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Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Seven

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Chapter Six

Chapter Six Recap:

“What am I supposed to do with you?” you ask with a little laugh.

Shawn smiles a little and looks up at you. “I dunno…make me a better person?”

“You’re already doing that by yourself,” you fluff his hair and he slumps over on the couch, face pressed into the armrest.

“I’m doin’ it for you,” he slurs before passing out. You stare down at him and put a blanket over him from the back of the sofa. You clean up your drink cups and then come back to put a pillow under his head and he grabs your arm. “I mean it. Wanna be better so you don’t hate me.”

“I don’t hate you, Shawn…don’t think I ever really did.”

Waking up with Shawn in bed with you was both pleasant and very surprising considering you had left him to sleep on the sofa. You didn’t remember him crawling in with you. But sure enough here he is, arm around your middle, holding you tight against him. You roll over and look at him and he opens his eyes slowly, blinking a few times to focus.

“Good morning, I see you found your way to a bed,” you smile teasingly.

“Mmhmm,” he hums and tucks a piece of your hair back. “I woke up and didn’t know where you were. I found you all curled up in bed shivering so I got in.”

“I see,” you look down over him and he rolls onto his back and groans. “How’s those drinks treating you?”

Shawn pinches the bridge of his nose and lets out a loud groan. “My head is pounding and the sun is too bright.” He pulls your pillow out from under your head and covers his face. “Make it stop, babe.”

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Stars Pt. 1

For @cresswellvaneck

Prompt: 682; “Why choose me?”

Ship: Cresswell because duh it’s for cresswellvaneck

Summary: I’m aiming for fluff, but since this is just part one of two or three idk where it’ll go exactly. I have an idea, though. It involves insecurity and a planetarium.


It’d been a few months on the world tour, or as Carswell calls it, Carswell Thorne’s Victory Lap [yes, that is a leo valdez reference there] and Cress was having the time of her life. After the desert, she’d been a little wary of other people, but Thorne had them all charmed and smiling and winking and welcoming. She understood that it was supposed to make things easier for her, for them, but it did just the opposite. She had already known how wanted he was (and not in the criminal way) but it was all striking her now. 

Why choose me? She kept wondering as he took her hand and led her through the dark entrance of the planetarium. This morning, she’d seen Carswell’s eyes light up like nothing else she’d ever seen, excitement so intense it diffused into her. He rambled- rambled- on and on about how he’d always wanted to visit the only old-era planetarium they could preserve (with a few new-era additions) in the world ever since he was a child.

“I never got to go then. All the other planetariums had been built only for one purpose- education. They felt cold to me. But before the war, they built them not only for education but also for wonder. I tried sneaking off once, you know? To come here. I got caught about two kilometers from home. I never thought I’d get the chance again.” He blinked in amazement. “Now I’ve got a royal, pardon, I’m a hero, I’ve got my own ship! Most of all, I’m happy I can share space, my first love, with you, my true love.”

Cress blushed and smiled. “I cant wait!”

“You’ll like it, I’m sure. I have impeccable taste.” She believed him.

Cress also believed in true love, and she also believed that Thorne wouldn’t ever want to hurt her and that he wanted to be with her but she wasn’t sure he’d continue feeling the same way- and she couldn’t blame him. After all, she was just some Lunar kid he had to babysit in the desert and somehow, some way she loved him enough that he began loving her back. And if he realizes he can do much better and he leaves her, Cress’s heart will be hurt even if Thorne doesn’t mean it to happen.

She blinked away those thoughts and followed the faint glow of portscreens embedded into the invisible walls, so it seemed like they were floating in nothingness while you walked through it. Cress felt an unfamiliar sort of thrill at the feeling of strolling through comforting darkness stretching to infinity with her hand secured in Carswell’s, like they were the only two people there.

f-reeone  asked:

Hey, I saw you typed Nico as an INFJ and I'm really curious about it, because I've only seen him typed as INFP or ISFP so can you explain how do you see Nico as a INFJ? Thank you!

1. nico is good at Ni. very very good. nico is frequently, almost constantly used as a plot device to reveal previously unknown information—nico finds and rescues hazel, nico finds camp jupiter first, nico plans the curse of achilles, nico discovers the prophecy despite not even knowing that there was a prophecy (think about it: who was supposed to have told nico about the pact on the big three? he ran away! he figured that out all by himself), nico is already dealing with the moa prophecy before the son prophecy is completed, nico finds percy, there’s more. nico is very young, and he is obviously not a healthy type, and therefore……it makes sense that the one function that i can definitively say he is very skilled at using is his dominant function. and sure, you could argue that maybe he’s just in a position that makes him privy to information—to which i say, what does he do with it? i just don’t see someone who uses Se more often than Ni having the wherewithal to be able to focus on these long term goals. nico always has a long game. he plans in advance. he is very patient in bringing things to fruition. he does not act on impulse—or, at the very least, that is not where he prefers to operate. nico is also quite single minded in his goals—i don’t see any instances of him revising his original conclusion, ever, so that rules out INFP.

2. nico is not very good at using Se. he uses it, but often times when he uses it, it does more harm than good. he’s very powerful, but he has no sense of his own limits—he’s not like harry potter, ISFP, who can pull off a stunning save and catch the snitch in his mouth! he doesn’t dip into Se to pull shit off the way every ISFP i’ve ever known does. nico’s outbursts are brash, uncontrolled, confrontational—and leave him feeling drained and exhausted. that is not how an aux Se user uses Se. aux Se users enjoy conflict, stimulus, and they actually thrive off it—nico does not. he dislikes it when things go awry. he does not take kindly to adjusting his plans and goals. he takes the flight response more than the fight one—not something very characteristic of a higher level Se user. nico’s Se is volatile, dangerous, and out of his control a lot of the time. he’s got a lot of power, but again, no sense of his own limits—uses it all at once too impulsively, and finds himself helpless and exhausted as a result. think of his confrontation with percy in TTC—that looks like an Se tantrum, to me. he antagonizes percy, picks a fight, screams hurtful things with the intention to be hurtful, to take it out on someone else, and then explodes, quite literally, with power—a physical outlet. it’s senseless, violent, explosive: uncontrolled, unhealthy inferior Se. he’s sensitive to his environment through his Se, but he’s not good at processing this information—which is why he falls back on make it stop, turn it off, sensory overload which results in a tantrum (or: a meltdown). he claps his hands over his ears, begs to be left alone, etc, etc. again: the Se is there. he’s present in his environment, but he can’t cope with it. this looks like inferior Se, to me.

3. where is the Fi? what are people reading in nico as Fi? because i really… see Fe. see, the thing is, nico needs approval. he wants it from percy, he wants it from bianca, and hades. he wants it from jason, and hazel, and the rest of the seven, and reyna. he wants it from will. he is intensely sensitive to how people treat him at camp half-blood, and he can’t exist in an environment where he feels he isn’t liked. nico runs away feeling rejected and wronged, and making sure everyone knows it, too. seems an awful lot like some unhealthy Fe, to me (which, as i said: nico is a deeply unhealthy person and thus all his functions are kinda a mess, which is probably the reason he’s so hard to type in the first place). furthermore: you know what nico is feeling. everyone knows what nico is feeling. is anyone under any illusions that nico isn’t depressed, lonely, miserable, sad? is anyone surprised to learn that nico misses his sister? it was very obvious that nico adored percy, it was very obvious that nico adored bianca. he also wants to share his interests and passions with other people: play myth-o-magic with me! look how cool! nico needs approval on his moral decisions: he is intensely apologetic to percy when hades wrongs him. he is agonizing over how will is going to react to letting octavian die, because the external approval of his morals matters to nico. he’s not concerned about harmony within his own moral compass, which is…an ISFP’s entire state of being. nope, nico needs to talk through his moral decisions with others. nico’s morals are also very straightforward: help people who need help. uncomplicated, easily understandable, and observable. be nice to people who need help, like bob and hestia, and save the world from bad guys. i’ve never seen any instances of nico reflecting morally on anything beyond that. and, finally: the way he totally remakes himself into a model son of hades…is very indicative of Fe, to me. Fi’s usually have a much more specific sense of who they are, and they don’t compromise it for anyone. “be what people think you should be” is an Fe’s department. compare nico to a real Fi dom, like hazel (INFP) or sadie (ISFP): i do what i want! don’t try and tell me who i am!

Currently reminding myself that nothing and nobody is worth compromising my mental or physical health.

When me and my boyfriend broke up in May I relapsed and hit rock bottom. I am determined to keep doing what I am supposed to be doing even though I don’t want to at all.

Eating was rough really rough..but I ate my three meals and got one of my snacks in which was an apple fritter on my break at work.

I can do this.

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Heyy when do you think the next chapter of painted in flames will be up?

Too soon to tell just yet! I’ve started it and I’m 1.3k words in, but I thought I was going to put everything Christmas-y in this one chapter (because yep, it’s Christmas time in Painted In Flames. fight me), but now I think I’m going to have to span out Winter break through three different chapters because I just have a lot of cuteness planned for our little fam. I’m getting so mad because this fic was supposed to be 10 chapter MAX. and it’s just getting bigger and bigger and tHIS WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN

Lemme, um, get at that.

Hard Daps.

Hunk is cowardly in canon but he’s slowly overcoming it as he grows more confident in himself, both as a pilot and a Paladin of Voltron.

Lance is self-absorbed in canon and thinks a lot about personal glory but we’re seeing him overcome that, esp in season 3 when he realizes war isn’t a participation game. It’s bigger than him.

Pidge is selfish in canon and put her family over the fate of the entire universe but realized ultimately that everyone in the universe has families, and she needs to fight for them all.

Keith is impulsive/a lone-wolf in canon with little regard for others’ and what they think but he’s actively working on it and trying to be better at slowing down and actually listening to his teammates and working with them, not against them.

Shiro and Allura similarly, in canon, internalize their problems and try to shoulder everything by themselves and think the weight of the Universe rests on them alone but they’re both starting to realize they can’t do that and they need to be able to let go and share the burden with others.

The point of this post is to remind people that these characters have flaws, and what I listed is just one of them for each, but the point is, these characters, just like humans, have flaws that they’re learning to overcome, in their own time. That’s the whole point of fiction. You see characters with flaws and you root for them to overcome those flaws and be better versions of themselves. Just because these characters have flaws, doesn’t mean they don’t have strengths. Just like actual humans, fictional characters have,  are supposed to have a good balance of both to make them more three-dimensional and interesting.

... And Action! (Bill Skarsgard X Reader)

anonymous requested: Oi ! i really like ur writings and was wondering if you do bill skarsgard/pennywise stuff ? if you do can you write a oneshot where Y/N plays the older sister (like shes in her twenties or smth) of beverly and pennywise kills her ? but Bill Skarsgard (he plays Pennywise) has a thing for Y/N and really hopes to impress her but it kinda goes wrong in someway ? idek but it’s been a idea i’ve had for ages ! thankss !  

Warnings: Spoilers -? Maybe? IT is a horror movie so, murder and choking. Also brief brief brief topics of vomit.

Word Count: 1880

A/N: I’m fully aware this is one shot is a bit bizarre and definitely a specific niche (not one that I share necessarily) but I feel like I need to preface this by saying this is simply just for fun. PSA Bev Marsh doesn’t have an older sister Y/N’s role is purely for this work

Originally posted by romanandme

Ever since Y/N got the call telling her she, Y/N L/N, was to play the part of Laura Marsh, her stomach still hasn’t unfolded itself. It was still all balled up in the pit of her lower abdomen, like she could hurl at any time. It had been there through the three months of filming they had done and she concluded that it would probably never leave.

Her character didn’t play much of a part in the loser’s club, but Y/N’s character was given her own story in the film. She was Laura Marsh, the real town ‘slut’  even though she often used her little sister Bev as a scapegoat. She hung out with Patrick Hocksetter and Henry Bower, and was usually one of Bev and the loser’s tormentors. Laura was a bitch by all standards of convention, even Y/N could admit, which was her death scene was supposed to be simultaneously terrifying and reliving.  

Y/N watched as the loser’s from her black chair as they played hand games and laughed together on the pavement. The blacktop was so hot! She thought, how the hell did they stand it? Y/N technically had only stopped being a kid three years ago (she was 21 now) but she still could never remember a time where she was so uncaring.

“Do ya’ know when they’re gonna start already? Jesus lets just get on with the scene already!” The slightly squeaky voice of Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers) abruptly asked beside her. Three months ago she would’ve jumped, but now she didn’t even think about it. She heard a chair scraping against the ground and it groaned with the weight of Nick’s body. She turned and smiled at him, placing her thick and annotated script onto her lap. He was wearing an orange wife beater tanktop and Y/N could see redness on his shoulders beginning to form.

“Whoa I die in this scene! You want me gone that much, huh?” Y/N asked, feigning hurt as she chuckled lightly. It was the most unfortunate death for poor Laura Marsh, first she was kissed and then left by her boyfriend (which just so happened to be Henry Bowers) in the sewers of all places, then she was brutally ripped apart by a clown wearing his face. Y/N knew that the younger actor was anxious for his first on-screen make out (he had told her so time and time again) but she hoped the playful conversation would calm his nerves.  

Y/N was nervous too but for a different reason entirely. She was an experience actress, she had crossed all the necessary rights of passage, yet she was so nervous. Y/N had talked to Bill Skarsgard twice and she couldn’t shake her stupid, girlish crush. She hardly knew the guy for fuck’s sake! She had wanted so much to come from this movie, It was her first big production movie, but now she was most certainly gonna screw up. How the hell could she pretend to be terrified of the guy when she was secretly thinking ‘I want you to rub my mouth on your mouth’?

“No! No!” Nick assured, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. “It’s not the death I’m looking forward to,” he whispered under his breath not so subtly. A few moments of hot silence followed before he reached over and grabbed the script from Y/N’s lap. He lazily fanned himself with it boyishly.

“You’ve got another coupla scenes after this so it’s not like you’re not going anywhere!” He joked as he tried in vain to cool himself off. His voice was shaking slightly and his laughs were constrained, like he wasn’t breathing in enough. Y/N cocked her eyebrow and waited for a few seconds before she made a lunge for her script. She, of course, missed it and hit her elbow on the wooden arm rest of his chair.

“C’mon why do you carry this thing anyhow? Everyone knows you memorized this thing cover to cover the instant you got it.” Nick teased stretching his arm away from Y/N as he peered at all of her highlights and somewhat embarrassing notes.

Y/N tried to crack a smile, but it was true, she did take it everywhere. How could she not? How else could she ensure she’d pull through? Besides was it so wrong for her to make sure everything went perfectly?

Nevertheless, she was beginning to suspect that Nick knew something that he shouldn’t, that sneaky little son of a bitch. She was about to reply with a typical snarky remark but she was interrupted by Andy (the director) shouting, “Y/N, Nick, and Bill - Scene 6 please!” Her heart sank as her body began to move without her brain’s consent. Nick had already jumped up and ran over to Andy enthusiastically. Meanwhile, Y/N’s thighs peeled up from her chair and she awkwardly waddled over to join them.

Andy took one glance at her before waving a makeup artist down and whispering in her ear. How ironic that this makeup artist looked like a scary clown herself, what with all that highlighter. The girl took a dry rag and began to dab Y/N’s face a bit, before she was pulled onto set by someone’s face she didn’t even get to see.

Nick grabbed Y/N’s hand and lightly guided her into position, awaiting Andy to shout “Action!” Y/N could still see the kids offscreen playing their hand games, but now one of them had begun throwing little balls of mud.  

“Alright! Is everyone in position?!” Andy asked looking around as if he were waiting for someone to point out a problem. He nodding to the man holding the slate, before loudly shouting “AND ACTION!”

Nick immediately pushed Y/N’s hips up against the walls of the sewers and she giggled obnoxiously. His lips roughly greeted hers in a strained, but very teenager, kiss. The kiss lasted only for a couple of seconds before he pulled away and wiped his mouth, following the script to a tee.

“You’re getting better.” He commented rudely and went back to give her another kiss. But Y/N’s character, Laura pushed his chest back, “What the fuck is that supposed to mean, Henry?” Y/N made sure to smack her lips together, to cock her head, and roll her eyes.

“It means that I thought sluts like you were supposedta’ be good at kissin’. But I guess sluts aren’t really known for their kissin’ anyways.” Again, Nick went in for a kiss, but Y/N pushed him back and feigned disbelief.  

Only open your mouth slightly, stop cocking your head, frown, stare, make your eyes water Y/N went through exactly what she had to do in the mirror time and time again, perfecting every part of her express- Crap, lower your chin and …. cry!

Nick glanced at her, though by now her character was balling. “You’re a fucking crazy bitch. You know that right? How much do you charge again?” He asked so sourly the words curdled in his mouth.

“Just get the fuck outta here!” Y/N yelled and she could see, out of her peripheral vision, Andy mouthing along to the words. Nick smirked evilly, before exiting the set and giving her an encouraging off screen thumbs up. Y/N slumped down and cried pathetically, just as it was written. But eventually she stood and stumbled around in the sewers, crying all the way. She could feel the presence of the camera over her shoulder as it followed her like a ghost. Abruptly, the sound of demonic laughter reverberated around the metal of the sewer hitting Y/N’s ears. Bill was too good at that. It made the hair on the back of her neck stand. Her character stopped walking and wiped her nose with the back of her cranberry colored sweatshirt.

A floating red balloon bobbed through the air as it came softly down to where Y/N was standing. It bobbed so peacefully (like the script had said), so her character tried to reach out to get it like a  young child. Perhaps poor slut Laura Marsh needed comfort too, Y/N pondered.

“AND PENNYWISE GO!” Andy shouted, marking where CGI would be used to create a horrifying, deformed hell version of Bill’s beautiful face. Y/N jumped and let out a throaty, raspy scream, the same scream she was hired for. She felt cold hands on her sweatshirt before she saw Bill, but once she did she couldn’t help to scream again. It was nightmarish, with his enlarged forehead and pointed smile.

The clown pinned Y/N up against the wall, which would’ve actually choked her if it had not been for the slight incline that let her tiptoes hang on. She gasped and sputtered, still crying and struggling pathetically. “HO HO HEHEHE!” The clown laughed in her ear and the sound shocked her so much that Y/N lost her footing, her toes couldn’t get a grip on the wet floor of the sewer. Bill was already so much taller than her at 6’4” that in order to deliver the lines properly, he had begun brought her up to his face. She gripped tightly onto his gloved hands as she coughed and began to feel a bit light headed as he continued to laugh maniacally.

Just kill me already! Y/N painfully thought, she would hate to be the reason for the failed take. But Pennywise, or Bill, never seemed to talk fast enough and Y/N was really beginning to feel the effects as she tried desperately to gulp in air.

“I - I,” Wheeze. “C-c-can’t-t,” Wheeze.  

Immediately like a switch had been pulled, she felt the pressure on her throat release as she fell to the ground into the disgusting water. She gulped in sweet air like she had never breathed before and Andy, god bless him, finally shouted “Cut!”

“Y/N! Are you alright!? I really didn’t mean to! I mean I thought maybe - but - I’m so sorry!” Pennywi- Bill shouted, helping her up by placing his hand on the small of her back. It was so odd hearing him be so gentle and polite while wearing such a terrifying costume. His eyes, which five seconds ago where full of such rage, now were softened and sad. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice,” Bill said exasperatedly and guided her over to where Andy sat, all the while she was still breathing in and out deeply.

“Y/N! Y/N! What happened!” Y/N heard the voices of the child actors as they ran over to inspect the situation.

“It was the heat you dufas!” One of the kids proclaimed obviously, as they patted her shoulder. But all Y/N could focus on was the sound of her heart beating as she panted heavily.

“I’m …  fine guys.” Y/N confirmed as she rubbed her neck tenderly. Now that she finally had air in her lungs, the pain of where Bill’s fingers had wrapped around her throat set in.

“I’m so sorry,” Bill repeated as he tried to give her kindest smile he could, buck tooth, blood drenched and everything.

Nursey Week Prompt #5 - Muse/Tomorrow.

“Nurse, if you move again, I will stab you with a paint scraper,” Lardo snaps out, not looking up from her canvas. She scratches her thumbnail over an imperfection in the white expanse in front of her, flicking off the offending fleck.

Nursey sniffs from across the room, muttering to himself.

“What was that?” Lardo says, looking up at him sharply.

“Nothing, Lards! Nothing at all.” He’s quiet for another few seconds. “My nose itches.” Lardo drops her head down to her chest and lets out a long-suffering sigh. She tosses her pencil into the wells at the bottom of her easel and circles her easel.

“Don’t. Move.” She chides him. Carefully, she reaches out and scratches gently along the bridge of Nursey’s nose.

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Ch. 133: Our Ciel’s Health

In chapter 133 we see scenes of how the time passes until the twins’ 10th birthday. From the seasons that are shown it seems like that covers about one and a half years. And I wonder if it’s also supposed to show us that our Ciel’s health was actually getting better during that time.

In the first three pictures our Ciel is still always inside and even sick once. In the fourth picture (at Easter) he’s already sitting outside but he still wears a scarf. Then in the last two pictures he’s outside and seems to be doing fine, even when it’s getting colder.

So maybe over the course of the year our Ciel’s health really improved. Maybe that can explain why he could even survive that month in the cult and why he didn’t experience any more asthma symptoms for so long afterwards.

splinter (m)

» pairing: jungkook x reader

» genre: angst, non-explicit smut / college au

» word count: 6,518

» description: Perhaps in their last moments together, the pieces won’t seem so broken. That maybe even with their jaded hearts they can salvage some replica of what it all once was. 

» note: there are mentions of cheating in this story

People love to talk about the ‘what ifs.’

What if they had just kept going, what if they had chosen a different path, what if things had just gone the way they had so desperately wanted them to? Humans torture themselves with these thoughts, all while urgently grappling at the threads of their memories that led to the fork in the road where things went awry. They ponder them tirelessly, wondering if they could’ve done something different, only to realize in the end that it didn’t matter because what was done was done. It was that simple, yet again, people still loved to talk, ponder, and torture themselves with the possibility of what if — However, in your personal experience, there was something much worse.

There was a sub-group of sorts to the what-ifs, called the ‘almosts.’ Almosts are burning flames of misery because they tease you by getting so heartbreakingly close to what you wanted. They were in your reach, resting on the tip of your tongue, only to dissipate before you could swallow it down and make it yours.

So yeah, you weren’t a fan of the-almosts. But what you were even less keen on was being in the same room as your almost, the thread of memories making the air thick as it wrapped its way around your throat.

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pls watch this video


All littles are valid.


Any gender

Any regression age

Any skin color

Any body type

Any interests.

It doesn’t matter if you like skulls and listening to Slipknot or soft things and K-pop.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 16, or 35.

It doesn’t matter if you’re fair-skinned or a melanin prince(ss).

It doesnt matter if you have chub or a lack thereof.

It doesn’t matter if you like pacis, or coloring, or diapers, or cartoons, or bottles.

It doesn’t matter if you call your caregiver mommy, daddy, miss, sir, mistress or master.

It doesn’t matter if you’re six feet tall with a beard and tattoos or five foot three with fluttering lashes.

Don’t let places like Tumblr, which is supposed to be a safe place, manipulate your age regression/little space into some cookie-cutter shape.

Different is beautiful.

Your regression is personal.

Make it your own.

Okay, so a few people have shown interest in hearing an unpopular fma, so here goes: Hohenheim was not a good father. Now, before anyone immediately disagrees, I’d ask you to please hear me out, because I do have a real argument for this, and it isn’t just a post bashing Hohenheim. (And this analysis will be talking about fmab Hohenheim, because there’d be a whole lot more to say about 03 Hohenheim)

Before I say anything else, I’d like to start by saying that I like Hohenheim as a character. The way he was written was compelling, and he added so much to the plot and development of other characters. He tries his best to be a good person, and at heart, just wants to do what’s best for the people around him. And there’s absolutely no doubt that he loved his wife and two sons more than anything else in the world. And I’ve seen people argue that that fact alone makes him a great parent. However… that doesn’t automatically make him a great father, or even a good one.

Loving your child is not the only requirement of a parent. Being a good parent requires you to be there for your kid, to encourage them, to help shape the kind of person they are. It requires being an active presence in your child’s life. And Hohenheim just didn’t have that. He left his wife and two kids at home when both Ed and Al were toddlers, and went off to travel. I understand why he had to leave, and I’m not saying this wasn’t something important. But the fact of the matter is that he left his home, and he didn’t return, didn’t even spare the time for a simple phone call for over ten years. Ten years. And he didn’t even bother calling his family to check in on them. I probably wouldn’t even be making this post if he decided to give Trisha a phone call every couple of days and talk to the boys.

He found out about his wife’s death ten years after it happened. He had no idea one of his sons became a state alchemist until three years after the fact. He just wasn’t there for so much of his sons’ lives, to the point where Ed doesn’t even recognize him as his dad anymore. Hohenheim didn’t fulfill any of the duties a father is typically supposed to fulfill, and he wasn’t there for his children at a time when they needed him most and were left on their own. Had he been at home with Ed and Al, their human transmutation attempt might not have even happened! They lived by themselves for ten years only loosely supervised by Pinako, then Izumi, then nobody.

When Hohenheim did decide to return to Resembool after ten years, there’s no doubt in my mind that he was ecstatic at the prospect of seeing his family. He obviously loved them immensely, and that love and need to protect them was one of his main reasons for leaving in the first place. But he returned to a burned down home and two broken sons (one if you count the fact that Hohenheim only met up with Al muuuuch later on in the series then Ed). This was a direct result of his bad parenting because had he been there for Ed and Al, had he been active in their lives, there would have been so much less tragedy.

Someone could argue that when Hohenheim came back for the Promised Day, he was there at a time when his sons needed him most… but what about all the other times? What about the night Ed and Al attempted human transmutation? What about Ed’s painful automail recovery? What about the time when Ed decided to become a state alchemist? Being there for one huge moment of your child’s life and helping them then doesn’t redeem you for leaving them to their own devices for over ten years without a word. He played a minimal role in raising his kids in the couple years he did stay at home with them, then left them to grow up on their own without a dad.

Hohenheim was a good person, and he loved his family so much, but like I said earlier, love alone doesn’t make you a good parent. It requires playing an active role in raising your children, and let’s face it: Hohenheim couldn’t do that.


((OOC: Okay, so I filmed this ages ago coughlastnovembercough but I never really finished what I had in mind for it, but also thought it was a shame to go to waste. So here is a minimalistic version of the scene from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, chapter 22 - “After the Burial”. sorry ‘but dark gifs))

In Hagrids hut around his enormous table sits three shadows. The biggest of them is heavy asleep with his giant head against the wall, snoring loudly. Across from the young boy with the round glasses sits an elderly Hogwarts teacher who finally pulled himself together and asked questions, which have tormented him for so many years.

“I don’t—don’t suppose you remember it, Harry?” he asked awkwardly.

“No—well, I was only one when they died,” said Harry, his eyes on the flame of the candle flickering in Hagrid’s heavy snores. 

“But I’ve found out pretty much what happened since. My dad died first. Did you know that?” 

“I—I didn’t,” said Slughorn in a hushed voice. 

“Yeah… Voldemort murdered him and then stepped over his body toward my mum,” said Harry. 

Slughorn gave a great shudder, but he did not seem able to tear his horrified gaze away from Harry’s face. 

“He told her to get out of the way,” said Harry remorselessly. 

 “He told me she needn’t have died. He only wanted me. She could have run.” 

“Oh dear,” breathed Slughorn. “She could have… she needn’t… That’s awful…” 

“It is, isn’t it?” said Harry, in a voice barely more than a whisper. 

“But she didn’t move. Dad was already dead, but she didn’t want me to go too. She tried to plead with Voldemort… but he just laughed…” 

“That’s enough!” said Slughorn suddenly, raising a shaking hand”


Voldemort played by the grossly talented @sirussly

Happy Friday the 13th!

Either/Or: Single

Kara has a kid and meets Lena? Super or nah doesn’t matter.

“Five minutes, Jess,” Lena reminded her assistant as the car stopped at a red light. “Just five minutes, and then I’m going to finish unpacking.”

To her credit, she didn’t even look up from her tablet as her boss made the same insistence she’d made twelve times since they’d left the new offices. Jess was familiar with Lena’s rants and opinions and utter dislike of anything social, despite her best efforts to help break the youngest Luthor from her shell.

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