this was supposed to be only about his eyelashes but i got distracted by the rest of his perfect face

Groceries - Josh Pieters Imagine

Summary : sometimes it was the little things that meant the most to you

Word Count : 1090

Author’s note: this was the first josh request I ever got and it made me absolutely squeal, also if you guys could boost this and get it to @fabulous-fictitious-feels that would be awesome, because she was the first josh writer I ever read and it’s really shitty what happened to her to make her take down her stories and it would just mean the world to me if she’d read this :) Also dedicated to @thatcherjoesuggimagines for actually believing I could get over this writing funk and Tanis is just generally my favourite person in the world and she always loves what I write and I just adore her, she’s so cuute :)))

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You had always been able to find a sense of calm out of the most mundane of things; you took great pleasure in organisation and list making. Folding laundry eased your worries and allowed you to gather your thoughts. Your mind was quite the jumbled heap at the best of times, so when you were around about the age of eighteen and realised that doing your chores were the only time when you weren’t frantic with worry, you began to look forward to these things.

Amongst these mundane activities, however, grocery shopping was at the top of your list. You relished in the entire purpose; from compiling a list of everything that you needed to get for the following week, to actually setting aside time to do it, to going home and immediately cooking something delicious out of the ingredients you had purchased - you loved it all.

When you had first moved in with Josh and the Maynards, the first thing you noticed was that they were awful at shopping for food, almost as bad as they were at actually cooking the food. But when you took Josh with you one day to do the groceries, it slowly became more than your process, it became your new tradition with the ginger boy. 

You always had a great time with him and it was often the only proper time you would get with him during certain weeks, so you came to treasure this vaguely bizarre tradition that you had formed with him.

Which is also how you had managed to find yourself with Josh in a supermarket at nine am on a Thursday morning, both of you having put off work and university for a couple of hours in order to do this strange little activity together. It had been going quite well too, any time that you spent with Josh never failed to bring a smile to your face and butterflies to your stomach, that is, until Josh had answered a phone call from Caspar … nearly twenty-five minutes ago.

You weren’t usually a jealous girlfriend - that isn’t to say that you appreciated random girls batting their fake eyelashes at Josh in the clubs, but you trusted him enough to not endanger your relationship - however, it had been nearly half an hour and this was supposed to be your thing, your time. Not yours and Josh’s with Caspar as a phone-a-friend. 

You knew they were discussing work and that it was important and you were trying really really hard to not be the whiny, jealous, attention-seeking girlfriend that you usually cringed at when Josh would tell you stories of Jack and Conor’s latest squeeze’s, but this had gone too far.

Not only were you being neglected by your oblivious boyfriend, but you were also in the cereal aisle and at a measly 5'4, were far far too short to reach your favourite cereal. Josh always got it down for you. And while you weren’t exactly thrilled with Josh’s attachment to his phone today, you had been raised to be overly polite and courteous and you knew that distracting someone while they were on the phone was quite rude indeed.

But you really loved that cereal … and Josh probably wouldn’t be done for a while …

Taking a deep breath and trying to gather your nerve, you stood on your tip toes and tapped Josh on the shoulder gently, feeling the butterflies swarm into your stomach as soon as his bright eyes met your own, that familiar lazy grin spreading across his face as he looked at you. 

Pulling the phone away from his ear, he looked over at you expectantly, “Yeah, babe, what’s up?” he asked you sweetly, meanwhile you could still hear Caspar prattling on over the phone.

Wringing your hands together tightly, you looked down at your shoes shyly, trying to fight back the blush spreading from the apples of your cheeks across to your ears and down and over your neck and chest. When you finally picked your head up, you looked up from your hands to Josh’s wide smile, to the cereal on the top shelf, the bright orange box taunting you slightly.

“I’m really sorry to bother you, but I can’t reach the cereal box, do you think you could maybe get it for me?” you mumbled shyly, peering up at him over the brim of your glasses and breathing out in relief when he reached up easily and plucked the box off of the shelf before depositing it in your basket.

Smiling up at him shyly, you stood on your tiptoes again and brushed a kiss against his stubble covered jaw, “Thanks, doll, you can go back to your phone call now, I didn’t mean to interrupt,” you tell him quietly before lowering yourself back down to your flat-footed position.You fished out the shopping list that you had painstakingly written in perfect cursive the night before, using the pen you always carried with you to cross off the cereal. 

Tapping your pen against the paper as you tried to think of what you needed to get more; milk or cheese, you were surprised to feel an arm wrap around your shoulders firmly.

Jumping slightly, you were shocked when you lifted your head to see your boyfriend sliding his phone into his back pocket before tightening his grip on you and pressing a light kiss to your temple, his arm around you squeezing you slightly. 

“What happened to your phone call? I didn’t ruin it did I?” you asked him innocently, your concern for him shining through your word. 

Josh had told you from day one that his favourite thing about you was how much you cared about everyone else and how you took care of not only him but the rest of the boys as well.

“Of course not, Baby, I only picked it up because Caspar told me it was an emergency and then I couldn’t get him to shut up for long enough to make an excuse to leave. But this is our thing, our time, our day,” he tells you as he leads you further down the aisle, missing the bashful and grateful smile that lights up your face. 

“Oh and we definitely need milk more than cheese, think of all the tea we’d miss out on!” he chuckles as he twists a lock of your hair around his finger lightly.

Maybe things were a little crazy most of the time, and you were friends with some dead set lunatics, but this was still your thing. And it wasn’t going anywhere.

Christmas Cuddles

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Requested: Yes, by @saradalal (thank you lovely) 

Pairings: Barry Allen/The Flash x Reader

Summary: Y/N has worked very hard to have a festive night with her boyfriend, and she isn’t about to let him ruin it…

Warnings: It get’s the slightest bit steamy, but that is a real stretch tbh

Word Count: 1,017

A/N: Double Surprise!!! I wasn’t happy with the first imagine I churned out, so have another, I guess. It’s been a long time since I have had a day where I posted two things, so I hope that you guys like this one!!!

There wasn’t a lot of time for the two of you two slow down. Between your job, Barry’s actual job and his superhero extra-curricular activities, it wasn’t often that you were both home at the same time. But tonight was going to be different, at least that was what you were telling yourself.

You had convinced Barry’s boss to give him the night off that coincided with your own, cooked dinner, hung up all of the Christmas decorations and had even found time to queue up a movie before Barry was supposed to be walking in the door. All you could do now was pray that the villains had gotten the memo and had decided to take the day off.

The menu for A Christmas Movie was playing on the TV when you heard the door open behind you. You peeked over the back of the couch, Santa hat slightly askew on your head and perhaps the brightest smile that Barry had ever encountered plastered on your face.

“What’s all this?” he asked, kicking off his shoes and leaving his bag by the door. You gestured to the pizza that you had made earlier and the movie on the TV, waiting for him to connect the dots. He shook his head, glancing around at the Christmas lights and obviously not understanding what you were trying to do for him.

“You work so hard all of the time.” You said, standing up and taking his hand, guiding him to the couch. “And you never take the time to just sit down and enjoy a calm night at home. So, I convinced your boss to give you the night off and found your favorite Christmas movie, and, I just”

You never finished your long winded explanation, because Barry had thrown himself on the couch beside you and pulled you into him. He kissed you, not in the most heated way, but in a way that said ‘I love you and I appreciate you and how did I ever get so lucky?’. You had a feeling that you were conveying some of the exact same things to him in return.

“I got your favorite movie from the store.” You said against his lips. You loved him, but you had worked hard on planning this night, and you weren’t going to let him distract you.

“That’s nice.” He said, pulling back to reply, before slipping his hands around your neck and pulling you, if possible, even closer to him.

You succumbed to his wishes. The two of you weren’t physically together, in the same room, often, and so it was hard to not give in to him when you were. But when you felt him slip an arm around your waist to pull you on top of him, your braced your hand on his chest and pulled away. “Barry, I love you so much.” You said.

“Mmhmm.” He hummed, knowing that there was more coming.

“But, I kind of spent all day getting our festive night together…” you said sheeplishly. No matter how long that two of you had been together, you could never get over feeling a little embarrassed, like a five year old with a school girl crush.

“Then let’s watch the movie,” he smiled, pulling you into his side. You grabbed the remote off of the arm of the couch and rested your head on his shoulder, playing the movie.

You couldn’t focus when you felt his hand tracing circles on your thigh, and his breath on your ear. “Barry, I swear to god, I will punch you if you make me completely forget about this movie before we even make it to the leg lamp.

He chuckled, moving his hand from your leg to rest in your hair, twirling different stands between his fingers, seemingly content to watch his Christmas movie, with you in his lap safe and sound.

Although he hadn’t distracted you from the movie, his hands in your hair did make you doze off on his shoulder. He grinned down at your sleeping form. It always happened this way, and both of you knew it.

You would work hard planning a nice night, and one of you would fall asleep halfway through. It was so bad that Barry had once landed headfirst into a plate of spaghetti. So, Barry sunk into the couch, resolving to watch the rest of the movie on his own.

He felt himself starting to nod off when the kid got his tounge stuck to the lamp post, and he honestly couldn’t say that he remembered if he stayed awake for the rest of the movie. He was too distracted by the shadows that your eyelashes casted across your face, and the way that your lips parted slightly when you breathed out.

You were so cute, cuddled up next to him in your Christmas sweater, movie and popcorn long forgotten. It was times like these that he was irrevocably happy to have stumbled into your relationship.

You took care of each other, in your own weird, slightly dysfunctional way. Barry knew that he wasn’t going to make it through the rest of the movie, and preferring to fall asleep in your bed rather than on the couch, he quickly cleaned up the mess, turned off the movie, and gingerly picked you up in his arms, taking you to your bedroom.

He laid you under the covers before changing and climbing in beside you. You instinctively curled into his side, and Barry thought to himself how thankful he was to have you in his life. The two of you weren’t perfect. You fought incessantly, about the fact that you couldn’t remember to close a cabinet, and how Barry was constantly in danger. But somehow, you both made it through, and it had to have something to do with the unimaginable amount of love that you had for each other.

And in that moment, with you curled into his side, head on his chest and his arm wrapped around you, he could only think that you had to be a Christmas miracle.

Kitten [castiel]

This is my submission for @casbabydontgoineedyou‘s 1K challenge. Congrats on the accomplishment Katie, and I hope you enjoy :)

Prompt: #16 - “If cops show up, I don’t know you.”

Warnings: language(like, 3 words), adorable kittens and angels… thievery? weird condoms and mentions of sex, but very brief

A/N: Look, this was supposed to be a cute, funny little fic involving shenanigans at the store, but at some point i got really mushy, and at another point my jedi-cat compelled me to include him in the fic. It’s kind of a mess, but so is my life. Enjoy anyway :)

Word Count: 2,219

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You shuffle into the kitchen, the sight of your half naked boyfriend leaning over a cereal bowl greeting you. Your eyebrows furrow. “Where’s the boys?” You ask Castiel, peeking around the corner into the hall. “They never skip breakfast.” You turn to the fridge and grab some milk while you wait for an answer. When silence greets you, you turn around to see why the ex-seraph is being so quiet, only to catch him sitting with a spoon halfway to his mouth, eyes fixed on your ass. “Cas,” you coo sarcastically, drawing his name out with a smirk spreading across your lips. Your blue-eyed lover snaps from his daze, shoving the spoon into his mouth as his cheeks flush and he avoids eye contact. You chuckle, amused by Castiel’s embarrassment. Despite being together nearly two years–both of which were filled to the brim with sex of all kinds–he still acts like a kid caught with their hand in the cookie jar sometimes.

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show you - body worship calum smut

pairing: calum + y/n

rated: R

word count: 5,496

request: can you do a Calum body worship one (where he’s into worshiping you and maybe helps you discover just how much you like it) maybe some face sitting included? a little rough but also sweet and fluffy if possible but not necessary! you write the most incredible stuff!

a/n: i’m not going to lie when i got this request i was super excited to write it…like this is so calum tbh. hope you like it :-) (also i didn’t proof read because i’m tired it’s so long and i’m lazy ok bye)

- - -

It was the night of an award show, and quite honestly, you had never felt more beautiful. Since you were dating the bassist of one of the most popular bands in the world, you weren’t entirely surprised when a flock of hair and makeup stylists showed up at your apartment and told you that you needed to look the part.

The dress they helped you to pick out clung to your body rather perfectly. It was fitting in all of the right places, shimmering and sparkling against your skin, hitting the floor with a length that made your legs look longer than they really were. Your skin was flawlessly smoothed over with makeup, eyes wide and bold, framed by long lashes. Your heels clicked against the wooden floors quietly after you were finished getting primped and prepared, and when you peeked into Calum’s bedroom, the look on his face made your entire body heat up.

His eyes traced down every inch of your figure, drinking in your appearance for a few sparing moments before he gazed back up, stare locking on yours. He had been sitting at the edge of the bed pulling on some shoes when you walked in, and you couldn’t help but smile when he stilled completely after seeing you.

“Holy shit,” Calum breathed out, lips parting. “Maybe we should just stay in tonight.”

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