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Osomatsu x Reader

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It was a looong day. Between shitty traffic, shitty coworkers, and your shitty boss, your day was, well… pretty shitty. You wanted to say you were used to these things by now, but today, for some reason, everything that usually bothered you seemed to grate at your nerves even more than usual. But you weren’t so mad today. Actually, you were really just exhausted.

You came home nearly slumping against the door frame and too sleepy and frustrated to bother with calling out to your boyfriend, whom you knew had probably just been lounging around at home all day. You locked the door behind you and threw your belongings on the floor a little harder than you intended to, but it at least served in catching Oso’s attention.

“Hey, babe! You home?” he called from down the hallway.

“Yeah,” you called back, sounding much more boneless than you would’ve liked.

It was pretty clear he knew what was up just by the tone of your voice. Some quick footsteps down the hall and he was finally right in front of you, fully dressed as you began removing your coat and throwing your keys on the table beside you.

Oh shit, that’s right.

You two had a date planned for tonight. With everything going on today, it had totally slipped your mind.

“You, uh… ready to go?” Osomatsu asked, with a bit of uncharacteristic hesitation in his voice. It sounded like he already knew the answer to his own question.

You half-groaned in response. Truth be told, you would have loved to spend the evening out with your boyfriend. It sounded like the perfect pick-me-up after such a lousy day, but honestly…

“I’m really sleepy, Oso. I’m sorry.”

He looked a little disappointed. He did get all dressed up for it, after all. But his look of disappointment quickly faded into a small smile.

“Nah, I got it. It’s cool. Don’t worry about it, really.”

Again, the disappointment tinged in his voice and it really wasn’t helping you feel any better. But it sounded like he was really trying to cover it up and seem happy for your sake, and that was a little touching. It was pretty rare for Oso to try and be so considerate.

He made quick work of his pants, throwing them away from himself and making you look questioningly at him, before he let out a yawn and a “Meh, I was feeling pretty lazy about going outside anyway. Let’s just go back to bed, yeah?”

He added a sleazy wink, though he made no motion to touch you.

“Um, is it cool if we just cuddle tonight?”

He was already heading in the direction of the bedroom before answering you.

“Yeah, that’s cool.”

At the doorway just before the hall leading down to the bedroom, he stopped, looked over his shoulder and asked, “You comin’ or what, babe?”

Well, fuck it.

You threw off your work clothes, not even caring if they’d get wrinkled or not, and left them discarded beside Osomatsu’s pants and followed him into the bedroom. He awaited you there, already bundled back up in his usual red hoodie, looking half-asleep and tangled in your bed sheets.

He looked at you through half-lidded eyes.

“I know you’re tired, so let me take care of you tonight, okay?”

You climbed on top of the bed and laid beside him. He wasted no time in throwing his arms around your form, letting his limbs and the soft blankets swallow your body whole. He brought your messy head of hair under his chin and nuzzled against you gently. He let out a soft sigh of contentment.

“Work sucks,” you mumbled.

“I know,” he whispered. He brought one hand to the back of your head and ran its fingers through your hair. “It’s okay.”

He shifted a little and planted a sloppy kiss on the top of your head. You shifted a little bit more, trying to wriggle out from under his grip to kiss his smooth chin. He even shaved for the date you were supposed to have. Wow.

“You missed,” he chuckled.

Some more wriggling, because honestly, neither of you wanted to let go of the other, but he eventually found his way to your lips and left another sloppy kiss there. If it were anyone else, you might complain, but his messy kisses were just so characteristic of him, they were so very Osomatsu that you loved them all the same.

A couple more sleepy kisses between the two of you before you buried your face in the chest of his soft hoodie and mumbled, “I’m tiiireeed.”

“I know, babe, I know. Go to sleep,” Oso whispered, petting your hair again and holding you closer.

It was only 7 p.m., but it didn’t take long for the both of you to knock out just like that. In a weird way, this was better to you than any fancy restaurant date or whatever. Neither of you needed anything more.