

“I don’t know what to say to you,” the girl said. “Um, thanks, I guess.”

“Thanks is good,” I replied.

Silence stretched, punctuated only by the scuffle of a Sharpie on a page.

We were in the same boat, the girl and I — both at a book festival, both at the end of a long day full of people, both in a signing line that had been going on for an hour already. There was only one big difference between us: she was on one side of the table, and I was on the other. Sometimes that difference seems to matter more than others.

Before I was published, I read a lot of accounts of what it was like to have your work out there, but I never read anything about what it was like to have yourself out there. I suppose I never really thought about it, to tell you the truth. I thought you wrote a book and hopefully people liked it and if I thought about book tours at all, I figured they involved standing on a stage for a bit before disappearing into a rental car. The truth, however, is that now — ten years and fifteen novels in to my career — most of my hours in front of people are spent in a signing line. Forty minutes on a stage or behind a table for a panel, and then two or three hours meeting a few hundred strangers. I had no idea what it would be like.

This is what it’s like.

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Okay but, what if instead of a romantic proposal in the evening with a singing choir like what really happened, what if Victor, being so extra, did it during Yuuri's exhibition Stammi Vicino duet? They're both supposed to be moving synchronously for a part next to each other or something and Yuuri enters the spin but Victor doesn't, and when Yuuri comes out of the spin he sees Victor on one knee in front of him holding out a box with a golden ring in it. Right there, in the middle of the skate.


I know we talk a lot about the patented Bellarke Strut™️️ and how interesting it is that they are always in sync, but I really feel compelled to point out that this is almost certainly a deliberate choice on the part of the Production Team. 

It’s very likely that Bob and Eliza are given a spot to stand and then the Director calls “Action” and they begin to walk. That means that Bellarke’s synchronicity is purposeful, which means we are supposed to notice it. 

Just one more reason to Believe in Bellarke. 

Gif credit to @mockingjaykatniss2

Speak of the devil! It’s Unit 00! Kind of disappointed it doesn’t have a freaky bottom half like I mused about, but I suppose that would make synchronization really weird. Furthermore, I guess this means that L O N G B O Y E was the first Angel to have an inhuman shape. Oh, shit… I wonder if “They” caught on to how Nerv was re-purposing their Angels. Now they’ve started going with more animalistic shapes to throw off humanity’s reverse-engineering attempts.

I dig the orange and white color scheme, though. That’s one of my favorite color combinations. So rarely used, too.

Anyhow, this is set twenty two days ago… Damn, I’ve lost track of this show’s timeline. I can’t place when exactly this is. I think it’s shortly after Shinji defeated Mr. Spoopy…? No, that can’t be right. 00 was frozen back then. OH! OH! Is this when Mr. Spoopy was first sighted? We might actually get an explanation for why there were giant footprints in the dirt when Shinji and Misato were recovering from the blast wave of the Mine.

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so this is something i like to ask fellow rizzle shippers (and it really is fun to ask any non-cannon ship this): what do you think is it about rizzles that just make you want them to be together so much? and if you could articulate further than 'cos they're supposed to be together'.

♫ Their mental synchronization can have but one explanation♫




♫Were just meant to beeee♫

♫Love is an open door♫

Cherik: One Lazy Saturday Morning

So @aurelia-which-means-sunrise asked for Cherik, a lazy Saturday morning in bed.

In my head, Erik has difficulty doing lazy, but for Charles he tries his best.

Charles, although still asleep, registered the loss of warmth that had just minutes ago been blanketing his backside. He half-stirred and rolled towards Erik’s side of the bed, already beginning to cool. He sighed and curled into the mattress, chasing that cocoon-like feeling. He reached out with his mind, tracing Erik’s path out of the mansion.

Erik, you promised.

I know. Go back to sleep, Charles.

Charles followed along with his consciousness, Erik allowing him to see through his eyes. The sun hadn’t yet risen, not even dawn, and the fall air was crisp, and cold. Erik’s breath froze in the misty morning. Charles shivered in the bed and pulled his blanket up under his chin. He sighed again, while the steady rhythm of Erik’s footfalls hitting the gravel path lulled him back to sleep.

A short time later, Charles stirred for the second time. He could feel Erik’s lips, cold from his frosty morning run, pressed against his temple. Charles smiled against his pillow, and with eyes still closed, reached out with greedy hands trying to find and pull Erik close.

“Come back to bed,” he whined with a trace of petulance.

Erik laughed and deftly unwound Charles’ fingers from where they were tangled in the hem of his sweatshirt, tugging at him halfheartedly. “Soon. I will.”

Charles nodded wordlessly as Erik slipped away. A minute later he heard the shower running, and he suddenly became aware of a delicious aroma wafting his way. He opened one eye to see his favorite mug on the night table, steaming, hot, Earl Grey by the scent. Erik had brought him tea. Erik was a lovely person—even if he was incapable of sleeping in.

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Here’s a theory that I’ve had for a while but I honestly don’t know If someone’s thought of it too, or if it’s even interesting but, but i’m gonna share it anyways because why not? 

Ever since we got the SM_NCT # teasers before debut, a lot of people were a little confused on the theory, but we later came up with that the concept is Dream Realm. One of the teasers was named “Synchronization of Your Dreams” which made us realize that the teasers were doing exactly that. Before each one ended, the member (?, bc Daniel isn’t an NCT member) had “visions” and they previewed the next teaser right? ok y’all with me? 


One day SM released a video of the 2016 S.M. KIDS MODEL CONTEST and something about the ending clip stood out to me.

There’s this high quality clip of 2 small boys playing with butterflies. I thought one of them was Daniel but it’s not him (? tell me if I’m wrong) and I don’t think SM would have put so much effort in a 15 second clip of some Kid’s Modeling Ad….unless…. it’s unreleased footage 👁👁🔎

I had a feeling it was suppose to be an NCT teaser because it had the same filter (? what I’m saying is it looks the same lol). Some people even said that the little boy in the “Origin” teaser is suppose to be Taeyong, because Taeyong woke up in the “Synchronization of Your Dreams” teaser with sand all over him. That would probably mean these little ones are suppose to represent an Older NCT member (I’m thinking that the one in white is suppose to be Johnny? tell me who else you guys think).

But, if Taeyong isn’t the Origin Child, than that would mean that they’re just jumping through the dreams like Inception lol OK BUT HERE WE GO!

So the little boys were playing with butterflies right?


I’m pretttyyyyyy sure this has something to do with,

the butterfly that WinWin had a vision of at the end of the “7th Sense” teaser

I don’t know about you guys but, I don’t think this is a coincidence. As for the 2nd teaser I think we were supposed to see, I think It has to be the last scene of WinWin’s vision at the end of his teaser. And to this day, I still can’t make out who that trainee is. 

Tell me your thoughts :) Can’t wait for SM to clear up this concept lol

Ah, poor Asuka. Misato had to put her foot down and tell her that she simply isn’t going on that school trip. She is to stay within the confines of Tokyo-3, on standby for the threat of new Angels. Which makes perfect sense, really.

Sorry, Asuka. You’ll just have to deal with the fact that being an Eva pilot is kinda shitty. Shinji already did, which prompted Asuka to say that.

Also, is Shinji… still wearing women’s clothes? That shirt looks, err, odd. I suppose they’re still doing synchronization training, and it was either Shinji wearing women’s clothes or Asuka wearing men’s. Yeah, alright, I guess Asuka has a point here.

On another note, as the last scene with Kaji ended, he briefly mused that the last time he scuba dived was three years ago before changing the subject. I’m going to have to remember that. In his line of work, that must mean something important…

About Spencer and Kurt and Gayness and Gender and History

Let’s talk about Spencer. Because I’m super fascinated by him as a character (which doesn’t contradict the fact that I don’t particularly like him as a person).

(Note: This is somewhat rambly and associative, because that’s how it looked in my head when I wrote it down. And it still looks that way because I decided to post this as it is instead of spending my night editing this to perfection (and potentially not publish it at all). That said, please do tell me if something doesn’t make sense.)

He is introduced to us through Rachel’s eyes, as your stereotypical jock
who has just called a team member a “whiny homo” because he said he needed a drink of water during football practice. Rachel (still in her oversized ‘I’m an incognito celebrity’ sunglasses and all offended diva) calls him out as a bully and expresses shock at how quickly McKinley apparently fell back into an anti-gay status quo.

But established-as-gay-friendly assistant coach Sam assures her that “it’s cool” because “Spencer is totally gay” as if that made the insult any less of an insult. Then again, it does, somehow, because it does make a difference if a gay or bi man uses an anti-gay slur or if a straight man does. Then again, this insult has never actually been about anyone’s sexual preference but has always meant “you’re not manly enough.” And that’s where it really doesn’t make much of a difference if the speaker is gay or straight or bi. Because, obviously, out gay men come in different shapes, and football player is one of them.

Now it’s Spencers’s time to introduce himself. According to his own words, he is “kind of a postmodern gay teen,” which, I’m fairly certain, is not a term any high school kid would use to refer to themselves, so we can safely assume that this is the writers talking and we’re basically getting the character description from the episode’s script. Spencer (still giving us the writers’ initial sketch of him) goes on to explain that “positive representations of gays in the mass media has given me the confidence I need to be myself, which, turns out, is kind of an arrogant jerk.” And that is where I fell in love with the existence of this character.

Because, yes, I’m actually happy that gay men on TV get to be arrogant, football-playing jerks. Because that is precisely what some real-life gay men are. And because I believe that the demand for “positive representation” (as in “normatively gendered, desexualized, and coupled monogamously, conflict-free and forever”) is a “stupid, shortsighted wish” (to quote The New Normal’s Brian), as understandable as it sometimes is.

And Spencer really _is a jerk, which he proves by chucking his half-empty cup of water-with-stuff-in-it at Sam (oh, look who apparently also needed some water but was too invested in his masculinity to get some first!) and telling Rachel that her TV show sucked.

Rachel is shocked that Sam allows such behavior, but Sam explains that he’s (just) the assistant coach and “can’t yell at them like Coach Beiste.” (He also very likely needs that job to pay for his entire living expenses, whereas Rachel not only stays with her dad but also has a large enough amount of money left from her TV gig that she can offer it to the school district’s superintendent and have that be a relevant argument. But that’s another story.)

Later, Kurt sits on a bench in the locker room, waiting for the football players to come in to change after practice. He tries to meet Spencer on his own territory, but he’s still terrible at being “one of the guys” (which is illustrated by him not catching the ball Spencer threw to him after Kurt signaled he was “open”), so Spencer is not impressed. Nevertheless, Kurt tries to bond with him over having been on the football team himself for a hot second, and then segues into how that has been “a transformational moment for the school” which “marked the beginning of a great synchronicity between Glee Club and football” (whatever that is supposed to mean, because a synchronicity is a “meaningful coincidence” - whereas a synergy is “the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts”). And then he offers “any of the football guys that are back for homecoming” as a reference to back up his claim.

Which prompts Spencer to ask why they aren’t the ones trying to recruit him and if Kurt is there for the sole reason that they both “like guys.” Which is where Kurt drops all pretense of having a football player identity himself and tries to bond with Spencer over being gay. He claims that “only a gay man knows what it’s like for us out there,” but Spencer remains unimpressed and basically rolls his eyes at Kurt’s naivety. Spencer mysteriously not only knows that Kurt is gay, but also that he “primarily identified [him]self” as being gay during his high school time (and I would like to see the fic that fills that particular hole in the story). A primary gay identity, however, is not Spencer’s “thing.”

Kurt responds to that by asking “But don’t you think it’s everyone else’s thing?” Remember, Kurt was called gay (and relentlessly bullied for his lack of conventional masculinity) before he ever came out as such to anyone, possibly including himself. So he never actually had the chance to be anything but primarily gay. Spencer, however, says that “when I told people I was gay, only two people had a problem with it. Coach Beiste kicked them off the team.”

And this is where Kurt gets angry. Because he himself drew a lot of strength from gay history and gay (and gay-associated) culture and has tremendous respect for his forbears (remember his bucket list item “Lay a rose on the birthplace of Noël Coward” [3x05]?) and icons and is very conscious of the cultural impact of gay people (“Mercedes is black. I’m gay. We make culture.” [1x15]). In other words, he is very aware of whose shoulders he himself is standing on. And of what he and his friends and supporters achieved, so that other, younger LGBTQ people can have better lives (“When I first got to McKinley, I was afraid to make eye contact. I didn’t talk about my politics, I didn’t share what was in my heart. […] I was in the closet. And most days, I was also in the Dumpster. […] And perhaps I played some small part in making it possible for tadpole gays all over Lima to be themselves in public. Not a bad legacy for someone who once pretended to be in lust with Rachel Berry so I wouldn’t have to date Mercedes Jones.” [3x22]). And that is why he snaps at Spencer and demands that he pays his historical debt. “Look, you’re… you’re naive if you don’t think you’re standing on our shoulders. Okay, you owe glee club.”

Spencer, however, is having none of that and credits the ease of his life to the aforementioned “positive representations of gays in the mass media” (which, ironically, can’t be Glee because that show doesn’t exist in its own universe). “Please. I owe Modern Family.”

He also believes that he himself took care of anyone intending to bully him. “Listen, when Coach Beiste kicked those guys off the team, they cornered me in the parking lot when I was getting into my car. Got all up in my face. One of them ended the day with his jaw wired shut, and the other, I don’t think he ever stopped running.” The story he tells himself is that of a manly guy who can take care of himself with manly methods and who is in no way different from any other manly man, except for the fact that he “happened to be born in the […] ten percent of the population that would choose Andrew Garfield over Emma Stone.” Glee club (and Lady Gaga and Broadway) sucks, and that’s that. (If only it wasn’t for the oddly specific denial of writing “Archie fan fiction where Archie and Jughead are hot for each other” because that sounds exactly like what a conventionally masculine boy who has just realized he’s into other boys would do… [unless I’m misdating Archie comics here?])

But it has actually always been irrelevant if the glee club is “gay or straight,” no matter how often everyone associated with glee club has been called “gay” (or a variant thereof). Let me explain. According to the logic of sexism and heteronormativity, men have a higher social status than women, and real men are into women and women get fucked by real men. So if there’s no woman to get fucked because both people in a couple are men, one of the guys must get fucked, which means he’s not really a man anymore. And that means he also lost the status associated with masculinity. In short, since male homosexuality is equated with femininity, we can translate “gay” (as an insult) as “too feminine” or “not masculine enough” (which are the same thing in a binary gender system). So the issue with glee club from the very beginning of Glee has always been that the jocks considered it not masculine enough. And being a jock is all about masculinity.

And this is where we come back to Spencer, who primarily identifies as a manly man who just happens to prefer dudes over women for sex. He wants to have nothing to do with gay culture or gay communities or gay politics. He believes he is equal to his straight teammates, and if people disagree, he will beat them up because he can (and because Coach Beiste protects him, but he doesn’t really give her any credit for that).

Coach Beiste, by the way, has also had to fight hard to be accepted as a masculine heterosexual woman (because heteronormativity also works the other way round and deducts homosexuality from gender-nonconformity). She has earned the respect of the football team (and, apparently, from Sue, because she seems to have survived the general school overhaul with her job intact), but there has been no indication that her romantic life has changed for the better (then again, who knows what developments the next episodes reveal). And she doesn’t allow anti-gay bullies on her team because now she can - and, ironically, that is at least in part also thanks to Sue, who has “spent the off-season recruiting [really good] players from all over the state.” Which means there are enough players to choose from so she can exchange the anti-gay ones for less (openly) prejudiced ones.

So Kurt is absolutely right when he says that Spencer is standing on their shoulders. And Spencer just takes these circumstances for granted because he was lucky enough to be born a few years after Kurt. It has gotten better for him before it got really bad, so now he’s free to be a person instead of a stereotype right from the start. Then again, he may be so busy NOT being a stereotype that he can’t afford to actually have an LGBTQ community, whether in glee club or elsewhere. And how will that impact him in the long run?

And I think that is the story we’ll get to see about Spencer.

There is more in this story about generations of LGBTQ people, and Kurt representing an older generation (like the one of the Glee writers, which is also mine) than the one he actually belongs to, but I can’t quite put that in words yet.

All I can say is that I totally identify with Kurt when it comes to an awareness of my LGBTQ forbears and an identification with LGBTQ culture(s). And I see that younger LGBTQ people have come out and come of age in a world that is very different than the one in which I was a teenager and young adult. And sometimes I worry about a loss of LGBTQ culture as I experienced it and about the lack of awareness for LGBTQ history I perceive in many younger LGBTQ people. And then I remember that there is Tumblr and Twitter and gazillions of websites and blogs and online resources and that people have camera phones now and can take photos of themselves and each other at practically no cost and spread them around the world within minutes and that there are completely new LGBTQ cultures and communities that didn’t exist when I was around 20. And then I don’t feel so bad. But I still want to talk about how things used to be and about what we lost, and I want to grieve for those losses, and I want to remember what my generation did (and still does) to change the world for today’s “tadpole gays” (and the rest of the acronym), and I want to remind/teach people where “we” come from and how we got to where we are now.

And I think that is a concern I share with the makers of Glee.

So I’m super curious what they will do with Spencer and Kurt and Beiste and gayness and gender in the episodes to come.

(Also connected to this train of thought: Warblers who may or may not be gay, Sue’s return to gendering Kurt as neither female nor male, sexist traditions at Dalton, traditions in general and whether to keep/honor them and in what way, messages about gender Kurt has internalized and how they affect how he thinks about his relationship to Blaine and the fact that Blaine is now dating Dave, the way gender plays out in Blaine’s relationships to Kurt and to Dave, the significance of Country Bear Night… - and I already regret that I won’t have the time to think through all these connections in words!)

Bouquet toss

As far back as humanity’s memory goes, there have been soulmates, people perfectly matched for each other. It’s different for everyone, some have matching marks on their bodies, others feel a spark when they touch for the first time, some even share dreams, but the one thing they all have in common is the connection.

The connection between two soulmates is established as soon as the younger one is born and remains for the rest of their lives.

Stiles doesn’t have that, never had it, never felt it.

At first he thought his soulmate was much younger than him, but age differences of more than ten years are very rare, and age differences of more than twenty years are practically unheard of.

Stiles is 23 now, and he has never felt any connection.

All his bruises have been his own, he has never felt sad and then suddenly deliriously happy for the blink of an eye, hasn’t ever smelled the sea while in the middle of the forst.

Stiles has no soulmate.

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People have asked me why I don’t support abortion. Can I give an answer that doesn’t go back to the bible? Well here’s why I don’t support abortion; my mom was pregnant with me and went in to get an ultra-sound. The doctor took the ultra-sound and shared the news with my parents. Their daughter would have severe problems. My feet were clubbed, 95% chance I would have MS, be mentally retarded, and stay in a wheel chair all of my life. I may never function on an average level. All my life I would need a care giver.
Having me was not going to be easy. The doctor told my parents that they should have an abortion because it was still early enough in the pregnancy. It would be easier then having to deal with everything the ultra-sound told.

My parents talked a long time about it and decided not to have an abortion. And raise me knowing I could need a lot of help. Knowing that I might not live long. Knowing that I would be in pain. But they still decided to raise me because they said “our child deserves the chance at life.” Several months later I was born free of any problems with my legs, with no mental problems. I was a perfectly healthy baby.
The doctors still don’t know how or why. At age six I did my first dance recital, the girl who wasn’t supposed to walk. At age eight I did my first synchronized swimming routine the girl who might not be able to move her limbs. At age 12 I did my first debate (I did lose) the girl who wasn’t supposed to be able even function without the help of a care giver. At age 16 I graduated highschool, the girl who the doctors told her parents, “abortion is a better option.”

I don’t support abortion because everyone, no matter how they were conceived whether, rape, a teenager, an unexpected parents, or have health problems, whatever sort of problems they might have, whatever the situation is. WHATEVER THE SITUATION IS ANYONE SHOULD HAVE THE CHANCE TO LIVE.