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Ooooh she’s WAITED for this moment for a looong time. “first off- you’re a bitch.” Saku smiled, “Secondly, you’re always whining, you’re sassy. A coward, You’re obsessed with a book that has a title that descries your love life- Loveless~!” The remnant began pacing, “Let’s see here, you took something too far- wow talk about dramatic.Also, ditch the red coat, it clashes with your face and makes you too showy. Another thing, what is your hair supposed to make you- are you a boy or a girl?? It’s hard to tell since your face is always shoved in a book, I’m surprised you haven’t gotten any ink stains on that face of yours~ it’d make you look prettier”


“I’ve been overweight all my life. But I broke up with my boyfriend last year, and things weren’t going well, so it got worse and worse. I’d try to diet, but I’d eat something that I wasn’t supposed to. I’d try to go to the gym, but I’d leave early. I was trying to lose weight because I felt like I needed to be a different person. But time has passed now, and I think I’m approaching weight loss with a much more positive attitude. I know that I can be happy without losing weight. Sure, I wish I could wear prettier clothes. I wish I could take a photograph without my face looking like a football. But I know that I’m not my weight. And it’s hard to come to that conclusion. You really have to battle to separate your self-image from your weight. Because weight is always the first thing that somebody sees. Somebody will see you after a few years, and their first comment is about the weight you’ve put on. Maybe I’ve become a better person these last few years. Maybe I’ve been a great friend to someone. Maybe I’ve read a lot of books and become smarter. Maybe the reason I’ve put on weight is that I’ve got a great job that can be stressful and doesn’t leave me time to go to the gym.”

(New Delhi, India)

Am I supposed to be grateful that you find me “pretty?” Am I supposed to thank you, then look you in the eye and tell you, “Wow I would love to be with someone who finds me attractive. Maybe I should head home with you now after a couple of drinks. Wow someone finally thinks I am pretty.”

Darling, that means nothing to me. Prettiness does not mean anything to me. Do you find my face pretty or do you think my clothes are pretty? Because I think this dress is pretty and maybe her shorts are shorter, so you find her prettier? Or do you think the neckline is pretty because you can see a little more than just my necklace?

When I was younger, pretty was all I wanted to be. My mother told me I was fat, so I thought if I was skinnier, it would make me pretty. My father told me I was ugly, that my nose was too flat and my forehead was too big; I wanted to be pretty. I brushed my hair, I grew it long. It took two years but it almost hit my waist and when I had to cut it off, I felt like I was no longer pretty. My hair was the only thing I thought I had. It was the only thing that made me feel some kind of pretty.

Validation. Why did I need it? Years and years, I sought for it. I was so grateful for any ounce of it. I fought myself for it. I told myself that I needed others to find me beautiful in order for me to be beautiful. I forced myself to think I was only pretty the amount of times I heard my name and the word in the same sentence. Well hey, don’t we all make the mistake of wishing to be something else somewhere in our lives?

Well hey, now I know. I am pretty not because my hair is in place or because I wear the latest fashion trend. Hell, I don’t want to be just “pretty.” I want to be sassy. I want to be fierce. I want to be murderous with my eyes and I want to be wise. I want to be so intelligent. And I want to be something more than just being called the word “pretty.”

Be something more than that word. Be something else that when someone meets you for the first time, that won’t be the first thing they think about you. Because you are more than just that. You are strong and you are brave. You are fearless and you are daring. You are bold and you are hell of a nightmare. Let them dream about you.

Let them call you pretty and show them a woman who stands on the tip of the cliff who will never be pushed off.


A rant on being called “pretty” by M.D.L


“Tell me you want me to stop, then,” Emma whispers, tightening her arms around her. They still fit together, soft curves and sharp edges, and Regina almost wants to say it, to say the thing she hasn’t admitted even in her own mind. I love you. I’ve loved you for so long I can’t remember hating you anymore. 

But this is about Emma’s happiness, not love. Happiness can be friendship when fate is so stifling, so useless, and Regina’s love will only bring Emma pain. Destiny is a monolith, and she’s spent far too long swept up in it to do anything more than feel guilty about trying to resist it at the expense of others. “I want you to stop,” she breathes, and holds on so tightly that Emma has to struggle to step away before she lets go.

so does this make us both the other woman? by scullysummers

People who rail on the quality of Disney’s visual design vs. the quality of its concept art just… don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s so easy to cherry-pick pieces of concept art you think are “prettier,” point at the finished product, and say “THIS IS LAZY AND DISNEY SUCKS”

Like by all means Disney sucks in many ways but don’t use those valid criticisms to dredge up petty complaints that show nothing but complete ignorance of how animated movies are made and blatant disregard for the amount of work that goes into the process

Concept art is supposed to be rougher, looser, and more grandiose than the finished product. It is the product of several artists putting all of their time and energy into creating visual ideas that, after months and months of reworking, are decided on and put into the film. If a concept artist has an idea it is their job to turn it into an image. Keep in mind that concept artists are (usually) not animators. They can pour all of their talents and energy into creating one concept piece. The job of the animator is to make that come to life, and sometimes that’s simply not possible for them to with certain concept designs do given time and budget restraints. What a concept artist spends hours on, the animator has to spend MONTHS on. So the concept work needs to be easy ENOUGH to turn into a moving image. Not easy. Easy ENOUGH

To use a specific example of concept art vs. the finished product, let’s look at the often-lambasted Tangled. Claire Keane is an amazing painter, greatly influenced by renaissance styles, and that shows in her concept work for Tangled. The results are gorgeous. But they’re commonly juxtaposed to images from the finished film and presented as superior visuals that, for no reason other than sucking, Disney chose not to put in the film

That’s simply not the case though. There are so many factors that prevent concept pieces from being fully recreated in a film, from the nitpicking of executives deciding what a film needs to be profitable (remember that corporate Disney and Disney Animation Studios are not entirely the same beast), to the technical limitations of computer animation. Everything you see in a finished product was created by someone who spent countless hours creating it. Nothing and I mean NOTHING in animation is simple. Even if something looks simplistic, it’s not. Which is why complex concept designs have to be watered down. The filmmakers need to decide on the best elements of the concept art and streamline them BEFORE animation even begins. The final product being a simplified version of the concept art is NOT laziness

Also, as with almost all issues the studio is blamed for, Disney is not the only guilty party. Y'all could dredge up concept art for aaaany other studio’s films and the differences between finished product and concept art would be just as vast in most cases. If you’re gonna criticize this aspect of animation, stop pretending Disney is the only studio that does this JUST because you feel like railing on it

Disney has some serious problems and I’m not here to excuse or defend that. And sometimes you just see something in concept art that you think would have been cool. There’s nothing wrong with that. But this is such a pointedly-petty argument that demeans the work of so many artists and shows a wide lack of understanding of the complications of making animated films

Signs and makeup


so…I’m supposed to stick this in my eye and I’ll be prettier?: Scorpio, Aquarius, Virgo, Capricorn

*eyeshadow blending is perf* *screws up eyeliner*: Gemini, Cancer, Libra, Pisces

A Tangled Au for my sis ♡♡♡ @loveactually-rps who wanted Stiles as rapunzel (i totally understand why, his hair looks awesome long)

“How did you find me?” Stiles pulled at his hair to bring the chair closer into the light. The man he just tied up, with his hair, groaned in pain and blinked curiously around himself, when the man picked his head up Stiles skipped a beat because, well, the man was definitely handsome, his eyes were the prettiest thing he ever saw, prettier than the paints mother brought him that changed colors like pearls and gems.

“I just climbed the old creepy looking tower! How was i supposed to know there was a lunatic growing hair in here!?” The man growled out making Stiles snap back at him. He pulled at the hair once more and the man’s chair tipped forward slightly, Stiles stopped it with his other hand and stepped closer to the man.

“Hey! Just so you know mother built this tower herself! This is a handmade tower! Vintage!,” Stiles frowned at the man as he talked “show some respect!”

The man rolled his eyes before nodding “Well you are right, my bad. Were the windows hand carved as well? Such well made craftsmanship,” Stiles smiled at the man and started answering when the man rolled his eyes again and said “sarcasm! Untie me you fool!”.

“Not with that attitude i won’t, can’t you at least name yourself, you climb into my tower and expect hospitality?” Stiles snorted and pushed the chair back upright.

The man rolled his eyes again, probably a habit of his, and answered in a grumpy manner “Derek”.

“Well Derek,” he liked the way his name rolled on his tongue “what do you know about the floating lights?”