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Please talk about the mummy returns

pristinepastel said: Hey, i know you like the first mummy, but what about the mummy returns?

I HAVE RETURNED…after like a day. 

but what the people want, the people get!


aka the only sequel that is 1000% just as good as the first one. like holy shit. 

ten years later and we meet our heroes again. rick and evie are happily married, going on adventures, and evie’s dream of becoming a respected scholar has come true and they’ve made a tiny human! 

the only unrealistic part being that they only had one kid, i mean they are still all over each other ten years later and you’re telling me they only had ONE kid.

okay. sure jan. 

but boy o’ boy is that one kid awesome! 

alex o’connell. this kid is literally:

  • 50% evie super-klutz-genius. 
  • 50% rick screams-at-things-that-are-illogical-to-scream-at. 
  • 50% uncle jonathan’s sheer dumb luck and wit. 
  • 10% i’m really bad at math. 

you get the point. HE’S GREAT. also the actor passed on harry potter because, JUST LIKE ME, the mummy 1999 was his favorite movie and he just HAD to be in the sequel. alex is just such a smart-ass little shit. that much like his mother, accidentally brings about the apocalypse by opening something he shouldn’t have:

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ARDETH BAY TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. he has a much bigger role in this one. GOD BLESS. (because he was supposed to die in the first one, but test audiences loved him as much as we do, so they kept his fine ass around) he still looks prettier than everyone and is still so done with white people once again. 

*after almost being killed on he bus* “this was my first bus ride.”
*after realizing they’re gonna make him fly again* “why can’t you people ever keep your feet on the ground?”

he’s just such an awesome A+ friend goals, because while he probably needs to go be with other medjai to prepare for battle against anubis’ army (yikes), he stays with the fam to rescue alex. it wasn’t even much of a thought for him really, rick and evie just batted their eyelashes and he was like: *sighs* “these white people are always messing my shit up, but they are my white people.”

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jonathan: still beautifully the same as ever. witty, clever, and would do anything for his family. 

“be quiet alex! if there’s going to be any hysterics, they’ll come from me!”

“if you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.”

when he boasts about being a good shot and ardeth is internally like “i’m gonna die.” THEN HE SAVES ARDETH. hell yeah.

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rick: he’s still screaming at things. BUT IN DAD MODE. he’s the ultimate dad.

“you, lighten up. you, big trouble. you, get in the car.”
*sweetly* “honey, what are you doing, these guys don’t use doors.”
“knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you’re about to do to him, but this is my house and i have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.”

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evie: still a super-klutz nerd, but with C O N F I D E N C E. little baby librarian is now a honey badger of ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK! and also a re-incarnated princess

“no harm ever came from opening a chest.”

rick: “i swear that kid gets more and more like you every day.”
evelyn: “you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?”

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we meet izzy, another one of rick’s ex boyfriends, who is a much more reliable mode of transportation than previously mentioned murder buses. 

imhotep: still emo. still wants to make out with his gf.

anck su namun/meela: hella good villain. she bomb af and 100% wants to take over the world. amazing. she actually has like a really cool role this time too!!! like so much screen time. 

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the rock…i mean the scorpion king, he’s another emo villain with goofy cgi rendering and like 4 million terrible made-for-TV spin off movies that you are lying if you haven’t watched at least one of them and felt that utter disappointment. but who cares the rock is pretty. and this was his first acting role and the reason we have him where he is today. 

thank you mummy returns for giving the world actor rock johnson #blessed

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normal action movie sequel romance: same guy. different girl. repeat of first movie’s romance. hehehehhehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHH. 

not here bitch. 

rick and evie’s love has only grown stronger. they still bicker like old ladies at bingo night. the still look at each other like they hung the moon. they’re still disgusting jonathan because they CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. one kid my ass. they still support each other and protect each other like crazy. they love each other so much and it’s so healthy and pure and there is some good in this world mr. frodo.

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the bottom line here is. what’s the point of watching the mummy 1999 if you aren’t going to watch the mummy returns immediately after?


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Jewel In The Crown (M)

florist!kihyun, 15.1k, he knows what beautiful is but he’s also a bit jealous and has shitty friends

warning: smut (kihyun is a virgin, his first time, oral for both, slightly dom!kihyun i guess??)

“You look really nice by the way…Ignore that. You look beautiful. You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever known.”

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how couples spend their free time together

men’s expectations of wlw relationships:

oh yesss right there….yeah let’s have sex…all we ever do is have sex….and wear only nice frilly lingerie and nothing else when we are at home….hey let’s call marcus for a threesome 

actual wlw relationships:

*wearing baggy polyester shirt that has become a little off-white*

“hey hurry up, the show’s coming on.”

“Fine, fine. Wait, what r u eating.”

“Oh I found some crumbs in my room. You know, from the time we baked brownies two months ago.”

“Are you for real.”

women’s expectations of mlm relationships:

hey sweetie, the roses came in from Cecilia’s today, don’t you love them? Oh I see you’ve replaced the windows, they look so much prettier now, I love you cupcake. Here let me fix you a cup of tea. 

actual mlm relationships:

*playing video game*

“good fucking god you were supposed to catch that, you n00b”

“and how am i supposed to know that was for me??”

“You just had to catch it!”


EXO Reaction when you cut your hair and aren’t sure about it

I hope that the anon that got  a haircut feels better about her hair now! I love doing weird things to my hair. Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Doesn’t notice until he sees you from close* “Jagi did you just… cut your hair? When did this happened? I didn’t even notice… woah… it’s nice”


*Shows you his weird collection of hats* “I love it baobei.. but if you don’t feel good… I can always lend you my amazing hats”


“There’s something different… but I can’t see what… is it the make up? New clothes? Ahh either way you look nice” *Thinking really hard*


“Babe.. why are you worrying about your hair? Anything suits you well, I love it. Now come, let’s show the world how beautiful you are”


“Hell YEAH! Look at you, looking so fly!” *Someone really likes this new style*


*Falls in love all over again* “Woah… I never thought you could become any prettier… jagi… I can’t stop staring at you… wow”


“Please explain me how I’m supposed to keep all the boys away from you!!! You make it so hard, my beautiful girlfriend!” *Someone’s really struggling*


“New haircut hm? Luhan likes it…very much” *Creepy Lulu*


*Gets all serious for a second* “Say that again? Who doesn’t look well? You? That’s impossible… you are flawless… and you better start believing that yourself” *BF goals*


*Graphical description* “Really… pretty. Jagi? Have I told you how much I love you? The way you make me feel every time I see you…” (I love this gif so much I can’t)


“You got a haircut without me! I wanted to have my hair styled like yours! I love it… now I’m going alone to do that to mine!” 


*Pretending to be a fashion judge* “This is definitely something… different… and new… revolutionary…. I like it… yes yes… very much” *He just find you too beautiful*

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Little Things

Request by @craftersdust : Heya! Just found your blog and I’m falling for it. I was wondering if you could write a one shot for Sirius x Reader inspired by the song “Little Things” from One Direction. Like, maybe he understands that he’s in love with her after he realises he caught even the tiniest details about her? Thank you ❤❤

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Word Count: 2126

Warnings: Not going to lie, it gets a bit angsty but I swear it’s mostly fluffy. Insecurities.

A/N: I got a bit carried away lol. I tried to think of a better title but my brain refused to cooperate. I hope you like it! :D


Sirius Black did not do relationships.  

Sirius Black was the boy who was never seen without a leather jacket and ripped jeans. He was the boy with striking grey eyes, great hair and a smile that made everyone around him instantly love the boy. Sirius Black had nearly all the girls in Hogwarts falling at his feet. The point was, that Sirius Black did many things, but relationships wasn’t one of them.

How then, had he fallen in love with you?

It had started slowly. At first, he began to notice the intricate details of your face. How that, in the Summer, your freckles became more visible, like constellations that were mapped onto your face.  He discovered that your eyes changed colour depending on the weather. It was only a slight difference, but Sirius noticed. He couldn’t remember when it started, and sometimes, he wasn’t even aware he was doing it. But he had started paying very close attention to you. He learned that you muttered things under your breath whenever you were annoyed or angry so that you never hurt anyone’s feelings and regretted it later.

A few days later, he, James, Remus and Peter had gone down to breakfast earlier than usual. Imagine his delight when he saw you there, nibbling on a slice of toast whilst reading a book. He returned early to breakfast every morning after that, (though he always went alone), and no matter how accustomed he had become of it, he was always pleasantly surprised when he saw you again, sat in the exact same place as you were in the day before.  

Overtime, he had gradually compiled a list of all your preferences. Once he had found you asleep outside, head leant against the tree trunk and a Potions book held loosely in your hands. It looked as though you were speaking to yourself, and now he knew you talked in your sleep, he’d have to add it to the list.

When he finally realised it for himself, he was laid awake, staring at the red curtains of his four-poster bed. He was recalling all of your features and habits and trying to commit them to memory. It did take him a few more minutes to fully process his feelings towards you, but when he did, he immediately bolted upright and shook James awake.

“Prongs, Prongs! Wake up!” He shouted.

James jolts awake, for a moment scared something bad had happened, but quickly realising Sirius just needed to talk to someone.

“What’s the matter, Pads?” He yawned.

He didn’t see the need to delay the point. “It’s Y/N. I- I think I love her, James.”

James grins widely, apparently now much more alert. He was practically jumping up and down on the bed. “That’s great, Pads!”

Sirius slumps down back onto his bed. “No, it’s not,” he mutters. “She doesn’t like me that way.”

“Pshh, that’s easy to fix, Padfoot. Have to make her jealous that’s all.”

Luckily, the noise the two of them had caused had woken up Remus, who was still sleepy, (he had tried to get back to sleep, but their conversation was too interesting), but he was conscious enough to be able to put a stop to the plan before it started. “No Padfoot. You can’t do that mate.”

“Oh yeah, Moony? Why not?” James asks.

“Well, one, you’re taking advice from James, who, if you hadn’t noticed, has been unsuccessful getting the girl he’s liked since first year to go out with him. So, why you’d take dating advice from him is beyond me.” Remus was more awake now, and he had sat up to face the black-haired boy. “Two, do you really think that making her jealous is going to make her like you?”

“Yes,” Sirius shrugged nonchalantly.

Everyone thought that Peter had managed to sleep through the noise, so when he throws a pillow directly into Sirius’ face, it was safe to say it caught him off-guard. Clearly, Peter had been awake a long time.  

“Thanks, Wormtail.” Remus says, before turning to address Sirius, giving him an exasperated sigh. “Wrong Sirius. It won’t.”

“Well, if you’re so good at all this, please tell me what in the bloody world I’m meant to do then.”

“Well, it’d probably be best to just tell her how you feel.”  

Sirius scoffs. Remus said it as though it was the easiest thing in the world. But it wasn’t. What if he did something incredibly embarrassing in front of you. or even worse, what if you rejected him?  

But eventually, Remus manages to persuade him into doing at breakfast in the morning. “You both go down early, we’ve seen her before remember?”  

Sirius nods. He doesn’t mention that he’d been down to breakfast early a lot more often since that time.

“Yeah, mate. We’ll help you,” James said, rejoining the conversation. “Besides, she couldn’t say no to you. You are Sirius Black, after all.”

Never before had Sirius experienced nervousness as much as he was now. He kept on withdrawing his hands from his pockets before ultimately deciding that not showing his hands was a better option, especially when he couldn’t stop messing around with his tie. When the four of them arrived at the Great Hall, hardly anyone was there. It was only you, them and three other people. As usual, you were sat on your own, fully immersed in the book you were reading. He walks over to the table you were sat on and sat directly opposite you, whilst the James, Remus and Peter sat further up the table. Sirius watched as you read to the end of the chapter and then you looked up at him.


You saw Sirius enter the Great Hall out of the corner of your eyes. He usually didn’t come with the rest of the Marauders, but you shrug it off, they were his best friends. What shocked you most, was when he came over to you and sat right across from you. Sure, you didn’t hate Sirius. Hell, you had even spoken to each other in Transfiguration before. There was a chance you could’ve been wrong, but you didn’t think that those things warranted him to come to talk to you. You pretend to read to the end of the chapter of the book your reading while you attempt to prepare yourself to talk to him. Yes, you fancied him. But then again, who didn’t?

His grey eyes are staring into yours intently, and you quickly look away, scolding yourself. Rule number one for talking to Sirius Black: as hard as it proves to be, avoid the eyes. It’s very easy to get lost in them and all it makes you do is make a fool of yourself.

He smiles at you. “Hey.”

“Hello, Sirius. What’s up?”

“Nothing. Just wanted to talk to you, that’s all.”  

“Oh.” Honestly, you weren’t expecting that. You’d thought he’d want help with homework or something. Unfortunately, he took this the wrong way, and proceeded to get up.

“Oh, sorry. I’ll erm- I’ll just leave you alone then.” You can’t help but notice he looks kind of disappointed.  

“No!” You exclaim, a little too loudly. Your shout grabbed the attention of one of the other students, though they soon returned to their own business. “Sorry,” you blushed. “I just- I didn’t mean I wanted you to leave. I was just surprised, that’s all.”

Sirius sat back down looking relieved. “Why would you be surprised?”

“Well, I’m not exactly the most interesting person in the world.”

He shakes his head. “I think the opposite, actually.”


“Well, the reason I sat over here today was because… well, I was just wondering if you wanted to come to Hogsmeade with me next weekend.” He hesitates a moment. “…As a date.”

“Of course! I’d love to.”

He breathed a sigh of relief. As soon as you had accepted his offer, he seemed to gain his confidence back straight away.

“Well, I’ll see you there, then,” and he returned back to his friends, watching as you left the Great Hall, a slight skip in your step.

It had been three months since that day, and you had been a couple ever since. When he asked you after you left The Three Broomsticks, you responded by pressing your lips to his, overwhelmed with feelings of giddiness and elation.

You would’ve liked to say that the time you had been in a relationship with Sirius had been the best time of your life, which to some extent it had. Whenever Sirius saw you, he treated you as though you were his world and you couldn’t be happier. But that was the problem; whenever he saw you. To you, it seemed like you hadn’t seen him at all in the past week. In the beginning, you just told yourself that you were probably being clingy and he would see you whenever he could, but slowly, you began to doubt yourself. You knew you weren’t anything special when it came to a comparison to the other girls in your year. They were all so much prettier and funnier. At the time, you had been too pleased to let your insecurities get the better of you, but now you couldn’t stop yourself from thinking that Sirius was avoiding you because he had finally realised there were much better options he could choose from.  

You didn’t know how far from the truth you were.


Sirius was with Remus in the library. He was supposed to be studying for the potions assessment they had the next week, but instead he was swinging on two legs of his chair and discussing his problem with Remus.

“I just don’t know how to act in a relationship, Moony,” he confessed. “With the other girls, it was so easy because I never had to worry about what they would think about me. But with Y/N, I get worried whenever I do something, she might not like it or that she’ll just get annoyed of me being there.”

Remus took a moment before he responded, trying to finish his paragraph on where to find a beozar. “Has she ever not liked something you’ve done?”

“I don’t think so, bu-”

Remus cut him off. “Has she ever seemed annoyed by you?”

“No, but-.”

“Well then, there’s your answer. You should probably go talk to her though. Lily says she’s been a bit upset recently.”

“Thanks, Moony.”

You were sat on the grounds, admiring the sunset. You weren’t really supposed to be out here this late but it was better than the possibility of running into Sirius. If you saw him, you knew you wouldn’t be able to hold your emotions back. Your efforts, it seemed, were pointless. No sooner did you think this, did he run around the corner, panting.  

For a moment, you forget you’re even upset. “Why are you panting?”

“I have… been… looking… everywhere for you.” His words separated by his heavy breathing.

“Why?” You huff, unable to control how annoyed you sounded, which was a rare occurrence for you. “You haven’t bothered looking for me at all for the past week. Why start now?”

“I love you.” He says, like it’s the most obvious thing in the world.

“You say you love me, but there’s so many better girls out there for you.”

He frowns. He knew Lily said you were upset, but he didn’t know it was because of him. He couldn’t see why you thought so little of yourself when you were his everything. “I know you don’t like to wear plain socks because you think they’re boring, I know that you’ve read your favourite book exactly 23 times, I know that in class, I’m certain that at least 90% of the time you know the answer, but you’re too scared to draw attention to yourself. You never put chocolate on pancakes no matter how many times Remus says you should try it and you laugh at your own jokes. You-”

“Sirius, what are you doing?”

“Proving I love you.”

He continues with his list, mentioning all the things he noticed about you from how you played with your hair whenever you were nervous to the fact that you couldn’t sleep without a hot chocolate before bed.

You stare at him, completely dumbfounded that he could remember all of these little things about you.  

“I love everything about you, Y/N. All of those things. They’re what made me fall for you in the first place. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes, you’d understand straight away. But, even if I have to recite my list of things I love about you every day, I promise, I’ll help you realise that I’m not going anywhere. Ever.”

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot Imagine}

Out of My League // {Brett Talbot x Reader}

Summary: The reader has a crush on Brett who is extremely popular and way out of her league, she consults her best friend which is considered very popular even though the reader is very shy and tends to avoid different social gatherings.. After their talk things start up with Brett.

A/N: Lately I have been loving Brett and I will probably post a couple of sweet and romantic imagines including him.

Warnings: Recollection of Body Insecurities.


She was always the cute one,

The one that always admired everything from the side wondering how it feels like,

She was the one that always imagined what it is being loved, being social but panicked when it happens in reality,

She never had luck with boys, She wanted someone to love her but was to shy to even say a word to anyone.

Although she was extremely beautiful;

inside and out,

She was never accepting of herself.

She always felt like every girl in the room was prettier than her,

Like she wasn’t enough.

She was always shy,

Watching from the side but never in the middle,

Listning to the conversations but never speaking,

Keeping everything to herself as if it didn’t matter to anyone how she felt.

But opposing to you was your best friend,

She was very popular, probably the most popular girl in your grade,

She was gorgeous, outgoing,

You two had a bond like no other, she knew everything about you, and you knew her.

But you had a problem, you had a crush.

Not too long ago you had fallen in love with a boy, but nothing happened. It broke your heart and you didn’t know how you could possibly fall in love again.

But now you had a new crush, Brett Talbot.

You hated yourself for crushing on him,

Aside from him being extremely close to Y/B/F/N he was also extremely popular, the captain of the lacrosse team, talking to everybody and being friends with everyone, especially girls.

You kept this to your self, not telling a soul beside one of your friends who found out, not even Y/B/F/N knew.

You tried your best getting over him,

Trying to convince yourself he has something with someone else,

That he doesn’t like you,

But nothing worked.


It was a normal day at school,

You wore a pair of skin tight medium dark jeans and a fitted black t-shirt with a blue and white flannel.

You were at your locker taking out some books for your next class,

Y/B/F/N and Y/F/N come up to you.

“Heyy” They both said hugging you and you hugged them back.

“Girls night at 8,You’re coming” your best friend said with a smile plastered on her face.

“I see I don’t have a choice” You said sarcastically.

“You’re right, You don’t. See you at 8” Your best friend said giving you a peck on the cheek and going her way to her next class leaving you and your friend alone.

You suddenly spotted Brett leaning against the lockers a couple feet from you two,

You turned your eyes to him as he looked towards your way, You quickly turned your focus back to your locker.

“Still not over him?” Your friend asked.


“Then go talk to him”

“Yeah right cause I’ll do that”


“Girls I have an Idea!” One of your friends said in a excited tone.

It was you, your best friend and five more girls,

You all were some sort of pack but you still had a slight isolated feeling from all of them.

“We should do a question round!”

You all agreed and sat in a circle.

“Okay, so each girl has a turn to ask a question and all of the girls have to answer it”

“Y/B/F/N you ask first since you have the best questions” One of your friends insisted.

“Fine, umm.. Lets see.

Okay, Is there someone you have been interested in lately?”

The girls answered the question each in their turn until it was your turn;

“Umm maybe..” You said avoiding eye contact.

Your best friend had a confused look on her face as if she had no clue what you were talking about.

“What do you mean?” She asked in a slight aggressive tone.

“You didn’t tell her?” Your friend elbowed your rib catching your attention.

“Tell me what?”

“I’ll explain in private” You said taking your best friend to bathroom and locking the door behind you so you could talk alone.

“Y/N whats going on?”

“Well you remember how I told you that for some reason I always need to have crush on someone right?”


“So after I got over H/N I have a new crush on someone but I haven’t found the right time to tell you who it is and to be honest I don’t even have enough confidence to say his name out loud.”

“Then am I supposed to guess?”

“Well yes but I will give you a clue.. He’s completely and totally out of my league







“Come on Y/N  just tell me”

“I’ll give you a better clue, He’s one of your best friends”

“Is it Liam?”



“Maybe" You said quietly as you picked on your nails avoiding eye contact.

“Are you serious? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Cause its never going to happen” You said slightly raising your voice.

“He’s friends with so many girls who are so much more social and way prettier than me,

I barely know him and he is so popular, why would he even notice a girl like me”

“If I must say you two look like you would fit each other”

“Don’t say that”


“Cause it won’t happen, he doesn’t even know who I am and even if he does I am way to shy to even look at him”

“Fine, But you need to tell me these things.

I’m your best friend, I’m supposed to be here for you no matter what”

You both got up and hugged and went back out to your friends.

“Did you tell her?” Your friend tugged on your arm.



“And that it”


It has been a week since that girls night and you were in your chemistry class,

One of the few classes you shared with Brett.

You were focused on your work as you felt this weird feeling, as if someone was watching you.

You lift your head up and turn your focus to the back of the classroom to catch Brett looking t you and turning his head as soon as you catch him.

“It’s just a incident” You thought to your self.

Chemistry was over and you met up with Your best friend for lunch.

As you were eating your focus turns to Brett.

The way his shirt fit him tightly on his toned muscles,

How parts of his hair fell upon his face.

But you then realised the girls he’s with.

A second before you turn back to the conversation you had with Y/B/F/N Brett suddenly looks at you, giving you a small wink.

You smile and turn your head back to your best friend, you feel you cheeks boiling and the butterflies in your stomach going wild.

“It only a coincidence” You thought trying to calm yourself down.


Its now Math, actually, you enjoyed math and you were good at it, one of the best in your class.

Another reason you enjoyed it was that it was the only class were you sat somewhere near Brett.

It was in the middle of the class and you were bored out of your mind.

You looked at Brett when he suddenly looks back up to you,

You raise one of your brows with a small smirk on your face,

He does the same and winks at you,

You roll your eyes sarcastically while giving him a small smile as you started blushing again.

As a result you two started exchanging different faces of sarcasm and flirting.

“Hes not into you, forget about it” you thought to yourself trying to get the idea of you two out of your head.

He suddenly leans towards you with his oh-so-known smirk smeared across his lips.

“Could you explain this? Im having a hard time understanding” He said in a slight flirtatious tone.

“Sure” You said with a small smile.

“Okay, so basically to find X you need to find the square root of 5 times 7..”

You showed him how to solve the equation but couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t the problem he was looking at, he was looking at you.

“Thanks” He said with the smirk still on his face as he turned back to his seat.

The bell rang and you quickly took your stuff and went to your locker, fortunately it was your last period and you couldn’t wait to put in your earphones and just walk home.

You close your locker as Brett suddenly appears leaning on it;

“Hey, I was wondering if you would like to walk home together” He asked.

“Sure, Why not” You said starting to blush, you were freaking out on the inside, why would he ask you to walk home? why is he suddenly trying to get your attention?

You two walked out the gate and started walking down a quiet street near the school.

“So I’ve been talking to Y/B/F/N lately..” He stated

“Oh my gosh” You mumbled under your breath.

“And what did she say?” You asked in a slightly insecure tone.

“Well, I’ll ask you first.

Do you like me?“

You were surprised by his question, it completely threw you off guard.

“I’m gonna kill her” you said sarcastically with an irritated look on your face.

“I hope you answer is a yes cause I really like Y/N”

You had a shocked look on your face, you couldn’t believe Brett Talbot just said that to you.

“YOU like ME?” You asked still quite shocked.

“Yeah, I mean you’re beautiful and your smile is just amazing.

I wanted to talk to you after Y/B/F/N told me what you said because you are always so shy and quite I couldn’t have know if you liked me”

“Well then I guess I do” You said trying to avoid eye contact with him.

“But why me? I mean, You’re so popular and you are friends with so many girls who are so much more prettier than me and way more social, and we never even had a conversation before”

“You caught my eye, don’t underestimate yourself. You are so beautiful and probably more than most of the girls I talk to, I can tell you that you are so much hotter than you think you are. I hear the guys talking about you every once in a while after practice”

At this point you really started blushing.

“How about this, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 7:30?”

“I’d love that”


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Observant ~ Sirius Black

hello dolls! this was an anon request using prompts #38 and #60 from my prompt list! I hope you all enjoy! especially the lovely anon that requested it!

Request: Hiya! Can I request a Sirius imagine with #60 and #38 please? Also Damned Cliche was AMAZING! I LOVE YOUR WRITING

Prompts: “Why haven’t I noticed you before?” & “Your arse must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.”

Pairing: Sirius x Reader

Y/N: Your Name

Y/L/N: Your Last Name

Word Count: 1010

You quickly threw on your robes as you dashed out the door of your dormitory at the same time. Once again, you were going to be late to double potions because you had overslept. Your shoes made clicking sounds on the floors of Hogwarts as you rushed to the dungeons. When you walked in the door, everyone’s heads turned to see who had arrived late which made your face and neck turn a bright, crimson color.

“Ah, Miss Y/L/N, nice of you to finally join us. Mr. Potter is out sick today so please take the seat in the back next to Mr. Black.”

You knew you would be punished for arriving late, but you never thought you would have to endure double potions seated right next to the most horrid male specimen to ever grace the grounds of Hogwarts. As you took the seat next to him, his grey eyes were fixated on your still flushing face and they didn’t seem to be moving anytime soon.

“Stop staring at me!” You hissed as you grabbed the materials for class out of your bag.

Why haven’t I noticed you before?” Sirius mused as his eyes remained intensely focused on your face.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you only take notice of your friends or the girls who will drop their knickers for you immediately when you ask them to.”

Instead of getting angry, like you had hoped he would, Sirius chuckled.

“So, that’s what you think of me? That’s fair. Although, I’ll have you know, I’ve never asked a girl to drop her knickers for me; they do that on their own.”

“Right, you’ve never asked, and I’m the Bloody Baron. Now that we’ve established that, can you please shut up and pay attention?”

“Miss Y/L/N, Mr. Black, if I hear one more word out of either of you, you’ll both have detention for a week,” your professor shouted from the front of the class. “I graciously decided not to give you detention for being late, Y/N, so I would appreciate it if you would pay attention.”

You nodded your head and began to write down the ingredients for the potion you were making in today’s lesson. Right when you thought Sirius Black might actually be listening to his superiors, you heard his voice in your ear.

“So, your name is Y/N? Beautiful name for a beautiful girl.”

You know, your arse must be jealous of all the shit that comes out of your mouth.

“What is that supposed to mean? You don’t think you’re beautiful?”

“I just don’t think I look like the type of girl you’re usually attracted to.”

“You’re absolutely right. You are so much prettier than any other girl I’ve been attracted to. You’re prettier than every other girl in this school, actually.”

A ferocious blush coated your cheeks and you tried to hide it with your hair, but of course he saw it and it made his ego even larger than it had been at the beginning of the lesson. There was silence between the two of you for the next hour; the only interaction being the occasional hand touch while you were adding ingredients to your cauldron. You thought you might actually make it through the end of the lesson without hearing his voice again, but of course, you were not that lucky.

“Would you like to go out with me sometime?” Sirius asked nonchalantly as he stirred the bubbling mixture you were observing.

“Wha….wha…I mean I don’t….why would you…Sirius Black you’re a menace!” you stuttered out as you furiously turned away from him.

“A menace? All I did was ask you out on a date, love, I didn’t ask you to hex someone or swim naked in the Black Lake.”

“As if you would actually want to go out with me, you didn’t even know who I was until we unfortunately got paired together to brew Draught of Living Death.”

“I might have lied about that,” Sirius said sheepishly as he rubbed a hand on the back of his neck.

“What do you mean you lied?”

“I did know who you were. I’ve also seen you before. You’re always in the library after transfiguration on Thursdays. I go there with Remus and ask him to help me with my homework but all I really do is stare at you the whole time.”

“You really do know how to make girls become putty in your hands, don’t you, Sirius? How many times did you practice that line in front of the mirror?”

“It’s true! You sit at the table right before the restricted section with your younger sister. She’s a 4th year Gryffindor and she’s trying out for the quidditch team this year, isn’t she? I’ve seen you reading books about quidditch but I know you don’t play and I’ve never seen you at a match, so I can only assume you’re learning about it for her. Sometimes you sneak snacks in, usually grapes or strawberries, and you do a bloody good job of hiding it from Madame Pince. I swear she has eyes everywhere.”

Your eyes widened as you realized he was telling the truth. He was quite observant; your sister was trying out for the quidditch team this year and she had asked you to help her train but you had to learn about the sport first. And you did sneak snacks in; you have a particularly close relationship with one of the house elves that works in the kitchens and she always gives you fruit.

“One date. That’s all I’m asking for. Well, that’s all I’m asking for right now. If I get one, I know I’ll want another one.” Sirius said as he grabbed your hand and assured you that you wouldn’t regret going out with him.

“Fine. You’ll get one date, Black. After that, I will decide if we go on another.”

“I’ll take what I can get,” he said before he swooped down and kissed your cheek; prompting another fierce blush to blossom on your face.

Maps in a Dress

oKAY i was recently reminded of Gotham Academy and especially the little friendship established in #7 because man Maps and Damian make the cutest friends ever. And then i remember this fic i read about Damian inviting Maps to a gala about how Maps showed up in a 3 piece suit, and Damian is so confused like “I’m supposed to be the one in the Armani?” 


- Damian might find it slightly strange that Maps would wear a tux, unlike the other girls who always wears dresses, but he totally respects her decision.
- And then they got older, and Maps might grow to like dresses (i mean perks of being girls is having options for both dress and pants like why not take them?) 

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what if mc and v have been together for about s year & they're out on a date, & someone who looks like rika walks in and sits at the table behind theirs. And while MC is talking he finds himself staring at her, and MC catches him...what happens after is up to you. I just had the idea.. ;u;

aaa omg this is a great idea! I am SO sorry it’s so long, I hope you like it anyways though!!

• it was V’s and MC’s anniversary, they’d been dating for a year now
• sometime during the year V decided to get the surgery for his eyes
• he wanted their anniversary to be special so he took MC out to her favorite restaurant
• they’d been talking and eating for a while, both of them clearly very happy
• suddenly someone walks into the restaurant and he notices she looks a lot like Rika
• she sits at a table behind them and he notices he can’t stop staring at her
• he’s stricken with fear, believing it to actually be Rika, but he keeps telling himself otherwise
• MC notices that he’s not answering her back and not looking at her
• she looks back to see said girl smiling at something so she looks back at V
• V’s too lost in his thoughts to notice MC staring at him
• she sighs slightly and pays the bill, then starts to get up
• V is still staring at the girl, not even noticing MC starting to leave, until a waiter starts to talk to him
• he turns to look at the waiter then looks back to see both MC and the girl gone
• he quickly gets up and runs out of the restaurant, only to find the girl talking to MC
• he stands to the side and listens to their conversation because he doesn’t want to intervene
• “Your boyfriend was staring at me the whole time I was in there! Hah!”
• “It’s just because you look a lot like someone he knows.” said MC
• the girl laughed and poked at MC “You think he’d really love someone like you? Look at you! You’re just a commoner, and he is a popular photographer. Everyone knows him. You’re practically nothing compared to him.”
• he slowly began to notice MC wasn’t doing anything at all to tell the girl otherwise
• concerned, V comes over and grabs MC by the waist, pulling her close to him
• “On the contrary, miss. This woman right here is everything to me. She matters more to me than anyone or anything else, and I don’t appreciate how you were talking to her just now. I suggest you apologize or go elsewhere.”
holy shit V just got super protective
• the girl huffed and walked away, defeated
• V then turned to MC and looked her in the eyes
• “My love, why did you leave without me? Is something wrong?”
• MC sighed and started to speak, “Well, Jihyun, you were staring at her the whole time I was talking, and I noticed she looked a lot like Rika. I guess I just thought you still have feelings for her.”
• “MC, why would you think such things? You know I love you and only you.”
• “You still have her photographs hanging all over your apartment Jihyun! What else am I supposed to think? Everyone always says that you loved Rika immensely. And, I know, Rika is so much prettier than I am. I’m not good enough for you, am I..?”
• V stood there in shock as MC looked down slightly and started to walk away again
• he snapped back to reality and quickly grabbed her wrist, pulling her back to him and kissing her lovingly
• “MC, you are a thousand times prettier than she is, both inside and out. Besides, that’s not just what I love about you. I love you for who you are as a person, not just for your looks. I’m so sorry for hurting you, my beautiful rose, I never meant to. I was only worried she was going to hurt you. That’s why I kept staring at her. Please forgive me, MC”
• MC teared up and smiled, nodding as she gently laid her forehead on his
• “I forgive you, my love. I’m sorry I had such thoughts.”
• he smiled and pushed her away slightly to look at her
• “I never want to hear you talk about yourself in such a way again, ok? I love you, my beautiful rose.”
• “I love you too, my wonderful sunflower.”
• that night V took tons of pictures of MC to replace the Rika ones
• he also gave MC tons of kisses and cuddles that night, constantly stroking her cheek and admiring her face

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Raptoramaker- Pharah watches Amelie (preTalon) dancing ballet

You got it! (partially inspired by THIS video, which you should definitely watch for amazing and subtexty dancing)

It my mother who pressured me to go along. “It’ll be good for you, habibti,” she told me, licking her thumb and threatening to try and clean something off my cheek with it, despite the fact I was twenty-four years old. I managed to wrestle her arm away. She huffed at me. “Fine, suit yourself! Go along to a nice concert hall with a big glob of whatever-that-is on your face,” she said, waving her hand at me. “Just wear something nice, okay? That white shirt, that’s nice. Or, if you can’t wear that, at least a bag over your head so people don’t say, ‘There’s Ana’s girl, what on earth is she wearing?’”

Seriously… “No one’s going to say that, mum, it’ll be dark. No one will be looking at me.”

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He seemed perfect, almost unreal, and I suppose that was the cruelest part about him, it was the devastation that occurred when I realized that, he wasn’t perfect, and that those same eyes, that would look at me like I was the only hope, were looking at another girl that way, a prettier girl, a girl that didn’t have so much to fix. I guess I had my chance, but then again, so did he, and no matter how many times I say that it’s my fault, that I was the stupid one, I will never truly blame it all on myself, because he is the one who walked out too soon, so soon that he never even got to see that he never had to fix me, cause I was in the midst of fixing myself, he never got to see me heal myself, to witness a miracle, that was in his honor.
—  A.S. - excerpt from a book I’ll never write // to see me heal //

Inspired by some replies from the-night-painter here.

‘Somewhere in Boston’.

Wednesday tries to recruit Captain Flint for his war, and runs afoul of Thomas Hamilton in the attempt. Meanwhile, Shadow just wants a new goddamn book to read, is that so much to ask?

(Note: Vague reference to Wednesday’s true identity spoilers, plus some brief not so cheery talk about sacrifices.)

[October 2017 Update: I’ll keep the original/clunky first draft version up for now, and remove the original and link to the full AO3 version when it is complete.]

Wednesday had certainly taken Shadow to a lot of unique places in the last month or two. There had been many diners, a photocopy shop, a laundromat, some shady hotel rooms. They’d visited a movie theater with the unnaturally sticky floor, and a pizza parlor were Shadow wasn’t entirely convinced that cheese was actually the used topping. A homely bookshop in Boston was something new, all things considered, especially taking into account the extremely long detour it took to get there. They’d even stopped at a supermarket earlier to pick up a few things. Shadow inevitably found himself clutching the shopping list, whilst Wednesday charmed a woman unpacking oranges in the fruit and vegetables section.

Shadow followed Wednesday through the aisles of the bookshop, inhaling that new book smell and feeling quite contended. Bookshops held a comforting familiarity, as he had fond memories from when his mother would take him as a child. She would hold his small hand gently held in hers. She’d let him pick a book, and then they’d read it together. Books had always been an old friend growing up, and the lack of variety was something he’d endlessly missed in prison. He’d read a fuckton of history books - and that was great, he loved history books - but some more variety wouldn’t go astray.

Wednesday, after pausing briefly in front of the History section, finally halted in front of the Classics. He hummed and hawed to himself for a moment, before finding his prize.

“Did you ever read Treasure Island, Shadow?” Wednesday said, with a grin, tapping the red cover.

Shadow nodded. “Yeah, sure. Preferred Muppet Treasure Island, though. Miss Piggy was kinda hot.”

Laura had found Kermit quite attractive in his weird little froggy captain’s coat, so that had been a more than unusual bonding point when they first had started dating.

Wednesday froze for a moment, heavy brows raised, before assessing Shadow thoughtfully. “…hmm. And thus I continue to plumb the depths of the enigma that is Shadow Moon…”

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All right, let's talk about some character designs ^^

Thank you to the Anon who inspired this analysis of the Shoukoku no Altair anime designs. I know you didn’t ask for this giant post but here you go anyway -w-

Let’s start with the designs that I love~ 

Kyros, Constantinos, and Balaban are spot on imo especially Balaban ^^ I get the exact same feeling from anime!Balaban as I do from manga!Balaban. MAPPA did great with these~ I can’t wait to hear these characters’ voices. If Balaban’s voice is right, he may just be one of the best manga -> anime adaptations I have ever seen OwO

Honorable mention: Kulak-san from the former Tughril village looks pretty good too, very similar to manga kulak-san  :3

Now we have the slightly-off-but-still-recognizable squad: 

All I’m doing is nitpicking with these because honestly they look nice.

Abiriga looks just like himself except that I think his eyes are more alive in the manga. The tattoos around his eyes stand out more too, so he looks extra exotic~

Suleyman’s design is very good, but he looks just a little too tame to me. He needs to look just 10% more like a homeless person and then this design would be A+

Shahara seems more mature to me in the manga and more beautiful. Anime!Shahara is cute, but she looks younger and doesn’t have the same grace as manga!Shahara.

I don’t know what’s going on, but even though Louis’ hair matches his manga counterpart, it just doesn’t work in the anime. It looked plausible in the manga, but I think the anime has opened my eyes to how weird his hairstyle actually is O_O

And then lastly we have the wtf-who-is-this-character-i’ve-never-seen-before squad, essentially the failed designs: 

I almost didn’t recognize Ayse and Beyazit in the opening. They look too alike, weirdly alike, like brother and sister. I feel there should be a clearer distinction and as you can see, the manga did a very good job making them look like relatives but not twins. I have a special respect for manga artists who can draw believable relatives but avoid making them look unbelievably similar.

Anime!Zaganos is too conventionally attractive. Don’t misunderstand, I think he’s very attractive in the manga, and the point isn’t that he isn’t. In the manga, he’s a very specific type of attractive, very unconventionally so, but anime!Zaganos is just too obviously good-looking. He gives off a Severus Snape vibe in the manga, you’re supposed to be thinking ‘he’s trouble… right? but from some angles i may or may not think he’s hot’, not considering him the most eligible bachelor in the story. That full, luscious hair doesn’t suit him; I much prefer his stringy, oily hair in the manga. 

Oh, poor Mahmut. *sigh* He’s easily the most attractive character in my opinion. I’m crying at the loss of his beautiful hair, and his eyes are much prettier in the manga. I’m afraid we won’t be able to see his gorgeous golden hair blowing in the wind while he’s on a horse… ;n; Plus, manga!Mahmut has this smug look that totally suits his face, and not once have I seen anime!Mahmut carry such an expression. I can’t imagine anime!Mahmut looking half as sinister as he’s eventually going to have to later on -_-;

Let’s just appreciate manga!Mahmut’s beautiful hair and smug/sinister looks one more time:

Holy shit, that’s the end. If you read all the way, I love you. There’re my opinions on the anime’s character designs so far. Feel free to tell me your own! 

the gods have fashioned us for love

A Modern AU with smut dedicated to @ladyseasauvageofhousesantorini​ for the @jonsaexchange

It was their wedding night.

She had been told not to have too many hopes for her wedding night, considering that the wedding itself would be frantic and she would be on her feet the whole time (and those six-inch heels that Margaery had forced her into didn’t help one bit, the cow) and they would only have a few precious hours to themselves before they would wake in the morning and board a plane to Gods-know-where Jon had organised for their honeymoon, because he sure as hell wasn’t telling her anything, even if she had gotten cross and turned her head to him and she knew how much he hated when she did that.

But, she couldn’t help it. That girl, that foolish, pretty girl who had wanted a glorious wedding to her Prince Charming, wanted everything to be perfect. Of course, Little Sansa had no clue about anything to do with sex, so she hadn’t actually known what happened on a wedding night, but she knew it involved something pretty to wear and kissing and lots of blushing, so she supposed it would be important.

Granted, in none of her dreams, had she imagined that Jon Snow, her big brother’s sullen, brooding friend with the big, sad eyes and curls prettier than any girl’s she had ever seen, would be that Prince Charming. 

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Text your way out

Request: reader x jungkook pairing - jungkook gets lost in a foreign country while playing a game with bts and runs into a shell shocked jungkook biased fan who ends up helping him n in the process fluttering his heart

Pairing: Reader x JungKook | ft. NamJoon

Words: 2870

Genre: Fluff, lots of fluff and some angst thrown in there

Notes: Hope you’ll enjoy this, anon :) I don’t know why, but it took me quite a while to write this one. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy this fluff injected one-shot with sprinkles of cheesy and slightly slighlty empowering dialogue. Song recom: High on humans by Oh Wonder (love it, puts me in such a great mood) Have an amazing day/night and don’t forget to take care :)

Originally posted by nnochu

45 minutes ago

“Hyung! Of course I won’t get lost. I’m 20 years old, I think I can take care of myself quite well. I have my cellphone and I can always ask someone for help.” JungKook said, holding the go pro in one hand and having a small black, backpack on one shoulder.

“Are you sure, sure? I mean, we can do this in teams, just to be sure, JungKook…” NamJoon said, skeptically looking at the younger, with his arms folded across his chest.

“I’m sure, hyung! How many times do I have to tell you? I won’t get lost! It will be fun.” JungKook said and gave the elder a bright smile that was supposed to be reassuring.

8 minutes ago

“Fuck! I’m so lost…” JungKook said as he was standing in the middle of the side walk, with the go pro turned off in his hand and the cellphone in the other, messaging NamJoon.

JungKook: Hyung

JungKook: I think I might be lost

JungKook: Like…this place looks really sketchy

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Shall we get the curry ball rolling? This is probably the least complex and taxing if you don’t bother with slaughtering your own pineapple. But it makes for excellent showmanship and theatrics. But I do not recommend serving your friends a generous pineapple each given their price at the moment. Watch out lobster, pineapple is coming in close second to usurp you as a luxury ingredient haha. The Boluo Gali Chaofan was likened to sweet and sour pork but I wasn’t able to ascertain if there was meat in it or not. Eh. Vegan, non-vegan, everyone is happy. The sweetness of the pineapple was a marvellous accompaniment and accentuated the curry spices, thus uplifting the whole dish. And ergo, a new flavour sensation was born!

Houjou Miyoko’s Boluo Gali Chaofan Recipe

3 cups day old rice, 3 tblsp soy sauce, 1 tblsp sriracha, 2 tblsp curry powder (is this cheating? You could always dry roast a select type of spice then grind it), 1 tsp brown sugar, 2 carrots, 3 garlic, 2 eggs, curry leaves, spring onion, 2 onions, 1 red chili, 1 ginger, 1 red capsicum, 1 pineapple, coriander

Preheat oven to 180C. Cut off the leaves of the pineapple as close as you can to the top. Slice pineapple in half and make a crossed intersection. Spoon/cut out the pineapple innards. Dice into small cubes. Yes, this part drove me crazy. Retain juice.

Dice red capsicum, carrot, onions and spring onion uniformly.

Heat oil in a wok, stir fry vegetable until fragrant. remove.

Add pineapple, and fry until caramelised. 

Return the vegetables to the wok along with garlic, sliced chilli and stir fry for 1 minute. Add 2 tblsp pineapple juice, 2 tblsp curry powder, 1 tsp brown sugar and mix.

Add the rice and stir fry to break up clumps and until it melds with the vegetables.

Crack two eggs and mix until incorporated (I have to say, I’m sad they rob the rice of its photogenic sheen), working quickly. Season

Smear salt along the fruit of the pineapple that will be in contact of the rice before spooning it in. Now, I realise that it’s supposed to be cupped by the other part. Theoretically. In a practical sense, that would mean that you would have to hollow the other half of the pineapple. Okay, I’m not that masochistic, I made a lid out of baking paper. Heh, I’m a thinker. Bake for 10-15 minutes. I think it’s supposed to infuse it with a pineapply essence.

Serve on a plate with the leaves. Note that presentation wise, well, it’s horrific AHAHA. My mum has a weird thing with plants. If it’s got a root it’s going into the garden. So she screeched, NOOOO, Don’t cut too much of it away, I WANT tO PLANT IT. But hey, I don’t thrive off improvisation for no reason. So yeah, the reason why you cut it off as close as you can to the base? You can make the rice portion more circular so that it looks prettier.

Still tastes incredible however haha. Despite it’s drunken, lopsided appearance. Enjoy!

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he likes me and another girl. we both like him back. She's so much better than me. She's prettier, funnier than me. I know how this is gonna go down and it hurts. The fuck am I supposed to do...

I know someone can’t control they’re feelings but if he’s tryna choose between you and another girl , let her have him . You deserve better than to be someone’s second choice

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Angsty scenario of Semi meeting an old flame and reader is feeling insecure about it please <3

OH MAN DID I HAVE FUN WITH THIS ONE. I love angst so much, and this one just felt like a perfect prompt for me, so thank you! I hope you enjoy this little angsty scenario for one of my (many) setter crushes! Under a read more for length!

It had started last night.

That girl had came up to Semi while you were waiting for a table at the restaurant and struck up a conversation with him. Semi knew a lot of people, so you thought nothing of it until she had laid a hand on his arm.

She was beautiful, there was no doubt about it. Long hair, big eyes, and a perfect body. She walked with confidence in a revealing dress that worked every curve the woman had. You glanced down at your sweater and leggings and crossed your arms over your chest, eyes never leaving her hand still placed on Semi’s white button down.

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Krawk appreciation!
I remember there was a big thing about whether you were a draik person or a krawk person at one point. I always preferred krawks. As I’ve called them many times before, they’re quirky croco-raptors with moehawks. What’s not to love?
Thankfully quite a few UCs exist for krawks, but the older poses aren’t seen too much. That grey krawk is supposed to be their ‘angry’ pose! I just want to give them a lollipop.
Darigan krawks are everything a Darigan pet should be - they look so imposing compared to the standard colours, even a bit bulky as well as hair to spare.
I think the most popular krawks were the Maraquans, and I can’t blame people! That old art is BEAUTIFUL and has such a great sense of flow/movement.
It’s also a shame we lost the old art for the royals - and I admit a bias, I think the RG is prettier than the RB. Her hair is so pretty and she wasn’t quite the same flat blue as newer RG krawks - she was softer.
All very good croco-raptors.