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If it feels rushed, what do you expect? For them to drag on the same they could for the past 2 seasons for jon's relationship with dany, to develope the same way ygritte's relationship? No chemistry my ass. They did what they could for 7 episodes. Plus storyline, the final battle is at hand. Jon with the night king, dany trying gain her birthright. Just because they're hot characters? Seriously? Does the notion a guy being gradually attracted to girl really so hard to believe?

i expect them to think about it before they write something, dany had no reaction whatsoever when viserion died but when jon showed up she gets all emotional, and they had like 5 scenes together, i thought dragons are supposed to be like her children?? it doesn’t make sense, it’s forced af. maybe they could make it work, actually they could make it work in 7 episodes if writing wasn’t so shitty. i’m sure there is fanfiction better than what we’ve seen on screen. writing is just not believable. but in the end it doesn’t matter, they’re not a girl and a boy, they’re aunt and nephew, and that’s just no.

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Jonsa shipper here. I've scrolling through the anti Jon x Dany tag because well duh, and I keep seeing people mention how JD happening is assassinating Jon character development. I was wondering if you could explain how?

I think what they mean is that Jon is supposed to be a man of honour and duty, so like he sincerely loved Ygritte but he still chose the Night’s Watch because he made a vow. He died for the Night’s Watch. He loves the North, always has the North in his best interest, he’s sort of like a man of the people, and suddenly he’s bending the knee to Daenerys after a few days because … why? It just doesn’t follow that he would do that especially without consulting Sansa and the other houses first, it doesn’t make sense so besides that being terrible writing, it can be construed as ruining his character because he’s infatuated with Daenerys which suddenly means he and his countrymen will serve her? What? And if it turns out that he’s bending the knee as a way to manipulate Daenerys then that doesn’t really make him any different than the other characters vying for power. Jon is supposed to be honest. So I’m guessing that’s what they mean.

A random post that was supposed to be about writing but got side-tracked to meditation

Suddenly, the first sense of writing-might-actually-work I’ve had in over a week appeared.

Half a chapter of Inconsequential happened before brain decided to stop cooperating. I’m pleased. It won’t be long or filled with actions, but it’s what I want to write right now, and in this story, I try to make that all that matters. I long to write Silver Birds - intellectually, emotionally I’m… preoccupied? - and hopefully I soon will. Chapter so close to being finished…

It’s been a good day; back to therapy after the summer (had a good session where a lot of things I had not dared to say before actually managed to come out), did quite a bit of work (not a shift, but meetings and mentoring) and even got some writing done as mentioned. Anxiety low and focus almost moderate. Now I’ll take whatever focus I have left and do some guided mindfulness meditation. Trying to learn new stress-skills and distress tolerance skills just like I tell my patients to do. And I can’t not give it a try, given the evidence there is for its effectiveness for many people. Ignoring science would be ashame, even if this particular skill is the one that I’ve felt most resistance against of all skills I use and teach at work.

Live like you learn, and all that…

1. Hmmm, a long-range moves.

2. Hunk is a tank, a guy who’s supposed to take hits thus

3. There’s something really funny about calling Keith ‘ninja’ when his behaviour and weapons are knight-like. And she promptly assigned him to knight pieces. You can jump around as much as you like, red boy!

4. So he’s in charge of most pieces, that makes sense, I guess.

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I hate that D&D invented fast-travelling. I hate that Ghost doesn't appear anymore. I hate what they do to Arya and Sansa. I hate that they didn't let Jon stop by at Winterfell before travelling to the wall, not just because of Arya and Bran who he thought were dead but also because it makes fucking sense since it's winter and it's a long way to the wall. I also hate that Dany was this emotionless about Viserion. Why do I still watch this? Sorry, needed to rant.

You can always rant to me about this show. It angers me on so many levels, and it’s been like that ever since the end of Season 4. When I watched the leaked episode 6, I cried because of Daenerys’ complete lack of reaction more than I cried because of Viserion … I knew his death was coming from the leaks, and I expected to see so much more from Daenerys and it was a shock for me to see her literally doing nothing. Tormund looked sadder than she did. She looked more upset about Jon than Viserion. And it is not at her that I am angry at - it is at the writers, because I know they are the ones who plan and write and direct the scenes and tell the actors what to do. I hate the teleportation, I hate most of the dialogues, and I hate that there is no logic in the story.

The couldn’t really stop at Winterfell though, because they were traveling by sea to Eastwatch, and Winterfell is very far from the sea.

I watch it mostly for the scenery, for memes and because I am curious about how it will end. I like to see the dragons and some characters like Daenerys and Jon too. And at night I dream that one day, a faitful adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire will be made for TV.

wait doesnt that make sense that this feels mama era..if kokobop was supposed to be set before it, when they first fell to earth with their powers, this will be whatever happened between chilling on an island and the mama mv ?

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if its only 70% where you are, it isnt gonna be completely covered so you’re still going to have sunlight so its not dark ^^ you’ll see the sun as if it was a thick crescent (i say that because it wont be a thin one but it will still be more than half) and thats the extent of your eclipse

it’s well past totality up in Oregon so when i watched coverage for that it was completely dark in places there while still partly sunny in others~ 

it all depends on where you live and the path of the eclipse itself! the totality times are completely different from each other~ it aaaaaaall has to do with positioning~ ~Admin 404

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For Tim to be Jared Leto's Joker, Harley would already have to be Harley because that's when the supposed incident happened. And in the movie Harleen isn't Harley yet. It doesn't make sense to me.


Unpopular Voltron opinion, with meta to back it up.

I don’t think the big Keith and Lance scene in episode 6 was meant to be seen as having gone well, or for things to be getting back on track in regards to Lance’s doubts. I’m actually pretty sure the conversation unintentionally made things with Lance even worse.

Just because Keith and Lance shared a scene alone together, without any fighting or outward disagreements, does NOT mean it went well. I know everyone who is a Klance shipper wants that to be the case, but the whole “5 feet apart” jokes and logic with their ship shouldn’t suddenly change the emotional tone that is ACTUALLY present here.

Do not get me wrong, it is clear that both of them wanted this talk to go well without any confrontation, and to talk with a level head and with honesty. They have both grown as people to realize this. It doesn’t mean there wasn’t a major miscommunication here. 

Lets go through this moment by moment, shall we?

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Anyway, I bet Kravitz hates Barry and Lup. Not because they’re liches, he’s used to liches. Liches are his job. But they don’t even have the common decency to act like liches. They’re so goddamn domestic and upbeat and ridiculously in love and it makes every single one of his instincts go wild because this- this is not how liches are supposed to act. It’s not right. Can’t you guys go hang out in a cave and make ominous statements and stuff? It would make him a lot more comfortable. 

Even their sense of fashion freaks him out. Lup “phoenix isn’t just a metaphor, I literally need to put fire patterns on everything I own” Taaco and Barry “I just have the one pair of jeans and I wash them every day” Bluejeans aren’t following the rules of necromancy. Even their spooky robes are in a primary colour and it horrifies him. 

Imagine you were a crime fighting hero, and then one day these two clowns came to town looking like they escaped from young couples group date night, making out and giggling as they expertly rob a bank. They invite you to dinner and set you up with their brother and refuse to ever wear ski masks. On a professional level, the way Barry and Lup have approached undeath upsets Kravitz. You can’t just make necromancy into your own personal happily ever after! That’s not allowed! Stop it, both of you, you’ll give everyone else ideas. And please, can you wear at least a little black?

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"leave the math to pidge" that's not even a cool line wth keith

okay listen up i wasn’t supposed to say this but i gotta let it out before lauren and joaquim find me. after that we cut out the next few scenes where it shows keith flustered and embarrassed in his room whispering “why did i SAY that! leave the math to pidge? that doesn’t even make SENSE GOD” while lance is outside leaning on the wall by keith’s room with a dopey smile on his face but you gotta be quiet i can’t say this i ca

On Ke$ha’s hit 2010 song, Blah Blah Blah, she says “zip your lip like a padlock”. I never even questioned this 7 years ago but I’ve been thinking about it lately. It makes no sense. Padlocks don’t zip. 

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: The stars say prepare for a surprise! Poop before you leave the house.

Taurus: Now is the season to encase you and your friends completely in ice.

Gemini: Be warned, planes are not birds. There is no tasty bird flesh underneath that aluminum skin.

Cancer: A German candlemaker will release several dogs for you to pet. Thank her.

Leo: When the world stops making sense, play with the perspective. Go Escher on your problems ass.

Virgo: Brownies are not supposed to be good for you. Just have a brownie.

Libra: No reason to throw out the teddy bear. If it helps it helps.

Scorpio: There is meat in the walls. There are vines in the walls. Who keeps putting things in your walls?

Ophiuchus: Your kindness must perpetuate kindness. 

Sagittarius: Nothing can be accepted. Dont worry about it. Enjoy all the different flavors of goldfish.

Capricorn: Give everything you can, something will probably help. Be an emotional broadside.

Aquarius: Impress at the ball with a gown made of broken glass and bones.

Pisces: Marketing is lies.


Riverdale | 1.04 | Betty & Veronica

Are you doing this because you still have feelings for Archie?


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You’re the one that I need / I’m the one that you loathe